Dec 28, 2020

Monday December 28, 2020 Alex Eaton-Salners

Theme: Weekdays

17. It follows Thanksgiving weekend: CYBER MONDAY.

24. Time of the week for Mexican food: TACO TUESDAY.

34. Seuss book about a weekly period with strange events, like an earthworm chasing a bird: WACKY WEDNESDAY.

50. Pre-Lent feast: FAT THURSDAY. Whoa!  The Pre-Lent day is FAT Tuesday.

57. Time for Hawaiians to be laid-back at work: ALOHA FRIDAY.

Boomer here.  

I certainly hope that all off you had a happy a safe Christmas DAY and join me in looking forward to 2021.  Last Wednesday I did not have to go to Dairy Queen and order a Blizzard.  One was delivered to C.C. and me right in the front yard of our home!  "Minnesota, hats off to thee !"  


1. "Aladdin" monkey: ABU.


4. Songlike piece: ARIOSO.

10. Combat vet's affliction, briefly: PTSD.

14. Daiquiri liquor: RUM.  "Away, Away with RUM by gum, the song of the temperance Union."  Chad Mitchell Trio.

15. Side-to-side measurement: BREADTH.  May be confused with width, or an inhale.

16. "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU.  You never know what Santa left.

19. Greek god of war: ARES.

20. Cookbook maven Rombauer: IRMA.  She wrote "The Joy of Cooking in 1953",  That's about the same time I took up the joy of eating. 

21. Sign of a sellout: SRO. Standing Room Only. 28. Part of 21-Across: ONLY.

22. Sudden pull: YANK.  Not a good idea if you are tying a necktie.

23. Wineglass feature: STEM.  The kind of wine I used to drink?  Any glass would do.

29. Baking chambers: OVENS.  Never called it a chamber.  I spent a few years in front of pizza ovens.  Not a bad place to work in the Minnesota winter.

30. Gets on in years: AGES.

31. Note after fa: SOL.  "SOL a needle pulling thread, LA, a note that follows SOL, TI a drink with Jam and bread."  The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music. 

32. Decked in a fight: KO'D.

33. Golf instructor: PRO.  I play with a few guys who think they are instructors. but trust me, they are not PROS.

41. River, to Roberto: RIO.  Jane Iro's first name.

42. Earth-friendly prefix: ECO.

43. Delivery vehicle: VAN.  We had back to back Dodge vans for 20 years.  I like the SUV better. 

45. Like guitar strings: TAUT.

47. Song of praise: PAEAN.  "We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year."

49. Skin opening: PORE.

52. "High Voltage" band: AC/DC.  I know they are famous and I worked in the Electrical industry, but I could never adopt this band.  I am too old I guess. 

53. Knighted Guinness: ALEC.  Obi-Wan Kenobi.  And "The Empire Strikes Back".

54. "Not so hot": MEH.

55. Hoppy brews, for short: IPAS.

56. Hardly thrilling: BLAH.  "A woman from the supermarket ran to call on cop, The force can't do a decent job cause the kids have no respect for the law today, 'And BLAH BLAH BLAH' - Save the life of my child".  Simon and Garfunkel.

62. Misplace: LOSE.  Or bowl against me.

63. Pulitzer winner Lin-Manuel __: MIRANDA.

64. Soccer cheer: OLE.  "Sven's buddy."

65. Flock members: EWES.

66. Marcos of the Philippines: IMELDA.  I cannot remember how many pairs of shoes she owned.

67. Stitch together: SEW.  Or use a Singer.


1. Softball pitch path: ARC.  I played slow pitch in my younger days and yup, I was a pitcher.  The motion is similar to bowling but the ball is lighter.  C.C. came and watched one of Graybar's games near the end of my career.  

2. Etailer's come-on words: BUY IT NOW.  Used a lot on EBAY.

3. Something held up in the rain?: UMBRELLA.  I carry a big one in my golf bag.

4. Shortstop's asset: ARM.  And Glove.

5. Old Olds auto: REO.  I owned a 1955 and a 1961 sedans.  I liked Oldsmobiles bur I don't remember the REO.  Sounds like something I would not fit into.

6. Actor McKellen: IAN.

7. Likely, bet-wise: ODDS-ON.  We have a horse racing track south of Minneapolis.  I've been there and been burned by many ODDS-ON favorites.  I have not been there for over 15 years.  I prefer the craps table or machines in Las Vegas.  There the odds are consistent.  

8. Begins: STARTS.

9. "Silly goose!": OH YOU.

10. Acts like the Almighty: PLAYS GOD.  The year I played Noah (Noye) in High school play "Noye's Fludde" another guy played GOD.  He took most of the wisecracks.  "Can you turn my sandwich into a steak??" 

11. Angry outburst: TIRADE.

12. Considered to be: SEEN AS.

13. Like evening: DUSKY.

15. Victoria's Secret purchase: BRA. I've been to Victoria's Secret a few times with someone you may know.

18. Sitcom award: EMMY.

23. Plea at sea: SOS. ... --- ...

24. East Asian capital: TOKYO.

25. State openly: AVOW.  I maintain that everything I report on this blog is true.

26. Formally let go: CEDE.

27. Corn servings: EARS.  I have had many, but they don't look like EARS.  Now I just open a can.

33. Indiana's state flower: PEONY.  Very colorful.  We need to find a couple for our garden next year.

35. Supports after knee surgery: CRUTCHES.  Both my older sister and I survived polio in the late 1940's.  I had no after effects but she needed CRUTCHES for months.

36. __ and kin: KITH.

37. One of 28 Monopoly cards: DEED.  Boardwalk was the best but I liked the railroads.

38. Final Four org.: NCAA.  The NCAA basketball Tournament came to U.S, Bank Stadium in Minneapolis a few years ago.

39. Guacamole makings: AVOCADOS.  I had one of these last week.

40. Pre-moving driveway event: YARD SALE.  It's been awhile since we've had one of these.

44. Japanese chip maker: NEC.

45. Soapmaking ingredient: TALLOW.  Never had homemade soap.  I like Irish Spring.

46. Drill sergeant's "Relax": AT EASE.  They said it, but they really didn't mean it.

47. Heat at a race: PRELIM.

48. Back from cruising, say: ASHORE.  If your boat was a Chevrolet you could probably Dine ASHORE.  

49. Red Sox star Big __: PAPI.  David Ortiz.  Also played for the Minnesota Twin's.

50. Aesop creation: FABLE.

51. MSG taste: UMAMI.  I have NEVER heard of this.  I thought it might be a city in Florida.

55. Golden yrs. fund: IRA.

58. "2001" computer: HAL.

59. "Wait, there's more": AND.  No, I think we are done now.

60. Med. device approver: FDA.  Thank you for approving the vaccines.  Still waiting for my turn.

61. Archery wood: YEW.  YEW betcha!!