Nov 12, 2011

Saturday, Nov 12, 2011, Steve Salitan

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 34

A new constructor for me, Steve Salitan, and this is his first LAT Saturday, though we last had a Thursday puzzle from him with "Rounds" as the theme. One grid spanner crossing a climber with-

35A. Strategy-change declaration : NO MORE MR. NICE GUY - which makes me think of this song; and, at first, with MRN _ _ EGU _, looking hard to parse.

8D. "No clue" : IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME - anyone remember this song?

Triple stacks of tens with a sort of smiley-face in the center - gotta keep it friendly, because this one looked like it could beat me early on....


1. R&B singer whose given name is Antoine : FATS DOMINO - I have two music links in, you can supply the rest, my fellow bloggers ~!

11. Repose : CALM

15. 1984 Robert Urich sci-fi comedy, with "The" : ICE PIRATES - I saw this flick, and liked it, although it was a bit tasteless, and Mr. Urich did not have much work after it - "oh no, Space Herpes" - "ALIEN" spoof scene

16. Not right : AWRY - I did try LEFT to start, being LEFT-handed

17. Daring swingers : AERIALISTS

18. They follow pis : RHOS - GREEK letters, and no, they're not GREEK to me

19. Rolling set : TIRES

20. Mariner gp. : NASA - Mariner went to Venus and Mars, here's NASA on it

21. Pub serving : PINT - BEER was not going to work

22. Dutch burg : STAD - an early WAG

23. St. with an arc-shaped northern border : DEL - Delaware; though it could be W.Va, Wis., and others; take a look here

24. Longtime Yankee announcer Allen : MEL - I may be in New York, but I despise the Yankees - not much of a baseball fan ( sorry, C.C.) - big "Broadway Blueshirts" fan

25. Hurt amount? : WORLD - "oh, you're about to be in a WORLD of hurt...." - Chuck Norris; see below

27. Not able : INEPT

30. Belgian leadership group, to some residents : SENAT

33. Age badly, as jokes : GET STALE - are these stale? (some language)

37. Binging : ON A SPREE - Too early in the morning, I was looking for the sound of a "BING"

38. Iberian bread : EUROS - Iberian :: bread = European :: money

39. Charity, e.g. : DONEE - that which gets your donation

40. "Moll Flanders" author : DEFOE

42. Drunk's end : ARD - I was a drunkARD, once

43. Awareness : KEN - was Ken "aware" of Barbie's indiscretions in the mobile home?