Feb 6, 2018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 ~ C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Wet Borders - Names of border lakes in the circles. The circles are on the borders of the entries.

17A. Cold dish topped with hard-boiled egg: CHEF'S SALAD. Lake Chad, borders Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria

25A. Longtime Susan Lucci soap role: ERICA KANE. Lake Erie, borders Canada and the United States.

38A. It clicks on the dance floor: TAP SHOE. Lake Tahoe, border between California and Nevada.

50A. Appear intermittently: COME AND GO. Lake Como, Italy and near the Swiss border.

61A. It may be a boundary between neighboring countries ... or what each set of circles depicts?: BORDER LAKE

Argyle here. Lake Como seems to be the outlier here. It's 5 minutes by train from Como to the Swiss border. So many beautiful pictures, so I didn't choose any.


1. Jazz singer Simone: NINA. The Animals version was a cover of this Nina Simone original.

5. Colorado ski resort: ASPEN

10. Apple computer with a Magic Keyboard: iMAC. Why Magic?

14. Ambulance-calling situation: Abbr.: EMER.. "911, what is your emergency?"

15. Take off: LEAVE

16. Fizzy drink: COLA. 44A. Fizzy drink: POP

19. Grasp: HOLD

20. Sent to the canvas: KO'd. Knocked out.

21. Japanese beef city: KOBE

22. Wisdom tooth, e.g.: MOLAR. 41A. Crown installer's org.: ADA. (American Dental Association)

23. Having many curves: SNAKY. Better to be SNAKY than snarky.

28. Bully's warning words: OR ELSE

30. A cat may climb one: TREE

31. Beginning: ORIGIN

32. Skater's surface: ICE

33. Tiny amount: DRIB. Partner of drabs.

37. Place for pillow talk: BED

42. Picked out of a lineup, briefly: IDed. (identified)

45. "Here's the deal ... ": "LISTEN ... "

47. Metal in steel: IRON

49. Hire, as a lawyer: RETAIN

54. Nocturnal calls: HOOTS

56. Wonderland visitor: ALICE

57. Simplify: EASE

59. Tiny insect egg: NIT

60. Bread for a gyro: PITA

64. Nights before: EVEs

65. Confess: ADMIT

66. Radar screen spot: BLIP

67. Take a break: REST

68. Medicinal amounts: DOSES

69. Flies on a fast plane: JETS


1. Mandolin parts: NECKS

2. Bit of gratitude from an award recipient: "I'M HONORED"

3. Driver's invitation: "NEED A RIDE?"

4. [I want a treat!]: [ARF!]

5. As well: ALSO

6. Naval builder: SEABEE

7. Not as tanned: PALER

8. Juan Perón's wife: EVA

9. Homer Simpson's friend Flanders: NED

10. "The pressure was too much for me": "I CHOKED"

11. Greenbacks: MOOLA

12. Hunter Quatermain of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen": ALLAN. Not the character on the soap opera General Hospital.

13. Close-knit group: CADRE

18. Like greenhouses: SKYLIT

22. West of old films: MAE

24. Brewery container: KEG

26. Rash symptom: ITCH

27. New Orleans cuisine: CREOLE. Just Sunday we had Creole vs Cajun.

29. Attach with a click: SNAP ON. And a lot of moola.

31. Back-tied sash: OBI

32. Co. for Web users: ISP. (Internet service provider)

34. Underlying reason: RATIONALE

35. Police artist's composite pic maker: IDENTI-KIT

36. Blackball: BAN

39. Duck's habitat: POND

40. "Your choice": EITHER

43. Like many metal toys: DIECAST

46. __ Tomé: SÃO. São Tomé is the capital city of São Tomé. Its name is Portuguese for "Saint Thomas".

48. Singer Carly __ Jepsen: RAE

49. Rock band's helper: ROADIE

50. Zany adventure: CAPER

51. Martini fruit: OLIVE

52. Tiny parasites: MITES

53. Causes of illness: GERMS

55. Fitbit units: STEPS. Fitbit: wearable technology.

58. Film backdrops: SETS

61. No longer edible: BAD

62. Prefix with meter: ODO

63. Prez whose library is in Austin: LBJ



Ol' Man Keith said...

Well, if you should hit Williamstown in the summertime, make a point to catch a show at WTF (the Wmstown Theater Fest).
It is the premiere summer theater of the nation. Seriously. It's a fully professional operation, established by my mentor, Nikos Psacharopoulos, and its reputation draws H'wood and Broadway celebrity actors every year to make their bones with Chekhov and other classics along with the best of new plays.

The Berkshires are famed for music and dance festivals. WTF is their drama pinnacle. Another highlight of the area, part of Williams College, is the Clark Art Institute. Worth spending daylight hours while waiting for an evening show.

Anonymous said...

An article about lake CHAD.

D4E4H said...

Good Tuesday morning you Corner people,

I opened the CW and saw C.C.. Oh boy, this is going to be fun, and it was, I FIR in 24:11 with nary a hitch. Thank you C.C..

Then I said, Argyle reviews, and he surely did. Thanks.

Picard, This one's for you, Owl City - Lucid Dream.


OwenKL said...

A snooty percussionist at ASPEN,
Said you can hear the snow if you LISTEN.
It falls from a cloud
That's not very loud,
But a stratus cymbal is its place of ORIGIN!

Steaks that they raise at KOBE
Go well with POP, COLA, or SoBe!
But the fat they contain
You will likely RETAIN.
Which will force you to loosen your OBI!

I think the IDENTI-KIT I broke!
The pressure was too much, so I CHOKED!
In their jail they HOLD,
ID'ED by what I told,
A fireplug, Santa Claus, and a goat!

The Plant People's ambassador was pallid.
Any PALER, his ID would be invalid!
So a platter of blokes
All wearing toques
Was served him -- a healthy CHEFS SALAD!

{C+, B+, B, A-.}

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you CC and thank you Argyle.

Didn't have the circles. Had BORDER LinE, but that wouldn't work with RATIONALE. Opened the puzzle at the LA website, looked at the circles and then changed line to LAKE.

Really clever that each of the lakes were on the BORDERs !

Oh, IDENTI-KIT. Unknown. Outside my realm.

"Tiny amount: DRIB. Partner of drabs." - I seldom think of DRIB without drabs, but never thought of drabble with dribble until just now.

Almost keyed in MEL for Tomé.

"49. Hire, as a lawyer: RETAIN", or an acronym for IBM's REmote Technical Assistance Information Network. No, that would be too obscure.

Precise, imprecise. PALER, ?

I have a Fitbit that was received as a gift. The novelty wore off and I just wasn't that "into" tracking my STEPs. It's in a drawer.

Yellowrocks, FLN - When I read your recount of your troubles, I thought you were writing fictitious events to provide examples of plans B, C, D, E etc.

KS said...

A lake that borders between two countries? When did California and Nevada become countries?

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

You "snapped" faster than I did, TTP. I needed Wite-Out to remove MEL. Saw the circles; forgot to look at 'em. Got the theme after the reveal. (KS, reread the clue. It "may be"...) Thanx, C.C. and Argyle.

I was treated to a multi-course "little lunch" when I visited KOBE back in the '60s. Got to see Mount Fuji from the bullet-train on our way there from Tokyo.

The IDENTIKIT plays a minor part in a Beyond The Fringe skit. The Great Train Robbery It's worth a listen, despite the heavy accents.

Taxing day. Gotta run..

Oas said...

Enjoyed the workout C.C. and Argyle. A very slow and difficult start. Finally started with ASPEN, and the easiest three letter ones. EVA, OBI, BED , BAD , ODO and LBJ. ICE and ITCH came next and I began to think , I'll get this one yet. Last to fill were NINA and ARF and self satisfaction set in until I saw the expo and grid .FIW with Drip for DRIB and Pan for BAN . Ada "If you're not true to your teeth they will be false to you"

Argyle said...

61A. It may be(emphasis added) a boundary between neighboring countries ... or what each set of circles depicts?: BORDER LAKE
Or it may be a boundary between states, eh? It's still a BORDER LAKE.

Argyle said...

Ach! Must type faster!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Sorry to say but I had a big, fat FIW because I made the same mistake Oas made with Drip/Pan. I thought this had a bit of a bite for a Tuesday but, then again, CC is noted for taking things up a notch with the fill, as well as the clues. No complaints, mind you, just an opinion. Tomé confused me, also, but I waited for perps. I liked seeing some fresh entries: Rationale, IdentiKit, I Choked, I'm Honored, Need A Ride, etc. and, in typical CC fashion, the reveal was a total surprise, at least to me.

Nicely done, CC, and nicely dissected, Argyle.

OMK, many years ago, one of my nieces interned at the Williamstown Theater. She met several A-List performers and had a bird's eye view of the productions. She was an aspiring, talented actor but was sidelined by Lupus.

YR, I hope today brings peace and quiet and no need for any backup plans, B or otherwise!

Snowstorm coming tomorrow but I'm not sure of severity.

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks C.C. for a pleasant Tuesday puzzle. I didn't work with the circles, but it was pretty smooth sailing anyway. I wanted some sort of ship builder before SEABEE. I can never remember Susan Lucci's ERICA KANE; I never followed that soap. Faves today: HOOTS--I love owls and their often complex camouflage uniforms. TAP SHOE--well, I'm still thinking about taking walk-in single tap classes I found on the Chicago Northside. I need to buy new shoes as I wouldn't dare use my beat-up old heels. Oxfords for me if I garner enough courage to return to one of my favorite pastimes. No double wings or spins any more! Just a little soft shoe with cleats. ;)

Argyle, thanks for all your time to make this spot so enjoyable.

Speaking of MOLARs, I'm off to see my favorite local ADA member today. How timely.

More snow and now quite a chilly but sunny day. Stay cozy, everyone!

Madame Defarge said...


A PS--I loved all yesterday's and last night's discussions and care about language and usage. I love hanging out with all you word nerds. It makes this retired English teacher's day.

Lemonade714 said...

Am I the only one who had the initial thought that Hunter Quartermain was a name. The penny dropped and this famous HUNTER and his part in the movie came back to me. It does feature the ALLAN spelling.

The rest was typical C.C. early week, loaded with a large variety of information and a clecho.

Thanks C.C. and Argyle.

Rick Papazian said...

Neat theme; thanks to CC (Once again). Thanks for the clip of Simone from Argyle

I labored over the Identi-kit which told me my answer of BOARDER LINE must be redrawn, redacted, walled off, protected. I got all the Lakes except Lake Chad. So I choked on this puzzle. Only Tuesday, too. Didn't know Nina was the Jazz Singer. Necks eluded me completely and I couldn't fathom Arf was the answer to some human wanting a treat.

Rhode Island will be a mess again tomorrow. Snow followed by mix followed by rain followed by freezing followed by car crashes.

Anonymous said...

BORDER LAKE? Right on, KS. And when did Italy become two countries? . . .

Both RASH and ITCH are symptoms, of something deeper. . . .

It's ID'D, not IDED.

rick said...

Need comas

Lemonade714 said...

While medically induced comas are used in certain extreme health crises, it seems unlikely that you need one rick if you are commenting here.

Anonymous said...

Liked the theme. Some of the clueing not so much.

inanehiker said...

Clever theme and slow steady fill - thanks CC and Argyle !
gotta go - need extra time to get to work today with the weather -
I hate getting to work on days when the schools are closed - it means
my hilly town is going to be a bear to drive through!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF. Cross of ALLAN and ERICA KANE was a Natick to me, and since I had sOdA instead of COLA I couldn't even come up with a WAG. Google let me fix both with one lookup.

I didn't know lake CHAD, until I remembered it was the gulf separating supporters of Gore and Bush.

I wanted Madonna for Juan Peron's wife. Yesterday's FRIDA and today's Evita (EVA for short) are two of my favorite movies.

Erased "root cause" for RATIONALE, StAPle for SNAP ON and outset for ORIGIN.

Favorite today was ARF. Zoe gets extra belly rubs today just 'cause.

Thanks CC for a Tuesday Toughie. And thanks to Santa for another solid review.

Husker Gary said...

-C.C. always gives me a worthy struggle, even on Tuesday
-LAKE TAHOE – Don’t get in the boat Fredo!
-Seattle SODA/POP cost has jumped
-If you ask, “Do I need a lawyer?”, you probably do
-”I CHOKED and Viking’s fans will never forgive me”
-I over thought and tried raison d'être for RATIONALE first
-My childhood “choice” at supper: EITHER this or nothing
-I know C.C. is a Carly RAE (Call Me Maybe) fan
-A SET built for The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons. Just add huge blue screens.
-I’m off for a 30 min. DOSE of Entyvio in Omaha

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice, challenging Tuesday level+ from our CC. Agree with Argyle about COMO, not quite a border lake, but, who knows, maybe the editor adjusted the clue for brevity. Here is a very nice melody about Le Lac de Come with visuals.

BORDER LAKES - Other well known border lakes include:
Lake Constance (Bodensee), Switzerland, Austria, Germany common border.
Lake Victoria - Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania.
Lake of the Woods
Lake Champlain
Four of the Great Lakes - Superior, Huron, ERIE, Ontario. Warships of either nation are not allowed on the Great Lakes without the other's permission, (per the Rush-Bagot Treaty ratified 1818, and as further agreed to in 1946.)
Lake TAHOE - Setting the border between CA and NV is an interesting read. Several surveys were involved.

IRON in steel - Steel is mostly IRON, and includes carbon and other metals such as nickel, manganese, and molybdenum. The Iron-carbon phase diagram is one of the most complex imaginable.

Congratulations to Matt Patricia, former defensive coordinator of the Patriots, for being appointed Head Coach of the Detroit Lions. He is an RPI alum '96 in Aeronautical Engineering, and has a Master's in Education. He played Center and Guard at RPI. He hails from Sherrill, NY, just a few miles west of us.

IM - They're telling us 7-10"

Gubdude said...

Biggest problem for me was SE corner. Had BORDER LinE so I couldn't see a lot of the crosses initially. Thankfully I was able to figure it out by seeing the circles and figuring out they were lakes.

Thanks CC!

Oas said...

HG the Viking fans are bragging the Patriots have lost Five super bowls , the Vikings only four

CanadianEh! said...

I agree with Jinx that this was a Tuesday Toughie. Thanks for the fun, C.C. and Argyle.
Of course today, I would be on Mensa not Cruciverb and have no circles. I saw the lakes when I came here (including our old favourite ERIE).

NW corner was my downfall. Hand up for Soda before COLA; I had Cabal before CADRE; ALLAN was unknown but filled in with perps eventually (but almost a Natick with ERICA KANE).

We had a NIT and MITES. I feel ITCHy.
My NIT for the day is KO'D and IDED. At least we could be consistent about the shortened version! Anon@7:58 likes ID'd. I'd have preferred IDED and KOED.

KEG today for Tin. I think ICE for skating is acceptable to him.
CREOLE again after the Cajun/Creole discussion the other day.

Tiny dupe with 38A "clicks on the dance floor" and 29D "attach with a click". I had Staple for the latter before SNAP ON.

I was thinking of movies at 50A and had Cameoed On before COME AND GO.
My greenhouse was Sunlit before SKYLIT.

I'll take a CSO at 68A. Right Dave2?

69A "flies on a fast plane" reminded me of this classic song.

Enjoy the day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Good puzzle. My first answer was EVA, then SEABEE, then ASPEN, and off we go!

I saw ERIE staring at me and I wondered what the theme was. I went south and saw it. Then I knew why ERIE was in circles. I grew up on Lake Erie (the shore). We were 28 miles from Canada, as the crow flies, or the seagull.

I have to get back to ERIE soon. I just won a rifle at a gun raffle near Erie a week and a half ago. A Thompson Center Venture .308 Winchester Bolt-Action Rifle. Have to pick it up there in person.

I used to work at Lake Tahoe. Stateline, NV, at the Continental Telephone Co. Also in Douglasville, NV, just down the Kingsbury Grade from the lake. Beautiful lake and countryside.

I wrote in SODSA for 16A. Fixed that to COLA. My only inkblot.

Took me a while to get SNAKY. It works.

IDENTIKIT is a new one on me. Perps helped.

Worked at the SEABEE base at Port Hueneme, CA, in the telephone exchange.

Have to run. See you tomorrow.


( )

Misty said...

What could be more delightful than a Tuesday C.C. puzzle? Why, one with circles, of course! I was so excited to see this, and delighted that I got the whole thing--Yay!--even though I too found the east a bit tough, and breathed a sigh of relief only after BORDER LINE finally gave way to BORDER LAKE. Woohoo! And on top of all that, I also got the Sudoko, Kenken, and Jumble! Woohoo! Well, okay, it's only Tuesday, but still a wonderful way to start the day. I have to get a Cardio test tomorrow at the hospital, so this lightened my spirits on a day when I really appreciated it. Many, many thanks, C.C. And you too Argyle, for the great pictures and write-up.

Got ERICA but it took me a while to get KANE--never saw the soap--but she's appeared in many crosswords for some reason, I should remember her by now. Like others, I also wanted to put MEL for Tome, thinking it was Torme. Got to remember to focus on every letter. And it was a real treat to not only see those LAKEs in the circles, but to get the way they produced a BORDER around the answers. Lots of fun all around.

Interesting story, Ol'Man Keith.

Have a great day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Lake Tahoe?

Fun fact...

From Yest, Sante Fe miracle staircase deserves another visit. (with some interesting facts...)

Big Easy said...

C.C. did you spray Lysol and RID before infecting this puzzle with the NITs, GERMS, & MITES? The LAKES were obvious but recognizing that they were BORDER LAKES didn't register until 61A was filled.

IDENTI-KIT-never heard of- all perps. ALLAN was the only other unknown.

CREOLE cooking? The word CREOLE can mean anything. And it's not CAJUN, who live mainly in SW LA. NOLA residents were mainly Spanish, black, English and then German & Italian. New Orleans started French but the Spanish really controlled it until Napoleon persuaded Spain to 'give' it to him, which he promptly sold to the USA. Vieux Carre, aka The French Quarter, was Spanish. The English lived on the upriver side of Cana St. and the 'Creoles' lived on the downriver side.

ORIGIN of Construction Battalion morphs to C.B. morphs to SEABEE. Go figure. Just like Master of Ceremonies to M.C. to EMCEE.

OwenKL said...

I'm with C,eh! While I realize the formats for modifying initialisms can be arbitrary, using both KO'D and ID'ED in the same puzzle is going too far. I'd ID those as entries to KO!

Picard said...

Loved the theme, CC! It is said that war is the only way Americans learn geography. Glad you offered a better way! I have been to all of these BORDER LAKEs except CHAD. We have seen ERIE several times lately.

Here I was with my good friends Jerry and Chiqui at their home at LAKE COMO.

Jerry is an artist and art teacher and Chiqui originally was a model. A good match! She has become an excellent artist, too.

We had this cute little DUCK POND behind our house when we lived in Denmark.

I have quite a few photos at LAKE TAHOE. Another time! Hope people enjoyed my OSPREY photo yesterday from Australia. I just realized I saw one closer to home recently, but that one might be harder to find!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fast & Fun, thanks, C.C.! Thanks, Argyle! After having no internet most of the afternoon and evening, I was so thrilled to find I could do the puzzle after midnight. Still too cold and slick to want a tech climbing a pole at my house.

No circles, none of the lake names jumped out at me. ERIE didn't even float my mental boat. Duh! Thought the theme was very clever when Argyle 'splained it. Also enlightening.

Last fill was "fizzy drink" = PO?. Did an alphabet run, came up with "P" and couldn't believe I didn't get that POP. Duh! Two Do DUH day.

IMAC "magic keyboard" is a remote run by batteries. No cords attached. Very simple and light. Actually, I think I'd rather have cords. I buy a lot of batteries.

YR: sure hope you have a better day today without any plans going AWRY. Hope writing about it lightened your overload.

Lucina said...

WEES. Late again today. I took my sister to the airport at 5:00 this morning and then returned to bed.

Seeing C.C.'s puzzle quickly opened my eyes and off my pencil flew though I must ADMIT the top was slow to fill. ERICA is easy but KANE took a long while then SODA held me up. I had no idea about ALLAN Quatermain but eventually, after erasing, it all worked out. IDENTIKIT was new to me, too.

The bottom was a piece of cake as was the NW and center. It was fun seeing the LAKEs emerge though maybe the clue should have been just boundaries between countries or states.

Thank you, C.C. and Argyle. I love it when you spell out abbreviations. Lovely photos, too.

I hope you are all having a special day! YR, I'm hoping for you especially.

Wendy said...


Whew....long article but very good.

Wendy said...

Fyi, don't come and go while you read, they'll shut you down. It's only free for a couple visits.

Rick Papazian said...

To, Lemonade714 at 8:06 AM,
So,,, you,,, caught,,, that,,,
Ain't that a hoot(",")

Rick Papazian said...


Jinx in Norfolk said...

I've had an earworm all afternoon - Dire Straits "Sultan of Swing". "And the Sultans, yeah, the Sultans, they play CREOLE, CREOLE."

Yellowrocks said...

I enjoyed this puzzle. FIR. I found it a little crunchy for a Tuesday.
I thought of Mel Torme, too.
I noted the discrepancy between IDED and KOD and thought it odd.
Thank you all for your concern yesterday. Good news today! The transmission is still under warranty and will be replaced without any cost to me and I have a free loaner car to get around in for a few days. That Merlot and your concern certainly lit up my evening. LOL.
But just for the record, PLAN B is a huge part of my everyday vocabulary, sometimes pre-planned and sometimes made up on the fly. TTP, my story was all too true, but it was a stroke of serendipity for illustration.
Happy days are here again. I'm okay now.



Jinx in Norfolk said...

Glad things are finally looking better in your family, YR. Its about time you caught a break.

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle. I also read that New Yorker article about Chad; whew indeed.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nice Tuesday puzzle, no issues at all.

AnonymousPVX said...

Also....kind of sad the Vikings fans are “celebrating” they have less losses in the SB than New England. But of course, that’s all that losers can hold onto.

D4E4H said...

To set up this tale you need to know two facts about me. 1. I take a lot of pills thru the day. 2. I call myself a "Wordsmith" 'cause I enjoy studying words, and coining a phrase. Now to the phrase of the day, I woke just now and announced to myself "It's Piller time !"

Continuing with words that start with "P," Penn Station is the main intercity railroad station in New York City. Serving more than 600,000 commuter rail and Amtrak passengers a day, it is the busiest passenger transportation hub in the Western Hemisphere. I just had a Sub from "Penn Station East Coast Subs." I was hoping that their history told the story of their tie to the railroad station, but I suspect there is none. I'm here to report that my sub was very tasty.

CanadianEh! 1048a
You are noted.

Misty 1109a
Wrote "I have to get a Cardio test tomorrow..." I think this is what I would call a stress test. Have you had one before? Will it be on a treadmill, or done by injection?

CrossEyedDave 1118a
The Sante Fe miracle staircase is an example of the value of the Corner. When Oas mentioned the staircase I had never even heard of it, and now I know.

The word "Novena" was used in the video. I had heard the word, but now I know what it means. A novena (from Latin: novem, "nine") is an ancient tradition of devotional praying in Christianity, consisting of private or public prayers repeated for nine successive days or weeks.

This wasn't religion.


Lucina said...

I just read most of the article on Chad. Any problems I think I have just melted away in comparison.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Yoo Hoo, Irish Miss,
When was your niece at Wmstown? I was Asst Director there in the mid to late '60s. We always had a large apprentice corps, but only a few interns. If we overlapped I might have known her - esp. if she worked on a show of mine.

A great Tuesday pzl from our C.C.! I started at the top left as usual, but when I spotted her mirror diagonals* I shifted my fills to start at the opposite side. That worked like a charm, and I filled rapidly, descending from the top right to bottom left. No snags to speak of.
I spotted Tahoe before I even knew I was looking for lakes. What a soothing, calming theme. Placid, to be sure.
This was the kind of pzl where my wildest WAGs proved true. Although that gave me the sensation of not quite deserving my Ta- DA!, I relished the feeling of being so solidly on C.C.'s wavelength.

Misty, congratulations on your Sudoko, Kenken, and Jumble trifecta! Yoo-to-the-WooHOO!! I think they are beyond me. I do try the Jumble - occasionally - and find it either easy-peasy or surprisingly hard. No in-betweens.
Do they get harder too as the week progresses?

*Diagonal Report: Another 3-way on the flip side. No hidden messages I can see. Plenty of anagram material, but nothing I can decipher.

Ol' Man Keith said...

You would have to mention the different kinds of "Stress test,"D4E4H, in response to Misty's impending test. (Misty, good luck on your test, whichever kind it is.)
I haven't had to do a treadmill test in twenty years, but just last week my cardiologist decided I need one. He characterized it as "routine," and scheduled it for June.
Plenty of time for me to put off worrying about it. Right?

But then I saw my primary doc and whined to him about increasing heartburn (GERD). After listening to my symptoms he said to do a stress test for him too! With an injection. March 1. 23 days away.
So already I can start worrying. Aargh.

Irish Miss said...

OMK @ 3:51 ~ Re my niece's Williamstown stint, I'm guessing at the time line, but I think it would have been in the early 90's. And I'm not sure if she served as an intern or, as you brought up, an apprentice. I vaguely remember that she was very proud to have been chosen to participate in the summer program. I'm just now remembering (again, vaguely) that one of the actors she met was George (?) who played Norm on "Cheers."

Spitzboov said...

IM. - George Wendt?

Irish Miss said...

Spitz @ 4:53 ~ Yes, George Wendt! His last name escaped me, so thank you for the memory jog. Our snow forecast is 6-10" and Santa's is 8-12". (I just read a little tidbit that might interest you: RPI President Shirley Jackson's annual salary is $2.3 million.)

Stay safe and warm!

D4E4H said...

Are any of you fans of TBBT following CBS’ “Young Sheldon?” I saw the pilot, and lost interest.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Irish M,
Yes, George Wendt was there after my time.
He was with the Festival 1988-90, playing mainly in some comedies, including A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Tom Jones.
Gwyneth Paltrow & Paul Giamatti were also there in his seasons.

I was back in California by then. And still am. Time seems to have whizzed by. My memories of Williamstown are as fresh as if yesterday, but I also feel as if I've spent two or three other lifetimes since then.
Amazing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

D4, no one cares about the "facts" about you. You call yourself a wordsmith but your posts are incomprehensible. I can't understand a word you say.

OAS said...

Anon @6:44 One man's garbage is another man's gold :/

Mike Sherline said...

Anon @ 1844 - The fact that you don't care about something doesn't mean nobody does. That statement sounds like a comment on YouTube by a 12 year old troll.
Do you know how to scroll? If you don't like something, pass it and go on to the next comment. In my opinion, Dave's posts usually are not incomprehensible, but show imagination and creativity. So from now on, please just speak for yourself; or better yet, don't speak.

Anonymous T said...

"When the pressure was too much for me," push came to SHOVED and VANE seemed an apt name for a soap character. Bzzzt. Oh, and SODA stayed so ADLAN(?) was left too. Move over Jinx, OAS, IM, and make room on the Group FIW-bench.

Hi All!

Thanks C.C. for brightening my Tuesday. Lot's of fun words and mini-themes as C, Eh! pointed. Argyle for the expo; SNAP ON pic / MOOLA juxtaposition was nice.

WOs: Driver did not refer to golf @3d so it wasn't TEE; @21d I needed a bigger beer-"can" - got a KEG.
ESPs: ERICA.... And ADLAN coulda been w/ a WAG and a COLA.
Fav: navel builder == EVE. //yes I read 6d wrong and filled it in 8d but I got a real kick out of it; even better, 2/3rds right!


YR, that's great news on your transmission.

D4 - cute; in 4 hours, it's Miller Time here.

OMK, D4, & Misty... Every time before a "test" POP says, "I gotta study-up for this" as he eschews carbs and beer. My Uncle would say the same about drug-tests @work;-)
Study hard!

Jinx@8:30 - LOL! Gulf of CHAD. Your reward... [they play CROLE]

Cheers, -T

fermatprime said...


Thanks to C. C. and Santa!

Fast puzzle! Lots of fun!

Enjoyed the blog!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Wilbur Charles said...

I'd peeked this morning while finally commenting on Monday's xword and spotted CC as Tuesday constructor. Therefore I didn't get Naticked and got the FIR.

D4 Dave. Anon's comment is an audience of exactly one. Your style is D4-dave. Zaniness,btw, is prized in here. Btw again, Jinx had a good one earlier.

Lots of excellent l'icks from Owen as well as clever Ku's from C-Moe yesterday.

YR, you fell out of that tree with a bag of nuts. Glad it worked out.

I often solve on Saturday from SE to NW.


Bill G said...

From "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," there are nine Supreme Court justices. If before they hear their first case in the morning, each one shakes hands with each of the other justices one time. How many handshakes were exchanged?

Lucina said...


You are certainly a fortunate lady! I'm glad it worked out well.

Mark S said...

OMK: Sudoku and Jumbo get more challenging as the week progresses.


Anonymous T said...

Winding-down for the night say...

CED - Wow. That was much better than the wiki I read after learning of the "miracle staircase" yesterday. Thanks.

Thank you too, D-O, for the Beyond The Fringe clip. The Python troupe looked up to them and modeled some of their antics that. I've had my giggle for the night.

Cheers, -T

Mark S said...

OMK Friday ....Diabolical.... is the most challenging.


Anonymous T said...

Bill G - you just ramp'd me up! I'm gong w/ 44. -T

Clarence Thomas said...


Lucina said...

Isn't it 9 shake 9 hands? 9 X 9 = 81

Bill G said...

There isn't a trick involved but there is a common stumbling point. So you start counting handshakes. Start with Chief Justice Bill G. I shake hands with all of the others. That's eight so far. So now you count Justice Lucina's handshakes. Watch out! Once you have counted me shaking hands with Lucina, don't count another shake when Lucina shakes hands with me.

(I never know Clarence was such a logical thinker and puzzle solver...)

Bill G said...

Several months back I saw a promotion for Young Sheldon. That was plenty for me. A show about a young smarty pants? No thanks.

Anonymous T said...


!!!Don't look!!!!

Lucina - we don't shake our own hands :-)

I think I have it... //Oh, Clarance Thomas agrees; nice to hear you speak in court...

I went back and thought about the n(n+1)/2 for summing number from 1 through n. So, if we don't shake our own hand it must be n(n-1)/2

So, go with the base case... n=2 folk meet = (2)(2-1)/2 =1 shake. 3 folks; (3)(2)/2 = 3 (ERICA shakes ALICE's hand; ERICA shakes ALLAN's hand; ALLAN shakes ALICES hand)... This seems to be working... Going (Final Answer) with 36.

This method was developed when some kid in the 1700's (Gauss) got bored when his teacher made the class add 1-100 and developed the formula because he saw: 1+99=100, 2+98=100, 3+97=100 so you all the numbers (except n) adding up to n, times by n and whack it in two...100*101/2 = 5050. But if all 100 need to greet eachother...

Clear as mud?

Cheers, -T

D4E4H said...

Bill G 1050p & 1133p

I total 36 shakes each morning.


Anonymous T said...

D4 - more than 2 and you're playing with it. //ducks :-)

Bill G said...

AnonT, I love that story, apocryphal though it may be. It was told featuring young Gauss as I heard it.

Way to go Clarence and Dave!

Carl Friedrich Gauss said...

Anon T @ 11:45 pm

Shouldn't your equation be: (100*99)/2 = 4950 ?

Bill G said...

Nope. 5050 is the correct answer.

Michael said...

Hmmm, I GAUSS I'll call it a night.

Just when you thought everything was easy-peasy, along comes "n(n-1)/2" ... time for a beer!