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Feb 15, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020, Julian Lim

Saturday Themeless by Julian Lim

Another fine puzzle from our Singapore professor Julian Lim. As I look at his specialties at Duke University - University of Singapore I can find many traits of mine that could use remediation

As an educator, I am very interested into seeing the results of his research on mental fatigue and fluctuations in cognitive ability. Taking the SAT or other big tests in one setting may not be a good thing to do. Julian?

I struggled most in the NW corner with ENOKI, EKCO and TYGA


1. Toys with tails: KITES 

6. Mineral used in roofing: MICA - Hey, a portmanteau! 

10. Short answer?: RSVP.

14. Sukiyaki ingredient: ENOKI.

15. Disney theme park designer: IMAGINEER - Hey, another portmanteau!

17. Bounce: EJECT- Not evict it turns out

18. 55-Down warranty brand: APPLE CARE - I've always bought it for my Apple products 

19. Publish: PUT OUT - Rich has to PUT OUT a puzzle per day

21. Salmon or coral: RED.

22. Pathetic start?: SYM - Okay... 

23. George's musical sibling: IRA - The Gershwin Brothers got a little help 
from Dorothy and DuBose Hayward on this fabulous song.  It was written in 29. Key with no sharps or flats: A-MINOR.

24. One may be turned or earned: PROFIT 

27. Convergence points: FOCI - Our Sun is at one of the two FOCI of Halley's Comet's orbit which will next be seen from Earth in 2062

28. Feline rapper?: TYGA - I suppose, a TIGER is a feline and TYGA and a rap device is changing an "ER" ending to an "A" ending as in GANGSTER/GANGSTA

30. The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf.: URI Go RAMS!

31. Only Nobelist besides Marie to win the prize in two fields: LINUS - Pauling - 1954 prize for Chemistry and 1962 for Peace as he opposed weapons of mass destruction 

32. Convert wrongly: MISTRANSLATE - Khrushchev later claimed he did not say 

"мы похороним тебя" ("We will bury you") but rather "Мы вас похороним"  ("Your working class will bury you"). Oh... 

36. Game with a pecking order?: SPIN THE BOTTLE - There are G and R rated versions of what is ostensibly a kissing (pecking) game

38. OkCupid alternative with an oceanic name: PLENTY OF FISH - The former is an American-based dating app and the latter is Canadian-based. How does a man who was born in and works in Singapore know this? 😏

39. Droid's "surname": DETOO - Last phonetic half of R2D2 phonetically

40. Fellow: LAD.

41. Swerves at sea: YAWS - The boat can point in a different direction (YAW) than the boat is actually moving.  

45. Boobird's output: JEER.

46. It unfolds before you retire: DAY BED Sleeper, DAY BED or Futon?

49. Mortal Kombat's __ Kang: LIU - Google at will

50. 30-day mo.: APR.

51. Column angle: Abbr.: POV - Point Of View is pretty easy to see on these two networks 

54. Botch: MISMANAGE - You say our country is $20T in debt?

58. Sight sharpener: LASIK.

59. Webinars, e.g.: E-LEARNING - Some smaller Nebraska schools offer upper level courses like 52. Pre-coll. class: AP CALC by using E-LEARNING from teachers miles away

60. Classic TV nerd: URKEL Jaleel White on type-casting

61. Match: SYNC - Our cable company can't SYNC the TV picture with the live radio feed for Husker Football. The TV picture is at least 10 seconds behind

62. Brand with a Chop House variety: ALPO - PETA says the owners shouldn't call this lovely dog a "pet"

63. Kind of tire: SPARE - Getting at and lowering your SPARE is much more complicated than grabbing it out of the trunk


1. Generous words: KEEP IT - Words wait staff and taxi drivers love to hear 

2. Tear, perhaps: INJURY - The verb INJURE works too

3. Item seen in the "Six Feet Under" title sequence: TOE TAG - Pretty easy to suss out for a show I've never seen

4. Corningware sister brand: EKCO 

5. Bit of middle management?: SIT UP - Oh, that middle is your tummy

6. "Crimson Peak" co-star Wasikowska: MIA  - Her IMDB

7. Prankster: IMP.

8. __ pants: CAPRI - Also clam diggers and pedal pushers?

9. Tip that prevents fraying: AGLET - From the Old French aguillette for needle. This shoelace tip can be wielded in a variety of ways

10. Org. chaired by Ronna Romney McDaniel: RNC - Mitt Romney's niece 

11. Available periodically: SEASONAL - Those good home-grown T's for BLT's aren't available until July

12. "Aww!": VERY CUTE.

13. Basic part of a TV sa pitch: PREMISE - A very funny PREMISE (:30)

16. Guerrilla combat weapon: Abbr.: IED - Improvised Explosive Device

20. Steed modifier: TRUSTY - Dudley Do-Right's TRUSTY steed was named, uh, Horse

25. Right at the start?: ORTHO 
a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “straight,” “upright,” “right,” “correct” (orthodox) and on this model used in the formation of compound words (orthopedic).

26. Night light source: FIREFLY - We put ours in a mason jar and poked holes in the lid

27. __ rich: FILTHY - The two presidential adversaries this November?

31. WWII craft: LSTS - LST-134 loading casualties in Normandy, France on D-Day +6

33. Digging a lot: INTO.

34. Saunders/French Britcom: ABFAB - Title for this show that forms another portmanteau

35. "Wish I knew": NO IDEA.

36. Tired way to talk: SLEEPILY.

37. William who plays Grissom on "CSI": PETERSEN His IMDB

38. "A Taste for Death" author: PD JAMES Phyllis Dorothy James, Baroness James of Holland Park, OBE, FRSA, FRSL (3 August 1920 – 27 November 2014), known professionally as P. D. James, was an English crime writer. 

42. Kenai Fjords National Park site: ALASKA - Could be a slog for me to get there!

43. More cagy: WILIER.

44. Nurse: SUCKLE.

46. Summer of disco: DONNA - Get down with DONNA Summer!

47. Use: AVAIL.

48. Report card blemish: D-PLUS.

51. Scorecard number: PAR.

53. Koi, e.g.: CARP - Koi is just a CARP who knows someone!

55. Tech brand since 1998: MAC - July 1998 

56. Economic stat: GNP - Difference between GDP and GNP

57. Certain maniac's focus: EGO A ten question quiz to determine if you are an EGOMANIAC. I got a 34%

Any comments for Professor Lim?

Jun 22, 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019, Julian Lim

Themeless Saturday by Julian Lim

Today's constructor is Julian Lim who is an assistant professor in Singapore at Duke-NUS which is a collaboration between Duke University in America and the National University of Singapore. His areas of study would seem to fit right in with my issues! I fought off my behavioral disorders and was able to finish his offering quickly as his long fills were gettable and helpful!

Let's see what Professor Lim has for us today to combat any mental fatigue:


1. Marketing term involving supposed nutritional benefits: SUPERFOOD What is this?

10. Dividing walls: SEPTA

15. Afford a view of: OPEN OUT TO - You can rent this house that OPENS OUT TO this view in the Honolulu area for $495/night.

16. '90s "SNL" regular Cheri: OTERI.

17. Skilled writer: WORDSMITH.

18. Run up, as debts: INCUR.

19. Starter followers: ENTREES - Here in Nebraska, I'd recommend a filet

20. Not for youngsters: R-RATED - A movie can keep a PG-13 rating with a couple of  "f-bombs" if they are not used in a sexual context

21. Take up again?: RE HEM - In the 70's, some girls "RE-HEMMED" their modest skirts in which they left home by rolling up the waistband to make mini skirts at school 

22. Arch with a point: OGEE - An old cwd friend 

24. Pay stub?: OLA - Julian! Tricky way to get PAYOLA

25. 1941 Bogart part: SAM SPADE - I'll bet most know what Bogie as SAM SPADE was referencing in this line to Ward Bond playing a police lieutenant  

28. Dry __: ROT

29. LeRoy Foster, for one: MURALIST.

30. Prayer's place: NAVE.

31. Robin's rhyming call?: HOLY GUACAMOLE 50 variations on a theme

33. Bangkok bread: BAHT - This 39 BAHT sandwich equals $1.25 in Bangkok 

34. Rain-on-the-roof sounds: PIT A PATS - Interminable this spring in the Midwest

35. FAQ snippet: ANS - If you ask a Q, you expect an ANS

36. China quality: FINENESS Porcelain and China are both terms that refer to dinnerware made of a FINE-particle clay

37. Metric meas.: KGS 50. Land with eland: VELDT - These largest antelope on the African grassland can weigh up to 600 KGS (1,000 lbs)

38. Epilepsy tests, for short: EEGS 

39. Tricked: HOSED - Love this commercial!

43. Romans, in a proverb: LOCALS.

45. Radcliffe grads: ALUMNAE - Graduates of formerly all female Radcliffe would be called ALUMNAE (plural of female singular alumna)

47. Profit: AVAIL.

48. Get at: INSINUATE.

51. Knocked too hard?: NITPICKED - A hazard for all bloggers

52. Kid's retort: ARE SO.

53. Gets even: SMOOTHENS - Most know this word but Seinfeld fans will understand (and want) this shirt


1. Planter: SOWER - A 1930 video of the 8.5 ton SOWER statue being lifted to the top of Nebraska's capitol building (:48)

2. On top, but only just: UP ONE - Toronto was UP ONE (3 games to 2) when The Golden State Warriors 36. Were conquered by: FELL TO them on 6/10/19. The 4. Upshot: END RESULT was an NBA title for Toronto

3. Western Australia's capital: PERTH - Gird your loins for a long trip if you are going to drive from Sydney to PERTH

5. Seasoning for lamb: ROSEMARY.

6. Steam: FUME.

7. Spunkmeyer of cookie fame: OTIS.

8. First National Leaguer to hit 500 home runs: OTT - This mint condition 1933 Goudey card will run you $42,000 

9. Hand-to-head cry: DOH.

10. Evening do: SOIREE I wonder if Marie Antoinette served cake at her SOIREES

11. Peak in Catania: ETNA.

12. Push-up targets: PECTORALS.

13. What "never runs smooth," in a 1963 Gene Pitney hit: TRUE LOVE - His anguished voice spoke to my teen angst

14. Specification for a pilot: AIR DATE - If your TV pilot is good enough, it will get an AIR DATE

20. Much paperwork: RED TAPE - Even north of the border

22. Poppy products: OPIATES -  The difference between OPIATES and opioids

23. Garage vessel: GAS CAN.

26. Heckle and Jeckle, e.g.: MAGPIES - Cartoon birds of my misspent yute

27. Turning about: SLUING.

29. Where diamond gets a 10: MOHS SCALE - Talc is the softest on this scale at 1

30. Less: NOT SO MUCH.

31. Hair-of-the-dog target: HANGOVER Origin of the phrase "Hair-of-the-dog"

32. Hawkeye's group: MASH UNIT. On M*A*S*H, Lebanese Klinger would call an easy task, "A proverbial piece of 33. Filo pastry dessert: BAKLAVA.

40. Dastardly sort: SNAKE 

41. Downed: EATEN.

42. Accomplishments: DEEDS - I volunteered to take lunch room duty for one year to help out my principal. 23 years later... 

44. Some are visual: AIDS - I believe in using visuals as AIDS in my blogging but people can still just scan for the bold answers and move on

45. Respecting: AS TO.

46. Cosmetic surg. option: LIPO.

48. Connections: INS - A great aid in getting a job

49. Strategic math game: NIM - I suspect Professor Lim has played this combinatorial game of NIM

Now presuming your Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation are fine,  comment on Julian's fun Saturday puzzle!

Feb 25, 2017

Saturday, Feb 25th, 2017, Julian Lim

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing Q)

Blocks: 29

I always cringe when I see Julian Lim as the constructor for Saturday's puzzles, and it was looking pretty bleak at the beginning.  I did manage to get some solid fill in all the corners, was able to work through this challenge with only a half-cheat (I have the periodic chart app on my phone, so I looked that one up) and then it was just a matter of some healthy Wild-Ass Guesses.  Just a few too many proper names in the puzzle for me, but then again, they all filled with the crossings.   Not a terribly intimidating grid, two 9-letter fills on the inside and 8-letter corners

16. One way to serve fowl : À L'ORANGE - We have a duck farm near my place, and it's a stop on my UPS "Q" truck ( the town is Aquebogue )

 39. Herbal beverage : ANISE TEA
65. Name on many bars : HERSHEY'S

 3. Pepper with punch : JALAPEÑO - D'oh~!! Spelled it with an "H" to start

 And there you have a four-course meal....



1. Muslim veils : HIJABS

7. Curly's dad on "Sesame Street" : PAPA BEAR - I don't remember him

15. "For unto us a child is born" source : ISAIAH

17. "See?!" : "TOLD YA~!"

18. Counterbalanced, say : WEIGHTED - I had all but the first two letters, and tried "AR-ighted"....

19. Penn., for one : STA - I passed through Pennsylvania Station last weekend; came this close to staying for the Rangers/Capitals game in the Garden right above.  I love going in to New York City.

20. Thing to do with your fingers : SNAP - my first thought, but I hesitated

22. Attain, as great heights : SOAR TO

23. Brewmaster's need : HOPS

25. Plenty of horn? : KLAXON - got it off the "X", but went with a "C" and not a "K"

27. Payless box letters : EEE - Saturday cluing for a common fill

28. It often follows 12 : ONE PM - nailed it, tho I had AM, not PM

30. "Anthem for Doomed Youth" poet Wilfred __ : OWEN - the "W" was my last fill

31. Thirsts : YENS

32. Structure from the Arabic for "lighthouse" : MINARET - learning moment

34. Low bar? : DIVE - I was in one on Thursday to see a friend do her stand-up routine, but she went on too late - UPS comes early.  I did get to shoot some pool with a guy from one of the restaurants - man am I out of practice

36. Green machine : ECO-CAR - PRIUS did not fit

37. Some timeshares : VILLAS - I am friends with the nuns in my area, and they live at a "Villa"; there's usually a 12-step retreat there each spring and fall

41. Poet friend of author Ernest : EZRA - filled via perps

43. Point of view? : EYE LINE

44. Downtime? : FUNK

47. Like some ukuleles : OVAL

49. Many a group vacation photo, in slang : WEFIE - the expanded "Selfie"

50. 2008-'09 Japanese prime minister Taro __ : ASO - perps

51. __ chief : TRIBAL

53. Urquhart Castle's loch : NESS - four letters~? Good WAG

Hey, what's that in the lake~?

54. Created with : MADE OF

56. Ran : BLED

58. Cool : HEP

59. Rule broken by deities? : I BEFORE E - nailed it

61. Target of a whacking : PIÑATA

63. "Mad Men" actor John : SLATTERY - half perps, half WAG

64. Elicits : EDUCES

66. Acknowledge subtly : WINK AT

1. Strikes a chord : HITS HOME - ah, not a guitar clue; I love the chords of this song

And for the guitar players, a lesson

2. Kind of muscle contraction : ISOTONIC

4. First __ : AID

5. Canine sounds : BAYS - not ARFS

6. Osso buco cut : SHANK

7. Tree with green-skinned fruit : PAWPAW

8. Maugham's "Cakes and __" : ALE

9. Irritating growth : POISON IVY - oh, it's irritating alright

10. Chlorine's periodic table follower : ARGON - cheatcheatcheat

11. __ Men: one-hit wonders of 2000 : BAHA - vague recollection of this band

12. Carte part : ENTRÉE

13. Tatum O'Neal received her Oscar at it : AGE TEN - got it off ----EN

14. Overhauls : RE-DOES

21. Seas : A LOT

24. Best Actress after Field : SPACEK - made me change my AM to PM @28a.

26. Struck (out) : X-ed

29. "Yes!" singer Jason : MRAZ - another one up from the dredges

31. #3 on the 2016 Forbes "World's 100 Most Powerful Women" list : YELLEN - of the Federal Reserve - her Wiki.  There's a Ms. Yellen on one of my UPS trucks who gets at least a box a day; Hey - we're going drone~!

33. Like 100 on most tests : ERROR FREE

35. Mountaineer's expectation : VIEW

Hey now....

38. Productivity-increasing trick, in modern parlance : LIFE HACK

40. Overlooks, as a fault : SEES PAST

42. Prefix with fauna : AVI

43. Airline to Eilat : EL AL

44. Starve, to Shakespeare : FAMISH

45. Worth keeping : USABLE

46. Tender turndown : NO, DEAR

48. Some retreats : ABBEYS

51. Sweet __ : TOOTH

52. Toon pursuing l'amour : Le PEW

55. Small salamanders : EFTS

57. Conn of "Grease" : DIDI

60. Trick ending? : ERY - trickery

62. One in an order : NUN - and a villa~!