Aug 23, 2019

Friday, August 23, 2019, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: I must P!

Hi, Lemonade here back with my Friday foil, Jeffrey Wechsler. It was fun to read Tom's slant on JW's last two Fridays. It reminded me of when marti was reviewing Jeffrey's Thursdays when he first appeared here at the LAT. But now I am back on the clock with another over-sized offering that no doubt was the product of (my guess) the inspired 16 letter fill - PART APPRECIATION (16). With Jeffrey's background as a  curator, I am betting that was where this gem started. Of course, he had to then make the rest of the themers grid-spanners, the middle two at 15 spaces and the outside two 16 spaces. He also introduced some unused fill, one with one prior appearance in any mainstream puzzle (ICY HOT), and AHIAHI brand spanking new. We also get to reveal EXTERNS, HOE CAKE, NYMPHET,  TITULAR, HANDKNIT, and PURLOINS.  There are some very fun words there.

17A. Gratitude for a well-played role?: PART APPRECIATION (16). A literal but funny clue/fill.

27A. Crackin', peelin' and fadin'?: PAINT MISBEHAVIN' (15). By far my favorite, as I could hear the music in my head as this filled.

45A. Couples therapist?: PAIR CONDITIONER (15). How many have ever tried couples therapy?

55A. Extreme example of layering for cold weather?: PANTS IN ONE'S PANTS (16). This is absurd which is its charm, though the second P is distracting.

Time to solve...


1. Irrigation need: PIPE.

5. '90s trade pact: NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement.

10. "Go no further!": HALT. Reminds me of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes.

14. Heart: CRUX. The heart of the matter. Hey marti, hope you are well.

15. "... __ player, / That struts and frets his hour upon the stage": Macbeth: A POOR. Jeffrey's Shakespeare quote.

16. Lake near Carson City: TAHOE. It may be the perfect place on Earth.

20. Papal messenger: LEGATE. Now it is an ecclesiastic delegated by the pope as his representative. Historically it was a provincial governor of senatorial rank appointed by the emperor in ancient Rome.

21. On the other side of: Abbr.: ACRoss.

22. Enzyme suffix: ASE.

23. Unscrupulous: AMORAL. As opposed to Anthony Gael Moral.

25. Youthful maiden of myth: NYMPHET. I think of Lolita and Nabokov's words, "Now I wish to introduce the following idea. Between the age limits of nine and fourteen there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched travelers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their true nature which is not human, but nymphic (that is, demoniac); and these chosen creatures I propose to designate as 'nymphets.' " - Part One, Chapter 5." Please no Jeffrey Epstein comments.

31. Clean, as greens: RINSE.

32. Newton honorific: SIR. Isaac.

33. LGBT History Mo.: OCTober.

34. '60s campus gp.: SDSStudents for a Democratic Society.

35. Start growing: SPROUT. Add an "S" and you have the newest grocery chain coming to my neighborhood, LINK.

37. Hem partner: HAW. Hee.

40. Asian language: LAO. Like THAI, just the beginning of the land.

42. Hammer site: EAR. The ear bones - the malleus, or hammer, the incus, or anvil, and the stapes, or stirrup.

43. Kofi Annan's birthplace: GHANA. His BIOGRAPHY.

49. Like Macbeth in "Macbeth": TITULAR. Like eponymous. A bonus Shakespeare reference.

50. Jumpy: ON EDGE.

51. Jeff Lynne rock gp.: ELOElectric Light Orchestra

52. HP product: INK. Funny, not technology.

53. Hit: STRUCK. No violence, please.

60. Discrete things: ITEMS.

61. Poetry Muse: ERATO.

62. Fruit with fuzz: KIWI.

63. First name in Latin bands: DESI. Arnaz.

64. "Holy cow!": YIPES. Yipes?

65. Venerable college that owns a river island: ETON. Did you know? Queen's Eyot (pronounced 'eight') is an island on the River Thames close to Windsor. The island has been owned by Eton College since 1923 and has a beautiful clubhouse used for weddings etc.


1. Angel dust, briefly: PCPPhencyclidine.

2. Investment option, briefly: IRA.

3. Misappropriates: PURLOINS. There was a famous letter.

4. Nonresident doctors: EXTERNS. Intern ≠ extern.

5. Controversial combat material: NAPALM. This is a highly flammable sticky jelly used in incendiary bombs and flamethrowers, consisting of gasoline thickened with special soaps.

6. Cal. entry: APPT. Calendar - appointment.

7. Golf alert: FORE. Mini-clecho.

8. Golf club part: TOE.
9. Understood by few: ARCANE. Jeffrey's middle name?

10. Seuss title top: HAT. Cat in the...

11. "Aloha __": Hawaiian "Good evening" that sounds like a repeated fish: AHIAHI. Not to be confused with AHI AHI. Timing so soon after the lovely Jimmy B. C.C. puzzle.

12. Ease: LOOSEN.

13. Principle: TENET.

16. Lighting area?: TARMAC. My guess is this refers to the runway lights at airports. Very Friday clue/fill.

18. Patterned mineral: AGATE. This one is for sale at $4,200.00
19. Lidocaine brand endorsed by Shaq: ICY HOT. The second appearance of this brand, It was introduced to the LAT and all major newspapers by one C.C. Burnikel July 25, 2017.

23. Car loan nos.: APRS. An annual percentage rate (APR) is the annual rate charged for borrowing.

24. Hotel employee: MAID.

26. Mil. rank: PVT.

28. Comcast, e.g.: Abbr.: ISPInternet Service Provider.

29. Warning sound: SIREN.

30. Wide-ranging: BROAD.

35. "You're not the only one!": SO CAN I.

36. Ocean State sch.: URI. The University of Rhode Island.

37. Like some homemade sweaters: HAND KNIT. We have a friend who gives Oo something she knitted every time we see her. I am not sure she should have retired.

38. Rare blood type, briefly: A-NEG.

39. Word with hard or soft: WARE.

40. Lucy of "Elementary": LIU. Dr. Watson.

41. Bygone HBO series about a sports agent: ARLISS. You can now stream this series.

43. Generate: GIN UP. Not a phrase I know. The idiom gin something up means to increase something, to get something going, to stir something up, to agitate or perhaps make a little trouble, sometimes through less than honest means.

44. Southern cornmeal fare: HOECAKE. A hoecake is cornbread made minimalist—a thin, unleavened round made from the simplest batter (cornmeal, water, and salt).

45. "Ecce homo" speaker: PILATE. His Latin name was Marcus Pontius Pilatus. As a child, I heard him called Pontius Pilate (Pilot). It should have been said like the exercise.

46. Makes up (for): ATONES. A continguous clue with religious overtones.

47. Scottish archipelago: ORKNEY. You can READ ALL ABOUT. More arcane knowledge about Great Britain.

48. Ancient statuary fragments: TORSOS.

49. Unenthusiastic: TEPID.

53. Cinch: SNAP.

54. Parisian bean?: TETE. Bean as noggin or the like in French.

56. "That's quite enough": TMIToo Much Information.

57. "Do it, __ will!": OR I. Sounds ominous.

58. What a V-sign probably means in a restaurant: TWO. I love this clue. Very visual.

59. Envy, say: SIN. One of seven supposedly deadly ones.

Where do all the Fridays go? Another gone, but not before some good old fashioned Jeffrey Wechsler challenge and humor. My two granddaughters are now going to school after a very fun summer. Labor Day approaches. Thank you, Jeffrey and all who read. Lemonade out.

Notes from C.C.:

Here are a few cute pictures of Lemonade's grandchildren Charlotte, Harper and Owen. You can see more pictures here

2) Happy birthday to the always cheerful and happy Tinbeni, who's been with our blog for a long long time. Hope it's a day full of adventure and fun, Tinbeni!


D4E4H said...

FIR, but it took forever.

Good morning Cornies.

Thank you Jeffrey Wechsler for this challenging Friday CW. Last to fall was the Natick at 52 A, and 47 D. A "K" finished it.

Thank you Lemonade for your excellent, educating review.

Thank you C.C. for the PICS. What cute children!


Anonymous said...

TGIF. Thank Goodness It's Finished.

Good puzzle today. 12:22 - which is fast for me for a Friday Wechsler, especially not knowing ahi ahi and gin up, and refusing to believe Yikes was somehow Yipes.

That pesky K (InK meets OrKney) was the last frontier for me too.

OwenKL said...

On the TARMAC the aircraft alight,
The red-eye flight that's been up all night,
The daily commuter,
The student and tutor,
And Pontius the PILATE of a Biblical flight!

Once there was a violent SPROUT,
Was battery when he STRUCK out.
He stole some loot
But a KIWI fruit
HALTED him: "It's the fuzz," was shout!

{C+, C.}

Hartsfield said...

Lemonade wrote:

"16. Lighting area?: TARMAC. My guess is this refers to the runway lights at airports. Very Friday clue/fill."

Sorry, but I'm not buying this explanation. Lol. I dont necessarily have a better guess but this one doesn't ring true for me.

I found this somewhat archaic definition for "Light". Mayne this is.closer to the reasoning.

LIGHT verb; to fall and settle or land on (a surface).
"a feather just lighted on the ground"

So, a place where lighting, or landing, may occur?

Yellowrocks said...

FIR in too much time. I don't see why. Looking back, there were only two clues that were new to me, ARLISS and AHI AHI. I sussed the add an initial P with the second themer which helped with the others. Clever theme, fresh fill, Jeff. Favorite was Paint Misbehavin. Lemon, fine post.
I looked up what to wear under snow pants.
Hartsfield, I like your take on LIGHT. I didn't think of it myself, but it seems like the most likely explanation.
I have heard of Pontius Pilate all my life from childhood on, through uncountable Bible studies, but have never heard of Marcus.
I really enjoyed my visit to Scotland, and so knew of the Orkneys.
I know of YIPES and YIKES through reading and movies. I believe I have never heard it in person.
Happy birthday, Tinbeni. A toast to you.
Lovely grandkids, Lemonade. My, how they have grown.

Yellowrocks said...

When we used to jitter all around my mom would say,"Be still and light somewhere."
We speak of birds lighting on a branch. Much more common is the synonym alighting (on a branch.)
Did I say I like A words?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I FIRed it! A Friday JeffWech! I got the theme right away! But I can't get cocky because I had to erase attack for STRUCK, PILoTE and P_______elements for PANTS IN ONES PANTS.

I thought H. Ross Perot was an idiot for saying that NAFTA caused that giant sucking sound of American's manufacturing jobs going to Mexico. Turns out he was right.

I agree that the Lake Tahoe area is about as beautiful as it gets. Touring the nearby Donner Pass State Park gave me the shivers in he middle of the summer.

Wanted Kenya for Kofi's birthplace. No, that was some other notable.

I have four central (P)AIR CONDITIONING units and two of them are broken. $10k to replace both. I'm calling for a second opinion/estimate.

Gillette's marketing approach was "give them the razor, sell them the blades". Seems like HP borrowed that approach for their printers and INK.

Rodney Dangerfield hit an offline shot and yelled "FORE". His shot hit a guy in the crotch and Rodney said "I should have yelled 'TWO'". One of my favorite movies, that Caddyshack.

HOECAKE may be Southern fare, but hush puppies are THE Southern fare made with cornmeal.

HBD to Tin. If I were down your way I would buy us a couple of frozen margaritas. That way neither of us would drink them.

FLN, CED that EPIpen cartoon was one of the funniest yet. PK, I can't imagine that you of all people raised a wimp. (His dad's gene contribution, maybe?)

Thanks for the fun, JeffWech. My favorite was "lighting area" for TARMAC. Some Cornerites go ape when "a" words like "alight" are used, so this must be sweet revenge. My least favorite was SIREN. To me that is a sound maker, not a sound. And thanks to Lemony for another fine expedition through the grid. Hand up for being taught his name was pronounced PILOT.

SwampCat said...

A Friday JW! What more could I ask? I even got most of it. Thanks Jeffrey for all the fun.

I’m embarrassed to say I knew PCP. Loved V sign at a restaurant for TWO! I wasn’t fooled by that bean . Loved HAW just because it sounds funny. Also fun that it was close to HOECAKE.

I got TARMAC thinking it was a place planes would alight. Okay.... a dreaded A word, but at least it wasn’t in the puzzle itself!

Thanks, Lemonade for the expo. Loved seeing your adorable grand kids.

Welcome back Owen! I hope today’s offerings mean you are feeling a bit better. And as usual you are too hard on yourself. Whenever I LOL I figure it’s an A!

HBTY Tin. 👑🎂🧁🍦🍨🥃

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the numerous messages of caring and concern that I have received during the last several days. Along with the many good wishes expressed here on the blog, I received ecards, emails, greeting cards, and even a much appreciated phone call. I can't put into words how much this support and encouragement meant to me but please know that I appreciate every word.

I was waiting until I saw my doctor, which I did yesterday, before I chimed in, so that I could offer definitive information. My injury is a Grade 2 Shoulder Separation, painful but not as severe as a Grade 3. My doctor gave me 4-5 different excercises to be done several times a day. I also apply an ice pack several times a day. It'll be a long, slow healing process but the end results will be worth it.

Having a JW puzzle to comment on makes my return to the Corner even more satisfying. I saw the theme after the second theme entry, Paint Misbehaving, which was also my favorite. I needed perps for Arliss and Elo. Overall, the puzzle had just the right amount of crunch for a Friday. My favorite C/A was Lighting area=Tarmac, which I interpreted the same was as Hartsfield. I liked Lucy Liu in "Elementary" but I didn't like her change to blonde hair in this year's series finale's episodes.

Thanks, Jeffrey W, for a fun theme and solve and thanks, Lemony, for always doing justice to Jeffrey's talents. Loved the pictures of the family and can't believe how they've grown. Charlotte is as cute as can be in those glasses. Loved their matching outfits, also.

Happy Birthday, Tin, hope it's a fun-filled day! ����������

Picard, hope you're recovery is speedy and complete.

Owen, hope you're feeling better and get to go home soon.


CED, best wishes to your MIL and your family.

PK, what a frightening experience you went through.

Irish Miss said...

As Mr. Google goofed up my emojis, let's try again.

Happy Birthday, Tin, hope it's a fun-filled day. 🎂🎁🎉🎈🍾

Pilate said...

A Vee sign might mean 2 in a restaurant, but in a Roman bar it means: "5 more beers bartender."

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Tinbeni. Hope you have a great day.

Cute grandkids, Lemon, thanks for sharing.

A good Wechsler Friday toughie, but when it was done, it seemed, the difficult sectors were kind of self-inflicted. Had interns before EXTERNS, and yikes before YIPES. When I saw the added 'P' in the front of the long accrosses, I quickly plunked down a P before the leading edge of PANTS IN ONES PANTS was filled in. Last to fall was the SW; had to get LIU right and suss the TITULAR/PILATE cross. FIR; no help needed; woo hoo on a Wechslergram. Favorite clue was for PAINT MISBEHAVIN.
CRUX - The constellation name for the Southern Cross.

"How do mathematicians scold their children?
“If I’ve told you n times, I’ve told you n+1 times …” "
ORKNEYS - Home of the roadstead of Scapa Flow where the German fleet was inTERNed after WWI.

Husker Gary said...

-What a delightful struggle. Every time Jeffrey zigged, I zagged. Loved it!
-EX(not IN)TERNS bollixed up the NW corner for quite a while
-Irrigation PIPES around here are mostly 10’ off the ground and on wheels
-As we left Disney hotels in the morning, we saw an army of MAIDS descending onto the property en masse
-Airplane had the ultimate scene about putting “every light we’ve got” on the tarmac
-Political flaks try to GIN UP the enthusiasm of a TEPID crowd before a candidate’s appearance
-TMI – If someone asks about my operation, I summarize it in five seconds or less
-Lovely pix, Lemon.
-What Tinman, no pix?

Big Easy said...

A nice tough (P)uzzle for a Friday. New words for me today- EX-TERN, AHIAHI (double fish?), ARLISS, & NYMPHET. But let's get to the CRUX of the matter. There's no way I would have filled AHIAHI without the clue that gave it away. I filled PAINT MISBEHAVIN' and had PCP & IRA and those TWO (V) opened the theme up. PANTS IN ONE'S PANTS would have been a hard fill but I just put a P in the first square on both 45A & 55A.

I've lived my entire life in the South but I have no idea what HOECAKE is. From Lemonade's description it doesn't sound appetizing. Had to change STRIKE to STRUCK to finish HOECAKE & HAND KNIT. ETON & OCT were perped.

ICY HOT & SHAQuille. If you want a topical pain reliever make sure that the ICY HOT, ASPERCREME, SALONPAS, or any other generic contains 4% lidocaine, not the 1%, which was the previous limit for OTC products. SHAQ- my daughter was in three classes with him at LSU and YES- he did go to class. He was definitely the BMOC. But in my college days Pistol Pete was the guy who put LSU basketball on the map.

Anon@7:12- I've heard YIKES my entire life and have only seen YIPES in crossword puzzles. I've never heard anybody say YIPES.
Hartsfield ( I hate that airport)- I agree with you.

Jinx- I voted for H. Ross Perot because he made sense. People seem to forget that Clinton was elected with only 43% of the popular vote. $10 grand for two is cheap.

SwampCat- embarrassed that you knew "Angel Dust"? What have you been smoking?

Tinbini-Happy Birthday. Longtime Cornerites know where you are heading to - Jamaica for your celebration.

Lemonade714 said...

Very happy birthday wishes Tin and many more. Back to the big H. for your birthday?

It is exciting to have an airport comment here, and of course, you must be correct Hartsfield and all of you smarter than I am.

dbud said...

I got the answer to 58d (V-Sign) but I do not like the clue. I had initially wanted to put "VEG" as the answer because V on a menu means vegetarian as opposed to the hand sign V meaning TWO.

inanehiker said...

Another creative and humorous JW puzzle for Friday - the week is now in balance!
New phrase for me is GIN UP! First I wanted to put MAHI MAHI- but not far to segue to the correct AHI AHI. ORKNEY came from some recess of the brain - likely from some Brit lit I read in the distant past.

My observation is that people often only go to couple's therapy when their marriage is on it's last legs and they can say - "well we went to counseling and it didn't help so we're getting a divorce" I wish more people would periodically go for a "tune up" for regular maintenance on their marriages like they do with other things they value and want to last for a long time. Or for a retreat like "Marriage Encounter" has - that improves communication. My husband and I have done both and it's so valuable- "men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti" and it definitely takes work to understand and support each other through life's challenges!

Thanks Lemonade and JW!
Happy Birthday Tinbeni! and glad you are slowly on the mend Agnes!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. This was a rare DNF for me. Even the theme eluded me. Alas ...

It didn't help that I misread the First Name in Latin Band as a Latin Brand.

CSO to Madame Defarge with the HAND KNITting.

A SPROUTS opened about 2 miles from me. I went in there once, but wasn't in the right frame of mind to appreciate the store.

AHI is also known as Yellowfin Tuna. Mahi Mahi is also the name of a fish.

Happy Happy Birthday to Tinbini.

QOD: Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun. ~ Clifford Geertz (Aug. 23, 1926 ~ Oct. 30, 2006), American anthropologist

Misty said...

A fun Jeffrey Wechsler Friday toughie--many thanks, Jeffrey. My first entry was LIU--I've loved watching her on "Elementary" for a long time, and I don't mind her blonde hair at all, Irish Miss (wonderful to have you back on the blog!). Also got PILATE, but goofed on the Seuss clue, putting HOP instead of HAT. Anon, I too had YIKES and am not sure I've ever heard YIPES. Nice to see HANDKNIT--that doesn't turn up in puzzles very often. Anyway, lots of fun, and a great helpful write-up, Lemonade. I loved seeing the pictures of those little girls, thanks for posting them, C.C.

Great to have your poem back again, Owen.

Happy birthday, Tinbeni.

Have a great weekend coming up, everybody.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Just got home from another EGD, but hooray, no more for at least a year. Must've been on JW's wavelength; I zipped right through this one. Thought the 4-letter fruit ending in I would be UGLI, but that was quickly fixed. Thanx, JW and Lemonade. (Very cute grands!)

A-NEG -- It's not all that rare. I'm A-. AB, B- and AB- are all rarer in the US population.

GIN UP -- Didn't we just have that in the past couple of weeks?

TWO -- According to Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul, and Mary) the V-sign was created by Winston Churchill, because that's how he held his cigar. As a result, it became an international signal among hot-rodders for "Wanna drag?"

PILATE -- Here's another hand up for pronouncing it "Pilot." My MIL's name is Piloty, pronounced pih-low'-tee.

IM and Owen, good to see you back at the corner.

Happy birthday, Tinman? Are you planning some event in your birthday suit?

Spitzboov said...

GIN UP - While I was a bit surprised to see it in the puzzle, it is a phrase I use all the time. I probably first heard it used in my Navy days.

IM - Glad you're improving. Hope the exercises 'move' things along. Your regular blogging helps provide 'balance' and keeps it on an even keel.

For you sky watchers, Jupiter is now shining brightly in the evening sky. In the South. The bright red star Antares in Scorpius is just below it and a skosh to the right.

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Nice write-up and photos.

Fave today, of course, was 43-d GIN-UP ... not for the reason of the cluing. LOL

Thanks for all the "Birthday Wishes" ...

Glad to see you back Irish Miss.

Ya blink at age 30 ... and the next thing you know you hit the Prime Number 67.

Geez, what a ride ...

Well ... the "First Sunset Toast" tonight is to ME !!!

Cheers !!!

Picard said...

Lemonade thank you for the write-up today. Two questions:
1) Any idea why the AGATE in the photo is so expensive? Looks like a guitar pick.
2) TAHOE is nice, but I am curious why it is the perfect place?

One of my best friends lives in his homeland of Prague with his family. But for a number of years we worked together in the US and he still owns a condo at TAHOE. Usually the condo is rented out. Back in March he came there for the first time in many years and we went up to visit them there.

Here are videos and photos of us playing at TAHOE in March.

I was grateful that my friend Petr did the driving in the snow for us, grappling with the chains!

Irish Miss thank you for the good wishes. Your pain sounds worse than mine now! I wish you a speedy and full recovery, too!

Picard said...

From yesterday:
Lemonade way cool that your dear departed brother got to spend two weeks with GENE Roddenberry! Any other stories beyond the eating and losing weight ones?

They could have lost weight on my "diet" now! I have already lost ten pounds as of today.

PK interesting thought about my stomach getting through the hole in my diaphragm. I think the stomach empties during the night. I think it would be hard to keep it full enough all the time to keep it from passing through that hole. The guts doctor and the surgeon described the hole as exceptionally huge.

CanadianEh thank you for the greeting! We very much enjoyed being in your country last month!

One question about today's puzzle: How is PAIR CONDITIONER about therapy? I get the PAIR part, but not the CONDITIONER part.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

One reason I wan't fooled by YIPES is that it is close to the word that describes my putting style - YIPS. My full shots are usually called shanks, kind of the opposite of TOEs.

Big Easy - I attended a game between LSU and UK one Saturday afternoon in Memorial Coliseum in Lexington circa 1969. None of the guards could even slow down Pistol Pete, so Adolph Rupp put Dan Issel (the pride of Botavia, IL and future pro) on him. IIRC, Issel fouled out but the Wildcats still won the game. Rupp's motto was "the best defense is 100 points per game".

IM, sorry you were sentenced to exercise and ice. But I'm happy that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

OwenKL said...


Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

Jinx: I too remember H. Ross Perot making that statement. That is one of the reasons I voted for him. And, I voted twice for him.

Puzzle was tough. I slogged through it and got it done. the theme appeared with PAIR CONDITIONER, then the rest fell.

ARLISS was unknown. As was ICY HOT. As was AHI AHI. Perps and Wags.

EXTERNS was tough. However, I liked it once I figured it out.

Cubs game starting. Guess I will watch it until I have to guard this afternoon.

See you tomorrow.


( )

TTP said...

Having problems with my laptop. Cobbled together a fix while waiting for parts from Amazon.

Nice puzzle today, but I was too distracted. Nice write-up Lemonade.

Jinx, are you sure it isn't QB Ken Anderson that is the pride of Batavia, IL. ? Or color commentator Craig Sager ?

My golfing and bowling buddy friend went to Batavia High School with Anderson, Issel and Sager.

Yellowrocks said...

In references I looked up today, Pilate and pilot are pronounced alike. The I is long and the A is a schwa. All my life I have said the Apostle's Creed in Lutheran and Episcopal churches where it is pronounced PILOT.
"(He)suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried." Apostle's Creed
I was a PK (preacher's kid) and my college major was Christian Education, so I have heard Pilate hundreds, maybe thousands, of times.
I see that Marcus was part of Pilate's his full Latin name, but today is the first I knew that. One can always learn something new here. When I think something is not likely, I always LIU before dissing it.

Bill G said...

Happy birthday Tin!

I like anything made with cornmeal though many commercial cornbread products have too much flour and sugar for my taste.

Best wishes to all of you who need some support healthwise. Barbara and I are on the edges of that group too. Good luck to us all!

~ Mind how you go...

desper-otto said...

Abejo, were those two votes in the same election?

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle.

TTP said...

D'OH !

Happy Birthday Tin !

AnonymousPVX said...

A super crunchy JW Friday puzzle, always happy to get the solve.

But not without...


Have to say the Southern cornmeal fare isn’t Hoecakes or Hush Puppies or anything else except Grits. They come with everything.

From yesterday....WC...not only did we make the same mistakes, we are apparently reading baseball books....just finished “K...A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches”.....and it was excellent.

See you Saturday.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm not ready for Labor Day. I am not.
Sheez, I keep waiting for summer to get under way. The weather is glorious here in SoCal--and, yes, it has been beautiful for some time now--but I keep waiting for the days to slow down and pause like they used to do, instead of rushing by, one after another.
I guess this is what to expect on "retired people's time."
In the spring I always love how the days get longer, like we're all being propelled toward some wonderful celebratory time. And then it came--the "longest day"!--and all I can think of is that now the days get shorter & shorter.

Fun pzl today. I needed a couple of peeks to finish up. I was disappointed that the grid is asymmetrical, so no diagonals to play with...

But it's a happy day with Owen back! And Irish Miss! Hallelujah! Welcome home, everybody!
Happy B'day, Tinbeni!

Lemonade714 said...

Tom (D-O) great question!

PK, my comment was that in reading the biography of Pilate, I saw his full name in Latin was Marcus Pontius Pilate, and the PILATE was then pronounced Pe-latte. The only answer I can give on the $4,200.00 agate is that it costs that much because someone will pay that much.

Picard, I am sure my brother had many Rodenberry stories, but at this stage of my life, I am trying to hold on to my own memories.

Wilbur Charles said...

Possibly the aircraft (a) lighting onto the runway(tarmac). Oops I see hartsfield had that too.

I actually thought Owen's pair were full W's. Liked them a lot.

I took a long time and had to use the OMK dictum: if it don't make sense change it*. So, ACAI, which became UGLI finally morphed to KIWI. The V8 can hit when I grok'ed HAW and not some ARCANE sewing term like PERL.
Oh yeah, KNIT one …
Finally the fascinating English language: Hit as in past tense so STRUCK not Strike.

So that left me GINUP, HOECAKE and ETON(not PENN or TENN). I like ETON because it's venerable, fer sure.

But I FIR. After yesterday's disaster.

I think I once related how my advice was to shout HORE because it only requires the lungs. Unfortunately, my friend took that advice.

Misty, I had HAM on that Seuss clue.

PVX, I had that CORE/CRUX write- over too. One of the interesting things about "Bums" was the beanball/dusting/headhunting talk. As the Scots would say "If there's nae beanballs it's nae baseball". But Peter G. neglected to mention Don Zimmer's plate in his head from a beanball.


PS. Great to see IM,Owen and Picard in here. Hbd, Tin, I'll toast you with an iced tea.

Btw, who in their right mind would "shake" a Martini. Re. GIN UP

Wilbur Charles said...

* re. OMK dictum: Or something like that

Lucina said...


Happy birthday, Tinbeni! I am sure you will celebrate in your usual style. Enjoy!

I love a JW challenge!

This morning shortly after starting the puzzle I had to go for my hair cut/style APPT. so of course did not finish until I returned.

I liked the P theme and caught it right away working my way up from the bottom.

I thought of you at ERATO and hope you are mending well.

Since there is a question mark on lighting area? I assume it refers to the plane alighting.

Now it's time to get my nails done. I have three birthday parties to attend this weekend!

Lemonade, thank you for the elucidating review. Your grandchildren are so cute and quite grown up.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

D'Oh! ASE not OSE for my Enzyme. FIW.

Loved the puzzle JW. Took a bit to suss the theme but so worth the time. Also worth the time was chasing Lem's links. Thanks you both!

Fav: NAPALM. "I love the smell of it in the morning."

{A, B} Welcome back!

@7:56 - NICE CATCH

Jinx - 4 A/Cs? In one house or TWO? I've got 3 but one's at the rental.

Welcome back Irish Miss! We MISSed you!

Good to hear you too are on the mend Picard (nice vids!) & OKL!

Happy Birthday Tin! I like your definition of GIN UP. Salut!

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun Friday toughie, thanks, Jeffrey! Got the punny theme with #Two & loved it. Great expo & pix, thanks, Lemony.

I could not understand the TWO fill until I came here. My restaurant experiences usually involve four or five or more so this didn't compute.

YIKES! is in my spoken & written vocabulary often. More genteel than some other expletives.

Happy birthday, Tinbeni!

Glad the ailing Cornerites seem better. Continue to heal.

Jinx: my "wimpy" son became the USAF Pilot so it didn't last. He was involved in some strange incidents at age 13 that made me wonder. No wimps in my family anywhere in adulthood. Slight queasiness in places.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

PK, my thanks for your son's service. Glad he became a fine man. My nephew had a similar experience. Both parents were PhDs and he was a smart kid but unmotivated. Knowing he wasn't doing well, he joined the Marines and became a fine man. Got out and went to college on the GI bill, met the love of his life, and rejoined the Marines as an officer after graduation. His wife became a Navy MD. He has two fine kids now, and he is making the Marines his career. (His wife is now in private practice.)

-T, air conditioning wasn't considered when my house was built in 1914. Heck, electric lights weren't even anticipated; I still have gas taps in the walls for the old lighting. So I suspect that ducting was an issue. I have a 2-ton unit for the front part of the first floor, a 1 1/2 ton unit for the back of the first floor, a 2 ton unit for the second floor, and a 1 1/2 ton heat pump for the third floor (no radiators up there). I'll have to get the heat pump replaced before winter, bu I think I'll let the 2 ton first floor unit wait until next year.

Misty said...

Wilbur, HAM seems just as reasonable as HOP AND HAT for that Seuss clue.

CrossEyedDave said...

Couldn't post earlier as I only had the Iphone at the Hospital
and it's near the end of the month, meaning I can't use any data.

Really wanted to post the Light the Tarmac scene, but HG beat
me to it.
Except I couldn't see his link (see data usage, earlier...)
until now.

HG, you didn't link the whole Kaboodle!
It's here, in the 1st minute.
But watch the the whole "alighting on the Tarmac" if you feel so inclined...

HBD Tinbeni!

PK said...

Jinx: at 13 my son was ambitious & academically motivated. However, if things didn't measure up to his standard of what he wanted to happen, he just ignored them and didn't say anything to his parents. Got beat up three times by bigger bullies he'd tried to correct. Witnesses to the incidents called us. He wouldn't talk about it. We as parents needed to take action and did. He found two beloved pets who had died of strange accidents (nothing he did) and just left them and didn't say anything. Then there was the epipen incident. We talked to him about facing reality and doing what needed to be done. He became uber responsible as an adult and a fine officer, husband, & father to four boys.

CrossEyedDave said...


Somehow i can't get rid of the feeling I've seen this all before...

Actually, I was just looking for the actual landing clip, but the quality
out there is terrible unless you watch the whole movie.

I did find this, & somehow the jerkiness adds to it.
5 minutes of sheer terror!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Brought today's newspaper up with me to the southwest Adirondack park...finished the puzzle by a nice crackling but barely warming log fire ..had "tee" for 8 down for the longest time till I did a alphabet run and "a poor" made sense....finally finishing and so is the campfire!!

Bobbi said...

I'll challenge readers to solve this one: Due to mis-definitions, lame attempts at cuteness, a sophomoric sense of word context, and a total lack of word usage knowledge, this puzzle was ......?
I_A_E (hint: one letter fits both blanks)

jfromvt said...

Doing this puzzle on Saturday morning. It was a toughie, but once I got the theme, was able to finish it. Now on to the Saturday puzzle!