Feb 14, 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Loren Muse Smith and Bruce Haight


Our theme song.

Wow - that's horrible. Moving right along, here are our theme entries.  The first words of each horizontal three-word entry build up to today's pressing question.

19 A. Has no chance of working : WILL NEVER FLY.   Won't get off the ground.

23 A. "This is a sure bet" : YOU CANT LOSE.   If it's too good to be true  .  .  .

42 A. "Hold on a sec" : BE RIGHT BACK.   Don't wait up for me.

48 A. 2000s sitcom starring Jason Lee : MY NAME IS EARL.  Grifting bully wins the lottery and has an epiphany, then decides to use his new unearned wealth to right all the wrongs of his life.  Never watched it.

Today's quasi-unifier completes the idea.  20 D. End of a question begun by part of 19-, 23-, 42- and 48-Across : VALENTINE.  You can read about the eponymous saint here.

Putting it all together: WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?.  Of course I will, I love you all.

Found these gems on Face Book.

Hi gang, Jazzbumpa on duty.  I didn't bring you any chocolates,  but let's see what other lovely delights we can uncover.


1. Drive-thru device : ATMAutomatic Teller Machine for banking from your driver's seat.

4. Org. people line up for? : TSA. Transportation Security Administration.   I used to love air travel.  This is one more reason not to.

7. Sell under false pretenses : PALM OFF.  I had PASS OFF, which slowed me down a bit.

14. Tries to scam online : PHISHES.   Uses fraudulent e-mail to get people to reveal personal information, like pass words or credit card numbers.

16. South Pacific region : OCEANIA.  A collective name for the many scattered islands in the  Pacific Ocean, north and south of the equator, plus Australia.

17. Good thing to break gently : BAD NEWS.  Otherwise, you're breaking bad, badly.

18. Bought time : STALLED.  Dragged one's feet.

21. "__ Lisa" : MONA.  Famous painting, and a chance for some better music.

22. Golf's "Big Easy" : ELS.  South African golfer Theodore Ernest [Ernie] b.1969, with 19 PGA wins, 28 European Tour wins, and dozens of other trophies.

28. "Halt and Catch Fire" network : AMC.  TV network formerly known as American Movie Classics.  The named program was a fictional drama series about the early days of personal computing and the growth of the world wide web.

31. Writers Patchett and Brashares : ANNS.  I'm currently reading Lords and Ladies, [without having read the necesssarry prequels, and it's till working out OK] and misread Patchett as Pratchett.  But TERRY doesn't fit.  Ms Patchett [b 1963] is an American writer of magazine articles, short stories and novels.  Her novel Bel Canto won the PEN/Faulkner award in 2002.  Ms Brashares [b 1967] is an American writer of YA fiction, best know for her novel The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

32. Korea setting : EAST ASIA.  With whom we have not always been at war.

34. Rhodes of Rhodesia fame : CECIL John Rhodes [1853-1902]. Without spending more time than I was willing to, I couldn't verify that he was the eponym for Rhodesia, but I'll still make that intuitive leap.  His Wikipedia entry says he was a mining magnate, businessman and staunch believer in British imperialism, which I take to mean he was also a virulent racist and exploiter.

36. "__-Man": superhero film : ANT.  The IMDB entry for this movie says, "Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world."

37. Longtime SeaWorld star : SHAMU.  The killer whale.

38. Four-legged collar wearer : HOUSE PET.  Cat or dog, most of the time.

40. Indigo plant : ANIL.  Indigofera suffruticosa, is a flowering plant of the pea family native to tropical and subtropical Americas.  It is a source of indigo dye.

41. Rubble-making stuff : TNT. TriNitroToluene.  Originally used as a yellow dye, it is now best known as an explosive.  Since it is rather difficult to detonate, it has relatively safe handling properties.

46. Storybook crone : HAG.  Witch.

47. Close at hand : NEAR.

53. "God willing!" : I HOPE SO.  Wishful thinking.

55. "We've heard enough" : SPARE US. T M I.

57. Accumulates : PILES UP.  I had AMASSES, leading to more difficulty.

58. Cautious bettors : HEDGERSHere is how they do it.

59. Mailer's need : ADDRESS.  Only if you want it to arrive.

60. Many promos : ADS.

61. Spot for family game night : DEN.  AKA, family room.


1. Manhunt letters : APBAll Points Bulletin.  A broadcast to law enforcement agencies to be on the look out for a certain dangerous or missing person.

2. Winter warm spell : THAW.  We had two or three last week, with snow storms in between.

3. Skirt style : MIDI.  I had MINI first.  More wishful thinking, I suppose.  Then MAXI 'cuz i go to extremes.

4. Title role for Geena : THELMA.  Along with Susan as Louise.  Iconic feminist story with a Greek tragedy finale.

5. Attached, as a button : SEWN ON.  Holding on by a threat

6. Give the go-ahead : ASSENT.

7. Something struck by a model? : POSE.

8. One in a cast : ACTRESS.  I believe ACTOR is now the preferred non-gender-specific term.

9. Circulars : LEAFLETS.  Things that are circulated, not things that are shaped round.

10. Store collections : MALLS.  Nice misdirection.  Collections of stores rather than collections of things in stores.

11. The Beach Boys' "God __ Knows" : ONLY.   I never knew this was title.

12. Quaint "For shame!" : FIE.  Expression of outrage or disgust.

13. Fidget spinners, apparently : FAD.   Short-lived enthusiasm for some thing that generally doen't deserve it.

15. Kate McKinnon is in its ensemble, briefly : SNLSaturday Night Live.  Common X-word TV entry.

23. Regatta entry : YACHT.  A recreational boat in a race.  The word YACHT derives from the Dutch word for "hunt."  Originally it meant a fast sailing ship used to hunt down pirates and other aquatic miscreants.

24. Diamond situation after a leadoff double : ONE ON.  One base runner in baseball.  Why a double and not a single, triple, walk, or batter hit by pitch?

25. Full-length, as a film : UNCUT.  Unabridged.

26. Several CBS dramas : CSIs.  Crime Scene Investigation - a franchise of CBS crime dramas involving procedural forensics in evidence gathering and crime solving.  Never watched any of them.

27. Bread grain : OAT.  Not just for horses.

28. Yoga pose : ASANA.  Didn't we already have a POSE?!?  An ASANA is a seated posture, or other yoga position.

29. Make like : MIMIC.  Act in the manner of, aka a la.

30. Sink sealant : CAULK.  A waterproof sealant.

33. Captain described as a "grand, ungodly, god-like man" : AHAB.  From Melville's classic Moby Dick.

35. Beirut natives : LEBANESE.

36. Bubbly prefix : AER-.  [gurgle]

39. Winged steed of myth : PEGASUS.

43. Performer with many fans? : GEISHA.  Another misdirection.

44. Secured, as a gate : HASPED.  Dating back to the Germanic origins of Old, English, a HASP is a perforated metal plate that fits over a metal loop that can then be secured with a lock.  Its use as a verb is archaic.

45. Tire features : TREADS.  The textured surfaces where the rubber meets the road.

46. Bouncing off the walls : HYPER.  Over-excited or -active.

48. Shape : MOLD.

49. Hairdressing challenges : MOPS.  Unruly locks.  Maybe a HASP would help?

50. Uru. neighbor : ARG. Two So. Amer. Ctries.

51. Swamp thing : REED.   Plant life.

52. Angler's fly, e.g. : LURE.  A type of bait that attracts the targeted fish.

53. Pub letters : IPAIndia Pale Ale.   A high hop content brew, originally designed to be brewed in England and shipped to India.  The hops stabilize the product in transit.

54. Squirreled away : HID.

56. Bank acct. info : SSNSocial Security Number.  Guard it from the PHISHermen.

OK kids. That wraps up another Wednesday.  And since it's Valentine's day, I'll close with this. Nā Pana 'Elua, in Hawiian means "The Two Heartbeats."

Peace and Love!


OwenKL said...

Three Valentines jigsaw pictures and poems are up at -- unlike the folks on Jigidi, you get to read the poem without working the puzzle first!

For you high mountains I will climb!
I'll swim to OCEANIA
To fetch your gladiolia --
Just don't interrupt my T.V. in prime time!

[sic on the flower -- gladiola fit the rhythm so much better than gardenia!
Irish Miss will like this next one!]

I'm afraid I have some BAD NEWS that WILL NEVER FLY.
Assurances YOU CAN'T LOSE are a blatant lie!
They're spam and scams and PHISHES
That prey upon your wishes,
To LURE you to folly -- upon them FIE, fie, fie!

Once there was a LEBANESE
Who thought it impolite to sneeze.
He'd hold his nose,
It curled his toes,
And oft blew out his knees!

I think I've got a Fonzie today: {A, A, A!}

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Loren, Bruce, Bumpa, and Jeff Chen too?

Took awhile, but got her done!

Really tired. Took quite a while to tie with the two usual first place people in the world at Word Solitaire!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Chairman Moe said...

My Moe-ku du jour (puzzling thoughts, omitted)

Guy sent a hurried
Text message for Valentines:
"Happy VD Day"


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

There was a bit of crust on the snow this morning. AKA and PASSOFF (Hi, JzB!) caused a vowel change in the latter. Things went much better further down. Theme? Missed it again. Thanx, LMS, BH and JzB.

"Virulent racist and exploiter" -- Have you been practicing that phrase, JzB?

MOP: Guilty, as charged. Unruly and fly-away.

IM should be smilin' this mornin'. Flynn won Best in Show at Westminster. No, I didn't watch it; learned it this morning on NPR.

Oas said...

Thanx again to constructors Loren and Bruce . Well done doable puzzle for VD. Thanx JzB for the write up. Didn't like HASPED , but as a verb it made sense and the perps confirmed it. "God willing " the warmer weather will contiue. BAD NEWS would be if springtime STALLED and winter said BE RIGHT BACK . SPARE US , lest the snow PILES UP and I crawl back into my DEN.

Oas said...

OKL loved your poem . Some days I think i've held my nose to often. :-)

Lemonade714 said...

How sweet to have a Valentine present from Loren Muse Smith and Bruce Haight. Thank you.

Speaking of ANIL, my wife has incorporated boiling the BLUE BUTTERFLY PEA flower when preparing rice. The color result ranges from light blue to a deep, almost purple. If you read the link, this is part of her plan to keep me healthy and our minds working.

I do not believe I know anyone well enough for that ASANI and hope they were able to unentangle. I cannot imagine what one would do if an itch began.

Thanks, JzB and Happy Valentine's Day to all. LINK

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Thanks, Loren, for quite a nice Wednesday challenge. And JazzB, welcome back from the trombone section--a fine tour with excellent links. Thank you.

I'm off to deliver red velvet cupcakes to my grand so they'll be surprised when they come home from school. One part of the delivery circuit is a 55-mile round trip. I'll try to get back later to check out the rest of your comments.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

28D: How many legs does that woman have???

Chairman Moe said...

Moe-ku 2:

My baseball haiku:

The ace reliever
Really likes Valentine's Day:
He loves pitching woo.

Spring Training alert: pitchers and catchers report today ...

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I like Bruce Haight's puzzles and I feel as though I know Loren as she is a regular poster on that other paper's blog. (She is known for her warmth and wit.) The puzzle was a nice Valentine's Day treat with only one or two stumbles: NFL/TSA and Racer/Yacht. Didn't care for hasped but it works, so no foul. Overall, a cute theme and enjoyable solve.

Thanks, Bruce and Loren, for a mid-week treat and thanks, Jazz, for the charming commentary.

Owen, I like all three verses but, as you surmised, number two is quite apropos. My "phishing" friends have slowed down considerably but I did get three emails in the last two days from Netflix imploring me to check my "informations" so my account won't be deactivated.

DO, not only do I have a smile on my face but I also have a song in my heart. I am over the moon with Flynn's Best in Show award. He is the most handsome Bichon I've ever seen and truly was the best in show, IMO. The other six finalists were top notch, too, and anyone of them could have won. Today, Flynn is my Valentine! 💘

Congratulations to Shaun White on his third Gold Medal win!

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for Pass off first, which slowed that section, but the rest fell into place. I find I like these special-day themes, and this was nice.

Morning JzB, good to have you holding the conductor’s baton today. That Hearts and Flowers thing wasn’t as pretty as its title would suggest. I think you summed up Cecil Rhodes correctly - even the Rhodes Scholarship, despite its seeming generosity, was designed with imperialism at its core.

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks JazzB! Loved the humor in your write-up, especially the Yoga pose and caption! This was a difficult construction- finding phrases to match up with those letters in VALENTINE was not easy. I didn't even think WILL NEVER FLY was crossworthy, but Rich convinced us it was. Happy V-Day!

Picard said...

My VALENTINE gave me the exact same card today that I got for her!

What are the odds?

Here is the VALENTINE we both chose!

What's not to love about this puzzle? A few unknowns where the crosses were quite fair:
MY NAME IS EARL, CECIL, ANNS, ANIL. Learning moments.

Did anyone else try CAN'T MISS before CAN'T LOSE?

Our business was treated to these PERFORMERS WITH MANY FANS when we were in KOREA.

Our hosts were very generous. Technically, they are not GEISHAS. In KOREA they are Gisaeng. Another part of EAST ASIA with a similar tradition.

I saw THELMA and Louise on a cross-country flight. Just as the film came to its extraordinary climax at the end, the film stopped. I was going to freak out if I could not see the ending. The pilot had come on to announce something. What was he announcing? That those of us on the right side of the plane could get a perfect view of the Grand Canyon!

What are the odds?

From yesterday:
Old Man Keith: Yes we are in for more drought. We are in a tough spot here in the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas. If we get a lot of rain, it could trigger more mud slides. If we get too little rain the vegetation will never grow back to hold the soil. Not to mention we won't have any water in our reservoirs!

Picard said...

JzB: Hand up tried PASS OFF before PALM OFF.

And thanks for that most memorable POSE. OK. I will not try this at home.

CrossEyedDave said...


This whole Valentine thing is not working out...

Maybe even Downright Weird!

If you see this, RUN!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks yous Loren and Bruce for a nice Holiday puzzle. I HOPE your VALENTINE SO comes through. And thanks Bruce for stopping by C.C.'s Corner; for the record I liked WILL NEVER FLY. Starting us off w/ three TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) though... :-)

My west filled way before the EAST. It took the V in VALENTINE to finish 19a and start the letters falling into cells.

JzB - wonderfully musical expo and jazzy-commentary. Thanks for the tunes ('cep the first one :-))

WO: I started to latch the gate @44d
ESPs and a lucky WAG: ASANA xing ANIL. CECIL, ANNs, and EARL were ESP.
Fav: I really did like the phrases in the theme fill (sans EARL).

{B-,A-,A+!} {chuckle, Baseball!!!!}

More work to do... I would say BRB but it may be longer...

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Thank you, Loren and Bruce! What a lovely VALENTINE puzzle. It even has ADDRESS for mailing.

For the second day my newspaper was not delivered and that is really BAD NEWS.

THELMA and Louise always reminds me of my dad's first cousins, sisters, who are so named and now long gone. As was the custom then we used to visit their family on Sundays.

Sigh. I misspelled LEBoNESE and didn't notice HOG instead of HAG.

One thing I'm sure of, I could never MIMIC that ASANA!

Thank you, JazzB, for your amusing commentary!


Have a fabulous VALENTINE's day, everyone! It's ash Wednesday so celebrating will be on a low key.

Bruce Haight said...

It was pointed at Crossword Fiend that this puzzle has a cute minitheme with OCEANIA and EASTASIA being two of the three stars in George Orwell's "1984". Always nice to have an Orwellian Easter Egg in the puzzle!

Husker Gary said...

-Sub call at 6am and so no chance to do the puzzle until just now
-I was teaching The Battle of New Orleans and so of course I played Johnny Horton for them
-What a great theme/gimmick
-I had to erase PAWN OFF
-PHISHING – I have my lovely bride deleting instead of firing off angry responses
-Little Miss Dyanmite on Breaking BAD NEWS in 1962 (2:10)
-CECIL’S eponymous country became Zimbabwe as the sun was setting on the British Empire
-What are these envelopes and ADDRESSES I keep hearing about?
-Our 50˚F THAW causes such a mess that car washes don’t do much business
-I got an estimate of $2,900 to CAULK my driveway and sidewalks. YouTube, here I come
-Fans of My Cousin Vinny know the role 75-R-14 TREADS played in that great movie
-Remember when Beatle MOPtop haircuts were controversial?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you Loren & Bruce for a valiant Valentine's Day effort. Fun & amusing. Thanks also to JzB. Nice to have you back.

That ASANI POSE WILL NEVER FLY at my house! Owww!

Performer with many fans: Sally Rand didn't fit. GEISHA was all perps.

Didn't know ANIL was Indigo.

My Valentine I bought for myself was a pint of ice cream. My daughter was kind enough to take me grocery shopping. I had enough food for one more meal if I ate light.

BAD NEWS: my sister-in-law died last night at age 89. Probably a blessing. Her youngest daughter died last summer which I'm sure contributed to SIL's declining health. She had strokes before Thanksgiving and was now curled in the fetal position and didn't know anyone. She was always the "hostess with the mostest" so hard to think of her like that. Tiny little woman, never weighed much over 100#, but managed to have five children.

Tinbeni said...

Jazz: Good-Job with the excellent, informative write-up.

Loren & Bruce: Thank you for a FUN VALENTINE puzzle.

I had the PASS-OFF and MINI errs too.

Hope everyone has a romantic day today.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Sometimes you just have to stare at the blanks, even when you haven't a clue to understanding the clue.
Stare long & hard.
It's a state of concentration beyond P+P.
And then - Bang! - the right fill comes to you! Because if it didn't I wouldn't be writing this as a recommendation, would I? But this is what happened today with me, especially in trying to grok the key word, VALENTINE. For the longest time I thought it had something to do with valet servicing, as in a car parking venue. Something on the order of VALET-ING, y'know.
The perps weren't helping.
But everything finally clicked for today's Ta- DA! Thank you, Ms. Smith and Mr. Haight, for adding another VALENTINE greeting to the venerable spirit of the day.
And thanks, JazzB, for a wonderful exposition. I loved the Puritan greetings and especially the Yoga ASANA. You've got a great eye for picking illustrations!

My VALENTINE card to the Missus displays an X-Ray of a throbbing heart, with the message that I'm dedicating my upcoming stress tests to her. I think she liked it. She smiled, loudly, through gritted teeth.

PK, condolences to your family on the passing of your sister-in-law. 89 is a fine accumulation of years and, as you say, it may well be a blessing after we have moved beyond our most energized times of life. I imagine she would be happy to know you (and presumably others) remember her as a vibrant hostess.

Picard, California's executive & legislature try periodically to come up with major water conservation measures, including Jerry Brown's Delta tunnels. But even in the face of last year's drought and our current financial well-being, true protection from the kind of situation you describe seems as elusive as -- well, Utopia.

Diagonal Report: Nothing on the recto side, but a neat 3-way on the verso, running right to left. No hidden messages, but several wee words, viz. FIE, OAT, PEG, BAN, HID, HAG, PET, & FLY.

AnonymousPVX said...

I’m not one for themed puzzles but I liked this one. Well put together in every respect, a bit of crunch also, but it is Wednesday.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, then played golf before checking the Corner. Was 2 inches from getting my first eagle - a blind 6-iron shot over a live oak tree on a nice par 4. Tap-in birdies are still very nice.

Erased AbC for AMC, tsk for FIE, form for MOLD, and, of course, PAss OFF for PALM OFF.

CSO to our NOLA Cornerite at the clue for ELS.

Thanks Bruce and JazzB for a nice Valentine's Wednesday.

Bill G said...

Thanks Loren, Bruce and JzB. I enjoyed all of it.

Gary, interesting about those leaflets. I didn't know that, or if I did, I had forgotten it. Also, I enjoyed that song. I'll bet Patsy Cline could have done a great job with it too.

PK, I feel bad for you and the in-laws. Warm wishes for all of you.

I'm going to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich.

Jayce said...

A pleasant Valentine's Day offering that was fun to solve. I don't think we'll be hasping our gates any time soon; we just lock 'em with padlocks in the hasps.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Irish Miss, as they say, the final decision in the Westminster show lies in the "opinion of the judge." Otherwise it would be impossible to choose one "Best in Show" from among such a great variety of breeds. And so many handsome beauties!
What made Flynn the Bichon Frise stand out for me was his attention to his handler. One of our little guys outdoes the others in the same way--always checking to see that he's doing the right thing, making the right choices, etc.
But even our guy can't match Flynn.
Flynn's focus was riveted on his pal!

Jinx, yes I had a couple of those first tries. I might have tried TsK too, but it's not exactly "quaint."

Lemonade714 said...

Bruce thank you for stopping by and providing your insight. The Orwell mini-theme flew right by me but it was clearly noteworthy. Oddly I thought of Orwell with OCEANIA but did not link in my mind, East Asia.

Loren, good to see your work as well.

tawnya said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got a text saying "Happy VD!!" and I wasn't quite sure how to respond..."Nope, I'm clean!" or "You should talk to someone about that!" Some phrases should not be abbreviated.

Fantastic write up today - the links were great, as always. I appreciate all your time and effort.

IM - I thought of you when I saw the Bichon won! And I cried watching Shaun White win. I've been watching him for years and am constantly amazed by his talent and how much he contributes to the sports world.

PK - sorry about your SIL. Sometimes I feel like we lose our loved ones twice - the first time when their mind goes and then again when their body fails. It's not easy or fair and my thoughts are with you.

All is well in my world. It's flu season and I've been working a ton. I have been lurking though...

I loved the show Earl. And it reminds me of Goodbye Earl

Thanks for linking the Beach Boys! Here's my favorite today with some (eye) candy in honor of Valentine's Day <3

Baseball is starting!! I got the best news yesterday about one of my favorite players. Go Dodgers!

Wishing you all a lovely Valentine's Day!


Misty said...

Not a great day for me. Woke up at 4 am and never got back to sleep, with a morning meeting, cataract doctor appointment, etc. etc. But I did get the puzzle done in perfect shape--thank you, Loren and Bruce. And I managed to drive up to campus and back safely, although I ended up postponing the cataract inspection because I was afraid I'd have trouble driving with dilated eyes. Not the best Valentine's Day I ever had, but, hey, I made it home safely and will hopefully get a decent night's sleep tonight.

Nice to visit the corner, and glad many of you had a lovely day.

PK, how sad to hear about the loss of your sweet sister-in-law. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Look forward to being back in better spirits tomorrow.

Rp said...

Shamu, the white whale, crosses Ahab.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sorry you had such a rotten Valentines' Day, Misty. I wondered how I managed to post earlier than you.
We missed you & didn't know what had become of you. I know what you mean about not wanting to drive when your eyes have been worked over. I remember once having my eyes dilated by a doc who hadn't given me a forewarning. I got only a block away from his office before I had to pull off the road and rest my eyes for over an hour before I could continue driving home.

Here's hoping you get better rest tonight!

Lemonade714 said...

Happy birthday, Heart Rx wherever you are.

Ernie ELS said...

I was changing lots of fills tonight after a very late start. AKA to APB, AMASSES to PILES UP, RYE to OAT, PASS OFF to PALM OFF, and LASHED to HASPED. My sloppy penmanship didn't help either. But I finally finished. Never heard of "Halt and Catch Fire", ANN Patchett or Brashares, ANT-Man, Jason Lee. "God ONLY Knows' was an unknown title after listening to the song, it was also an unknown song.

I see that the opposition leader of "Rhodesia" died today.

As far as Big Easy's wins on the PGA, four were majors: two US Opens and two British Opens.

Misty said...

Many thanks for the kind understanding, Ol'Man Keith--I really appreciate it. Now I'm just praying that I'll get a normal night's sleep tonight.

PK said...

Thanks for the kind condolences. I think my SIL probably is "upstairs" saying "I'm here. Let's get this party started." I haven't been able to see her for awhile so will remember her at her prime.

Misty, Valentines Day is never fun after we've lost our "main squeeze". I'm thinking a big hug for you.

Anonymous T said...

PK - I'm sorry to hear about your SIL but glad that her prime is what you remember.
Misty - Sorry for your bad day too. May Thursday bring you a WooHoo!

Lem, it was Heart Rx's BDay? HeartRx, if you're reading (even if not), happy birthday!

FYI - looking at FLN, I noticed Loren posted @4p on yesterday's log. Thanks for dropping in Loren!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I'm very sorry about your loss and hope the sweet memories of your SIL comfort you.

What a sad ending to Valentine's Day today in Parkland, FL. Prayers for the departed, the wounded and especially all the families.

I'm sorry, too, that you had a bad day and hope tomorrow will be better for you.

Anonymous T said...

Just dealt with a nasty PHISH in the UK. Boy, do I miss good ol' fashioned SPAM. [yes, us geeks named un-called-for emails after the Python sketch.] Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

We had ELS clued Tuesday as ELevated trainS .
I didn't get a chance to get solving until I went to bed. It went slowly, like Wednesdays are wont to do. The theme saved me .

Cardio went very well. I didn't need to take a stress test .

All the links I followed and the links they took me to put me to sleep. I figured I could post this morning.

Loved Spitz, OMK, Moe and all who posted

WC .

Unknown said... politics? I guess 'virulent racist and exploiter' is permissible as long as your omniscient powers can be trusted to determine what was in a man's heart, who died over a hundred years ago.

Loren Muse Smith said...

Man oh man oh man are y'all nice over here! I love that my name is there at the top with Bruce's; he's a beast of a constructor. And a swell guy. And amiable fellow. So even though I probably just carry his luggage on collaborations, he deftly finesses it so that I don't really feel that way.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!