Feb 25, 2012

Saturday, Feb 24th, 2012, Steve Salitan

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 28

Triple stacks of 11's with 'almost' triple stacks of 10's make up today's grid from constructor Steve Salitan - his last LAT contribution was mine, too - a bit like JZB this week with Gareth's contribution. Long baseball proper name to start, pure C.C., and I needed perps to get it. Otherwise, the words that broke this one out for me were -

25A. Raced on a lake, perhaps : SCULLED - Skated was too short, Ice Boated too long and awkward; after the perps, I still needed the "LL", but then the V-8 can....Rowing ah, a wet lake, not a frozen one - it's a hockey thing

and its counter-fill -

44A. Really messed up : SNAFU'ed - Considered "BLOTTED", but then again any collection of letters can usually describe being messed up; this one is an acronym, Situation Normal: All F'ed Up - since I spent a fair amount of time being 'drunk', let's see how many words there are....Wrecked, Plastered -

Onward ~!


1. Dodger shortstop after Leo Durocher : PEE-WEE REESE - C.C., I defer to you (From C.C.: For the Brooklyn Dodgers. Known for his ardent support for Jackie Robinson.)

12. "I kiss'd thee __ I kill'd thee": Othello : ERE

15. Mediterranean arm : ADRIATIC SEA - well, I filled in the SEA part, and waited for the 'other' part

16. 24-hora period : DIA - Spanish for hour and day, Italian, too~? I took Latin in High School, so....

17. Where sheets are spotted : LINEN CLOSET

18. Suppositions : IFs

19. Coat of a kind : PEEL

20. Chick chaser : HEN - Not a GUY, like me, chasing the cuties

21. Adjective showing confidence : DOABLE

23. Cost of membership : DUES - I have not paid any Union dues at UPS; I think it's a charge for FT associates (drivers) only

26. Many "Twilight" series readers : 'TWEENs - not a fan of the whole Vampire thing

29. Racket : CLATTER

30. Pharmaceuticals co. division : Research AND Development

31. Upside list : PROs - I had my list of UPSIDES and CONS for applying for the management position; still in the "hurry up and wait" phase of the hiring process, for those curious

32. Horse with a high tail carriage : ARAB - well I was going to guess one of the two horse words I know of 4-letters, ARAB and ROAN, but I left it for a few perps

34. Past, in the past : ELD

35. Accommodates : OBLIGES

38. 2011 Hiroshima Art Prize winner : ONO - not a fan

39. Take off the top : SKIM

41. "Hogwash!" : LIES~!

42. "The Supremes __": 1966 #1 album : A'GO-GO