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May 12, 2019

Sunday May 12, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Youth Group" - LAD spans across each theme entry.

23. Warning during a snowstorm: TRAVEL ADVISORY.

32. Octane booster: FUEL ADDITIVE.

46. High naval rank: FULL ADMIRAL.

67. One who can't put down the phone?: DIGITAL ADDICT.

86. Founding Father found in a bar?: SAMUEL ADAMS.

102. Common login component: EMAIL ADDRESS.

113. Shelter mission: ANIMAL ADOPTION.


116. Youth found in this puzzle's seven longest answers: LAD.

Very consistent *L AD* span. Simple but never-done theme. This is Gail's hallmark.

Gail is also careful with her fill also. You won't find a plethora of names in her grids. Or odd abbreviations. She never wants to stump solvers.


1. Informal demand for propriety: ACT NICE. Great 7-letter start.

8. Choice bit: MORSEL.

14. Group with similar interests: CIRCLE.

20. "I always lie," e.g.: PARADOX.

21. Illinois city west of Chicago: AURORA. Gail lives in Peru, Illinois.

22. Filled, folded fare: OMELET.

25. Wyndham-owned chain: RAMADA. Not familiar with Wyndham, you? Wiki says "It has locations in China".  Ramada does have many hotels in China.

26. Seashore raptor: ERNE.

27. Watch readout abbr.: LCD.

28. Discontinuation phrase: NO LONGER.

30. Quote qualifier: SIC.

31. Last stroke, usually: PUTT. Also 36. Disc golf starting points: TEE PADS.

38. German title: HERR.

39. Geological stretch: EON.

40. Goose egg: NIL.

41. Wild way to go: APE.

42. NYC tourist attraction: MOMA. Oh, Starry, Starry Night, Paint your palette blue and green...

43. Slim predatory swimmer: CONGER EEL.

50. Doesn't need: HAS.

51. Jazz singer Jones: ETTA.

52. Physicist's study: ATOM.

53. "Chopped" utensil: PAN. We also have 54D. Celebrity chef Bobby: FLAY. I like Jamie Oliver. Who's your favorite?

54. On-call volunteer, perhaps: FIREMAN.

57. Reported story: NEWS ITEM.

60. See 17-Down: BELL. And 17D. Instrument with a flared 60-Across: CLARINET.

62. Source of a draft: ALE TAP.

66. A third of nove: TRE. Nove is 9.

71. Vichy vacation time: ETE.

72. Studio apartment accommodation: AIRBED.

74. Crafts website: ETSY.

75. Indian brew: ASSAM TEA. Black tea.

77. "The Blues Brothers" fashion accessories: RAYBANS.

80. Made a fast stop?: ATE. Great clue.

81. Like some folklore: ORAL.

82. "David Copperfield" girl: EM'LY. Little Em'ly.

85. Student leader?: ESS. Just the first letter in Student.

90. Debate focal point: MAIN ISSUE.

93. Senior's highlight: PROM.

94. Eligibility factor: AGE. I'm going to be eligible for senior discounts soon. Amazing.

95. Big bucks, briefly: MIL.

96. Aloha shirt go-with: LEI.

97. Truck maker with a bulldog logo: MACK.

98. Casual Friday adjective: TIELESS.

106. Eliot title hero: BEDE.

107. Disappoint, with "down": LET.

108. Arranged, as a deal: BROKERED.

109. Put the kibosh on: END.

110. Brad's role in "Inglourious Basterds": ALDO. No idea. But I like the new clue angle.

111. Hat of Ecuadorian origin, oddly: PANAMA.

118. She outwitted a witch: GRETEL.

119. Puget Sound city: TACOMA.

120. Like candy canes: TWO-TONE. And 123. Poor Yelp rating: ONE STAR.

121. Not easily ruffled: SERENE. D-Otto! Such a calm and reassuring presence in our life. We also have 68D. Far from relaxed: TENSE. 103D. Ready to explode: IRATE.

122. Angled: SLOPED.


1. Most fitting: APTEST.

2. King's first published novel: CARRIE.

3. Daze: TRANCE.

4. Cathedral section: NAVE.

5. Ending with fluor-: IDE.

6. Conspired: COLLUDED. No collusion.

7. Calls for: EXACTS.

8. Big D hoops pro: MAV.

9. Tokyo : hai :: Paris : __: OUI. I've mentioned a few times. "hai" is also Cantonese for "yes".

10. Commuting options: Abbr.: RRS.

11. With less delay: SOONER.

12. Weasley family owl: ERROL. "Harry Potter".

13. Clapton classic: LAYLA.

14. County fair fare: CORN DOG.

15. "Just think ... ": IMAGINE.

16. Held another session: RE-MET.

18. Headed up: LED.

19. Weather-sensitive hr.: ETA.

24. EPA-banned pesticide since 1972: DDT.

29. Danish seaport: ODENSE. Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace.

31. Bear with a too-hard bed: PAPA.

32. Storm relief org.: FEMA.

33. Region in the Eurasian Steppe: URAL.

34. Nam lead-in: VIET.

35. "Enchanted" film title girl: ELLA.

37. Coconut sources: PALMS. And 42. Coconut Grove setting: MIAMI.

38. Road warning: HORN.

43. Jack Reacher creator Lee __: CHILD.

44. Stroked tool: OAR.

45. Russo of "The Intern": RENE. She is Frigga in "Avengers: Endgame".

46. Fruity soda: FANTA.

47. Development areas: UTERI.

48. Farther down: LOWER.

49. Compressed video format: MPEG.

55. array: MACS.

56. Resort near Snowbird: ALTA.

58. Planning session product: IDEA.

59. Fairly large, sumwise: TIDY.

60. Louisville Sluggers, e.g.: BATS. I think we still have a couple of mini bats in our garage.

61. Golf's "Big Easy" Ernie: ELS. Our Big Easy was close to him a few times. George volunteers for Zurich Classic every year.

63. Aquarium favorite: TETRA.

64. Subs aren't on it: A TEAM.

65. Sounds of thunder: PEALS.

69. Matter of fact: DATUM.

70. "So that's it!": I SEE.

73. __ Mawr College: BRYN. The only way to clue this entry.

76. Pose in fancy clothes, say: MODEL. This supermodel (fancy Dolce & Gabbana dress) is from my hometown. Her name is Xiao Wen Ju.

78. Abutting: BESIDE.

79. Sch. with a Phoenix campus: ASU.

80. Wild way to run: AMOK.

82. Former "Fashion Emergency" host: EMME.

83. Severely harm: MAIM.

84. 19-y'ar-old comics character: LIL ABNER.

86. Seaweed wrap purveyors: SPAS.

87. Hammer-throw trajectories: ARCS.

88. Gave up, as arms: LAID DOWN.

89. "A Death in the Family" author: AGEE. James.

91. It's a bad sign: ILL OMEN.

92. Broad-leafed maritime plant: SEA KALE.

97. Doc: MEDICO.

98. Look after: TEND TO.

99. 2009 Tony-winner "Billy __ the Musical": ELLIOT.

100. Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park: SEDONA.

101. Type that can't stay off the grass?: STONER. Drug.

104. Mild oaths: DRATS.

105. Kidney-related: RENAL.

106. Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle: BEA.

110. Case workers: Abbr.: ATTS.

111. Some movie ratings: PGS.

112. "All bets __ off": ARE.

114. Swiffer product: MOP. Hope it's all dried up, D-Otto!

115. Soul, to Sartre: AME.

117. Author of macabre tales: POE.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on our blog!


Feb 24, 2019

Sunday February 24, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Prep-positioning"-  Different prepositions are inserted into eight theme entries.
23A. Revenue for a monarchy?: KINGDOM INCOME. Kingdom come.

39A. Kids nagging parents about lack of air conditioning?: HOT OFFSPRING. Hot spring.

58A. Bungalow inundated with vacationing relatives?: OVERRUN HOME. Run home.

85A. Funny BBQ scene that got cut?: SPIT OUTTAKE. Spit take.

101A. Unlikely winner of a trite joke contest?: CORN UNDERDOG. Corn dog.
123A. Group unhappy with election results?: DOWNCAST PARTY. Cast party.

16D. Preview from St. Peter?: AFTERWORLD TOUR. World tour.

52D. "You're a big girl now"?: MATURITY UPDATE. Maturity date.

Such a simple but fresh theme. There's an art to Gail's simplicity, whether theme choice or grid design. She works hard to avoid uncommon abbreviations or strange names to make her entries easy.

I don't recall seeing 146-word Sunday grid. Looks like Rich allows it now. Great news.


1. Cheese companion: MAC.

4. Brewery fixtures: VATS.

8. Minute dispute: SPAT.  Small "minute".

12. Sandal features: T STRAPS.

19. "Barefoot Contessa" cook Garten: INA. An Instagrammer I know bumped into her in Paris a few months ago.

20. Journalist Larson: ERIK. Learning moment for me.

21. Pro shop purchase: POLO.

22. Group bar orders: CARAFES.

26. Crêpe cousin: BLINTZE. With blackberry sauce.

27. "My mom is gonna kill me!": I'M DEAD.

28. San Simeon family: HEARSTS. Hearst Castle.

30. Sleep __: MODE.

31. Running total: TALLY.

32. "The Hurt Locker" backdrop: WAR.

33. Upscale automaker: AUDI.

35. It might be generic: DRUG. When I was a kid, we paid about 0.15 cents for each doctor visit. Drugs were free. How China has changed!

38. Novelist Waugh: ALEC.

44. Which one: WHO.

45. Predator and Iconia computers: ACERS. My monitor is Acer.

47. Jack Reacher creator Child: LEE.

48. Dept. formed under Carter: ENER.

49. Bread grain: OAT.

50. Agassi rival: SAMPRAS (Pete)

53. Muses' domain: ARTS.

55. Massage offering: OIL RUB.

57. Important span: ERA.

63. __ column: concrete-filled steel support: LALLY. Another learning moment for me.

64. Rope in: ENTICE.

66. Quite a stretch: EONS.

67. Freshly stained: WET.

68. Dr. Leary's turn-on: LSD.

69. Sullen: DOUR.

70. Old Venetian coin: DUCAT.

72. Capital that's home to the Potala Palace: LHASA. Dalai Lama used to live in the Potala Palace.

74. "This is my __": STOP.

77. Dodge logo critter: RAM.

79. Poor, as excuses go: SAD.

80. Ghee-brushed bread: NAAN. Xi'an style Naan. The Muslim Quarters has the best food.

81. Unwitting victim: STOOGE.

83. Puts the worm on: BAITS.

88. It's often bookmarked: URL. This is what I love about Firefox. Very neat bookmarking system.

89. Be there: ATTEND.

91. Decorative jug: EWER.

92. It may be lit during the holidays: FIR TREE.

94. Withdrawn: SHY.

95. They may be wireless: BRAS.

98. Ristorante suffix: INI.

99. Links army leader: ARNIE. Arnie Palmer.

100. Loan letters: IOU.

104. Vicksburg soldiers: REBS.

108. One of Tom Brady's three: ESPY. Guess how many Tiger Woods has?

110. "JAG" spin-off: NCIS.

111. Has too much: ODS.

112. Piazza De Ferrari city: GENOA.

113. Humorist Barry: DAVE.

115. Takes care of a toy?: PET SITS. Nice fill/clue.

119. "To conclude ... ": LASTLY.

120. Govt. water-testing sites: EPA LABS.

125. SoCal daily: LA TIMES. Oh, hey, shout-out.

126. Pre-calc course: TRIG.

127. Rich deposit: LODE.

128. Job ad abbr.: EOE.

129. Pose a greater climbing challenge: STEEPEN.

130. "I'll get this one": ON ME.

131. Chuck: TOSS.

132. Chekov's orig. "Star Trek" rank: ENS.


1. NHL Hall of Famer Stan: MIKITA. Stranger to me.

2. Dog or dogie: ANIMAL.

3. It may be scented: CANDLE.

4. WWII surrender celebration: VE DAY. Victory in Europe Day.

5. 2016 MLB retiree: A-ROD.

6. Virginia senator Kaine: TIM. Clinton's running mate.

7. Vail toppers: SKI HATS.

8. Gp. advocating adoption: SPCA.

9. Substandard: POOR.

10. Charity: ALMS.

11. Line dance step: TOE TAP.

12. On the job, initially: TCB. Taking Care of Business.

13. "Rebel Without a Cause" actor: SAL MINEO. With James Dean and Natalie Wood.

14. The Bee Gees, e.g.: TRIO.

15. New-product div.: R AND D.

17. Candy invented in Austria: PEZ. There's a guy in our flea market who specialized in Pez dispensers.

18. Dallas-to-Houston dir.: SSE.

24. Easy pill to swallow: GEL CAP.

25. Pianist Peter: NERO.

29. Confident: SURE.

32. Less favorable: WORSE.

34. Unpleasant noise: DIN. I love the quietness in winter.

36. DIY mover: U HAUL.

37. Sidestepped: GOT BY.

39. Flung with force: HEAVED.

40. Put on conspicuous display: FLAUNT.

41. Seedless plants: FERNS.

42. Green of "Robot Chicken": SETH. Read more about it here.

43. Question doggedly: GRILL.

46. Shoe with lots of holes: CROC. Never tried Crocs.

50. Tourney ranking: SEED.

51. River of Pisa: ARNO.

54. "Who cares?": SO WHAT.

56. Roundup catcher: LASSO.

59. Postgame staple: RECAP.

60. Band aide: ROADIE.

61. Should have said: MEANT.

62. Area 51 creatures, it's said: ETS.

65. Doggone mad: IRATE.

71. Battleship letters: USS.

72. Hugh of "House": LAURIE. Also a novelist.

73. "Just __": ASKING.

75. Fiend of fantasy: OGRE.

76. Legendary soccer star: PELE.

78. "Morning Joe" network: MSNBC.

80. Ad infinitum: NO END. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

82. Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives": TERI.

83. Jazz count: BASIE.

84. Pal of Aramis: ATHOS.

86. Relative who shares your birthday, perhaps: TWIN. Our blog twins.

Joann's sister Joyce, their mother Martha and Joann

87. "Hair" styles: AFROS.

90. Queen's mate: DRONE BEE.

93. Mother canonized by Pope Francis: TERESA.

96. Hammer throw trajectory: ARC.

97. Impudent sort: SNIP.

99. Pasta water prep instruction: ADD SALT.

102. Did, but doesn't now: USED TO.

103. Campus recruiting gp.: ROTC.

105. Dining selection: ENTREE. Do you have Port of Subs in your area?

106. Balladeer Michael: BOLTON. "How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?"

107. Give the okay: SAY YES.

109. Bush or Clinton, once: YALIE.

112. Rubbernecks, with "at": GAPES.

114. Seductive sort: VAMP.

116. Struggling to decide: TORN.

117. Triathlon component: SWIM.

118. "Picnic" playwright: INGE (William)

119. Bygone Fords: LTDS.

120. 2015 Payne Stewart Award honoree Ernie: ELS.

121. Touch gently: PAT.

122. Return ID: SSN.

124. Great Lakes' __ Canals: SOO.


I failed to reach Fermet Prime on Friday and Saturday. Her friend Malcolm said she might be released from the hospital next Monday February 25. He said "The hospital would like Lorraine to go to a rehab situation, they object to her going back to her house unless she has twenty-four hour help."  

In the meantime, we can send cards to:

Lorraine Foster
8735 White Oak Ave.
Northridge, CA 91325


Nov 25, 2018

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 , Gail Grabowski

Theme:  "For-gone Conclusions" - FOR is removed from each theme entry.

27A Horses' feeding period?: STALL TIME. Stall for time.

29A. Nightly newscaster's preparation?: REPORT WORK. Report for work.
49A. Easter feast, say?: SPRING DINNER. Spring for dinner.

63A. "We're driving around in circles"?: LOST WORDS. Lost for words.

84A. Ticket selling for a major golf event?: OPEN BUSINESS. Open for business.

101A. Severe dip in contributions during a telethon?: CAUSE ALARM. Cause for alarm.

104A. Hurricane tracker closeup?: EYE DETAIL. Eye for detail.
36D. What may accompany hunger pangs?: FOOD THOUGHT. Food for thought.

40D. Result of a faulty tab setting?: MARGIN ERROR. Margin for error.

Hmm, no subtlety. The puzzle title is literally telling us what the theme is. 

Gail again started her theme entries in the 4th row rather than the traditional 3rd tow.  She also made sure none of her fill is longer than the theme fill. Subtlety of a pro constructor.

1. Minor dustup: TIFF.

5. Ladder danger: FALL.

9. Jeff who started an online bookstore in 1994: BEZOS. No minimum limit for free shipping at Amazon right now.

14. Give form to: SHAPE.

19. Free speech org.: ACLU.

20. New Balance competitor: AVIA. D-Otto favors former.

21. Put on, as pressure: EXERT.

22. Development units: HOMES.

23. React to too much sun, perhaps: PEEL.

24. Overcharge: SOAK.

25. "Silas Marner" girl: EPPIE. Unknown to me.

26. Penetrating winds: OBOES. Wind instruments. You don't want to feel the penetrating winds in Minnesota.

31. Burpee product: SEED.

32. It has strings attached: APRON.

33. Fed. financial gp.: OMB. OK, Office of Management and Budget.

34. Sight in an unfinished attic: RAFTER.

37. Southwest worker: PILOT.

39. "You may say I'm a __": Lennon's "Imagine": DREAMER.

43. Waiting room read: E BOOK. VA has few Wi-Fi spots.

44. Where dos are done: SALON.

45. Dire prophecy: DOOM.

47. Hang open: GAPE.

48. House with layers: COOP. Lay-ers.

52. One in a workout count: REP.

53. Unexpected: ODD.

54. River to South Carolina's Winyah Bay: PEE DEE.

55. Genesis matriarch: EVE.

56. "Megastructures" channel, familiarly: NATGEO. Anyone watches it?

58. Tennis surprise: NETBALL.

60. Govt. agents: T MEN. 90. Iconic 60-Across boss: NESS. Eliot Ness.

61. Document preparer: TYPIST.

62. Museum posting: Abbr.: HRS.

68. Anna's "The Accountant" co-star: BEN.  Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick.

69. Red Guard member: MAOIST. Dark period.

72. Lanai neighbor: MAUI.

73. Tour guides, e.g.: LEADERS.

77. Enemy of Mr. Bill, in old "SNL" skits: SLUGGO.  Learning moment for me.

78. Start a course: EAT.

79. "Once Is Not Enough" author: SUSANN. Jacqueline Susann.

82. Nicki Minaj genre: RAP.

83. Unkind remark: DIG.

87. Puff pastry cheese: BRIE.

88. Publisher Adolph: OCHS.

91. Consider with care: WEIGH. As pros and cons.

92. Around the corner: CLOSE.

93. Predetermined steps: SET PLAN.

95. Historic caravel: PINTA.

96. Took in the sights: TOURED.

97. Escape: LAM.

98. Something in the air: AROMA. 100. 98-Across, often: LURE.

109. Case place: COURT. Law case.

110. Italy's "Supreme Poet": DANTE.

111. Twitter's bird, e.g.: LOGO.

112. Belgian capital: EURO. Currency again. Brussels is beautiful in this time of the year.

113. Scorch slightly: SINGE.

114. Actress MacDowell: ANDIE.

115. Aviation pioneer Sikorsky: IGOR.

116. Bond was kicked out of it: ETON.

117. Entered into a deal: ANTED.

118. Cross with: MAD AT. Followed by 119. Fresh answers: SASS.

120. Number with words: SONG.


1. Brewpub array: TAPS.

2. "Rhyme Pays" rapper: ICE-T.

3. Pet peeve?: FLEA. Cute clue.

4. Period, to British grammarians: FULL STOP.

5. "Hurry it up!": FASTER.

6. Bypass: AVOID.

7. Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games": LIAM. The tall guy.

8. Common camp site: LAKE.

9. Pub game with balls: BEER PONG. Sparkly fill.

10. Whiz: EXPERT.

11. Youngest Marx brother: ZEPPO.

12. Mythical hunter: ORION.

13. Team backer?: STER. Teamster.

14. Skeptic's demand: SHOW ME.

15. Droopy-shaped purse: HOBO BAG. Slouchy.

16. Bow-toting god: AMOR.

17. Cheat, in a way: PEEK.

18. Serious extreme?: ESS. Serious.

28. Garlic relative: LEEK.

30. Agony: TORMENT.

32. Without peer: ALONE.

34. Info-gathering mission: RECON.

35. Quarters: ABODE.

37. Bud on a drive: PARD

38. First name in '70s tennis: ILIE (Nastase)

39. Slip into: DON.

41. Pentathlon gear: EPEES.

42. Provide more room for growth: RE-POT.

44. While: SPELL.

45. Salvage crew member: DIVER.

46. Upright: ON END.

49. Pommes frites condiment: SEL. French fries.

50. How-to lesson: DEMO.

51. Maker of Wayfarer sunglasses: RAYBAN.

54. Turn a Monopoly corner: PASS GO.

57. Used Charmin for shenanigans, for short: TP'ED.

59. Sea cell: BRIG.

60. Bi- equivalent: TWI.

64. What diviners interpret: OMENS.

65. Former Swedish imports: SAABS.

66. Bolshoi outfit: TUTU.

67. Part of 1/2: SLASH.

69. Passé PC system: MS DOS.

70. "Off with her head!" head owner: ALICE. "Alice in Wonderland".

71. Star that's a draw: TOP NAME. The biggest star I've met in person is Harmon Killebrew. How about you?

74. USCG rank: ENS.

75. It's often merit-based: RAISE.

76. Ticket number you don't want to see: SPEED.

79. City near Pisa: SIENA. Another Italian reference: 101. Trevi toss-in: COIN.

80. Blood bank quantity: UNIT.

81. Arcade giant: SEGA.

85. Bard's bedtime: EEN.

86. Competition in lanes: SWIM MEET.

87. Challenging golf hole starting points: BLUE TEES. White tees are for average golfers. Red tees  for lady golfers. Gold tees for seniors. Black tees for tournament players. Just the set-up in golf courses here in MN.

89. Blow the budget: SPLURGE.

92. Center: CORE.

94. Hung in there: LASTED.

95. "The Merchant of Venice" heroine: PORTIA.

96. Some exposed-beam homes: TUDORS.

98. Actress De La Garza: ALANA. "Law & Order".

99. Scientific dept.: R AND D.

100. Blocks often disassembled and reassembled: LEGOS.

102. Polly, to Tom: AUNT. Tom Sawyer.

103. Sistine Chapel ceiling figure: ADAM.

104. Bulldog supporters: ELIS.

105. Discipline with poses: YOGA. GOAT YOGA just sounds so strange.

106. Lot purchase: AUTO.

107. Resolve, with "out": IRON.

108. Dull, maybe: LONG.

109. J.E.B. Stuart's side: CSA.

Boomer updates:

We met with the radiation oncologist Dr. Esther last Monday and continued Boomer's daily radiation. Boomer decided to take Abiraterone (the chemo drug) after he completed the radiation treatment next Wednesday. We don't want to compound his discomfort, esp after that dreadful experience with the Zoledronic acid infusion two weeks ago.

One more meeting with Dr. Esther tomorrow morning and 3 more radiation treatments, then a blood draw (monthly procedure), then the chemo drug. The neurosurgeon department is going to arrange a MRI scan soon to see the result of the radiation.


Sep 29, 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018, Gail Grabowski

Saturday Themeless Puzzle by Gail Grabowski

Today is a big holiday for us addicts, uh, aficionados of a certain brew. My daughter has had a heart issue and so is restricted to de-caf and I have cut my consumption to one and only one cup per day, but boy do I enjoy it while savoring my LA Times puzzle!

Kids where I sub come in with cups of "coffee" from some frou-frou emporiums that are so loaded with milk, sugar and various other ingredients that I just think, "What's the point?" However they all think of themselves as hard core consumers of the beverage.

Me? I'll take mine straight up and if there is a "too strong" variety, I have yet to encounter it!

I blogged Gail's last Saturday puzzle on March 3. I thought her grid today was very striking in appearance and added to the dance.

Now let's see what our prodigious constructor has for us today:


1. Garden lure: SPIDER WEB  - Eh, never mind, we'll trick or treat down the street. 

10. Prefix meaning "coil": SPIRO - I'll bet even SPIRO Agnew had a SPIROGRAPH

15. It straddles the border of two western states: LAKE TAHOE  - The site of Fredo's last fishing expedition in The Godfather 

16. Brass, for one: ALLOY  - The €1 coin has an outer ring of the alloy nickel brass - 75% Copper, 20% Zinc and 5% Nickel

17. Closing question: ARE WE DONE? - Sometimes an ill-advised question to your spouse during a disagreement 

18. Subjects for reviewers: FILMS  - Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty good site for a compilation of reviewers

19. Kind of gravel: PEA - Used a lot at our house where flora is not desired

20. What some glasses lack: RIMS.

21. Observed visiting: SEEN AT - When I was growing up, teachers  and coaches knew they were not to be SEEN AT local bars

22. Break off loudly: SNAP - Good celery test

23. Write the wrong number on, perhaps: MISDATE - "What? I put September 31 on that check?"

24. Legal option: APPEAL - If you've got enough money... 

27. Warning after using an iron: FORE - A funky clue that is yelled even by Tiger

28. A.L. East squad: TOR - TORonto Blue Jays

29. __ space: CRAWL - Not for people with claustrophobia

30. Glove material: LATEX - Not welcome in some places

31. Speech interruptions: UMS - Um, I, um, don't know, um, what to, um, say about, um this

32. Work to get: EARN.

33. Support on the way up: PITON - a carbiner with a rope will soon be attached to the PITON he is pounding into the cliff crack 

34. Cookout choice: BRATwurst

35. Modicum: BIT - Liza's Doolittle's dad sang "with a little BIT of luck" someone else will do the blinkin' work

36. One of a nursery rhyme trio: BAKER - Rub-a-dub-dub, I'll bet you know the other two passengers in the tub

37. Most successful African-American PGA golfer before Woods: PEETE - Lee Elder leapt to my mind

38. Custom finish?: ARY - What's reasonable and CUSTOMARY in Nebraska may not be so in your neck of the woods

39. Made it up: LIED - Oh yeah, elections are coming up...

40. Follow: SHADOW  - An alternate meaning to a film noir activity

41. Armadas on the road: NISSANS - That's three Saturdays in a row (and ISUZU on Thursday) where the constructor has used car names for misleading cluing. I reluctantly had to give up on CONVOYS

43. Turnovers, e.g.: STAT - Here's a turnover caused by good linebacker play

44. Take out: DELETE.

45. Shot in the dark: STAB.

46. Clicking sound?: AHA - When  a clue clicks with me, I might utter an AHA

49. "Battlestar Galactica" commander: ADAMA  - William ADAMA is played by Edward James Olmos in the show 

50. One who's no fun to play with: POOR LOSER - Here's two minutes worth of one of the worst who was/is also 12. Sulky: ILL-NATURED

52. Showed up: GOT IN - My daughters GOT IN before midnight at our house even while they were in college or... 

53. Bicycle tire feature: VALVE STEM -  This biker carries a pressurized air tank to service the VALVE STEM you see in the back ground 

54. Discharge: EGEST - A polite word for a necessary/disgusting body function 

55. Tiny arboreal amphibians: TREE TOADS.


1. Indication of an offense: SLAP.

2. Take a little off: PARE.

3. Many of its products are named for Scandinavian places: IKEA - You mean like the Dagstorp couch?

4. Mountain __: DEW - I prefer my caffeine delivered without sugar or fizz

5. Hardly transitory: ETERNAL.

6. Like much flower symmetry: RADIAL.

7. Defeat decisively: WHOMP - I suppose 

8. Quite a stretch: EONS.

9. One who does a waggle dance: BEE - I learned in an ethology class that the waggling BEE is telling the distance, direction and quality of available food

10. Sensitive health class subject: SAFE SEX  

11. Practiced diligently: PLIED - I have PLIED my trade for 50 years

13. It's often used to make paste: ROMA TOMATO 

14. Traditional Christmas Eve dish for some: OYSTER STEW - That and potato soup were staples of our Christmas Eve

21. Traffic stopper, at times: SIREN - Not always 

22. Tailored: SEWN.

23. Power source: MOTOR - Football players that play with a lot of energy are said to have a great MOTOR

24. Elastic wrap brand: ACE BANDAGE - This self-adhereing version is easier to use than the version having to use metal clips

25. Herbivore named for its habitat: PRAIRIE DOG

26. List on a ticket: PARTY SLATE - This facilitates things on this Michigan ballot

27. In the cards: FATED.

30. Takes an interest in: LIKES - Facebook admiration 

33. Revolutionary pamphleteer: PAINE - "These are the times that try men's souls"

34. Top: BEAT - As of this afternoon, the Huskers have failed to top/BEAT any team

36. Far from subtle: BLATANT.

37. High-tech communications portmanteau: PHABLET.

40. Feel a strong need (for): STARVE.

42. Rest area array: SEMIS - The yellow tubes connected to the window openings of these SEMIS provide heat/ac/wifi/TV, etc

43. Made off with: STOLE.

45. Use an updraft, say: SOAR.

46. Old movie dog: ASTA - Nick and Nora's pooch

47. Be mindful of: HEED - Or not...

48. Administrative branches: ARMS.

50. Low mil. rank: PVT.

51. Granada bear: OSO - 
La cama del OSO papá era demasiado dura (The papa bear's bed was too hard)