Feb 20, 2013

Eric Williams, Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

theme: woody's winners

15d. With 16-Across, 1986 film in which Dianne Wiest says, "But you have to remember, while you read and you're cursing my name, that this is my first script." : HANNAH AND

16a. See 15-Down : HER SISTERS. it was during the filming of this movie that the mia/woody/soon-yi scandal broke. much of the movie was filmed in mia farrow's new york apartment, and some of her children appear as extras. she writes about it in her book 'what falls away.' 
37a. 2011 film in which Owen Wilson says, "Wonderful but forgettable. That sounds like a picture I've seen. I probably wrote it." : MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. brilliant movie, imho.

26d. 1977 film in which 59-Across says, "Awards! They do nothing but give out awards!" : ANNIE HALL

59a. Winner of screenwriting Oscars for the three quoted films : WOODY ALLEN

melissa here.

c.c's puzzle yesterday's was more of a struggle for me than today's - maybe because i got today's theme quickly. the rest almost filled itself in.

had to have taken some serious effort to work all those titles into a puzzle. the grid-spanning midnight in paris is right in the middle, with two theme answers crossing it. beautiful. for those of you taking notes about cheater squares, there are two in today's puzzle. to the left of the M in 10a, and to the right of the T in 64a.

allen has received four oscars, two for annie hall (best director, best original screenplay), one for hannah and her sisters, and one for midnight in paris. 

i don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it by not dying - woody allen.

bonus, non-theme answer:

11d. 1998 animated film released the month before "A Bug's Life" : ANTZ


1. When Romeo meets Juliet : ACT I

5. Crummy : LOUSY

10. His mausoleum is in Tiananmen Square : MAO

13. Close-Up, e.g. : TOOTHPASTE

15. Posterior : HIND

17. Pro foe : ANTI

18. Ready to pour : ON TAP

19. Paint as wicked : DEMONIZE

21. Peoria-to-Decatur dir. : SSE

22. TD's six : PTS

25. Question eliciting "Let's!" : WANNA?

26. Vital vessel : AORTA

28. Tidy up : NEATEN

31. Stratford's river : AVON

34. Holm and McKellen : IANS

36. "Star Trek" role : UHURA

40. No __ sight : END IN

41. Letterman rival : LENO

42. "99 Luftballons" singer : NENA. had to look this one up. german protest song, translated 99 air balloons. nena is the name of a german pop-rock band.

43. Thaw once more : REMELT

45. Give a good talking-to : SCOLD

47. In the lead : AHEAD

49. U2 producer or, backwards, U2 hit : ENO

50. Aswan landmark : DAM. on the nile.

53. Gift of a sort : DONATION

56. Simoleons : MOOLA

58. Justin Bieber or the golden calf : IDOL. snort. i admit i've never heard a bieber tune.

62. Stax Records genre : SOUL

63. "Titus __": 16th-century play : ANDRONICUS

64. Pre-LCD screen : CRT

65. Makes a home : NESTS. yesterday we had nestled.

66. Time in ads : NITE


1. Oldest musketeer : ATHOS

2. Directing brothers : COENS. welcome back.

3. Rich cake : TORTE

4. "__ small world" : IT'S A

5. 12-in. albums : LP'S

6. Cereal grain : OAT

7. Previously owned : USED

8. Scatter, like petals : STREW

9. Sycophant : YES MAN

10. Lionel train, say : MINIATURE

anyone know, without googling, what these lyrics are from?

and when you put her to use,
observe, when you put her to use
that you don't find the name lionel 
on her caboose

12. Jim Davis dog : ODIE. big tongued dog. where is dennis, anyway?

14. "Fantasia" tutu wearer : HIPPO

20. Outmaneuver : ONE UP

23. Calc prereq : TRIG

24. Lesley of "60 Minutes" : STAHL

27. Starts the pot : ANTES

29. Consumer advocate Brockovich : ERIN

30. Mercury Seven org. : NASA

31. From the U.S. : AMER

32. Hollywood crosser : VINE. los angeles streets.

33. Fifth wheel : ODD MAN OUT. aka third wheel.

35. From then on : SINCE

38. Fjord, for one : INLET

39. High time? : NOON

44. Formosa, now : TAIWAN

46. Willy, Biff or Happy of drama : LOMAN. death of a salesman.

48. Blackmore heroine : DOONE

50. Sweets, in Naples : DOLCI. italian confectionary.

51. Native Alaskan : ALEUT

52. Minister's house : MANSE. a house inhabited by a minister. i've lived in one or two.

53. Oft-burned object : DISC. homemade cd.

54. Stench : ODOR

55. Approves quietly : NODS

57. Lena of "Chocolat" : OLIN

60. Seuss's "The 5000 Fingers of __" : DR. T. t for terwilliger. bizarre movie.

61. Rocky hellos : YOS. yo adrian!


Notes from C.C.:

1) Here is a picture of Melissa's beautiful daughter working a recent San Jose Shark's game. Melissa said "A friend of her snapped a pic when he saw her face on TV. It looks like he's in the stairwell behind her, but it's his reflection on the TV."

2) Our California Coven (JD, Chickie & Garlic) meet monthly for coffee. Yesterday, Jill joined them. Great to "See" you, Jill! Below are 2 beautiful pictures.

JD said "While we dined, unbeknownst to us,  snow was falling in the beautiful foothills close by... a rare event in our valley. We drove to a local market to buy some excellent olive oil, recommended by Garlic Gal."

L to R: JD, Garlic Gal, Chickie & Jill

L to R: Jill, Garlic Gal, Chickie and JD

3) Happy 68th Birthday to dear Argyle, our sweet Santa, who has tirelessly guided us through 366 puzzles. Argyle is the first person I go to whenever I'm in trouble on or off the blog. He's always there and always provides me with prompt and solid feedback and advice.

15-Year Old, Freshman. 1960 Class of '63.

I wish I could make you this birthday Seafood Udon!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a very Happy Birthday, Argyle)!

I'm not a big fan of Woody Allen movies, but at least I've heard of the theme answers (well, except for MIDNIGHT IN PARIS which somehow eluded my cultural awareness despite being so recent). The cluing for each theme answer was utterly impossible for me to get, but the perps came to the rescue in each case.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I'm not well acquainted with Woody Allen's work, but just the same I breezed right through today's puzz. WBS.

Morning MB, thanks for the work! A very happy birthday to Argyle, one of the irreplaceable pillars of the Corner.

Today is BOOM Day, in which we turn recalcitrant rock into removable rubble. Bwahahaha!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Once again, failure to read the clue completely almost did me in. I tried desperately to remember any movie titled HANNA HA_D. D'oh! HER SISTERS sounded like a movie that I might have missed. I admit that I haven't seen any of the theme answers. I was never a big fan of Woody's angst.

HBD, Argyle, from a fellow class-of-63'er.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, MelissaBee and friends. This was an easy Wednesday puzzle. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS was a really fun movie.

Fun seeing both ANTI and ANTE in the same puzzle.

We recently had a conversation about the OLINs who make frequent appearances in the puzzles.

Happy Birthday, Santa. I hope you have a fabulous day.

QOD: Not everybody trusts paintings, but people believe photographs. ~ Ansel Adams (Feb. 20, 1902 ~ April 22, 1984)


thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

Due to carelessness on my part a DNF today. I left the H out of UHURA and the N out of NENA. Everything else was A OK. A reminder to check my work in the future.

Count me in as not a big Woody Allen fan. I never rushed to see 5000 Fingers,,,. ANTZ, & TITUS ANDRONICUS either. Not a total shutout though, I liked CHOCOLAT.

Just not a memorable puzzle today. A lot of the cluing was too far onto the dark side for my liking.

Happy birthday Argyle. Seems like a lot of us had moms who were June brides! Nice to see the Dads got right down to business,


Hahtoolah said...


If you haven't seen the last episode of Downton Abbey, don't open this Cartoon.

desper-otto said...

From yesterday....

Bill G, I don't think we made it to Seven Corners. We were further south, down US-1 very near to George and Martha's place. Oh, and that was a great cheer.

YR, enjoyed that article on the conTROVersy of language.

AvgJoe, laughed out loud at the a$$hole who is your employer. What's the old adage? Know Thyself?

Pas de Chat, those dueling cats were cute.

Manac, good looking meth lab.

Lemonade714 said...

VHBDTY Argyle and many more.

I am really surprised after all the discussion and links to Midnight in Paris in last few months it is still unfamiliar.

The puzzle seemed a bit disjointed and NENA was a complete unknown, but it is great to see the growing coven and mini mb. Thanks.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Happy Cherry Pie Day ! Happy Birthday Argyle and Cindy Crawford !

Thank you Eric Williams, and thank you Melissa. I also feel like I sailed through this one, compared to yesterday's, where I slowed in the south. 10D, no, not familiar. What is you daughter doing ?

I can't believe it's been 30 years since this song came out and ascended (get it ?) to the top. It was popular all over. Neun und Neunzig Luftballons

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS was easy. I've seen parts of it on STARZ 4 or 5 times now, but still not end to end.

I couldn't remember my 16th century plays. I don't know that I've ever been to one. I had ANDRO-I-US as my last two characters to fill, and wagged the N for LOMAN down, and should have got the C in DOLCI but threw in an O. Changed to the C and got the TA DA !

Look at you lovely ladies all smiling and happy !

Happy Birthday Argyle ! Here's Cindy 20 years ago in that classic commercial Link Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial. Dolce ! She is from nearby DeKalb.


HeartRx said...

Good morning melissa, C.C. et al.

MEH, WEES about Woody Allen. I did breeze through the puzzle, but it left me flat with all the cross-references and obscure (to me) quotes.

But it was wonderful to see our beautiful California Coven ladies! Thanks for posting, C.C.

AND, a very happy birthday to dear Argyle, our pillar of strength and erudition!

Avg Joe said...

Hope you have an incredible day, Argyle! I really appreciate all you do here.

I enjoyed this puzzle. There was enough to make you think, but no major pitfalls. I'm not a big Woody Allen fan either, as I'm pretty sure all I've seen are Annie Hall, Sleeper and Midnight in Paris. But I did enjoy those movies and could really appreciate Owen Wilson channeling Woody in the latter. At any rate, the theme answers filled about halfway with perps, and became obvious, so when the time came the unifier was easy. It's got a good beat and you can dance to it. I'd give it a B+.

Mari said...

Count me among those who won't be joining the Woody Allen Fan Club anytime soon. I don't think I've ever watched one of his movies. Luckily, I have heard of them, so I was able to finish this puzzle.

I was thinking of the Wachowski brothers at 2D - although I couldn't remember their name. I thought, "Isn't one of the COEN brothers now a COEN sister?" Oops. Wrong brothers.

I like seeing long words such as DONATION, DEMONIZE, MINIATURE and TOOTHPASTE in a puzzle.

Happy Birthday to Argyle! Supper CWP blog commentator!

I'm glad you California Coven gals get together. Sounds like fun.

Off to work (ick!), where I struggling to not give in to the donuts somebody has laid out in the conference room.

Tinbeni said...

Melissa: Nice write-up and daughter pic.
Glad to hear/see "The Coven" had a great time.

Eric: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle. I enjoyed the WOODY quotes themes.

Needed all the "perps" to get NENA, DOLCI and DR-T. Otherwise a speed run today.

Happy Birthday Argyle. The first Sunset "toast" is to you.
Cheers !!!

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Argyle.

WEES. Like Dudley, I'm not a WA fan, but I did appreciate the theme. Add'l 10 letter acrosses: TOOTH PASTE and ANDRONICUS made this a delightful puzzle IMO. Couldn't remember right away that Davis did "Garfield" but eventually it sank in and confirmed ODIE @ 10d. No searches were needed.

STAHL. - means 'steel' in German.

Enjoy your hump day.

Sfingi said...

Where's my favorite, Sleeper?

More interesting arrangement in the grid, today.

Anonymous said...


klilly said...

It always is interesting the differences in what our group find easy and hard. I did this puzzle in Monday time. I do like woody Allen. Hannah and her sisters was a great movie. I have not seen it in a while.

Happy birthday.


Happy day

Yellowrocks said...

This puzzle was a romp. When these three movies came out they were extensively hyped so I knew them all. The, to me, obscure quotes were not needed. I saw Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters. They were okay but "nothing to write home about."
-NENA was all perps.
-I thought I knew all of Dr Seuss's oeuvre, but hadn't known of Dr. T. I suppose I am into books so much more than films.
- We've had Titus Andronicus in other puzzles. It is one of Shakespeare's works.
-Dudley @ 6:00. When the school where i taught built an addition within 12 feet of my second grade classroom window they brought in a huge rock breaking machine (maybe a pile driver?) which pounded all day for weeks. The noise and vibration were horrible. I used the distraction as a learning experience. Every day we would observe and talk about the construction and use it to develop concepts...
-Happy birthday, Argyle. Thank you for all your hard work and problem solving here. I love your blogs.
-Thanks, gals, for the Coven pics.

creature said...

Happy Birthday, Argyle!
I've been sidetracked for so long& have been trying to play catch up with blog. Happy Birthday to so many that I have missed. Just happened in today & simply couldn't pass up dear Argyle's . I had planned on going back and making a birthday list.
I love you all. Please forgive me.
Have a wonderful day, everyone

Anonymous said...

So you've lived in a manse or two, and you use Google ...

It's nice when the world makes sense.

61Rampy said...

WEES. Annie Hall was the first Woody Allen movie that I didnt like, and the rest of his movies went downhill from there. Sleeper was my fave. Puzzle was typical Wednesday, not too easy, but not too hard either. Lots of unknowns, but several CW staples too. No lookups, only 3 writeovers.


Anony Mouse said...

Thank you Eric`Williams for a nice and wonderful puzzle. Really enjoyed it, despite not being very familiar with Woody Allen. I have probably seen many of his movies - now, probably should watch them again, with heightened interest.

Thank you melissa bee for your comments.

Happy Birthday, Argyle, our most gracious commentator. Somehow I think of you as Walter Cronkite. Have a great day, and don't do anything I wouldn't do .... Hope you get a sip of the finest malt in all of bonnie Scotland.

'Oft-burned object' ? I confidently put in 'flag'. (must stop thinking so politically - ). In certain countries, sewing 'burnable' foreign flags is a growth industry.

Didn't Woody Allen also make a hilarious movie about 'sex' ?

My wife put on Downton Abbey, by mistake, while surfing PBS offerings, and I watched it for a while. Alas, we are too late. Now I need, not only close captions, but also a screenplay tome with cross-references, and an encyclopedia.

Have a good day, you guys, and best wishes.

Montana said...

I guess it is okay to say the only movie I've seen from this puzzle is "Fantasia." I bounced around the puzzle a little bit, but solved it fairly quickly. Love that on a Wednesday.

Happy, happy birthday, Argyle! You are a big part of why this corner is so special.

Nice pictures. Thanks, CC for posting them.

Road report yesterday was entirely wrong. Dry, bare highway all the way. Set the Cruise at 70 mph and made my drive in a little over 3 hours. Tomorrow night I'll sleep in CA!

Stay safe, all of you in the path of winter storms,


Lucina said...

Hello, Peeps. Thanks, Melissa, for your astute observations. Your daughter is lovely.

Happy birthday, Argyle, our stalwart anchor man. You deserve a fabulous celebration.

California Coven, you all look wonderful. Thank you for the photo.

Well. Today I abandoned the pen and with a newly sharpened pencil was all set to attack today's puzzle but it turned out to be a speed run.

I'm sure it's the minority but like klily, I like WOODY ALLEN's work which is ingenious. And like many a genius before him, he is flawed, yet can produce exceptional movies.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is but the latest in a long list of his successes and he voiced one of the characters in ANTZ.

DOLCI got me as I had DOLCE and didn't bother to check. Bad form.

I really liked this puzzle and congratulate Eric Williams.

Have a delightful Wednesday, everyone! Rain again today. Hooray!
withdrew (a real word, can you believe it?)

Anonymous said...

I did not understand the answer to the 66A - Time in ads. - 'NITE'.

Is the Time, the magazine ?

Why ads ?

Husker Gary said...

I didn’t know AND_ONICUS or D_T and couldn’t bring myself to put a consonant in there although ANDRONICUS seemed right (at least it wasn’t MR. T). A fun puzzle as we wait for the snow. My neighbor’s snowblower is probably still broken and so I’ll wear my Good Samaritan hat.

-Woody’s rationalization for marrying adopted daughter – “The heart wants what the heart wants”. Is that the best ‘ya got, Woody? Really?
-Woody’s frenetic onscreen persona is always full of wit but can wear on you
-CC’s occasional reflections on MAO and Chinese upbringing are always interesting to me
-Teetotaler wife Joann often asks me, “What’s ON TAP for you today?”
-NO END IN SIGHT? Maybe the two snows coming will help terminate this drought.
-Judge Judy rules afternoon TV and many of her cases try to discern what someone (usually a young girl) thinks was a loan and what someone (usually a young man) thinks was a DONATION.
-We teachers here are familiar with other CRT’s rather than just the TV screens, aren’t we?
-I see the robin’s NEST straight ahead out my sunroom window. The occupato sign will soon be up.
-LP’s are now used by DJ’s to Beat Match
-STREW seems to be my granddaughter’s decorating scheme
-ONE-UPsmanship is a big part of the interactions written for Niles and Frasier
-NASA’s Mercruy 7 were national heros in 1959
-Death of a Salesman is a favorite play and Lorna DOONE a favorite cookie.
-What famous NOON movie had a Frankie Laine theme song?
-What wonderful pix of the Coven and our birthday boy Argyle! Best wishes to all!

Husker Gary said...

*A subtle and somewhat obscure DA spoiler alert!
-Hahtoolah, I loved the DA cartoon! I took some comfort in Lucina’s directing me to the site where I found out why Julian Fellowes had to use those two plot twists. I wonder if those actors have heard of Wayne Robertson, McLean Stevenson, Larry Linville and Gary Burghoff?

desper-otto said...

Husker, I think you're thinking of High Noon. Frankie Laine did record it, but Tex Ritter sang it in the movie.

Husker Gary said...

Thanks Otto. Once again!

Misty said...

Well, gee, I'm glad I'm not the only Woody Allen fan on the blog. But I sure didn't find this a speed run, and actually felt pretty grumpy until I got the WOODY ALLEN reveal near the bottom. Only then did all those movie clues fall into place for me, and the puzzle become great fun. The clues were all so perfectly matched in the end. So many thanks, Eric, and you too, Melissa, for all those great pics!

Loved the photos of the California Coven. If I lived a bit further up north I'd be tempted to ask to join you. But I'm way down south.

Never heard of NENA.

Happy Birthday, Argyle! Are those argyle socks you're wearing? And how did you become Santa?

Lucina, what are Peeps? I keep seeing the expression on Facebook, but can't figure out where it comes from.

Anyway, a fun way to start a Wednesday. Have a great one, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

DNF, but came close. I do not know many movie names, especially those of WOODYALLEN.

Hope your birthday is a great one, Argyle. The argyle socks in your class of '63 is evocative.
The pictures of the California Coven were fun to see. Good looking ladies.
And Melissa bee, thanks for the informative and entertaining write up. Your daughter is, as has been noted here, beautiful. As are you.


Yellowrocks said...

ANON @ 9:48 "Time in ads" is short for "a time of day in ads" = NITE.

ANON @ 8:50 Yes? Yes to what? Since we have interweaving threads and talk of multiple items at the same time, you need to ID your thread by naming the poster and the time.

I lived in parsonages until I left for college. To me, from reading medieval novels, MANSE was an old time residence like a manor house. I realize that these days its usage as a clegyman's residence is much more common, but my mind always reverts to my earliest impression first.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Eric Williams, for a swell Wednesday puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a swell write-up.

First: Happy Birthday, Argyle. Many happy returns.

Second: Enjoyed the California Coven photos. I used to work in your neck of the woods, Gilroy, CA. I do like garlic.

Third: Good photo of Melissa's daughter. San Jose Sharks are what sport?

Got started easily in the NE. Rolled my sleeves up this time.

Got WOODY ALLEN after I had a few letters. Have not seen any of those movies. That kind of stymied me for a while. Used a lot of perps.

Had SSW for a while for 21A. I even live in Illinois and have been to both cities many times, and missed the answer. Fixed it with TORTE.

Missed ANDRONICUS. Had ANDROMIDUS. That is the problem with doing the puzzle in the newspaper.
You never really know if you got it 100 %. The IPad does tell you with Cruciverb. Oh well. I still like the paper better.

TAIWAN was easy. Been there. Went to a Masonic Lodge meeting and a Royal Arch Chapter meeting while there. Many years ago.

It is still cold here in the Chicago area. Supposed to get snow tomorrow, I heard.

See you tomorrow.



Jayce said...

Hello everybody. What Barry G said about Woody Allen movies.

Every time I hear or see MOOLA(h) I think of guess who.

Was it going to be REheat, Rewarm, or REMELT? Yup, one 'o those.

"Shall we?" "Let's!"

I liked the clues for AVON and NOON.

Happy birthday, Argyle!

Jayce said...

Melissa, those lyrics sound like something Cole Porter would write. If you hadn't said they were lyrics, I would have thought Dorothy Parker wrote them.

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

I liked the theme very much but thought the cluing a little blah. Overall, though, it was a fun puzzle, so thank you, Eric, and thank you, Melissa B for your fine expo. Loved Midnight in Paris.

A very Happy Birthday to Argyle, our stalwart 'splainer of all things mysterious and "puzzling"; have a great day. A question for our California Coven: how close are the four of you, geographically? Lovely pictures of the
Coven, Argyle, and Melissa's daughter.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Snorkley said...

Seemed more like a Monday puzzle, but maybe 'cause I LOVE Woody's work. (If not his ethics, but, hey, it's the longest relationship he's ever had. Go figure). It was quite a bit easier than the last two. (Is that gun? Gub?
) from Take the money & run. Still funny after all these years.

Lucina said...

Peeps, according to the Urban Dictionary, is short for people. So, hello, people.

On paper if the perps and crosses don't agree, then you know there is a problem. For example, today if you had LOMAN, YOS, NODS and the other downs you would have ANDRONICUS.

thehondohurricane said...

Dang! I always thought Frankie Laine was the recording artist for the in the movie, High Noon.

Allan Stewart konigSberg said...

I was dating this woman who had recently adopted a 7 or 8 year old girl. I believe the the child was 10 when I first met her.

So anyway, this woman and I had a ten year relationship that included us producing a son together. I lived seperate from this family because I enjoyed the company of many other young women and couldn't be bothered with the day to day requirements of fatherhood.

That is until the adopted daughter of my son's mother became attractive to me. So, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

melissa bee said...

good morning all,

happy birthday santa! what a rock you are for the corner.

love the coven pics, what market was that?

jayce, you are on the right track. those are lyrics from the showtune a secretary is not a toy, from the musical how to succeed in business without really trying - music and lyrics by frank loesser.

i think there are few (if any) artists or geniuses without a dark side.

anon 9:23, i'm not sure what about that makes sense.

you can pick all the flowers, but you can't stop the spring - pablo neruda

Argyle said...

Thank you one and all for the birthday wishes.

For TTP, no Cherry Pie Day for me but I did get to VT package store and bought some 99-BLACKCHERRY SCHNAPPS.

For Misty, I'll look up where Santa came from...after my nap. Us old folks needs our rest.

Husker Gary said...

-The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Nah, it’s just Jim Cantore coming to Omaha (you either understand that or you don’t). He was in Lincoln last April for a storm that didn’t turn out to be much and so maybe he will mitigate the 12+” of snow we are supposed to get.
-I have been teaching school where we were not let out with a huge snow forecast and kept kids until lunch was served with chaos ensuing. I was also working at that school when school was called off in anticipation of a huge snow event that turned out to be a lovely, sunny, late winter’s day.
-Our school of 5,000 kids WILL make up any lost days even though they have not had any yet but all the other Class A schools around here said they have plenty of “built in” days and will not have to make them up.
-School events are being hurriedly rescheduled except, as of noon today, for the State High School Swimming Championships. I hope the “peeps” making that decision have a lot of liability insurance.
-The front that is to bring all our snow is now camped out over Lucina, Rampy, Fred and Thelma in AZ. as of now.

Awol said...

This one seems tricky for the constructor; for the solver, not so much.
Not much of a challenge for a Thursday.
I did appreciate "oft-burned object".

Hahtoolah (6:20) : Don't think the younger generation "trusts" photographs the way they did in Ansel's day. Nor should they.

Great to put faces to the women of the CaCove.
Melissa's daughter looks as if she loves her work.
Garlic Gal, what olive oil were you "pressing"?

Happy Birthday, Argyle. Love your input.
Since you are compared with good ole Walter:

"America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” ― Walter Cronkite

And because you are also called Santa: "and to all a good night".


Anonymous said...

Photographs have never been more truer since photo shopping came along.


61Rampy said...

Anony-Mouse: Woody Allen made the movie "Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex- But Were Afraid To Ask"
I think it is one of his funniest!


Dudley said...

Puzzlers, let me tell you that blasting is FUN. After all, who among us hasn't wanted to blow up stuff?



Tinbeni said...

Husker @10:08
Who is Wayne Robertson?
SINCE (see how I USED [again] an answer from today's puzzle [twice]?) the other actors you mentioned left the TV show M*A*S*H I think you meant Wayne Rogers.

In his three years on the show, he NEVER had a contract, and that's why he left.
He wanted one, the Producer's hedged on their promises.
So he said: "See ya!" And made millions in Real Estate (when he wasn't acting elsewhere).

Abejo @11:28
San Jose Sharks are what sport? Hockey/NHL.

CrossEyedDave said...

SE corner was the last to be filled in, my daughter helped with "andronicus," & changing dolce to dolci helped with "nite" & that Chocolat actress. WMS (what Montana said) Fantasia is the only movie in this CW that i have seen. Actually, the only Woody Allen movie i have seen is The Owl & The Pussycat.

Woody Allen has many funny quotes. One quote i was trying to track down was: "I know God has a sense of humor, because wiping my butt makes my nose itch!" I can just see him saying that, but i cannot find any record that "he" actually said it.

Woody Allen Quotes

Argyle, your post at 12:23 reminded me of this Happy Birthday Santa Clip. Enjoy your nap! & enjoy these new argyle socks on your birthday!

Lemonade714 said...

Mari and others:

I am curious why you would have a negative opinion of Woody Allen Movies, if you have never seen any of them? He has made many funny movies and has been working for 50 years so he must do some things well. Sleeper and Bananas are wonderfully silly fun, and the rest are interesting views of life.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Technically impressive puzzle. Lots of lengthy fill. I started off with OCT I / OTHOS. Could be, couldn't it?

Big HBD to the Rock of Argyle.

Here's that HIPPO dance. Possibly the worst piece of classical musical ever written. Actually played it one time. All I could think of was "Hello mudda, hello fadda."

You have to parse the title of that 16th century play correctly to realize that one of the eponyms was my early Roman namesake. It's TITUS AND RONICUS.

WOODY ALLEN -- MEH! He's a clarinet player.

Just kidding. Two of my grandchildren play clarinet.

Here's a great piece of music you've never heard by a great American composer you've never heard of, that I'll have the honor of performing next Friday.

Cool regards!

Jerome said...

Melissa- So glad you pointed out the theme crossings. Eric must have been thrilled to find this possible. Often it's just impossible to make your themers do this.

Black squares at the front or end of theme entries aren't considered cheaters. In today's puzzle those squares have to be there. They weren't added to make the grid easier to fill, which is what real cheaters do.

willow said...

Good morning, all! Fun puzzle, & I agree with MB, Hahtoolah & many others, M.I.P. was a fun movie. Thanks for the cartoon, Hahtoolah. H,hbd, Argyle!

JD said...

Good morning Melissa, C.C. and all,

Have had no time to read the blog yet, But LOVED today's offering. I had no problems until I stalled in the SE corner..too many unknowns.Not knowing that simoleons was moola,and Andronicus was not in my wheelhouse either, so it took forever to fill 50,51 and 52!..still a few little holes sadly sitting there.

The happiest of birthdays to you, Argyle. We all love you... but then you know that. Thanks for helping me get better each week.

Melissa, did you have snow in your area? I just went out to take photos of the beautiful hills draped in white, and being so green, it is a lovely contrast. Too bad I hadn't noticed earlier.

As usual, Garlic Gal directed us to a darling restaurant in Morgan Hill, a charming downtown. You all would love Jill. She is a great addition to our group, and it is amazing that many of us know the same people.

Today I have no voice. I guess the rain and being chatty caught up to the throat thing that has been sitting there for a few days. DH loves it. Cameron(2 1/2) asked if I was HOT; DH said I was, not knowing that he thought I had a fever, since he has bronchitis.

Anonymous said...

A short while ago this blog was closed because of a hacking incident. Know who the biggest hacker is ? according to the Washington Post, yesterday,

the biggest hacker is

fermatprime said...

Hello everyone!

Thanks for really speedy and fun offering, Eric. Swell expo, mb. (Just wish I could get used to lack of caps. Any reason for this, melissa?)

HAPPY, HAPPY NATAL DAY, Argyle! Gee, you are young!

Good to see pics of coven! Wonder if I will ever meet anyone from this blog! (If anyone is ever passing through, I can treat to take-out from terrific Mexican restaurant!)

Pretty fast for a Wednesday! Nothing unfamiliar in the least except for DR. T.

Have watched all WA movies at least once, I think. Always something to chew on. Loved Sleeper and ...Paris. Not fond of his conceit.

Really spot-on DA cartoon!

Have a new dark piece of furniture in former jacuzzi room (which is egress from house). So far, dog is horribly afraid of it (did I mention that dog is afraid of everyone except 3 other people?) and is refusing to go out! This despite fact that she keeps waking me up by clawing my leg, wanting to go out. Hope helper gets here before disaster occurs!!! At any rate, I will be going to the holistic dentist for quarterly cleaning in zonked out state.

Have a happy hump day!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

A DNF for me ~ I had a natick at the crossing of DRT and ANDRONICUS. I thought it might be R but really had no idea.

~ I can never seem to remember the meaning of 'Sycophant' when I see it in a puzzle - maybe after this time.

~ Thanks for all the info in your write-up, Melissa. Beautiful pic of your daughter!

~ So nice to see the lovely ladies of the CA Coven ~ these meetings sound like really fun times!

~~Happy Birthday, Argyle! All your efforts at keeping the Corner running smoothly, along with your early week write-ups, are greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoyed your nap and have had a happy day!

Pookie said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Argyle!
C.C. Thanks for the pix of the CA coven and Melissa's daughter.
(Sorry, I don't follow hockey.)
Fun puzzle.
Never paid to see Woody Allen movie. Saw a few minutes here & there on T.V. Remember him playing 'cello in a marching band.
Sfingi and Bill G from yesterday:

I just got a new hearing aid.
What kind is it?
Jazz: Afro-American symphony 1930
Rhapsody in Blue 1924.
Haven't listened to the whole piece yet.
Have a good day, all!

melissa bee said...

jerome, the analyzer shows those squares as cheaters ... ?

jd, snow in the hills, and frost all over everything this morning. the latch on my front gate took some effort to release this morning, nearly frozen shut. i love downtown morgan hill - and actually would have been able to join you had i known, since i was off yesterday.

instead i ended up spending the entire day getting my 4 month old kitten down from a tree. would have preferred lunch with the coven.

Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant Wednesday puzzle. WEES.

Happy birthday Argyle! Thanks for all that you do.

Anony-Mouse, you need to do what I did regarding Downton Abbey (if you are interested). Go to Hulu or something similar where you can go back and watch Season 1 from the beginning. Otherwise, it's sure hard to make sense of all the different characters.

I liked the early Woody Allen movies and the recent ones; the middle ones were too angst-filled and introspective for me. Snorkley, right you are. That gub routine was inspired!

CED, I loved the Woody Allen quotes. I liked his second wife, Louise Lasser. I never thought his marrying Soon-Yi Previn was such a big deal. They weren't related and if they loved each other and treated each other well, who am I to judge.

Following is one of my favorite puzzles. There's very little math involved. Maybe it's a favorite because I was eventually able to figure it out...?

melissa bee said...

fermat, it's just the way i type. sure does irritate people.

pas de chat, she is whipping the fans into a frenzy. (she's on the promotional team and helps with fan games and giveaways on and off the ice).

Lucina said...

Yesterday on TV I heard someone talk about Natick, the town. He pronounced it Nae-tick and had been test driving a Tesla electric car. Natick was his destination. Very surprising to hear it discussed, the town that is.

Bill G. said...

(Imagine yourself back in eighth grade.) One morning your math teacher has invited many of the students including you to a room for a pizza brunch (or so he said). When you arrive in this room, the door is locked behind you and you discover the terrible truth. All of these students have not been responsible about doing homework. The teacher begins to describe the fate which awaits them. There is a large, circular table with chairs all around, just enough for all the students. He plans to bonk the kid in chair number one over the head with a big algebra textbook and the Assistant Principal will carry the dazed kid off to detention. The world’s meanest teacher then skips the kid in chair number two and bonks number three who is also carried off to detention. This process continues, skipping one student, bonking the next all the way around the table. When he gets back to the beginning of the circular table he continues in the same fashion with the remaining students. Finally, there is only one student left. That student gets an A+ and no homework for the rest of the year.
The world’s meanest teacher tells everyone to get seated. You count the number of kids in the room and have to quickly decide where to sit so you won’t get bonked and will be the one left with the A+ and no homework. How can you come up with a rule so you will know where to sit no matter how many kids there are? Suppose there are 12 kids, where will you sit? (I would sit in chair 8.) Fifty-three kids? One hundred thirty kids?

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Many unknowns in this puzzle, but perped my way through with two red-letter trolls at UHURA and NENA. Had seen none of the movies except Fantasia at about age 8. I wasn't going to any movies when those came out because I was too busy, but Woody Allen has never appealed to me.

Argyle, Happy Birthday! Your picture gave me chills because it looks so much like my late husband--same facial shape and coloring. Handsome men!

Like YR, I thought I knew Seuss, but not this one! Is it a pseudo-Seuss?

Took a while to get TOOTHPASTE from Close-up.

Oft burned objects: not "bras"? Come on, are you anti-feminist?

Fine Coven pix. Who knew buying olive oil could be so festive? Wondered why you were in a grocery store for lunch.

A. S. Konigsberg @ 12:18: NO, you don't "gotta do what you gotta do"-- if you have any self-respect or self-control. Unless you are amoral.

Pookie said...

Bill G: Why would you sit in chair 8?
Wouldn't the bonk order be
1 3 5 7 9 11 2 4 6 8 10 12?
Melissa, Thanks for the explanation.
Wow!! that kittie really was out on a limb!
Is that a cherry picker? Can't see well enough. No wonder you'd rather go to lunch LOL

CanadianEh! said...

Finished in good time today even though I'm not a big Woody Allen fan.
Happy Birthday Argyle!
Didn't know LENA or Simoleons. I must file them away in my memory for another time. LOL!
We have a Stratford in Ontario with AVON river and it is home to Justin BIEBER. He is not my IDOL though!
I did like Lorna Doone. Must read it again.

Hahtoolah said...

PK: Allen Stewart Konisberg is Woody Allen's given name.

Pookie said...

If the number of students is even, I would pick the last number.
If odd, I'd pick the next-to-last number.
I think.
Then I'd report the teacher to the proper authorities.

melissa bee said...

pas de chat, yes, and i had to go up in it twice because the kitty won't go to anyone else. what you can't see from the pics is that the far side of that tree hangs over a cliff with a cold running creek at the bottom. the ground is so saturated and soft right now, and the bucket was extended as far up and out as possible and i just kept picturing the whole thing sliding off the edge.

the joke was on me though, because the bucket only scared her further up, and she wound up falling all the way down, took a flying leap right into the creek. she got herself out of the creek and then took off running. finally showed up a few hours later. she'd been in that tree for two days.

i named her "scout" after the character in to kill a mockingbird because i could tell already she was a little tomboy. maybe i should have gone with "princess."

Husker Gary said...

-Geez, Tin! Read what I mean, not what I say/type ;-). See my 10:23 link. Was that horrible fire in Tampa visible from Villa Incognito?
-I hope your kitty is okay and wonder how much a cherry picker costs to rent.
-Off to Omaha to see niece play in district BB tournament that was moved up a day due to impending weather. School activities on Wednesday night used to be verboten because that night used to be saved for church activities. Hey, I can remember stores being closed on Sunday’s.
-Five and out!

Pat said...

This went quickly, even though the only movies I've seen that are mentioned are "Fantasia" and "Chocolat". I had to check the answer grid a couple times to get back on the right track. Nice puzzle, Eric. Great write-up, Melissa Bee.

Nice pics of the Cal. Coven. Are there any other groups of bloggers that get together? Nice idea.

Happy Birthday, Argyle.



Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
I'm NOT buying that there is a school with a "large, circular table" that can seat 53 or 130 kids around it.

just sayin' ...

I'd type my captcha ... but that's kinda lame / passe (and not original, in the least).

Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Allen's and Farrow's biological son, Ronan Farrow, is widely quoted as disparaging Allen and having said he cannot see him. On Father's Day 2012, he tweeted "Happy father's day— or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law's day,"[

Allan Stewart konigSberg said...

My girlfriend's daughter was adopted when she was about 8 years old. She was rescued from an abusive situation in Korea. She had a rough childhood and had some trust/daddy issues. I took advantage of that and helped her by loving her and playing games. A favorite game, that we still enjoy playing, is "who's your daddy?"

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, An early morning meeting has kept me from doing the CW today. I'll get to it after I have sorted out a mound of paper work.

I wanted to wish Argyle a super happy Birthday. I hope you have something very special planned.

Also to tell Melissa Bee that the picture of her daughter is wonderful. We're all happy that the Sharks are back on the ice once again.

Thank you C.C. for posting our Coven pictures from yesterday's lunch. We did have a great time. As you probably guessed the pictures were taken at the market where we went after having lunch.
Melissa B. We'll surely let you know when we get together next time. Not only did you spend your day in a Cherry Picker, but in the rain, too!! We would much rather you had had lunch with us.

Marge said...

Hi all,
I did enjoy this puzzle but it wasn't very speedy. I laughed out loud at JB and the golden calf.

I lived in a manse for 37 years (4 different ones).We called them parsonages, too.

I didn't see any of Woody's movies but did manage to get the answers.
I never admired him as a person.

We are supposed to get that snow storm tomorrow and Friday. I am ready for spring.

I am getting around now with just a cane so hope I can put it back in the closet soon. My DR. appointment is the end of the month.

Have a good evening all!

Argyle said...

Misty@10:56 AM

I found it. Lois@9:47 PM, on this date here. I hadn't used an avatar before this point.

Java Mama said...

Good evening, everyone! Thanks for an entertaining trip to the movies, Eric. Woody Allen films are kind of hit-and-miss IMHO – either funny as heck (and often insightful), or just self-indulgent whining. “Sleeper” was an absolute hoot! Great write-up, melissabee, and a sweet photo of your daughter. Looks like she’s having fun at her job. And thanks for the California Coven pics, C.C. It’s so nice that you all can get together.

A very Happy Birthday to Argyle! You are our rock, Santa.

Pretty smooth run today, with any unknowns (NENA, ENO) easily provided by perps. No hesitation filling Titus ANDRONICUS, Shakespeare’s least appetizing play. Liked the playfulness of Simoleons = MOOLA; made me think of Bugs Bunny for some reason.

Husker Gary @12:27 – Oh no, not Jim Cantore! You’re doooooomed!! Always wondered why they have to have people standing out in deplorable conditions to report the weather … really, I’ll believe you if you just *tell* me it’s snowing.

Time to head to the kitchen and rattle some pots and pans. Have a great night, all.

TTP said...

Argyle, that blackcherry you got sounds like a perfectly fine substitute for cherry pie on your birthday. A fine taste, served slightly chilled and neat. For desert, possibly soak some fruit with it and top your ice cream with it. Yum. Happy Birthday !

Spitzboov, the mayor of Pittsburgh is Luke Ravenstahl. He ceremoniously changed his named for a day a few years ago when the Ravens were playing the Steelers for the AFC Championship. He changed it to Steelerstahl. I liked it.

How odd. There's more snow on the ground in Tucson right now than there is in Chicago. They are calling for 3 - 5 inches in the next couple of days. The snow blower is staged and ready. I'll be watching for Jim Cantore in Omaha.

Marge, glad to hear you are getting around a little bit easier.

Fermat, before I forget, I was just kidding the other day when I said the answer was 42.

Melissa, just saying, but having grown up with plenty of mousers around our chicken coops and barns, my experience tells me that even the kittens will climb down out of the trees in due time. They'll muster the courage. Though one of my sisters would have done as you did...

TTP said...

Argyle, you can even have it on your dessert. It would better than on desert !

My captcha this time was pubsust. Surely there's some definition that can be made from that.

downtonabbey said...

Happy Birthday Argyle! You are the much appreciated.

Has anyone read the latest Elizabeth George mystery?

C.C. I enjoyed your puzzle yesterday. My partner had a rare day off so we relaxed.

I read that they are interviewing people for the next season of Downton.

We have an owl living above the house who has a nest. We are hoping to hear owlets soon.

Be careful all in the path of this winter storm!

Bill G. said...

There's another good animal slide show from MSNBC including a couple of cats. Animal Tracks.

Pas: I appreciate your effort so far. I tried to e-mail a response to you but your profile doesn't have an address. No, the bonk order would be 1 3 5 7 9 11 2 (skip 4) 6 (skip 8) 10 (skip 12) 4 (skip 8) 12 with 8 the remaining seat and an A+. (Odd-numbered seats all get eliminated the first time through. And as you can see from my bonk order above, it's not the largest even number.)

downtonabbey said...


I am also not a Woody fan. I checked out your webpage and enjoyed reading up on pocket watches. Grandfather had several that he wore daily.

Jayce said...

Marge, may you indeed be able to put away that cane soon.

melissa bee said...

ttp,i kept hearing that also, they'll get down on their own eventually - and she probably would have. the trimmers just happened to be on property that day with the cherry picker, and they were willing to help - so wth, it was an adventure for me, too. she had spent one night up there already, and one complication is there are lots of raptors around here - including two owls that live a couple trees over. my little scout is not yet 4 pounds, so getting her down quickly seemed important.

JD said...

Melissa, your daughter gets prettier every year!Will look for her at the next Sharks' game.Roccas market(wonderful LOCAL wine selection) is in San Martin, right on the main drag, about 5 miles from Rosy's at the Beach, where we had lunch. So sorry.. next time FOR SURE we will notify you.My apologies. Please e-mail me with any info I may need to get ahold of you.

AWOL- olive oil....Frantoio Grove

Argyle, I really enjoyed reading that May 21, 2008 old blog...There are lots of Lois-Dick-Dr.Dad-Dennis classics.

I have no respect for Woody Allen as a person, but much of his work is delightful.Midnight in Paris was one of his most recent bests.

Hahtoolah, great cartoon.

melissa bee said...

jd, i thought it looked like rocca's - that's right by cordevalle, i used to stop in there all the time after work. tank patrol divides the games so half work each game (except for playoff games when they all work). i'm not sure when her next one is, but she manages to get a decent amount of face time on the screen when she's working. total. ham.

GarlicGal said...

HB Argyle. A great day to celebrate!

I like some of Woody Allens movies. No one has mentioned "Everyone Says I Love You". A definite acquired taste.

Irish Miss: We (CA Coven) live fairly close to each other. I'm the farthest south, probably about 25 miles from Chickie, JD and JillD. It turns out JillD works with my next door neighbor...small world.

Melissa Bee: Rocca's Market in lovely "downtown" San Martin! The rest of the coven must have wondered where I was taking them. Ha! I'm sure you are familiar with the area. Didn't you work at Corde Valle?

AWOL: It's locally grown and pressed olive oil - Frantoio Grove. A fellow planted a few acres of olives in between San Martin and Gilroy and has now had 2 pressing. It's pretty tasty stuff.

The sun was out all day, but it's pretty chilly for us spoiled Californians.


Chickie said...

Irish Miss, JD and I live only a about 3 miles from each other, in the middle between Jill and Garlic Gal. From their homes the total mileage is about 30 miles. So you see, it doesn't take much for us to get together.

Dudley, A "Boom" to you, too. I'm sure you had a great time watching it all.

Hatoolah, Loved the Downton Abbey cartoon. Very timely!

C.C. The Undon looks so delicious. Do you deliver?

GarlicGal said...

Oh man...JD beat me to the punch! LOL
At least our "stories" match up.

Chickie said...

Irish Miss, Garlic Gal posted while I was typing, so ignore the duplicate answer to your question.
I just estimated our mileage and it looks like Garlic Gal and I came pretty close to the same mileage between all of the Coven.

GarlicGal said...

And now Chickie!!!!

Argyle said...

Nobody has mentioned "The Purple Rose of Cairo"(1985)

"She's finally met the man of her dreams. He's not real but you can't have everything."

Didn't find "Sleeper" amusing at all.

Ree said...

Hi everyone ! Happy birthday Argyle , special thanks for the individual attention when I joined the blog & directing me to Bill for extra help ! Today's puzzle was fun, even for those who are not Woody Allen fans!

CrossEyedDave said...

Melissa Bee,

Just in case that cherry picker is not around next time, here is an ingenious solution using some luggage & a can of tuna.

cat rescue

melissa bee said...

CED i watched that exact video that day, and was searching for some rope. that would have been the plan if the trimmers hadn't been here already.

imho, a few lesser-known woody allen movies that are worth a look:

manhattan murder mystery
the front
radio days
whatever works

Anonymous said...

Argyle, happy birthday and thanks, it's really fun to see the early blog days.

Avg Joe said...

Sleeper not funny?

But....but.....what about The ORB.

downtonabbey said...

glad you were able to get the cat out of the tree. my parents had a cat stay in a tree for four days. it finally became so tired the wind blew it down and it injured the cat's spine. I hope she will stay out of trees!

Manac said...

OK I'm probably gonna go to hell
for this but you only live Once.

Dudley said...

This is one tired Dudley. After a whole day of BOOMing, I'm about worn out.

But the rock is toast!

Manac said...

Heh, Heh! That was worth a good chuckle! I'll have to ask you about that where to sit remark tomorrow!
Its bed time for East coasters.

PK said...

Melissa, if you have owls, one of them may have "helped" the cat get up in that tree and traumatized it too much to come down. We had a cat about that size that we kept finding in places she couldn't possibly get on her own: a high roof and on top of the silo. We were sure our big owl had deposited her there then for some reason lost interest.

Misty said...

Argyle 5:45 and Lucina 12:05--many thanks for your responses to my earlier queries.

Good night, Santa.

Good night, Peeps.