Jul 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11 2018, Andrew Linzer

Theme:  Now I herd everything.

7. One in the headlights?: DEER.

8. Critter on XING signs: DEER.

32. Ref, slangily: ZEBRA.

33. Last critter in an ABC book: ZEBRA.

61. Throat trouble: FROG.

62. Kissable fairy-tale critter: FROG.

12. Craft for six puzzle answers: NOAH'S ARK.

41. 12-Down queueing pattern depicted by six puzzle answers: TWO BY TWO.

Melissa here. Wow! Eight theme answers! A fresh theme, and from what appears to be Andrew Linzeritsyit's debut - at least here at the corner. Note the special 16x15 grid - an extra column was needed to accommodate all the down theme answers. The visual of the center answers in two vertical rows makes me think of animal tracks.


1. Teensy: ITSY.

5. Box for tea leaves: CADDY.

10. Japanese box lunch: BENTO.

15. Tree with an oil-rich seed: SHEA.

16. Streamlined: SLEEK.

17. Frank __ Wright: LLOYD.

18. "Long time no see" follower: HOW YOU BEEN.

20. Old enough: OF AGE.

21. "Lady and the __": TRAMP.

22. Traffic signals: ARROWS. There is an intersection near me that I avoid because so many drivers don't know (or don't care) that you can't turn right on a red arrow. I wait my turn (pun intended) for the green arrow only to be honked at by impatient drivers behind me.

24. Possesses: HAS.

25. Stage of grief: ANGER. Not quite the same, but okay.

26. Smartens (up): WISES.

28. Manhattan liquor: RYE. A Manhattan is made with whiskey (traditionally rye whiskey), sweet vermouth and bitters. 

29. Full of activity: ABUZZ.

34. "Ben-Hur" extras: ROMANS.

37. "Now it's clear": OH I SEE.

38. Sonogram subject: EMBRYO.

39. Sticks (out): JUTS.

42. Had a nice chitchat: GABBED.

44. __ out a living: EKED.

45. Ahead: ONWARD.

47. Not for kids, filmwise: R-RATED.

49. One whose wages come from wagers: BOOKIE.

50. Slugger Hank: AARON.

51. Feel crummy: AIL. Aw.

54. Rum-flavored cakes: BABAS.

56. River mouth formation: DELTA.

58. Far from friendly: ICY.

60. Steep headlands: BLUFFS.

64. With deleted scenes included: UNCUT.

65. Passover staple: MATZO.

67. Likely to goof: ERROR PRONE.

69. Dam that created Lake Nasser: ASWAN. Built across the Nile in Aswan, Egypt.

70. Simoleons: MOOLA. Slang.

71. Cookie cooker: OVEN. Object, not a person.

72. Pork cuts: CHOPS. What is a CHOP?

73. Goad: EGG ON.

74. Twitter headquarters?: NEST. Nice.


1. Beatty/Hoffman box office flop: ISHTAR.

2. Sticky: THORNY.

3. Water treatment plant input: SEWAGE.

4. "I did good!": YAY ME.

5. Fort Collins sch.: CSU. Colorado State University.

6. Actress Jessica: ALBA.

9. Informal "See what I mean?": Y'KNOW.

10. Come into one's own: BLOSSOM.

11. Pixie: ELF.

13. Rapper whose name sounds like a big cat: TYGA.

14. Poems of praise: ODES.

19. "A Wrinkle in Time" (2018) actress: OPRAH.

23. Electrically connected with: WIRED TO.

27. Plant firmly: EMBED.

30. "So what?!": BIG DEAL.

31. Can. neighbor: USA.

35. TV's "Science Guy": NYE.

36. Lawn starter: SOD.

37. Honshu port: OSAKA.

39. Chore: JOB.

40. "One card left!" game warning: UNO.

43. Corn unit: EAR.

46. Science fair awards: RIBBONS.

48. Ultimately become: END UP.

51. Nook: ALCOVE.

52. 58-Down default music program: ITUNES.

53. Under the surface: LATENT.

55. "So I was wrong!": SUE ME.

57. Defunct scandal-plagued company: ENRON.

58. Apple computer: IMAC.

59. Toll lane choice: CASH. Cashless tolls (EZ Pass or by mail) are becoming more and more common now. Nice that cars don't have to stop, but also a little creepy.

63. Unaccompanied: SOLO.

66. Ray gun sound: ZAP.

68. Legged it: RAN.
Note from C.C. :

Happy birthday to dear CanadianEh!, who's been with our blog since 2012. Love your insightful and caring comments, CanadianEh!