Oct 27, 2013

Sunday October 27, 2013 Ed Sessa

Theme: "Catching Some Zs" - Z sound is added to the end of a long vowel in each theme entry. The transformed new words are all in the pattern of *ZE.

24A. Really big hangover? : A DAZE LIKE NO OTHER. A day like no other.

36A. Mythical siren's boast? : I CALL 'EM AS I SEIZE 'EM. I call 'em as I see 'em.

50A. Couch potato's preparations? : LAZE AWAY PLAN. Layaway plan.

66A. North Pole resident's motto? : LIVE FREEZE OR DIE. Live Free or Die.

89A. "You might wanna clean your glasses"? : THAT AIN'T HAZE. That ain't hay.

100A. Harvest time in the Corn Belt? : MERRY MONTH OF MAIZE. Merry month of May.

117A. "L, XL, XXL—who cares?"? : A SIZE IS JUST A SIZE. Double action here. A sigh is just a sigh. From the lyric of "As Time Goes By": ... a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh..."

So we caught 8 Z's in 7 theme entries, mostly are all fairly long. Theme answers with 16 or more letters are not easy to handle, esp if you have Z's or J's or X'es. Actually K's are tricky too.

But Ed is a pro, every Down *Z* is a clean fill. Ed is one of the very few constructors who make both themed and themeless grids. I think themeless experience is very important when it comes to Sunday grids.

Ed Sessa, Xword Info


1. Cry from the heartbroken : ALAS

5. All-in-one Apple : iMAC. Does it work better than PC, D-Otto?

9. Masterful, pitching-wise : NO-HIT.  Who is your all-time favorite pitcher?

14. 92-Across newbie : PLEBE. And 92A. Annapolis inst. : USNA. Our Navy guy Spitzboov graduated from RPI, so did the Saturday Stud.

19. Bits of fibrous fuzz : LINT

20. Second ballot, often : RUN-OFF VOTE. This is plurable, isn't it?

22. Marathoner, e.g. : RACER

23. Dole (out) : METE

26. Bond film title beginning : A VIEW.  "A View to a Kill".

28. Title for Lancelot : SIR

29. Blow-ups : ERUPTIONS

30. Video file format : MPEG. Did not know what it stands for until today: Moving Picture Experts Group.

32. Online read, for short : E-MAG. So, TTP, what do you read for fun? I hope it's not those boring tech stuff.

35. Nada, to Nanette : RIEN. "De rien" = "You're welcome".

42. Demolition material : TNT

45. Rain delay result : LATE START

46. Prefix with scope : TELE

47. In __ of: replacing : LIEU

48. NYC subway : IRT

49. Better part of a loaf? : HALF. Half a loaf is better than none. 

54. George Smiley portrayer Guinness : ALEC

56. Rihanna song title meaning "I love you" : TE AMO.  Thanks for  the additional "I love you". I don't really know any of her songs.

58. Nicholas II's consort : ALEXANDRA

59. Florida's "Blue Monster" golf course : DORAL. Lemonade played there once.

61. Museum gift shop offering, briefly : REPRO

64. Loser to DDE : AES (Adlai Ewing Stevenson)

65. Balaam's mount : ASS

72. Toon Chihuahua : REN. Ren & Stimpy.

75. Crab eater's neckwear : BIB

76. Treat with disdain : SCORN

77. Belarusian bread : RUBLE. Money! I bet Joe Biden will be stumped by this clue.

81. Whatever the price : AT ANY COST

85. Nasal airways : NARES. Learned from doing Xwords.

88. Unlike fiction : REAL

94. Wheel spinner's purchase : AN "I". "Wheel of Fortune".

95. Foot segment : INCH

96. Aviation prefix : AERO

97. Valedictorians, e.g. : A STUDENTS. Yellowrocks must be one.

99. Alley-__ pass: hoops play : OOP

104. Prescription indication : DOSE

105. List catchall : ET AL

106. Mardi Gras, for one : FETE

107. Caddies of old : EL DORADOS. Cadillacs. Not the likes of Steve Williams I had in mind. Good old days, Tiger!

112. Yak : JAW 

114. Big name in bookselling : NOBLE. Barnes & Noble. I was upset Amazon upped their free shipping to $35 a few days ago.

122. Bigheaded : VAIN

123. Debussy contemporary : RAVEL. No "Boléro" today. Let's try "Daphnis et Chloé".

124. Steinbeck novel set in the Salinas Valley : EAST OF EDEN. I saw the movie because of James Dean. He's OK. No Daniel Craig.

125. Iberian river : EBRO

126. Nixon fundraiser Maurice : STANS. No idea. Look, Shakopee, he was born in MN! I've been to Shakopee. The big racing track Canterbury Park is there. Also a big casino.

127. Path to a wedding : AISLE

128. Posted : SENT

129. Breads for Reubens : RYES. EddyB liked his Reubens.


1. __ mater : ALMA

2. Actor Schreiber : LIEV. Did you see "Glengarry Glen Ross"?

 3. Part of the Enterprise's power source : ANTIMATTER. "Star Trek" stuff. No idea.

4. Pealing place : STEEPLE

5. CPA's recommendation : IRA

6. Strong java : MUD. Do you drink "Strong java", PK?

7. Santa __: offshore winds : ANAs

8. Like the best fireplace fire : COZIEST

9. Org. with Bucs and Broncos : NFL

10. Duct opening? : OVI. Oviduct.

11. Manipulate, as statistics, with "up" : HOKE.  I fogot. We had this before.

12. Old Roman way : ITER

13. Teacher's security : TENURE

14. President __ : PRO TEM

15. Language of many a motto : LATIN

16. It's repetitive : ECHO. Indeed.

17. "Someone's __ sleeping in my bed" : BEEN

18. Slips : ERRS

 21. 1938 Physics Nobelist : FERMI (Enrico). This guy is never a gimme for me.

25. Role for Ronny : OPIE

27. Llanfairpwll citizens : WELSH. Never heard of Llanfairpwll. See here. Steve might have stopped there before.

31. Imply : GET AT

33. Nick and Nora's dog : ASTA. And 39D. Line for 33-Down : ARF ARF

34. "Shoot" : GEEZ

36. 24-part epic : ILIAD

37. "Two Women" producer Ponti : CARLO. Husband of Bill G's Sophia Loren.

38. Like all bucks and some broncos : MALE

40. Intestinal parts : ILEA

41. Enthusiasm : ZEAL

42. Oscar winner Swinton of "Michael Clayton" : TILDA. The George Clooney movie. Glooney is single again!! (Sorry, Clooney, typo, Call Me, Maybe?)

43. Approaches : NEARS

44. Albacore and ahi : TUNAs

47. Hosp. worker : LPN

50. Easy strides : LOPES

51. Sport : WEAR

52. Felled in the forest : AXED

53. PLO chairman before Mahmoud : YASIR

55. "Iron man" Ripken : CAL. Very classy guy. He was at Kirby Puckett's funeral.

57. Sea, overseas : MER

60. Tripoli's country : LIBYA

62. R&R component: Abbr. : REC. Wow, Recuperation? I always thought R & R stands for "rest and relaxation".

63. One of the greenhouse gases : OZONE

67. One of a Caesarean trio : VICI. "Veni, vidi, vici"!

68. Poet's deep black : EBON

69. Reagan __ : ERA

70. Torrent : ONRUSH

71. Aus. setting : EUR

72. 9 to 5, e.g. : RATIO. Great clue.

73. Prefix with botany : ETHNO

74. Rights gp. since 1909 : NAACP

78. Collectible stuffed animal : BEANIE BABY. Lots on sale at the flea markets.

79. Woody Woodpecker's creator : LANTZ. I only know his given name Walter.

80. Beethoven's "Für __" : ELISE

82. Degree in math : NTH

83. Guide to Bethlehem : STAR

84. "__ are the we of me": McCullers : THEY. What does the quote mean?

86. Juan's "this" : ESTO

87. Put (out) : SNUFF

90. Weapon for Napoleon : ARME

91. __ suit: '40s apparel : ZOOT

93. Commercial developers : AD MEN

97. They have legends : ATLASES

98. Dine next door, say : EAT OVER. If it's Chez Jayce's.

100. Honeycomb-like fungi : MORELS. Our grocery store has the dried ones. Very pricey.

101. Morales of "NYPD Blue" : ESAI. Tony. LaLaLinda's faovrite TV cop is Andy Sipowicz. Or maybe Lennie Briscoe? I forgot.

102. Exodus obstacle : RED SEA

103. City south of Baghdad : NAJAF. In red. Does the "An" mean "the"?

104. Pair of sixes : DOZEN

107. Hammer sites : EARS. Tricky clue.

108. Future jurist's exam, for short : LSAT

109. Prima donna : DIVA

110. California home of the Bionic Woman : OJAI

111. Figure (out) : SUSS

113. Like EE shoes : WIDE

115. Old Pisa dough : LIRE. Money again. "Pisa dough" for Dave!

116. Slaughter in the field : ENOS. And 118. Letters for baseball's Cards : STL. What is Pujols thinking now?

119. Kid's piggy : TOE

120. Buddhism sect : ZEN

121. Tonsillectomy MD : ENT

Happy Birthday to my husband Boomer, who's going to bowl at the Midwest Senior Classic today. Boomer has been coaching the bowling team at his old high school and found the volunteering work extremely rewarding.



HeartRx said...

Good morning C.C. et al.

Happy Birthday, Boomer! Good luck at the bowling tournament today.

Wow, I really loved this theme with all the zzz's. And you are right about the crossing entries, C.C. All solid.

It was mostly a straight pass from top to bottom, without much to slow me down. I did have a write over at JAW - I wanted "gab" at first. Oh, and NO HIT was "no run" before I checked the perps. But whaddoIknow about baseball?

About RIEN: if you do something for someone and they say "merci," your response of "de rein" means "It's nothing." (You are happy to do it and it's no skin off your nose.)

I also thought it was "Rest and Relaxation" for R&R. Who knew?

Have a Restful and Relaxing day, everyone.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday, Boomer)!

I love punny themes, and this one was generally quite enjoyable. I really hated ICALLEMASISEIZEEM, however (at least while attempting to get it, that is). All the other ones I could guess with some perp help, but that one resisted me until the very last letter.

Struggled with some of the complete unknowns like DORAL, NAJAF, STANS and HOKE. HOKE, especially, seemed needlessly obscure to me and I'm not sure why it was there. Or maybe it's a lot more common than I think and I just don't get out much...

I think the last thing to fall in the entire grid was GEEZ (which crossed the aforementioned ICALLEMASISEIZEEM). I kept thinking "Shoot" was being used in the "go ahead" sense. Had GO ON at first and just didn't want to let it go. Even after being forced to get rid of most of it, I still stared at G_EZ for awhile wondering what the heck it could be. I did finally get the light bulb to go off (or on, as the case may be).


fermatprime said...


Terrific puzzle, Ed! Many thanks! Loved all of the Zs. Swell review, CC! Still have Daphnis and Chloe playing. A favorite.

Happy birthday to Boomer!

My online dictionary gives "rest and recreation" first!

Took awhile to change jPeg to MPEG. Didn't know which Enterprise they were talking about.


fermatprime said...

Eons ago, at my high school, the most popular person was chosen to be valedictorian. I had straight As. He had some Cs. I probably would not have had the guts to speak, anyway.

Argyle said...

I always knew it as rest and recreation. I've added it to the Wikipedia entry.

George Glooney; typo or Freudian slip?

OwenKL said...

WEES. So many problems on this one for me! Several names and foreign words I simply had no idea. Add on a few trick clues that I didn't have enough perps to suss out, and this was a DNF big-time for me. SW corner and part of the N were mostly white when I finally gave up.
32A I'm used to the term as e-zine, emag had me befuddled.
107A I should have seen, but even after I found it I didn't know what I had until CC explained it. Between golf caddies and tea caddies etc., I had too many other meanings to pick through.
21D For me (and many others, I'm sure), FERMI is better known for the Fermi Paradox. Ironic that for all his accomplishments as a physicist, some people know him for a casual remark he reportedly made in a lunchroom, about a different field of interest.
84D Like CC, I had no idea what this means. I googled it just now, and found this lengthy exposition, and still have no idea!
98D I don't understand what "next door" has to do with staying for dinner when distant from home, which would be my understanding of "eat over".

No limericks for now. Maybe later, after I've licked my wounds for a bit.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, and a rainy one in SE Texas. No complaints -- we need the rain, and it waited until today so as not to rain on our community yard sale.

I found ways to make this one more difficult than it was. I was back in LODI again with the Bionic Woman. Oh, hi, OJAI. My epic was ROOTS, but there weren't 24 episodes, were there? Oh, ILIAD! My intestinal parts were GUTS at first.

FERMIlab is near Chicago (maybe in Chicago). I think TTP is well-acquainted with it.

C.C., maybe you should consider Amazon Prime. It's $79 for a year and gets you streaming video, borrow an e-book every month, and free two-day shipping on most everything you buy there. No minimum. Shakopee -- sounds like the little house out back with the half-moon on the door.

Happy birthday, Boomer. Hope you roll a 300 today.

Yellowrocks said...

This was a normal Sunday solve for me until I came to the middle of LAZ_____PLAN. I had such a black ink blob on my print out that I couldn't go on. I did think of LAZE AWAY PLAN but couldn't see whether it fit. I had to finish in the newspaper which was easy when I had clear cells.

It is interesting that "You are welcome" in many languages is literally something akin to "It is nothing."
De rein (French), il n'y a pas de quoi (French),da nada (Spanish), gern geschehen (German) although IMHO bitte schoen is more common, dou itashimashte (Japanese). In this regard I am Jack of all trades and master of none.I know just a skosh in several languages, helpful for x-words.

CC, I won the highest graduating GPA in HS but I was not valedictorian. She was chosen by a speech contest. I was better at writing than speaking.

FERMI,, a shout out to our friend Ferm. Hi.

X-words have taught me OJAI, finally.

Kids phoning from their local friend's home say, "Ma, can I eat over? Can I sleep over?"

Happy birthday, Boomer. Good luck with your bowling.

Jonester said...

Picture is not Esai Morales, but is from the right show

Anonymous said...


Avg Joe said...

Pretty much a "just right" feel for a Sunday, IMO. Not easy, but got it done with nary a google.

I thought of RECreation when the R&R answer filled in with perps, but seem to recall back in the Nam era that it originally meant recuperation. As it adapted into civilian life, it became recreation.

Happy B-Day Boomer!! Knock em down.

TTP said...

Thank you Ed Sessa and thank you CC.

Well, make it another DNF for me. Turned on red letter (changed the online option from master to regular) after about 45 minutes. Probably should have stuck with it longer. Thought I would see a lot of red but only had a couple of wrong letters.

There were a lot of unknowns for me. RIEN, IRT, TEAMO, NARES, RAVEL, STANS, ILEA, TILDA and NAJAF.

Loved Caddies of old = EL DORADOS. Stroke of Genius was on last night, so I was thinking of schlepping the bag. 9 to 5 threw me.

FERMIlab is just down the road. Could have accepted a job there. My friend did. Have other friends that still work there. Home of plenty of geeks and nerds and a few normal people.

I played DORAL. Back in 88 or 89. The course got the better of me. My friend almost hit Steve Miserak who was playing in the group ahead of us.

My dad taught me how to hunt MORELS in my ute back in eastern Ohio and western PA. Plus catching snapping turtles. I still do the former.

CC, I do read mostly boring tech stuff, and more non-fiction after that. I've always leaned towards non-fiction. MPEG is also often referred to as Motion Pictures Experts Group, but the correct expansion is Moving Pictures Expert Group as you stated.

Boomer, happy birthday and best wishes in the Midwest Senior Classic ! String 'em together !Thank you Ed Sessa and thank you CC.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a DNF due to ovi, hoke, and antimatter. Somehow, I just didn't enjoy this offering But kudos to Ed Sessa for a challenging (at least to me) Sunday stumper and to CC for an enlightening expo.

Good luck at the tournament, Boomer!

Sending best wishes to Blue Iris, LaLaLinda, and Sally; we miss you and hope you are hanging in there.

Happy Sunday.

Husker Gary said...

This guy here in the MERRY MONTH OF MAIZE enjoyed this immensely!

-The obstruction “call ‘em as I see ‘em” in the STL game last night (with ENOS’s and, uh, STAN’s name on the outfield wall) was right.
-Bulldog tough Omahan Bob Gibson is my fav pitcher
-If brains were TNT, he couldn’t blow his nose
-Some schools opt for a LATE START after snowy evenings instead of no school
-I was wearing a BIB when Walter Cronkite walked by me in Boston
-D-Day was a prime example of “AT ANY COST”
-Major League NARES
-That was not a bad shot, you missed my Alley OOP pass!
-My sister has a garage full of hoarded BEANIE BABIES that have not appreciated much
-My Uncle Walter’s nickname was SNUFF
-Boomer, I hope your birthday in the alleys is exceptional.
-Nick Cage had a REPRO when he stole the Declaration in what movie?
-What big 2009 movie had ANTIMATTER in the plot?
-What did Carl in Caddyshack get in LIEU of money from caddying for the Dali Lama?

windhover said...

Have a great day, Boomer. Everyone's birthday should be their own personal holiday.

windhover said...

Oh, and Anons, please don't stop. There's no such thing as bad publicity. And in fact, the knowledge that I've often been wrong in the past, and likely will be again, is what keeps me striving to learn. I'm having fun, hope you are too. No anonymity for me, though, thank you.

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers! I'm glad to see you, C.C., and your fine expo.

Happy birthday, Boomer and best of luck, today!

I haven't read the comments yet so don't know if anyone mentioned ESAI is not in the photo. It's Jimmy Smits (sigh). I hadn't seen ESAI Morales in many years and saw him recently on CSI (I think) Yowza! has he aged well.

Fun puzzle today, thank you, Ed Sessa but in my haste didn't review and had a bunch of errors. Drat! I'll return to that later. Time for church.

Have a tremendous Sunday, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice intro, C.C.

Happy Birthday to Boomer. Good luck bowling today.

Liked the puzzle, the theme, and the difficulty. All just about right.
IMAC - I've had mine 4½ years. No issues. Very robust architecture. Don't need AV.
MER - Considered 'Zee' in view of all the other Z's but French seems to trump Dutch here.
GE'EZ - Is an older language of Ethiopia; now used largely in religious services.
RPI - Has offered NROTC since September, 1941.

Have a great day.

Argyle said...

Jimmy and Esai from a 2010 event.


Husker Gary said...

Words of advice: Don’t write poetry on your iPhone on the way to church. Here is what I meant to write while providing a pale reflection of Owen’s masterpieces:

Einstein, Fermi and the guys
Thought splitting the atom was wise
Finding the bomb inhuman
They wrote a letter to Truman
But Enola was already in the skies

River Doc said...

Happy Sunday everybody!

DNF for Da Doc as well. I would've kept at it, but have too many other pressing things to do today, so turned on the red letters....

Favorite theme answer = I CALL 'EM AS I SEIZE 'EM....

A VIEW To a Kill - worst Bond movie, imho....

ELISE was a gimme, as I used to go out with one in college....

HG - answer to first question is National Treasure....

Finally, HBD to Boomer! Funny coincidence, I'm wearing my bowling t-shirt today. Only it depicts beer bottles instead of pins....

Postscript = captcha is TREKSBO....

fermatprime said...

That would be National Treasure, I suppose, HG.

Merl's puzzle took less time and is lots of fun!

Saw ESAI on CSI anniversary special. Quite good looking.

I am on my 3rd iMac. Haven't needed Apple Care on those machines. Nowadays, confined to bed, mostly use MacBook Pro. Am sad that they have stopped making the 17" model.

JD said...

No time to finish the puzzle yet, but wanted to wish Boomer a very happy birthday .♪♩♬♫•*¨*•.❤.•*¨*•♫♪•.¸¸.•´♫♪♩♬*¨*`•.♥.•´*♫♪♩♬

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Boomer: happy birthday and good luck at your tournament.

Irish Miss: I truly appreciate your call out to me. It's why I'm writing.
I finish chemo on Tuesday. Have not lost much hair, but it needs help. I hope I will after Tuesday not need as much sleep and will regain some appetite.
But I am doing well, thank you.

Got some of today's puzzle, but there are quite a few holes in it where I didn't get the answers.


Walking on the Wild Side said...

RIP Lou Reed

Husker Gary said...

-Wind, I read last night that you bullied me at some time in the past. I wonder what that was about and I how I felt ;-). At least we knew each other’s identity.
-Yup, Doc and Ferm, Nick Cage did give the bad guys a REPRO he bought in the gift shop at the National Archives while he kept the actual Declaration of Independence in another tube.
-Fur Elise is familiar here too because that is 8-year-old granddaughter’s name - seen here at a Lincoln Saltdog’s game. She’s such a “go along” girl!
-We’re off on an Omaha cemetery run for 91-year-old MIL and her 89-year-old brother. Some things you just have to do. Joann’s twin sister didn’t want to go but Joann tactfully texted her “it would be nice if you went along” and now she is. Just because Joann is the “Little Red Hen” doesn’t mean Joyce can’t help out once in a great while. Any other Little Red Hens out there?

Yellowrocks said...

River Doc. I wanted to become better acquainted, so clicked on your avatar. I, too, am a voracious reader and agree with your selection of authors. Your mention of Auden's Funeral Blues as recited in Four Weddings and a Funeral led me to view it on YouTube. I found the reading very moving.Thanks.

Owen, I especially liked yesterday's poem.

HG, Yes! Great limerick! You have hit the big time!

Sallie, good to hear from you. I'm glad things are going as well as they are for you.

Blue Iris, I am pulling for you.

HeartRx said...

Sallie, it's good to hear from you! Having been there, I know what a milestone Tuesday will be. I will be thinking of you!

HG, I remembered "National Treasure" right away, but I see River Doc beat me to it. Is the 2009 movie "Avatar"? I saw that one in iMax 3D, and it was stunning to see. The plot wasn't much, though. Caddyshack was hilarious. the Dalai Lama stiffed him, as I recall, but said that when Carl died, he'd receive the gift of normal intelligence.

Funny (?) limerick…but also, poignant.

Noooonan said...

Caddies of old?

I tried looper. It fits if you use its variant spelling LOOOOPERS.

The nice thing about trivia in the internet age is that you can "look it up". So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Big hitter, the Lama

Bill G. said...

Good puzzle. Long and tricky. I liked the theme once I figured it out. Some of the clues were really inspired.

Continued good wishes for Sallie and all the other good folks here who aren't up to par.

Gary, Elise... what a cutie! She looks a little like you I think.

Great optical illusion ad.

OK, I've got a good movie recommendation for most of you. Barbara just stumbled across it on cable and I'm watching it for the third or fourth time. We saw it and liked it when it first came out (2005). It's a romantic comedy involving baseball; Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. It's a great love story, a funny comedy and a really enjoyable baseball story. It's highly recommended by me!

windhover said...

I don't recall that either, but if some anonymous troll says it's so, well we'll just have to try to recover the memory and then indulge in a little intrablog bickering so as not to disturb the integrity of the Internet, where everything, once written, becomes by definition true. :)
And YR is right, again; your limerick today was quite good, on several levels. The Greeks had it right, hubris nearly always has a tragic result, but since it's apparently part and parcel (along with angst) of the human condition, we really have no one to point the finger at. As my friend Wendell Berry says, we're all part of the machine, like it or not. Even Anonymous.
You and I are clearly on different "teams" in more than one area. I for one respect the manner in which you represent your "side".
Other than that epic time waster FaceBook (where the majority of my "friends" are also relatives, this blog is just about my only regular venture into the ether. I hang around because this is such a "nice" group of people; intelligent and erudite but also thoughtful and caring. And I'm betting that for every regular poster there are many more out there who lurk. The Anon are just the thorn on the rose, and in their own way entertaining and amusing. Sort of.

Nameless said...

Hmmm. Does anyone else get the vibe that windy does not like anons?

windhover said...


Captur - retydaR - anagram anyone?

Anonymous T said...

G'Afternoon all:

I wish I had something to say about the puzzle, but when the coffee hit & I looked up the V-8 hit. Duh, old NYT in the Chron. Do I learn?

I'm chiming in to defend both Wind & HG, both who's posts are on topic (unlike this) and insightful in some way...

I think what we all disdain are the anon snarks, not anons in general. When you sit in the dark & snipe you become the fodder (as entertaining as it is, it is a waste of time). In some way we are all anon (you don't know me), but at least I keep my "blue" on when I post. /rant

Sallie - keep up the spirits!

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Ed Sessa! I caught on to the theme early which helped. Fun theme!

I was momentarily thrown by the May/MAIZE thing (which was where the theme light dawned) because I was trying to put in October. Eight unknowns but only had to do one red-letter alphabet run for "K" in HOKE.

Great expo, C.C.! ALAS, I can't drink JAVA or tea. Makes interior of my mouth break out in a rash.

Happy birthday, Boomer! Knock 'em all down!

With that spelling, how could it not be WELSH.

On the quote I wanted THEe instead of THEY.

EAT OVER: sounds like something a sick dog would do.

If you'd been wounded, wouldn't they call it R & Recuperation?

I found out yesterday that the chicken salad & potato salad I'd been eating for several days has been recalled. Canadian officials found Listeria contamination in products crossing the border. So far no cases of illness have been reported.

Well, how would you know what caused the illness? I'm hoping the contamination happened when the border guards opened the stuff and stuck their finger in it by mistake.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun challenge today. Loved "merry month of Maize" and "pealing place=STEEPLE".
Hoke was unfamiliar as was PRO TEM. Learning moment on Google for my American Senate knowledge.
Enjoy your Sunday R&R!

CrossEyedDave said...

HBD Boomer

& a Bowling Cake!

Montana said...

Happy Birthday, Boomer! Hope you have had a great day.

CrossEyedDave--you are the best!!
What would this blog be like without you??


TTP said...

CED, how do you do it ?

JD said...

Good evening all,
After going back several times, I almost finished but have some gaping holes.Some very clever clues and lots of unknowns for me.

Sallie, so nice to hear from you. Have been thinking about you, knowing that you've had a hard year.

Owen, LOVED yesterday's creation!
and Gary, welcome to the poet's circle.

Beanie Baby- I had not seen them as animals, but still have one of their dolls. How ironic that I saved many of my girls' toys. The Ken dolls are now super heroes of some sort.

C.C., my favorite pitcher is/was Sandy Koufax.Before I moved north, I was an avid Dodger fan.

Husker Gary said...

-Wind, I can admire anyone with whom I can disagree agreeably or even agree agreeably. You and I may be on different teams on some issues but I bet we could discuss them and good music if I ever get back to Grandma Tish’s Old Kentucky Home.
-Angels and Demons was the 2009 movie where a misguided priest planted an ANTIMATTER bomb in the catacombs of the Vatican.
What the Dali Lama told Carl in LIEU of pay, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." “So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.”
-Thanks for the kind comments on my FERMI limerick. This physics teacher knew of the 1945 Leó Szilárd letter with 65 signatures and how Truman read it on August 7th.

Lemonade714 said...

Busy day with baby birthday parties for a niece and grandnephew; more excuse to spend time with Charlotte.

Anyway, many happy returns of the day Boomer, may all your splits be filled.

Ed Sessa really is incredibly reliable and I have missed seeing his work in the LAT.

HG, really nice Limerick

Jayce said...

Favorite pitcher: Kent Tekulve of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Awesome moves.

Manac said...

OH! Favorite "Pitcher", Boy that could have been embarrassing:)

Want to say HBD to Boomer. Doing some research I think I now know, with apologies beforehand, the appeal to Bowling
Butt Really?
One for CED
One for the Ladies ( I'm definitely going to hell for this one ).

windhover said...

Remember, as we say here on the Ridge, if there are no "pitchers" it didn't happen.

A little late in the day, but I'm wishing you very good outcomes as you near the end of your treatment cycle. And you're right, "Don't feed the trolls". :)

Lil ole troll said...

Did someone mention me ?

(. Feed me, feed me, please feed me. I've been starving all day. Even 'dust in the wind' is ok.)

PK said...

C.C. how'd the birthday boy do at bowling?

captcha: colaelf - cola elf?

Jeffrey T said...

Good Evening.....lots of unknowns but made it to the end. I'm a sucker for a challenge and won't quit till I persevere. Looking forward to an easier one tomorrow. :)

Anonymous T said...

G'Eve all:

I just realized I forgot earlier to wish Boomer a HB. C.C.'s been very sweet and I hate that I forgot her SO today. I was in such a rush to get eldest to the craft shop for supplies, followed by groceries, dinner, and then the WS that I let it slip. Sorry...

(If anyone cares; I totally mucked up dinner - It was going to be my 1st shot at a real chicken soup, with a real whole chicken and all; I didn't take cool-down time to scrape the fat off into consideration - Chicken salad sandwitches anyone? - Soup tomorrow.) Lil ole Troll - is that enough feeding?

HG - Any melding of physics and poetry is transcendental. We'll see if Owen let's you into the poetry-coffee shop; my attempts are so lame I have to sit outside and watch from the curb. :-)

CED - You may need another non-cake hobby. It's increadible what you find! Actually, I enjoy all your (and HG's) links.

Manac - I'm sure you'll be in hell for that. Save me a spot and keep it warm. Now, that gutter ball... (oops, my mind went to the gutter)

And... the WS is tied at 2-2. Stupid base-running by the Card's. Sox pitcher was going low and in. I saw Beltran golf one out of the park in '04(?) on that pitch. If not for the pickoff, I think we'd still be watching the 12th...

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Favorite answer: ElDorados, was thinking golf all along. Good puzzle overall. President: Obama, first thought. Antimatter? don't know much about Star Trek at all. Best wishes to all, have a great week.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Can anyone find a picture of him and Andy Sipowicz together? I could not, and I wanted Sipowicz for LaLaLinda, so I used Bobby Simone.

Dave & Manac,
Thanks for the fun pictures.

Not good. Boomer has been in a slump. He did not finish last, but close to bottom.