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Apr 3, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015, Jim Quinlan

Theme: Double a letter, double your pleasure.

A debut puzzle from a familiar poster who was a rookie this year at ACPT where he finished 392nd. In a consistent theme, the last letter of a two letter word which begins a common phrase is doubled to create a new and visually fun answer. The choices for this theme are very limited (I thought of some not very good ones like ADD NAUSEAM and OFF HUMAN BONDAGE) because the theme is so tight. The rest of puzzle was similar to many Fridays we have had lately with average word length less than 5 letters, but it also the first pangram (puzzle containing all 26 letters) I have seen on a Friday in a very long while. I found the cluing not only difficult in places, but confusing. Perhaps this comes from the ambitious inclusion of all the letters. I did like seeing two Js in the grid.  There are some interesting intermediate fill like  AIRBAG, IMAGES, LETS GO, MATHIS, SEARCH, STIGMA, THINGS, XANADU, EMERGENT and  JAILBIRD and two which were as long as theme answers, OVERWATERS and  SOUTH SUDAN. There are also many fill with double letters (DDAY, TEEMS, ROOT, ROSS, ERRS, APP, OTTO, LEVEE, RAGG and OSS). None of these confused the issue of the theme for me.

18A. Quibble about accommodations? : INN DISPUTE (10). The second N appeared early from the perps, so I had an idea about the theme quickly.

27A. Marshmallow that's been toasted too long? : GOO UP IN FLAMES (13). My favorite of the answers, as I could picture the gooey mess I have made when trying to do marshmallows with my sons.

48A. Small group of tiny monarchs? : WEE THREE KINGS (13). Also a very cute variation on the Christmas CAROL  (2:28).

63A. Worthless buzzer? : BEE OF NO USE (10). We all know bees are very useful but I guess there is a Gilligan in every hive.

A good Good Friday, and a Happy Passover to those who celebrate; looking forward to another delicious seder. On to the rest...


1. Spell : JINX. We are going to have one of those Fridays where I am constrained to comment too vigorously, not knowing if the clue is the author's or Rich's, but I do not see these terms as interchangeable. The dictionary may disagree, but to me 'cast a spell' (or curse) would be the synonym for the verb JINX, and 'bad luck' or 'black cat' for the noun.

5. Traitor : JUDAS. A rather timely clue/fill on this Good Friday which commemorates the crucifixion of Christ after his betrayal by Judas.

10. Letters causing a rush : ASAP. As Soon As Possible.  Since people say, 'A Sap,' so is this an acronym?

14. Property measurement : AREA. As most must have, I began with ACRE.

15. Flopped financially : ATE IT. I understand the generic 'ate it' means failed miserably, but I know of no connection to financial failure.

16. Bonkers : LOCO. Some un-pc terms for mentally ill.

17. Response to a drone : YAWN. Not the one with camera or delivering from Amazon, or even from a beehive, but like my Real Property professor, D.T. Smith.

20. Zeus' beginning? : ZETA. In ancient Greek it was spelled ''Ζεύς'' with Zeta the first letter, but if you are transliterating to English, it should be Zee or Zed? I believe in modern Greek they now spell the name of the chief of the Greek gods as Δίας which aligns the name with Latin Deus. Hopefully we have a reader who can shed more light on this subject.

21. Forgives : LETS GO. The cluing so far had me scrambling, again I understand one letting go of the anger can be forgiving, but...well I will just let it go.

22. Director Burton : TIM. Wow, an easy one. Johnny Depp is his favorite.

23. Little bit : DAB.
25. "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" duettist : MATHIS. The soulful Johnny with Deneice Williams in 1978. (3:04) reminds me of going to Peaches to buy 45s.

33. 4x4, e.g. : ATV. All Terrain Vehicle.

34. "1984" worker : PROLE. A really fine Friday CLUE, but no politics.

35. Get used (to) : INURE.

38. Assembly stage : STEP. How many have bought furniture from IKEA?

40. Hit from a tee : DRIVE. Ah some golf as we near the Masters.

42. Start of Operation Overlord : D-DAY.

43. Scrutinized, with "over" : PORED. His notes? Books and records?

45. Abounds : TEEMS. This reminds me of THIS.(2:16).

47. Generation : AGE.

51. Google, say : SEARCH.

53. Canyon part : RIM.

54. "A Bug's Life" extra : ANT.

55. It might blow up in a crash : AIRBAG. Nicely thought-out deception.

59. Shade at the shore : AQUA. Also cute as we are talking shade of color not an umbrella.

65. [I'm doomed] : GULP. Very nice cartoonish visual.

66. Goes wrong : ERRS. Do not forget to forgive.

67. Bridge expert on some "Sports Illustrated" covers : GOREN. If you ever played the game and are about my age you know and have read books by CHARLES. I do use Blackwood.

68. Mozart's "a" : EINE.

69. Soft-spoken painter Bob : ROSS. All perps for me, thought it sounds like it was an interesting SHOW.

70. Irish hero, briefly : ST. PAT.

71. Pringles competitor : STAX. I tried them once and they were not good. I do tend to try every food product once.


1. Now hyphen-less rapper : JAYZ. DKDC. He is attempting to take over streaming of music with TIDAL.

2. "Dies __" : IRAE. More religion.

3. Spotted aquarium dweller : NEWT. Mr. Gingrich's image is fading in the mirror.

4. Film estate with a championship golf course : XANADU. Took me way to long to dredge this ESTATE from my brain.

5. "Avian" for whom flight is often futile : JAILBIRD. A little prison humor.

6. __ Reader : UTNE.Does anyone actually read this?

7. It may be hammered out : DENT. Not an agreement but a literal hammer job.

8. Help providers : AIDS.

9. Stain : STIGMA. So many connotations; we also have the related STIGMATA but that sounds like religion.

10. European attraction : ALP. marti, a gimme for you?

11. Independent country since 2011 : SOUTH SUDAN.  All you wanted to know and MORE.

12. When Hamlet says, "The play's the thing ... " : ACT II. Well I got a very small taste of some Shakespeare.

13. Dickinson output : POEMS. Emily.

19. "Amen!" : SO AM I. So be it? I agree?

24. Trivia Crack, e.g. : APP. Sounds vaguely obscene, but this GAME sounds and looks like electronic Trivial Pursuit.

26. Mind : TEND. All perps, did not even see the clue and hope you all will explain. Children? One's business?

27. Horrified reaction : GASP.

28. One of the Ringling brothers : OTTO. No Sgt. Snorkel for this puzzle, but this somewhat obscure  figure who died in 1911. Per wiki the Ringling Brothers Circus was a circus founded in the United States in 1884 by five of the seven Ringling Brothers: Albert (1852–1916), August (1854–1907), Otto (1858–1911), Alfred T. (1862–1919), Charles (1863–1926), John (1866–1936), and Henry (1869–1918). In 1907 it acquired the Barnum & Bailey Circus, merging them in 1919 to become Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, promoted as The Greatest Show on Earth. It does not say which 5, but John and Charles were the most famous and did much to put Sarasota, Florida on the map.

29. Drowns in the garden : OVERWATERS. A thoughtful clue; I do love gardening but in April one should not need to water often.

30. __ Star : NORTH. No love for Kanye and Kim?

31. Circular : FLIER.

32. Chevy's "American Pie" destination : LEVEE.

36. Woolen yarn : RAGG. Nope, sorry, I do not know this WORD. I do know MOP.

37. Socket set : EYES. Oh my, what a great alliterative misdirection.

39. Review target : PEER. Peer review is very big in many professions, especially medical ones.

41. Newly formed : EMERGENT.

44. Joe sans jolt : DECAF. Love those Js.

46. Take on moguls : SKI. I will be Colorado and the snow will be fresh. Who wants to meet me there? marti?

49. The Cat in the Hat's numbered cohorts : THINGS.

50. Visuals : IMAGES.

51. Word with tooth or saw : SABER.

52. Año starter : ENERO.

56. Repeated word in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" : ROOT.

57. Do a new mom's job : BURP. Oh those burping moms, watch out.

58. On a cruise : ASEA.

60. Gave notice : QUIT.

61. Radius neighbor : ULNA.

62. Pinnacle : APEX. Apex, Acme? My favorite golf ball in the 80s. Second day in a row for this fill.

64. '40s spy org. : OSS. Office of Strategic Services.  The predecessor of the CIA.

Well enjoy Friday, I will be out of pocket most of the day in preparation for the first night of Passover, so smoke em if you have them and happy holidays to all. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

1) Our own Minnesotan constructors George Barany and Marcia J. Brott constructed today's CHE "Sea Shells" puzzle. Tasty and timely. Please click here  to download the puz file.

2) The fourth Minnesota Crossword Tournament will be held on June 14th. Please click here for more details.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

My favorite clue of the day, or even the week, has to be "socket set" for Eyes.

No real trouble, this seemed a tad easy for a Friday. Morning Lemon, I think you wrote about Jinx as only a verb; I think of it as either verb or noun. The latter matches up better with "spell".

George Barany said...

Jim Quinlan and I started communicating via e-mail a few months ago, and I've added him to my friend's list [click on the link by his name; if you do this later in the day, I may have had a chance to update it slightly]. Then, we met in person a week ago, at the ACPT. Congratulations on his MSM debut.

@Lemonade, I enjoyed your writeup immensely, and wish you a Happy Passover as well.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I enjoyed the theme on this one a lot, but I did think the execution was a a bit inconsistent since one of the answers involved a sound change (GO to GOO) but the others didn't.

I will echo Lemonade's comment about the use of non-interchangeable terms in some of the the clues and answers. In addition to JINX, I thought that SO AM I was extremely awkward for "Amen".

Lots of really nice clues as well, however, including the ones for JAILBIRD and YAWN.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one seemed difficult, but came together in better-than-usual Friday time. Interesting to see 4-letter words ending in X in the opposite corners. WBS about SO AM I.

Wasn't familiar with Bob Ross. And the Wiki says 31 seasons and 403 episodes between 1983 and 1994????

Lemon, ATE IT seems very appropriate for a financial flop -- you lost a bundle; you ATE IT.

Big Easy said...

Tough puzzle and good write-up. I thought that I was JINXed for a few minutes. Never saw XANADU or follow rap music and the NW started as a complete blank. The theme popped up when I had filled WEE & KINGS. THINGS was an unknown, along with PROLE, STAX , OTTO,ROSS, & Trivia Crack. MATHIS and GOREN were WAGS.

I really loved the clues for JAIL BIRD and EYES. 19D gave me trouble because I can never remember if it is INURE or ENURE and I filled 7D with DEAL instead of DENT. My other change was from EMERGING to EMERGENT.

Have a great weekend everybody.

inanehiker said...

fast run for a Friday, I guess they were all "in my wheelhouse" as they say.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Newt in an aquarium? No. Terrarium, yes.

Tinbeni said...

Well this was a Good Friday ... though my final grid looks like a giant Ink Blot Test ...

Too many write overs:
Deal before that DENT got hammered out.
SUV before the ATV 4x4 showed up.
And I had the Hamlet timing as ACT IV before MATHIS sang his duet and IT became ACT II.

Fave was the timely JUDAS.
And I was glad I knew, knew, knew to ROOT, ROOT, ROOT for the Home Team.

Nice CSO to our desper-OTTO.

Well it is a spectacular day here in Tampa Bay.
Not a cloud in the sky ... heading for a gorgeous Sunset.
A Toast-To-ALL hoping you have a great Easter weekend.

Yellowrocks said...

Very fun and fast puzzle today, except for the 4x4 NW corner. I spelled the golf course ZANADU. DUH! When I changed Z to X it all fell together.
OTTO and ROSS were unknown but perpable. No nits.

I agree with Dudley that JINX works as a noun, so I say AMEN to that. My response to "This March was way too cold." is AMEN, I agree.

I know several people who are using spring break to go SKIing. Not I. Enough snow and cold, already.

ATE IT frequently is how a financial loss has to be handled.

-You broke your curfew, but I will let it go this time. I'll forgive you, so no punishment.

I have several pairs of RAGG wool hiking socks. Those were the days! I have kept the socks, probably for nostalga's sake.

There are a wide range of frogs, salamanders and newts kept in aquariums. Some need terrariums, some need semi-aquatic environments, and some need aquatic environments.

MATHIS was my favorite singer in my early days.

kazie said...

I started thinking this would be a dead loss, but after scratching around for a half hour I had everything except the NW corner and GO UP, including their crosses of course. In the NW I couldn't advance beyond AREA and IRAE. JINX would never have occurred to me, and not being a golfer or a resident of anywhere remotely film related, XANADU was equally foreign.

For the marshmallows, I wanted SMOOR, as in smores, which is the end result of roasting marshmallows if you don't want to burn your fingers getting them off the stick. Anyway, that ruined GASP and OTTO too.

WEE THREE KINGS was the first theme to fall and gave me the hint to what was going on with them. INN DISPUTE was much later and opened up the NE.

Happy Easter and Passover to all.

Ergo said...

Thank you Jim and Lemon.

Okay, fess up. Who else had to sing through "Take me out to the Ballgame" to get the repeated word?

Montana said...

Didn't get the theme. Thanks, Lemon, for explaining it.

Yes, Ergo, I had to sing it to remember ROOT.

I don't think my Mom ever missed a Bob Ross show. she even traveled to take a couple of his classes.


Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake!
Just opened my drapes. We had snow last night.

Yesterday I walked around my yard happy to see tulips and peonies coming up. I wore only a sweater.

Good thing I haven't put winter coat away, yet.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Agree with Dudley about "socket set".
Fun challenging puzzle today. Although some clues were over the RIM, the fill was mostly getable. Getting SOUTH SUDAN early was a plus. The schtick became clear with INN DISPUTE.
Had 'help' before GULP - IMAGES took care of that.
Did not know RAGG or PROLE, but went with perps.
That it turned out to be a pangram was special.

Liked Lemon's thoughtful informative intro today.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends! Excellent review, Lemonade, thank you.

WEES. This did seem a tad fast for Friday and though the southern section filled like WATER OVERflowing, the top section slowed me for a spell.

WEE THREE KINGS cracked me up. However, APP/PROLE was my Natick and I had to SEARCH it to finish.

I also liked EYES but am totally unfamiliar with RAGG. My late DH watched Bob ROSS every day and soon perfected his own painting technique as a result.

Happy Passover and Easter!

Madame Defarge said...

Greetings all,

Thanks Jim for an interesting Friday. Fun. I liked EYES for socket set and ZETA for the start of Zeus. I was looking for an origin story. I am always caught by the "start/beginning of". I'll learn eventually. I also like start of Operation Overlord, recalling that DDAY was only part of the mission.

Lemonade, thanks for the run through and the links.

Passover and Easter together seem perfect as The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. Both celebrations bespeak renewal and with hope, Spring. I hope it's sunny where you are--inside or out.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

DNF for me. Got the bottom third and some scatters here and there. Should have sussed ZETA. Even with PROLE DRIVE and TEEMS, couldn't get NORTH or FLIER, which are not hard. Even googling didn't provide enough help.

Clever theme. Tough clues. JzB fail.

Happy Easter. Passover starts tonight. Chag Sameach!

Cool regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

Bob Ross

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

For me, this was most definitely a Thumper, with a capital T!

As always, thanks to Mr. Q for his efforts and thanks to Lemony for the expo.

Happy Passover to all celebrants.

Have a great day.

JJM said...

You couldn't have a Good Friday puzzle without a reference to Judas now could you? Maybe it's me, but I thought there were some other subliminal Biblical references in today's puzzle:

WEE THREE KINGS (might be a ref to the gifts the 3 Magi brought)

INN DISPUTE (Mary & Joseph turned away from the INN )

JUDAS ( "Is it I, Lord" at the last Supper)

There are a couple others and I may just be grasping at straws because it's Good Friday. OR…. it's just those 16 years of Catholic School Guilt creeping in.


Jim Quinlan said...

@Ergo My girlfriend and I solved my puzzle together... and yes, we had to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to get the answer too... I forget if that was my clue or not.

@Barry G. Original grid had ADD PAGES [Forego novel editing?] and LET ITT GO [Gomez’s courtroom plea for his cousin?]. But, as Rich noted, ITT is overdone and ADD PAGES doesn't change meaning much. GOO UP IN FLAMES was the suggested alternate.

Thanks for the comments y'all. Much appreciated.

C6D6 Peg said...

Very nice puzzle, Jim Q. Loved the GOOUPINFLAMES as my favorite entry. Second was JAILBIRD.

Lemonade, thanks for the TEEM video. Amazing!

Have a good Friday and start to the weekend.

Husker Gary said...

What a good Good Friday puzzle! The clever theme came early and was helpful.

-Dang! NEWT not NEON and ZETA not ZENA. I’ll take two bad cells
-When I agreed to $100 an acre to detassel a field that cost me $150, I just ATE IT
-JUDAS’s (4:27) big Superstar song posits many interesting questions
-After taking Ambien in the hospital I told the nurse I had TIM Burton nightmares
-I went to our ST PAT Good Friday service two years ago on the advice of a friend. Not anymore!
-Omaha has America’s largest South Sudanese population and this is what they have embraced very skillfully
-Our wonderful neighbors have TENDED/MINDED Lily while I was in the hospital
-Yellow grass usually indicates OVERWATERING
-NORTH STAR provided direction for the Underground Railway night travellers
-Is this the year that those who ROOT, ROOT, ROOT for the Cubbies are rewarded?
-Nice comments Jim!

kazie said...

In Oz, root sometimes has a very different meaning from that used here. Aussies barrack for their teams.

Also I totally forgot earlier to say that I was thinking of lumber with the 4X4 clue.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Fairly easy for a Friday pzl. (I count them easy if they're do-able in one session.) I did have to resort to one lookup (SOUTH SUDAN, a long one admittedly), but knew I'd get it on my own if my patience were readier to hand.
I enjoyed the theme. The first one I cracked was BEE OF NO USE, which gave me a chuckle. Thanks, Mr. Quinlan!

Jerome said...

Unaged rotgut served in dive bars?

Preschool course where all the toddlers are whiz kids?

coneyro said...

A "Good Friday" puzzle that had me going good.

Started at the bottom after 1A was a ????. After getting 63A and 48A, I was a little confused as to the theme. Double E's? WEE and BEE rhyme...what's with that? After 27A it finally hit me about nonspecific double letters. So that made 18A easy to solve, since I had the DISPUTE part already.

GOREN, RAGG, UTNE...perp help.Wagged XANADU when I saw the last letter"U", which helped with JINX and JAYZ, and finally was able to complete the NW corner. That side was rough and last to fall, but mission accomplished.

As far as the MIND/TEND inquiry...In this case they both mean "to look after" as in "MIND (TEND to) the store for me".

To all my co-contributors on the blog..A Kosher Pesach and a Happy Easter.

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle as usual. Some of the theme answers seemed extra clever and humorous. Thanks Jim and Lemon.

A man was walking through the Sahara desert, desperate for water. He saw something off in the distance. He trudged toward the image only to find a little old man sitting at a card table with a bunch of neckties laid out on it.

The thirsty traveler begged, "Please, I'm dying of thirst. May I please have some water?" The old man replied, "I don't have any extra water but why don't you buy a tie? Here's one that goes nicely with your robes."

The traveler shouted, "I don't want a tie. I need water!"

"OK, OK, don't buy a tie. But if you walk about 4 miles over that hill, my brother owns a nice restaurant and he'll give you all the water you want."

The other man thanked him and trudged away over the hill. Three hours later he came crawling back to the old man selling ties sitting at his card table. He asked the traveler, "I told you, 4 miles over that hill. Couldn't you find it?"

The other guy rasped, "I found it all right. Your brother wouldn't let me in without a tie!"

Lucina said...

Jim Quinlan, I failed to thank you for the fun I had solving this puzzle. Send us more, please.

Jayce said...

I loved the clue for EYES!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Well, after 4 passes, I thought I was going to EAT IT and this would end like a Sat w/ ASEA of white. But I got it! Then Dudley tells me it was easy - thanks... ;-)

W/o: Acre b/f AREA, I put an E in INURE, frAt(?) b/f ASAP. Hand up for singing.

24d, 36d, & 67a - ESP.

I liked SABER's clue - saw tooth - cute. WEES, fav c/a: 37d - EYES.

What fun Jim! Thanks for stopping by and giving us the backstory. Thanks Lem for the informative post-game analysis.

I watched Joy of Paining (ROSS) on the weekends w/ Pop ("Make a happy little tree"). Funny link JzB.

Great joke Bill G.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oh, and Kazzie - yes. I recall my AU colleagues snickering when I said "We'll have to ROOT this out." Oh, right. Sorry, mate. Cheers, -T

Dudley said...

Sorry -T, I didn't know I was courting controversy there.


CrossEyedDave said...

I would like to say WEES, but this was a DNF for me. I did enjoy it though, as I had plenty of time to work at it waiting in the repair shop to find out why my new front brakes sounded like I ran over the rumble strip on the highway. (No big deal, just had to grind down a warped rotor a little more...)

Hand up for singing take me out to the ballgame!

LMAO JzB! (@10:40) Good One!
Actually, just thinking about Ross' talking while painting calms me down. Is there such a thing a auditory hypnotism?

JJM@10:40 Astute observation! I would like to hear more from you about the daily puzzles!

I unfortunately never saw BLANK star as north, but death...

Jerome! You are in fine form today!

42A Did you know that Operation Overlord was almost jinxed by a crossword puzzle!

Lemon, Tx 4 the jumping fish link. My 1st thought was fishermans paradise! what do they like for bait! & when I went looking on your sidelinks, I found a possibly very dangerous new sport!

(& No, I didn't look at the Bowfishing Bikini Calender...:)

HeartRx said...

Oh my, I'm late, I'm late....

But I just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed this puzzle, once I grokked the theme. My fav was GOO UP IN FLAMES too, Lemony!!

ALP was not my first thought for European attraction, and I think I have had enough snow this winter, that I really don't want to go take on moguls in CO, thank you very much!! Matter of fact, we are still skiing here in the NE - the base was so huge, I bet we'll be skiing until the end of April.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, everyone!

Avg Joe said...

This was a vey enjoyable puzzle, but it wasn't easy. Took a long while to really get a toe hold, but it did pick up speed. Solved the theme answers in order and liked them all. Agree about Goo being an outlier due to its having a sound change, but it's still a keeper. Also agree that socket set is a hall of fame clue.

Marti, I can understand your aversion to snow this year. But I skied A Basin in June once, so April is not that late. Granted, it was granular, sloppy and there were a lot of bare spots. But it was worth it just to have done it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Useless Bee?
(Did you ever try to skip over something on your to do list?)

We Three Kings?

I really did try to find a marshmallow napalm disaster, but my keyboard caught fire!

There will be no dispute at these inns:




Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

1st, thanks TTP yesterday for both the humorous and non-humorous edition of Fermilab Today. I too played a lot of golf whilst living in the Fox Valley; Potawatomi (sp?) was a great little 9-holer that provided a nice change from all of the overpriced, over-booked courses. One of my fond memories there was an unlikely birdie at #3. If you played it, you'd recall it's a short par 4 with an island green in the middle of the Fox River. I hit a long iron from the tee to "lay up", but hooked it into the water, leaving me a third shot of some 120 yds to the island green. Of course I knocked the shot in the hole for a 3! Certainly one of the more memorable birdies I've had over a lifetime of golfing

Today's puzzle - thanks Jim Q and Lemony for your contribution - was a bit of a stumper for me. I FIW in so many ways!! And while I did get some of the more clever clues, I totally failed at seeing the "theme". I did get WEE THREE KINGS and INN DISPUTE, but I had GOO OUT IN FLAMES for 27a, and I kept seeing BEE OF _OUSE as just three words. Tried HOUSE, MOUSE, LOUSE - and even when I DID try NOUSE, I thought, what the hell is a NOUSE?!!!

Oh well; can't get 'em all ... been trying hard to get Too Much Too Little Too Late tune out of my head; not working ...

Happy Easter/Passover

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jim and Lemon! Swell theme!

Favorite answer: EYES!

Confess to a DNF. Trouble in NW corner.

I had 2 iPads. Realized last night that one was missing. Only one place it could have been. Thief did not even bother to take the cable! (At least they cannot use it. If they manage to defeat the password and go on line, I can trace it.)


Anonymous T said...

fermatprime - Are you going to SEARCH him down like the dog he is (GASP!) or make a new friend with whomever buys it? (GULP)

The story is of a guy who's iPhone ends up in China.

Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

Hope it was a great day for all, Jim Q thanks for stopping by.

It snowed early in Denver but was up to 52 by noon.

Thank you all

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Bed time but I wanted to thank Jim for one of the best Friday puzzles ever. Got some good chuckles when the theme entries appeared. Got WEE THREE KINGS first and laughed aloud.

Great expo, Lemony!

Anonymous T said...

CED said "Is there such a thing as auditory hypnosis?"

Yes - CSPAN. TIme to see if I can catch a floor speach (YAWN)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

The great thing about the brownies on Monday was that they were organic. We "should let the conversation end on its own volition, I said momentum, same thing." was an episode of Seinfeld, which is the authority on all such matters.

Mez said...

I used to love doing crossword puzzles but have come to hate them. This example is full of reasons why.