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May 26, 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 Craig Stowe

Crazy Eight Balls.  The word BALL can be added after each word in the theme answer (and there are 4 theme answers), giving us EIGHT different types of Balls.

17-Across. *   Usual burger component: GROUND MEAT.  Ground Ball and Meat Ball.


39-Across. *   British afternoon tradition: HIGH TEA.  High Ball and Tea Ball.

Tea Ball

11-Down. *   Military might: FIRE POWER.  Fire Ball and Power Ball.

33-Down. *   Monarch or viceroy: BUTTER FLY.  As in Butter Ball and Fly Ball.

And the Unifier:
62-Across. "Magic" toys ... or what the answers to starred clues add up to?: EIGHT BALLS.

Nice how the first and last balls in the series are both baseball references.

1. "Happy Motoring" gas brand: ESSO.

5. Puppy love: CRUSH.

10. Contemptuous sound: PFFT!

14. Long (for): ACHE.

15. Hang __ dry: OUT TO.

16. Make really upset: RILE.

19. Periods often named for presidents: ERAs.

20. Young insects: LARVAE.

21. "Baby back" morsel: RIB.

22. Risqué message: SEXT.

23. Board in a salon: EMERY.

24. In a row: LINED UP.

26. Morales of "Ozark": ESAI.  He makes frequent appearances in the puzzles.

28. Metaphors for inner turmoil: DEMONS.

31. Takes into custody: NABS.

34. On sale, say: LESS.

37. Ruby or emerald: JEWEL.

38. Big Aussie bird: EMU.  //  And 41-Across.  Broody music genre: EMO.  Nice how these two answers are beside each other.

42. Opel compact car whose name means "stars" in Latin: ASTRA.

44. Literary governess Jane: EYRE.  Jane Eyre is a novel by Charlotte Brontë (1816 ~ 1855).  It was first published in 1847.

45. Forehead: BROW.

46. Bottom lines: TOTALS.

48. In addition: ALSO.

50. Narcissist's indulgence: EGO TRIP.

53. Blow away: AMAZE.
57. Poet Byron's title: LORD.

59. Fled: RAN.

60. Black furs: SABLES.

61. Recon target: INFO.  As in Reconnaissance and Information.

64. Leave no room in: FILL.

65. Didn't show for a date with, with "up": STOOD.

66. Hitchhiker's hope: RIDE.  //  And 57-Down. Hitchhiker's hope: LIFT.

67. Texting farewell: TTYL.  Textspeak for Talk TYou Later.

68. Satisfies: SATES.

69. Faculty head: DEAN.

1. Philadelphia NFLer: EAGLE.  The professional football team in Philly.

2. "Get lost!": SCRAM!

3. Jersey __: coastal vacation area: SHORE.  It was probably very crowed there this weekend with little social distancing.

4. Bodies of work: OEUVRES.  Sometimes written as œuvres.  The work has an interesting etymology.  It comes from the old French word, uevre, which came from the Latin word opera.

5. Hammurabi's creation: CODE.  Hammurabi (1810 ~ 1750 BCE) was a King of the First Babylonian Dynasty.  He is best known for drafting the Babylonian Code of Law, now known as the  Code of Hammurabi .  It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of the ancient world.  The Code established rules for commercial interactions, as well as gruesome punishments for crimes.

6. Cuba libre liquor: RUM.

7. Wombs: UTERI.  Plural of Uterus.

8. What a Tide to Go pen can remove: STAIN.

9. Area of rapid growth: HOT BED.

10. Take for granted: PRESUME.

12. Linen fiber source: FLAX.

13. Word with sniff or taste: TEST.

18. Those opposed: NAYS.

24. Respected feudal figure: LIEGE.

25. __ vu: familiar feeling:  DÉJÀ.  Today's French lesson.

27. Boxer Laila: ALI.  The daughter of Muhammad Ali.

29. Lost fish in a Pixar film: NEMO.  Was Nemo ever found?

30. Sluggish: SLOW.

31. "Fun!": NEAT.

32. "I __ confused": AM SO.

35. Like a wallflower: SHY.

36. Seat belt, e.g.: STRAP.

39. Ring of light: HALO.

40. Ribbonlike fish: EEL.

43. Hit for Aerosmith and The 4 Seasons (different songs, though): RAG DOLL.

45. Overwhelm, as with questions: BOMBARD.

47. Add emphasis to: STRESS.

49. Former Swedish automaker: SAAB.

51. Yogurt-based condiment served to cool hot curry dishes: RAITA.  Here's an easy recipe.

52. Bar of gold: INGOT.

54. Kate's TV sidekick: ALLIE.  A reference to the 1980s television sit-com Kate and Allie.  Kate was played by Susan Saint James and Allie was played by Jane Curtain.

55. Video game princess: ZELDA.

56. German steel city: ESSEN.  Do the cars in Essen fuel up with Esso?

58. "Don't count __!": ON IT.

60. Norms: Abbr.: STDs.  As in Standards.

63. Clod buster: HOE.

Here's the Grid:

May 4, 2020

Monday May 4, 2020 Craig Stowe

Theme: EYE OPENER (62. Shock to the system, and what the start of each answer to a starred clue can be) - The first word can precede "Eye".

17. *Revolving tray: LAZY SUSAN. Lazy eye.

25. *1991 cult film based on a William S. Burroughs novel: NAKED LUNCH. Naked eye.

38. *1974 Harry Chapin hit that mentions Little Boy Blue: CAT'S IN THE CRADLE. Cat's eye.

49. *Rich exec's transport: PRIVATE JET. Private eye.

Boomer here.  

"The Cat's in the Cradle and the Silver spoon, Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon." Hello everyone.  C.C. and I seem to be safely dealing with "Stay at Home" and I hope all of you are also safe. We are a little bit confused that the number of cases keep increasing.  Not sure if it is caused by expanded testing. I have seen news clips of people crowding each other on beaches and public parks.  I guess they have not heard of social distancing.


1. Cream and ice cream: SODAS. Delicious!

6. Toronto Argos' org.: CFL.  Football eh

9. Pay to look the other way: BRIBE.

14. Pleasing smell: AROMA. I have lost my sense of smell.  I heard that it was a symptom but I could not smell long before anyone ever heard of Covid-19.

15. Comedian Wong: ALI.  Cassius Clay

16. Bat mitzvahs, e.g.: RITES.  Our Archbishop performs RITES.  He shut down all of our Catholic churches in Minneapolis.  Sounds RITE to me.

19. Apple app mostly replaced by Messages: ICHAT.  Many employees are using video conferencing from home.  I'm retired, I do not need to chat.

20. Summer on the French Riviera: ETE.

21. __ hash: served in a diner: SLUNG.

22. Maui memento: LEI.  Hawaii is so far away.

23. Tableland: MESA. Big city East of Phoenix.

29. Iranian money: RIAL.  I am happy to not have ever owned any.  I have heard that it takes less RIAL to buy a barrel of oil these days.

31. Brazilian hot spot: RIO.  Former Olympic City.  The virus has arrived there with over 6000 deaths.  I am pretty sure it hit there after the U.S. was invaded.

32. Mauna __: Hawaii's highest peak: KEA.

33. "Peer Gynt" playwright: IBSEN.  I was thinking of the guy who could not play the Tinman because his body did not like aluminum.  But his name was EBSEN.

36. "__ the season ... ": TIS. To be jolly, Fa,la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

37. Easter flower: LILY.  We got four inches of snow this Easter. It did not match the flower except at least it was white.

42. River of Spain: EBRO.

43. "__-hoo!": YOO.  I may have tried BOO.

44. Kindle download: EBOOK.  Those things put computers for rent in local libraries.

45. Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE. United Arab Emirates.

46. Dudes: MEN.

47. "__ other time":  SOME.  No Thanks!

52. Hard times: LOWS.  I think the Dow Averages have hit them but are starting to recover.  Forget last Friday.

56. Ready-go link: SET.

57. Pub game: DARTS.  I don't play, but these are huge fun in most of the bowling centers I used to patronize.

59. "__ cares!": WHO.  I care! All the bowling centers are closed here.

60. Separated: APART.  Make sure it's at least SIX FEET and maybe wear a face covering.

64. Like pea-soup fog: DENSE.

65. __ Arbor: ANN.  They have virus problems like everyone else, but I do not understand the protest demonstrations in Lansing.

66. Chris of women's tennis: EVERT.

67. Tell the waitperson what you want: ORDER.  I don't think you can tell them anymore.  You need to call it in and either pick it up at the drive thru window or have it delivered.

68. Entry charge: FEE. I used to have to pay a FEE for a stock market trade, but most online brokerages have cut them out.  Ain't competition great!!

69. Peddler's assortment: WARES.


1. Witch trial town: SALEM.  I used to smoke them once and awhile if I couldn't find Marlboro Menthol.  No more, I got unhooked 18 years ago.

2. Give a speech: ORATE.  I get a few minutes at the Graybar reunion in February. Many of the big shots ORATE.  I come on last and tell jokes. 

3. Nods off: DOZES.  First name BULL ??

4. Minnesota senator Klobuchar: AMY. We are waiting to see if Joe Biden selects her as VP candidate.

5. Get smart with: SASS.  I've done that

6. Like some Friday work attire: CASUAL.  Graybar started CASUAL on Fridays in my last few years.  I just dressed without a tie.  Some guys showed up pretty sloppy looking.

7. Butcher's cut: FLANK.  We have had virus trouble in our meat processing plants in Minnesota, Iowa. and South Dakota.  They are starting to reopen but I am not sure they are safe.

8. Boudoir apparel: LINGERIE.

9. Scouring pad brand: BRILLO.  We use SOS.  Sorry Brillo.

10. Houston sch.: RICE U.

11. Tentatively positive response: I THINK I DO.  Remember the little engine that could?  "I think I can, I think I can."

12. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.  Most of the "Golden Girls" are gone.  Only Betty White is still with us.

13. Repair approx.: EST.  I am getting really tired of "Car Shield" ads telling me it won't cost much.

18. Bone parallel to the radius: ULNA.

24. "You __ lucky!": ARE SO.  I guess so.  I cannot bowl, but luckily I got to play 18 holes last week.  One person per cart and keep six feet away from others.

26. Part of DVD: DISC.

27. String quartet strings: CELLO.  HEE HAW !!

28. "Frida" star Salma: HAYEK.

30. Pasta suffix: INI.  ???

33. Frost over: ICE UP.  Can't remember if I mentioned - The Monday after Easter I did not notice that our driveway ICED UP.  I went to take our garbage can to the curb and down I went.  When C.C. saw me lying on the driveway, she came racing out and down she went.  We got up and are a bit smarter now.

34. Elephant of children's lit: BABAR.

35. Barbra of "Yentl": STREISAND. My sister spells it BARBARA.

36. However, briefly: THO.  THO neither lady spells it BABAR.

37. Designer __: LABEL.

39. Belarus denial: NYET.

40. Lacking a musical ear: TONE DEAF. WHAT?  I an nose deaf but I can hear you now!

41. Sleep acronym: REM.

46. Make a difference: MATTER.  "It really doesn't MATTER if I'm wrong I'm Right"  Beatles.

47. Peaceful: SERENE.

48. Bart's bus driver: OTTO.  Maybe I OTTO have watched "The Simpsons".

50. Poet's forte: VERSE.

51. Old-time actress Mansfield or Meadows: JAYNE.  Jayne Meadows was married to Steve Allen.  Jayne Mansfield died in a tragic car crash many years ago.  She is the mother of Mariska Hargitay who is Lt. Benson on Law and Order SVU.

53. Deed holder: OWNER.  I own several bowling balls and a set of golf clubs, but I do not have a deed for them.  I perform DEEDS with them.

54. In what place: WHERE. At a bowling center or a golf course.

55. Alphabetizes, say: SORTS.  I've spent HOURS sorting baseball cards, but never alphabetically.  They have numbers on the back and most of mine are in numerical order.

58. Eject, as lava: SPEW.  Remember Mount St. Helens ?  I do

60. Fuss: ADO.  Not ADO, I said I DO.

61. As __: according to: PER.

63. Longoria of "Overboard" (2018): EVA.


Apr 15, 2020

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Craig Stowe

This is the WAY.  The second word of two-word theme entries can follow "WAY" to make in-the-language words or phrases

17. *Necessary road trip stop: GAS STATION.  You have to fill 'er up if you plan on going very far. But, for now, stay home, please.  A WAY STATION is an intermediate stopping point on a travel route.

26. *Place for a sleeper hit, maybe: FLIP SIDE.  Refers to old 45 phonograph records.  Remember them? The WAYSIDE is the land adjacent to a roadway.  To fall "by the WAYSIDE" is to fall into a condition of neglect or misuse.

36. *Wild West impresario: BUFFALO BILL.  William Frederick Cody [1846-1917] was an American soldier, bison hunter and showman, most famous for the Wild West Show he toured through the United States and Europe.  A WAY BILL is a document prepared by the carrier of a shipment of goods that contains details of the shipment, route, and charges.

49. *"Once and Again" actress: SELA WARD.  This TV show ran from 1999-2002.  I never watched it.  Sela [b 1956] is an American actor and producer.

To be WAYWARD is to be unpredictable or difficult to control due to unusual or perverse behavior.

59. Crossroads concern, and where you might find the answers to starred clues' ending words: RIGHT OF WAY.  This can refer to a variety of things: a legal passage over another person's property; the land occupied by a public road, railroad, or utility; or the right to take precedence in traffic.  Here, the word WAY can be placed to the left of the second theme words, placing them to the RIGHT OF WAY.

Hi gang, it's JazzBumpa, here to show you the WAY.  Let's go.


1. Novelist __ Carol Oates: JOYCE.  [b 1938]  She has written 58 novels and several plays and novellas, and had won numerous awards.

6. Frittata ingredients: EGGS.  Is it am omelet or a quiche?

10. "__ baby!": ATTA.  Congrats!

14. They might be common: AREAS.  These are AREAS that may legally be used by more than one person.

15. Christmas purchase: TREE.  For decorating

16. El Misti's land: PERU.  El Misti is a 19,000 ft. high volcano in southern Peru.

19. Thrice dos: SEIS.  Three times two is six in Spanish.

20. Part of CPU: UNIT.   Central Processing UNIT - the brain module of a computer.

21. Honey, in slang: BAE. Before All Else.  You're no. 1 for me.

22. Where to see sites: THE NET.  The interwebs - it's a series of tubes.

24. Court great Andre: AGASSI.  Andre [b 1980,] a retired American professional tennis player, is an 8 time grand slam champion, and 1996 olympic gold medalist

28. "Losing My Religion" band: REM.  An American rock band formed in Atlanta, GA in 1980.

29. And so on: Abbr.: ETC.

31. Young __: kids, in dialect: -UNS.  The kiddos.

32. Palme __: Cannes award: D'OR.  Palm leaf of Gold, the highest award at the festival.

33. Frat house greeting: BRO-HUG.  Brotherly love.

35. Top-notch: A-ONE.  The best.

39. Bog buildup: PEAT.  A deposit of partly decomposed vegetation formed under wet conditions.

41. Bagel choice: SESAME.  Adorned with flavorful seeds.

42. Olive __: OYL. Popeye's love.

43. Tramcar filler: ORE.  Mining product.

45. "How Easy Is That?" cookbook writer Garten: INA. [b 1948] The Barefoot Contessa.

46. National econ. stat: GDPGross Domestic Product -- or G National P.  Always requires a perp.

52. Key with one flat: D MINOR. The relative MINOR of F major.

54. Robin's family: THRUSH The family, Turdidae, of passerine birds with a worldwide distribution. [Wikipedia]

55. Here, on MÈtro maps: ICI.  Literal, in French.

57. Grandkid spoiler, often: NANA.  Grandmother.

58. Word before ring or swing: MOOD.  A temporary state of mind.

62. H.G. Wells race: ELOI.  Far future people from The Time Machine.

63. The Bosporus borders it: ASIA.   Europe too, I would imagine.

64. Infuriated: IRATE.  Very angry.

65. Pixar clownfish: NEMO.   From that movie where they were looking for him.

66. Hagar the Horrible's daughter: HONI.

67. "Ciao!": LATER.  See ya'.


1. Automaker with a feline logo: JAGUAR.

2. Marmalade fruit: ORANGE.  Are there any others?

3. Positive reply: YES I AM.  Affirmative.

4. Finds players for: CASTS.  Selects the actors for a play or movie.

5. Toronto winter hrs.: ESTEastern Standard Time.

6. 1993 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee James: ETTA.  Jamesetta Hawkins [1938-2012] was an American singer who performed in many genres:blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll, jazz and gospel.

7. "Good __!": GRIEF. Charlie Brown's exclamation of disappointment.

8. 1990s Chevrolet subdivision: GEO.  It marketed models made in joint ventures with three Japanese companies: the Prizm with Toyota, the Metro and Tracker with Suzuki, and Spectrum and Storm made for GM by Isuzu n Japan.

9. Submitted: SENT IN.  As, frex., your tax return.

10. Areas for religious statues: APSES.  Semi-circular recesses covered with hemispherical vaults or domes.

11. Young star: TEEN IDOL.  A young celebrity popular with an adolescent audience.

12. Tested for size: TRIED ON.  Refers to article of clothing.

13. Forbidding: AUSTERE. Severe, ascetic, of unadorned style.  This does not strike me as a particularly apt match.

18. Minimal: A BIT OF.  Not much.  Perhaps somewhat AUSTERE.

23. Officejet Pro printers: HPSHewlett Packard.

25. Feudal drudge: SERF.  A medieval peasant living in a condition of debt bondage and indentured servitude.  A SERF was bound to the land owned by the lord of the manor.

27. Horror legend Bela: LUGOSI.  Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó [1882-1956] known professionally as Bela Lugosi, was a Hungarian-American actor best remembered for portraying Count Dracula in the 1931 film and for his roles in other horror films.  His acting scope in the U.S. was severely limited by his thick Hungarian accent.

30. Beer after bourbon, say: CHASER. A weaker drink taken after a stronger one.

33. Save: BUT.  Except for.

34. Suffix meaning "little": ULE.  As in globule.

35. Smithwick's product: ALE. Founded n Kilkenny in 1710, it's red ale product is the most consumed ale in Ireland

36. Dance venue: BALLROOM.  A large room in a building that is intended for large gatherings.

37. Western baddie: BANDIT.  Typical black hat gunslinging villain.

38. Mosque holy man: IMAM.  Prayer and worship leader.

39. Male carriers?: POSTMEN.  I suppose female [letter] carriers would be postwomen.

40. Hotel door feature: EYEHOLE.  A small hole in a door, typically equipped with a lens to observe potential visitors.

43. Pained sounds: OWS.  Occasionally accompanied by colorful vocabulary.

44. Gung-ho: RAH-RAH.  Focussed enthusiasm.

46. Bother incessantly: GNAW AT.

47. Campaign website button: DONATE.

48. Grace, e.g.: PRAYER.  Grace is the name given to a prayer recited before a meal.

50. Transcriber's source material: AUDIO.  In this context, a spoken broadcast.

51. "Let's eat!": DIG IN!

53. Red head?: INFRA.  A prefix for red, referring to light with wavelengths longer than visible light - and thus lower frequencies.

56. Cardamom-infused tea: CHAI. From the Chinese word for tea.

60. Classified ad shorthand for "seeking": ISO.  In search of, perhaps?

61. Olive __: OIL. The OIL produced by pressing whole olives.  Also a clecho with homophonic answers.

That wraps it up.  Make sure you go the RIGHT WAY - which for now means to stay home and stay safe.

Cool regards!

Feb 18, 2020

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Craig Stowe

It's just a Jump to your LEFT.

20-Across. *  Billy Crystal comedy featuring a cattle drive: CITY SLICKERS.  City Center.

City Slickers was a 1991 film.

The Central Business District in New Orleans

30-Across. *  Exact look-alike: DEAD RINGER.  Dead Center.

 Dead Ringer was also a 1964 movie starring Bette Davis.

Dead Center

38-Across. *  Daily filming schedule on the set: CALL SHEET.  Call Center.  In my experience, the people at the call center are in some far-off town and often speak with such an accent neither one of us understand each other.

50-Across. *  One in la-la land: SPACE CADET.  Space Center.

And the unifier:
59-Across. Somewhat liberal, or where you might find the first words in the answers to starred clues: LEFT OF CENTER.

1. Govt.-backed investment: T-NOTE.  As in a Treasury Note.

6. Travelocity recommendations: INNS.

10. Comprehends: GETS.

14. Commandment verb involving parents: HONOR.  Fact: Did you know that the 10 Commandments are found in both Exodus and Deuteronomy and that the order of the Commandments differ depending upon one's religious theology?

15. Niño's "nothing": NADA.  Today's Spanish lesson.

16. Difficult exam: ORAL.

17. Kagan of the Supreme Court: ELENA.  Elena Kagan (b. Apr. 28, 1960) is an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  When she assumed the office in August 2010, she was only the 4th woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.  Prior to joining the Supreme Court, she was the first female dean of the Harvard Law School.  She makes frequent guest appearances in the crossword puzzles.

18. Fruit grown in bogs: CRANBERRY.  Massachusetts is known for its CRANBERRY Bogs.

22. __, amas, amat ...: AMO.  Today's Latin lesson.

23. Gnaw (at): EAT.

24. Grocery walkway: AISLE.

28. Offshore oil drillers: RIGS.

Oil Rigs as seen from the beach at Grand Isle, Louisiana

34. Stiff-upper-lip type: STOIC.

36. Under, in French: SOUS.  Today's French lesson.  Think of the Sous-chef, who is the second in command in the kitchen, after the executive chef.

37. Graffiti signature: TAG.  Many buildings in Rome are covered in graffiti.

42. Musical gift: EAR.

45. Roman robe: TOGA.

46. Hustle genre: DISCO.

54. Croat or Serb: SLAV.

55. Mexican mister: SEÑOR.  More of today's Spanish lesson.

56. Correct: FIX.

58. "__ had it!": I'VE.  Enough, already!

64. Soap opera genre: MELODRAMA.  A melodrama is a performance with a lot of exaggerated emotion.

67. 1960s jacket style: NEHRU.  The history of the NEHRU Jacket.

68. Cooking spot: OVEN.

69. Large-scale: EPIC.  Cecil B' DeMille's movie The Ten Commandments was an EPIC movie.

70. Warning signs: OMENS.

71. Like fake fruit: WAXY.

72. See socially: DATE.

73. From Lillehammer, say: NORSE.  Lillehammer, Norway was the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics.

1. "My Best Friend's Girl" rock band: THE CARS.  Sadly, Ric Ocasek (né Richard Theodore Otcasek; Mar. 23, 1944 ~ Sept. 15, 2019), frontman for The Cars, died last fall at age 75.  Shortly before he died, he executed a new will, which specifically cut out  Paulina Porizkova (née Pavlína Pořízková; b. Apr. 9, 1965), his wife of 30 years.  They had been in the middle of a divorce, but still shared a house together.

2. Like poker games for high rollers: NO LIMIT.

3. Small takeout order: ONE TO GO.  Strange clue and answer.

4. Tiger mascot with a red scarf: TONY.  Of course, my first thought was LSU's Mike the Tiger, but he doesn't wear a read scarf.

5. Clear data from: ERASE.  //  And 52-Down. Wear away, as a coin surface: EFFACE.

6. Provoke: INCITE.

7. Dealer's foil, briefly: NARC.  Short for a narcotics agent.

8. Southern neighbor of Sask.: N. DAK.  North Dakota is south of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

9. Reasonable: SANE.

10. Enters: GOES IN.

11. "To say they __ I dare not be so bold": Shakespeare: ERR.

12. North Carolina __ Heels: TAR.  North Carolina had been was known as the Tar and Turpentine State due to its early industry of distilling pine sap.  The name later evolved into just TAR Heel.

13. Cunning: SLY.

19. Slow-cooked, as short ribs: BRAISED.  Braising is a cooking method that uses both wet and dry heats.  Food is first sautéed or lightly fried, then slowly stewed in a closed pot.  More complicated than my cooking methods.

21. Young chap: LAD.

25. Bilko's rank: Abbr.: SGT.  Sgt. Bilko was a character on The Phil Silvers Show, which ran in the late 1950s.  It was before my time.

26. Grazing area: LEA.

27. Joule fraction: ERG.  This has become a crossword staple.

29. [not my error]: SIC.  More of today's Latin lesson.  SIC is a Latin adverb that is inserted after a quoted word or phrase to indicate that the original quoted passage contained the error.

31. Family name in Mideast politics: ASSAD.  Bashar al-ASSAD (b. Sept. 11, 1965) is the current President of Syria.  The name al-Assad means Lion in Arabic.

32. Homer's "I'm an idiot!": DOH!

33. Feel remorse over: RUE.  Also the French word for Street.

35. Provided food for: CATERED.

39. Tone-__: "Wild Thing" rapper: LOC.
Tone-Loc (né Anthony Terrell Smith; b. Mar. 3, 1966).

40. NYC airport near Citi Field: LGA.  As in the LaGuardia Airport. I flew into LaGuardia the last time I was in New York last summer.  The airport is named in honor of Fiorello H. La Guardia (Dec. 11, 1882 ~ Sept. 20, 1947), the 99th Mayor of New York City.

41. "__ the season ... ": TIS.  Well, it will be the season in about 10 months!

42. Scout leader?: ESS.  Oh, as in the letter "S".  Not keen on this type of cluing.

43. Monkey relative: APE.

44. Sought a political seat: RAN.  Hot topic this year.

47. Move like a mamba: SLITHER.  The Mamba is a venomous snake native to Africa.

48. Carlsbad __ National Park: CAVERNS.  A visit to the Carlsbad Caverns is on my bucket list.

49. Do to death: OVERUSE.

51. Revolutionary territory: COLONY.

53. Nervous twitch: TIC.

57. Noble gas: XENON.  Xenon with the atomic number of 54 is a colorless and odorless gas.  It was first discovered in 1898.

60. Dancer Astaire: FRED.  Fred Astaire (né Frederick Austerlitz; May 10, 1899 ~ June 22, 1987) and his sister, Adele (née Adele Marie Austerlitz; Sept. 10, 1896 ~ Jan. 25, 1981), were both dancers.

61. Spanish appetizer: TAPA.  Yummers!

62. Leave out: OMIT.

63. Verne captain: NEMO.  Jules Verne (né Jules Gabriel Verne; Feb. 8, 1828 ~ Mar. 24, 1905) was a French novelist who is considered the "Father of Science Fiction".  Captain NEMO is the fictional character in 2 of Verne's novels: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island.  The former is the better known of the two novels.

64. Work on a lawn: MOW.

65. "Training Day" actress Mendes: EVA.
Eva de la Caridad Méndez (b. Mar. 5, 1974) is on the left.

66. "Superman" villain Luthor: LEX.

Here's the Grid:

QOD:  You think you can do anything, and then you slowly learn how wrong you are.  ~  Miloš Forman (né Jan Tomáš Forman; Feb. 18, 1932 ~ Apr. 13, 2018), Czech-born film director