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Jul 29, 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020, Jeffrey Wechsler


17. "Shane" star: ALAN LADD.

27. Melville's "handsome sailor": BILLY BUDD.

48. "Wabbit" hunter: ELMER FUDD. Shhhhh. He's hunting wabbits.

64. Woman who married the 16th president: MARY TODD. (Abraham Lincoln's wife.)

9. "Saturday Night Live" cast member since 2017: CHRIS REDD.

11. Half of a longtime country duo: NAOMI JUDD. With Wynonna, The Judds.

37. Former CBS anchor with a Peabody and five Emmys: ROGER MUDD.

38. Ten-time NBA All-Star who is now a Laker assistant coach: JASON KIDD.

Melissa here. Beautiful! Eight themers, four across, four down. 


1. One of the fam: SIB. Sibling.

4. Peeved: SORE.

8. Small quick breads: SCONES.

14. "Strange Magic" rock gp.: ELO. Electric Light Orchestra.

15. Revlon rival: AVON.

16. Defeat decisively: THRASH.

19. Cactus bud: AREOLE. Areoles are modified branches, from which flowers, more branches, and leaves (when present) may grow. Universal in the cactus family (at least in the juvenile phase) and have not so far been found in any other plant family. Almost all species of cactus have tufts of spines that develop from the areoles.

20. Lo-cal brew: LITE ALE.

21. Beam splitter: PRISM.

22. Lend __: pay attention: AN EAR. "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears" is the first line of a speech by Mark Antony in the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare.

23. Gives the nod: OKS.

24. NYC subway line: IRT. Interborough Rapid Transit.

31. Indian royal: RAJAH.

33. Egyptian goddess: ISIS.

34. Sidestep: ELUDE.

35. Spanish "for": POR.

38. Positions: JOBS. Noun, not verb.

39. Nike rival: ADIDAS.

40. Bakery allures: AROMAS.

42. Put right: MEND.

44. Dr. who co-founded a record label: DRE.

45. Has a fit: RAGES.

46. Sentry's shout: HALT. Who goes there?

47. __ pad: STENO.

54. Always, to 53-Down: EER.

55. Emergent: NEW.

57. Feminine German article: EINER.

58. Earns: MAKES.

60. Model offering interior views: CUTAWAY.

62. "__ Rouge!": Kidman film: MOULIN.

65. "Same experience for me": AS DID I.

66. Snare: TRAP.

67. GPS display: RTE.

68. Table salt additive: IODIDE.

69. Up to the task: ABLE.

70. Persona __ grata: NON. Unacceptable or unwelcome person.


1. Naval test site: SEALAB. US Navy's 'Aquanauts' Tested the Boundaries of Deep Diving. It Ended in Tragedy.

2. "Fighting" Big Ten team: ILLINI. University of Illinois athletics.

3. Waterside inn: BOATEL. Never heard of that, but makes perfect sense.

4. Pay: SALARY. Noun, not verb.

5. Shape of Ford's logo: OVAL.

6. Went by Segway: RODE.

7. Finale: END.

8. Barren: STARK.

10. Mining hauls: ORES.

12. Subj. for a non-native speaker: ESL. English as a Second Language.

13. Stevie Wonder's "Isn't __ Lovely": SHE.

18. Sci-fi author Stephenson: NEAL. American writer known for his works of speculative fiction.

21. They're full of beans: PODS.

25. "M*A*S*H" corporal who hears choppers before anyone else: RADAR.

26. This and this: THESE.

28. Life stories: BIOS.

29. __ port: USB. Universal Serial Bus.

30. Grim: DISMAL.

32. "Rope-a-dope" boxer: ALI

35. Examine grammatically: PARSE.

36. Give a speech: ORATE.

39. Start a pot: ANTE.

41. Guys: MEN.

43. "Slippery" tree: ELM.

46. Adheres (to): HEWS. 1. Chop or cut. 2. Conform or adhere to. A contronym, often referred to as a Janus word or auto-antonym, is a word that evokes contradictory or reverse meanings depending on the context.

49. Key in again: RETYPE.

50. Turin-based automaker: FIAT.

51. Still on the hanger: UNWORN.

52. __ rights: red-handed: DEAD TO.

53. England's first poet laureate: DRYDEN.

56. Choice word: EENIE.

59. Et __: and others: ALII. "Et al." is an abbreviation. When read aloud, you pronounce the full term "et alii" (or "et alia") - same as you would say "et cetera" when reading aloud the "etc." abbreviation. Alternatively, you could say "and others" - same as you would say "for example" when reading aloud the "e.g." abbreviation.

60. Paleo no-no: CARB. Keto  and Atkins no-no, too.

61. Eurasian range: URAL. The Ural Mountains or simply the Urals, are a mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through western Russia, from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the river Ural and northwestern Kazakhstan.

62. Avril follower: MAI. French - April and May.

63. Baja bear: OSO.

64. NYC subway org.: MTA.