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Aug 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018, Samuel A. Donaldson

Themeless Saturday Puzzle by Samuel A. Donaldson

This second Saturday in August gives me a chance for a nice homage to a wonderful bowler and blogger, Doug "Boomer" Burnikel. We have all enjoyed his tales from the alleys along with his witty and wise blog commentary.  

My engagement in this sport stems from my family's participation starting with my dad's bowling upstairs in alleys that still had pin boys to mom and dad bowling in a mixed league with Joann and me. Our girls played a lot of Pacman, etc. while we carved out very mediocre scores on the lanes. Unfortunately this was during the time smoking was still allowed and clothes had to be hung outside to get rid of the odor.

Today's constructor is Samuel A. Donaldson, a lawyer in Atlanta GA. Here is Samuel in a 2009 interview with C.C. 


1. Lower one's credit rating?: LOSE FACE - I struggled with this a bit and finally surmised this is the credit at issue.

9. Complain. All. The. Time.: YAMMER  - Loud and sustained repetitive noise that can people to 14. Feel offended by: RESENTment

15. Accessory seen in a loge: OPERA HAT - I know the one on the left is correct but doncha just love the one on the right made from paper plates?

16. Scour, say: ABRADE - Has made some recent visits here

17. Soft drinks with lime juice: VIRGIN DAIQUIRIS - A lovely looking refreshment sans rum (correction)

19. Cash bar?: INGOT - Here we see some in Fort Knox

20. Investment option: PUT - This is all you're getting from me 22. "Likewise no": NEITHER DO I - My answer if you say , "I don't understand puts and calls"

21. Short way?: RTE.

26. "The Da Vinci Code" priory: SION - A secret society formed in 1099 whose members included Da Vinci, Victor Hugo, Botticelli and Newton

27. Miracle-__: GRO - The "secret sauce" for my master gardener wife's lovely yard and garden

28. Feel pity: BLEED  - I would change pity to allegiance for this billboard in Lincoln

29. Water conduit: SPOUT and 30. Water holders: PAILS - All right, who filled my PAIL with water from the SPOUT?

31. Great guy?: SCOTT.

32. "I'll have the last laugh!": JUST YOU WAIT - Liza sings of her impending revenge on Professor 'enry 'iggins

34. Prairie home: TEPEE.

35. Internet annoyance: TROLL in a medium full of 2. Contributor of two cents: OPINERS, there are going to be some online just YAMMERING about one thing or another 

36. Just passed: GOT A D 

37. Longest river in France: LOIRE - From the French Alps to the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean)

38. What's worn when you're out?: PJ'S - Optional

41. One often thrown from a horse: ROPE - Seems cruel to me. BTW, I'm probably the only one who put DUDE first. 

42. Exorcist's concern: POSSESSION - You can google the bedroom scene from The Exorcist is you like. Yikes!

44. "WWE Raw" airer: USA - I am not a fan of these quasi athletic soap operas on steroids but am fine with people who are

45. __ Four: FAB - Yes,when I was 18,  I was one of the millions who tuned into The Ed Sullivan Show on this February, 1964 night to watch them. The sight and sound of the boys AND the audience are incredible.

46. Solemn song: DIRGE  

47. Many UFO videos: DOCTORED FOOTAGE - This CGI generated fakery from Mexico is called Objeto Volador No Identificado

52. Small racer: GO KART.

53. What "instant" may mean: ADD WATER 

54. Happens next: ENSUES  - Lucy and Ethel get a job and hilarity ENSUES in this famous scene

55. Cocky walks, maybe: SAUNTERS - Mick Jagger 


1. Member of TLC: LOVING - My first instinct was TENDER or LOVING but thought that was too easy for Saturday and so I tried to recall the names of the female singing group and all I could think of was "Left-Eye"

3. Artist Aragonés of Mad: SERGIO  - Famous for his wordless cartoons, he has been in over 450 Mad Magazine editions

4. Grain bane: ERGOT - esoteric agricultural term

5. Like some private school curricula: FAITH-BASED - My youngest daughter is employed in just such an institution 

6. Philip __, first Asian-American film actor with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star: AHN - An American-born actor of Korean parents, he has a very long list of roles including Mr. Kim the tailor in M*A*S*H

7. Two-timer: CAD.

8. American posting, for short: ETA - American Airlines Estimated Time of Arrival

9. Arizona people: YAQUI - Unknown to me

10. Touch: ABUT - An unfortunate juxtaposition of words today?

11. ER test: MRI - Upside? Accurate diagnoses. Downside? Big time claustrophobia. 

12. Omni alternative: MARRIOTT.

13. Bleep: EDIT OUT - Encourages lip reading when someone 31. Cursed: SWORE on TV

18. Player for a 39-Down: IPOD worn by a 39. One on the run: JOGGER.

23. Type type: ELITE - Pica and ELITE were our only two choices in my ute

24. Fall back (on): RELY.

25. FireDome and Fireflite: DESOTOS  - My small hometown was 98% Ford or GM cars with the occasional Plymouth. Nary a DESOTO

26. Give away, in a way: SPOIL - What, Bob Newhart wakes up back in Chicago and the New Hampshire Inn was just a dream? Way to SPOIL it!

29. Pares proportionately: SCALES DOWN - If 10% of the workers go, so does 10% of management. Right? 

30. Cocoon occupants: PUPAE.

32. Astronaut transports: JETPACKS - Bruce McCandless becomes the first NASA astronaut to fly untethered from his space craft in 1983 (1:08)

33. Leon on many spines: URIS - One of our fav authors with lovely letters

34. "Am I early?": TOO SOON.

36. Unhealthy thing to hold: GRUDGE.

37. Stud site: LOBE  - Ear

38. PNC Park player: PIRATE.

40. Scornful looks: SNEERS.

42. Dealer's supply: PARTS - My _ A R _ S dealer had CARDS at first 

43. Occupy, as a bar: SIT AT  - A posture my dad perfected 

45. "Look out!": FORE - Tiger may not have yelled FORE on this errant shot which hit this man two weeks ago but the guy did get an autographed glove (:14)

48. Fraternity character: TAU.

49. Courtroom VIPs: DA'S - Your fav?

50. OTC drug overseer: FDA.

51. Norfolk sch.: ODU - In Virginia

Hopefully your experience on today's puzzle was a nice as this shot on National Bowling Day


Jun 5, 2018

Tuesday June 5th, 2018 Samuel A. Donaldson


17. Gym bar addition: WEIGHT PLATE. WEIGHT LOSS

24. Fairness principle for bandwidth providers: NET NEUTRALITY.  NET LOSS

36. Judicial fact finder: HEARING EXAMINER. HEARING LOSS

48. What a crossword clue typically starts with: CAPITAL LETTER. CAPITAL LOSS

58. Retail come-ons ... and what the starts of the longest Across answers can be?: LOSS LEADERS.


1. Plunk down in front of, as a counter: SIT AT

6. 1-BR listings: APTs. Abbr # 1 Apartments

10. Ph.D. wannabe's obstacle: GRE. #2 Graduate Readiness Exam

13. Heart chambers: ATRIA.

14. Blue Ribbon beer: PABST.  Johnny Russell had a Hot Country Single in 1973 with Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer

He also wrote Act Naturally that Husker Gary linked last Saturday, as sung by Ringo and Buck Owens.  He was co-writer on George Strait's 1984 #1 Hot Country single Let's Fall to Pieces Together

16. Short flight: HOP.

19. In days of yore: AGO.

20. Opposite of SSW: NNE. #3 North, Northeast

21. Seat of Allen County, Kansas: IOLA.

22. Pricey watch: ROLEX.

28. Dodos: NINNIES.

30. Lumber: WOODPittsburgh's "Lumber Company" of the '70s  "They give you a round bat and they throw you a round ball and I try to hit it square,” Stargell said.

31. "__ Baby": "Hair" song: ABIE.

32. Genie's offering: WISH.

33. Hoppy beer, for short: IPA. # 4 India Pale Ale

41. Mo. port on the Miss.: STL. # 5 St. Louis

42. Mark Harmon TV series: NCIS. # 6 Naval Criminal Investigative Service

43. "Now!" in the ER: STAT. #7 Statim (Latin immediately)

44. Ruler until 1917: TSAR.  Nicholas II

45. iPad and Kindle Fire: TABLETS.

52. "I didn't expect to see you here": OH HEY.

53. Out of the wind: ALEE.

54. Itinerary word: VIA.

57. Habitat of many schools: SEA.  "In biology, any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are said to be shoaling, and if, in addition, the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are said to be schooling."  Wikipedia

62. "Live __": Taco Bell slogan: MAS.

63. Take off the TiVo: ERASE.

64. Lustrous furs: MINKS.   Free shipping and no tax.

65. Poetic tribute: ODE.

66. Mannerless one: BOOR.

67. Behold, of old: SEEST.


1. Like lumber: SAWN.

2. Southern coast-to-coast hwy.: I-TEN. #8  Interstate 10

3. Occurring every third year: TRIENNIAL.

4. 2008 bailout co.: AIG. # 9 American International Group

5. South Pacific getaway: TAHITI.

6. Orchard fruit: APPLES.

7. Micronesian setting for the 10th season of "Survivor": PALAU.

8. Letters in an incomplete schedule: TBA. # 11 To Be Announced

9. Retired flier, briefly: SST. #12 Super Sonic Transport

10. Ex-U.N. head Boutros-__: GHALI.   We always heard, "Boutros Boutros-Ghali" on the TV.

11. Thesaurus compiler: ROGET.

12. Hobbyist's glue: EPOXY.

15. Resistance unit equal to one trillion of the basic units: TERAOHMWhy would anyone need these extreme values?  My Fluke meter won't measure to a trillion ohms of resistance.   Jayce ?

18. Musical quality: TONE.

23. Yellowstone's __ Faithful: OLD

25. Cabinet dept. concerned with nukes: ENER. #13 Energy

26. Candy from Mars: TWIX.  Cute clue.

27. Rights icon Parks: ROSA.

28. Casual denials: NAHs.

29. "Su-r-r-r-re": I BET.

32. "Rushmore" director Anderson: WES.  "This cult favorite is a quirky coming of age story, with fine, off-kilter performances from Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray." - Rotten Tomatoes.    Wes Anderson: American film director, film producer, screenwriter, and actor.  Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom. 

33. Play peacemaker: INTERVENEPeople who have contributed to peace.

34. Bog fuel: PEAT.

35. "Fine" studies: ARTS.

37. Current, as fashion: IN STYLE.  Had in vogue. I guess vogue is outta style.

38. Frozen Four org.: NCAA. # 14 National Collegiate Athletic Association.    Frozen Four is the branding for the NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Championship.  Minnesota Duluth is the most recent champion.

39. Lass: GIRL.

40. 5-Down or 7-Down: ISLE.

44. Deadlock: TIE.

45. Penn's silent partner: TELLER.

46. Perfectly, with "to": A TEE.

47. Backup squads: B TEAMS.

48. Pink drink, for short: COSMO. #15 Cosmopolitan

49. On the horizon: AHEAD.

50. Temporary stage: PHASE.

51. Catcher at a rodeo: LASSO.

55. Really gets to: IRKS.

56. Certain prof.'s designation: ASST. #16  Assistant

59. Poetic planet: ORB.

60. __ Paulo, Brazil: SAO.  The most populous city in the Americas (NY 4th, LA 8th, CHI 14th), and the most populous metropolitan area of the Americas (NY 3rd, LA 5th, CHI 8th).   Sao Paulo -Wikipedia

61. Yahtzee cube: DIE.


Note from C.C.:

Happy 62nd birthday to dear TTP (Tom), our Tuesday Sherpa since March 20, 2018, though he's been always there helping me solve various blog and life glitches. 

Madame DeFarge, I sure hope you can make the Chicago Corner Gathering happen. You've met Abejo, who met TTP for beer a few years ago. We need to "see" TTP.

May 5, 2018

Saturday, May 5, 2018, Samuel A. Donaldson and Erik Agard


Ay caramba, Sam and Erik have provided us with a lovely puzzle to help celebrate on this Cinco de Mayo. I'm sure if I asked you 43. "¿Cómo __?": ESTAS (How are you?) after you finished this puzzle, you would say "muy bien" (very good). 

I wrote to Sam and he very graciously responded that he met Erik at the 2017 ACPT and proposed collaborating with him and said he has truly enjoyed doing so. Sam said of Erik - In Erik’s case, I relished the chance to work with one of the best crossword constructors around. I think he consistently writes the best clues, and the fill in his puzzles is fresh, erudite, playful, and diverse. Happily, Erik agreed to work with me, and we’ve made a few puzzles since. 

Samuel A. Donaldson              Erik Agard
Now let's explore south of this border and see the wonderful work done by this duo!


1. "This is so humbling": I'M HONORED - A man who felt neither humbled nor HONORED and showed it by staying home

10. One skilled in moderation: HOST - Every political debate has a HOST who is supposed o be an unbiased moderator for the event

14. Literally, "something for something": QUID PRO QUO - Is much more elegant than "tit for tat", don't  you think?

16. "Once more __ the breach": "Henry V": UNTO - At the Battle Of Agincourt on St. Crispin's Day

17. Backup: UNDERSTUDY - When the UNDERSTUDY tells the star to "break a leg"... 

18. "Deadwood" actress Jewell: GERI - She played a disabled woman working in a very tough town

19. Chiller: ICE 

20. Good kick: FIELD GOAL - Blair Walsh may never live down this missed short FIELD GOAL that cost the Vikings a 2015 playoff game

22. Virginia senator Kaine: TIM.

23. Firing site: KILN - No one's KILN produces more lovely work than Dale Chihuly's

25. "__ Meenie": Kingston/Bieber hit: EENIE - Go ahead and google it if you're interested 

26. Certain fisher: EELER - An EELER with a very effective EEL catching device - The Willow Eel Hive

28. Not following anyone: OUT FRONT - If you're not OUT FRONT like the lead sled dog, the scenery never changes

31. New York home of the Himalayan Highlands: BRONX ZOO - I wonder how many Yeti they have 

33. Duck Hunt platform: NES - A 1984 Nintendo video game

34. Southwestern plant whose oil is used in cosmetics: JOJOBA.

36. "It's out of my hands": I TRIED  and 39. "Okay, here's the deal": SO LISTEN

38. Rival of SEA and OAK: LAA - Los Angeles Angels (often referred to here as the halos)

41. Design that's just over a foot: ANKLE TAT - My DW's twin got a butterfly there at 65 yrs old

46. Back at the track: BET ON - Here are the odds in the today's big race that will have been run already if you are reading this late  Bolt d'Oro is named for Gold (ORO in Spanish) Medal sprinter Usain Bolt, so since this is Cinqo de Mayo... BTW, how'd the handicappers do late, bloggers?

47. Dali contemporary: SERT - Jose' Maria SERT and his "Dining Room?"

49. Subtle signal: NOD - In the original case below is a 1951 Gibson Ukulele that my SIL intended to buy for $300 but he kept NODding until he bought it for $975

51. Coolidge is famous for it: TERSENESS - He wasn't called Silent Cal for nothin'

54. Sched. uncertainty: TBA - To Be Announced

55. What contacts may help: EYES - I'd like some contacts but my optometrist, uh, can't, see it

56. Irreverent one: BLASPHEMER - This "BLASPHEMER" had some issues with his church

60. Algonquian language: CREE - In the CREE language, Hello is TANISI

61. Drink with a croissant, maybe: CAFE AU LAIT - Much more elegant than simply "coffee with milk" 

62. Toy truck name: HESS.

63. What's often on the following page: NEXT MONTH - Cool clue!


1. Short notice?: I QUIT - A good answer today to, "Do you want a 4th Margarita/Mint Julep?" 

2. Ball State University city: MUNCIE - Their most famous alum

3. Fugitive's plea: HIDE ME - Rick refused to HIDE Ugarte in this classic movie most of you will know

4. Often flowery words: ODE

5. "Ask Me Another" co-producer: NPR

6. Hosp. areas: ORS - Grandson thinks he wants to be a surgeon but felt woozy when their anesthesiologist neighbor gave him an OR tour

7. Texter's "Too funny!": ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

8. Semiannual astronomical event: EQUINOX  - Equal day/night (4 days sooner than the recognized day here at 41N Lat)

9. "C'mon, bro!": DUDE  - Here's a meaningful monosyllabic exchange

10. Affectionate sort: HUGGER  - Awww...

11. Interview, often: ONE-ON-ONE - Lance said admitting to Oprah that he doped and lied about it cost him over $100M

12. Hardly harmonious: STRAINED 

13. Going places?: TOILETS - What a great clue Sam and/or Erik!

15. Thimble Theatre name: OYL - There she is!

21. Clear-cut, as for lumber: DEFOREST - Planting replacements is now required

23. Lamp filler: KEROSENE

24. 1950 story collection including "The Evitable Conflict": I ROBOT - Asimov's tale of how intelligent robots can save humans from conflicts among each other

27. Voting Rights Act pres.: LBJ - Just months after JFK's death LBJ used his unique legislative skills to get this historic Act passed

29. Action movie pieces: UZIS.

30. Walk unsteadily: TOTTER - Too many Margaritas or Mint Juleps and...

32. One of the original singers of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight": NALA - Our frequent crossword lioness visitor 

34. Novel first credited to Currer Bell: JANE EYRE - Charlotte Bronte first wrote under a male pseudonym (but preserved her initials - as did her sisters) because her mode of writing was not considered feminine

35. Symbols of strength: OAK TREES - Jimmy Dean sang of Big Bad John - "Like a giant OAK TREE, he just stood there alone, Big John"

37. Safety's stat.: INT - Here's an INTerception in the end zone (by a cornerback not a safety...)

38. Test giver: LAB TECH.

40. "You can come out now": IT'S SAFE - or the opposite of that seen below

42. They can be eaten or absorbed: LOSSES - Paramount Studios had to absorb/eat a huge loss on the 2016 remake of Ben Hur 

44. Scott Lang, when in costume: ANT-MAN

45. "Very well": SO BE IT 

48. Newark's county: ESSEX - A 1905 map

50. Title for Sidious: DARTH - DARTH means Dark Lord and here you see DARTH Sidious next to the more familiar DARTH

52. "Superstore" airer: NBC - A sitcom that has not graced my flat screen

53. Dash: ELAN.

57. Record-setting Lady Vols basketball coach Summitt: PAT - She won more basketball games than any college man or woman. Early onset Alzheimers forced her 2011 retirement but she lived five more years demanding "no pity party for me".

58. Go smoothly: HUM - How Pat Summit's teams played

59. "Shine a Little Love" band, to fans: ELO - Ah, we finish with an old friend

Por favor siéntase libre de añadir sus propios comentarios sobre este 5 de Mayo (Please feel free to enter your own comments on this May 5). Muchas Gracias Sam and Erik!


Note from C.C.: 

Argyle's sister Klista has been looking through her photos to put on a photo board at the celebration of his life at the Argyle Fire Department on Saturday, May 12, 2018. She kindly sent me these four to share with our regulars. How I wish I had discussed with him about the Santa Clause cut-out!


Here is a YouTube clip I made with all the Santa photos I have. Or you can click here.