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Sep 28, 2020

Monday September 28, 2020 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: BREAK IT UP (60. Stop a fight ... and a hint to a literal feature of the answers to starred clues) IT spans across each theme entry.

17A. *Half of a two-piece suit: BIKINI TOP.

31A. *Indian spiced drink: CHAI TEA.

44A. *Winter Olympics squad: SKI TEAM.

10D. *Miniature garden grower: BONSAI TREE.

30D. *"American Crime" actress: LILI TAYLOR.

Boomer here. 

IT's Monday and you know what IT means. Time to go to the golf course and play IT. IT looks like IT's going to be a pleasant day.  The weatherman says IT's going to be around 60 with no rain.  Of course he lies a lot.


1. Sampras of tennis: PETE.  Also Mr. PETE Weber who is a decent bowler on the senior PBA tour.

5. Biological pouches: SACS.  Is this on 5th Avenue ??

9. Monastery leader: ABBOT.  I believe I saw him doing "Who's on First" with Lou Costello.

14. Door-to-door cosmetics company: AVON.  I think it was door-to-door before computers, or at least before the nasty virus.  I seem to remember cologne for men.  I bought once or twice but it was kind of spendy.

15. Folksy Guthrie: ARLO.  "You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant".

16. Lose one's cool completely: GO APE.  Maybe when I miss a two-foot putt?

19. Tossed in a chip: ANTED.  I've done it.         

20. Devious sort: SLY DOG.  "You ain't nothin' but a sly dog."  Elvis got the words wrong. 

21. "__ the matter?": WHAT'S.  "Up Doc?"

23. General with a Chinese dish named for him: TSO.  I thought it was spelled "Chew".

24. Village cousin: TOWN.  "It's not that the colors aren't there, it's just imagination they lack.  Everything's the same back in my little TOWN."  Simon and Garfunkel.

26. Beer after a shot: CHASER.  I used to like a Manhattan but I cannot imagine following that with beer.

30. Actress Anderson: LONI.  Born in St. Paul, MN in 1945, she is two years older than I.  She is also still better looking than me.
32. Mental giant: BRAIN.  If only the scarecrow had one.

35. Like gloomy skies: GRAY.

37. Garr of "Tootsie": TERI.

38. Cotton thread: LISLE.

39. In need of a towel: WET.  I believe someone may have tossed a WET TOWEL over my Vikings to start the season.

40. Blue eyes, e.g.: TRAIT.

41. Italian sparkling wine: ASTI.  Martini and Rossi, I am not a fan of wine.

42. Dolts: OAFS.  Minnesota Vikings??    

43. Get a new tenant for: RE-LET.  Sadly, many are facing homelessness at this time.

46. "So that's it!": I SEE.  "I SEE," said the blind man, but he really didn't.

48. Oppressive ruler: TYRANT.

49. Grab with a toothpick: STAB.

50. Old ultrafast plane, briefly: SST.  Super Sonic Transport.  I guess the Concorde is no longer making the trip.

53. Popular search engine: YAHOO.

55. Light humor: LEVITY.  I always try on this blog.

57. Colgate rival: ORAL-B.

62. Burnett with a namesake Golden Globe: CAROL.  Born in 1933 and still kicking.  My favorite was when Tim Conway called her Mrs. Wiggins.
63. Checklist component: ITEM.

64. Barn topper: VANE.  Do farmers really need to know which way the wind is blowing?

65. At that place: THERE.  "Hey THERE Georgy Girl". The Seekers.

66. Anklebones: TALI.  "Connected to the shin bones"

67. Cogito-sum link: ERGO.

1. Blue Ribbon brewer: PABST.  What'll you have ??

2. Lesser of two __: EVILS.  ELVIS spelled wrong.

3. Planned 2020 Olympics city: TOKYO.  Not any more, maybe 2021?

4. Oklahoma city NNW of Oklahoma City: ENID.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly: SAIGON.  Never been there, thankfully.

6. Museum display: ART.  Or ART Carney of Jackie Gleason Fame.
7. Class cutup: CLOWN.  I was accused of that, now I am just a blog CLOWN.

8. Last year's frosh: SOPH.  Always disliked being called frosh.  Junior and Senior was better.

9. Mystery award named for a British writer: AGATHA.  Famous for Miss Marple.

11. Flier that sleeps upside-down: BAT.  "Take me out to the Ballgame."

12. Reveal, to a poet: OPE.

13. Danson of TV: TED.  Two months younger than I but he looks a lot older.  "Where everybody knows your name."  Cheers !!

18. Nary a soul: NOT ONE.

22. Needing a rubdown: ACHY.  I have lots of over- the- counter rubs on my dresser.  Nothing seems to work.

25. Domed Native American dwelling: WIGWAM.  This is very sad,  We have many Native Americans in Minneapolis who have lost their homes.  They pitch their tents in a field just South of downtown Minneapolis.  They are not WIGWAMS.

27. Make off with: STEAL.

28. Like a wolf's howl: EERIE.  Remember Matt Wolfe in the U.S. Open?  When he hit a great shot or made a long putt, the very small group of spectators would holler WOOO.  I am not looking forward to watching him when crowds are admitted.

29. Singer Bonnie: RAITT.

31. Keep tabs on a tabby: CAT-SIT.  Does it pay more than .35 per hour?

32. Leave the launching pad, with "off": BLAST.

33. Foolhardy: RISKY.  It's a bit RISKY to play golf with some of the guys in my league.  But no one hollers WOOO.

34. Up and about: ASTIR.  "Not a creature was A STIRring, not even a mouse.  Christmas is coming.

36. Slo-mo reviewer: REF.  Otherwise known as UMP.

40. "Jeopardy!" host: TREBEK. I watch frequently. I usually manage to get a few right.  TREBEK is a hero continuing to put in his time while battling cancer. 

42. Sworn statement: OATH.  "I cannot tell a lie".

45. Make possible: ENABLE.  Eve's two kids - CAIN EN ABLE.

47. Italian sub meat: SALAMI.  SALAMI, SALAMI, Baloney.

49. Not exactly, informally: SORTA.

50. Shankar's strings: SITAR.
51. Bitten by bees: STUNG.  When I was a kid, I got STUNG several times.  It really hurt me, but not as much as the bee got hurt when I took care of business.

52. Versatile blood donor: TYPE O.  That would be me.  I have donated a few times.  When I was in the Army I got two days off for every pint.

54. "In memoriam" bio: OBIT.

56. "__ le roi!": VIVE.

57. Costume-buying mo.: OCT.  Also a birthday month for Boomer.

58. Cheer word: RAH.

59. "All bets __ off": ARE.

61. Fish that swims backwards: EEL.  How does one know it is swimming backwards.  I cannot tell front from back on an eel.

Notes from C.C.:

Abejo's wife Linda informed me that he was taken off the ventilator last night. She said he was shutting down and most likely not make it through the night even with support. 

As we've learned from his regular posts over the years, he had a very active life. Always on the move. Always volunteering and giving. He donated blood for many years until cancer hit him. He actually had two donor cards. One for Chicago. One for Pennsylvania. That's how dedicated he was about whatever he did.

He also had such childlike curiosity. He noticed a MME DFRG license plate outside a restaurant on his way to the post office. He asked the driver what it meant and was told "Madame DeFarge". He then went inside the restaurant and located our own Madame DeFarge (Janice). Then we had this precious picture. 
Brad, I'll miss your daily presence and fine reviews about our blogging team's "fine reviews".


Hungry Mother said...

Very easy. I used to fish for stripers with EELs. Those evil yellow eyes always made it clear which end was up.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Very sorry to hear about Abejo. He was a fixture here at the corner and will be missed.

Didn't notice the theme while solving...or after, until Boomer 'splained it. IT must be "broken" across two words. OK. Very quick solve on a Wite-Out-free day. Thanx, GG, BV, and Boomer.

Off to a "twofer" today, quarterly dental appt. followed by a M-o-W route. Actually a "threefer" -- I have to stop at the supermarket on the way home. Beer emergency.

Yellowrocks said...

I admired Brad, a truly caring man, devoting his life to his others. He was always on the go.
Thanks Boomer for a funny blog and thanks Gail and Brice for an easy Monday outing.

ATLGranny said...

So sorry to hear about Abejo. I had hoped he would be back on the blog. My thoughts are with his family.

FIR and found the broken ITs theme with no problem. Filling in the grid I only went astray twice when I started entering BIKINg TOP before perps indicated that was the wrong sport, and I confidently put NObOdy before NOT ONE, again saved by the perps. Otherwise a clean looking puzzle. Thanks, Gail and Bruce, and thanks to Boomer for his witty remarks. Your LEVITY is appreciated.

Have a good start to the week!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

FLN - WC - Your Himaiayan cat story. Mentioning a white cat in a snowstorm caused me to reflect on how you could even see IT. I'm reminded that one of the greatest unsung works of art is "Polar Bear in a Snowstorm". You all have copies; look on the back side of your printer paper. :-)

Easy solve today. FIR. Thanks Boomer for you cheery newsy intro. Always a pleasure. Liked the split IT theme.
IT is the third shortest word in the English language; with 2 letters. Crosswords have a minimum length of 3-letter entries, so fans of IT need to be devious to get entry. ITs works sometimes. It can be imbedded in other words, or a device like today's can be used.
Some other languages don't have that problem. L. German dat, Dutch het, but German es doesn't pass muster.
GRAY - Except in Canada; their skies are 'grey'.
NOT ONE - My Dad would mutter 'keen Swanz" (not a (single) tail), when discovering the herd or other group of animals had slipped out of their pen or pasture.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Gail and Bruce, for a better start to a tough day. I had Crest before ORAL B, otherwise I was spot on this morning.

Boomer, thank you for a few laughs this morning.

C.C., Thank you for such a nice tribute to Brad. Quite a fine gentleman. We will miss him here.

Abeyo: Godspeed.

It's a cloudy day here. Seems appropriate today.

CanadianEh! said...

Monday speed run. Thanks for the fun, Gail and Bruce, and Boomer.
I FIRed quickly (I should have kept track today!) and saw the IT theme. Fairly simple IMHO.
(There were ITs crossing ITs at 44A and 30D, 10D and 31A, 29d and 40A, as well as a random IT in ITEM and CATSIT. And I just noted LEVITY crossing SITAR.

I moved from No one (too short) to Nobody, before NOT ONE. That was my only inkblot.
LILI TAYLOR was unknown but perped.

We have discussed the redundancy of CHAI TEA in previous posts.
I do not search using YAHOO; I prefer Google.
American skies are GRAY; Canadian/British skies are Grey😊 (Spitzboov beat me)

ASTIR was our A- word for today.
Will Alex TREBEK see his SO today?

Sad news about Abejo. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family.

Wishing you all a good day.

CanadianEh! said...

Ray’o- you will have trouble beating Boomer today. LOL
“ Make possible: ENABLE. Eve's two kids - CAIN EN ABLE.”

inanehiker said...

Creative puzzle which is par for the course (pun for Boomer intended!) for Gail & Bruce!

Prayers for Abejo and family!

Thanks Boomer!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning

I’m always happy to see Gail and Bruce starting off the week because I know I’ll have a fun solve and a clever theme to figure out. Today’s theme was very simple but very well hidden, at least to me. The fill was Monday friendly, so no w/os and no unknowns. I liked Asti crossing Astir and the lone duo of Ope and Ape. We were treated to a mini critter theme with Ape, Dog, Cat, Bat, and Eel, and speaking of critters, CSO to HG’s favorite feline, Lily (Lili).

Thanks, Gail and Bruce, for never disappointing and always pleasing and thanks, Boomer, for the cheery and humorous expo. Hope you do well on the links!

I am very saddened by the news of Abejo’s passing. As already mentioned, he led an active, productive, and very meaningful life and brought much happiness to family, friends, and those in need. RIP, Brad, you will be missed and remembered with fondness.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Finished in a little over 4 minutes today.

Tough news about Abejo. Best of luck to him, his family, and friends.

Curiosity said...

You said that IT is teh 3rd shortest words in the English language. what are the other 2 short words, Spitz? I can think of TO, SO, NO, IS, AN, DO, AT, just to name a few.

Husker Gary said...

-Loved I T
-My detasseling busses all smelled of AVON’s Skin-So-Soft kids used for bug repellent
-Arlington is the school where I sub and they call it ARLO
-A former colleague now lives/teaches in Ho Chi Minh City
-A web site asks, Is this ART? (Is that a WIG WAM?)
-Yale has now ditched Freshman for First Year
-NOT ONE – Number of minds that get changed by online ranting
-“Where everyone knows your name” - When I took SIL into my golf clubhouse, nearly everyone greeted me by name and he quoted this theme song in the cart
-Our widowed neighbor CAT-SAT Lily (thanks Irish!) for us when we went to granddaughter’s wedding Saturday. She was so happy to do something for us as we do many things for her.
-Such sad news about Abejo but his suffering is over

Sandyanon said...

I mostly just lurk on this blog, but wanted to say that I always appreciated Abejo's positive outlook. I feel for his wife, Linda, who will miss him the most.

oc4beach said...

So sorry to hear about Abejo. A fellow Pennsylvanian who will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Lucina said...


It is so sad about Abejo; Irish Miss said IT best. And EVIL cancer will prevail over the most robust.

Thank you, Gail and Bruce, for providing today's entertainment! And thank you, Boomer for the LEVITY!

Every time I see TERI Garr's name I wonder how she is faring. I believe it was Parkinson's that cut short her budding acting career. I especially remember her in Young Frankenstein.

When I first received my shopping list for the convent, I had to find out what LISLE stockings were. Glamorous they are not!

TRAIT crossing RAITT amused me.

In Portugal I saw EELs piled in crates at the local market. It's the first time I had seen them up close. They are bigger than I expected.

I also am TYPE O and have donated many pints of blood until high blood pressure and its medications forced me to stop. It started when my late brother, John, needed his siblings blood and I gave regularly then continued even after he died.

Even though it's sad on the Blog, please have a happy day and remember that every day is a gift!

Spitzboov said...

Curiosity @ 0945 - - I was funning you a bit. There are quite a few 2 letter words in English. I can think of only 2 one-letter words: I and a. Therefore, think of the leaderboard set-up in golf. I and a would be tied for shortest, and then all the 2 letter words would be tied for third shortest.


Sorry to hear of Abejo's deteriorating condition. (The note wasn't there when I first checked in early this morning.). He's a good man as others have said. We are saddened.

Lucina said...

Other short words:
Many of these come in handy when playing Scrabble.

Wilbur Charles said...

We sat on the tarmac at Saigon airport on the way to Sydney. The stewardi come aboard and I say to the Cobra pilot next to me: "Watch this that stewardess is going to go bananas". I said "Hi …" And she did. It was a HS classmate. She said "What are you doing here!". Duh.

So I said to Mr S, BONSAI TREE has to be right but I SAE has to be wrong. So I went with TREY and I SAY. Problem is Alex doesn't know how to spell his last name. It should be TRaBEK just like any Bostonian would say it. I mean IT.

Sad news about Abejo. Nice man.

Spitz, "whitey" was in a carrier. What you don't want to know is what I paid for that cat. No more. No more. No higher, even higher. Aaarrggghhh!!!

Two days off for blood? At OCS they took our blood then ran us and PTed us for another hour. What fun days.

Such an easy xword to FIW. The only one I FIR seems to be Sat.


Malodorous Manatee said...

So very sorry to learn about Abejo. Something else to ponder on this day.

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! A Monday Gail and Bruce puzzle, following C.C.'s Sunday puzzle, and now commented by Boomer. What a great way to start the week. And this one was a delight with so many names that I knew readily--ARLO, TED Danson, Alex TREBEK (a favorite of mine), CAROL Burnett, TERI Garr, and others. Oh yes, and AGATHA Christie.

I'm not a beer drinker, but got CHASER. But needed perps for CHAI TEA right below. Anyway, lots of fun, Gail and Bruce--many thanks for this treat.

C.C. thank you for giving us the sad news about Abejo. Our thoughts will be with his family in the coming days.

Have a great week, everybody.

AnonymousPVX said...

The news about Abejo saddened me. Last week my ex-boss from my ex-job passed 2 weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I guess I should be used to this by now, but I don’t think anyone ever does.

Old Okie said...

It is very sad to hear about anyone passing, cancer just strikes anyone, I lost a friend a couple of weeks ago to it, Prayers go out to Abejo's family

Bluehen said...

So saddened to hear the news about Abejo. I am a great admirer of his boundless compassion and drive to help others.

unclefred said...

So sorry to hear about Abejo. So sad. Celebrate his life.
Happy to see a Monday CW, they are on my level! 12 minutes. I know, everyone else did it in five, but twelve is what I can do. Fun CW, only write-over “tyrant” over “despot”. Thanx GB and BV for the fun CW. Thanx for the write-up, Boomer!!

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Gail and Bruce for an interesting and easy puzzle. Thank you Boomer for youe stories and levity. Your jokes and jesty comments are just as interesting and fun as the puzzle itself ! I trust you are doing better.

Prayers for Abejo, and prayers and condolences to his family. He will be missed. Per his daily blog post, he was always travelling, intra-state, and I thought that he was an inter state trucker, and still, he managed to somehow complete the daily xword (!), and he was always volunteering with many. many organisations, in many states.

I remember when he first joined the blog, he mentioned that his avatar,'Abejo' was a persian ( Iranian) word .... from when he used to be working, as an expat, in Iran, before the revolution ( circa 1979)....

I think he told us, that Abejo meant a type of orange, as in the fruit. I remember reminding him, at that time, that the word Narangi is also used in farsi/pers. and in urdu for the common orange ... more as in a mandarin/tangerine/ clementine type of orange. Which is how I remember the connotation. I could not find the word Abejo in the various [ersian/ irani/english dictionaries, so I'm not sure whether he meant an Orange.
Btw, etymologically, the english word 'Orange' comes from the persian word 'Narang/ Narangi' and not the other way around.

Spitzboov said...

Vidwan - I'm getting off the translator that Abejo means beer. I have a vague recollection that he explained that when he first joined the blog. Sounds like him.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

A breezy Monday puzzle. Only 2 inkovers: nobody/NOTONE, Trebec/K, (havent watched Gepurdie in years. )Thought a WIGWAM was another name for te(e)pee...a dome?

The theme? What theme? (Village cousin you mean like Village idiot?). frosh is a xollextice plural for freshmen...but has anyone ever called 2nd year HS/kollidge kids...SOPH?

Twas a gloriously sunny warm weekend with near peak Fall foliage colors in the Mohawk Valley. DW wanted to go apple picking in the AM at one of the nearby farm orchards.

Afterwards we headed an hour north to our place in the Adirondack where colors were peak and spectacular.

Some Fall snapshots taken yesterday. Not sure they will come on thru

Near our place, my favorite view, even in winter, a branch of the Moose River, Thendara, NY

180 ⁰ from the first picture.

From the deck of our place on Lake Easka, Okara Lakes, Thendara/Old Forge NY.

How about...

Coy brew.....CHAITEA
Where did God find Eve's rib?......ENABLE (eh? Canada?)
Alpine singer who couldn't keep her Von Trapp shut. ....LISLE (my daughter called he WEASEL!)

Have a great week start. Sad news about Abejo.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Correction: It was a ass jaw that let Cain _____ Dis ABEL

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

xollextice...Aztec for collective

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sad to read the report of Abejo's decline. I know all our hearts are with his family now.

Today's pzl was a fine Monday contribution--slightly chewy, but not too taxing. Thanks to the Grabowski/Venzke team--and to Boomer for a fine response.
Two diagonals today, one to a side. The far side yields an anagram to remind me of our touristy days.
On our last trip to Europe, my wife bought a green Tyrolean hat with a feather. She loaded it with badges of the places we’ve been.
I call it her…

Edward Duarte said...

I DISLIKE Country music , so RAITT filled itself in w crossers.

Brian said...

A and I are the two shorter words. It is tied for third with many other 2 letter words.

CanadianEh! said...

Ray’o - LOL, I will give you a tie with Boomer! Nice work.

Your photos are wonderful. It has been a few years since DH and I visited the Finger Lakes area in the fall. Glorious colours (whoops, American colors). The glorious Canadian colours are in Algonquin Park area. We go that direction more often.

The Curmudgeon said...

The third one-letter word is "O" (variation of "oh").


Java Mama said...

A fond farewell to Abejo. I always thought it was so sweet when he would share with us the number of kids he would guard at the school crossing each day.

Anonymous T said...

Am I the only one that thought InformationTechnology?

Hi All!

Thanks Gail & Bruce for the fine Monday puzzle. Thanks Boomer for the lively expo.

And, though the news is grim, thanks C.C. for relaying Linda's message - May she find peace.
Abejo was one dynamo. A few years back, I commented how he packs more in a day than I in a week. He always seemed to be going somewhere for a project (like building a porch) or a lodge meeting or...
I wish the family solace.

WOs: N/A
Fav: Wanna see a magic trick? Penn & Teller's BLAST Off.
//ok, trick's called Lift Off for Love but the clue made me think of their song and dance.

Cute DR OMK.

YAHOO! - anyone else wonder why someone would name their company after Swift's "brute in human form" with bad and filthy habits? I did so LIU; Wiki.

Back to work. Probably play later 'cuz DW is knocked out on Benadryl.... Wasp sting from a week ago just suddenly caused an allergic reaction. She thinks it was scratching it yesterday that "released the poison." That sounds bogus --- A week later?

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Godspeed Abejo...

I recall Abejo saying his Online Name was a reference to beer,
(& not just any beer...)

Scroll down to find out more about the name "Abejo."

Anonymous said...

This was a fun Monday puzzle that went quickly. Thank you, G.G. and B.V. Your expo was also fun, Boomer, thank you.

I had a despot before TYRANT forced it's way in.

Didn't get the theme, as usual.

I am so sad to hear about Abejo. I was cheering for him to recover. My sympathy to his wife and family. Would it be appropriate to ask for an address so we could send cards to the family?

Rain and cooler temps today. Fall weather starting tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Happy Monday.

Jayce said...

So sad that Abejo didn't make it. Best wishes to his family.

I liked this puzzle. Didn't see the I T thingy until solving the reveal. Had to change DESPOT to TYRANT, NOBODY to NOT ONE, and CREST to ORALB. Yep, Big Easy, I should investigate the perps better before writing in an answer that could be one of two or more possibilities.

I prefer Google over YAHOO also. I used to mostly use YAHOO several years ago, but soon got larded up with so much stuff that it took too long to load before it could be used to do a search, so I switched to Google. My Edge browser will default to Bing to do a search, which is okay by me, as long as I get useable search results.

Ray-O, beautiful photographs. Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous T asked, "Am I the only one that thought InformationTechnology?" Yep ;)

Take care, all.

Lemonade714 said...

The Shofar has sounded; the fast is over. On to the new year with new hopes and new realities as well as the never-ending cycle of life and death. Brad, we will miss you. I will miss youe "fine" after every review.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Prayers and comforting thoughts going to Linda and Brad's family.

Anonymous T said...

You still up? CAROL.

Cheers, -T

TX Ms said...

So saddened to hear about Abejo - rather a shock since I missed the posts regarding the cause of his illness, but only knew that he was in the hospital. I'll miss his ever-positive posts about his next energetic planned projects and trips. Comforting and healing thoughts to his family.

Usual Monday easy, and I got the theme with little effort (for once!).

TX Ms said...

Anon-T, thanks for the hilarious Mrs. Wiggins clip! Would the American public appreciate that type of humor on TV now? I needed that after the sad update. Now I'll read all the posts.

Lucina said...

I second the request for an address to write to Abejo's family.

And I recall that he once explained that Abejo means beer in farsi. I shall miss his blogging and hearing about his many projects as has been mentioned. He was so proud of his tuba, too.

TTP said...

I think a person would be hard pressed to find a more decent man than Abejo.

Abejo, pronounced like Abbey Joe. Say it fast as one word. It was one of the first questions I asked him when we first met and sat down together for an ale. He got the nickname from his coworker friends while working in Iran.

We had one beer, and then he had to go home to prepare for a charity event that evening. He was always on the go, usually to volunteer somewhere, work at the church, going to benefits at the lodges, or help someone somewhere. Including family, friends and townspeople at events in his hometown area back in PA.

Some time after we met he noticed Madame Defarge's license plate at a nearby restaurant and went in and met her.

The four of us had a couple of long lunches at the same place. I've been to his house, but never met his wife or daughter.

I never heard him say a cross or mean spirited word about anyone or anything. Through and through, a generally considerate and caring man who was always putting others ahead of himself.

His presence here will be missed.

TTP said...

Should have been GENUINELY, not generally.