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Oct 7, 2018

Sunday, October 7, 2018 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: "The Irreverent Grammarian"- Seven English grammar-related terms are punnily re-phrased.

22. Confident opinion piece?: DEFINITE ARTICLE. I skip "the" often. Chinese has no definite article.

34. Ammonia and water?: COMPOUND WORDS. Both are compounds.

49. Overlap in a photo lab?: DOUBLE NEGATIVE.

67. Adam?: FIRST PERSON.

81. Truce that's barely holding?: TENSE AGREEMENT.

96. Consecutive jail terms?: RUN-ON SENTENCE.

112. Will sections covering family members?: RELATIVE CLAUSES.

I like the title. Irreverent. That's our Jeffrey. Irreverent with humor, wits and fun.

Just look at the basic grid design. Normally you'll find the grid edges broken into four parts, like our last Sunday puzzle. Jeffrey chose the irreverent way. He broke the edges into three, which increases the word length and of course, filling difficulty. We don't see triple-stacked 7's often.


1. Repetitive geometric patterns: FRACTALS. Sparkly start.

9. Collinsworth with many Sports Emmys: CRIS. Football analyst.

13. Showed openly: BARED.

18. Ricky Martin's birthplace: PUERTO RICO.

20. Use a hammock: REST. Here is our CrossEyedDave relaxing in his hammock.
21. Other side: ENEMY.

24. Approach evening: LATEN. Not a word I use.

25. Eligibility factors: AGES.  Read this China Daily article. The retirement age in China is 50 for women. 60 for men. Mandatory. But Chinese president is 65 already.

26. Most in need of water: DRIEST.

27. Where Brazil took Olympic soccer gold: RIO.

29. Concert finale?: INA. Concertina.

30. Pitcher's problem: SORE ARM. Different "pitch" in 89. Adjust for pitch: TUNE.

37. Get more precipitous: STEEPEN.

39. Regret: RUE.

40. Track event: MEET.

41. Draw back: EBB.

44. Aveeno competitor: OLAY. Never a fan of Aveeno. Been into CeraVe the past few months.

45. Mark of shame: STIGMA.

48. Hot tub feature: EDDY.

53. Writer Deighton: LEN.

55. Remark that hurts: INSULT.

56. Track winnings: PURSE.

57. Ambulance gp.: EMS.

58. Org. with no "L" in its name, ironically: CTA.Chicago Transit Authority.

61. Brings down: FELLS.

62. Disney film starring Auli'i Cravalho: MOANA. Polynesian girl.

64. Cell pic: SNAPSHOT.

66. Author Dinesen: ISAK.

70. E-commerce icon: CART.

71. Officially rebukes: CENSURES.

73. Pride group: LIONS.

74. Focus of much TV drama: CRIME.

75. Saint-Tropez summer: ETE.

76. Title like Bugs Bunny's "Hare Trigger": PUN.

77. Harbor sights: PIERS.

79. Macbeth and Macduff: THANES.

80. Handheld amp?: MIC.

84. Olympic contact sport: JUDO. The do in Judo is the same as Chinese "tao". Way.

87. Ad rep's links: TIE-INS.

90. Souse's woe: DTS.

91. Single section: UNIT. And 92. Single: ONE.

93. White Castle offerings: SLIDERS.

101. "I can't eat all this!": IT'S A LOT. Boomer has lost quite a bit of weight. He used to love food.

105. British verb suffix: ISE.

106. Always, poetically: EER.

107. Biblical voyage terminus: ARARAT.

109. Bierce's definition of it starts, "A temporary insanity curable by marriage": LOVE.

110. Buddhist spiritual text: SUTRA.

117. Spud: TATER.

118. Sturdy trees: OAKS.

119. Not giving up: PERSISTENT.

120. Iditarod array: SLEDS.

121. Scheme: RUSE.

122. Bar for adults and children: SNICKERS. Great clue/answer. I first saw Snickers at my then boss's home. Tons of Snickers and cigarettes.


1. Felipe's fire: FUEGO.

2. Point (to): REFER.

3. Comes up: ARISES.

4. Many an Amazon dely.: CTN.

5. Nome : yours :: Nice : à __: TOI.

6. Collages and such: ART.

7. Wasn't true: LIED.

8. Not often seen: SCARCE.

9. Autumn adjective: CRISP. Sweater and leather jacket weather here in Minnesota.

10. Page one, generally: RECTO.

11. Part of 77-Down: Abbr.: ISL. 77. Smallest Canadian prov.: PEI.

12. Chest protector: STERNUM.

13. Not on deck: BELOW.

14. Carrier with HQ in Tokyo: ANA. All Nippon Airways.

15. No longer playing: RETIRED.

16. Corrected: EMENDED.

17. Zhou or Qin: DYNASTY. This makes me so happy. Most of you know Zhouqin is my Mandarin name. I was born in Xi'an, capital city of four Chinese dynasties: Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang. Xie xie, Jeffrey!

18. Palm gadgets, briefly: PDAS.

19. Neighbor of Taurus: ORION.

23. Pro __: TEM.

28. Mr. Right, presumably: IDEAL MAN. 102. 28-Down's opposite: LOSER.

31. Much of Micronesia's makeup: ATOLLS.

32. Get a new tenant for: RE-LET.

33. Indicate: MEAN.

35. Strong desire: URGE.

36. Sign that may make you nervous: OMEN.

38. Joe-__ weed: herbal remedy: PYE. This is new to me. Looks so pretty.

41. Building: EDIFICE.

42. Supposedly medicinal herb that sounds relevant to chiropractors: BONESET. This is also new to me.

43. Restricted road part: BUS LANE.

45. Like some elegant gowns: STRAPLESS.

46. "Whether __ nobler ... ": Hamlet: TIS.

47. "__ been there": I'VE.

50. Adds muscle mass, with "up": BULKS.

51. Honor roll stats: GPAS.

52. Family member: AUNT.

54. "The Green Mile" subj.: ESP. Unfamiliar with "The Green Mile"

57. Slaughter of old baseball: ENOS.

58. Confined, in a way: CHAINED.

59. Badger: TORMENT.

60. Bears witness (to): ATTESTS.

62. Personal bearing: MIEN.

63. Hosp. areas: ORS. So many nice volunteers at the VA hospital in Minneapolis.

64. Common ID: SSN.

65. "Hit the road!": SCRAM.

67. Sugar in much corn syrup: FRUCTOSE.

68. Celt's land: EIRE.

69. Actress Salazar of "Maze Runner" movies: ROSA. Not familiar to me. I bet D-Otto's old sweater has less holes than hers.

72. Venerable letters in global news: UPI.

74. Glass-aloft salutation: CHEERS.

78. Place to stay: INN.

79. Belief: TENET.

80. Con __: tempo marking: MOTO. Learning moment for me.

81. Many a freshman: TEEN.

82. Sporty VW: GTI.

83. Designer Gernreich: RUDI. Monokini.

84. Gavel wielders: JURISTS.

85. Extraordinary: UNUSUAL.

86. Unlikely banquet setting: DINETTE.

88. Wrong: IN ERROR.

93. Legal tender substitute: SCRIP.

94. Target of suburban cleanups: LEAVES. I like the clue.

95. Respectful gesture: SALUTE.

97. Approaches: NEARS.

98. Negotiations: TALKS.

99. Expunge: ERASE.

100. D.C. athlete: NAT.

103. Kitchen equipment: OVENS.

104. Proficiency determiner: TEST.

108. Shore bird: TERN.

111. Like two-thirds of Austria's flag: RED.

113. Dominique's thirst quencher: EAU.

114. 15-season show whose final episode was "Immortality": CSI.

115. Driving need: Abbr.: LIC. License.

116. Propose, in a way: ASK.

Boomer update:

The biopsy showed that Boomer's bone cancer originated from the prostate. He just started taking  Bicalutamide (50mg) yesterday. After two weeks, he'll get a get a hormone shot which lasts for six months. The shot will be repeated, according to Dr Levi Downs. Hopefully we'll know more when we see Dr Downs in two weeks.

We're going to have one more CT scan next Tuesday and bone scan on Oct 16th. In the meantime, Boomer is taking Ibuprofen (800mg) and Oxycodone for pain control.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me, esp you, Jerry S, I've read your email so many times. It always calms me down. Also want to say "Thank you" to our caring Dr. Nina (Inanehiker) for her medical advice.

Thank you for the warm wishes and suggestions, everyone. They all comfort me.


Sep 27, 2018

Thursday, September 27th 2018 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme:  Golf Fever - it's the Ryder Cup beginning tomorrow, Tiger's back to winning ways, and we have an aptly-timed theme for this Thursday.

1A. *Top selection: TEE SHIRT. You can't wear a t-shirt to play golf on most courses in the UK, they're very sniffy about dress code. You used to not be able to wear sneakers, but now that all the latest golf shoes look like sneakers, it mush be causing must angst and "what is the world coming to?" wailings from the old buffers in the clubhouse.

Nike have recently been dressing Tiger and Rory McIlroy in collarless shirts - I wonder if they'd be tossed off the course? I highly doubt it.

22A. *Preliminary sketch: ROUGH OUTLINE

36A. *Overly defensive stance: BUNKER MENTALITY. Bunkers on golf courses were originally natural depressions in the links that sheep used to scratch out to huddle from the wind whipping in over the dunes.


63A. *Stud poker element: HOLE CARD. From whence "ace in the hole".

and the unifier:

54D. What a sequence of single strokes from the start of each starred answer to the next often adds up to: PAR.

So, on a par-4 golf hole, you skew a tee shot into the rough, muscle it out into a bunker, splash a sand wedge onto the green and make the putt. Not a bad par save.

I once played a par 4 when my ball never even touched the grass. I teed it up, drove straight into a bunker, found a greenside bunker with the next shot and chipped straight into the hole without touching the green. Sheer fluke. I bought drinks.

Nice go from Jeffrey, slick work with the stacked 8's and 6's top and bottom and solid themage. Nothing particularly to cringe about in the fill either.

Let's examine further:


9. Bring pleasure (to): APPEAL

15. Horror film line that usually gets its speaker in trouble: I'LL GO SEE

16. With conviction: FIRMLY

17. Final Yahtzee roll, e.g.: LAST TURN. Took me a moment. The player who rolls "Yahtzee" has the final roll of the game.

18. Defies: FLOUTS. One of those words often mis-replaced, in "flouts" case by "flaunts".

19. Omaha-to-Milwaukee dir.: ENE

20. Epidermal flaw: ZIT

21. Its practice doesn't make it perfect: LAW. Odd clue, I think I must be missing something punny about "perfect" law?

28. Cowboy leggings: CHAPS

30. Quite small: WEE

31. __ culpa: MEA. My bad!

32. Indian noblewoman: RANI

33. Utopia: EDEN

35. Degrees of creativity, briefly: BFA'S. Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Two or more of these degrees are BFA's, two or more degree holders are Bachelors of Fine Arts - what would they be - B's.F.A? We should be told.

39. Track calculation: ODDS

40. Very long time: EONS

41. Support for a stroller: CANE

42. Seminarian's subj.: REL. Not nuclear physics? I'm surprised.

43. __ bran: OAT

44. Stun gun brand: TASER

49. Kareem, once: LEW. Lew Alcindor, UCLA basketball legend. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as an LA Laker.

50. Interoffice PC connection: LAN. Local Area Network.

51. Vehicle that really moves?: VAN

54. Canal zone: PANAMA

57. "Lives of the Mayfair Witches" trilogy author: ANNE RICE. I'd not heard of the trilogy, but it didn't take me long to slot her name in. I read her "Interview with a Vampire" and loved it.

60. Video game figure: AVATAR

61. Agonize about: STEW OVER

62. Deal with a bounced email: RE-SEND


1. Roofing unit: TILE

2. Vigorous spirit: ELAN

3. "Got anything __?": ELSE

4. Mil. three-striper: SGT.

5. High on the Scoville scale: HOT. Chili heat scale. I've got some fresh ghost peppers in the fridge, I chop them wearing latex gloves. They are not to be messed with!

6. Rodeos, e.g.: ISUZUS. Made me pause for a few seconds. It's an SUV from Isuzu.

7. Equip anew: RE-RIG. A couple of "re"-dos today.

8. Back nine opener: TENTH. More golf!

9. Wealthy: AFFLUENT

10. "Ecce homo" speaker: PILATE. "Behold the man".

11. Hunt stealthily: PROWL. Here, Kitty Kitty!

12. Source of lean red meat: EMU.

13. PC key: ALT

14. Fleur in heraldry: LYS. Lys vs. Lis. Let the debate re-begin.

22. Assigns relative value to: RANKS

23. Mayberry kid: OPIE

24. 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Terrell: OWENS. Known simply as "T-O" for a lot of his career.

25. "It's just a scratch": I'M FINE. I remember reading a quote from a claim form submitted to an Australian auto insurance company. "I told the other motorist I was not injured, but on removing my hat I discovered I had fractured my skull". There's stoic for you.

26. Not as messy: NEATER

27. "Nothing to it!": EASY

28. Less refined: CRUDER

29. Deal with: HANDLE

33. Put on quite an act: EMOTE

34. Cubs' digs: DEN

35. Heck of a party: BLAST

36. Swedish tennis great: BORG. Björn. He was fast around the court. I hear he was "Björn To Run".

37. Astern: REARWARD

38. Amazon berry: ACAI

43. Kind of band: ONE-MAN

44. Mine feature: TUNNEL

46. Please mightily: ELATE

47. Be at loggerheads: CLASH

48. Cost: RAN TO

51. Brawny rival: VIVA. I get Brawny from Costco. They do the job for me. I do go through a lot of them, though.

52. Big name in PCs: ACER

53. Bookish sort: NERD

55. Thoroughfare: Abbr.: AVE.

56. "Life Is Good" rapper: NAS. Grammy Award-nominated album in 2013.

58. Farm girl: EWE

59. Dungeons & Dragons bird: ROC. Muscle car: I-ROC. Fast food billionaire: KROC. LA-based music station: K-ROQ.

Rocking or not, here's the grid!


Sep 14, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Laugh kookaburra laugh.

Once again we are presented with a 16 x 15 puzzle by the incredible Jeffrey Wechsler. We have another sound puzzle designed to amuse as much as baffle. In the first and third theme fill, it is the first word that is re-purposed with a sound-alike word that is clued with humor as the objective. I think the puzzle evolved from PRAISE ON ONE's MIND which is what necessitated the 16 width of the puzzle. Jeffrey then built a symmetrical and consistent theme with the first word of themer one and three being the sound alike and the last word in two and four. Also, to show how much thought JW puts into his puzzles, we have an exchange of the "A" sound to "AI" from a different word that makes the sound. In theme one,  "EY" becomes "AI"; in two A-E becomes AI;  in three "EIGH" becomes "AI" and in 4 "AY" is replaced with "AI." Solid and consistent.

There are some misdirections like -  Late bloomer: ASTER and Edible bulb: ONION. Then he confused me with some puzzlers like - Slight suggestion:  TINGE or Certain octet member: PLANET. With 58 theme squares the long fill was limited to I SWEAR IT,  MAMMALIA, SAINT KITTS and STAY IN STEP all very sparkly. So without further ado.

18A. Complimentary thoughts?: PRAISE ON ONE's MIND (16). Preys on one's mind is the base phrase.

25A. Subtitle for "Further Adventures of Jack and Jill"?: BEYOND THE PAIL (13). Beyond the pale is the base phrase here. Its HISTORY, suggesting it is related to impale. 

45A. Reason to open another register?: WAIT REDUCTION (13). Weight reduction is this base phrase. 

62A. Rate hike at a tanning salon?: ULTRA-VIOLET RAISE (16). Ultra-violet rays this time. 


1. Mortify: ABASH. This was a more popular word when I was young.

6. Late bloomer: ASTER. This hearkens back to D-O's comment last week, which I mis-remembered as "I can't tell my aster from a hole in the ground." I am not as subtle.

11. Education basic: MATH. 'Rithmatic.

15. Starbucks order: MOCHA. They combine rich, full-bodied espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, then top it off with sweetened whipped cream.

16. Laughing, say: MERRY.

17. Et __: ALIA.

21. Half a Caribbean federation: SAINT KITTS. St. Kitts is the larger of the 2 Caribbean islands that comprise the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, also known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis.

22. Breitling competitor: OMEGA. Watches.

23. Where some long drives begin: TEE. Golf.

24. Certain octet member: PLANET. In our solar system.

32. U.K. singer Rita: ORA. She is back quickly.

33. Like the sticks: RURAL. Where people live surrounded by trees etc. The best-known reference to 'the sticks' meaning woodsy America, in any newspaper, was the 'Sticks Nix Hick Pix' headline in Variety, 17th July 1935. This was a famously succinct expression of the opinion that 'people in the backwoods [sticks] aren't interested [nix] in films [pix] about rural [hick] issues'.

34. Tentative statement: I MAY. This clue brought to mind this ear worm...

38. Collaborative website: WIKI. An easy go to; not always right but always there.

40. Classic slot images: LEMONS. Three CSOs in-one!

41. Emanation: AURA.

42. "He that hath no beard is __ than a man": Shak.: LESS. This was not said by Shaquille (Shaq) but is from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, said by Beatrice.
“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man. He that is more than a youth is not for me, and he that is less than a man, I am not for him.”

43. Battery post: ANODE. Not cathode.

44. Capt.'s heading: NNW. And back at sea 54A. Flotilla locale: OCEAN. This interesting sounding word which reminds me of floating (the words may be related), can also be in rivers. LINK.

50. Lean (on): DEPEND.

53. Balloting time: Abbr.: NOV. Coming soon to a polling place near you.

55. Keep up (with), as fashion trends: STAY IN STEP. This was very difficult for me, even though once filled seemed easy, though keep in step sounds more familiar. This also the name of a spinal cord injury support web-site.

64. Goa garment: SARI.

65. Edible bulb: ONION.

66. Macabre fiction middle name: ALLAN. EAP also makes a quick reprise here.

67. State of France: ÉTAT. The word in French, known from État Unis and coup d'état.

68. Some red marks: WELTS.

69. Knish purveyors: DELIS. Some HISTORY.


1. Stage flankers: AMPS.

2. When doubled, one of the Leeward Islands: BORA. Bora Bora is one of the LEEWARD ISLANDS.

3. Trendy berry: ACAI.

4. "Way of the gods" belief: SHINTO. Shinto is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people and as old as Japan itself. It remains Japan's major religion alongside Buddhism. wiki.

5. Get a move on: HASTEN. Jason.

6. French mine: À MOI. Not gold or silver.

7. Posted: SENT.

8. Display, with "out": TROT.

9. Sea eagles: ERNS.

10. White alternative: RYE. Bread, not anything controversial.

11. Class for dogs and cats: MAMMALIA. Mammals are the vertebrates within the class Mammalia, a clade of endothermic amniotes distinguished from reptiles by the possession of a neocortex, hair, three middle ear bones, and mammary glands. wiki. Yes - Mamma is Latin for booby!

12. "Guardians of the Galaxy" figure: ALIEN.I wanted Groot.

13. Slight suggestion: TINGE. This was very tricky.

14. Attacked: HAD AT. Then...40D. Attacked, with "into": LAID. Be careful...

19. Squeezed (out): EKED.

20. Arias, usually: SOLI. The plural of solo.

24. Comrades: PALS.

25. Postseason game: BOWL. In American college football.

26. Historic canal: ERIE. CSO again.

27. Runs on: YAKS.

28. Nottingham's river: TRENT. It has a bridge.

29. Laugh producer: HUMOR.

30. Undercut: ERODE.

31. Comprising standard glazing: PANED. Windows often are made up of panes, which get there by the action of installing windows.

35. Local bond, briefly: MUNI. Municipal bond interest is tax free.

36. The Ponte Vecchio spans it: ARNO. This is the bridge.

37. [What a bore!]: YAWN. Hey, I am trying here!

39. "Scout's honor!": I SWEAR IT. I do!

46. Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect" films: ANNA. 780 milihelens.

47. Meter, e.g.: UNIT.

48. "Heart of Darkness" author: CONRAD. A short novel by Joseph Conrad, about Marlow, an introspective sailor, and his journey up the Congo River to meet Kurtz, reputed to be an idealistic man of great abilities. The contrast between the rich white men and the natives and Marlow's disillusionment with Kurtz is the darkness.

49. Deal in electronics?: TV SALE. Such a random clue/fill.

50. Put out: DOUSE.

51. Eye-popping display: ECLAT. Similar to Elan.

52. Ancient Jordanian archaeological city: PETRA. Petra is a famous archaeological site in Jordan's southwestern desert. Dating to around 300 B.C., it was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. Accessed via a narrow canyon called Al Siq, it contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs, earning its nickname, the "Rose City."

55. Trig function: SINE. We have our math cornerites to expand, or expound.

56. Labor: TOIL.

57. Oodles: A LOT.

58. Hungers: YENS.

59. Prepare for sowing: TILL.

60. Actor Morales: ESAI. As Boomer says, the vowels are there.

61. They're often secured at tellers' windows: PENS. Do ther chains really help? They go at least back 50 YEARS.

63. Commitment: VOW.

Well I vow to be back again next week ITCDR. Thank you JW and all who read and comment, and a continuing wish for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet year for all.

Sep 6, 2018

Thursday, September 6th 2018 Jeffrey Wechsler


The reveal tells you what to look for...

35A. Impediment to creativity ... and each set of puzzle circles: WRITER'S BLOCK

... and we find, clockwise in each circled block, beginning in the NW: Bradbury, Lawrence, Chandler, Voltaire, Gordimer and Morrison. That's Ray, D.H. (or T.E.), Raymond, no first name, Nadine and Toni to give them all their full monikers. The latter two I have not read, the others I have.

Tough to pick a favorite, but I did find T.E. Lawrence's "The Mint" fascinating. If you have ten minutes to spare today, please enjoy this excerpt from the book. Glorious writing. If your heart isn't beating furiously reading about the race with the airplane, better check your emotional pulse!

Back to the crossword, I'm looking for a connection between the six authors but nothing jumps out unless there's some fiendish meta that I'm missing (quite likely, actually!)

This grid extends the recent sixteen-squares-on-one-side (SSOOS?) Thursday trend, and also features a very clever theme in the "block" shape of each author. Jeffrey's a master at themes, this one is no exception. Let's see what the fill held in store:


1. Seething: ABOIL

6. Jaguar weapons: CLAWS. My Jaguars had weapons - break down at every opportunity. One to drive, one in the shop.

11. Half a dance: CHA. Cha. (Cha?)

14. Stinger ingredient: BRANDY. Classically made with cognac and white crème de menthe. Cheers!

15. Superman player Cavill: HENRY

16. "The Last Jedi" villain Kylo: REN. Thank you, crosses. No Stimpy clue today? Nice for a change.

17. Alpine airs: YODELS

18. Broken out, in a way: ACNED

19. Days gone by, in days gone by: ELD

Once adown the dewy way a youthful cavalier spurred with a maiden mounted behind him, swiftly passing out of sight, recalling to the imagination some romance of eld, when the damosel fled with her lover.

1891 - Mary Noailles Murfree, In the "Stranger People's" Country

20. Capital on the Volga: RUBLE. Capital as in "money" for anyone new to this game.

21. Suppress, as a story: SIT ON

22. Punching tools: AWLS

23. Suffix with fruct-: OSE

24. Hall of Fame manager Stengel: CASEY. He managed both the Yankees and the Mets. I think the HOF nomination came more from his exploits with the former rather than the latter.

25. Sal of "Exodus": MINEO

26. Waters down: WETS

28. Taiwanese PC brand: ACER

29. Rita awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom: MORENO. And ... cue the music!

30. Hankering: ITCH

32. Depilatory cream: NAIR. Tried NEET first, was wrong. Not sure where I came up with that one. Wiki has it as an acronym for "Not in Employment, Education or Training" referring to young people without a job.

34. Historic span: Abbr.: CEN. tury

38. Big letters in family-owned supermarkets: IGA. Founded as the Independent Grocer's Alliance.

40. Troubadour's strings: LUTE

41. Uncle __: BEN'S. A crime against humanity.

42. Codes of conduct: MORALS

44. Christian with style: DIOR

46. Venerated one: IDOL

50. Adorkable types: NERDS. I LOVE "adorkable". What a great language we have in English.

51. Lets off steam: VENTS

52. JFK posting: ETA. I haven't been to JFK for a while, United stopped flying into there a few years ago. All their NYC flights go through Newark now, with the exception of some regional services into La Guardia. What was the point of this story? I miss the ride into Manhattan past the World's Fair remnants.

53. "Psych" finale?: -OSIS

54. Is after: SEEKS

55. Field mice: VOLES. I didn't know voles were mice. Good to know for the next time I meet one.

57. Area 51 craft: UFO

58. Singer with Lawrence: GORMÉ. Wild, stab-in-the-dark guess for me. Husband and Wife duo.

59. Accept, with "for": SETTLE

60. Greek org.: SOR. Sorority. I drove up Hilgard Avenue by UCLA last week, it's also known as "Sorority Row" from all the sorority houses there.

61. Lyft passenger: RIDER

62. Difficult tasks: TRIALS

63. Hosp. parts: E.R.S

64. Mideast bigwigs: EMIRS

65. Will Rogers prop: LASSO


1. Work up: AROUSE

2. Risky proposition: BAD BET. Risky? Downright dumb if you ask me.

3. Turow biographical title: ONE L. Harvard Law School calls first year students "one l's"

4. Not working: IDLE

5. Fleur-de-__: Quebec flag image: LYS

6. Poolside chair: CHAISE

7. Debate equipment: LECTERNS

8. Get under one's skin: ANNOY

9. Small songbird: WREN

10. Letters on a Qantas baggage tag: SYD. Sydney airport. I've been there, I don't recall much about it though (the airport that is, not the city!). I recall the Qantas lounge was nice, I flew out of Sydney to Auckland en route back home to LA.

11. Like many tees: CREW NECK

12. Greek: HELLENE. I knew "hellenic", now I know "hellene" too.

13. "... et cetera": AND SO ON. These entries can be difficult to parse. There's a few good examples today, look at 38 and 54D too.

14. How some tickets may be sorted: BY ROW

21. Scented pouch: SACHET

22. Put on: AIR

24. Plant in many Road Runner cartoons: CACTUS

25. Dunderhead: MORON

27. What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty: SIR. I needed this to unlock "ITCH" - I couldn't get away from "ACHE".

29. Distance runners: MILERS

31. Cultivates: TILLS

33. Monastic figures: ABBOTS

35. Golden State team: WARRIORS

36. Christ the __: Rio landmark: REDEEMER. An iconic sight. I got a great view of it flying into Rio's Santos Dumont domestic airport from Sao Paulo the last time I was out there. SDU is right on the ocean and slap-dab next to Sugarloaf, so it's hard to beat the view out of the airplane window.

37. Crime show with several spin-offs: CSI. The purists might have wanted to try to avoid "crime" in the clue as "crime", albeit abbreviated, is part of the answer. Doesn't ruffle my feathers though.

38. "You obviously can't depend on me": I'M NO USE

39. Fetches: GOES FOR

43. Most junk mail: ADS

45. Comic book personnel: INKERS. They draw the outlines. Other folk color them in. With crayon, and their tongue sticking out of the side of their mouth. Just kidding, some of my best friends are in comics and animation.

47. Change symbols, in math: DELTAS. The difference between "this" and "that".

48. Opera with Desdemona: OTELLO. I had a brain futz and tried OFELIA first. What was that all about?

49. Alters with a light touch?: LASES. Laser shaping, reshaping or surgery.

51. 48-Down composer: VERDI

54. "__ told": "That's the rumor": SO I'M

55. Designer Wang: VERA

56. Name in boxy cars?: OTIS. Mr. Elevator. Nice clue.

58. Higher ed. test: G.R.E.

59. Cardinal's letters: STL. St. Louis, on scoreboards.

And, as the stoics would say, "grid and bear it", so here it is!


Aug 24, 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Can I have your cherry?

It may be Friday, but we are today faced with creating a SUNDAE. As the link explains there are debate and a history about this American creation, but there can be no debate about the one put together by our own Jeffrey Wechsler both verbally and visually. We had an expanded grid yesterday and  JW has also used this vehicle for his creative horizon lately with the 15 x 16 grids. This allows for more words especially sparkly like LAPPED UP,  SCENARIO,  SPARSELY,  THAT IT IS,  HARD WINTER, and  SCRATCHPAD. In this iteration, we have 36 three letter words, and 22 with four letters. Both of which are unusually high for a weekday puzzle, as are the 46 blocks. The theme fill is not symmetrical (thought the puzzle does have left-right symmetry).  Jeffrey also places a circle around a single letter in each themer and starting from the top down they spell (Ta-Dah) SUNDAE. That was the icing on the cake (I loved mixed metaphors!). Also, with all the theme fill clued only by 64-A, it is a very much circular solve. Obviously, with theme fill ranging from 4-16 letters, we are outside any of the old conventions which say the theme fill should be the longest words. I wish JW would stop by or write C.C. on this unique creation. On to the rest.

18A. *See 64-Across: MARASCHINO CHERRY (16). The cherry on top is both literal and figurative. They are an integral part of an American ice cream sundae. The term "cherry on top" refers to the Maraschino cherries on top of the ice cream sundae. wiki. HISTORY.

24A. *See 64-Across: NUTS (4). Toast and roughly chop your favorite nuts. Walnuts are a popular choice for sundaes, but just about any nuts will taste great. Cashews and almonds are two popular choices. You can even buy slivered almonds and save yourself the chopping. Various recipes.

34A. *See 64-Across: WHIPPED TOPPING (13). You want to make your own?  THREE WAYS. Notice that to avoid a dupe Jeffrey could not use Whipped Cream with Ice Cream. 

41A. *See 64-Across: HOT FUDGE (8). I like this RECIPE from the Smitten Kitten.

51A. *See 64-Across: FRUIT SAUCE (10). There are so many but how about STRAWBERRY?

64A. *Foundation ingredient of a treat built upward in the answers to starred clues and spelled downward in the circles: ICE CREAM (8).  If you want the entire dessert HOMEMADE have fun, and please share your personal stories.

I am hungry, but we must press on...


1. Smartphone call record, say: LIST. How often do you clear your history?

5. Wet-Nap unit: PACKET.

11. Utterly beyond repair: SHOT.

15. Part of a foot: ARCH. Not an inch.

16. St. Clare's town: ASSISI. Her STORY.

17. Carrie who was a friend of Susan B.: CATT. Carrie Chapman Catt was an American women's suffrage leader who campaigned for the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States                                                                    Constitution, which gave U.S. women                                                          the right to vote in 1920.

21. "Shove off!": BEAT IT.

22. Summer footwear: SANDAL. Not in Florida, it is a year-round phenomenon.

23. Suggestion: TIP. Especially in the 10th at Gulfstream.

28. Rudder-controlled movement: YAW. An aircraft in flight is free to rotate in three dimensions: yaw, nose left or right about an axis running up and down; pitch, nose up or down about an axis running from wing to wing; and roll, rotation about an axis running from nose to tail. wiki.

29. Beckett's "Endgame" has one: ACT. This play sounds boring, but it was written in French and Samuel Beckett was the one to translate into English, so I guess he liked it.

30. 7-Up moniker: UNCOLA. This AD was brilliant. The link is for CED.  Not to be confused with 53D. Take the top off: UNCAP.

32. Narrow inlet: RIA.

37. Strikes lightly, as a window: TAPS AT. What light through...

38. Sexy: EROTIC.

40. Rap sheet letters: AKAAlso Known As.  This term is used in much more than criminal law; if you buy a house and borrow money you will sign a name affidavit with all of your akas.

46. SFO info: ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

47. Sci-fi good guys: JEDI.

49. Prove equal (to): RISE. To the occasion.

50. Take quickly: GRAB.

56. Christian official: DEACON. In Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches an ordained minister of an order ranking below that of the priest.

59. Laundry convenience: HAMPER. My sweet wife just went shopping at Big Lots to find one that had wheels so I can get the laundry back and forth to our laundry room here at the condo.

63. Alpine retreat: INN.

69. Guitar, slangily: AXE. Originally, the first band I negotiated a record deal for was named ALIEN and then along came a movie, so they became AXE (3:23).

70. Needle part: EYE.

71. Really enjoyed: LAPPED UP. Kitties like Ice Cream too.

72. Little bit: TAD.

73. Spotted: SAW.

74. How farmland is populated: SPARSELY. A word that fascinated me when I was young. We grew up near lots of farmland.

75. Dr.'s group: HMO.


1. Country kid?: LAMB. Nice literal but still deceptive.

2. See 56-Down: IRAE. 56D. With 2-Down, Latin hymn: DIES. Very common in the CWP world.

3. Doodle site: SCRATCHPAD. My brother Barry was a frustrated Peter Max.

4. "Precisely so!": THAT IT IS. Instead of the all too popular 'it is what it is'.

5. Formal agreement: PACT. Any of you have blood brothers/sisters?

6. Grill remnants: ASH.

7. TV forensic series: CSICrime Scene Investigation. Changed television and the real world of investigations.

8. Many holiday guests: KIN.

9. Anka's "__ Beso": ESO. Spanish for "that kiss."

10. Involuntary motions: TICS.

11. Plot outline: SCENARIO. I am surprised there has not been a tv series with this as a title.

12. Seasonal frontier challenge: HARD WINTER. Still a challenge.

13. José's "other": OTRA. Spanish.

14. Texter's sign-off: TTYL. Talk To You Later.

19. Hardly a gulp: SIP.

20. Loft bale: HAY.

24. Philadelphia-to-Albany dir.: NNE. Back to the Trailways bus station.

25. Golden State sch. in Davis: UCD. Univesity of California Davis.

26. Young one: TOT.

27. __-mo: SLO. Is it worth the abbreviation to take off a single letter?

29. Open one's eyes: AWAKE.

30. Plotting: UP TO.

31. Take down __: A PEG. Peg Slay, where are you?

33. Emotional distress: AGITA. Is it stress or a heartburn?

35. Half a tuba sound: PAH. OOM?

36. Tense beginning?: PREPREtense. Beginning to end. 68D. Stamp addition?: EDE. Stampede.

37. Jersey casino, with "The": TAJ.

39. Bus alternative: CAB.

42. Half of hexa-: TRI. Twice.

43. Able-bodied: FIT.

44. Initials on American vessels: USSUnited States Ship; it's a ship, not a boat.

45. Org. concerned with meth: DEA. Drug Enforcement Agency.

48. "Stan Against Evil" airer: IFC.  Formerly called: Independent Film Channel (1994–2014)

50. Shining example: GEM.

52. Deeply disturbs: ROILS. This also means agitates.

54. Big name in moving: U-HAUL. U-Haul is an American moving equipment and storage rental company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, that has been in operation since 1945.

55. Like TV's "Batman": CAMPY. Adam West was amazing.

57. "May It Be" co-songwriter: ENYA. A song which was written for the Lord of the Rings movies. Enya wrote music, Roma Ryan studied the languages created by Tolkien and wrote the lyrics in English and Quenya. There are two lines with phrases written in Quenya. The first, Mornië utúlië, translates to "Darkness has come." Mornië alantië translates as "Darkness has fallen."

58. Once more: ANEW.

60. Hiking spot: PATH.

61. Final, for one: EXAM.

62. Correct, in a way: REDO.

65. Org. dealing with brownfields: EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a brownfield as "real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant".

66. EMT proficiency: CPR. Emergency Medical Technicians do Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

67. High-__ monitor: RES. Abbreviation of resolution.

This was a very hard but satisfying solve. The double sixes on top of the grid-spanning Maraschino Cherry; Lapped Up and Sparsely supporting the ICE CREAM- wonderful. As you all know I also love visual grids.  The solve started very slowly hindered by the circular cluing (Barry G. where are you?) but the payoff was great. I look forward to your comments and the rest of the weekend. Thanks, Jeffrey, Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

I'm so happy to share with you these three beautiful pictures from Nina, "Inanehiker" on our blog. Nina is a doctor and her "Team Argyle" comment was extremely helpful in gathering our support for Argyle during his final days.

Nina said:

"It's been a crazy few weeks with my mom breaking her hip a few weeks before my son Sam's wedding.  Nice to have the Corner crowd have my back.

Here are a few pics: from the wedding and my mom who is headed home on Saturday from rehab - yay!"
Nina's Mom

Nina and her husband
Sam's Wedding

Aug 9, 2018

Thursday, August 9th 2018 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: ISLE BE BACK - The Terminator's description of today's theme:

16A. Lombardy skiing destination: THE ITALIAN ALPS. Lanai. Lombardy has all sorts going for it, Milan, great food & wine, Lake Como, skiing. No wonder it's beyond my retirement budget. I blame George Clooney for jacking up the prices.

22B. One of many standing in a Mexican bar: TEQUILA BOTTLE. Bali. The tequila would work well in my 48A restaurant "CANTINA BURRATA" below.

36A. Gene Autry Easter song critter: PETER COTTONTAIL. Crete. Unknown critter for me. Another letter-by-letter fill.

48A. Carl Orff opus: CARMINA BURANA. Aruba. Completely unknown to me. I had ***INA BUR*NA at one point, and decided it had to be a restaurant called CANTINA BUR*** and then BURRATA didn't fit. I didn't know the work, but I certainly know "O Fortuna" from the opus. Here's conductor Simon Rattle giving the Berlin Philharmonic the full eyebrow treatment.

Then the reveal:

58A. Vacation spots found in each set of puzzle circles: ISLAND RETREATS. 

Lawks-a-mercy, this was a toughie! I did a speed warm-up with the monthly puzzle in the United Airlines in-flight magazine (a pre-Shortz NYT reprint) and then cracked my knuckles for a quick JW Thursday jaunt. 70 minutes later, I'm still not done. That ALBI/CARMINA/ACS/LAVISH/BRUSHY perfect storm almost did for me. Finally, FINALLY teased it out. That "Congratulations" Mr. Pencil box was never so welcome. Cracking stuff.

Let's see what else gave me wounds to lick this week:


1. Kvetch's phrase: OY GEVALT! What? Right off the bat. I should have seen the omen for bad things to come.

9. Obstruct: DAM UP. JAM UP? No.

14. Military award phrase: FOR VALOR. This is the Medal of Honor awarded to Sgt. John Randolph "J.R." McKinney. I never knew him nor met him, but his memorial page came up when I was searching for a suitable image to post. He was also awarded the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman's Badge (the, "See, I Been there") during the Pacific campaign in WWII. He passed away aged 76 in 1997. Thank you for your service.

15. Cut out for marriage?: ELOPE

18. Feed bit: OAT

19. "Can I get a word in here?": AHEM?

20. Addams cousin: ITT

27. Merged comm. giant: G.T.E.

29. Large garden ornament: URN

30. Viewed warily: EYED

31. Looks down on: DISDAINS. This caused me a huge problem. I know "DISTAINS" and so "TEN**" was just not revealing a fabric. I stared down that section for a loooooong time. Finally, I thought that maybe it might be a "D". I looked up DISTAIN after I was done, and apparently it's archaic. That ages me quite precisely, I guess.

34. Gas __: TAX

41. Extreme degree: NTH

42. Moot point: NON-ISSUE

43. Toulouse-Lautrec's birthplace: ALBI. Pretty place. This is the Pont Vieux ("Old Bridge"). I like the French literalism. Which begs the question, why isn't he called "Albi-Lautrec"? Toulouse is a good 74Kms away. We should be told.

46. Like -trix, at times: Abbr.: FEM.

47. Brief "I think": IMO

54. "Law & Order: __": SVU. Special Victims Unit, apparently.

55. Boy of la casa: NIÑO

56. Farmers' business: Abbr.: INS. I like the commercials, the always jaunty "We are Farmers, bam-de-bam, bom, bam-bam-bam". The spokesperson in the commercials, actor J.K. Simmons is a regular patron of my local Italian restaurant. It's tough not to sing the hook line when he walks in.

64. Stand out: SHINE

65. Behind closed doors: IN SECRET

66. Publicizes showily: HYPES

67. Car named for a small warship: CORVETTE


1. Many times o'er: OFT

2. Pirate song snippet: YO, HO! 

Fifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest — 
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! 
Drink and the devil had done for the rest — 
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! 

Robert Louis Stevenson

3. Classic circus adjective: GREATEST

4. Site with clickable RSVPs: EVITE

5. Industrial-sized tank: VAT

6. Helen Keller is on its st. quarter: ALA.

7. Brief chuckle: LOL. Brief, as in abbreviated. Nice clue. First instincts here are HAH! or HAW!

8. Dry run: TRIAL

9. Cygnus' brightest star: DENEB

10. Budget rival: ALAMO

11. Gretchen of "Manchester by the Sea": MOL. I think I saw the movie, but either I gave up on it halfway through, fell asleep or it just didn't register.

12. Presumptuous: UPPITY

13. Mortar's partner: PESTLE. Seems obvious when you fill it in, but my first thought was "BRICKS", closely followed by military ballistics. Considering I used my pestle and mortar more often than bricklaying or aerial bombardment, I wondered why I struggled.

17. Revelation reaction: AHA!

21. "Chopped" host Allen: TED. Gimme. One of my favorite shows, and favorite hosts. He's so classy. Never a bad word to say about anyone.

23. Ice cream buy: QUART

24. "Spenser: For Hire" actor: URICH. I tried URIAH first. Yep, that worked just great.

25. __ particular order: IN NO

26. Student's backpack burden: TEXTS. TESTS/TEXTS. I was wrong at first.

27. Econ. indicator: G.D.P.

28. Exec's accessory: TIE

32. Sturdy fabric: DENIM. I spent about 40 minutes on these nine or ten squares. Paid off in the end, although I'm sure the guy next to me on the plane was wondering if I was trying to solve by sheer stare-down tenacity.

33. RR stop: STN. 

34. Copier need: TONER

35. Jungian archetype: ANIMA

37. Stir-fry staple: TOFU. I use the extra-silky type in pad thai noodles. Tip - pour boiling water over it to drive out the moisture before you fry it. Counter-intuitive I know.

38. Buddha statues, Japanese silk prints, etc.: ASIAN ART

39. Periodic table suffix: -IUM

40. Celestial feline: LEO

43. Carrier products, briefly: ACS. Aircraft from a carrier? AC voltage carried by your power utility company? Appellation d'origine contrôlée wines imported by Robert Carrier? Questions, questions.

44. Profuse: LAVISH

45. Like some hillsides: BRUSHY. Not GRASSY, then. Darn.

49. Ludicrous: INANE

50. Array just before an odometer reaches 100,000: NINES

51. "So?": AND

52. __ acid: BORIC

53. Family member: NIECE

57. Dele canceler: STET

59. Cup rim: LIP

60. Eclectic musician Brian: ENO. Elevators, Roxy Music and U2. Versatile guy, and very useful in crosswords.

61. Original D & D company: TSR. One day, one day I'll remember this.

62. Prepare to drag: REV. As in your engine, before your drag race. Here's the famous start to the race in Grease, filmed here in LA on the not-exactly-bucolic river bed under the 6th Street Bridge.

63. Sault __ Marie: STE.

The seatbelt sign has been on for most of the ride across the country today. I call it "trampolining" when you're bouncing up and down. Amazing the internet cable doesn't get disconnected, eh?

And it's Sierra Tango Echo Victor Echo signing off from 37,000 feet, or 11,280 meters, give or take, in Euro-money.

Here's the grid:

Jul 27, 2018

Friday, July 27, 2018, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Hide a noun, hide a verb.

Jeffrey uses the contrasting meanings of the verb -  to put out of sight, and the noun - the skin of an animal, to create a puzzle where synonyms of the noun are hidden in the theme fill. To accomplish this we once again are presented with a 15x16 puzzle. It all is tied up with a ribbon with a wonderful reveal in another classic 3/5/8/11/13 placement of themers. The bigger size allows for additional wonderful sparkly answers such as INCLINE, IT SEEMS, LATCHES, ORDERED, BEDSPREAD, MERCURIAL, NON-PUBLIC, and SPRING DAY. As always with Jeffrey on Friday, there are very difficult sections, but the overall puzzle, the wit and the head slap moments are a joy.

18A. "Bummer!": THAT'S KIND OF A DRAG (16). SKIN gets right to the heart of the animal hide.

24A. An unquestionable fact: THE GOSPEL TRUTH (14). The trading in pelts was very important for the trek west in our nation's history. A pelt is a skin and fur together. 

39A. Hershey's collectible: COCOA TIN (8). We associate coat with domesticated animals like horses and dogs, and generally not removed. 

53A. Pressing feeling: SENSE OF URGENCY (14). Fur can be either be still attached or removed and made into an article of clothing. 
And the reveal, 
62. What words concealed by the other four longest Across answers do ... and also, what each of them is: HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT (16). Hide is usually cured skin and hide and go seek is a game we all have played.  The clue is perfect. 


1. Bar rooms?: JAILS. BY making this two words, we get this punny clue.

6. Organic jewelry source: AMBER. Made most famous by Jurassic Park.

11. Nation west of Mumbai: OMAN. There are many countries west of Mumbai but Oman is directly across the Arabian Sea.  I do not know my geography but I can now find Thailand.

15. Part of a John Williams quintet: OSCAR. A most amazing COMPOSER.

16. High-end German appliance brand: MIELE. I never heard of this COMPANY.

17. Overhaul: REDO.

21. Harmony: SYNC. You want some?

22. Odds partner: ENDS. This expression may have originated as odd ends in the mid-1500s, meaning “short leftovers of some material” (such as lumber or cloth) (dictionary).

23. Bench press target: PECtoral. Your chest muscle.

30. In the past, once: ERST. We just had this archaic word on July 2, 2018.

31. Nutritional abbr.: RDARecommended Daily Allowance.

32. Northern terminus of I-79: ERIE. Yeah guys, a big CSO.

33. Operatic villains, often: BASSI. More than one bass voice.

36. Veto, in Vienna: NEIN.

37. Actress Meyer of "Johnny Mnemonic": DINA. I remember this ACTRESS first from an early superhero show BIRDS OF PREY  but she has worked steadily the last 25 years. For whatever reason, two roles I recall were as a Dominatrix on CASTLE and a Madam interested in Gibbs on NCIS.

38. Matterhorn, e.g.: ALPWheel of Fortune had their Switzerland trip this week.

43. Field concerned with fields: Abbr.: AGRiculture. I think this is a debut for this witty clue.

44. Alexa counterpart: SIRI.

46. Fishing hole site: POND.

47. Kept from squeaking: OILED.

49. Sweater fabric: KNIT. Is this a fabric? Oh, damn that was a nit!

50. What may come to those who wait: TIP. Another example of a creative wit.

51. "... that struts and frets his hour __ the stage": Macbeth: UPON. I look forward to JW's quotes from Shakespeare. This quote was very inferrable but the passage is wonderful. Act V, Scene V.
"The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

57. Salon application: GEL. Did you know that it was in 1929 a British company invented Brylcreem  This became the market leader in hair styling products in both the U.K. and the U.S. during the following decades. In the 1960s, modern hair gel was invented in the United States, by what would later be renamed the Dep Corporation. (wiki)

58. Rancor: BILE.

59. Get rid of: LOSE.

67. West of Gotham City?: ADAM. Gotham City was/is the fictional home of Batman, played in the 60s camp version by the late Adam West.

68. Privileged group: ELITE.

69. Western __: UNION.

70. Giant great: MAYS. The say hey kid!
Baseball legend.

71. How many commute: BY CAR.

72. What Italians may use to commute: VESPA. A little clecho especially if the car is a Fiat.


1. Notes: JOTS. Another unexpected verb - synonym.

2. Grayish: ASHY. Defined as of a pale grayish color; ashen. "the ashy shadows of the mountains"

3. "__ even!": I CAN'T. I can’t even is an emotional exclamation in response to an event. Its abrupt ending implies something is too amazing, frustrating, surprising, exciting (or any other adjective imaginable) to handle, which renders a person speechless because they’re so incredulous

4. Gate closers: LATCHES.

5. Yearbook gp.: SRS. Seniors.

6. Self-affirming query: AM I NOT. The expression “aren’t I” is often used in place of “am I not”, particularly in conversational speech. Example 1 (incorrect usage): “I’m going with you on vacation, aren’t I?”
Although the use of this phrase is widespread, it is atrocious English that could be considered equivalent to “you is”, a phrase which most educated people abhor (although for some reason, these same people have no qualms about saying “aren’t I”). The correct form of the sentence in Example 1 is as follows:  Example 2 (correct usage): “I’m going with you on vacation, am I not?”

7. Watches: MINDS. The young-uns.

8. Something fit for a king?: BEDSPREAD. King sized bed, very cute.

9. Symphonic rock gp.: ELOElectric Light Orchestra.

10. Call the game: REF.

11. Called for takeout, say: ORDERED.

12. Fickle: MERCURIAL. Mercury went retrograde Wednesday, for those who care.

13. Org. promoting fluoridation: ADAAmerican Dental Association.

14. Rich quaff: NOG.

19. Pub inventory items: KEGS.

20. Proper: APT.

25. "South Park" kid: ERIC.

26. Find better words, say: EDIT.

27. Civil rights theorist Guinier: LANI. A most accomplished Yale Law graduate working at HARVARD.

28. Trace amount: TINGE.

29. Got wind (of): HEARD.

33. Luxuriates: BASKS.

34. Dior dress: A-LINE.

35. Amy Lowell poem of a "fresh-washed and fair" time: SPRING DAY. The poem is made up of 5 parts of the day, with Bath first, and opening line, " The day is fresh-washed and fair, and there is a smell of tulips and narcissus in the air."

36. Private: NON-PUBLIC.

40. Eye-related prefix: OPTO. For example, the optometrist.

41. Salon product: COIF.

42. Common lunch hour: NOON.

45. "Indications are ... ": IT SEEMS.

48. Lean: INCLINE.

51. More nasty, as weather: UGLIER.

52. Hammer part: PEEN
54. Yale figure: ELI.

55. Gear for a gaucho: RIATA.

56. Meditative ones: YOGIS.

60. Small business: SHOP.

61. Mediterranean mount: ETNA. The Sicilian mountain.

62. Baked __: HAM. Very random.

63. Director Lupino: IDA. This actress became a pioneer for female DIRECTORS.

64. S.D. neighbor: NEBraska. CSO to HG.

65. Work at: PLY. Like a trade.

66. Cherokee, e.g.: SUV. Jeep.

Wow, July is almost over and August is on the horizon. Always fun to finish Friday with Jeffrey. Thank you all.