Apr 23, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015 Julian Lim

Theme: "Puff"

17-Across. *Skedaddling : TURNING TAIL. Colorful phrase to start us off!

27-Across. *Food often served with ranch dip : BUFFALO WINGS. Yum! ( I looked back at the first theme entry and noticed the avian parts.)

45-Across. *Weigh, with "at" : TIP THE SCALES. (Uh-oh, so much for my bird theory...)

59-Across. *Real ordeal : TRIAL BY FIRE. (Aha! By jove, I've got it. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, right?)

35. With 38-Across, band with the hit "Radioactive," and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues : IMAGINE 38-Across. See 35-Across : DRAGONS. Yes, I can just imagine. Oh, you mean the band? 4:03ì

Fun theme, and a fresh reveal. The fill also made the solve very enjoyable for me. You?


1. "Carrie" Oscar nominee : SPACEK. Ah yes, I had nightmares for weeks after seeing that one.

7. Letters about time : AM-PM.

11. __ Fit: video exercise game : WII. Gimme - I use mine every day!

14. Acid neutralizer : ALKALI.

15. Restaurant chain named for a Mozart opera : COSÌ tutte.

16. It's often cured : HAM.

19. Physician's org. : AMAAcademy of Model Aeronautics.  Doctors do like their toy planes! ;-)

20. Snack brand creator Wally : AMOS. He's famous, ya know.

21. Karaoke option : DUET.

22. Take one's sweet time : DALLY. Are you eating sweet pickles slowly if you DILLY DALLY?

24. Half a score : TEN. "Four score and seven years ago..." A score is 20 years.

25. Auction cry : SOLD.

26. Lamp emission, if you're lucky : GENIE. Fun entry and clue!

30. __ Navidad : FELIZ.

33. First-line national anthem word : SEE.  Tricky clue. "Say", "can" or "you" also fit... And then we have 41-Across. First-line national anthem word : SAY. Well, at least I eliminated one choice at 33-Across!

34. Prefix with caching : GEO. How's your knee doing, CrossEyedDave? Is it still keeping you from geocaching?

42. Pigs out (on) : ODs.

44. __ attitude : CAN DO.

50. Sensible : LEVEL.

51. Stats for Mike Trout : RBIs. Total WAG. Born in 1991, he's just a baby, for gosh sake!

52. Meditator's intonations : OMs.

55. Sand bar : SHOAL.

56. Appear : SEEM.

57. Purveyor of many flat packs : IKEA. I just put together 8 new base cabinets for my kitchen remodel. Not from IKEA.

58. Burst : POP. Did you wonder if it was present or past tense, too?

62. Part of UCSD: Abbr. : CAL. Univ. Cal. San Diego.

63. Cheese that's sometimes stuffed : EDAMKeshi Yena is a traditional stuffed Edam cheese dish that is common on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

64. Begin gently : EASE IN.

65. Cut : AXE.

66. Smashes : RAMS.

67. They're often ruled : ROOSTS. Who rules yours? (Here, it's our cats.)


1. Occupied, as a table : SAT AT.

2. Nice pen : PLUME. The French city Nice. Were you fooled? My mistake was thinking "stylo," which is more like a ballpoint or fountain pen. A PLUME would be an old-fashioned quill pen, I think. Kazie?

3. Firestone Country Club city : AKRON. The home of the WGC's Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament every August.

4. Spam holders : CANS. Were you thinking email junk folders? Nope, that was reserved for 31-Down. Phishing scam, e.g. : EMAIL HOAX. Nice fill.

5. Lilly of pharmaceuticals : ELI. Gimme.

6. In a way : KIND OF.

7. Played the part of : ACTED AS.

8. Asset in a castle siege : MOAT.

9. Chi follower : PSI. Χ and Ψ. Penultimate Greek letter before Ω.

10. Shower problem : MILDEW.

11. Beating heavily, as with a sledgehammer : WHALING ON. Yikes! What a visual.

12. Post-apocalyptic Will Smith film : I AM LEGEND. Will Shakespeare? IAMB LEGEND.

13. "Perhaps" : I MAY.

18. __ of Mexico : GULF.

23. Young Darth's nickname : ANI.

25. Singer Quatro : SUZI. Over 50 years on the rock scene!

26. Church attachment? : GOER. and 32-Down. Church attendees : LAY PEOPLE.

27. Popular : BIG.

28. Took charge of : LED.

29. Just fair : SO-SO.

30. __ bump : FIST.

36. "O Holy Night," for one : NOEL.

37. Journalism VIPs : EDs.

39. Far from fails : ACES.

40. It's often bought at an island : GAS.

43. Horror movie sounds : SCREAMS. Like me, when watching "Carrie" for the first time.

46. Dam-building org. : TVA. Tennessee Valley Authority.

47. __-skelter : HELTER. brrrrrr...shades of Charles Manson.

48. First fratricide victim : ABEL.

49. Loosen (up) : LIMBER. A must, when using your WII Fit.

52. 1930s migrants : OKIES.

53. Worthiness : MERIT.

54. Composer Saint-__ : SAËNS. Jayce likes his "Danse Macabre." 7:09

55. Org. for strays : SPCASociety for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

56. Place that gave its name to a cat breed : SIAM.ese.

57. "Say that's true ... " : IF SO.

60. No. for the health-conscious : RDARecommended Daily Allowance. I must confess, I don't always get mine.

61. Retired NBAer Ming : YAO. The 7' 6" Houston Rocket. Off the court, he is a white rhino and elephant conservationist!

That's all I got.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Well, I've never heard of IMAGINE DRAGONS before, but once I had IMAGYNE DRAGONS in place it was pretty easy to get (just had to change SUZY to SUZI)...

Everything else was pretty much smooth sailing today. Didn't know Mike Trout, but was able to guess he was probably a baseball player. I've never shopped at IKEA and have no idea what a "flat pack" is, but it was easy enough to guess off the K. And yes, I was totally fooled by the "Nice pen" clue for PLUME, but accepted the answer simply because I knew PLUME meant feather and was thinking of an old quill pen.

Anonymous said...

On 11down.....isn't the spelling supposed to be wailing and not whaling as in taking large mammals for food and oil??

Lemonade714 said...

La plume de ma tante est sur la table.

I usually cringe at a Julian Lim but I had a very good time with this one.
Perhaps from Game of Thrones the dragons came early and the rest were all very doable with SAENS my only unknown which was filled with perps.

You were in a lively mood marti, the kitchen must be progressing.

Thanks Julian and miss m.

Rainman said...

This wasn't as easy for me as for Barry, apparently. Too many unknowns so another (big) learning day. E.g., COSI ? Seriously, a chain? (According to its site, it has two locations in California. The food looks nutritious, however.)
Once again I had initial answers (WAGS) that I could not let go of. I've solved Friday puzzles in half the time I spent on this one, if that means anything, and it doesn't. I had never heard of IMAGINE DRAGONS, and I'm thinking that's a good thing. I'll stick to my Mamas and Papas, Abba, LRB, and older knowns.
Once I began experimenting with outside possibles, things fell into place and I prevailed, sort of. Thanks for beating me up, Julian Lim. Thanks for the teasing summary, Marti. Congrats again on your puzzle ubiquity. They seem to be all over. Waytogo.
Thanks to all who have helped me EASEIN to construction. I'm making very slow progress (using CrossFire for Mac), but maybe soon... I'm ready for Friday.

Big Easy said...

Maybe I didn't get enough sleep but this was hard for me to finish this am.

Big unknowns, mainly IMAGINE DRAGONS, and the hit "Radioactive", as I had never heard of the band or the song.

It started out roughly because I never saw Carrie but knew it had to be either SPACEY or SPACEK. I also had trouble in the NE because I have heard the term WHALING AWAY but not WHALING ON and I AM LEGEND was an all perp fill-total unknown.

I thought this might have been a Beatles' themed puzzle after IMAGINE and HELTER filled. But no. Which leads to a problem I had on the RDA answer. The clue in the paper read "No for the health- conscious" instead of 'No. for the health-conscious".

Other unknowns were COSI restaurants, TROUT, and SUZI. Clue that I didn't like was 52A about meditator's intonations- OMS??? Somewhere there have to be an "OFFICE of MANAGEMENT and SOMETHING" that need to get popular so OMS can be a legitimate fill.

But A solid puzzle to get me going in the morning.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Marti and friends. Fun Thursday puzzle, but it seemed more like a Wednesday level to me.

My favorite clue of the puzzle was Its Often Purchased at an Island = GAS.

Having the GULF of Mexico is appropriate since this week marks the 5th anniversary of the BP Oil Spill and yesterday was Earth Day. Still cleaning up after the oil spill.

My only erasures were to initially try Iffy for I MAY and Delay for DALLY. Both of my initial responses shared letters with the correct answers.

Camille Saint-Saens (1935 ~ 1921) makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

QOD: Nothing crushes freedom as substantially as a tank. ~ Shirley Temple (Apr. 23, 1828 ~ Feb. 10, 2014)

Big Easy said...

Anonymous@6:01. I also thought 'whaling' was 'wailing'.

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping one of our Corner DJs post links to "Radioactive" by The Firm and "Your Mama Won't Like Me" by Suzi Quatro. "Stumblin' In" wouldn't be too bad either...

Anonymous said...


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was a quick one. Only one trouble-spot -- I saw Hahtoolah write in DELAY, so thought I'd try it too. Totally missed the theme.

Julian got it right. The one doing the beating is the "whaler." The one getting beaten is the "wailer."

Wow, Shirley Temple was really old!

HeartRx said...

Anon and Big Easy - no, "whale on" is the correct term."Whale" is an 18th C. term for flog, or thrash.

HeartRx said...

Lemony, yes, it is coming along. I will be WHALING away at the cabinets with a sledgehammer this weekend. The guy comes to install the cabinets on Monday, and Tuesday the granite people come to measure for the template. Yay!

HeartRx said...

d-otto, shame on you for peeking over Hahtoolah's shoulder during the test...tsk tsk.

Avg Joe said...

Had a lot of trouble with this one. And the theme was of no help. Once Dragons filled in via perps, the only thing I could think of was "They Might Be...". But I guess that was giants. Had only a vague recollection of Imagine Dragons, and of course could only remember The Firm singing Radioactive. Still, enjoyed the challenge and was able to stumble to a finish.

Since Anon at 7:15 already filled the first request, here's Suzi

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This one came so easy for me, I swear I had an ESP connection with Julian Lim. Only unknowns were the IMAGINE DRAGONS and Mike TROUT. Fun puzzle! You sure are chipper this morning, Marti! Good on ya!

My brother-in-law always tried to fix things by WHALING ON them with a short-handled sledge hammer. WD40 and a wrench usually would have been the better choice.

Good news in my family. My USAF pilot son retired in Dec. and now has been hired for a job that sounds interesting and challenging with use of his engineering degree & pilot experience. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works out for him.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

This was fun even though some of the clues like Radioactive were way out of my purview. Remember when Helter-SKELTER simply meant chaos?

I liked being fooled by 26A as I was thinking something electrical or ecological, not GENIE. Also, I must be thinking healthier as I was looking for vegetables or crudites for the ranch dip, not BUFFALO WINGS! Ha!

This was sure more fun than a TRIAL BY FIRE. Thanks, Julian. I enjoyed the journey, Marti. Good luck with the kitchen. You will enjoy it so much.

inanehiker said...

Fun solve today - and the IMAGINE DRAGONS answer was an easier one than it should have been as my son loved that song his last year of high school and played it over and over - and could never figure out why I didn't like it as much as he did!
A slight hold up as my paper did not have the period after No on 60D - so my first thought for "No for the health conscious" was FAT. But it was easily settled by perps.
I knew it would be a good day with Julian constructing and Marti blogging. Have a good Thursday!

Barry G. said...

@Anonymous: Nope, it really is spelled WHALING. Of unknown origin, it is probably unrelated to the sea-going mammal, but it does mean "to hit, thrash, or beat soundly."

@Rainman: There are a bunch of COSI restaurants here in the Boston area. Of course, I probably wouldn't know that if it weren't for the fact that my wife eats there for lunch at least 2 or 3 times a week and I always see it on the credit card statement...

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Thursday puzzle and more than KIND OF or SOSO!
I used my CAN DO attitude and some WAGS to complete as I was not familiar with the WHALING expression and could not remember SAENS SUZI or YAO. Perps to the rescue.

A Niagara area man had to be rescued from a deep hole a few weeks ago after a GEOcache outing gone awry.

The best (and possibly the original) BUFFALO WINGS are at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo of course. I like mine with blue cheese dressing not ranch!

Bluehen said...

Julian Lim usually beats me up, but today's puzzle was more like a speed run. Got the "tada" in more like Wednesday time. There were a few hold-ups. AMPM for some reason eluded me for far too long. I was sure that an island purchase was a "lei". Only vaguely heard of IMAGINE DRAGONS but perp help jogged the distant memory.

Marti, 'Iamb legend: Shakespeare"
Really. That is one of those groaners that I secretly wish to heaven I had said first.

Thanks to Mr. Lim and to Marti, and to the rest of the bloggers for making my day.

CanadianEh! said...

Here's a link for the Geocache accident and one for the Anchor Bar also (we have one in Ontario too):


I couldn't post from my IPad earlier.

Tinbeni said...

Although my solve was a slog (I put it down twice) I finally "Got 'er done!"

Julian: Thank You for an appropriate "Thursday LEVEL" puzzle.

Fave today was EMAIL HOAX ... I'm still waiting on the $10,000,000 coming from that Nigerian.
(It will probably be deposited to my Bank Account today, lol!)

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I'm normally not too fond of Julian's puzzles, but I seemed to be more on his wavelength today. Mucked through the theme fill, and thanx, Marti, for expanding my understanding of it. PLUME was a gimme from 'la plume de ma tante'. LEGEND and DRAGONS were WAGs. Many wonderful clues such as for ROOSTS and AM PM. East was the last to fall.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a relatively easy Thursday, considering it was from the usually diabolical Mr. Lim. Had a few missteps but perps corrected them.

Never heard of Imagine Dragons so the theme was elusive right up until the reveal. Not familiar with the Cosi chain, either. Nice CSO to CED at geocaching.

Our weather has been and will continue to be wet, chilly, and just plain dreary for the next several days. We had a grand total of three or four Spring-like days and then, poof, back to doom and gloom, so to speak. Oh, and did I forget to mention the winds that would blow you away?

Anyway, thanks Julian Lim for a Thursday treat and thanks, Marti, for your expert expo. Good luck with the renovation!

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Marti: I went back and listened to the IMAGINE DRAGONS link to their song Radioactive.
Can honestly say I had never heard it before.

But I enjoyed the video ... though not as much as I enjoy your write-ups!

kazie said...

Yes, Marti, I had the same reaction as you to PLUME. Stylo or Bic, the brand name invented there, are far more likely equivalents for pen these days.

I actually took some time getting this one out, largely because of not knowing the IMAGINE DRAGONS and a few other things that needed wags like SUZI, I AM LEGEND, WHALING, AKRON or TVA.

However, I am here late because of a fasting blood test this morning after which I came home and made myself a wickedly sumptuous breakfast before posting!

Husker Gary said...

Peter Yarrow always insisted his Dragon was what Marti showed and not not this one

-Big time ALKALAI application
-I enjoyed HAM (Cure 81) and SPAM mention here in my Hormel city
-You’re my age if DALLY makes you think of Howdy Doody
-A famous censorship Genie/Jeannie debate (3:01)
-Every Congressman and Senator has a CAN DO attitude until he/she hits the morass of D.C.
-Some say he has 100 RBI’S and some say 100 RBI as the R is already plural
-The size of the sand bars in the Platte tell us how dry it is
-Overthinking an IKEA assembly (1:51)
-Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen must be under siege because their house has a MOAT
-Construction of the TVA’s Three Rivers Dam flooded Johnsonville and Springville in TN and Birmingham in KY
-Here is our SIAMese in her “escape proof” Kitty Holster
-TURNED TAIL – Name the song where “they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles, And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go”

Irish Miss said...

Tin @ 9:48 - If I actually received all of the money promised in the scam emails, I'd give Warren Buffet a run for his money!

kazie said...

Speaking of EMAIL HOAXES, I always label them as phishing scams in my Hotmail, but of course I keep getting them. Does anyone know if that really does any good? Sometimes I simply mark them to be BLOCKED, but that doesn't seem to work either. They probably just keep changing their originating email.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

This was not a breeze, but a little easier than the typical Thus.

I've been pretty much out of touch with pop music since high school - and that's 50 years - so Suzi, the theme band, and their song were all unknowns.

Lot's of great fill in Julian's excellent puzzle.

No "." after "No" in the Freep, either. Made 60 down accessible only via perps. Couldn't remember Sissy SPACEK's name.

Marti, you're in great form today, though I would have picked different dragons.

Young Mike Trout was the AL MVP last year, and could well repeat. He will probably go on to be the greatest ball player of his generation.

NOEL reminds me of the old Christmas card that said:


Cool Regards!

HeartRx said...

...they ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em,
down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico!

Jazzbumpa said...

Johnny Horton. The Battle of New Orleans.

Husker Gary said...

-Of course our lovely blogger, constructor, skier, oenophile, etc knew about that song/event!
-Since it still took a month for news to reach America from Europe, here is the irony of that battle that took place after the peace treaty had been signed!
-Anon-T from last night. Yeah, NASA built Apollo 18, 19 and 20 but they never flew and are housed in Houston, Cape Kennedy and Huntsville, AL. I hope to be in Houston this fall to see JSC. Maybe we could get a soda?

thehondohurricane said...


When I saw Julian Lim as today's constructor I nearly decided to take a day off from "puzzledom". Yet, I began to fill in a few of the no brainer boxes and I was underway. A few lucky wags and I had my first success with a Julian Lim puzzle.

There were a lot of clues that I had no idea about. COSI, IMAGINE DRAGONS, I AM LEGEND, SUZI & SAENS were a few of the culprits. Still don't understand the IKEA clue.

I'll agree this was easier then a normal Lim offering, but, I still did not find it enjoyable.

S. Claus said...

NOEL reminds JzB of the old Christmas card that said:


No "N"?

JJM said...

Not too difficult for a Thur. I'm more into Imagine Dragons than my teen-agers. The better song on "Night Visions" (IMHO) is calle'It's Time". Most radio listeners would probably be familiar with that song than 'Radioactive' as it's a little more radio friendly.

Here's the link to the album on the iTunes Store.

And here is the song It's Time from the Night Visions album.


Paul in Montebello said...

Easy today.

Yellowrocks said...

I believe the clue for OMS, meditator's intonations, is a good one. In Hinduism OM is a sacred syllable typifying the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. It is used as a mantra, a word or formula chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.

Hahtoolah said...

A week from today marks the anniversary of Johnny Horton's 90th birthday. Unfortunately, he died at age 35, but not before giving us a nice rendition of The Battle on New Orleans.

HowardW said...

Never heard of the band, but I appreciated the theme once I saw the reveal. COSI was also new, but CO-- made it an easy guess.

Nitpick of the day...Shouldn't the clue for 23A be "Young *Vader's* nickname"? Darth seems to be a title used by several characters.

Thanks for a very funny writeup, Marti!

HeartRx said...

Hondo - IKEA ships their furniture unassembled, in "flat packs." They break down all the pieces to fit efficiently in a much smaller box than if the piece was shipped completely assembled.

Lemonade714 said...

You going to watch any of the Zurich Classic, Hahtoolah?

coneyro said...

Will give a reader's digest version of my previous erased entry. This phone is killing me.

Fun puzzle. Not too hard. IMAGINE DRAGONS...Not a band I'm familiar with. Did not need to know to fill in starred answers.

Needed hubby's help with sports clues at 51A and 61D. My paper did not include the period after NO at 60D. Almost put in FAT, but perps showed me otherwise.

COSI...what kind of food? Have to check the locations online to see if any are in Florida.

Don't want to press my luck. Ending it now and hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

On the Christams card thing, isn't the "L" supposed to me missing?

So, "No 'L' " ?

coneyro said...

COSI restaurants are not in Florida, unfortunately. Looks like interesting casual food. Listened to IMAGINE DRAGONS for about six seconds. That was enough. Not my cup of tea. Sorry.

Jayce said...

This was such a fun puzzle! Turned out to be easier than I expected for Thursday and for a Julian Lim work.

"Zig, zig, zig, Death in a cadence, Striking with his heel a tomb, Death at midnight plays a dance-tune, Zig, zig, zig, on his violin. The winter wind blows and the night is dark; Moans are heard in the linden trees. Through the gloom, white skeletons pass, Running and leaping in their shrouds. Zig, zig, zig, each one is frisking, The bones of the dancers are heard to crack— But hist! of a sudden they quit the round, They push forward, they fly; the cock has crowed."

"La plume de ma tante..." First year French.

Did Little SUZI ever wake up?

Now I'll read what y'all had to say.

Not Jerome said...

When watching a male dog TURNING TAIL you often can see a TRAILING NUT.

Jayce said...

If you do dilly DALLY, don't eat the whole jar at once!

Annoying -T said...

When you see someone at a convent experiencing a wardrobe malfuction and TURNING TAIL before she exposed, stay alert as you catch the holy GRAIL, NUN TIT.

Jazzbumpa said...

Ya got me , Claus, and I can't even claim typo.

I guess it was a braino.


Big Easy said...

Anonymous @ 7:15- I listened to the song. The first ( and hopefully the last time) that I have heard ' "Radioactive". I looked Up Imagine Dragons, and see they are recent but if 'Radioactive" is any indication of their popularity, they will be playing on the radio in the future as one of the "One Hit Wonders'.

HEART Rx- at least you will be Whaling away, not 'WHALING ON'.

Lemonade- I was currently at the Zurich classic in Avondale.I was in the players' locker room 4 times this morning taking things that the manufacturers shipped to them. Shoes, Personalized golf bags, and who knows what else. It's ridiculous to see what the mfg.s give them free. There's an entire section of nothing but BELTS that they can just pick up. Beer, food, drinks, a barber, you name it. But remember, MOST of them go home without a paycheck.

Boo Weekley- 8 under 64
David ( Canadian eh) 7 under-65

There will be low scores because the rough is not that high.

Bill G. said...

Pleasant puzzle. WEES. Thanks Julian and Marti.

What would be on your list of the most annoying noises? My neighbors are having some tree work done so right now I would vote for chain saws and big wood chippers. Then on trash day I might vote for garbage trucks. The littlest producer of a big annoying noise would be a mosquito in the middle of the night.

Lemonade714 said...

BE thanks for the update, and yes we live in a strange world where the more you have the more free stuff you are given.

You have to wonder if they appreciate any of it. When I used to play ProAms we always left loaded up as well but we had committed money to the charity.

Corner DJ said...

Big Easy at 1:50

It was the 7:00 AM Anon that wanted to hear Radioactive by The Firm.

Marti linked Radioactive by Imagine Dragons in the review.

It is a different song and group.

CrossEyedDave said...

The right knee is fine now.
(However the left knee can still predict the weather...)
Thanks for asking!

Surprisingly easier than expected Julian Lim puzzle.

Clicked on the 1st Radioactive video with trepidation, (by Imagine Dragons.) But was pleasantly surprised at the middle, & by the end thought it was one of the best videos I have seen in a long time. (Still don't know what the words were though...)

Blue Cheese Dressing! (If my Buffalo wings came with Ranch, I would send them back!)

Tail tales. ( wait, is this where the video originated?)



Neat Fire!

Speaking of Imagine Dragons...

HeartRx said...

Bill G., most annoying sound for me is the backup beeps of the plows across the street at 4 am.

Jayce said...

Bill G, the most annoying sound I can think of is the neighbor's dog barking during the night. If it was some sort of rhythmic sound I might be able to get to sleep, but a dog's bark is random, starting and stopping and then, just when you think it has itself finally gone to sleep, starting up again. Sometimes I can tel from the sound that the poor thing is miserable, and it breaks my heart.

Avg Joe said...

Corner DJ, I think it's worth mentioning that the lead singer of The Firm was Paul Rodgers. He might not be the definition of a household name, but he's had a bit of success. Free, Bad Company, The Firm, and most recently lead singer for Queen. Not exactly a thin résumé. There's no accounting for taste....or a lack of it.

Jayce, you reminded me of an old memory. I had a friend in Denver that had a neighbor with a dog that barked most of the night, every night. Evidently the neighbor couldnt hear it because it was in the back yard. He lost it one night.....jumped the fence and threw the pooch over same fence into his own yard. He then recorded the dog barking maniacally for a few minutes and returned him to his own territory.

Next night when the chorus began, he set up his massive speakers in two windows that faced the offending neighbor and played back the recording of the dog at full volume. They didn't exactly become friends, but the problem ceased. True story

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, WEES for the puzzle. Say/See, Imagine Dragons, and Plume.

I finished this after lunch as I spent the morning with JD over coffee at our local Starbucks. The San Jose area group tries to get together several times a year, and we haven't been able to for several months.

We're planning a get together with Lucina, though, in June when she flies out to stay with her friend in the area. We'll have a champagne toast to Dodo when we have lunch. We will miss her so much as we've met with her at her retirement home for lunch for four years. she always had champagne on the table when we arrived for our annual get together.

Have a great rest of the day, everyone.

Rainman said...

Lately, my worst and most annoying noises at night are unknown sounds... sounds that may be the normal sounds a house makes. But wait, could it be a burglar or someone breaking into the garage or car?

I know all the noises at my house and sleep well here. So unknown sounds are something to be concerned about.

Canadian Eh?... did you have time to find out what date your Tax Freedom Day is this year? I'd guess June something up there. It was June 9 in 2009.

In the U.S. in 2015, it was April 24.

Misty said...

Late to the corner today because I had to get a new e-mail system set up. Hopefully it will work as well as the old one.

I can't believe that I almost--almost--got a Julian Lim puzzle except for one letter. The video exercise game and the Will Smith movie were a Natick for me, and so I guessed SAM LEGEND for the movie even though WSI looked a bit stupid for a video game. Aarggh. But still, doing this well is pretty good for a tough Wednesday, and I'll happily take it. So many thanks, Julian, and Marti.

And have a good rest of the day, everybody!

Husker Gary said...

All the aforementioned sounds are annoying for sleep but let me add this one to the list: DEAD SILENCE! We (and the grandkids too as it turns out) have to have a fan blowing or some other source of white noise.

Rainman said...

Yes, HG, that is another good example... but to me, it's not really annoying, just the fact that I need white noise.

There are some great white noise apps for the iPhone. Try "Sleep Pillow"... it's good.

Rainman said...

@Barry G,
Yes, thanks, Cosi is headquartered in BOS, I think.

I went to their franchising page and found their requirements, thinking that IF your credit card statement reaches too awful high, you might be better off just opening one yourself, hmm?

Their menu items would go over well, especially here on the left coast.

Bill G. said...

Yes, dogs barking at night. Very annoying. Back up beeps, very annoying.

Years ago we had a neighbor. His dog often barked during the night. One night it lasted so long that I called him up about 2 am. He wasn't asleep and answered the phone quickly. I asked him if he would please let his dog in the house. He said, "Oh..., OK. Apparently, it hadn't occurred to him that his dog might have been bothering the neighbors. Talk about clueless and inconsiderate. Geez...

PK said...

I have a double noise problem. My neighbors got a new puppy about six weeks ago. Whenever they are gone, they put him out in the back yard about 20 feet from my bedroom. He not only whines and barks much of the time they are gone, he and the two dogs at the back fence have snarling, snapping binges. I would swear they were eating each other, but they can't do any biting with a fence between them.

The neighbors also have a snare drum which is beloved and played enthusiastically by any of the several kids who congregate there. I've been awakened several times in the past week with this. Okay, so it was noon, but...

This morning the neighbor's son by a prior relationship was bouncing a basketball on the back patio at 7 a.m.

They have a sort of daycare on days kids aren't in school. Methinks it will be a long, loooong summer.

PK said...

P.S. - Kids and dog are cute. I like watching them so I'm biting my tongue and will adjust my attitude out of crochety old bat mode.

A leaf blower also drives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

HeartRx: Very nice summary today. Thank you!

I don't know the specifics of your cabinet situation but as I read your 7:40a post, I got a shiver up mine spine and goosebumps all over. I heard my dear late father's booming voice, "Don't EVER demo or throw away old cabinets!!!" My husband and I have heeded this advice to great results in all of our moves and remodels. Even the most hideous cabinets can serve well a garage, laundry room, basement, workshop, crafts room, children's houses, neighbors and especially Habitat for Humanity's ReStore donations centers. Unless the cabinents are falling off the walls, most are easily repaired with some new hardware and paint and some older ones are surprisingly well built. I've found that with a cordless drill and maybe the occasional sawzall or crowbar they are easily removed. My hubby barely breaks a sweat. ;)

fermatprime said...


Thanks so much Julian! Wow! A rather easy Thursday!

Marti: you're in great form today!

Only new entries, TROUT and SUZI.

Am utterly exhausted from yesterday's trips to doctors and two other places. Fell asleep trying to blog earlier.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I guess I had more troubles than everyone else. I got to 35a w/ still a 2/3-blank puzzle and was going to give myself a little cheat that turned into Doh!. What follows is conversation to self:

Radioactive - The Firm. Wait, w/ 38a? Power Station? Robert Palmer? Does The Firm have a subtitle? Google The Firm... Mmm, Movie, book, etal... no... Radioactive song. IMAGINE DRAGONS? WTF? Fit's w/ FIST, oh, s*** - Big Fat Cheat.

The irony, eldest was wearing an IMAGINE DRAGONS t-shirt yesterday. She's into fantasy, so no further though went into it.

Oh well. After that, the puzzle was cake :-) Thanks Mr. Lim and Marti.

Fav: EMAIL HOAX. I just finished an internal training show on Phish Spotting.

CED - Linked DRAGON ad is a must next 4/1. LOL.

Kazie - Yes, they keep chaning them. I got an alert today for PayPal looking domains to block. Don't click on PayPal (or any) links in emails before hovering over a link and inspecting the URL. is one I recall off the top of my head.

HG - I'd love a soda at JSC w/ you. I'll emal you.

I SEEM to have Annoyed someone w/ Python clips. I SEE. IF SO, mission accomplished. :-)

Cheers, -T

Abejo said...

Good Friday morning, folks. Thank you, Julian Lim, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for a fine review.

I started this on Thursday and then got busy, so I finished Friday morning. I did not look at Friday's paper.

Liked the puzzle and theme. It all flowed pretty easily.

Liked 40D GAS. Fooled me for most of the puzzle. Had LEI first, but that did not work.

SIAM was slow in coming. I am not a cat person.

OKIES was easy. Enjoyed the book "The Grapes of Wrath" a couple times. I have been re-reading books lately. I picked up Jurassic Park at the train station and re-read it again. First time about 25 years ago. Now am re-reading the Pelican Brief by John Grisham.

I AM LEGEND was slow in coming. I never saw that movie.

Now for today's puzzle, if I have time.

See you later, maybe.


( )