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Dec 28, 2019

Saturday, December, 28, 2019, Christopher Adams

Themeless Saturday Puzzle by Christopher Adams

Our constructor Christopher Adams is currently a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Iowa. He graduated in 2014 from Cornell University, with a major in mathematics and minors in physics and creative writing, after which he spent a year abroad teaching physics at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

The NW corner of Christopher's lovely puzzle drove me crazy but finally yielded to persistence. Seeing a Q, X, J and Z in close proximity made me think this might be a pangram. Sure enough, it is!

My challenges were something old, something new and something blue (POUTER). Here were my issues in the starting blocks:

1. Bay of __, which includes the Cantabrian Sea: BISCAY - The Cantabarian Sea was not familiar to me but the Bay Of Biscay soon became obvious

15. Odysseus' kingdom: ITHACA - _ T H _ _ _  gave me ATHENS first

17. Cuts off contact with: GHOSTS - Uh, dude, you're so being GHOSTED!

19. Makes a long face: POUTS - _ O U _ _ gave me MOUES first

1. Rap hit heard in the 2009 biopic "Notorious": BIG POPPA - I had no idea on this song or stomach for the lyrics

6. "__, queen!": slangy celebratory words: YAS A 1:45 explanation of this "too hip for me" meme 

Now let's see what else Christopher has for us today as I start my third year as your Saturday docent:


7. Port captured in Sherman's March to the Sea: SAVANNAH - Christmas present to President Lincoln

16. Regional birds: AVIFAUNA - AVI - Bird, FAUNA - Animal, so... 

18. Sense organ: RECEPTOR.

20. Kingston address: MON.

21. Site with "Living Healthy" guides: WEB MD - Uh, you might still want to consult a doctor 😏

22. Alibis: OUTS - OJ's didn't hold up but he was still found not guilty (as opposed to innocent)

23. Two-faced god: JANUS - JANUS was the Roman god of doors, choices, beginnings and endings. The first month of the year is called January after him. Got those resolutions ready?

25. Breeze (through): SAIL.

26. Family-friendly ratings: PG'S - 1996 was a strange year for Oscar. 
Three nominees for best picture were rated PG - Apollo 13, Il Postino and Sense and Sensibility and one was rated G - Babe.

27. Smooth operator, one would hope: SURGEON 

29. "The Last Jedi" heroine: REY Here 'ya go

REY played 
by Daisy Ridley

30. Tight military formation: PHALANX and 34. Charge: ATTACK!!

32. Makeup kit item: Q-TIP - My ENT and audiologist emphatically say, "Keep 'em out of your ears!"

35. Monopoly pieces: HOUSES - Landing on Boardwalk with four HOUSES will run you $1,700

39. Expert: WHIZ - Some of us baseball 23. Buffs: JUNKIES  remember this 1950 team that had Richie Ashburn (middle of this picture) from Tilden, NE on it

41. Florida's first two-term Republican governor: JEB BUSH.

42. Black __: OPS The one that killed Bin Laden

45. "Listen to me ... ": SEE HERE.

47. Early GE subsidiary: RCA.

48. Down times: NAPS.

50. Sound from one who's out: SNORE - My wife and my heart are glad I now use a CPAP

51. Bird's-eye view?: BEAK 

52. Minor arguments: SPATS - "We had a quarrel, a lover's SPAT, I write I'm sorry but my letter keeps coming back"

54. Black Hills terr.: DAK. 

55. Biathlete's need: RIFLE - Canadian Mackenzie Turner competing carrying hers

56. Apparent displacement due to perspective: PARALLAX - The stellar background can change from season to season

58. Some cells: NOKIAS - Today this vintage one would be called a brick
59. Agreeable way of seeing: EYE TO EYE.

60. Go too far: OVERDO - Don't start a vigorous exercise program on January First if you're not ready!

61. Oopsy or Funshine, e.g.: CARE BEAR - Okay

62. "Pippin" Tony winner: VEREEN.


3. Gives an earful: SHOUTS AT.

4. Groups of players: CASTS - TEAMS or 
2. "... or so __": I THOUGHT.

5. What many a player does: ACTS.

7. It's a wrap: SARONG Dorothy Lamour's signature outfit

8. Tony-winning musical that draws inspiration from "Sesame Street": AVENUE Q - "A musical with humans and foul-mouthed puppets"

9. Ford's Crown __: VIC - An alternate steed for the RCMP

10. Not many: A FEW 

11. Shaving spots: NAPES - Also where our cat carried her little ones

12. Nature Valley offering: NUT BAR.

13. Breakdown of social norms: ANOMIE - Anyone else think of this?

14. Barely: HARDLY - A 13-second use of the double negative NOT HARDLY

20. Chico was the first-born one: MARX.

 GrouchoGummoMinnie (mother)Zeppo,
 Sam (father)Chico, and Harpo.
24. "Neener neener!": SO THERE - A familiar taunt on playgrounds of my yute

27. Big name in investment banking: SACHS - Too big to fail?

28. Mythical weeper: NIOBE - Aptly named

31. Bar subject: LAW.

33. Bar: PUB - A very different bar

36. Guaranteed: SURE FIRE.

37. Cadillac SUV: ESCALADE - Click arrows for a tour of a $99,230 ESCALADE

38. Agrees to, in a way: SHAKES ON.

40. Singer/actress who voices Meechee in "Smallfoot": ZENDAYA 

41. Soda __: JERK.

42. How much freelance work is done: ON SPEC.

43. Tropical fruit: PAPAYA Everything you could possibly want to know

44. More scant: SPARER

46. Charlatan: HOAXER.

49. Condition: STATE.

51. Hog owner: BIKER.

53. Disorderly sort: SLOB.

55. Gad about: ROVE.

57. Author Harper: LEE - 55 years between publication dates

58. 11, at times: Abbr.: NOV.

YAS QUEEN, what fun (I really can't pull that off can I?)  Comment at will:

Christmas update: This year the grandkids had to find envelopes of cash I hid around the neighborhood using a GPS device from my physics lab on a lovely early winter's day.