Mar 1, 2021

Monday March 1, 2021 Catherine Cetta

Theme: FALSE STARTS (64. Track meet infractions ... or short words hiding at the beginning of the answers to starred clues) 

17. *Data transmission science: FIBER OPTICS.

24. *Elementary school fundraiser: TALENT SHOW.

51. *Rank for TV's Columbo: LIEUTENANT.

Boomer here. Years ago playing golf, sometimes I would take a mulligan. I think that counts as a FIB.  Speaking of golf, around 1964 my friend and I sold tickets to the St. Paul Open, and we won a spot to caddie.  Our golfer was Miller Barber and we only carried clubs and did not give advice.  He selected to use a driver on the longer holes. Maybe Tiger should have used a different driver to negotiate the tricky California highway.

In other news from Minnesota, we received a memo from CenterPoint Energy which is our natural gas provider. We have a gas furnace. The memo said that due to the problems last month in Texas we will receive a surcharge of $400.00.  They will bill it over 10-12 months beginning in September.  Sounds like a Greedy Griddy thing to me.


1. Nannies and billies: GOATS.  "There's a winding road, and a tall pine tree.  Near the tall pine tree she waits for me, oh yes she waits , in the little green house, that sits on top, of BILLIE GOAT HILL.
The Kingston Trio in San Francisco, California, USA!!

6. Skylit courtyards: ATRIA.  That's a hotel feature that The Orleans in Las Vegas does not have.

11. Toyota Prius, e.g.: CAR.  Santa Fe, e.g.

14. Tin Pan __: ALLEY.  Many people think this is a bowling venue. I ignore them.

15. Transactions with interest: LOANS.

16. Pub pour: ALE.  I only drink zero sugar Ginger Ale from my up north friends Canada Dry.

19. Khaki-colored: TAN.  Temperatures up north got above freezing last week.  Not enough for a TAN, but golf season is coming soon to a course near you.

20. Pedal pusher: FOOT. Pants that show ankles?

21. Full moon, e.g.: PHASE.  Three PHASE power may have helped Texas last month.

22. Cartoon maker of iron bird seed: ACME.

23. Salinger teen who says, "I prefer stories about squalor": ESME.

26. Whistle blower: REF.  Lots of whistles on the basketball court last month in Minneapolis.  The Timberwolves fired Coach Saunders but you can't fire the players.

28. Piece for three instruments: TRIO.  Chad Mitchell and Kingston are my favorites.  I suppose you already knew that.  

29. They're often pop-ups: ADS.

32. Major artery: AORTA.  Regardless of other health issues, you need the AORTA to work.

36. Irritate: ANNOY.

39. Quick swim: DIP.  I have some sour Cream and Onion soup powder dip! Great for taco chips.

40. Fell behind: TRAILED.  In our sports section in the paper, the word TRAILED comes after Twins Vikings, Wolves, and Wild.

42. Golf ball holder: TEE.  I have the kind that produce the same height for every shot. I use different ones for the par three holes.

43. Stockpile: AMASS.  Since I get the second shot of vaccine this Wednesday and hopefully start bowling, I suppose I will also be returning to A MASS on Sunday.  I am not a sinner, the Archbishop basically told those of us over 65 with health issues to stay home last March.

45. Dig deeply (into): DELVE.

46. Pigs out (on), briefly: ODS.  C.C. and I are waiting to O.D. on watermelon soon.

47. Blacken in a pan: CHAR.

49. Dictator Amin: IDI.

56. "Shoo!": SCAT.

60. The "I" in MIT: Abbr.: INST.

61. Ceremonial conical structure: TEPEE.

62. Tra-__: refrain syllables: LA LA.  We had this last week.  Home of the original McDonald's Museum, before Ray Kroc.

63. "__, humbug!": BAH.

66. Musician Brian: ENO.

67. Had the flu, say: AILED.  I have not had the flu for years.  But I ail from other stuff. And it's not watermelon.

68. Cove, e.g.: INLET.

69. Tennis do-over: LET.

70. Sanctify: BLESS.  Does God really BLESS you when you sneeze?  Did you give up something for Lent? I gave up broccoli.

71. Love to pieces: ADORE.  I adore C.C., but so far she has stayed in one piece.


1. Faux pas: GAFFE.  Kind of a strange way to spell GOOF.

2. Mixed bags: OLIOS.  We used to call Margarine OLEO.  I don't think it's sold in Minnesota or Wisconsin anymore, to support the dairy industry.

3. "Tuesdays With Morrie" author Mitch: ALBOM.

4. Wobble: TEETER.  Join TWITTER and become a TWEETER. 

5. Leb. neighbor: SYR.

6. A, as in Athens: ALPHA.  In the military, we used Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.  That's all I remember.

7. Invoice word: TOTAL.

8. Employee's reward: RAISE.  Also a poker move that could make you richer or cost you a bit.

9. Motivate: INCENT.

10. Biblical beast of burden: ASS.

11. Not be fooled by: CATCH ONTO.  When C.C. came over from her homeland, you would not believe how quickly she was able to CATCH ONTO golf,

12. San Antonio mission: ALAMO.  "We're killing your soldiers below, so the rest of Texas will know, and remember the ALAMO.  Johnny Cash.

13. Continue to subscribe: RENEW.  I just RENEWED our car insurance.  They knocked a bit off the price.  I have a good driving record.  I don't speed or drink. And now I have a car that bongs at me when I sneak over the lane markers.

18. Decide on: OPT FOR.  Hyundai, That's what I OPTED FOR.

22. Z __ zebra: AS IN.

25. Swapped: TRADED.  I TRADED in a decent Dodge Grand Caravan, but it never tweeted me how to drive.

27. Patronizes, as a restaurant: EATS AT.  Minneapolis restaurants are having problems.  Of course the outdoor option is out of the question this month, and potential customers are walking out because seated customers are not wearing masks.  Then of course there are cautious people like C.C. and I who have not seen the inside of a restaurant in over a year.  We don't use drive ins either.

29. Oral health org.: ADA.

30. Not bright, as a light: DIM.

31. Many a NASA mission: SPACE SHOT.  I wonder how things are on Mars?

33. "Far out, dude!": RAD.  I never talked like that, I wonder if kids still do?

34. White-__: formal: TIE.  The last white TIE I had was first communion in 1953.

35. Every one: ALL.

37. Ref. work that added "YOLO" in 2016: OED. Oxford English Dictionary.

38. Proposer's preferred response: YES.  If you're getting married, I suppose.  But when I get those proposal phone calls the answer is NO.

41. Paperless party announcements: E-VITES.

44. "__ up!": "Quiet!": SHUT.

48. Sell directly to the consumer: RETAIL.  We have been giving retailers a bit of business but they are all hurting due to Covid.  Target headquarters in Downtown Minneapolis is delaying return of many employees until September.

50. Manhattan or Staten: ISLAND. or Treasure! Next to Fashion Show Mall on the Strip.

51. Defame in print: LIBEL.

52. Foolish: INANE.

53. Woman's name backward or forward: NELLE.  "The scene was in the Jailhouse and if curfew rang that night, NELL's dad in number thirteen cell would go out like a light. (Chad Mitchell Trio.)

54. Vaulted alcoves: APSES.

55. Requirements: NEEDS.  "As long as she NEEDS me"  Sammie Davis Jr.

57. Monte __: CARLO.

58. Raise a hemline on, say: ALTER.

59. Sample, as food: TASTE.

64. Tide alternative: FAB.  I remember this,  I have not seen it stores for awhile.  Maybe I just have not looked.

65. Spanish aunt: TIA.


Notes from C.C.:

"Who will buy my sweet red roses? Two blooms for a penny." Here is a picture of Boomer with his glee club in 1965.  He's on the most right.