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Dec 2, 2021

Thursday, December 2, 2021, Jeffrey Wechsler

Good morning, cruciverbalists.  Malodorous Manatee, here, with a well-known animated "sea creature" to present a somewhat abbreviated recap.  This past week has been quite hectic what with Thanksgiving, several separate celebratory gatherings in honor of Valerie's (ahem, 31st) 39th birthday, Hanukkah gatherings, and a one-thousand mile drive from SoCal to Colorado.  All of this is welcomed, wonderful activity but, as a result, the time available to write and to unearth graphics has been far more limited than usual.

Today's puzzle setter is the prolific, and talented, Jeffrey Wechsler.  Today he has given us a puzzle with a FASTENER theme but without a reveal to tie it all together.  At four places within the grid Jeffrey has presented fastener homonyms in common, multi-word colloquial phrases that describe actions that might be undertaken.

17 Across:  Impress one's future employer, maybe: NAIL AN INTERVIEW

26 Across:  Gobble breakfast in one minute, say: BOLT DOWN A MEAL

43 Across:  Cause confusion and disarray: SCREW THINGS UP

55 Across:  Perform a sailing maneuver: TACK INTO THE WIND.

Coincidentally, I am reading a book about fasteners.  Riveting stuff.  And on that note, here are the other clues and answers:


1. Degas medium: PASTELS.  The French artist, Edgar Degas.

8. Panini cheese: ASIAGO.  Italian sandwich.  Italian cheese.

14. Examples of basic chemistry?: ALKALIS.  As in base, not acid.  An ALKAI is a type of base that can dissolve in water.

15. Libraries, often: LENDERS.  Of books.

19. First name in American folk music: PETE.  PETE Seeger

20. The Auld Sod: EIRE.  Ireland.  If lake ERIE doesn't do the job.

21. "__ did": "You caught me": SO I.  Punt.

22. Make restitution: ATONE.  We seem to do this often in our puzzles

24. Waits with a guitar: TOM.  Word play.  TOM Waits is a musician and songwriter.

25. Unsurpassed: BEST.  You're the Colosseum.  You're the Louvre Museum.

30. Wireless standard initials: LTE.  Look at the top of your cellphone screen.

31. __ Cabos: Baja area: LOS.  One of today's several geography lessons.

32. Seek information: ASK.  Inquire.

33. "I concur with that evaluation": YES IT IS.  How many iterations did it take to come up with this?

36. Counterpart of Row 1: COLUMN A.  Do we also get to choose two items from Column B?

40. Native American Heritage Mo.: NOV.  Abbreviated MOnth.  Abbreviated NOVember.

41. Women's campus gp.: SOR.  SORority.  Another punt.  Can constructors use the first three letter of any word?

42. Internet pioneer: AOL.  I still use an America OLine account for commercial email sources.

47. Hemingway moniker: PAPA.  Sobriquet.

49. __ Speedwagon: REO.  A truck in the 20's and 30's.  A rock band since 1967.

50. Maine college town: ORONO.  Often visited in crossword puzzles.  A place for a cat to get a degree.

51. La Corse, par exemple: ILE.  French clue (the island of Corsica), French answer.

52. Key: MAIN.  Key as in music?  As in a lock?  As in an island?  Francis Scott?  MAIN idea.

54. Reindeer in "Frozen": SVEN.  SVEN, Elsa, Olaf and Anna have become crossword staples.

60. Cretan princess who aided Theseus: ARIADNE.  Went, first with MINI (52 Down) and Arianne.

61. Trivial detail: MINUTIA.  From Latin.  Interesting to see this word and the next in sequence.

62. Occupation: METIER.  From Old French (which is from Latin).

63. Gathering places for many unions: CHAPELS.  Not labor related.  Well, maybe nine months later.


1. Kitchen implement: PAN.  Not a pot this this time.

2. Inspired by: ALA.  A LA mode.  In the style of.

3. Winter Olympics equipment: SKI POLES.  I will likely be using a pair as you read this.

4. Skill: TALENT.  Aptitude.

5. Over the moon: ELATED.  Idiomatic.

6. Stanza part: LINE.  A line in a poem though STANZA sounds like a Nissan model.

7. Money for some AARP members: SSI.  Supplemental Security Income.

8. Nissan model: ALTIMA.  MAXIMA worked with three of the perps.  SENTRA with only one.

9. One looking ahead: SEER.  More word play.

10. Memo intro: IN RE.  Even in my coat and tie days I never started a memo with this.

11. Really, e.g.: Abbr.: ADV.  Really? Yes.  Used, here, as an ADVerb.

12. Real last name of Dr. Seuss: GEISEL.  Theodor (no final e) GEISEL

13. Circular snacks: OREOS.  Very often used.  Often chuckle at the myriad ways it is clued.

16. "M*A*S*H" actress: SWIT.  Loretta SWIT.  Major Margaret Houlihan.

18. Classic Vegas sights: NEONS.  First thought of SLOTS.

22. With dexterity: ABLY.  Deftly.

23. Roomy bag: TOTE.  Often clued as a promotional giveaway.

24. Ark units: TWOS.  What's a cubit? (Noah to G_d, per Cosby)

25. Capital of Azerbaijan: BAKU.  Often visited here, but not as often as ORONO.

27. Green shade: OLIVE.   Many shades.  Few with five letters.

28. Native New Zealander: MAORI.  Frequent visitor to crossword puzzles.

29. Course concerned with idioms: Abbr.: ESL.  English as a Second Language.

34. Ancient Andean: INCA.  Atahualpa was one.

35. Blue Jays, in crawls: TOR.  TORonto.

36. Salmon variety: COHO.  Does Nova qualify?

37. Multi-use hardboard product: MASONITE.  Also an attorney in The Flintstones.  Perry Masonite.

38. Lamp, e.g.; light, only sometimes: NOUN.  Light can be used as a noun or as a verb or as an adjective.

39. Iams alternative: ALPO.  Dog food brands.

41. __ pad: STENO.  Crash? 

43. Hard cash?: SPECIE.  SPECIE is coined money.  Some times it's cold.

44. Jo, in "Little Women": WRITER.  Never read the novel.  Heard dozens of book reports on it.

45. Nine-day prayer ritual: NOVENA.  An ancient devotion.

46. Matured: GREW UP.  Crosses SCREW UP.

47. Hummus go-with: PITA.  The bread.  Not your bothersome co-worker.

48. Frighten: ALARM.  First tried SCARE.  The second A and the R worked.

52. Dress length: MIDI.  Went, first with MINI and Arianne.  Ariaxne was not considered.

53. Pulitzer novelist Tyler: ANNE.  Not Ann Taylor.

54. __ Tzu: dog breed: SHIH.  Best in show?

56. "Krazy __": KAT.  A comic book/strip character.

57. Cinephile's TV choice: TMC.  The Movie Channel.  Not to be confused with TCM.

58. Soccer score word: NIL.  Zero.

59. Court figs.: DAS.  District AttorneyS




  Adam Sandler



Lemonade714 said...

This looks like a typical JW Friday with some gentler clues to speed the solver along. MalMan you made it entertaining without your normal quota of links, Danke.

MASONITE took me the longest time to recall and I had no recollection of the Flintstone character. 50. Maine college town: ORONO. Often visited in crossword puzzles. A place for a cat to get a degree. Very cute Joseph.

ARIADNE is a sad story I have seen presented in a few chesy movies.

Thank you MM and JW

Lemonade714 said...


OwenKL said...

FIWrong. I'm doing really poorly this week. Dress length got M..I, then wait for perps. "I" came first, so I completed it to MINI. Bzzt! But the real embarrassment is the crossing, ARIAnNE, is from mythology, which I consider one of my fortes! I knew it, but still didn't catch it!

NAIL and BOLT gave me the theme, which helped get SCREW and TACK quicker than I would have otherwise gotten them.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No reveal to miss -- music to d-o's ears. Got the theme by the second themer. Still, it took that T in WRITER to fix my TACKING problem. Hand up for the slOtS/NEONS combo. ORONO was a gimme -- brother spent most of his career at U-Maine. Today not even COLUMN A, NOUN, or ADV slowed me down. Very nicely done, JW. Mal-Man, I thought your expo was just right. (Hope you're enjoying the slopes today.)

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Jeffrey, and thank you, Malodorous Manatee.

This went fast, but ended as a FIW.

It came down to choosing between MInI and MIDI, and ARIAnNE seemed more likely than ARIADNE for the unknown (to me) Cretan princess that aided Theseus (which was also unknown). The google knowledge panel on her was quite revealing.

Had wOLf DOWN A MEAL for a moment.
Jo ? No idea. WRIght fit but was rong. TY, perps.

First theme thought was that Jeffrey was doing something with prepositions when I took note of UP and DOWN, and then INTO, but no out of. Then noticed the first words of the theme answers at the bitter end of the solve.

Jinx would know much about TACKing INTO THE WIND.

On Tuesday, LfromAlberta got a CSO, and today, Ontarian CanadianEh got one at TOR. No Canadian disadvantage with that clue.

TOM, PETE, SVEN and OLIVE also got CSOs today.

I smiled as COLUMN A became apparent.

MalMan, your gif cartoon of Spongebob Squarepants trying to do six things at once was the perfect lead-in to your intro. Busy is good at times. I enjoyed the brevity and the humor, esp "Not labor related. Well, maybe nine months later."

You'll probably enjoy your vacay that much more. Hope you and Valerie had a safe, uneventful drive.

BTW, unless you were out on the slopes at 6 AM this morning ...
Also, BTW, heard your alma mater is getting a new football coach. OU's loss. Your gain. Have fun schussing.

Big Easy said...

MM, I'll be making a trip to Vail, Colorado Saturday-via SWA. Will I use SKI POLES? NO. Fasteners? Easy to notice after NAIL & BOLT. But it was a FIW today. Sloppy work leaving MINI and I had ARIANNE instead of ARIADNE crossing ANNE. I'll join OwenKL and TTP with That "Trivial detail", aka MINUTIA let me down this morning. When it comes to the dresses I fill them with M_ _ I and wait for the perps to get MINI, MIDI, or MAXI.

But ARIANNE & ANNE could join NOV & NOVENA.

ANNE Tyler and WRITER were unknowns filled by perps.
AMC, TCM, or TMC? TOM Waits waits for perps too.

LTE will be supported but is being supplanted by 5G. Carriers are dropping support for 3G phones in the near future. I get reminded by T-Mobile every week to get a new phone.

ALKALIS - Has their ever been a clue for "A basic Tiger"? AL KALINE
OU's coach moving to USC and ND's coach moving to LSU for $95,000,000 and bonus. I'd move too.

Anonymous said...

This one hammered me. I had all of it except a few spaces in the lower left in about 10 minutes, but just couldn't get the confluence of specie/metier/ariadne/ile, all of which were (are) unknown to me.

Wilbur Charles said...

Several meta clues: NOUN,ADV,COLUMN A

BTW, FLN, I seem to recall the backwards xword. If that novelty throws you stay away from wa-post Evan Birnholz xwords, eh TTP

I actually inked D.A.R. < SOR as Gp deterred me. Also, SPECIE not Silver(To think we once carried it around in our pockets)

No one corrected me but Mary Renault books were about Theseus not Perseus

I knew SHIH just not how to spell it

Would those be the Maine (Wild)Cats?

My FIR is because I KNEW 'specie/metier/ariadne/ile'. My problems tend to be unique like trying to fit SCREaming ?? (Mimi) as a cause for confusion,disarray

Thanks MaloMan and I meant to post a Jeff-Wesch alert yesterday


Wilbur Charles said...

Wow, I guess Jeff-Wesch is slowing folks down. Only 7 posts by 8:45

Malodorous Manatee said...

Big Easy, enjoy your trip to Vail. Vail resorts bought Crested Butte ski area a couple of years ago and things are still being sorted out. Unfortunately, we are no longer off the radar.

TTP, USC hired Lincoln Riley. My ties are to the crosstown rival - UCLA. The situation is mitigated a bit by the fact that both my son and father are USC graduates. . . and you are correct in that I was not on the slopes at 6 a.m. I will be out there about 09:30 local time. Thanks to you and D.O. for the good skiing wishes.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Jeffrey and Malman! Safe travels!

ASIAGO, mmmm, cheese, was my first entry. After that I skipped around until I found a toehold at the bottom. Yes, I remember ARIADNE. Greek mythology fascinated me and Mary Renault was a favorite author.

Interesting to see NOVENA in the puzzle.

I could be mistaken, but didn't Hahtoolah attend college in ORONO?

CHAPELS were well known to me in my youth.

I have several of ANNE Tyler's books.

I'll take a CSO at ESL which I taught for many years.

Tata for now. I'm returning to bed. It's still too early for me.

Have a spectacular day, everyone!

oc4beach said...

Tough one from JW, but interesting. MM did a good tour through the grid.

Had to use Red Letters to get it done today. Plus a couple of guesses.

Start of Rant: Our (PSU) football coach was talked about for some of the open coaching jobs that were available. He used it to negotiate a new 10 year $75 mil contract deal. For a few minutes he was probably the highest paid coach in the land. That didn't last long. I don't think he's worth it. It seems that things are skewed when the football coaches are paid many times more than the university's president. Rant over.

Have a great day everyone.

YooperPhil said...

Seeing a JW byline on a Thursday isn’t quite as intimidating as seeing it on a Saturday, but it always tells me I will be up for a challenge, and today’s CW provided that! Was sailing along clockwise from NE till I hit the strong headwind in SW which slowed me down, but still managed a FIR in under 20 minutes. First thought occupation was CAREER, heard of METIER but have never used it or really knew the def. Was baffled by hard cash?, still am cuz I’ve never heard of SPECIE in the singular or in that context. Also ARIADNE was a new one but so typical of a word that Jeffrey would include to throw everyone a curve. All in all a fun puzzle, so thank you JW and Rich!

Thanks also MM for the write-up, especially with all you’ve had going on as of late. And I always enjoy Adam Sandler’s seasonal Chanukah song! Have fun on the slopes!

CrossEyedDave said...

This puzzle made me think it's Friday,
AND ask for help from the family...



My head hurts...

waseeley said...

Thank you JeffWech for fine Thursday puzzle that I NAILED down for a FIR, breaking a 3 day losing STREAK. Lots of good clues/fill in this one.

And thank you MALMAN, our "one (or 6?) armed paper hanger", for your minimalist review, which nevertheless covered all the bases. I hope you've recovered from your TREK.

Since Lemony brought it up, I'll throw in this lick from Richard Strauss, Sabine Devieilhe performing Zerbinetta's aria "Ariadne auf Naxos". The melody kicks in at 30 sec. Sorry, no subtitles. I've not seen it performed, but I think it's a comedy.


Husker Gary said...

-Of course a retired art curator like Jefferey would start his fun puzzle with Degas
-ARIA_NE/MI_I got me. I didn't know the former and the latter had two perfectly good answers
-I NAILED my last INTERVIEW because I answered right off the cuff as a 36-year veteran teacher who didn't really need the job and didn't bother with any educational jargon
-"You told me to talk honestly, SO I did!" Be careful what you ask for
-ROW/COLUMN - I was ELATED when I discovered Excel to run my classroom and summer business
-I learned METIER here and have somehow retained it
-My one APTITUDE is that I can talk to kids
-Nebraska is setting a record high temp for today which makes it a REALLY good day for golf!
-Gotta run - 10:40 tee time.

waseeley said...

Oh forgot the CSO to Baltimore, where many of Anne Tyler's novels are set.

Wilbur Charles said...

Nothing like December golf, eh Gary? I remember that day circa 86,87 when I got a call "Drop what you're doing and meet us at the Course.

It was packed. That was Mass.


TTP said...

MM, I must have misread one of your comments from days of yore. I somehow thought you were a USC grad.

Wilbur, Hahtoolah (cat) is an alumna of the University of Maine in ORONO. Thus, "A place for a cat to get a degree."

Yes I remember a number of crosswords here with answers reading backwards from bottom to top, and some backwards from right to left.
Evan Birnholz constantly astonishes me with his creativity. This last Sunday's was a doozie. I correctly got all the wrong letters, jotted them down, and then changed the wrong letters to the correct letters. I could not get the theme. Finally quit trying and still don't know what the meta was. I hate when that happens.

His Sunday before last was also very clever. I had 8 intersecting answers where I was confident of the words, but couldn't fit them in. Then, aha ! That one was solved in 37 minutes.

Oc4, I don't know what to think of Franklin. He comes across as a great coach, but sometimes he seems to make too many boneheaded decisions that great coaches just don't make. Almost as if he's deciding based on what he would like to have happen rather than what is mostly likely to happen.

I'm wondering about OSU's Ryan Day, and if he will be ousted after the team was shut down by Harbaugh's Wolverines at the Big House. Losing to U of M is often a costly sin for an OSU football head coach. OSU loss to Purdue ? Blue moon stuff happens. Lose to Michigan ? The coach is put on notice :>) B1G football rivalries. Hardly ever boring, that's for sure.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF, looking up ARIADNE and METIER, neither had I heard of.

Yes, TTP I know tacking. But "INTO THE WIND" isn't part of the phrase. If you "tack" away from the wind it is called a "jibe". TMI? Just wait - if you would really like to tack but the wind is too light or your vessel is hard to tack, you can jibe instead, and then the maneuver is called "wearing ship". I've done it a lot when sailing Hobie 14 catamarans in beach resorts - being ultra light and not having a jib (not to be confused with a jibe), they don't tack worth a tinker's damn. If you would like to jibe but the wind is too heavy and/or you don't trust your crew's boat handling, you can TACK instead. That's called a "chicken jibe." I've only done that on windsurfers, but it's not all that uncommon.

Internet pioneer - "Al" was too short and "Gore" was too long.

Winter Olympics equipment - "Zamboni" was too short.

Libraries, often - "Day cares" was too long.

Thanks to JeffWech for the challenge. Hope I know a little more of the next one. And thanks to the MalMan for the fun review.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I was happy to see JW’s byline on the puzzle but a tad disappointed that the theme didn’t offer his usual wordplay wizardry. This is not a complaint, mind you, just a personal preference. That said, I found the solve on the easy side for a Thursday with the only unknown being Baku and the only head scratcher being Hard cash=Specie. Not at all familiar with that terminology. The theme was easy to spot early on but didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the solve. With fill such as Metier, Minutia, and Ariadne, no complaints from me. Plenty of CSOs, too: DO and TTP (Tom), Hahtoolah and Lemony (Orono), Ray O and Anon T (Asiago), CanadianEh (Tor), and the Triple Crown to Lucina (ESL, Novena, and Chapels).

Thanks, Jeffrey W, for a Thursday treat and thanks, MalMan, for a just-right analysis and commentary. Enjoy the slopes and avoid the “hot-doggers.”

Sending best wishes and positive thoughts to our dear Spitz.

Lucina, anything new on the Tamale marathon?

ATLGranny, your morning post is on yesterday’s blog. 😉

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Forgot to update our Florida trip - The RV lost air brake pressure in Savannah on Monday. Got it towed to a Freightliner dealer, who diagnosed the problem as a bad air drier. (Brakes that use air pressure don't deal well with moist air.) The part was ordered Tuesday, it came in yesterday, then they decided that they couldn't get to it until Monday at the earliest. So, we drove home yesterday and will return to pick it up when they finish next week.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Jeffrey Weschler for a challenging Thursday puzzle. I knew this was going to be a doozy, but I enjoyed it.
Thank you MalMan for an illuminating review, Hope you have a good day on the slopes ... I've never skied or played golf, and as I look upon the decision .... I have saved a lot of time and energy. ;-)

I thought the College for Cats reference was for the Maine coon.(cat).
I've never tasted ASIAGO cheese, but familiar with the name, .... one of these days ....

First I thought, Examples of Basic chemistry was Element, but I realized, a plural was called for. TOM had me confused, maybe a tom cat using a guitar to call his mate ??
I thought Minutiae had a 'e' somewhere , OK, Minutia, this is the plural spelling.
I was familiar with ARIADNE and METIER.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that SSI Supplementary Security Income, is for poor people and those who do not ordinarily get enough from Soc Sec Benefits, to live on. Such people are unlikely to be members of the AARP ....

SPECIE: I have read in historical nonfiction, that ... since olden coins had an intrinsic value .. the value of the metal of which the coin was made of ...silver, gold, copper ...specie generally referred to silver and gold , the common precious metals.

"The fact that the chinese empires, pre 1900's, would trade in specie only,... for their silks and tea, depleted the silver from the british empire... Thus opium smuggling became the only convenient option to replenish the silver ..."

Have a nice day, all.

Becky said...

I don't know why, but I found today's puzzle much easier than yesterday's.

Go figure.


Yellowrocks said...

Not as easy as the usual Thursday. NAIL and BOLT set up the theme which was very helpful.
38D Lamp e.g. light, only sometimes was devilishly clever. I needed three perps.
Hand up. I, too, tentatively tried MINI and did not change it when ARIANNE appeared. Now I recognize Ariadne.
Got REO, but I always thought Speed wagon was a toy. Oh, a truck.
How many free totes does one need? I ditched a whole pile of them when I moved.
We had chicken with ASIAGO sauce this week. It was bland and not cheesy enough to guess the type of cheese. I read asiago on the menu. Disappointing.

unclefred said...

Another 36 minute struggle to FIR for unclefred. DNK BAKU, WRITER, METIER, ARIADNE, so the SW was very difficult, with two stacked unknowns. TACK….. got me a grip, then a few guesses. ARIADNE rang a tiny distant bell which led me to MIDI, which could have been MINI making it ARIANNE....then there was the tiny bell. Very difficult CW for this old man. What a workout! JW's CWs are usually a challenge, for me at least. Thanx, JW. And MalMan, your write-up was very good, no worries about links.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

NAILED it...😁

Inkovers: ira/SSI, Erin/EIRE, Arlo/PETE, pot/PAN

Native American Heritage month ...wasn't sure if it was Oct (cuz of Columbus Day) or NOV, (Thanksgiving). Knew it was GEISEL, not sure how 'twas spelt. Ark units wasn't "cubits" .. "units" of TWOS seems like an oxymoron. NEONS for Vegas sites and SOI a bit clunky. ALA? inspired by?....SOR? that makes me sore.😒

Usually the upper half of the puzzle seems to fill faster than the southern half..always thought cuz my brain petered out but today it was the opposite..blanks up north, near fast complete fill down south.

SHIH tzu...We have one (correction, my wife and daughter have one, Pepper and I keep out of each other's way). The breed name indicates what the dog does on our living room rug 🙄

Shriners' evening out....MASONITE
Snakeskin fish devoured Theodore..ELATED

Warmed up enough to melt the snow. A sweltering 46 degrees

Wilbur Charles said...

Vidwan, I was thinking Social Security Income for SSI. I agree that the usual SSI wouldn't apply to AARP.

Only Perfidious Albion would try to peddle that SPECIE theory. I'm sure the Chinese teach their version of Critical Race Theory ie rapacious profiteering


Lucina said...

This Saturday, December 4th. Tonight after work, my niece and I will shop for the ingredients. I saw hojas (husks) for $6.99 so it promises to be an expensive production. But that has never deterred us. Meat is usually the costlier one. At my nieces' home we don't make as many tamales as we did at my sister's which was about 60 dozen. Parties have already been scheduled and tamales requested.

Misty said...

Well, Thursdays are often toughies for me, and this one was no exception. But still found lots of fun spots, so, many thanks, Jeffrey. And always enjoy your comments and pictures, MM.

Can't believe that I remembered GEISEL as the name of Dr. Seuss.

Got TALENT for 'Skill' but then had to change AMEND to ATONE for making restitution.

Of course remembered PAPA Hemingway.

Nice to have this puzzle begin with PASTELS and end with CHAPELS--almost a rhyme.

Have a great day, everybody.

CrossEyedDave said...




And, my source of inspiration for these links...

I have been reading of your travails with the new phone.
Without knowing what kind of phone it is I can only help by telling
How "I" get to the blog...

I open my browser to get to the internet.
For my iPhone, it is safari, yours may be different.
Rather than just typing, I go to the bottom of
The page and click on the book symbol.
Th8s gives me choices of ways to look up.
I choose "google" as I am more familiar with it.
Type in (one word no spaces is ok)
Hit enter and it should be first in the list of choices.

Best thing is google will remember and next time you type in
It will bring the blog up by the time you type in lat.

CrossEyedDave said...

If somebody could help my on the iPad...

As you will notice above
Screw link is missing,
Tack link doesn't work
Lucina was autocorrected to Lucinda.

And I cannot fix a dang thing because
When I hit edit,
It goes back to the correct post entry screen,
And I can get the curser to appear and move it around,

BUT I CANT GET THE KEYBoard to come up
So I can't change anything!



Picard said...

Hand up for carelessly FIW with MINI/ARIANNE. Should have known better. Learning moments with unknowns SPECIE, METIER, NOVENA and various proper names.

MalMan Thank you for explaining ADV!

Huge learning moment that DEGAS worked in PASTELS. The learning moment came last Saturday as we visited a special PASTELS exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

Here are two DEGAS PASTELS that we saw, along with an explanation.

Was this news to anyone else or just me?

Picard said...

From Yesterday:
Bill Seeley Thank you for the explanation about CASINO ROYALE and EVA GREEN.

CanadianEh Glad you enjoyed Jerry's Kosher Deli performing their fun Chanukah music! I just posted the link there for the other two songs which were also fun!

Here is the full Jerry's Kosher Deli playlist, including more amusing scenes of the crowd in Union Square.

AnonT and Wilbur Charles Thank you for the kind words and comments on our San Francisco adventures. We also stayed in Union Square, but nothing like the Grand Hyatt! It is a very old place called the Cartwright. Tiny rooms, but good service and quite affordable.

Vidwan827 said...

Lucina: Sorry to hear of your problems with your new phone. If it was an Iphone I would have suggested to going to the nearest Apple Store... Or, maybe your internet service provider.

Or you can go to an OfficeMax and see if the rep is free, maybe he/she can spend some time...

If all else fails, try one of your grandkids. They will likely experiment all over the place, but they will pick up on all the doodads, some of which you may never want to use ... Kids, merely because they are not afraid of ruining an instrument, and open to all ideas, often learn better than adults ... just like new languages. ;-) The very best of luck !

Picard, wen an average doodler starts on pastels, it is called doodling or dabbling, and explained away .... when a great artist, long dead, tried to use pastels, it is called a noble experiment, or a breakthrough of enormous proportions.
BTW, your video of the Union Square Concert was very nice. As for your accomodations, cheaper hotels often deliver better sleep and rest, because you dont have to worry, and keep awake at night, about having spent so much money ...

Cross Eyed Dave, since you are an expert on all things computerese ... if you are having problems, you will want to go the Apple store and talk with the tech genius biggies.

ATLGranny said...

Me, too. FIW, thanks to leaving MInI without further thought about ARIAnNE. I have seen ARIADNE before, sigh, but I'm in good company with Big Easy, TTP, and OwenKL today. Otherwise a great puzzle with interesting fill, Jeffrey. And the theme was easy to spot with BOLT. I too started with TACKINg but perps fixed that.

And thanks to MalMan for a jolly review, clearing up any remaining puzzlements. Glad to hear your hectic life was of the positive kind. Now you can relax in the mountains. Does Valerie ski too or just help keep track of your SKI POLES?

LUCINA (from last night), keep patiently "playing" with your smart phone and you'll get used to it and appreciate all it can do. Can your friend Mark help with your questions? I was slow to get started but now spend 99% of my time on it rather than other devices. My DH was more experienced and encouraged me at the beginning.

Hope you all have the BEST time today. It's Thursday and the week is flying by.

Thanks, Irish Miss , for noticing my misplaced post!

CanadianEh! said...

Thursday triumph. Thanks for the fun, Jeffrey and MalMan.
I FIRed and saw the handyman theme, but I had many inkblots.
(Yes WC, I was SCREamING; and I wanted to Wolf DOWN A MEAL)
Then I arrived here to discover it was a JW creation, and patted myself on the back for my success.

Yes TTP, no complaints today about Canadian disadvantage with TOR. But OTOH, there was SSI (but I see Ray-o had IRA at first too). And we don’t have a Native American Heritage Mo., but September 30, 2021 marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools, their families and communities

I was choosing between MIDI and Maxi, and had no problem with ARIADNE.
Hand up for waiting for perps to decide EIRE or Erin.
Altars was too short; CHAPELS fit.
Did anyone else have Arlo before PETE?
SPECIE was unknown.

Is YESITIS a new disease?
I had to read that clue for NOUN several times after it filled before the Light dawned.

Picard- thanks for the Degas. Learning moment here too.

Wishing you all a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

ATLGranny- you are on the right day now. I noted your misplaced post when I was catching up on yesterday’s posts.

Kelly Clark said...

Hand raised for FIW at the ARIADNE/MIDI crossing. But a very fun puzzle!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Jeff Wex wins again. DNF.

Thanks JW for the fine puzzle. Theme helped but not enough in the SW.

Thanks for kicking-off the after-party, MManatee. Enjoy your holiday.

WOs: Arlo -> PETE
DNFs: M_TIER | SPEC__ | ARAnNE (same as @8:23a Anon)
Fav: I liked COLUMN A c/a

With two ballerinas in the house, we have a few (replica) Degas statuettes and PASTEL prints. Thanks for sharing pics of originals, Picards.

Today, C, Eh! gets a proper Canadian CSO with TOR.

Lucina - sorry to hear you're still having issues with your Android phone. I have an iPhone so I'm not much help.

Vidwan - I second WC @11:19a, Social Security income.

CED - I think a 'close quote' was missing in the SCREW's href killing both links. But your "inspiration" was LOL!

YR - There's also a band called REO Speedwagon: Roll with the Changes.

Back to work. Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This JeffWex took me 8 minutes less than yesterday's Joe Deeney.

Thanks, MalMan. I don't mind the fewer links since I usually can't see a lot of the off-blog links. Wish I could be in Colorado. Lived there three summers & miss the mountains big time. I hung out in Crested Butte when it was a little mining town, before it became a famous resort.

Just so proud of myself for getting ARIADNE right away. Ask me if I really knew who that was? Nope. I had heard of her & just plunked her in there.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina I got my android phone in 2020. David began to help me on his visits. But Covid soon canceled visiting until spring of 2021.
I found that the change from a flip phone was daunting, but I concentrated on the basics. I have a computer and a tablet so I was not deprived.
Little by little I learned a lot. One of my most successful strategies was googling on my computer using the name of my phone and writing a question.
I now love texting and am more in touch with the family because of it.
We have tech support volunteers here. My biggest problem is using the camera and graphics. The volunteers are a helping with this.
I had a problem the techs could not solve. My savvy grandson found a work around for me on Thanksgiving. At college he is paid for helping the professors with their electronics.
Good luck with your phone and try googling.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hah! One of those Wechslers that looks to be so tough, but turns out to be a sweet pushover!
Well, except for my last unfilled square.
After completing the whole PZL, start to finish, I found I left one fill UN-filled.
7D was elusive. I could not for the life of me figure what money was owing to AARP members, and I blanked; I literally forgot that I had left it unfinished.

My DNF was all the more embarrassing when my eye caught the answer & I realized the obvious fact--
that I get a portion of my own income every month from Social Security! (It doesn't have to be the "Supplementary" income to remind me of the ubiquity of our Social Security Administration.)
Maybe I missed it because I am not a member of AARP.
Yeah, that's the ticket...

waseeley said...

CrossEyedDave @11:54 AM You need to install the DWIM app ("Do What I Mean"). Be forwarned - the installer will fight you every step of the way.

CrossEyedDave said...

Yes, I am an expert in fixing all
Computer problems that can be fixed with a hammer....

I went looking for that app!

I even asked daughter #2 for help,
And she said
"Double tap" to bring up the keyboard!

I am sure in most Apple apps,
That would be correct,
But the iPad is apple,
And the blog is google,
And never the Twain shall meet...

I did however that from edit,
I can bring up the keyboard with the hammer approach
By repeatedly whack-a-mole-ing everything.

This made me backtrack because now I know it is possible,
But why?

I have found through trial and error that after
Hitting edit, once back at the edit post screen the
Normal thing to do is touch something
"In the posting box." This seems to be what freezes the
Keyboard from coming up. If you tap outside "the post8ng box."
The keyboard comes up and you can edit.

I was so excited that I had found the problem that I went
To show it to daughter #2, and it didn't work!?!?!?

So, if you hit edit,
Make sure you tap outside the posting box
To bring up the keyboard 90% of the time.

If this fails,
Hit preview again,
Then edit
Then outside the box,

Oh, did I menti9n copy first?

$@f@+. Where's my hammer!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...


I have an Android phone..any little problem I head right to the Verizon store and they fix the problem or show me how to do whatever I'm trying to do.

I figure I pay them a small fortune in service, it's the least they can do.☎️

Lucina said...

Thank you all for the valuable advice. I am sure my daughter and granddaughters, even the youngest, can navigate through this phone but I won't see them until the weekend. My niece and I are going shopping tonight (see my post above) and she might help, too. They all have up-to-date telephones. I was the only holdout and have this one only because it was a birthday present.

However, I am slowly becoming acquainted with its properties and am managing to a limited degree.

Those are lovely photos of Degas' work. Thank you for posting.

Thank you for that tip. I shall try it.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIW - same mistake as others: ARIANNE/MINI

MM - hope you and Ms Valerie have fun on the slopes

French employer had
Party for new hires. A
METIER shower

Lemonade714 said...

Ballerinas were Degas' favorite subject. Maybe we will see one more picture tomorrow

Malodorous Manatee said...

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. Valerie is not on this trip. She wanted to stay in SoCal and work the pre-Christmas season at Sees Candies . . . a job that she does part time just for $#!ts and gigles. We'll come back here together in January. This trip is being shared with friends from SoCal, Pennsylvania and, of course here in CB.

We skied a few hours today. It was very pleasant but only a small percentage of the trails are open. More snow is needed but none is forecast for at least a week. We will muddle through somehow!

CrossEyedDave said...

Only because it's late,
And cat related,
story time on the blog...

waseeley said...

CrossEyedDave @5:37 PM LMAO 🤣 love Britcoms, and lagers too.

Jayce said...

Hand up for having ARIANNE and MINI and wondering why the clock didn't stop.

Yellowrocks said...

I recently learned to used the google directions on my phone. The voice often mutes itself. Google on my laptop had good advice to restore it, which works most of the time. I look up stain removal, recipes, how much wine or food to buy for parties, estimated healing time for surgery, computer and printer glitches, average price, etc. etc. Tons of advice at my finger tips. Also available on my phone and tablet.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Edgar Degas was asked to paint out a dancer from one of his painting. He is said to have indignantly exclaimed.

"What happens in Degas stays in Degas!!"

waseeley said...

Have you no pride!?