Feb 14, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013 Dave Eckert

Theme: Pleasantly Plump

20A. Stout : TEAPOT ADJECTIVE. "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."

37A. Stout : WOLFE CREATOR REX. Detective fiction author Rex Stout who created the famous Nero Wolfe character.

52A. Stout : GUINNESS PRODUCT. And of course, you are all familiar with this example?
Three grid-spanners for theme entries, and only missing a "Q" for a pangram. This is what is called a "definition" theme, where the same clue is used for all the theme entries, but with different answers for each one. Not much else to add by way of explanation. I think it has been nearly three years since we last saw Dave Eckert. His previous puzzle was a definition theme as well.

Marti here with my theme song to start off the day...2:39


1. Geometry subject : PLANE. Annoying clip. 2:00

6. Vend : SELL.

10. "Don't let anyone else hear this" : PSST.

14. Cowboy, at times : ROPER. I never knew that Mr. Roper was a cowboy in his spare time? 0:30

15. Palm product : TREO. Nope, not date. Not coco. Not palm tree, but Palm Treo.

16. Classic cream-filled snack : HO-HO. Pardon me, but I think they are always referred to in the plural?
17. For the birds? : AVIAN. I loved that it crosses 3-Down. For the bees : APIAN.

18. Agile deer : ROES. Why "agile?"

19. Actor Ken : OLIN. Producer of the TV show "Brothers and Sisters."  Did not recognize him.

23. Seaside raptor : ERN.

24. Have to thank for, with "to" : OWE.

25. Horn sound : TOOT. And 63-Across. Reaction to being cut off : HONK.

26. Belgrade native : SERB.

28. Lawn option : SOD.

29. Nova Scotia hrs. : AST. Hmmm..."AST" could be Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4), Alaska Standard Time (UTC-9) or Arabia Standard Time (UTC+3). But since Nova Scotia is the only one on the "Atlantic," I'll go with curtain # 1...

32. Relative via remarriage : STEP NIECE. I had difficulties with this one, and went through step-daughter, -son, -mother, -father.  NIECE was a loooong time comin'!!

36. Shell out : GIVE.

40. Gremlin and Pacer : AMCS. Both American Motor Corporation cars.

41. Able to come back : RESILIENT.

42. Cole Porter's "___ Clown" : BE A. Classic song from the 1948 movie "The Pirate." 2:52

43. Bond, for one : SPY. James Bond.

45. "Heavens to Betsy!" : EGAD.

46. Place to tie up : PIER.

48. "___ we having fun yet?" : ARE. I am. I hope you are, too!

49. Intractable beast : ASS.

57. Dead set against : ANTI.

58. Ram, e.g. : MALE. How many "male" names can you come up with?  I'll start: buck, cock, bull, drone, jack, tom, drake, billy, stallion, stud...

59. Significant : MAJOR. We just survived a MAJOR storm called "Nemo" here in the NE.

60. Sax immortal Getz : STAN.

61. Politico Bayh : EVAN. Hmmm...I thought I had a valid nit. Birch "Evans" Bayh was Indiana senator from 1963-1981. His son, EVAN Bayh, was governor of Indiana from 1989 to 1997, and senator from 1999 to 2011. So alas, my nit was not to be.

62. Blue hue : AZURE. I dream of this.

64. Not a good mark : DENT. Like many a mark on my V8 can.

65. Hem again : RESEW.


1. Talk and talk : PRATE.

2. Casanova : LOVER.

4. Tide type : NEAP.

5. Cubemaster Rubik : ERNO. Did you remember his first name?

6. Milkshake choice : STRAWBERRY. I always used to like coffee shakes. Now, I just get the shakes from drinking coffee!

7. Gradually vanish : ERODE. It didn't help that I read the clue as "Gradually vaRnish..."

8. Cobb of "12 Angry Men" : LEE J. Fantastic movie. 2:13

9. Not get the better of : LOSE TO.

10. Flickr image : PHOTO.

11. Ring insert : SOLITAIRE. Diamond.

12. Knife in "West Side Story" : SHIV. The word "shiv" usually refers to an improvised weapon, such as those made by prisoners which are fashioned from razor blades, shards of glass or other sharp objects.

13. Shape (up) : TONE.

21. Tire-shaped : TORIC.

22. New England catch : COD. Also known as Gadus morhua.

26. Nos. for beachgoers : SPFSSun Protection Factor(s)

27. Chemical suffix : ENE. e.g. scene, Charlene, convene, serene...
(Just using a little SARCASM, for those who read Lemony's post at 1:34 PM on Sunday.)

28. Cryptozoologist's quarry : SEA SERPENT. A pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence is not yet proved, like the Loch Ness Monster.

30. Name meaning "young warrior" in Old Norse : SVEN. I was waffling between OLAF, OLAV or SVEN. Sven won.

31. Short communication : TEXT. But not while driving!!

32. Work on a deck : SWAB.

33. Large volume : TOME.

34. Yosemite attraction : EL CAPITAN. Iconic image often photographed by Ansel Adams.

35. Not a good mark : CEE. "Dent" didn't fit...

36. Crossword component : GRID. Anyone else want WORD?

38. Rival of Rory : TIGER. Golf. Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.  Fun ad. 1:03

39. Greeting in Rio : OLA.

43. When doubled, a breath freshener : SEN. Have you ever used Sen-Sen after engaging in some underage drinking?

44. Specialized undergrad course : PRE-MED. I took pre-med, but still had trouble with this one!

47. Permanently : IN INK. Or, how some stalwart solvers solve crossword puzzles...

48. Liam Neeson voiced him in "The Chronicles of Narnia" films : ASLAN.

49. Like many a prime rib serving : AU JUS.

50. One in a Lincoln quartet? : SCORE. "Four score and seven years ago..."

51. Scatter : STREW.

52. Reason for stitches : GASH. Ouch!

53. "Do ___..." : UNTO. others....

54. Late-inning achievement : SAVE. Baseball.

55. Barbra's "Funny Girl" co-star : OMAR. Sharif. "You are woman, I am man..." 4:28

56. Flabbergast : DAZE.

That's all, until next week!


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear Marti, our beautiful, adventurous & gifted Thursday Sherpa, who taught me by example on how to stay positive despite the adversities life offers.

Marti & Husband

2) Rex Parker organized and helped produced a set of 24 original puzzles (including one from Don G and me) to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief. Please click here for more information on American Red Crosswords. The puzzles are free, but any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

From Marti:
Thanks for the sweet comment, C.C.!  Last night I lit a candle, and this is how it burned down:


Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY and many more to the divine miss m. and happy Valentine's Day to all. Enjoy the candy and flowers.

Nice to see Red Stout and yes in my neighborhood ho hos are always plural. Nice fill like sea serpent, strawberry though step niece seemed a stretch.

Kudos to Rex Parker and those who helped

Barry G. said...

Morning all (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTI!!!)

Not a particularly difficult puzzle today, but I was very slow to solve it nevertheless. Lots and lots of missteps (OREO for HOHO, SCAR for DENT, DEE for CEE, etc.) and I had no idea who "Rory" was until the perps gave me TIGER and I figgered he must be a golfer. I've also never heard of "BE A Clown", so that slowed me down a bit. Fortunately, I remembered SEN [SEN] and EVAN from previous puzzles...

Loved the crossing of APIAN and AVIAN, btw!


TTP said...

Happy Valentine's Day !

Thank you Dave Eckert. Much to like. I'll start with rare prime rib, AU JUS, and a Guinness STOUT. DW will have a HOHO and a STRAWBERRY shake.

Plus ref's to two of my all time favorite movies !

Thank you Marti for the excellent write up. Happy Birthday to you ! Loved the links and fun and explanations. Especially on SOLITAIRE. Had no idea why that was ring insert. I too didn't get STEP NIECE on the first pass, but had enough -T-P-IECE to make it a no brainer on the second pass. To answer your 58A query, I would start with Baby names for Boys. :) To 5D, No, filled it completely with the perps.

My "creme filled snack" started as oreO and "places to tie up" started as ends. Almost wrote in rye for lawn option, but held off. 36.02 today and got the unaided TA D, but it seemed longer.

CC, speaking of grades, how is grading done in the education systems in China ?

Try today's Google Doodle.

See you all later. Time make the coffee.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HeartRx! Great commentary on today's puzzle.

Hand up for wanting Word instead of GRID.

I figured that a Cowboy could be a Rover, but that ultimately gave me two AVIANs. The Cowboy must be a ROPER so the APIAN can be about the bees!

Ken OLIN was also in Thirtysomething back in the day.

Your comment about Texting and Driving reminded me of this amusing, but actual Link text sign. Some people have no common sense.

STAN Getz.

Place to tie up = PIER was my favorite clue.

Congratulations, C.C., for having a puzzle in a compilation to help Sandy victims.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Tell you love how much he/she means to you.

QOD: All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. ~ Charles Schulz.


PK said...

Hi Y'all, A luv of a puzzle for St. Val's Day, Mr. Dave! I did it in just under 30 min. Amazing for me on Thurs.

Great one, Marti! Liked the Rory-Tiger clip! Barry, Rory McElroy is an Irish golfer who has been #1 in the world, although I'm not sure he is this week.

My LOVER gave me a big SOLITAIRE which drew blood on people accidently. I had to put it away when my babies were small.

I've been known for being RESILIENT. Are we having fun yet? Not me. My body won't let me.

Rubik's & Ferrari's first names get confused by me.

I wanted Robt Redford instead of OMAR. Wrong Striasand movie so he didn't fit. I like OMAR better.

Marti, may I beg a favor? I've lost my little arrow to turn back pages again. Can you help again? I promise to write it down & tape it to my monitor.

PK said...

C.C. Congratulations on your Red Cross puzzle! I just made a good-sized contribution to that fine charity.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Dave Eckert, for a very good puzzle. A bit tough in spots. Thank you, Marti, for the fine write-uip.

Many answers were easy, but many were difficult. The long vertical ones really made it tough. Plus the long horizontals that were not theme answers.

For 36D I had CLUE, then WORD, then finally GRID. In that area SOLITAIRE was tough. I never knew that meant a gem in a ring. Thought it was just a card game. REX at the end of 37A took me a while. I knew his name and have read his books. Once I got GIVE and then TEXT, REX became obvious.

Had ATLAS for 48D. No idea who ASLAN was. Perps helped.

Had PRIMER for a while for 44D. Got GUINESS, then PREMED.

I have seen EL CAPITAN. Yosemite is quite a place. When we lived in California we saw most of the natural wonders in that state, at least I did, traveling the whole state for work. I think I still have a set of tire chains from Mammoth Lakes, CA. The police would not let me out of town without them. No salt on the roads in California. I respect that.

I think ROE deer are smaller and therefore more agile than U S deer.

Ken OLIN is a crossword staple. He and his wife have appeared many times.

Off to my day.

See you tomorrow.



Hahtoolah said...

Abejo: I think you are confusing Ken Olin and Lena Olin. They are not married. Ken Olin is married to Patricia Wettig, who was also in Thirtysomething.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Thursday stroll through the park. Thank you.



"Try today's Google Doodle."


desper-otto said...

Good Morning! Bing-Bang-Bong -- Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Marti's Birthday. HBD, HeartRx! I thought maybe C.C. would have given you the day off...

This one gave me some problems, but nothing too MAJOR. For the old Nordic name I was thinking too old -- Odin, Thor, Loki. I, too, associated the name Ken OLIN with Thirty Something, but his picture didn't ring any bells. ERNO came to me immediately. The only Rory I could think of was Calhoun, the cowboy actor. Gadus Morhua sounds like he should have been a character in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Here's a Husker-style question. In what movie do you hear the line, "You arrogant ASS, you've killed us!"?

SEN Sen reminds me of We've got trouble, right here in River City, with a capital T, and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool.

For 'Able to come back', I desperately wanted a word that ended in ABLE. Upon reflection, that probably would have been against the rules since "Able" was part of the clue.

I spent several weeks in Brazil, but never heard anyone say OLA. It was always Bon Dia (with the D sounding like the G in George).

Off to do taxes in Texas...

thehondohurricane said...

Happy Valentines day everyone,

Another grind it out puzzle today that eventually came out OK. There were plenty of mis-steps and wags.

I thought I've tried every junk food there is, but HOHO new to me. After starting with Oreo I tried with Hiho, but I'm pretty sure that's a cracker. The HOHO was a swag.

After the first pass I had HONK for 25A & 63A. 9D, LOSE TO got me onto TOOT. For 36D, Word was first then GRID arrived.

SOLITAIRE did not make any sense until I read Marti's write up. Now it makes some sense.

Took me a while to suss out STEPNIECE too. Ditto for EL CAPITAN.

39D a shout out to Chickie.

My milkshake of choice is Vanilla from any place except Dairy Queen.

Marti, enjoy your special day. It's going to be great weather.


thehondohurricane said...

OOPS, Dave forgot the H for 39D. sorry Chickie.


Mari said...

This was a bit of a brain buster for me, but I really enjoyed it. Seeing TEAPOT ADJECTIVE for Stout was really cute!

I also liked 50D: One in a Lincoln quartet? SCORE and 32D Work on a Deck: SWAB. (I'm reading Killing Lincoln and plan to see the Lincoln movie this weekend - thanks for all of your stellar reviews.)

Where I'm from we call them ho hos?

Now I'm off to read all of your comments from this morning and last night...

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Marti! And we get the present (a nice write up).

I'd like a SOLITARE, but I'd settle for spending a nice evening with DH.

Hahtoolah - Speaking of texting, I see all the girls sitting on the exercise machines at the gym texting and not exercising. Drives me nuts.

Argyle said...

36 : DOLE and DOWN (which I thougtht was clever) before GIVE and GRID. Had to fix that to finish.

Sfingi said...

DNF because of TORIC. Had TORus, of courus.

Impressive puzzle.

6 Googles, but learned a lot.

Thought 34 down would start with an "S" since the other 3 long down entries did, and Eckert had other minor themes: Not a good mark; for the birds/bees.

I got SCORE for Lincoln Quartet, but thought it was some music by Mendelsohn!

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning - Thanks for a super puzzle Dave - just enough difficulty to tax my brain a little. I was able to finish it with no look-ups. The 'OT' in TEAPOT was the last fill-in - I just didn't see it at first and was not familiar with ERNO or TORIC. Other unknowns were ELCAPTAIN, ASLAN AND SEN, but all were filled with perps.
Wanted ORATE before PRATE, LONER before ROPER, and WORD before GRID especially since I had the D first.
I'm not a stalwart puzzle solver, but I do do my cw puzzles in ink (lightly when I'm not sure) - mainly because pencil is too hard for these old eyes to see. lol
Not a fan of Guinness, but familiar with it.
desper-otto - Hunt for Red October - my ALL TIME favorite movie! I knew it immediately!
Didn't really look like Ken Olin - you have to picture him w/out the scruffy beard - I don't like scrufy beards.
Happy Birthday Marti - Hope you have a great day!
Happy Valentines day all!


kazie said...

Happy Birthday Marti!

I screwed up the mid north by not knowing ERNO or teaPOTaDJective, forgetting TORIC (again!), and having DEE/CEE--a C grade is supposed to be average, though they all groan if they get one. Heaven forbid being not above "average".

The rest was filled eventually, though slowly in parts. Names and clechos everywhere.

Anony Mouse said...

That was one challenging puzzle - despite my getting 'some' of it. Thank you Dave Eckert.

Thank you Marti, for the witty explanations - got all of that. Happy Birthday, and many more to you.

I knew 'plane' (not solid - ) geometry, pre-med, Olin, Step-niece (yes!), Aslan, Sea serpent and Omar - but no dice.

'Funny Girl' came out just before the '67 war, and the movie was screened in the Middle East, because of Egyptian Omar, but Barbara - no, sorry Barbra - was 'censored out' because of her support for Israel. That reduced the movie to seventeen minutes.

Hahtoolah, so Ken and Lena Olin were not husband and wife ? Thanks for annihilating a cherished memory. The marital affairs of the movie stars are truly stranger than fiction. Just when you think they are in a stable relationship, along comes the truth.

Next you'll probably be telling me that Indira Gandhi was not Mahatma ( M.G. ) Gandhi's daughter ....

What really did me in, was 'Guiness' product. I got the latter word, but not the former. So, to be an expert in crossowrds, you mean I have to start hitting the bars and downing a few ?

Have a nice day, you guys.

HeartRx said...

PK @ 6:26, refresh my memory? I don't remember the specific problem.

Mari said...

OK Argyle, What is your pup pup pulling in your avatar?

Husker Gary said...

WOLF CREATOR REX did me in. I held out for CREATURE EX (WTF?) after erasing correct Ola and solitaiRe and so while I had all the correct fills, I had them at different times for 2 crummy cells. Everything else was a lot of fun on V-Day. I enjoyed Marti’s write-up and link to Frank singing to pre-BOOTS daughter

-Happy Birthday Renaissance woman Marti. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our interactions here and off the blog!
-TEAPOT ADJECTIVE was my favorite here. AVIAN/APIAN – very cool! STEP NIECE hid a long time for me too. Oh, that SCORE! I SAILed on and DEALt that deck before I SWABbed it.
-Chocolate dipped STRAWBERRIES (her two favs) are being prepared for my lovely bride as I type this.
-Yeah, Palms were the cock of the electronic walk for a while. How time flies!
-Add a Yo and we could have had a Bottle of Rum (fun version). Neat and at sunset for my friend Tin.
-I OWE, I OWE, it’s off to work I (used to) go
-I don’t HONK anymore. Everyone has a gun and an attitude
-Marti, I think you have water in your AZURE basement ;-)
-Jurors are told to leave their prejudices at the courtroom door but the 12 Angry Men did not
-People who search for the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, et al are also searching for $$ from people who want to hear, see or read about what they are doing.
-My short communication was TEST first which is the TEXT I write when testing a computer program
-The TIGER/RORY ad was a hoot and was shot without their ever being there at the same time
-We loved the Santa Monica PIER and PIER 39. In what movie does the main character end his cross country runs at the Santa Monica PIER? I got no answer for you Otto but loved the Music Man reference in that wonderful song/monologue Trouble

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Marti. Dreimal hoch!

As is my usual wont, I did this IN INK, so my strike throughs are 'permanent'. Really only one, though, in the TREO area. Never heard of it. The theme was nice and meaty with three grid spanners. Always wondered what SVEN meant. Overall, a good workout, but, after two revisits, doable. Good job, Dave.

Anony Mouse @ 2203 yesterday: I'm still chuckling over your observation on Lew's loopy signature. Makes one wonder how the value of (US) money will be perceived. Probably won't come up in his Senate hearings.

Off to play some bridge.

Pinto said...

Tried to find Lemon's Red Stout and found this. But that is a red ale, not a stout. It was a nice nod to HO HOs however.

Finally found this one. Research shows it is more of a red ale also.

I came close when I found a Red Rock Stout.

Oh well...

Didya hear the one about the Texas teacher showing his students how to be a ROPER ?

Montana said...

Happy Birthday, Marti. Double enjoyment for you, today!!

I bounced all over this puzzle but completed it. And it is a Thursday puzzle!

Off to get a new hairdo.


Lucina said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

And a very happy birthday, Marti! Wow, a double celebration for you.

Most of this GRID was a good sashay until SOLITAIRE. I just couldn't see it and never mind that I was on the wrong ocean, Pacific instead of ATLANTIC. Also thought ERIC was the young warrior. Finally had to Google it to finish.

I loved the AVIAN/APIAN crossing.

ERNO Rubik and ENZO Ferrari are well fixed in my brain thanks to The Art of Racing in the Rain.

I use an art pencil for crosswords. It is much darker than a regular one and a wee bit pricier, but I bought a pack of six to last a very long time. I hate the mess when I use pen as mistakes are inevitable.

Have a super Valentine's Day, everyone!


Pinto said...

Here is a funny reference to a singular HO HO.

61Rampy said...

After just sailing through the top half today, I thought that this was too easy for a Thursday. I was right! Got to 37A and all came to a screeching halt. Plucked my way through some of the acrosses and downs, but finally had to look up Nero Wolfe. That gave me enough traction to get the rest of the way through tjis. Never heard of SEN SEN or ASLAN. I misspelled GUINnESS. And, when I saw RORY, all I could think of was RORY CALHOUN. Overall, just right for a Thursday.
HBTY Marti!!

pjmugs said...

Happy Birthday Marti, I hope you have a great day!

I had OREO before I had HOHO and DEE instead of CEE which made STEPNIECE a problem for awhile. I'm not sure I'm a fan of STEPNIECE but I suppose it's technically correct. I loved APIAN and AVIAN, clever.

I always do the puzzle in ink, mostly because I haven't been able to find a sharpened pencil in this house since the 80s. I'm used to it but it sure does make for one heck of a mess when I have to make a correction (or two, or five, or...).

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yellowrocks said...

-Happy birthday, Marti. I love your witty blogs and great puzzles. Lovely photo.
-Hand up for OREO and DEE. NIECE took me a while, as did CREATOR in the center of the middle theme, but I solved it in the usual Thursday time.
-I enjoyed the Sinatra samples two days in a row.
-In the gangs of the 50s a knife was called a SHIV. Speaking of the 50s do you remember the DA (duck's ass) haircuts and the cigarette pack rolled in the sleeve of a tee shirt?
-We awoke this morning to a beautiful world of feathery snow-whitened trees sparkling in the sun against an AZURE sky and evergreens iced with puffy snow. But, of course, the roads were cleared and the driveway plowed, so no problems, just the delightful scenery.
Happy Valentine's Day.

fermatprime said...

Hello all!

Happy valentine's Day!

Happy birthday, Marti! Cute photo!

Super Thursday puzzle, Dave E.! No problems, no nits. (Had not heard of this Rory but remember Calhoun and character from The Gilmore Girls.

Sparkling expo, as usual, Marti!


Anony Mouse said...

Spitzboov at 0903 Hrs. Regarding Jacob 'Jack' Lew, nominated to be Secretary of the US Treasury('s) signature, linked below.

Link Jacob Lew 's Autograph

Pres. Obama jokingly said, that if he had known about the problem of the signature beforehand, he might have rescinded the Lew appointment ! The President also added that Mr. Lew has agreed to 'try hard' to add at least one legible letter to his signature, when confirmed, so that his signatures do not 'debase' the US currency notes....

To be fair,

Timothy Geithner's ( ex-U.S. Treasury Secy - ) real, common-every-day, signature was also just as loopy, odd and illegible, and the signature of Mr. Giethner on the currency notes, is an 'adjusted' signature, (by him) ,so as to be legible, clear and understandable - but it is NOT his 'real' common-every-day signature.

Link Tim Geithner's signature

AND, Both Mr. Lew and Mr. Geithner are such brilliant, important, influential people, and so well known that their signatures don't matter anyway.

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh Bother!

Busy Thursday doing chores & no time for the puzzle. After last Thursday Anons "pompous ass" remark, I am determined to do todays puzzle in ink, which means i will probably be back around midnite begging for answers.

I just read last nites late comments, & needed a visual explanation of Bill G's rectangle puzzle. (4:56)

Unfortunately getting to last nites comments means sneaking thru todays write up with my hand covering my eyes so as not to spoil things, but i did notice after the grid that it is Martis birthday. Not wanting to wait till midnite, i ditched my chores as the "hunt was afoot!"

1st try Hmm, that will never do after LaLaLindas lovely cake yesterday...

2nd try Hmm,, not bad for HeartRx, but i was still looking for Marti...

3rd try Cute! (but maybe too cute)

My 4th attempt was going to be a cat playing happy birthday on a violin... That's when i realized...

Oh Bother! I have chores to do!
(see you around midnite...)


LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~ ~ Happy Valentine's Day!

I found this to be challenging, but very enjoyable. I got the first theme answer, 20A very quickly but the other two kept me guessing for quite a while. Finally getting RESILIENT crossing SEA SERPENT gave me the second one and then the P led to the third. Lots of help from perps and WAGS in a number of places.

~ 'Tree' before TREO really help up that section - I wasn't thinking of THAT palm.
~ I knew there was a 'Bayh' starting with B ~ EVAN was slow to emerge.
~ As others have said, STEP NIECE did not come to mind immediately.
~ On 54D - 'Late inning achievement' all I could come up with was 'walk off ' or 'no hitter' and then ... SAVE - so simple ~ I guess my baseball is a bit rusty! Soon...
~ Nice to see LOVER in the puzzle on this day.

A very Happy Birthday to you, Marti! C.C. used the perfect ADJECTIVEs to describe you. I hope you have wonderful day and a happy, healthy year!

Pinto said...

Here is some footage of either Mr. Geithner or Mr. Lew as a child. Can you tell who it is?


Sorry, trick question. It was actually Mr. Bernanke.

Hahtoolah said...

Anony Mouse: that is too funny about Funny Girl and Barbra being edited out of the Egyptian screening.

Anonymous said...

Is ola common usage for the Spanish hello? It should be hola, but no one ever corrects this. Just a thought.

prairie woman said...

Anon at 10:44: "hola" is Spanish for hello. They speak Portuguese in Brazil.

Avg Joe said...

Good morning all. And a very happy Birthday, Marti!!

I ran into numerous walls with this one. Started out easily enough, and even got the first theme fill. But shot myself in the foot by filling in TORus for 21D. Figuring out Niece fixed the U, but I never bother to think about that S. That left the whole N Carolina area blank. Filled the bottom in and went back. For 45A, I erased EGAD 3 times, as well as a few other wags that turned out right. Finally I got SVEN, and TEXT and eventually it all came together, but it weren't easy. Lot's to like and fun in retrospect, but it didn't pay well on an hourly rate.

Abejo said...

Hahtoolah. I am sure you are correct. I just assumed that they were married. My error.



Abejo said...

Happy Birthday, Marti. Many more to you.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the ladies.

i missed all this in my first post.



Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Marti !!! Wonderful write-up & links.

Dave: Thank you for a FUN Valentine's Day puzzle.

My "perps" got a work-out, but I finished, IN-INK, without any write-overs.

Hmmm, with TOOT and GUINNESS PRODUCT in the GRID, this had 2 out of 3 of my favorite things.


Misty said...

I got it! I got a Thursday puzzle! Hurray! And I not only got it, I even "got" it, that is, understood the theme. Probably because of that bit of juvenalia that came back when I saw TEA PO__: "I'm a little tea pot, short and STOUT". But it wasn't easy. I kept looking at the end of the second grid spanner and thinking "what *%@$ word ends in ORREX? Then, a break: having spent a lot of time in Ireland, I of course got GUINNESS, and Voila! So many thanks, Dave, for a great morning.

Marti, happy, happy birthday to you! The photo of you and your husband is utterly sweet!

My husband and I don't do gifts or flowers on Valentine's day, but we do exchange cards. Can't wait to get his--they are usually very funny and cute.

Have a great day, everybody!

jilldinCA said...

Crossing of 8 down - Leej - and teapot ad_ective got me today! Did not know Lee J and leej reminded me of wondering what sort of blood type could be One-G the other day! So I flunked the whole test for want of a J! Also wanted Oreo instead of HoHo.

Warm and sunny here today. We'll have Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. I have a pearl instead of a SOLITAIRE - given to me by my STEP-father almost 50 years ago.

Happy Birthday to Marti and thank for your usual excellent write up, and Happy Valentine's Day to all the rest - probably a lot of LOVERS out there.

bingco, ornilvve

Lucina said...

You are correct. "Hola" is Spanish and "ola" is Portuguese which is the language of Brazil.

If you have not seen "12 Angry Men" I strongly recommend it. LEE J. Cobb was a powerful actor with his gravely voice strong presence.


C.C. Burnikel said...

In China, the grading scale is from 0-100. Anything under 60 is Fail. Here is a good link.

You made me look at my college Academic Record. I lucked out by scoring poorly on these two:

1) History of Chinese Revolution: 79

2) Marxism-Leninism 64

Otherwise, I would have joined the Community Party in my junior year and would never come to the US.

C.C. Burnikel said...

One of the questions I was asked when I applied for my Green card and later on my citizenship is: "Have you ever been a member of, or in any way affiliated with, the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party?"

What if I was? Man!

Husker Gary said...

-I picked up the chocolate STRAWBERRIES and they were a BIG HIT!!
-CC, what an interesting link to Chinese grades. I saw the English alphabet letters on the left and US equivalent grades on the right. Do Chinese kids see an actual A, A-, B+ etc on their report cards.
-We are all so glad that your academics allowed you to come here. I don’t know how that happened as we all know you are brilliant in two cultures! How do you think your life would have turned out if you had remained in Xi’An?
-Pitchers who can throw fifteen 105 mph fastballs in the 8th and 9th inning to get SAVES can make big bucks. Nice work if you can get (do) it.
-Now the guys who pitch from the middle innings (called a middle reliever, duh!) until the SAVE guy comes in can get a statistical HOLD if he “holds” the lead.
-Here is the profile picture of the famous transcontinental runner who started on the rock-ribbed coast of Maine and wound up on the Santa Monica PIER
-Off to the Y!

Ol' Man Keith said...

The puzzle was somewhat "difficult," in the sense that it should have been tough--filled with neat but ambiguous clues and grid-wide phrases (unfamiliar at that!). But I found myself doing something that I thought was reserved for only seasoned puzzle-solvers. I don't think of myself as a veteran or particularly fast. But this puzzle went very smoothly and quickly from start to finish. I found I could grok the unusual words and unexpected answers simply because they could fit! I have rarely been able to do that, and never so often in one puzzle.
Hmm. Maybe this is a breakthrough for me. Could it be I am becoming (gulp) good at this?!
We'll see over the next few days....

HeartRx said...

Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day, too! CED, loved the cute clips - I did end up watching the fiddle-playing cat, too. I have no chores to do today, so I had plenty of time...

I just added a photo to the very bottom of my comments today. I sent it to DH for Valentine's day, and said "My heart's aflame for U!" (I know - dreaded "A" word!!)

PK said...

Marti, Happy Birthday and may all your best wishes materialize! (How could I have missed seeing C.C.'s note earlier? Well, it was way past bedtime. Sorry!)

My request for help was met by someone a couple of months ago, I thought it was Marti. At the top left side of my IMAX screen there were two little arrows to click to return to the former page or go back to the second page or link. The arrows have disappeared and I have to go back to the Google page and start over any time I view a link. Someone told me how to make the arrows reappear, but I've forgotten already. I'll write it down this time. Don't know why it disappears.

Really makes me uneager to start my next chore of replacing the black ink cartrage in my HP Inkjet. I did that once before and have forgotten how. I DO
have instructions for that if I can find them. I need to run out some tax forms and file before the end of the month. Groan!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Happy, Happy Birthday, Marti, and many, many more. Also, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on the Corner.

As for the puzzle today, it was a DNF. I was about 3/4 finished and what I had in was correct, but my sluggish brain was not helping me today at all.

I was out early this morning, and am just getting back to read the blog entries.

Have a great day everyone. I have to work on my income tax folders today. My favorite thing to do on a beautiful warm afternoon!

PK said...

C.C. We are so glad you "failed" Communism which is probably a sign of your superior intelligence. Their loss is our gain.

Interesting that the question of affiliation comes up on the green card application. Maybe that is one reason we have "illegal aliens". I wonder if they now have a question about being affiliated will Al Queda when someone applies for a visa? That seems a more dangerous affiliation today.

HeartRx said...

PK, to get the arrows back, just hover your mouse somewhere in the grey bar at the top of the page. Right click, and select "Customize Toolbar" from the drop down menu. Click on the "Back/Forward" arrow option. While holding down the (left) mouse button, just drag it onto the toolbar. Let me know if you need more details, though. Good luck!

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed Dave's puzzle but had a hard time once I got past the top part. Thanks to Dave and to Marti for the usual excellent job.

Happy birthday Marti! All the best wishes for you.

I enjoyed the Google doodle.

CED, clever of you to have found that visual explanation of the rectangle puzzle. A picture makes it all so much clearer.

Stan Getz reminded me that, years ago, I took tennis lessons from his son Nick. He taught me now to hit a good one-handed backhand. He later went to a different club to teach. I asked him about his new club. He smiled and said, "It's full of really old people, and their parents."

Spitzboov said...

PK @ 1345 - On Safari, go to View, then Customize Toolbar, and drag the back-forward buttons onto the toolbar.

Chickie said...

Yosemite was our honeymoon destination and we have gone back year after year. Both my husband and I were taken there many times while growing up. It is one of the most beautiful places in California.

We've hiked the back country--50 milers with our Girl Scout troop and with our children. There are places where one really feels at home and this is our place for sure.

Hondo, Thanks for the shout out anyway. LOL.

Mari, At our gym they have signs all over saying that the machines are for use of exercising only and the staff is pretty good about reminding people that just sitting at one of the machines is depriving someone of using that machine. I would be livid if someone was sitting at a machine and texting.

My captcha is xpoults. Are they now hens?

Jayce said...

Sometimes my thoughts wander to the question of "What if?" and how things might have turned out if I had dome something differently years ago. What if I had never hooked up with that guy to start our own business? I probably would be in some dead-end job. And maybe thousands of dollars richer due to not having had to spend it on lawsuits because he was a crook and milked the business to death. What if I had never met the woman who is my current wife? I'd probably be married to another woman but still have similar ups and downs with her that I have had already. What if I had studied harder and gotten better grades rather than ride motorcycles and chase girls when I was in school? Dunno, but I think I might have turned out to be a much less interesting and free-thinking person. And on and on. Daydreams can be fun.

Anonymous said...

Huh, captcha was meant for Tinbeni, I think:
Loos Bar

Jayce said...

Marti, best birthday wishes to you.

I always Ken and Lina Olin were brother and sister. Nope, not that, either.

Enjoyable puzzle today. Coolest fill was LEEJ.

Anonymous said...

Jayce, you are not alone in those thoughts. I reluctantly, had a palmist 'read' my palm, 45 years ago and I was flabbergasted at what would happen to me. (It all came out to be true). Like Forrest Gump, life is a box of chocolates, you just don't know what you will end up with. When Cassius says to Brutus,'The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves', it is not altogether true. Sometimes, perhaps, it is your daydreams that keep your sanity and peace of mind. Be grateful, it could have been worse. Carpe diem - Seize the day.

desper-otto said...

Husker, I'll bite. Forrest Gump? Would have answered earlier, but I was late finishing up the taxes. Had a really nice little ole lady who was certain she needed to itemize deductions. So we went through all her doctor bills, prescription receipts, medical miles, charitable contributions, student loan interest, property taxes, state sales tax, ad nauseum. She wound up with quite a large sum to deduct. But, at the end of the day, the standard deduction resulted in zero tax owed, so the whole thing was just an exercise in futility. D'oh!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Nope. No A, A- grading when I was in college. Only numeral grading. My other scores are not bad, by the way.

I don't think I'd have stayed in Xi'An. I just love Guangzhou and its nightlife so much.

Irish Miss said...

Hi everyone:

Late to the dance due to busy morning, impromptu lunch with my sister, Eileen, and then a trip to the grocery store.
That said, this was a toughie in some areas but finished w/o help, even though it took more time than usual.

Loved avian/apian crossing and teapot adjective. Nice job, Mr. Eckert and nifty expo Marti. And, dear Marti, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come. Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Ken Olin was in a recent episode of Criminal Minds and, for the life of me, I couldn't think of his name. He and his wife were in Brothers and Sisters; in fact, I think he was the producer.

On another TV note, it just dawned on me last night that the actor playing the role of Matthew Casey in Chicago Fire is the person who played the young doctor with the British accent in House. His stage name is Jesse Spencer and I thought he looked familiar, but without the accent and the white coat, I just didn't realize who he is until last night. I love Chicago Fire and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be renewed.

Happy Thursday.

Pookie said...

Happy birthday to you, Marti!!!!
I hope you have a FUN day!

Impressive puzzle, but I realize that I'm a DINOSAUR. (sigh)
Didn't know Palm product, don't know how to TEXT.
Hand up for Rory Calhoun.
"Be a clown" very familiar to me,
ditto Sen-Sen.
STRAWBERRY milkshakes at Woolworth's.
(checkya) kidding.
Lyric from Sweet Charity.
SEE???? I AM a dinosaur.
I even remember these....


chefbea said...

I usually do not do the LA times puzzle but when I heard that my friend Dave was the constructor... Great puzzle!!! I'll have to come here more often

Tinbeni said...

chefbea: Always glad to see you.

A "toast" to ALL at Sunset.
Cheers !!!

desper-otto said...

Hmmm. Just learned that it wasn't "bon dia" but "bom dia" that I was hearing in Brazil. And that was only twenty years ago....

Fermat, from last night: I don't have any comment about the Castle episode, but about ten years ago Nathan Fillian and Gina Torres starred together in Firefly. Fillian played the captain, and Torres played his kick-a$$ former military buddy. Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin were also part of that ensemble cast. It didn't surprise me when Gina showed up on Castle

Avg Joe said...

Jayce, You certainly are not alone in that mental mmm.......exercise. It plagues me often. However, each time when I think it through, I can't come up with any alternate scenario that would have resulted in meeting my wife of over 33 years. Regardless of outcomes that may or may have not been more desirable in other ways, lacking that key element, my life would have been far worse. Of that I'm convinced.

And of course your mentioning this caused a musical melange to bubble up in my sick mind. The first tuneagement to pop to the top was Taxi. But then I wondered how many are aware that Harry wrote a Sequel to that story. Not better, but it adds a modicum of closure to the tale.

And to further promote Mr Chapin's lesser known tunes that speak to the topic, I'd offer Mr Tanner.

"What if?" Certainly a poignant question.

HeartRx said...

chefbea, stop by more often! We're a friendly and diverse group. And as Anon @ 2:54 said, we are like a box of chocolates: "You never know what what you're gonna get." From mind-bending math puzzles, to household tips, movie trivia, memorable quotes, knee-slapping or heart-wrenching you-tube links, and little-known facts courtesy of all our regulars, there's something for everyone here at The Corner!

Billy the Helper said...

Not to mention that there used to be great DF chatter here, too.

Bill G. said...

Barbara suggested going out for lunch at the local Cuban restaurant for Valentine's Day. So, that is what we did. Ready for a little variety, I asked the waiter what I might like as well as their traditional roast pork. He suggested either shredded beef or ox tails. I tried the shredded beef with black beans, rice and fried plantains. Really good but not quite as good as the pork. Ox tails, next up.

The music is typically Cuban; like Ricky Ricardo's band used to play. A little raucous for my lunchtime taste.

Like Pas, I've never texted. Also, I used to love a coffee malt when I could get them at the local Foster's Freeze.

Marti, great sales pitch! Have you ever considered a career in advertising? Please don't!

PK said...

Thanks Marti & Spitz. I successfully got my little arrows back. Now have a note on my computer so I won't forget again. Probably won't happen again.

I also got my ink cartridge in although I couldn't remember where the instructions were. I wanted a pamphlet, then the icon on my computer and they are instead in the printer's little screen. DUH X 100! Don't use the printer enough to make these applications automatic. Now we'll see if I can remember how to print pictures.

Java Mama said...

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovely people here at the Corner! I just have a short break between work and school, so I’ll have to enjoy everyone’s comments later tonight. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Dave – you threw me a curve or two (One in a Lincoln Quartet?), but it was ultimately doable. Terrific write-up, as ever, Marti …. and speaking of the Birthday Girl – hope you are having a fabulous birthday!! I always look forward to your posts, your write-ups and of course your puzzles.

Time to do a little last-minute review – mid-term this evening. Can’t wait for the weekend.

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh well, DNF, thank goodness for the Crossword Corner!

Wees on all the mentioned inkblots, but my main hangup was trying to fit in "teapotappearance." I finally had to Google Cobb to get LeeJ, which gave me adjective. Tre"o" made no sense, & i never heard of roe deer which made 9d not get the better of incomprehensible. ( I had "line to???")

I corrected torus to toris which gave me another incomprehensible "wolfesreatorrex?"

Marti, a small, rather minor nit. Could you have gone with a slightly less annoying clip for 1A plane?

HeartRx said...

CED, I flew Southwest to Florida last week, but I wasn't treated to that rap safety drill...LOL!!!

Java Mama, what are you studying?

Yellowrocks said...

Avg. Joe @ 4:26 What a lovely valentine to your wife. Lucky lady and lucky you.

Chickie, we have many who sit on a machine at the Y and gab for more than 20 minutes. Afterward they do 2 more reps, then leave. Instead of suffering in silence I have learned to say politely, “Are you almost through?” and they politely finish up quickly.

I graduated Susquehanna U. where our grade point averages were based on a perfect score of 3.0 whereas in most colleges a perfect score was 4.0 On applying to grad school with a 2.87 average I felt insulted when they did me the favor of “waiving “my undergrad score in light of my fine showing on the Miller’s Analogies. They thought I had a C average. They didn’t change their written analysis when I pointed that out. They said, “You got in, didn’t you?” After all this time, it’s like we used to say: It all comes out in the wash.

Bill G. I'm glad you both enjoyed your lunch. I used to like black beans and rice and fried plantains. In Costa Rica we had that for lunch every single day, usually with chicken. It took me three years to begin to enjoy it again. Now I really like it.

Spitzboov said...

PK re: Manuals/Instructions. I have trouble remembering where printer manuals are, too. I have found that by simply Googling the make and model of your device, add the word 'manual' and typically the manual will come up in the search results usually in a pdf file that can be read with the free Adobe reader. Even did it on vacation once when the ice maker in the refrigerator in the condo we were renting wasn't working. Googled it (GE something or other) and voilà, the online manual saved the day. (Needed ice for our daily sunset ceremony)
Also works for my Nüvi navigator.

downtonabbey said...

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
happy birthday Marti!

I wanted indigo for the blue hue but it wouldn't fit. Had Ivan before SVEN.

I hope you all enjoy a nice evening.

Lalalinda, thanks for the well wishes.

TTP said...

CC @ 12:36

Thank you.

The Chinese scale is very much like the US System. I knew that not all countries were on a similar system, and just wondered what was done in China. That was a very interesting link you provided.

I looked at some of the European countries. In some, lower numbers appear to be better, but I've never understood how they get there.

Kazie ?

Well, it's really not that important. Was just curious.

TTP said...

Husker, this is for you, but I think others may enjoy it as well:

Physics Lesson

Java Mama said...

Marti @5:01 -- I'm picking back up the reins of a BA in Liberal Arts that I started 30+ years ago, one evening class at a time. I think of it as my hobby LOL. This term is an English class focused on the short story. Very enjoyable, but a boatload of reading.

Ree said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What a great day to have a birthday. An aunt in our family who was born on this day had the nickname "Cupie" for life! She was the one of the sweetest people I have ever met, full of love!
Thank you Bill G. for your help with adding a profile picture,I didn't add much to profile, took me over a year to post a comment! We will see if I followed the directions correctly... Thank you to all of you for the fun that kept drawing me back!

chefwen said...

Hi chefbea, fancy meeting you here, didn't I just see you at that "other" place?

Got hung up, as others did, with torus and dee before CEE so STEP NIECE was a looong time in coming. Kept wondering what STEPsuEdE was going to be.

My BIL sent me a pair of GUINNES extra stout pajama bottoms as a joke. They are a men's size large. I'm built pretty close to the ground and on the slight size. I just cinch that drawstring, roll them up about three times and I'm good to go. I actually have them on right now, it's getting close to sunset (cheers Tinbeni) and there is a little chill in the air.

Happy, Happy Birthday Marti. Love your comments, write-ups and your puzzles!

Avg Joe said...

Tin and DO, I can't help but laugh at the ad TurboTax is running this year with the "tax expert" now plumber on the job fixing a sink. A little below the belt perhaps, but hilarious.

And on the tax topic, PK, I'm pretty sure that farm income has gotten a reprieve til a later date this year due to the impasse on legislation at year end. You might want to check into that with your accountant. Purty sure it's April 15, but not sure.

PK said...

Spits: thanks for the info. I'll try that. I can't get my printer to print on order from my computer now. I just get blank pages. I think I've not pushed some button I need to. It printed out an internal directive. Sigh! Haven't printed anything in 6mos.

AvgJoe: I'm my own accountant, having had 50 years of experience. I like to send it in Feb and get it over with. They usually review it right away and correct my SS computations. That's the only part I have trouble with.

chefbea said...

@tinbini nice to see you again.

@chefwhen.. good to see you here too.

I'll try to stop by more often

Bill G. said...

I just saw Sofia Vergara on Ellen. Geez, a great body, very pretty face, witty, intelligent, funny, self-deprecating... What's not to like? I wonder if she enjoys crossword puzzles...

Ree, your avatar looks perfect.

Hahtoolah said...

Rees: I love your cats in your avatar. They look like mine except my tuxedo cat is grey and white.

Husker Gary said...

What a fun video TTP! That prof really "took one for the team!"

Blue Iris said...

Happy Birthday, Marti! Happy Valentine's Day to Marti and all my friends!

Pas de Chat, Noticed at bottom of one antique valentines it said made in USA. I'm assuming that would be rare nowadays.

Also did you notice or remember when the jurors pulled out knives in "12 Angry Men" compared to today. They confiscated my husband's tiny key chain pocket knife when we were being admitted into the circus.

pjmugs, loved the doggie avatar. He is so black that you can't see his facial features at first. Very cute!

Three learning moments. Never heard of ROE deer. Thought "crpto" must have something to do with Egyptian pyramids...brain got stuck there. Had to go to Marti's write-up to understand palm TREO.

My son would HONK at something that was mildly irritating. Finally, I ask him "how does it make you feel when someone honks at you?" He's more prudent now.
HG, good point concerning horn and road rage.

There is nothing better than a chocolate milkshake. Boring, but oh so good.

We don't usually do anything special for Valentine's Day. I don't feel any less loved after nearly 37 years with my best friend.

Jayce, you commenting on the "ifs" in life reminded me of our desire to live somewhere more scenic than Kansas. Now I finally accept that the Lord knows best. We are in the middle of the states and can adventure in either direction. Also now that I have trouble with stairs, our ranch house makes more sense than the Victorians I've always admired.

Montana said...

PK--just sharing this info with you that was dated Jan. 18, 2013 after reading what Ave. Joe said.

The IRS announced today in Issue Number IR-2013-7 today that due to the extended processing time for many tax forms including form 4562 (Depreciation), that the deadline for any farmer and fisherman has been extended April 15, 2013 from March 1, 2013.

To take advantage of the extended due date, the farmer will file out form 2210-F (which they normally already due when filing on March 1) and check the waiver box and attach it to the tax return. Nothing else will be required.

This is from the site.


AnnieB8491 said...

PK - Saw you are having trouble with your printer. This may be stupid - but it could be your ink or nozzles. If you don't use it - the ink dries up. Try putting in new ink Or the nozzles could be clogged. Try cleaning the heads (in utility). I had same problem once after my printer sat for quite a while. Ended up throwing it away - wasn't worth having it fixed. When I'm not going to use it, I put ink cartridges in a plastic bag. It's worked so far. Of course, if you've already checked the above, it could be a button you're not pushing. lol

Good luck.

Montana said...

Just a comment about the Physics Lesson. I don't know how recent the video was made, but I noticed how few females were in the class. I was one of two girls who took physics in my high school (600 total students) and the only female in my small teacher college, physics class. That is probably why I notice such things.
(I am certified to teach physics, but our school had a fellow with a master's in physics, so he taught it and I taught chemistry.)
I found the same to be true (a lack of females) in higher level college math classes, even in the mid-90s when I returned to university to earn certification in math.

I was fortunate to teach in a high school with 2 male, 2 female science teachers, and 2 male and 2 female math teachers. We hoped we gave the females an unspoken notion that females could succeed in those fields.

Enough orating!


Anonymous said...

TTP very nice video on the power of a vacuum. Really interesting. I had seen an old pictograph of a 4 feet diam. symmetrical dumbbell where a vacuum had been created and 6 horses on either side couldn't pull it apart.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Wicked late to the dance today, a very busy day.

Though it's nearly Friday, I'd like to wish Happy Birthday to my fun and witty state-mate Marti!

Cheers all

Bill G. said...

Montana, good point. I wonder if it's because of societal influences or something genetic. Girl children often prefer dolls and boys prefer trucks. What does that mean? Nothing probably...

A four foot diameter circle contains about 1800 square inches. At 15 lbs. per square inch, that's about 27,000 pounds. That would take a lot of horses.

Another interesting point regarding physics; six horses on either side is no better than six horses on just one side where the other side is attached to a big tree!

Blue Iris said...


When I graduated from nursing school, we had 66 graduates. The 5 males were given administrative jobs immediately.
My daughter has her degree in Chemistry and is about a year away from getting a double PhD in Phar/Tox. So far I've met more females in MSU graduate program. I have wondered if there has been a change in male to female ratio. She has no interest in teaching presently. She is hoping to do research as a civilian for the military.

JD said...

Good evening, and before I read (hopefully)the 98 blogs of-the-day, HBTY Marti ♪♩♬♫•*¨*•.❤.•*¨*•♫♪•.¸¸.•´♫♪♩♬*¨*`•.♥.•´*♫♪♩♬ . Hope it was special, like that candle.

Hugs to all on Valentine's Day.

... about the CW..maybe it is a good thing I have not read your comments. EGADS! It all made sense at the end, but I NEVER would have guessed seaserpent, wolf creator rex,or teapot adjective EVER! Such a creative mind!

Evan? really? I know, it's true. I confidently put in the B and hoped it would fill. Pre med came along and ruined that!

How about flabbergast for daze? I know it must be in the dictionary, but not my head...nor was toric.

Yes, I am really working on my Thursday skills.

We usually have Lena Olin, not Ken who I remember from 30 Something years ago when my girls thought it was the hottest show ever.He married his co-star, and then later directed Alias, which Lena was in... no relation.