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Mar 22, 2020

Sunday March 22, 2020 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Components Lacking" - ING is deleted from each familiar phrase.

23A Roadway closed for repairs?: DOWN STREET. Downing Street.

45A. TV show about Amtrak services?: TRAIN PROGRAM. Training program.

66A. Cornfield maze, e.g.?: LAND PATTERN. Landing pattern.

88A. Free-for-all debate?: OPEN ARGUMENT. Opening argument.

112A. Unarmed spy?: CLEAN AGENT. Cleaning agent.

114A. Sidewalk vendor's supply request?: STAND ORDER. Standing order.
37D. Incidental music at a race?: TRACK NUMBER. Track number.

41D. Make sketches of Barbie dolls?: DESIGN WOMEN. Designing Women.

DESIGN WOMEN is the only phrase clued as a verb phrase. Did you know that constructor Andrea Carla Michaels was a writer for "Designing Women"?

Seeing Gail's byline just makes me so happy. She never fails to deliver a solid puzzle. So many sparkling long fill in this grid.


1. Thin coating: FILM.

5. Square things: ATONE.

10. Hi-tech training site: PC LAB.

15. City on the Aare: BERN.

19. Palm native to South American swampland: ACAI. You can get the frozen acai packets at Trader Joe's.

20. Precept: TENET.

21. Family name in Civil War fiction: O'HARA.

22. Golfer Aoki: ISAO. Saw lots of legends at 3M Championship over the years. Not him.

25. Sturdy piece of lumber?: SOUNDBOARD. Fun clue.

27. "Not interested" feeling: ENNUI.

28. Maintain control (over): RIDE HERD.

30. Oater orphans: DOGIES.

31. Online biz: E-TAIL.

33. Quirky: ODD.

34. Prop for Mr. Monopoly: CANE.

35. Hot Wheels maker: MATTEL.

38. "Nixon in China" tenor role: MAO.

40. Showed up for: ATTENDED.

44. Omits an attachment, say: ERRS. I do this at times.

50. "Dumbo" actress Green: EVA. She was the Bond Girl in "Casino Royale".

51. Stephen of "Counterpart": REA.

52. Had a stable baby: FOALED.

53. Insignia automaker: OPEL.

54. Presentation prop: EASEL.

56. __ 5000: annual list of the fastest-growing privately held companies: INC.

57. "Stranger Things" actor: ASTIN (Sean)

58. Despicable sort: TOAD.

59. Surface: ARISE.

60. Pay attention: TAKE NOTE. And 76. "Right this way": FOLLOW ME. 92. Rutted route: DIRT ROAD. 105. Preempts the following show, perhaps: RUNS LATE. These are just four.

62. Cold War st.: SSR.

63. Pequod co-owner: PELEG.

65. HR dept. data: SSNS.

70. Agitated state: SNIT.

73. Apply to: USE ON.

75. Mdse. category: IRR.

78. Boiling words: I'M MAD.

80. PepsiCo-owned chip brand: LAYS. Cucumber-flavored.

81. Command to start playing: HIT IT.

82. Choose: OPT.

83. Plane part: CABIN.

84. Carson's successor: LENO.

85. "I won't miss it": NO LOSS.

86. Put a nick in: MAR.

87. Chemistry suffix: ENE.

91. Mother of Ares: HERA. Sister and wife of Zeus.

94. "You're a fine __ to talk": ONE.

95. Triathlon segments: EVENTS. Hope Tokyo Games will be delayed rather than canceled.

97. Address bar letters: HTTP.

98. Played for a sap: HAD.

100. Guitar-making hardwood: ALDER. And 121. Key wood: EBONY.

102. V8 veggie: CARROT.

108. Ford named for a legendary flier, briefly: T BIRD.

116. They're often scrambled: EGGS.

117. Big dos: GALAS.

118. Sure rival: ARRID.

119. It's near the humerus: ULNA.

120. Recipe smidge: DASH. Looking forward to my salt kelp.

122. Besmirch: TAINT.

123. Often-pickled veggie: BEET.


1. Lose steam: FADE.

2. Quicken's boxed Q, for one: ICON. Any of you use Quicken?

3. Scotts Turf Builder target: LAWN.

4. French social dances: MINUETS.

5. NFL pass, complete or not: ATT.

6. Gibbs of country: TERRI.

7. Ninja Turtles' human pal April __: O'NEIL. No idea. Read more here.

8. Requirement: NEED.

9. Kin of -kin: ETTE.

10. Prepared for a selfie: POSED.

11. Bit of guitar music notation: CHORD.

12. Heap kudos on: LAUD.

13. Prince Valiant's son: ARN.

14. Statistician's concern: BAD DATA.

15. Giant in the development of neurological disease therapies: BIOGEN. This Biogen employee has been widely ridiculed in China. I feel sad for her.

16. Actor Morales: ESAI.

17. Hard to come by: RARE.

18. Affirmative actions: NODS.

24. Webmaster's creation: SITE.

26. Animal-based fertilizer: BONE MEAL. Never used it.

29. Hula __: HOOP.

32. "He Was Despised," in Handel's "Messiah": ALTO SOLO.

34. PC corner key: CTRL.

35. Is worthy of: MERITS.

36. Concert venues: ARENAS.

38. Personal bearing: MIEN.

39. "So?": AND.

40. Improved in a barrel: AGED.

42. Pre-event periods: EVES.

43. Glen relative: DALE.

46. Porch furniture material: RATTAN.

47. Sci-fi visitor: ALIEN.

48. Stick in a cage: ROOST.

49. Genre of Vasarely's "Zebra": OP ART.

52. Twitter follower, often: FAN.

55. Recess rebuttal: ARE SO.

58. Bygone despots: TSARS.

61. Advanced French class assignment: ESSAI. Essay.

63. Positive particle: PROTON.

64. Signed up: ENLISTED.

67. Krall of jazz: DIANA.

68. Richard __, first black "SNL" host: PRYOR.

69. IRS convenience: E-FILE.

71. Convey: IMPART.

72. Colorful swimmers: TETRAS.

74. Sewer worker in a '50s sitcom: ED NORTON. "The Honeymooners".

77. Sgts.' superiors: LTS.

78. Like most cupcakes: ICED.

79. Salon service with a pedi: MANI.

80. Give for a while: LEND.

81. __ office: HOME.

84. Go for a rebound: LEAP.

85. "Sister Act" extra: NUN.

89. Thick soup: POTTAGE.

90. Jupiter and Mars: GODS.

91. Fragrant coating for grilling: HERB RUB.  I seldom use herb.

93. Clobber: THRASH.

96. Preventative power: VETO.

98. Spicy Asian cuisine: HUNAN. Originated in Hunan province, which is south of Hubei province where Wuhan is the capital. Hu means "lake".  Hunan means "south of the lake". Hubei means "north of the lake". The two provinces are neighbors separating by a big lake.

99. Pacing, perhaps: ANTSY.

100. Gaming pioneer: ATARI.

101. Bolshevik leader: LENIN.

102. Duped?: CC'ED.

103. Bit of plankton: ALGA.

104. Short standards?: REGS. Regulations.

105. Move, for short: RELO.

106. Six-part undergrad exam: LSAT.

107. Blade brand: ATRA.

109. Not occupied: IDLE.

110. Surrealist Magritte: RENE.

111. "Phooey!": DRAT.

113. Yak it up: GAB.

115. "Silent Spring" subj.: DDT.

Today we celebrate the 79th birthday of Pat (PK on our blog). Stealing this nice cake from CrossEyedDave again. Happy birthday, PK, you're a special person!


Nov 24, 2019

Sunday November 24, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Accentuating the Negative" - UN is attached to front of each common phrase.

23A Like frayed laces on hockey skates?: UNFIT TO BE TIED. Fit to be tied.
39A. Dig up buried Burma-Shave relics?: UNEARTH SIGNS. Earth signs.

57A. Brief period of apathy?: UNMOVING DAY. Moving day.

82A. Committee leader who's a bit on edge?: UNEASY CHAIR. Easy chair.

97A. Orthodontist's concerns: UNSOUND BITES. Sounds bites.

119A. Pets that help with luggage after a trip?: UNPACK ANIMALS. Pack animals.

16D. Rattle football linemen?: UNNERVE CENTERS. Nerve center.

52D. Do a "Wheel of Fortune" job?: UNCOVER LETTERS. Cover letters.

There's no any extra layer to further tie the theme together, in case you wonder.

Lots of words can have an UN prefix, so this set may seem to be loose to some. But I think Gail was just trying a full new set of UN* gimmick.

The grid is classical Gail. Both the design and the fill. There's an art behind her simplicity. Hard work too, of course.


1. "Proud Mary" pop gp.: CCR. Creedence Clearwater Revival.

4. "Glad that's over!": WHEW.

8. Vineyard measure: ACRE. JimmyB brought me this special bottle of wine from his vineyard years ago. I've been saving it.

12. Contaminate: POLLUTE.

19. Grammy winner Corinne Bailey __: RAE.

20. Lille lover's word: AIME.

21. Coward in drama: NOEL. Noel Coward.

22. More eco-conscious: GREENER.

26. Forward motion: ADVANCE.

27. Stretches on the job: STINTS. Nice clue.

28. Waferlike: SLENDER.

30. Brontë governess: EYRE.

31. Road trip expenses: TOLLS.

32. Area 51 creatures, it's said: ETS.

33. Tail end: REAR.

35. Málaga mlle.: SRTA. Alliteration.

38. Flight school hurdle: SOLO.

44. Roomba, briefly: VAC. Our vacuum is pretty heavy, but it gives me a regular workout. 

45. Contrail makeup: VAPOR.

47. Defense org.?: ABA. Court defense.

48. Wet suit material: NEOPRENE. I think our mouse pad is made of this stuff also.

50. Elm Street surname: KRUEGER.

53. Advice to a sinner: ATONE.

55. Junkyard fillers: WRECKS.

56. Seemingly forever: EON.

61. Iowa Straw Poll city, once: AMES. Wiki says the polls is now called "Iowa State Fair Straw Poll".

62. Do as Vassar did in 1969: GO CO-ED.

64. NOYB part: NONE.

65. Text addition?: ILE. Textile.

66. Feminine side: YIN. Cucumber is Yin. Ginger is Yang.

67. "Say no more": STOP.

68. Deceptive operation: STING. Police sting.

70. It has all five black keys in its scale: D FLAT.

72. Grab with a toothpick: STAB.

75. Vital opening?: VEE. Vital.

77. Verizon subsidiary: AOL.

78. Song often sung in Italian: ARIA.

79. Flip, in a way: RESELL. I told you about our old neighbor. He won $100,000 lottery prize. Gambled them all away. Lost his home also. Some real estate guy fixed his house and flipped for a quick profit.

81. German gent: HERR.

85. Biodegrade: ROT.

86. Frustrate: DERAIL.

88. Really go for: ADORE.

89. "The Ten Commandments" role: RAMESES.

91. Team culled from other teams: ALL-STARS. Rod Carew was a 18-time All-Star. Most for a Twin. Boomer bowled with Carew once.

94. URL ending: EDU.

95. Marner of fiction: SILAS.

96. Jeans go-with: TEE.

100. Contest on horseback: TILT.

104. Queen's offspring: ANTS.

106. Some square dancers: GALS. Hi there Kathy!

107. Title after vows, perhaps: MRS.

108. Passover feast: SEDER.

109. Ten Benjamins: THOU.

111. Erode: EAT AWAY.

115. Rinky-dink: CHEESY.

116. Morgan of "The Bucket List": FREEMAN. Tarnished reputation now. 

121. Challenge for a flight attendant: AIR RAGE. Still remember the first time you took a plane?

122. Work (out): SUSS.

123. Sistine Chapel mural setting: EDEN.

124. Release, with "out": LET.

125. "Ain't gonna happen!": NO SIREE.

126. Straddling: ATOP.

127. Learning method: ROTE.

128. Part of GPS: Abbr.: SYS.


1. Some prefer them thin: CRUSTS. The first pizza I had is Hawaiian Pizza at Pizza Hut in Guangzhou. So I always associate pizza with thick crust and pineapples.

2. Braggart's comeback: CAN TOO.

3. Pharmacy order: REFILL. Tiny clue/answer dupe with the great 13. Limited offer come-on: ORDER NOW.

4. Guitar amp units: WATTS.

5. Singles, say: HITS.

6. Moody music genre: EMO.

7. "Blue-Backed Spelling Book" author: WEBSTER.

8. Join the game, in a way: ANTE.

9. Small decision-maker: COIN.

10. 2018 Masters champ Patrick: REED. Also 12. Vardon Trophy org.: PGA. And 37. Links rarities: ACES. Gail is a golfer.

11. Trees with berries: ELDERS.

14. Assess: LEVY.

15. King and a Norman: LEARS.

17. TV's Jim Rockford, for one: TEC. Detective.

18. Cockney adverb: ERE.

24. Under Cupid's spell: IN LOVE.

25. "Frozen" snow queen: ELSA.

29. Pull back, with "in": REIN.

32. Huge, to a poet: ENORM.

34. Eligibility factor: AGE. Right now, the retirement age in China is 60 for men. 55 for female civil servants and 50 for female workers.

36. Suffers a sudden decline: TANKS.

39. Overturns: UPENDS.

40. What stars may represent: RATING.

41. Doggie bag treat: T BONE.

42. Chill (with): HANG.

43. __ paint: SPRAY.

46. Flu symptom: AGUE.

49. Negligent: REMISS.

50. They're often tapped: KEGS.

51. Underlying cause: ROOT.

53. "Anne of Green Gables" setting: AVONLEA. Forgot. We had this before.

54. Imposing building: EDIFICE.

58. Often-minced veggie: ONION. Isn't this pretty?

59. Quran deity: ALLAH.

60. Word of support: YEA.

63. Met works: OPERAS.

69. Frat letter: TAU.

70. Pre-BBQ treatment: DRY RUB.

71. Difficult times: TRIALS. So grateful to your support all these years, esp last year.

73. Alternative medicine plant: ALOE.

74. Initial orders?: BLTS. Initially.

76. "Un Ballo in Maschera" aria: ERI TU.

78. Equally eccentric: AS ODD.

80. Funny Bombeck: ERMA.

81. Paris abductee: HELEN. Of Troy.

83. Arabian Peninsula port: ADEN.

84. Energetic risk-taking type, so it's said: ARIES. We have two on our blog: Abejo and Irish Miss.

86. Spreadsheet filler: DATA.

87. Sign __: LANGUAGE.

90. Regard: ESTEEM.

92. 2010 World Cup host: Abbr.: RSA. Republic of South Africa.

93. One and only: SOLE.

95. Sgt. played by John Wayne in "Sands of Iwo Jima": STRYKER. Learning moment for me.

98. Patriotic chant: USA USA.

99. Apple since 1998: IMAC.

101. Lofty standards: IDEALS.

102. Stahl of "60 Minutes": LESLEY.

103. Hush-hush meetings: TRYSTS.

105. "The Rapture of Canaan" novelist Reynolds: SHERI. Haltoolah might have read this book.

108. Excel: SHINE.

110. Sharif of "Che!": OMAR.

112. Flanged fastener: T NUT.

113. Lhasa __: APSO. Meaning "bearded" in Tibetan.

114. Bee-eater's prey: WASP.

115. Tech news site: CNET.

116. __ base: FAN.

117. Brazil map word: RIO.

118. Name change indicator: NEE.

120. Flap: ADO.


Congratulations on your wife's first art show, Picard!

Oct 5, 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019, Gail Grabowski

Saturday Themeless by Gail Grabowski

Probably somewhat dated info
Today I had a nice Easter Egg hunt with Gail's offering. I found my basketful in the SE corner and then had to work my way back up for a very satisfying "got 'er done!" That made my time a little higher than usual but did not diminish my pleasure in doing one of Gail's always fun offerings.

Any lady who authors such fun puzzles and likes Siamese cats is a friend of mine. Plus, the second smartest woman I have ever known (C.C. is tops) was also a JH English teacher.


1. Mirage sights?: CARD GAMES - I'll bet you could find CARD GAMES at this Las Vegas hotel/casino but no oasis

10. Hint: WHIFF - Yeah, this WHIFF is giving her a hint

15. Puccini's Rodolfo, for one: OPERA ROLE - Spoiler alert! Mimi dies of consumption in Rodolfo's arms in the final scene of La Boheme 

16. Word with society or system: HONOR - People who violate the HONOR system should not get into the HONOR society

17. Parties like there's no tomorrow: LETS LOOSE.

18. Singular: OUTRE.

19. Recipe word: ADD.

20. Utter: PURE Triskaidekaphobia is utter nonsense to us science peeps

21. Serves, with "out": DISHES.

22. Considerable number: MASS.

23. Implore: BESEECH - Reminds me of this wonderful Godspell song - We BESEECH Thee

24. Traditional Mesoamerican fare: TAMALE.

27. Name on the 1969 album "Clouds": JONI - Ms. Mitchell's wonderful song and album.

28. One may be purposely broken: LAW which might cause the police to 51. Pick up: NAB the offender

29. Program access aids: ICONS - These are the ones we bloggers use here

30. Pop-up fare: TOAST - I TOAST my English muffins twice for extra crispness

31. Former NHL forward Tikkanen: ESA Here 'ya go

32. Nothing more than: MERE.

33. City ordinance subject: NOISE - Around the 4th of July these ordinances are not 41. Require compliance with: ENFORCEd quite to the letter of the law

34. Bit of power: WATT.

35. Green of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children": EVA - EVA Green as Miss Peregrine appears to be armed with a crossbow

36. Contaminate: TAINT - One bad apple...

37. Word in a marriage metaphor: AISLE - Marriage is a "Walk down the AISLE"

38. __ Aviv: TEL - "Hill of Spring" founded in 1909

39. Restraining order: HALT.

40. __ storm: WINTER - It can increase traffic to web sites to check for school closings. I think kids go there too.

43. Woven line: CORD.

44. Provoke: STIR UP and 6. Turn on: AROUSE - Is it getting warm in here?

45. Oregon's highest mountain: HOOD - Mt. HOOD from the International Rose Garden in Portland is an awesome sight!

46. Org. with Eagles: BSA - Now both boys and girls can make Eagle Scout

49. Squeezable holders: TUBES.

50. Listen: LEND AN EAR - Shakespeare put similar words in Mark Antony's mouth

52. Upstanding: ERECT.

53. Regular beach walker's resource: TIDE TABLE - The TIDE TABLES if I were taking a group to Cocoa Beach today

54. Load with jeans, say: DARKS - Every student should have to cut out the lower squares and sort them correctly

55. They don't sting: DRONE BEES - The DRONES only job is to mate with an unfertilized queen


1. Cuba libre ingredient: COLA.

2. Behaved like: APED.

3. Like many Fla. residents: RETD 

4. Ones often working in small rms.: DRS.

5. Thelma and Louise, e.g.: GAL PALS - To the end

7. "Wuthering Heights" scenery: MOORS - It was hard for Catherine and Heathcliffe to 9. Make out: SEE each other in the MOORS. Yeah, I know there's a second way to construe "make out" but...

8. Apart from this: ELSE.

10. Response to a bell: WHO IS IT - Needed one more cell to enter SALIVATE

11. __ wine: HOUSE - A usual order for a wine know-nothing like yours truly

12. At all: IN THE LEAST - "That joke was not funny IN THE LEAST"

13. Ship's deck sometimes reduced to six letters: FORECASTLE - The F'O'CSLE of the Queen Mary is behind the bow and in front of the first stack

14. It's in ice caps and ice sheets: FRESH WATER - Where over 68% of FRESH WATER is found

21. Like urban population: DENSE - Exhibit A: Hong Kong

22. Giraffe feature: MANE - _ A _ E made me think NAPE but...

23. Talk a good game: BOAST- Joe Namath shocked the sports world when he made good on his 1969 BOAST

24. Borne out long-term: TIME TESTED.

25. Fictional detective often seen wearing an open aloha shirt: ACE VENTURA - You either like Jim Carrey's brand of humor or you don't

26. Strength of character: MORAL FIBER - See Gandhi above

27. Cooler: JOINT - Also jail, gray bar hotel, hoosegow, club fed, gaol, et al

30. Decorative fabric: TOILE Here 'ya go

33. Rights org. since 1909: NAACP.

34. Leaf blower: WIND - I am very aware of WIND in my two avocations - biking and golf

36. Fencing maneuvers: THRUSTS.

37. Show time: AIR DATE - Usually there is a three month gap between when a Jeopardy game is taped and that show's AIR DATE

40. Stiff: WOODEN - Some pols just aren't good "on the stump"

42. Eponymous vacuum brand: ORECK.

43. Many a time-share: CONDO This company specializes in getting people OUT OF time-shares

45. Next in line: HEIR.

46. Tiny tot, in Toledo: BEBE - When Michael Buble sings Melancholy Baby in Spanish, the first line is "Ven a Mi BEBE Melancolico" (Come to my my melancholy baby)

47. Commission source: SALE - Their commission rate is why we chose this company to list MIL's house

48. Combative deity: ARES - Gods of war can be that way

50. Part of LLC: Abbr.: LTD - LIMITED Liability Company

Comment away. I'm sure Gail will overlook grammar errors: