Apr 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

Theme: Crack the Code - The first word of each theme entry can be 'cracked'.

17A. Chinese course in a bowl : EGG DROP SOUP. Food! Chicken broth, beaten eggs, pepper for seasoning, scallions to garnish.

25A. Reason to skip the Skippy : NUT ALLERGY. More food! I prefer Laura Scudder's Crunchy peanut butter. I put Marmite on mine, not jelly.

35A. Classic cop show catchphrase : BOOK 'EM DANNO. Lt. McGarret's closing line on many a "Hawaii 5-0" episode.

49A. Browse on Madison Avenue, say : WINDOW SHOP. Oddly, I don't associate Madison Avenue with retail stores. I'd be on Fifth Avenue.

and the reveal:

56A. Begin working, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25-, 35- and 49-Across : GET CRACKING

Steve here and yay! for another blogger-constructor puzzle today from Marti. A neat theme, some freshness in both the theme entries and the fill and enough misdirection in the cluing for a solid Wednesday. Let's look at the rest.


1. Source of fine wool : ALPACA. I waded straight in with MERINO and then had to wade back and towel off.

7. Flotation device : VEST

11. 24-hr. banking service : ATM. When my bank in England installed their first ATM way back when, they put it inside the building which rather defeated the purpose. In those days the bank opened at 10AM and closed at 3PM. The tellers would take their lunch break at the same time as the rest of us, so they had half the staff available at the busiest time of day. Brilliant.

14. Thingamabob : DOODAD

15. "__ the Woods" : INTO. Meryl Streep garnered an Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her performance in the 2014 movie adaptation.

16. La Mancha Mrs. : SRA. Spanish SeƱora

19. Elton John's title : SIR

20. "Vive __!" : LE ROI. Literally "Live the King!" Seems odd that the French don't need a "Long" first.

21. Milk source : TEAT

22. Assuage : EASE

29. Plastered : LIT

30. Believer's suffix : -IST. As cruciverbalists, we believe in Marti and the other constructors to produce great puzzles.

31. One working in a studio : PAINTER

32. Like a ballerina : FLUID

34. 38th-parallel land : KOREA. One half is most definitely not like the other.

39. Enjoys a bistro, with "out" : DINES

40. Set of moral precepts : ETHIC. I didn't know this referred to a plurality of precepts.

43. Hanukkah toy : DREIDEL

46. Expected : DUE

48. "Don't think so" : NAH

51. Excellent : A-ONE

52. Tequila sunrise direction : ESTE. On my 18th Birthday, my friends took me out and forced a rather astonishing number of Tequila Sunrises into me. I had absolutely no idea which way the sun came up the next day.

53. Siouan speakers : IOWAS

55. Director Ang : LEE

62. P.O. delivery : LTR. My Post Office now delivers packages on Sunday. No letters though.

63. Without restraint : AMOK

64. Serengeti heavyweights : RHINOS. Heavy indeed - white rhinos can grow to more than 5,000lbs.

65. Help-wanted sign? : S.O.S.

66. Word on some family business signs : SONS. Let's have some music from Mumford and Sons

67. "Gracias" reply : DE NADA


1. Fruity drink : ADE

2. Fuel for the fire : LOG

3. Faddish '90s disc : POG. The name comes from POG (Passionfruit, Orange, Guava) bottle-caps originally used to play the game in Hawaii. I wonder if the 5-0 guys played between "book 'em" action.

4. Confuse : ADDLE

5. Part of TLC : CARE, of the Tender, Loving kind.

6. Festoons : ADORNS

7. Call on : VISIT

8. "Small Craft on a Milk Sea" musician : ENO

9. "The Simpsons" disco guy : STU

10. Tank or tee : TOP

11. Claim with conviction : ASSERT

12. Emergency priority system : TRIAGE

13. Saint Agnes, e.g. : MARTYR. The story isn't pretty. I'll spare you the details.

18. Sulk : POUT

21. One living in a studio : TENANT. Can't you buy your own studio?

22. Keebler spokesman : ELF. I had no idea - crosses all the way for me. At least it wasn't a long way.

23. Feel poorly : AIL

24. Bump, as a toe : STUB. Can you stub your finger? I once stubbed my index toe so hard while wearing flip-flops in a darkened medieval church in the Canary Islands that I cracked the bone. I don't think my language was church-appropriate.

26. Like two peas in __ : A POD

27. Croft of video games : LARA

28. Holder of a collateral loan : LIENEE. Wow, never heard this before.

30. Enthusiastic yes : I DO I DO

33. Table salt additive : IODIDE I OD I DE? I was still chuckling about LOG/POG and came across this pair with 30A that me laugh out loud. I'm easily amused.

34. Irish rd. sign abbreviations : KMS. Irish Miss - when did the change happen? I had no idea the Emerald Isle was now metric - can you still get a pint? It's still a long way to Tipperary, but it sounds longer in kilometers.

36. "... Yorick! I __ him, Horatio" : KNEW. Alas, poor chap.

37. Slippery ones : EELS

38. "That's terrible!" : OH NO

41. "Atonement" novelist McEwan : IAN. An immensely-talented writer.

42. Ally of Fidel : CHE

43. Lives : DWELLS

44. Meet, as a challenge : RISE TO

45. Signs up for : ENTERS, as in a competition

46. Bouncer's post : DOOR

47. __ mobility : UPWARD

50. Sticks figures : HICKS. AKA Goonies from the Boonies?

51. Invite for a nightcap, say : ASK IN. A "nightcap"? Yeah, right ....

54. Throb : ACHE

56. Fun time : GAS. As in "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Let's have ourselves some Keef and Mick.

57. Punk rock subgenre : EMO. I linked Green Day the last time this came up. I've used up my music links for the day.

58. Exaggerated homework amount : TON

59. "Barefoot Contessa" host Garten : INA. More Food!-related content, she of Food Network fame.

60. Agree quietly : NOD

61. Govt. procurement agency : G.S.A. The jolly General Services Administration.

Here's the grid and stick a fork in me, I'm done!



HowardW said...

I went you one better, Steve, starting 1A as MERINO, and when an A showed up as the first letter, changed to ANGORA. Two (virtual) erasures on one word!

Especially liked the crossing of "one working in a studio" and "one living in a studio".

Never heard of INA Garten. Her children are kindergarten?

Didn't pick up on the theme at all until the reveal.

Thanks Marti and Steve!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got through this one pretty quickly today, although I never did pick up on the theme even after getting the reveal. Once again, Crossword Corner to the rescue!

INA was unknown to me as well and I'm not used to seeing FLUID as an adjective to describe people (FLUID movements, perhaps, but not FLUID people), but those were pretty much the only spots that slowed me down a bit. Loved the "Tequila sunrise direction" clue for ESTE!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Dense today. I looked and looked at WINNOW SHOP before I could see that it wasn't IODINE. There were a few more mishaps along the way, but nothing that Wite-Out couldn't fix. Nicely done, Marti.

Steve, I can't believe you've never heard of the Keebler Elves. And that was a food clue, to boot. On a similar note, I'm really gonna miss Blue Bell. I hope they aren't gone long.

desper-otto said...

Happy Earth Day, all.

Coneyro, I finally figured out #1. Morning coffee is good for something.

Big Easy said...

BOOK 'EM MARTI- Nice flowing midweek undertaking. Never got the theme until Steve's write-up.

21A- I initially wrote GOAT but I noticed there was no picture of the answer.

I am looking at a container of Morton IODIZED salt, what also has on the label " This salt supplies IODIDE", and under nutrition facts lists IODINE. Go figure.

A few unknowns were INA, DENADA, POG, DREIDEL, KNEW & INTO. The "E" was a WAG on the cross of DREIDEL AND KNEW.

I guess I had better GET CRACKING.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Steve and friends. This Wednesday puzzle CRACKED me up!. Before I got the unifier, I wondered how EGG and NUT were related.

I had a few learning moments (i.e., erasures):

I learned that a Floating Device is not a Buoy, but a VEST.

I learned that a Milk Source is not a Goat, but a TEAT.

I learned that being Without Restraint is not to be Free, but to run AMOK.

I also learned that Signing Up is ENTERS, not Enlist. Yeah, I know the clue indicated the plural.

Like Steve, my first thought for a Fine Source of Wool was Merino, because ALPACA seemed too obvious for a Wednesday. I got a beautiful Alpaca shawl on my trip to Peru that I got to wear a lot this winter.

Happy Earth Day!

QOD: Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it. ~ Vladimir Nabokov (Apr. 22, 1899 ~ July 2, 1977)

thehondohurricane said...

Happy hump day everyone,

This was a tough solve for me today. Makes me wonder if I'm losing it or already have lost it as the aging process continues.

Got ALPACA easily but then the troubles began. Forgot a flotation device may be called a VEST. I was thinking Life Jacket. EGG DROP SOUP began as EGG DROPping. Not a Chinese food fan.

FLUID, DREIDEL, & LIENEE slowly arrived. Learning experience. Never thought of a Ballerina as FLUID, but I now get it.

Not sure if it's good or bad for me, but this Skip will not soon be skipping the Skippy. No NUT ALLERGY here, just a nut.

I remember the days when TEAT meant a lot more to me then being a milk source.

Thanks to Marti for her creation & Steve for his explanation.

CanadianEh! said...

Finally a day when I am not so late to the party. Fun solve today. Thanks Marti.

Hand up for MERINO! I had TUBE before VEST and went through Lessor, Lessee before LIENEE. My boys loved POGS. I wasn't crazy about FLUID ballerina either but I guess it works. Initially having GET TRACKING held me up from getting the them.

We just had a Canada clue for KMS so I wasn't associating it with Ireland.

Have a great day!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Thanks, Marti and Steve, for a fine and fun Wednesday.

Absolutely! tired merino before ALPACA. I like knitting with both of them. The cluing was clever and made for a smooth run today. Unknowns for me were settled by perps throughout. Two of my favorites: IAN and INA. I taught Atonement and my students were very frustrated by McEwan's meta-fictive style. Often they wanted answers they didn't have to work for. ;) Life's tough in a Socratic classroom, but the end results are so much more delicious.

When I'm at a loss for any night's dinner, I just open one of INA's books and voila!

Enjoy our Earth today!

Madame Defarge said...


Howard W at 5:52. Loved "kindergarten!"

Tinbeni said...

Monday .... C.C.
Tuesday ... John
Wednesday . Marti
This has been a WONDERFUL WEEK for LAT puzzles.

Steve: Thanks for the Jumpin' Jack Flash ... It's a GAS, GAS, GAS ...

Needed ESP to get ENO, EMO, INA, but that is always expected with a Marti puzzle. Perps to the rescue.

Fave today, of course, was LIT ... go figure. lol

Heading to Sunset Beach. Yeah, that is my favorite beach in Tarpon Springs.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Marti, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

Well, my newspaper was delivered today, unlike yesterday when they missed me. I finally got it late after I called in. Too late for the puzzle, though.

This puzzle zipped right along. A few bumps, but it is Wednesday.

Liked the theme. I do not think I have ever eaten EGG DROP SOUP. The picture in the blog looks pretty good, though.

Tried RAFT for 7A. Fixed that later to VEST. One inkblot.

LE ROI was easy. Yes, I know my french! We have a town in Illinois named LE ROY. I suspect it evolved from LE ROI. Way back when.

Wanted IODINE for 33D, but already had WINDOW SHOP. So IODIDE was it.

24D, STUB, reminded me of my grandfather. We called him Grandpa STUB. He was kind of short.

I remember when CHE bought the farm. Quite a while ago.

Well, it is still cold and windy here. Hope it warms up.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Anonymous said...

I CRACKed the code for a couple of bonus theme entries.

Crack INTO (with a INA Garten subtext)


Cracked DOOR

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

BY CRACKY! a pretty good puzzle and write-up, too.
Fun theme but didn't 'see' it until the unifier. Frontal solve but no real bumpy areas where I could STUB myself. Lots of different Siouan groups, but IOWAS made sense, and the perps said so.
BOOK'EM DANNO - 5-0 has become one of my more favorite shows to watch in the vast wasteland of TV.

An out-of-towner drove his car into a ditch in a desolated area. Luckily, a local farmer came to help with his big strong horse named Buddy.

He hitched Buddy up to the car and yelled, "Pull, Nellie, pull." Buddy didn't move.

Then the farmer hollered, "Pull, Buster, pull." Buddy didn't respond.

Once more the farmer commanded, "Pull, Jennie, pull." Nothing.

Then the farmer nonchalantly said, "Pull, Buddy, pull." And the horse easily dragged the car out of the ditch.

The motorist was most appreciative and very curious. He asked the farmer why he called his horse by the wrong name three times.

The farmer said, "Oh, Buddy is blind, and if he thought he was the only one pulling, he wouldn't even try!"

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

Hands up for MERINO in 1a, until I glanced at 1d and saw the clue; ALPACA quickly replaced;

Wanted SEAT CUSHION for 7a but it wouldn't fit - guess I traveled too often by plane in my "corporate" days! ;^)

Had KPH before KMS; KNOW before KNEW; IODINE before IODIDE, and FIW by having GOT CRACKING. All in all a nice Hump Day puzzle to get the brain "cracking"

So after seeing the word "cruciverbalist" used many times I thought I would try it in a limerick - and it kinda sums up what Lucina said last Saturday. And I promise, no more limericks until May! You may stop reading now if you choose:

A cruciverbalist might be a nerd,
When they are part of a similar "herd"
Who takes time every day
To come here and hold sway,
Hoping that they never hear a cross word!

kazie said...

A nice fun run with just enough Wednesday challenge from Marti today.

Like Steve, I went for MERINO before perps kicked me into the right gear, although POG is something I've never heard of. Where did the 90's go? Interesting explanation though. We don't see too much passionfruit here, and that's a shame because it adds a wonderful tang to any fruit salad, and is essential for pavlova filling.

The theme was only revealed with the unifier.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for the interesting expo, Steve. Great puzzle, Marti. Only INA was unknown. I had no quibble with any of the clues.

“Mariota is a fluid runner, with great acceleration to the perimeter.”
Washington PostApr 19, 2015
If a runner can be FLUID I guess a ballerina can be fluid, also.

ETHIC, according to, is “the body of moral principles or values governing or distinctive of a particular culture or group: the Christian ethic; the tribal ethic of the Zuni.
Another example is, “the puritan ethic was being replaced by the hedonist ethic"

To those of us living close to NYC, we know that Madison Ave is a shopping mecca.
Link Madison Ave.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

No MERINO, ANGORA, though.

Stumbled and pecked my way through this one. Couldn't see the common thread without the unifier.

Nice one Marti. Fun write up Steve.

We had a great concert with guest artist Roger Ingram on Monday. It's a real kick for a guy like me to get to play with such superb musicians. Almost all of our guest artists have been very down to earth, rather humble people of great accomplishment.

Cool regards!

Yellowrocks said...

I have been lurking lately. With water exercises 4 or 5 times a week, gym exercises 5 or 6 times a week, and square dancing twice a week I am kept pretty busy, but this activity is paying huge dividends. I am far more mobile and flexible than I have been in years. The other knee is quite painful and buckles sometimes, so I am preparing for a second knee replacement next month. I can hardly wait. In the meantime I am strengthening that knee pre-surgery (very important) and am continuing to improve the replacement .

In addition I am having a second bathroom renovated. And I am sorting through all of our dresser drawers and clothes closets, organizing and discarding. So, it is hard to keep my full concentration on puzzles and blogging.

Husker Gary said...

A wonderful Marti adventure but I couldn’t CRACK the theme. Steve’s summative paragraph works for me.

-We crack open many a window so our kitty can see/smell outdoors
-Men vs. Women WINDOW SHOPping
-The life VESTS on the Titanic did very little good in 28˚F water
-I’m thinking of having this Sir Elton song (4:45) played at my funeral which would shake up some people
-My cousin got tired of being committed to these TEATS twice a day
-What a joyous day it will be when the Koreas are reunited like Berlin was
-I used to fret about what I thought was DUE me. “Ya get whatcha get!”
-When you need TLC, it’s great to have someone who can give it
-Tanks and Tees don’t cut it at most golf courses
-Peas in a pod? Forest said he and Jenny were “like peas and carrots.” Huh?
-Do you know where this bouncer works?
-In what movie is the lead character mysteriously told to “EASE his pain”?

Jerome said...


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It's always a pleasant surprise when I see one of "our own" as the constructor. Clever theme which needed the reveal, at least for me. Iodine before iodide and dates before dines. Whenever I see iodine I think of a South African doctor who treated me in a cruise ship infirmary and asked me if I was allergic to e-o-din. She had to repeat it three times before I caught on.

Steve, according to Wikipedia, Ireland started converting to metric in the 90's and completed by 2007, with one exception: your beloved pint! As an aside, when Wednesday comes, I usually don't remember whether it's Steve's turn to blog, or JzB's. Easy to discern today with the first Food!

Thanks, Marti, for a fun romp and thanks, Steve, for being our gracious guide. (BTW, Steve, I am quite familiar with my namesake's story.)

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Forgot to say:

Spitz, loved the joke!

C Moe, loved the limerick!

coneyro said...

Boy am I P.O.'d This is the second day that my smartphone erased my comments after I entered them. All that work and memory used for nothing. Oh well. I'll try again.

First, let me reveal my answers from yesterdays puns:

1)Intelligent nacres?/PEARLSOFWISDOM
2)Spring cleaning at the farm field?/CROPDUSTING
3)Chiquita leaves town?/BANANASPLITS

To all who participated. Thank you for your interest. I've got more. Will keep them coming.

Back to business. Very nice puzzle today. Food related clues are my thing. Also wanted ANGORA before ALPACA. Thought of SINGLE before TENANT. Nothing really out of my wheelhouse.

The only headscratcher I had was putting in IODINE in 33D and knowing 49A was WINDOWSHOP. Then I realized Iodine + Potassium=IODIDE. These two elements are combined so the iodine can be safely ingested.

Loved the reference to "Hawaii 5-O". I've seen both versions, and l'm really into the new one. Danno is played by James Caan's son, Scott. He, and Alex O'Loughlin, who plays Steve, make a great pair. Unfortunately Scott is having some issues, and may be thinking of leaving. I hope not.

Well let me press "PUBLISH", and hope for the best. If it doesn't take, I'll try again later. But of course you guys won't have any knowledge of my problems. So here goes.....

coneyro said...

It took...HURRAH!

HeartRx said...

YR @ 9:48, yes Madison Ave has lots of upscale stores - which is probably why I would be WINDOW SHOPping instead of actually buying.

Irish Miss, it's always a surprise to me, too, when I see my name. Especially after I have solved the puzzle in record time! ;-)

Chairman Moe said...

HG @ 10:06

Your bouncer works for Rick Harrison at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (or whatever it's called) in Las Vegas. I occasionally watch Pawn Stars on the History Channel. It's at times educational but mostly goofy. I haven't been to Vegas in years but I am pretty certain the next time I go I will check out his store.

Misty said...

Wow! A Monday C.C. puzzle and a Wednesday Marti puzzle--it doesn't get any better than this! And this was a terrific one--not too hard, not too easy, just right. Many thanks, Marti--and you too, Steve.

Unlike others, I started out with ANGORA in place of ALPACA and RAFT instead of VEST--not a great start. But things soon fell into place. Also, of course, had IODINE rather than IODIDE for a while. LIENEE seemed weird but did make sense. And, of course, I know my Saint Agnes.

Fun limerick, Moe.

Have a great day, everybody!

GB said...

Cracked already

CrossEyedDave said...

Lots to link today! (Forgive me if I get overzealous...)

WTS/WSS Aw, to heck with the abbr. 3 great constructors in a row is best abbreviated "Yay!"

Wees on the couple of slowdowns, plus, I put in dreidel, took it out, turned it all about,,, & ended up putting it back in again....

21A Milk Source? Depends on who you live with...

64A Rhino heavyweight, reminded me about the best movie ever about miscommunication. You see, he wasn't trying to molest her, Rhinos stamp out fires! It makes more sense if you see the whole movie, it's one long miscommunication. The Gods Must Be Crazy!

Spitz! Your jokes are so much better than mine...


The last book I cracked open...

Winnow Shop? How can you window shop? They sell beer! (Among um, er, other things... Master Baiter???)

& finally, Get Cracking? (The Gov't says No!)

Avg Joe said...

Wanted Merino, but Ade said otherwise. Then wanted Angora, but 2d had to be gas...right? Well, wrong, but the doodad got me on the right track and other perps straightened that corner out. Of course fell for the Iodine fill, but discovered it on a second read. Didn't get the theme until the reveal, but it was obvious once that filled.

Overall, another fun outing from another member of the blog. Thanks Marti, and thank you Steve for the humourous expo.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone. I loved having C.C. and Marti puzzles both within days of each other. Thanks you two.

I had a DNF today because SOS never occurred to me and I'm still puzzling over ESTE. I wanted Enroll for Sings up for, but I knew it had to have an s on the end, so didn't know what else would fit in that slot.

Other than that everything else fell into place.

Ina Garten's cooking shows are fun to watch, but they were on the TV in the waiting room each morning when I drove my husband to his treatments. I did get tired of listening to her and watching EVERY morning. I took the crossword with me instead of watching her show.

Off to a meeting this morning. Have a great day, everyone.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am not sure which link I found this on as a side link, but Chrome today changed how they bookmark things & I haven't figured out how to use it yet...

So I am posting it here so I can find it again...

But will it get more girls to go camping???

Chickie said...

Yellowrocks, Good for you with all the exercising and getting ready for your second knee replacement.

And I feel for you with the Bathroom renovation. With all the repair and renovation here at our house, I feel like the fun things in my life have had to take a back seat.

LOved the limerick, Moe.

Ergo said...

Thank you Marti and Steve.

Some years ago I applied for a job as Director of the National Alpaca registry.

Boy, did my buddies let me have it! To this day they'll still zing some comedic humor in my direction.

Hey, c'mon guys. It's a noble cause.

Lemonade714 said...

Didn't someone suggest today be a marti in reviewing the JL yesterday?

DOODAD IDOIDO IODIDE an imbedded tribute to our dear DODO?

Loved the Kinder Garten comment

Nightcap: ASK IN
Throb: ACHE

Sounds like a fun evening

Thanks Steve, you got your food puzzle and marti, always a pleasure

HowardW said...

Husker Gary:
In what movie is the lead character mysteriously told to “EASE his pain”?
That would be "Field of Dreams". I've seen it more than a couple of times on TV. What I'd give to have a voice like James Earl Jones...

I got your #1 & #3, but couldn't come up with #2. Made me CRACK a smile.

VirginiaSycamore said...

To Steve,

When ATMs were new here they often ran out of money. Especially on holiday weekends like Christmas Eve.

I thought of ESTE right away because that was in an earlier crossword this week.

It took forever to prove I am not a robot! I am even worse and figuring out what photos of sushi look like that reading shady numbers.

desper-otto said...

@VirginiaSycamore: Since you're "blue" you can skip the reCAPTCHA. I normally just Preview and Publish..

Jerome said...

Marti- A speed solver once completed a crossword that I wrote faster than I could.

EGG DROP SOUP and BOOKEM DANNO are terrific. GET CRACKING is the perfect reveal. Primo puzzle.

Not so primo-

DOODAD- A father changing diapers

HeartRx said...

Jerome, ...groan.

Rainman said...

Marti, great puzzle. Got this one in about ten minutes, so it was maybe easier than average and still a fun romp.
Got the theme, too, no problem, although I had less interest in it than in just finishing successfully.

Thanks, Steve, nice write-up. Index toe? Is that what the Great Toe is called across the pond?

What day is it? :O)

Rainman said...

Canadian Eh?
A few days ago, I was referring to tax freedom day, not the filing day. Was wondering what it was in Canada this year? I'm guessing June something... it no doubt varies each year.

Thanks. I sold my place in Nelson BC so I don't get up there much anymore.

Jayce said...

Marti, super puzzle. Steve, great writeup. I always enjoy both of your productions.

Yellowrocks said...

Marti, I agree that Madison Ave. is too rich for my wallet, but it's fun to window shop.

When camping I use the Lady J with a urinal can in the tent or the P EZ outdoors with no can. They are ready made, no cutting or taping.
Link Lady J

The Inquiring Mind said...

"When camping I use the Lady J with a urinal can in the tent or the P EZ outdoors with no can."

Good to know.

Yellowrocks said...

Nice to know you need not go to all the trouble the man in CE Dave's clip suggests. Outdoors women have known this for decades.

CrossEyedDave said...

Yellowrocks, thanks for the post. It will save me a lot of taping.

With 3 daughters, camping was difficult. But worst was daughter #3, who is afraid of bugs. She would rather explode than sit on a log....

To all you ladies out there, if you are hesitant to go camping. Here is something Men have known from the beginning, in the form of a rhyme i learned from my neighbor.

(with apologies to OwenKL & Chairman Moe...)

No matter how much
you jiggle and dance,

the last few drops
go down your pants...

P.S. Chrome users, re: bookmarks
(I swear these people would move the furniture around in Helen Kellers house....)

I found my 10 years worth of bookmarks, not in the nonexistant folders, but in a section called "imported from IE" (Internet explorer) Yes I have bookmarks that old, & I am just waiting a crossword reference to link them....

Anonymous said...

Lady J: Just another example of penis envy. Yellowsnow, have you tried to put out a campfire or write your name in the snow with that device? In cursive, of course.

Bluehen said...

Heart Rx: another great entertaining puzzle. Steve: another delightful reveal. I didn't get the theme until the reveal, but that is pretty much par for the course for me. Thank you both very much.

Pretty much WEES regarding the solve, especially "Merino" and the spelling of DREIDEL, but otherwise a fairly smooth puzzle

Jerome: too funny. Keep it up my friend.

Steve; Thank you for another of your always entertaining solves and that link to MUMFORD AND SONS... Where have they been all my life?

Abejo: I can't believe that someone one on this far-flung blog gave a shoutout to Leroy, Ill. I grew up on a farm about 20-25 miles away in the next county down, Dewitt County. Leroy was so small I don't think that it even had a high school. Our mailing address was Clinton, Ill., but the farm was halfway between the two towns. Small world, isn't it.

Well, that's all for today.


Husker Gary said...

Yes Howard, it was Field of Dreams. The irony of the line, of course, is that the person whose “Pain was to be EASED” was not Shoeless Joe’s for cheating nor Ray Kinsella’s Dad John for abandoning his son but Ray’s because he could not let his resentment go.
I was glad the theater was dark at the end because I did choke up and some tears flowed down my cheek. My dad and I only had a baseball connection and he was never a real dad to me, which exactly paralleled Kevin Costner’s character. When I “let it go” it did “EASE my pain”! As I look back, he was doing the best he could.
Do any of you need to “EASE your pain?”

Mr. Peabody said...

I'm just glad I finally found out why the rocks are yellow.

Yellowrocks said...

Mr. Peabody,
Ha ha
I guess I shouldn't offer you any of my yellowrocks, i.e.square dance hugs.
But, yellowrocks to you anyway.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

My mama told me not to play with potty mouths...

Rich is being good to us this week. C.C.'s CRACK Construction, John's Joy, and Marti's Masterpiece. Is Rainman to RISE TO for tomorrow?

And of course the great write-ups from Steve & Argyle at the helm. What a way to relax after the office.

ESPs - IAN and ALPACA (yeah, really - it always gets me /POUT)

W/os - IODInE and Device in DOODAD's slot.

Favs - BOOK 'EM DANNO, DUE xing LIENEE, and the aforementioned 21d 31a near-cleo xing.

Liked it Moe.

Coneyro - sorry I didn't have time to play w/ your c/a clues from yesterday. I wish I did, those were good.

CED - I thought I was the only one in the world who's seen The Gods Must be Crazy. I reference it and folks look at me like I'm NUTs. But me?, NAH I don't CARE. I'm having a GAS and they just NOD and go away.

Theme reminded me of these NUT commercials - GET CRACKIN.

OH NO, I still have a TON of work. I'll just TRIAGE what I need for my 9a mtg. Then I can get LIT!

Cheers, -T

Madame Defarge said...

Yellowrocks at 9:55.

Hooray for you! Great work toward full recovery! Kudos!

Jerome said...

Marti- Sorry about the crappy pun.

fermatprime said...


Swell puzzle, Marti! Great recap, Steve!

Finally got back from two doctors. Also, got senior ID card and some EVOL instant dinners from Target. (Well, I sat in the truck with my iPad while Harv went into the store.)

Hand up for IODInE first. INA came from perps. Otherwise no problems.


Anonymous T said...

YR - OH, yes... Way to go on your recovery. Happy to have you back.

HG - I knew it was Rocket Man before I clicked. It would be nice to LOG hours on a VISIT to space. NASA / JSC is as close as I can get (we have a mock Shuttle on the 747 and the Apollo 18 Saturn V (never flew, but you KNEW that)).

The ENTERS a mall diagram reminded me of how much I hated going to the mall and standing about while DW WINDOW SHOPed. They wised up and put in a pub. The movie house did the same thing. Now we both enjoy DW's activities!

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

Good evening! Fun puzzle. Thanks Marti and Steve.

I had fish tacos for lunch. They were good but not very hot.

Anonymous T said...

Doh - my 1st post: ESPs - it was INA not IAN that was the ESP. Marti was messin' w/ my head mixin' letters like that. :-)

Bill G - Almost had fish tacos myself today, but opted for crab-stuffed shrimp. It was A ONE.

Here's a DOODAD that hackers got INTO. This is an easier read.

So much for FLUID skate-boarding... C, -T

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Er, a trifle late to the dance, so WEES. I didn't want the day to end without a tip of the hat to my fun & clever State-mate Marti for another crafty puzzle!

Since the subject has been brought up: for long airplane trips, pilots often carry a gadget called Jill's John for female passengers. It's better than using a barf bag, I guess, but not super easy in a cramped craft.