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Feb 9, 2013

Saturday, Feb 9th, 2013, Robert H. Wolfe

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 33

Nah-nah nah-NAH nah-NAH nah nah....Mr. Wolfe last appeared on Saturday on May 12, last year, and I looked; it was a tough one; well, I solved this one, but there were a few answers that I had to wonder about, and we will get to those, but for now here are the details; Triple 8's and 6's in the corners, with the longest answers being just 9's:

41. Source of funding for the BBC : TV LICENCE - they get funding from their (UK spelling) license - The British Broadcasting Corporation charges ALL who receive the signal; more here, crossing

11. "Can I go now?" : "ARE WE DONE"?

31. Holy day commemorating the purification of the Virgin Mary : CANDLEMAS - One week ago (Feb 2), crossing

32. Write : DROP A LINE



1. Dirty work? : STAG FILM - Ooh, what a start; can't really link the movie I'm thinking of....

9. Vocations : TRADES

15. One making a comeback? : RETURNEE - one online dictionary didn't have this; the other one said it usually refers to military types returning from overseas

16. Most irritated : SOREST

17. Attacks : SETS UPON

18. Animated bird who debuted in "A Tale of Two Kitties" (1942) : TWEETY - This guy; more here, for those who care to know about his sexuality....

19. "OMG! I didn't want to know that!" : TMI - Too Much Information, text/online time-saver

20. Conveniently weak argument, metaphorically : STRAW MAN - new concept for me, so I went looking for an explanation.  I liked this one, especially #2

22. Racket : DIN - ARGH~! Not ADO

25. Home of Caterpillar, Inc. : PEORIA - I think this would have been better without the "Inc." at the end; just a subtle Capital "C" at the start of caterpillar

27. Latin 101 word : ESSE - "to be"

28. "The Prague Cemetery" novelist : ECO

29. Asked for food, maybe : CHEEPED - the way birds ask;  but not Tweety

34. As dissimilar as possible : POLAR - as in "polar opposites"

38. Refrain : CHORUS

39. "Of Mice and Men" (1992) actor/director : SINISE - Gary;  I liked him as "Lt. Dan"

40. Williams of ''Happy Days'' : ANSON

44. Gillette Stadium player : PATRIOT - Our New England core will know this;  I had to wait on perps

46. Put on the canvas : KO'D - no "e" this time, just Knocked Out;  I had PIN first - anyone else?

47. Ancient promenade : STOA

50. Skip the plan : WING IT - there used to be a Sports Bar in Jacksonville FL around the corner from my apt called WIng It;  guess what they served....

52. Pen : STY

53. Neat and tidy : WELL KEPT

55. Veep under GRF : NAR - Gerald Rudolph Ford's Vice President was Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller - all perps - did not know;  RMN was president when I was born, RWR was the first president I recall being elected.

57. Pen, as a poem : INDITE - to "make up, compose"; from Latin "indicere", to make known

58. Out in the open : ALFRESCO

63. Added to one's net income? : SEINED - I thought I was smart with FISHED, but no, I was close.  Should have cast a wider net....

64. Fine form : GOOD TRIM - yeah, but....

65. Unwavering, as a stare : STEELY - I started with STEADY, gave me 66.6%

66. Wife of Orpheus : EURYDICE - good bottom line fill;  most of the time we see what's EASIEST, with easy to cross letters like "E","S","T"


1. Yearbook sect. : SRs - Wasn't sure if it might be JRs; my first Junior High School had all three years in the same book. 

2. Athletic supporter? : TEE - I had "FAN", because of the "?", even considered NEA when I got the "E";  For a Saturday, I think the "?" could have been left out

3. Court VIP : ATTorney - not A.D.A.

4. Air force? : GUST - we got some GUSTS here last night; concerned about the power lines weighed down with snow

5. Dowdy sort : FRUMP

6. Broken : IN PIECES

7. Oscar winner Melissa of "The Fighter" : LEO

8. Criminal intent, in law : MENS REA - probably my favorite version of Law & Order, mostly because I like Vincent D'Onofrio's acting style - thought he deserved an Oscar for his "Edgar" role in Men In Black; could YOU play a "bug" in a decomposing skin?

9. Feature of some Birkenstocks : T-STRAP - I prefer this kind of T-strap, or maybe this kind, especially in "Stag Films"

10. Elite seating area : ROW A - Ugh, OK

12. Thinks : DEEMS

13. These, in Madrid : ESTAS

14. "Funny Girl" composer : STYNE

21. Gets even with : TIES

22. Brenda Lee record label : DECCA

23. Corporate raider Carl : ICAHN

24. Not-to-do list : NO-NOs

26. Omega, to a physicist : OHM - the measure of resistance in electrical circuits

30. Expansive : EPIC

33. Long-tailed moth : LUNA - JazzB linked her on Wed, one of my favorites from the H.P. series, too.

35. Words in blue, often : LINKS

36. Accessory with a morning coat : ASCOT

37. Sounding like bagpipes : REEDY - yeah, that's ONE way you could describe them; actually, I happen to like "rock" bagpipes (p.s., this is my ring-tone).

39. Spell : SIT IN FOR - Um, well, uh, yeah, I guess?

41. Game show prize : TRIP - Love this theme song; earworm~!

42. Sommelier's datum : VINTAGE - Wine waiter

43. Yule symbol : LOG - almost too deep with my thinking

45. Academically stylish : TWEEDY

47. Holey order : SWISS - My "HAR-HAR" for the day; hole-y, the cheese

48. Article of faith : TENET

49. Many a 22-Down record : OLDIE

51. Not on schedule : TARDY

54. Mail-order record co. : K-TEL

56. Collecting Soc. Sec., maybe : RET'D - two weeks in a row with retired in the puzzle;  I got about 22 more years left with UPS

59. College Football Hall of Fame coach Holtz : LOU

60. Madras Mr. : SRI

61. Pres. title : CIC - Commander In Charge (Correct: Commander-In-Chief. Thanks, Marti.)

62. Where the 'eart is? : 'OME - Cockney elision, H-eart and H-ome

Splynter, now 42 - the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything - anyone know what I am referring to?

Notes from C.C.:

Splynter in his beloved Rangers' jersey

Thanks for faithfully guiding us every Saturday. Thanks for always giving me solid feedback on themes/fill. You're a great Pig. I hope 42 is magical and you find your Goat or Rabbit!