Feb 10, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012, Julian Lim

Theme: Halt! You are under arrest as an Accessory after the Pun! All five theme clues are referenced as accessories one might wear to create a new meaning for a two word existing phrase, with the second word the 'accessory." While most men do not worry about accessorizing, Julian picked items we all wear, no frilly boas need apply. The theme came easily, the grid was a nice tight visual with lots of mini-stacks, and few 3 letter words. There were some tough areas, but over all, it is over all. let's take a peek...

17A. Fight fan's accessory?: BOXING RING. The idea is a ring on the fan's finger which shows the interest in the pugilistic art, and is a retooling of the phrase to describe the arena where boxers perform. Convoluted but nice!

25A. Preacher's accessory?: BIBLE BELT. The Bible Belt is the part of the southeastern United States where strict fundamentalist Christianity dominates life, and also what a Parson might use to keep his pants from falling down. Always important to preserve the dignity of the office.

36A. Conductor's accessory?: RAILROAD TIE. These are the boards that hold the tracks, also used as decorations by golf course architects and landscapers, as our rail system disappears. I imagine most conductors wear bow ties.

48A. Donald Trump accessory?: FIRING PIN. The mechanism which makes a gun work, as well as what the Donald wears in his lapel to mark all the people he has fired.

58. Vampire's accessory?: NIGHT WATCH. Not sure if he is referring to the Rembrandt, or the Russian movie, though I did think of the Night's Watch charged with guarding the Wall. Obviously, Vampires only wear theirs at night.

Well time to look at the big picture:


1. Classic British two-door: MINI. The Morris Mini. LINK. (3:22)

5. "That'll do, thanks": I'M SET. A tricky run of letters to start our day.

10. TiVo products: DVRS. Digital Video Recorders I now watch TV, because I can schedule my time.

14. Had too much, for short: OD'ED. Over-dosed

15. Gulf of Guinea capital: ACCRA. The Capitol of Ghana.

16. "The Caine Mutiny" novelist: WOUK. Herman, who wrote such diverse books as Marjorie Morningstar and the Winds of War. Bogart was great in the Caine Mutiny movie, playing with his balls.

19. Skye writing: ERSE. Skye the North Sea Island where they speak this Gaelic tongue.

20. Where a soldier may be out: COT. Out like a light, sleeping.

21. Do: COIF. A synonym from the old French word for a knitted cap, now a fancy way to say a hairdo.

22. Davis of the silver screen: BETTE. The incomparable actress. Born in Lowell, Mass.

23. Augment: ADD TO. Yes Dennis, a boob job is promoted as breast Augmentation surgery. When you are doing your hands on exams, remember this important medical term.

28. Like preachers: PIOUS. Why they must wear belts, and if they are Catholics, they are chastity belts. Not to be confused with Chastity Bono.

29. Basketball filler: AIR. Really? Too easy to be right.

30. Spot markers? XES. X marks the spot on every treasure map.

31. "Freeze!": STOP. Don't move. A game we played often as children.

32. Checkout device: SCANNER. They read UPC, not much of a plat.

39. How villains act CRUELLY. Like this DEAR. (3:30)

40. Feature of a good essay: FLOW. Or a good river.

43. Texter's "No way!" : OMG. LOL, TMI, BRB.

46. Chemical suffix: ENE.

47. Colleague of Ruth and Antonin: ELENA. Justices of the US Supreme Court, in order Bader-Ginsberg, Scalia and Kagan. An obscure gimme for me.

52. When Peter Pan grew up: NEVER.

53. Love interest: FLAME. These days mostly used along with "Old" indicating the fires have gone out.

54. "Mysterious Island" captain: NEMO. A Jules Verne novel from the 1840's spawned this MOVIE.(2:38)

56. Two-yr. degrees: AAS. Associate of Arts.

57. Input, often: DATA. Always remember, GIGO!

61. Uncommon blood type, briefly: A-NEG. Aren't you glad we had the bloody discussion last week?

62. Squash variety: ACORN. A green skin hides a nice orange yellow middle in this winter squash.

63. Actress Petty: LORI. Known as an offbeat actress; you might recall her in Free Willy.

64. Antiquity: YORE. Ah, the days of yore when Hearti and I were young.

65. Layered skirts: TUTUS. Yes we danced the night away in our tutus. You think this is TOO TOO?

66. Help the chef: PREP. Bring the wine just would not fit.

Take a deep breath, time to go...


1. Bonnets for Colonial Williamsburg reenactors: MOB CAPS. I am so glad this was filled since never heard the TERM.

2. Skelton catchphrase: I DOOD IT. See it in this MOVIE. (2:12).

3. Across the driveway: NEXT DOOR. The cross with ADD TO made this one hard for me.

4. Forest's Oscar role: IDI. Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland playing AMIN. Do you remember him in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

5. "Thus do I ever make my fool my purse" speaker: IAGO. Julian knows I love me some Will Shakespeare.

"Thus do I ever make my fool my purse.
For I mine own gained knowledge should profane
If I would time expend with such a snipe
But for my sport and profit. I hate the Moor,
And it is thought abroad that ’twixt my sheets
He’s done my office. I know not if ’t be true,
But I, for mere suspicion in that kind,
Will do as if for surety. He holds me well."

6. Golden Arches pork sandwich: MCRIB. Any good?

7. Le Guin genre: SCI FI. Science Fiction. Ursula, according to Amazon her works explore Taoist, anarchist, ethnographic, feminist, queer theory, psychological and sociological themes.

8. Cliff nester: ERN. Not to be confused with a TERN.

9. It may keep you from getting home safely: TAG. baseball reference, tagged out before scoring.

10. One in with the out-crowd: DWEEB. No one knows where this pejorative came from, but it emerged when I was in college, before nerd took over.

11. Spinning mass: VORTEX. From the Latin, meaning whirlpool.

12. Take stock?: RUSTLE. Great clue, cattle rustlers from all the old westerns we all watched.

13. '50s-'60s country singer McDonald: SKEETS. Old time Country MUSIC. (2:25)

18. Boot camp VIPs: NCOS. Non-commissioned officers. I get this fill often.

22. Special Forces hat: BERET. These GUYS.

24. Ill-fated rapper: TUPAC. Shakur, born Lesane Parish Crooks, died when he was 25.

26. Hackneyed: BANAL.

27. Aviation nickname: LINDY. Lucky Lindbergh, who flew solo, lost a child, but fathered many more.

32. Hurled: SLUNG. Baseball pitchers used to be called hurlers. Nothing to do with vomiting.

33. Skulk: CREEP. Creeps often creep.

34. MSN alternative: AOL.

35. Springfield, for one: RIFLE. Most important Civil War weapon. Here is a newer version.

37. Holmes adversary Adler: IRENE. RACHEL MCADAMS

38. It has its ups and downs: ELEVATOR. You all make fun of my jokes.

41. Decent plot: ONE ACRE. Plot of earth, not a book.

42. Armada component WAR SHIP. These were all difficult, which is good, it is Friday.

43. Below-par period: OFF DAY. When you blog once a week, you cannot afford to have one.

44. City west of Venezia: MILANO. Venice and Milan in English, or this COOKIE,

45. Latke maker's need: GRATER. Another gimme for me, as I make potato latkes often, and know you must grate the potatoes not mash them.

47. Adequate, in verse: ENOW. Enough arcane words!

49. Public persona: IMAGE.

50. Pricey bar: INGOT. Gold or silver?

51. India's longest-serving prime minister: NEHRU. First also, and don't you love the jackets.

55. Chain links?: Abbr.: MTNS. Chain of mountains not necklaces.

58. D.C. athlete: NAT. D.C. tells you it is an abbreviation for baseball's Nationals.

59. Hosp. area: ICU. Intensive Care Unit. Also a gimme, for all the wrong reasons.

60. Climber's destination: ALP. Well I am sure many go climbing in the Alps, but as a singular word? Or maybe it is Julian's reminder it is time for me to climb off my stool, and get out of here. We have put another Friday to bed, hope you all are well rested in the morning.

Answer grid.
See you.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Blew through this one in near record time for a Friday. Much easier than yesterday or even Wednesday, at least for me.

The theme was fun and easy to uncover, which helped immensely.

SKEETS and MOBCAPS were complete unknowns, but the perps took care of them neatly and those weree really the only unknowns in the puzzle. It took me a bit to remember I DOOD IT, but it was definitely back in the dusty recesses of my brain and I was able to retrieve it with a little prompting.

Lemonade714 said...

I found my video of CAPTAIN QUEEG. What a great cast.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. Unlike Barry G, today's puzzle certainly felt like a Friday. I got hung-up in the NW corner. After getting BIBLE BELT, I knew what sort of things I was looking for.

We've seen OD'ED often enough now in the puzzles.

My favorite clue was It Has Its Ups and Downs = ELEVATOR.

I never saw Fast Times at Ridgemont High, so wasn't aware that Forest Whitaker was in it. He has a lot of films to his credit.

QOD: G~d help the man who won't marry until he finds a perfect woman, and G~d help him still more if he finds her. ~ Benjamin Tillett

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Take stock/RUSTLE, Below-par period/OFF DAY, Pricey bar/INGOT. Just a few of the great clues offered by Julian today. Too bad I could not get them. I've been done in by today's constructor again and it probably won't be the last time either.

I figured out the theme early on, but it didn't help.
The only sure thing from today is when I start tomorrows puzzle, I'll need a fresh eraser.

Maybe I should consider a PRICEY BAR of another type? Nah, too early in the day.

Anony-Mouse said...

Wow ! I am number 4 today and just following the 3 family Einsteins ! Either I'm up too early or the internet's crashed everywhere else....

Thank you Julian Lim for a lovely puzzle, I actually was able to complete a Friday, after all. ( now, I can die happy -). Lemonade, your comments are as endearing as ever. Nobody laughs at your jokes ? - wish you could have heard me - I laugh so hard, I need an Alka-Seltzer later just to settle my stomach. har, har, hargh, har, har.

ALT QOD:- My wife told me my lovemaking is like a news flash bulletin. Brief, unexpected and mostly a disaster. ~ Bob Monkhouse.

Middletown Bomber said...

thank you lemonade for the write up. Congrats to Barry for the speed run. I have to say I caught on to the theme fairly early but I did not like it at all. I did this puzzle in Sunday time. TGIF all

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning Lemonade and the Friday gang. Nice Write up.

Julian Lim puzzles are usually difficult for me, and I thought this one was going to be also. MINI? Nah, too obvious for Julian, probably MG TA or something. Skipped to the middle top, got some solid fill and flowed out from there. It wound up being much easier than I thought it would.

MOBCAPS was an unknown but perps took care of it. I liked the personalized accessory puns, but Julian's other puns gave me a few chuckles too.

Fave clue was 'decent plot'/ONE ACRE.

Great puzzle.

Yellowrocks said...

LOL, Lemonade. I love your blogging and laugh at your jokes. Fun theme, great puns and misdirections.

I was familiar with MOBCAP because I read so many historical novels about the early days of the U.S. By the time of Williamsburg (the Victorian period) the fancy upper class ladies' pleated cap had been taken over by the lower classes and simplified. The one's I have read about are like those in this article under MOB HAT, more commonly called MOB CAP.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

Fun links today, Lemon. I got sucked into watching them all, and would have been here a half hour ago if I had skipped them for later!

I got the theme right away with BOXING RING. All five are solid entries, but after yesterday’s challenge, it seemed a bit too easy for a Friday.

I had “bad DAY” instead of OFF DAY at 43D, and sat staring at “aIRING PIN” for the longest time, wondering what it was. His shows air on TV, but what the heck is an “airing pin”??? DUH!! I finally changed bad to OFF, and everything else fell into place down under.

The ALPs are definitely my go-to climbing and skiing destination. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them referred to in the singular. But I guess it would have been too obscure to clue the word as “Laboratory diagnostic test for bile duct blockage: Abbr.” (Alkaline phosphatase)

Oh well, TGIF !

Anony-Mouse said...

Herman Wouk also wrote a book,'This is my God' - very profound. I remember reading that 'The Caine Mutiny' was fiction, in the preface - I was disappointed ... not that I wish the USN any ill will - but it seemed so real, so natural, so likely to have happened.

I thought of WH, in the 'Bible Belt' - altho' he is probably among the most tolerant, liberal and open minded blogger, whom I've had the pleasure to read.

I also learnt a new word, 'Mobcaps' ... what a misleading term - and now they're called 'scrubs' in O.T's and 'nets' in McJobs and many other names.

Like Lemon, I too have a little prob. with my eyesight, and I read 'college of Ruth and Antonin' and I kept thinking - is it "EYale" now ?

Mokus said...

My thanks to Julian Lim and Lemonade for an enjoyable CWP and write-up.

My biggest challenge was in NE despite being a Red Skelton fan in the 50s and a GI in the 60s. Couldn't remember the catch phrase and was "out" on my bunk. Oddly, as a civilian I camped with my army COT. Anyway, those two perps slowed me. Love Ursula Le Guin & Forest Whitaker. Thanks, Julian.

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning Everyone. Good write-up, Lemonade. The potato latkes sound real delicious.

Good puzzle, Julian. The theme was fun. Did not know MOB HATS. 32d, 'hurled'; thought of 'ralphed' but it wouldn't fit. Favorite clue was for FIRING PIN. Here is the NIGHT WATCH by Rembrandt van Rijn.

Belated Happy Birthday to Splynter.

Have a great day.

Avg Joe said...

I had lot's of trouble and far more erasures than typical. Saturday level, IMO. But it was fun and I was able to prevail. LOVED the clue for Bible belt. And that gave me the theme.

Forgot to wish Splynter a HBD. Hope today is a better day.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Great write-up, Lemonade, and fun puzzle, Julian. Started out a little shaky, had a couple of write-overs, but soon everything fell into place. Loved Take stock for rustle.

The sun is shining, it's Friday, 40 some degrees, no snow: what more could we ask for in the midst of February?

Have a great day everyone!

Mari said...

Fun puzzle with a lot of great clues. I have to admit, Julian busted my brain (as usual), but I learned a lot of new facts along the way.

20A Where a soldier may be out: COT. I wanted USO.

29A Basketball filler: AIR. So corny, I had to love it.

9D May keep you safe from getting home: TAG. I couldn't figure this out for the longest time. DUI?

I also liked Chain Links: MTNS.

And the FIRING PIN had me rolling.

DH and I are celebrating Valentines Day this weekend since the 14th is on a Tuesday. Anybody have special plans?

Husker Gary said...

What a labor of love for me, Julian. A labor to get it done and I loved it!

-Not quite ready for a Mini or Smart Car
-I’ve worked for some Captain Queeg types who are resistant to change and alienate a staff
-Afro? Nope, COIF
-IAGO is the only 4 letter Shakespeare guy on my team
-I loved her acting but never saw BETTE as a sex symbol
-PIOUS peeps make me uneasy
-My 50’s comic books had ads for Checkout devices – X-ray glasses!
-ELENA joins ARTE, ERTE, ERLE, et al in cwd lineup
-My Skelton catch phrase would have been GOD BLESS
-I first thought of Forest Tucker. Whitaker is stuck in my mind in Good Morning Vietnam
-DWEEB and NERDS are cool now
-Rustlers around the campfire Rustle up some grub

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Funny thing, for 31-A,"FREEZE!" I put in HALT. It took awhile to get STOP.

Since each theme had 'accessory' in the clue, I didn't read anymore into them.
As such, I didn't think the 'Fight fan's' BOXING RING would show interest in the pugilistic art.

Just knew the themes second word; RING, BELT, TIE, PIN & WATCH; were men's accessories.

Hand-up for MOB-CAPS & SKEETS being all perps.

Fave was the Pricey Bar: INGOT.
Also, Red's I-DOOD-IT.

Think I'll wander over to my local pub with the
Enjoy an "Arrogant Bastard" or 2.

The "toast" today will be before Sunset.

Husker Gary said...

I had to sub yesterday and had to work the puzzle online in the very awkward, unsatisfying format the LA Times now uses. When I sub, I also write real lesson plans and activities and so I didn’t have time to blog and wish HBD to our wonderful carpenter, Splynter.

I had a former student, who is now a carpenter, come in and bid $200 to cut out a piece of dry wall on the wall and ceiling, replace them, mud, finish and texture them after removing a replacing a huge cabinet. He did a fabulous job in a professional manner for $150. Only Splynter could have given me a better deal.

kazie said...

DNF here. I never did get RAILrOAD TiE or night WAtCh. Really didn't know many of the names either--ELENA, LORI and TUPAC were all strangers. Tried BRUCE for Springfield for a while, then wondered about that Brit female singer too (I never remember names). Didn't know it was a RIFLE. But considering what I still had left to do after a half hour, I guess getting most out in the end was a victory.

I never thought Bette Davis was attractive. She's got a snarky mouth and bulging eyes. She must have been a terrific actress, but well before my time.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

An enjoyable Friday puzzle that seemed easy to me. After RING and BELT I thought I had the theme figured out but it seemed a bit too simple. I thought I might be missing something ... and I was. I missed the significance of the first word in each theme answer! Thanks for the info and entertainment, Lemonade.

There were a couple of tough spots but perps worked them out: 46A ENE - I'm never sure if it's that or 'ane' and 43A 'No way'- I was first thinking - 'Not gonna happen' so OMG didn't come to me right away. I had to guess the M in the cross of MOBCAPS and MINI.

~~ I really liked the clue for TAG.

~~ I remembered Lori PETTY from "A League of Their Own."

~~ Like Husker Gary, I thought of "...and may God bless." for the Skelton clue.

Snow is finally headed our way ~~ enjoy the day, everyone!

Vairnut said...

Combine what Barry and Hahtool said. I scanned thru, finally got a word in the SE. Chipped away from there, using lots of perps. I wanted MC TC for the British 2 door, but getting NEXTDOOR and IDI took care of that. SW was the last to fall. I was thinking some kind of hairPIN for Trump, but of course, it wouldnt fit. FLAME, then OFFDAY and DATA finally got me through it. Overall, a decent Friday puzzle, with some fun clues!

Kim again said...

Malformed?! That seems rather cruel!
She's got Bette Davis Eyes!

Yellowrocks said...

Bette Davis is one of my favorite actresses. I still watch her old movies. She often played unsympathetic parts. I think this photo is sexy in a way.
Link text

Have you been to Colonial Williamsburg in VA? It is a great re-creation of colonial life and times. There are period shops and working artisans. The atmosphere is wonderful. There are docents, concerts, restaurants serving authentic meals, etc. You get a real sense of history there. Yorktown and Jamesburg are just a stone's throw away.

In my early 20's (I was mistaken as a high schooler) my husband and I, among others, chaparoned a high school band trip. The kids had little interest in history, so we were mainly babysitters. The next year we went by ourselves and had a great trip. Several years ago I returned with my sisters. The experience has gotten even better and more authentic over time.

Husker Gary said...

Tin, I think you and I would agree a “Below-par day” would not be BAD, rare, but not bad.

Bette Davis? Not so much! Bette Davis eyes? Cool beans!

Winter is back here after wonderful January but it’s closer to April 1 than November 1 so we’re in good shape.

Hahtool, QOD of day reminded me of Hymn to Him

Lemon, I went back and enjoyed all your verbiage and links!

Virginia said...

Wow! Definitely an OFF DAY for me! Is there an acceptable abbrev. for "no where nearly finished"? Very diffucult puzzle for me!

Lemonade, Enjoyed, and laughed at, the write up. We do appreciate your funnies.

Texter's No Way, I wanted NFW, at least that's what local teens seem to use.

Still don't get 37D Holmes adversary, IRENE then linked to Rachel McAdams - HELP!

Kazie, I agree with your assessment of Bette!! And, look at those eyebrows! Scary things.

Wanted Skelton's catchphrase to be Good Night and God Bless, maybe spread out. Never missed his show as a kid and Didn't remember I dood it until I read it here.

Just read last half of yesterday's blog: Abejo, if you're visiting the D.C. area, don't miss Monticello! Yes, Mt. Vernon is lovely but Monticello is magnificent!

Lemonade714 said...

YR; thanks for posting the picture of a young and gorgeous Bette Davis. Those eyes!

If you have not seen her film work, she was a fabulous actress who reinvented her career many times. She won two Oscars when she was young, had many more nominations, the first for All About Eve then Whatever Happened to Baby Jane a scary thriller, Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte another suspense film, followed by lots of TV, including a role in the series Hotel loosely based on the Arthur Hailey novel. She had a stroke and was replaced by her co-star from Eve, Anne Baxter, who sadly also had a stroke and died. If you saw Eve, ther is irony there.

Her voice also was very effective.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I'm with Virginia on this one, NFW just fits the clue way better!

Ran into trouble with SWEETS. Had to red letter the problem. Somehow retrieved MOBCAPS from a little-used brain compartment. All in all a standard Julian Lim workout, by no means a breeze.

Kazie - I can't recall seeing Bette Davis on film, but to judge by the linked photo, she's not one of the all time beauties. I vote for Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly.

Lemonade714 said...

Irene Adler was the mysterious woman adversary (love interest?) who was played by Canadian actress Rachel McAdam in the two Robert Downey Jr. movies.

Coincidentally, one of Anne Baxter's last roles was as Irene Adler in a TV movie with Peter Cushing as SH, and John Mills playing Dr. Watson.

Grumpy 1 said...

Virginia, my suggestion for the abbreviation of "no where nearly finished" would be GMAK.

*David* said...

An odd week with Wednesday being almost as hard as Friday and Thursday as easy as a Monday-Tuesday. This one took me a bit longer then it should have with a couple of mistakes in the SW and me sitting too long trying to figure out ELENA.

desper-otto said...

Morning, gang.

MOBCAPS crossing MINI made a tough start to a Friday. MOBCAPS was definitely a learning moment.

Today was annual physical day, so I only got to work on the cw between injections and inspections. Did eventually finish, though.

Hand up for BADDAY, and I tried ALITO, then realized the clue indicated a first name was required, so ELENA finally appeared.

Enjoyed it, Julian, and enjoyed your humor, Lemon.

Lucina said...

Greetings, fellow solvers. And Lemonade, as always, witty and informative, thank you.

Yowza! I finally found Julian Lim's wave length and sashayed through most of this realizing he accessorized the puzzle.

Love the puns, one after another:

And doesn't ALP mean a mountain?

Could not recall WOUK so did have to search as well as for MINI.

SKEETS and IDOODIT tumbled out of the dim recesses of my brain.

I love BETTE Davis! She was certainly one of the top dramatic actresses in film history. No one today comes close except maybe Meryl Streep.

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!

Rube said...

I agree that this was an easy Friday and that MOBCAPS & SKEETS were learning experiences. Strange not remembering the country singer as I was into C & W in those days.

My BIL wears a BIBLE BELT sometimes... at least that's what it says on the buckle.

Looked up OMG on WIkipedia and found 21 defs plus the disambiguation page. Among them were Operation Market Garden, (of infamous WWII fame), Olympiad of Misguided Geeks, (A contest in The Daily WTF), and of course Oh My God/Goddess/Goodness/Gosh. Nowhere is there any reference to "No Way!". Considering the profane language used by young'uns in "polite" society these days, the answer definitely should have been NFW, IMO.

CrazyCat said...

Good morning. Thanks Lemonade!

I also had a difficult time getting started with MOBCAPS, MINI and I DOOD IT. Threw in Neighbor, before NEXT DOOR. Finally gave up that area and got a toehold in the SW and took off from there.

I recently learned that an important PREP step for potato latkes is to thoroughly dry the potatoes after you GRATE them. This helps to keep them from falling apart when you fry them.

Yellowrocks 7:51 My parents took my brother and me to Williamsburg several times. We took our kids when they were young teens. My husband volunteered to be the defendant in a mock trial in the courthouse. It turned out his assigned offense was adultery.

Off to OJAI, CA for the weekend. Past LAT clue: City northeast of Ventura.

Spitzboov said...

How to buy fresh meat:

Sausage Link . (I'm guessing the language is Portuguese? From Brazil?) Try to stay with it 'til the end.

Tinbeni said...

I totally agree with you regarding BETTE Davis.
A wonderful (though at times, difficult to work with) actress.
She was nominated 10 times, won twice.
And when she was in her 20's and 30's a raving beauty.

Rube & virginia:
Agree with you also on the OMG.
I always thought it was like saying: "Wow!"
OTOH, since I have NEVER texted, what do I know.


ARBAON: said...

"Home" for a while. Didn`t know mobcaps from hubcaps...I often tried to swagger like Betty Davis...not having the huge eyes, Mr. Lim, are a resident of the "Bible Belt?"
Just for our (funny blogging) Counselor:
A priest, minister and rabbi regularly had breakfast together. They discussed the merits of preaching to congregants vs preaching to a bear. (why? don`t know, it`s a joke already) The priest reported back with scratches and bruises saying he had trouble only until he sprinkled the bear. The minister came back with a broken arm and black eye saying he had trouble only until he immersed the bear. The rabbi was found in the hospital, in traction and with two leg casts. "Oy vey!" he whispered,"I probably shouldn`t have started with circumcision!"

Ol' Man Keith said...

I knew MOBCAPS, but funny thing, I always thought they were "Mop Caps"-- a domestic reference rather than suggestive of riots. And, sure enough, when I googled to be sure, I got 13 million hits for "Mop Caps" versus fewer than 11 million for "Mob Caps."

I rest my case.

Misty said...

I'm with Barry G. 5:40am this morning, in thinking that this puzzle was much easier than yesterdays or even Wednesdays. And it was a delight--many thanks, Mr. Lim. Lemonade, your write-up was terrific--even reproducing Iago's whole speech! What a way to start a Friday!

I got MOBCAP without any trouble, thinking it was probably just a girl thing. But several of you reminded me that my family did make a trip to Williamsburg when I was in my teens, and that might have helped. I also use the phrase I DOOD IT when I've accomplished something, and always thought I made that up myself. But I bet I got it from Red Skelton eons ago. Also got ELENA though perps, but never recognized the Supreme Court trio. Guess I'm not as clever as I think I am. But I sure had fun this morning.

Have a great Friday everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Loved the write-up Lemonade714 (even tho i guess i will always be a newbie). But why no elevator joke?
My friend Bob always used to call it the "alleviater" because it "alleviates" you walking. (He also used to say after waiting an hour for a bus, and then seeing 5 come at once, "Oh look, here comes a herd of Beese.")

Re: MobCap, The dictionary says to "Mob" is to surround, i wonder if there is a connection?

Climbers always try to reach the "top" (Alp,,,Meh!)

Hatool@6:31 QOD
My perfect woman would be able to drive a BACKHOE


May i suggest THIS abbreviation. (or This)

And: Comment Deleted@9:50
(Aw CC: i have been saving up links all week for the next attacking Anon!)

Mari said...

IMHO Bette Davis wasn't beautiful, but she did have a very interesting look. You don't see many women stars that aren't 100% perfect (or perfectly manufactured) these days. I think it would be nice to see some natural beauties on the silver screen.

BTW: I think the most beautiful woman ever was Marilyn. (People would probably consider her figure "obese" now a days.)

Mari said...

We're getting some snow here in Chicago. Glad I don't live on the other side of the Lake!

Lucina said...

That video must be from PETA trying to discourage people from eating meat. Very funny.

I forgot to mention how impressed I was to see the remarkable authenticity in Williamsburg on a visit many years ago.

windhover said...

Well, Mr. A. Mouse,
You sure know how to draw me out after a week of lurking. And you're mostly correct, except that the one thing I will not tolerate is intolerance.
"Bilble Belt"? What a Baptist has when he finds himself in a bar where there are no other Baptists.

Avg Joe said...

WH, do you know the difference between Baptists and Methodists?

It's rare, but very once in a while, Methodists will actually speak to one another when they accidentally meet at the liquor store.

Steve said...

Great write-up there, Lemonade.

Took me a little while today - SKEETS was unknown, and I had TOP before ALP for the climber's destination.

It also didn't help that I read "SKELETON" and was trying to figure out something to do with shake, rattle and bone.

Liked VORTEX a lot for no good reason.

Crazy-busy week, so back to the grind.

eddyB said...

Still a little snow on the ground
in NE Iowa. No eagle eggs yet-but,

Chicago in town tonight.

Have to cut grass today.

Lemonade714 said...

CED, you will not be a newbie next year, so hang in there.

Rose, nice to see you and thanks for the rabbinical humor.
It does remind me of a story.

Every day Father Flanagan and would ride the bus to visit his parishoners, and ever day Rabbi Frank would ride the same bus.

The father could not help but notice, just before he boarded the bus, the rabbi would make the sign of the cross.

One day, he finally asked the rabbi why.

The rabbi said, "oy father, I am just checking that I have everything before I go."

He then gestured saying, "See, Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch."

A visual joke I am afraid.

Yellowrocks said...

IMHO NO WAY can mean "Wow! I can hardly believe that! Incredible!"
OMG can mean all those things too.

I think most bloggers were thinking NO WAY had to mean definitely not.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW, the comparison of Bette Davis to Meryl Streep to me is accurate, neither are even pretty, but can act.

I agree Marilyn was special, as was Bardot. We used to have these discussions rating women in Millihelens. 1000 rating system, with that equalling Helen of Troy (the face that launched 1000 ships) Bette was a 500 at best for most of her career.

Who do you think is worthy on that scale?

Finds soft-spokeness appealing said...

Mari: The salon where I get my haircuts has many pix of Marilyn. She was beautiful, but I think what was the most appealing about her was her seeming naive softness. I often stay within earshot of some women in public just to hear their soft voices.
Strident, "Virginia Wolf" types are not for me!
BTW, I`ve also noticed that southern women are uaually the ones with the softest voices and facial expressions.

Bill G. said...

Interesting that a 'below par' day is good in golf but bad everywhere else.

I agree with Dudley, Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly. Sophia Loren too. These days I'd pick Rachel McAdams, Kristen Bell and Sophia Vergara.

My father and I used to love Red Skelton on TV. Now, his humor seems forced and tired.

Spitz, funny sausage links link!

Avg Joe said...

For modern day actresses, I'd have to pick Halle Berry.

Going back 3-4 decades, Peggy Lipton. Prior to that, yup on Ingrid Bergman, and also Donna Reed (at least in "It's a Wonderful Life").

Skipping to another genre of public life for someone current, I'd have to go with Heather Tesch from the Weather Channel.

Bill G. said...

Here's another fun puzzle. It requires a logical approach but very little math, so don't be scared off. If you get an answer, disguise it so it doesn't spoil it for others.

At a local high school, there are 1000 lockers. One dark night a group of mathematical-minded miscreants broke in with a strange plan to vandalize the lockers. The first vandal opened all the lockers with the master key. The second vandal started with locker # 2 and closed every other locker. The third vandal started with locker # 3 and changed the position of the door of every third locker all the way to # 1000. That is, if the door were open, he would close it, or if it were closed, he’d open it. The fourth vandal started with locker # 4 and changed the position of the door of every fourth locker through # 1000. The vandals followed this pattern again and again until they finally worked their way to locker # 1000. When the students came to school the next day, what did they find? Were all the lockers open? Closed? Was there chaos? Was there any pattern to the open and closed lockers?

Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
Being in the "Prime" of my life I really don't worry, nor do I care, about the locker's at the local High School.

YR: Yeah, I was thinkin' "No Way" as "Definitely not."

CED: That 9:50 was deleted because it was to a "link" that had expired.
Nothing snarly or DF.

Mari: Only 3" ...
I thought you were countin' on 7.

Anony-Mouse said...

Lemonade, Did you say Meryl Streep is not pretty ? Boy, you must have very high standards. Go and read Hahtool's QOD all over again. ( I think MS is absolutely beautiful.)

Here's a joke about Baptists - indeed it could be any denomination...

The manager at a roadside restaurant notices that the lunch hour crowd at the salad bar is very sparse. So, to 'liven' things up, he instructs his aide to 'spike' the watermelon slices, with a liberal quantity of bourbon.

He is shocked to discover, that 2 minutes later, a busload of Baptists, coming in to the restaurant, from a convention.... He is so horrified that he bolts from the place.

Later on, he asked his aide if the 'men of the cloth' complained about the taste of the watermelon. His aide says, " I don't think so, they were too busy collecting the seeds".

Peg said...

The quad at my school was an wide open square, where all the cool kids hung out.

Needless to say, that did not include me.

windhover said...

On the topic of the day (besides ribbing Baptists, one of which I used to be, in Jedi lingo):
Susan Sarandon, all the way from Rocky Horror to tomorrow night (I'm busy tonight).
Alternate (or add in):
Mary Steenbergen.
See a theme here?

Jamie (and her gun) said...

I assume, then, that Lesley Ann Warren would be there, too?

Janie said...

Who's Jamie?

PK said...

Hi Y'all,

Wasn't on Julian's wave length. Hands up for neighbor. Lemonade, once again you turned failure into a fun time for me.

At one point had TDY in the soldier's out slot. My flyboy husband always called off-base duty that for "tour of duty, yonder".

I thought of Babe Ruth only.

Loved Red Skelton on radio as a kid. He had a catchphrase for every different character he did. The only one I could think of was "You just don't look right to me!" My sister and I used that one a lot. Didn't fit in the puzzle.

Betty Davis played so many characters one loved to hate, who could think she was beautiful?

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. So good to read all your interesting comments. I loved this puzzle today. Laughed out loud at Basketball filler=AIR. Chuckled at the other funny clues too, which really were a pleasure to work out.

Wanted POTATO so much for the latke maker's need (definitely a need!) that it locked me out of the SW for altogether too long.

BIBLE BELT invoked an image in my my mind of a PARSON with a bunch of bibles hanging from his belt, each one in a sort of holster-like thingy.

I'm with Husker Gary about IAGO. He's the only 4-letter Shakespearean character that comes to mind.

Never had a McRIB. Most likely never will.

Wanted MGTD for 1A, but held off until I saw what the perps were going to be.

Altogether a terrifically fun puzzle; really cheered me up.

Best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

So Peg, would that make you a square peg? Ha ha snort snicker.

Lesley Anne Warren also has big eyes. Oh ...

I think Tinbeni wins the prime rib.

CrossEyedDave said...


Bette Davis in her visual prime,
(but her acting prime is altogether different)


windhover said...

Well, now that you've brought up Aerosmith I wouldn't throw Liv Tyler out in the snow either, but at my age I more or less take the position of the Old Bull, as in, "Let's walk down and...... (you know the joke, I'm sure).

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, With putting Qatar in for Gulf of Guinea capital, I had another eraser crumb day. However, after fixing that error I did finish the whole top half fairly quickly, but bogged down in the Middle bottom.

I can't say there were any really tough answers in that area, but I just couldn't seem to hone in on them. have a sore big toe, so maybe that has also gone to my brain.

I loved the clues for Rustle,Erse, Mtns, and Next door. All good head scratching, then Aha moments.

Thanks Lemon for a great writeup. I saw Julian Lim's byline and thought that I was in for a real slog. It was easier than I had anticipated.

Husker, Too bad we don't live closer. I have a small dry wall area to be patched and have been putting it off. Carpenters are expensive here in the west. I think you got a super deal.

CrossEyedDave said...


Oh Great, according to the Incas,
(Aztec, insert yr 5 letter S. American Tribe here _ _ _ _ _) the world will end 12/21/12. That means i will "always be a newbie."

Anyway, i guess all we can do is wish for WORLD PEAS

Optimus Prime said...

The third Transformers movie "Dark of the Moon" closed out the franchise using 3D.

Bill G. said...

Tinbeni, prime rib is one of my favorites but not today. Peg, you seem to be onto something.

We just got back from an excellent lunch. I opened the sunroof and we drove 20 minutes north along the ocean to Playa del Rey. I had cream of asparagus soup, sand dabs in lemon-caper sauce, rice and vegetables. Barbara had roast lamb. We split a crepe filled with chocolate mousse, raspberries and rum. Really nice.

Anonymous said...

Good evening everyone.

DNF today, but surely enjoyed the write up and comments. Thanks Lemonade. Favorites were ELEVATOR and RUSTLE. (Two of the few I got.)

Lemonade: a train conductor most definitely would not wear a bow tie.

I agree that OMG has nothing to do with No Way!

And may I wish you, Splynter, a belated most happy birthday.

Just returned from nearly two weeks in Alabama with DH's son & family. Very glad to be home and back in my routine. Which means it's now time for my glass of red wine.


Inca-Dinka said...

We say earth`s poles reverse, we all float off earth on December 22, 2012.
Don`t smirk...poles reverse at least once before.

Yellowrocks said...

No way=unbelievable=OMG
All three are the same response to this tennis play.


LA CW Addict said...

What a toughy this one was - spent two hours on it and missed a perfect score by one lousy vowel. I had restler instead of rustler - well hadn't seen nor heard that word in awhile - bummer!

I still should have known Herman Wouk though.

Having said that, I was delighted that I did as well as I did - the NE and SW corners gave me the most difficulty.

Lemonade - not sure I understand your comment about SCANNER - not much of a plat. - What does that mean?

Thank you and hope everybody has a great weekend. Going to be cold where I live - no higher than the teens - yikes!

Argyle said...

"Not much of a plat" I think was a typo, should read "not much of a plot".

Rube said...

@Yellowrocks, you're absolutely right. Saying "No way" as indicating incredulity as opposed to meaning impossibility can equate to OMG.

My error.

Vairnut said...

Mari: I moved from Chicago to Phoenix for a reason. Snow is only fun on the first day.
CEDave: I am a newbie too, but you have a WAY COOL avatar!
BillG: my brain hurts- how many lockers were open/closed?
And sorry, I dont think Meryl Streep is beautiful or cute. Incredible actress, yes.

A 5th Grader said...

Re Lockers:
Ask yourself 2 questions. 1.) Does the first locker change after the first round? 2) Does the 2nd locker change after the 2nd round?

Bill G. said...

Locker problem answer: Only the locker having numbers which are (perfect) squares will be left open.

Think of the locker numbers as being prime (only two factors, one and the number itself), or composite (having more than two factors) or perfect squares (a special case of a composite number). If the locker number is prime, it will have its position changed twice, once at the beginning and again when the vandals get to its number and close it. If the locker number is composite (six for example), it will have its position changed an even number of times at each of its factors (which occur in pairs), at one, two, three and six. So its position gets changed an even number of times and it will end up closed. But square numbers have an odd number of factors. For example, the factors of 16 are one, two, four, eight and 16. The vandals will change the position of the door of those lockers an odd number of times and they are the only ones which will end up open.

Lemonade714 said...


Yes, it was supposed to be PLOT not PLAT (reading too many Deeds)

The Bow Tie comment was not meant to be taken as fact, it was intended to be silly.

WORLD PEAS had no poles, so they cannot reverse and we will survive 1222-12, though being part Polish, having no Poles is threatening.

Vairnut, thanks for confirming my opinion of Meryl Streep .

Bill G., what about th padlocks?

PK said...

We had a pig rustler who lived on the other end of the section when I was on the farm. He'd get drunk and go get him some pigs that weren't his. It got to be a joke. After he'd been convicted twice, he had my son do some bulldozer work for him because he said he was getting a shipment of pigs. My son mentioned it to me. I was up working in the courthouse and saw the county attorney .I told him if any pigs went missing, he should look at so-n-so. We had a good laugh. The next week on the court docket was an arraignment for the guy for stealing pigs again. I asked the attorney if we got a reward.

Since stealing pigs didn't work, he later tried cooking meth in the hog house. They raided him and put him in prison that time. His Jack Russell terriers showed up at my house after the raid scared to death.

Young Bull said...

Liz Phair ain't quite Liv Tyler, but she's pretty darn cute in her own way. And she has a song called California, which is about you and me. I would link to it, but...... (you know the joke, I'm sure).

windhover said...

Young Bull,
Check, and thanks for that. Gotta do what ya gotta do, and be true to your nature, but with any luck you'll be the old bull someday. :)

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Julian, for a very good puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for the review.

This puzzle went pretty easy for a Friday. The theme helped.

Had a few unknowns that perps helped. I am sure the same as others. I have had no time to read the other bloggers' comments. Just popped in to say hello.

The problem with doing this on the IPad is that I cannot see the puzzle while I am commenting. At least I saved three dollars by not printing it.

Having fun in Alexandria, VA. Heading home Sunday.

See you tomorrow.