Nov 23, 2011

Wednesday Nov 23, 2011 Jack McInturff

Theme: OPEC MEETINGS (57A. Major oil conferences (they're found, in a way, in 20-, 34- and 42-Across) - OPEC (in different combos) spans each two-word theme answer.

20A. Best Supporting Actress winner for "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" : PENELOPE CRUZ

34A. General's level : TOP ECHELON

42A. Quaint storage pieces : HOPE CHESTS

"A young man rode with his head held high, under the Texas sun
And no one guessed that a man so blessed, would perish by the gun.
A shot rang out like a sudden shout, and heaven held its breath
And the dreams of a multitude of men, went with him to his death.
The heart of the world lays heavy, in a helplessness of tears
For a man shot down, in the Texas sun, in the summer of his years."

from "That Was the Week that Was" - November 1963

Boomer here. I had just turned 16 - if you lived that week with me, you understand.

On to today's puzzle. The clues made it tougher than normal. The references to OPEC, made me think of gasoline here in Minnesota - I saw a sign today at 3.04 for a gallon of regular unleaded. In November of 1963, I think gas was about 25 cents and it still had the lead in it. Times change. By comparison, the Thanksgiving turkey in 1963 was around 29 cents per pound. Monday we paid 58 cents. Too bad GM and Ford can't make a car that runs on turkey.

Best wishes to all Crossword Corner readers for a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.


1. Co. that makes Motrin and Tylenol : J AND J - Not fond of abbreviations in puzzles. I checked my bottle of Motrin to get this answer.

6. In __ land : LA LA - Matt Kemp will be there for at least 8 more years. 2nd in the MVP voting, I liked Ryan Braun. I think the writers got it right.

10. Flew the coop : LEFT

14. Happen next : ENSUE

15. "Doctor Zhivago," e.g. : EPIC - "Although the snow covers the hope of Spring".

16. __ Lackawanna Railway : ERIE - I've seen ERIE in puzzles twice a week, but this clue is unusual to say the least.

17. Home of the City of 1,000 Minarets : EGYPT - The city would be Cairo, but I wonder who counted all those mosque domes?

18. Ben Stiller's mom : ANNE MEARA - Now in her eighties, I remember her most as an airline hostess in "Rhoda".

22. Beehive St. capital : SLC - Another Acronym, - sigh.

23. Aqua Velva alternative : AFTA - Neither are very good. Get out the old bottle of Avon Windjammer.

24. Military division : BRANCH - I always considered a military division to be within a branch of service, like a battalion, regiment, or the like. A branch of service is like the Army or Marines. I think I might have clued as Thompson's role in "Law and Order."

28. Classic sports cars : MGS - another no vowel abbreviation. When I was young, the TR-6 was in vogue.

29. Casino area : PIT - The gaming area with 21, craps, and roulette. And the stuffy looking guy in the suit that stands and watches everything.

30. The Columbia R. forms much of its northern border : ORE - The post office changed states abbreviations to two letters around 1963, but puzzle constructors never got the message.

31. Edit menu command : UNDO

38. Night sounds : HOOTS- Well, these sounds are day or night time at Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park.

40. Kilmer of "The Saint" : VAL

41. __ flu : ASIAN- Everyone wants to blame Asia for the flu. I bet they have flu in Iceland and Nova Scotia also, but you never hear about those.

45. Animal rights org. : PETA

46. Arles "A" : UNE

47. "__ Day Will Come": 1963 #1 hit : OUR - I think Ruby and the Romantics recorded it first in 1962. They never reached the popularity of the Beatles or Stones. I do remember the Carpenters version some years later.

48. Set down : LAY

50. Household attention getter : HEY MOM - What really gets the attention is when you turn 16 and start saying "Hey Ma".

52. Ancient Dead Sea land : EDOM

54. Org. offering motel discounts : AAA - My first thought was AARP. With the internet, I don't think any of these organizations offer true discounts. Just more of the same as "get a discount at a hotel dot com".

60. Where many tests are given : CLASSROOM - This puzzle was a test at my kitchen table.

63. Indian princesses : RANIS

64. Lie low : HIDE - See 29 Down

65. Price-limiting words : UP TO - Absolutely!! One of my major pet peeves. Take your AAA membership card to a hotel and get UP TO 40% discount. What does that mean? They can give you a nickel off the price and fall within the "UP TO" range.

66. Playing marble : AGATE - Agates, Peeries, Cats eyes, Steelies, Shooters, but agates and Steelies are the ones that show up in puzzles.

67. Countercurrent : EDDY

68. Noticed : SEEN

69. Nuts for sodas : KOLAS - I think they also use them for chocolate. Now I'm thirsty for an old fashioned chocolate soda.


1. Wranglers and Patriots : JEEPS - Patriots made me think. I wanted to put TEAMS, Wranglers made me want to try JEANS, (Brett Favre was here). Wish they would have clued Cherokees instead.

2. Theater supporter : ANGEL - I was not aware of this term for a theater supporter.

3. Backstreet Boys contemporary : 'N SYNC - I've heard of them but my musical interest remains in the 60's. Bob Zimmerman was from Hibbing, Minnesota.

4. Con : DUPE

5. Long-distance flier's complaint : JET LAG

6. Jumped : LEAPT - Spell check questions this, but it is a word. I like leaped better, but you know how puzzles are.

7. Sleep disorder : APNEA - sleeping without breathing can be a problem.

8. Omar's "Mod Squad" role : LINC - This threw me a bit. As an old guy, I remember Clarence Williams III playing Lincoln Hayes on TV in the 60s. Omar Epps had the role in the 1999 movie.

9. Harsh, as criticism : ACERBIC - Even the word itself sounds harsh.

10. 2007 "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Gibbons : LEEZA - Sorry, I never watch this show and never will.

11. Horse and buggy __ : ERA

12. Christmas buy : FIR - Or it could be a FUR to please the wife. But then there are those PETA animal rights activists. We used to buy a spruce for Christmas decorating, and a goose for the table. I guess you could call it a Howard Hughes Christmas.

13. Afternoon cup : TEA - The most consumed beverage in Asia and Europe. My afternoon cup is usually a hole on the green of the local course.

19. Longtime Pennsylvania congressman John : MURTHA - One of my favorites. He had very strong opinions about the Middle East wars when appearing on talk shows.

21. Spirit __ Louis : OF ST. - Used to be a plane that Charles Lindbergh flew. Now I think it is Albert Pujols.

25. "Honest!" : NO LIE

26. Zagreb native : CROAT

27. Natural dye : HENNA

28. Bit of dust : MOTE

29. Skin : PELT - Although you skin an animal to get a pelt, I never considered a pelt as skin. Most are used to make a fur you buy for your wife at Christmas. I guess you might call a pelt a hide, but HIDE is laying low up north in this puzzle. But if you do get your wife a FUR made of PELTS for Christmas, you better HIDE it for a while before putting it under the fir, ... or spruce.

31. "Sure" : UH HUH

32. Nary a soul : NO ONE

33. Beardless Dwarf : DOPEY - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, sorry if I seemed a bit Grumpy about this puzzle.

35. Partner of out : OVER - Okay, I get it, but I would prefer Peter Graves role in "Airplane". I still chuckle when I think of Captain Over saying "Over" over the radio.

36. Ballerina's step : PAS

37. Glimpse : ESPY - We now have awards on ESPN called ESPYS, so we could use that as a clue now and then.

39. News exclusives : SCOOPS

43. Funny-sounding bone : HUMERUS - Makes you wonder just how much whiskey was consumed at the table when the Gray's Anatomy writers sat down and started naming bones. I think they picked a bone, like the arm bone; then selected Scrabble tiles until they had enough to make what looked like a word. Tibia, Fibula, Ulna, Scapula, - or maybe they just used words that were left over after they finished naming the Greek mythology gods and goddesses.

44. Plumlike fruit : SLOE - I never knew this was like a plum. All I remember is that it was the Gin choice of many before we turned 21 and discovered Scotch.

49. Pacific Surfliner operator : AMTRAK - I kind of miss the days when more people traveled by train than airline. And you could board the train without being X-rayed, patted down, or told to remove your shoes. "Northern Pacific, really terrific, that's what everyone who rides it says."

51. Walk casually : MOSEY

52. Overact : EMOTE

53. Mischievous kid : DEMON - I don't like this clue. We were all pranksters at times as kids. No reason to call us demons. That term is reserved for Beelzebub, and CC Sabathia.

54. Year's record : ANNAL - I call these Annuals, but once again the puzzle constructors have to make words fit because of construction need. I get it.

55. Tums target : AGITA. Hmmmm, Tums target is a stomach ache. Are you going to step away from Thursday's feast and say "Oh, I have a bit of AGITA."??

56. Beasts of burden : ASSES - Also people who call stomach aches "agita".

58. Make do : COPE

59. Rival of Cassio : IAGO - Not a Shakespeare lover here. This guy was in Othello. I only read "The Merchant of Venice" and learned about Shylock. You know, the guy the Wall Street protesters are DEMONstrating against these days.

60. Ally of Fidel : CHE - Or could it have been Clay Shaw??

61. It may be flipped : LID

62. Insert : ADD

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Boomer, C.C. and gang - I really enjoyed this puzzle even though it was fairly simple, but I had no hint as to the theme until the reveal. No hangups to speak of; the puzzle had a noticeable lack of misdirection. Even John Murtha was a gimme, as he was a former fellow Marine Vietnam vet who always took care of the Corps in his position as chairman of the Appropriations Defense subcommittee.
Boomer, I found myself saying, "me too" on a lot of your comments/memories; great job with the blog. And you're right about train travel -- it's a fun, relatively hassle-free way to travel. Our AutoTrain trips become part of the vacation.

What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving? We're just having some friends over for a traditional day of eating and football. I hope it's an outstanding day for everyone here.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Thanksgiving all, and thanks for taking the time to stop by on this busy holiday preparation day, I cooked all night yesterday. It is great to see Dennis here and Boomer as always a treat. The theme was also hidden from me, but I did like the variety of fill.

Enjoy all.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I found it a bit more challenging than Dennis this morning with a few hangups here and there. I had no idea that JEEP made a vehicle called a "Patriot," didn't remember who John MURTHA was, wanted AVIAN instead of ASIAN flue, etc. Also tried to fit in THREE STARS instead of TOP ECHELON.

Nothing major, but it did slow me down a bit.

My brother and sister-in-law usually do Thanksgiving at their house, but this year she is 7 months pregnant and have asked me to do the honors. I am trying not to panic. I plan to cook the turkey in the oven, slow cook the candied yams in the crock pot and cook a small glazed ham in the microwave. Everything else will be done on the stove top. Hopefully, the liberal amount of Grand Marnier I plan to add to the yams and the ham will keep people from complaining about anything...

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

This was a grind for me today because of some dumb mistakes on my part. Had TEAMS for 1D, ANNUL for 54D, SPCA for 45A and SEE MOM for 50A. I eventually woke up, made the corrections and got it done. It was a fun puzzle, just right for a Wednesday.

We're having dinner tomorrow at the Publik House in Sturbridge, Ma. It was the only way to get all eight of us together without ticking off someone. Had to pay in advance, so any no shows will be on my .... list. But, I'm looking forward to a friendly family day.

And from Hondo, a very happy and joyous Thanksgiving to all my friends on this wonderful blog. Eat lots of Turkey!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning Boomer and friends. How nice to see you again, Boomer. Your commentary always elicits a smile from me.

I knew J AND J immediately, so thought this would be an easy run. Unfortunately, I guess that Wranglers and Patriots were Jeans and 3 of the 5 letters fell in the right spots.

I figured out OPEC MEETINGS, which helped with the other clues, especially PENELOPE CRUZ, who is married to Javier Bardem.

Thanks to Tinbini, I could immediately write in CROAT for the Zagreb Native.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

QOD: It is better to live rich than to die rich. ~ Samuel Johnson

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jack, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for the equally swell write-up.

This was not a speed run. But, it is not supposed to be for a Wednesday.

Got the theme easily. That helped with the three long answers. Spotted OPEC in them.

Did not know JANDJ immediately. I am not a medical and pill person.

Did not know what ANGEL meant for 2D.

My dad's name was Lincoln. He abbreviated it as LINK. But, I knew that the TV and movie guy was LINC.

Easily knew AMTRAK. I ride it about 8 times a year. $53 Chicago to Buffalo. Not bad.

We had AGITA a week or two ago, I believe.

Off to Ohio today to visit my oldest daughter and family for Thanksgiving. They are deep-frying a turkey cajun-style. I am drooling.

See you tomorrow, from Ohio.


HeartRx said...

Good Morning Boomer, C.C. et al.

You are in rare form this morning, Boomer. I chuckled all through your write up, and found myself nodding at most of the comments.

I started off on the wrong foot by entering "Bayer" at 1A instead of J AND J. Ugh! Eventually left that corner and finished everything else. I finally remembered JEEP for 1D, and that helped immensely to finish that last bit.

Happy hump day, everyone!

Argyle said...

I checked but didn't catch my mistake. I had a 'C' at the end of AMTRAK and the start of KOLAS. Oh well, I'm having fun with interactive Google turkey doodle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for wonderful quote from That was the Week that Was

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Outstanding write-up!!!

Yup, that CROAT was a gimmie.

Liked the "Shout-Outs" to EDDY & SEEN.

Hand-up on Jeans before JEEPS.
OF-ST is an ugly partial.
But I needed all my "perps" to get MURTHA.
Don't know why this Floridian didn't know a Pennsylvania congressmen.

MOM taught me what to do for Thanksgiving.
We make Reservations.

Cheers and a "toast" to all at Sunset.

Middletown Bomber said...

a good wednesday puzzle to about 20 minutes or so I am in PA but i was thinking of a current living congressman not a dead one. so murtha was filled in with other clues. took a while to remember that Upjohn and Mcneil labs were both swallowed up by J&J. Enjoy your turkey day everyone I all ready have my leftover meal planned for sunday (its turkey), so I will be having the fish on thursday as we have always eaten out on thanksgiving and this will be the 2nd year in the last 10 that I have had a choice not to have turkey.

Mari said...

Morning all, I work in finance so I'm familiar with the term angel investor (2D). FYI: says "An investor who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs. The capital they provide can be a one-time injection of seed money or ongoing support to carry the company through difficult times."

Middletown Bomber said...

not liking new format from latimes. but you can still get to the old format via then click on to the latimes crossword comes up with the old format.

Mari said...

I had a lot of silly boo boos. I had Teams for Jeeps, Ruse for Dupe, Avian for Asian (flu), etc. My written-in-ink grid is a mess, but it's finished.

I think Hondo, Tinbeni, etc. have the right idea. I'm thankful not to be booking tomorrow, but it will be a long and boring day.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, all. Great to see you in the blogging chair, Boomer. Lots of fun stuff this morning.

J AND J was an easy start, but I jumped into my jeans instead of JEEPS until I realized I need an E for EGYPT. Cairo may have once been the city of 1000 minerets, but, based on my observations last year, they now have more minerets than Boomer state has lakes. Drive down a street one way and count them. Come back an hour later and count them again and there are three more.

Had no idea about LEEZA. I'm with Boomer on that show. I finally remembered the old comedy team of Stiller and Meara and made the connection, otherwise I would have been complaining about Natick Principles.

Quite enjoyable puzzle, and it seemed just right for a Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the comments from lurkers and long losts that heed Lemonades call to check in today. Buckeye, where are you?

desper-otto said...

Morning, all. Boomer, loved your write-up. Surely you must have spent quit a bit of time working on it. I know, stop calling you Shirley! Doubt that many, except perhaps Hahtool, will get your Clay Shaw reference.

And thanks for reminding me of TWTWTW (TW3). Tom Lehrer was a Harvard professor and the primary song-writer for the show's socio-political commentary. He wrote some hilarious stuff. If you can find some examples on the web, enjoy. He was unashamed about his "Vatican Rag", even though it got him kicked out of the Catholic church.

Oh, there was a puzzle today, wasn't there... Had trouble getting a toe-hold in the NW but finally got 'er done. Originally had AVIAN flu, but EVPY made no sense, so it perped out OK.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Greetings, C.C., Boomer, Lemonade & all,
I wrote a long post but could not post it. Tried to revive my google acct., Tried to open a new acct. so this one I will post as anonymous. I haven't seen the puzzle yet but wanted to check in as requested before I get too involved in the 'day before' activities. Irv has been having tests to try & find out why he is having severe headaches. The last two days he has felt normal so maybe the great Physician has taken care of the problem. In spite of the current situations, we have much to be thankful for so I'll just say, Happy Thanksgiving" to all the regular and sporadic posters like me.

the Macster said...

Hi Boomer - I was 13 on this day in '63. The darkness that descended on us that afternoon I will never forget. Nov. 23, 1963: the day the US. lost it's innocence.
Here in the East, lots of towns and rivers have Indian names, Lackawanna among them. New Jersey is full of Native Americanese. I don't live in New Jersey.
Forget the Windjammer and slap on the English leather. Those Brits like it rough.
I love the train but hate the name "Amtrak". I'll take the Erie- Lackawanna anytime. I'll meet you in the bar car, but I won't be drinking gin.

Al Cyone said...

Thanks to those who yesterday provided links the former format and best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

the macster, what happened on November 23rd?

crazyhorse said...

Hi everyone
Just checking in per lemonade. Puzzle was pretty easy, but I agree with Boomer.

In 1963 I was home with a 2 year old and a one month old. Cried the whole weekend.

Will be going to Chicago today to spend with my son and family[former 2 year old].

My thoughts and prayers are with you Creature.

crosswordgirl said...

happy thanksgiving

Hahtoolah said...

Desper-Otto: yeah, I thought that Clay Shaw comment was pretty funny.

Husker Gary said...

Fun puzzle and write-up on turkey eve!

-I saw OPEC early, imagine that.
-Your minaret counter probably had a brother who counted Minn. Lakes
-I remember Stiller and Meara from Ed Sullivan (2:09)
-The UNDO (ctrl + z) is my “Oh s*%t key!
-I had AVAIN flu first
-I associate Our Day Will Come on the car radio with some amorous activities
-ELOM instead of EDOM made my brat a LEMON at first
-AGITA again. Things come in 3’s so we’ll have it again soon!
-I have the same cup, Boomer and since it will be 60° today, guess where I’ll be this afternoon.
-Airplane is the funniest movie I ever saw
- Boomer, your poem also very nice and we read this Tennyson Poem the next week about his wife.

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning Boomer and all. Good to see so many new posters contributing their thoughts.

Fun puzzle with not too many arcane fills. Got the OPEC unifier easily which helped with PENELOPE CRUZ. Perps got me J AND J, IAGO, and hinted at AMTRAK. Favorite clue was for LID. No look-ups needed.

Enjoy the long weekend. If you're traveling, be safe.

kazie said...

Will read comments if I get time later.
I hate puzzles with unknown names crossing other unknown names and too many of them! Should I repeat?--just read again.

Unknowns in the north included the following gaffes and blanks: JANDJ, ANGEL, DUPE, INSYNC, JEEPS(TEAMS), EGYPT, PENELOPE CRUZ, MURTHA, LEEZA, FIR(HAM). Many WAGS elsewhere got the rest of it, but I didn't enjoy it much. The only TARGET name I knew was VAL, and the only name in a clue I knew was Ben Stiller, but of course didn't know his mother. the theme helped fill in some of those WAGS. For BRANCH I at first wanted MARINE, thinking of one of the military branches.

We will meet our son arriving in Madison from Germany tonight and spend the next week with him. Hence, I have much to prepare by tonight for tomorrow.

I explored possible train travel from here to NYC for a convention next year and it was more expensive than air, AND it takes you a day and a half to arrive! I guess that's why trains are unpopular here.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Fast puzzle with no hangups or nits from me. Thanks for the TWTWTW quote, Boomer. BTW, I used to love that show.

J&J was at the top of my mind because it has been in the news all week. J&J is accused by the gov't of marketing fraud. They also had a Tylemol recall, hip replacement defects, etc.

Asian flu is so named because it originated in China.It is well known around here.

The Erie/Lackawanna ran from NJ to Chicago.

The Beehive state is Utah which has its capital at Salt Lake City, so SLC was easy.

I remeber Leeza Gibbons because of the unusual spelling of her first name. She was known long before Dancing with the Stars.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Virginia C said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are spending the day with friends, counting our blessings and being thankful.

I felt it was an okay puzzle, had a few issues but worked them out but the commentary had me chuckling all the way through. Great way to start the day! Another thing to be thankful for.

desper-otto said...

From yesterday...

Windhover, Argyle: I think tacking on "as a person" adds oomph to the statement. And it gets attention. No reincarnation implied.

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

Loved the write-up, Boomer, but Shirley you knew that it was Captain Oveur, right~???

I have taken the Amtrak from NYC to Seattle, WA, with a stop in Chi Town for about 5 hours. I loved the trip, tried to stay awake the whole time, but I "missed" Idaho....

Glad to see all who can check in today, and good turkey ( or ham ) to everyone ~!


ant said...

I started with TEAMS at 1D, too. The Wranglers were the old USFL team here in Arizona. I thought it was pretty obscure, but was somewhat impressed the constructor used them. Turns

MURTHA reminds me of Godzilla's foe Moth-ra. Wonder if there is a correlation?

Boomer, no MGs here either, but my dad had a green TR6 and a red TR7. Seems like we kids were helping him bleed the brakes every weekend. Here's a great "get your morning going" song: Green Onions (3:23) by Booker T & the MG'S.

EDOM backwards is MODE, so how about some Depeche Mode. This is the rare extended version of Blasphemous Rumours (8:01) Powerful stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Qli said...

I got stumped in the northwest corner. I use generics, so had no bottles to look at.
Hey Macster, I knew a cute guy in college who wore English Leather; thanks for the memory!
Wanted teams for 1D, but knew Ms Cruz, so there went that fill.
I work the whole Thanksgiving weekend, so will miss the big meal with all of hubby's fun cousins. But I will have a bunch of days off next week, for which I am very thankful!

Lucina said...

Hello, Boomer, C.C. and all. I really enjoyed your commentary, Boomer.

Thank you, Jack McInturff, for a puzzle that didn't beat me up. Yours usually do that.

Today was almost a speed run with a shoutout to my Mom, LALA. At first I couldn't see how Johnson and Johnson fit in 1A, then I awoke.

The names were all familiar to me and as Yellowrocks said, LEEZA Gibbons was once almost a household name. And thanks to Tinbeni, CROAT was easy.

Hand up for COLAS and AMTRAC.

Tomorrow our family shall gather at the home of one of my nieces and each brings a dish. They provide the turkey, ham and roast beef.

Wishing you all a great Wednesday and a happy Thanksgiving!

Lucina said...

My contribution to the meal is the yams, green bean casserole and cranberry-jello ring with cream cheese.

Anoa Bob said...

This one put a big DNF on me, what with three names down (8D, 10D, 19D) crossing a longish name across at 18A. The only one of the four that I knew was MURTHA.

Wasn't enough to give me AGITA but did make 22A SLC and 21D OF ST more irksome.

When I was in the Navy in the mid-60's, I had a Austin Healey 3000 and two of my shipmates had MGs, one an MGA and the other an MGB. The TR-4 (and later, the TR-6) was another British marque made by Triumph. Our favorite outing was a trip from San Diego up to Palomar Mountain and then taking every back road we could find on the return leg.

Frank said...

Good morning! Just checking in.

Remember actually reading the program synopsis in the old TV Guide? Something would happen on a sitcom, then "hilarity ENSUEs."

Happy Turkey Day. Be safe.
And let hilarity ENSUE.

Mari said...

Qli, that's my kind of holiday. Work through the hullabaloo so that you miss the drama, but get to enjoy leftovers during your several days off afterward!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, thanks for a fun read, Boomer.

I thought I was onto an actressy theme with ANNE MEARA and PENELOPE CRUZ, but I had to UNDO that and catch UP TO OPEC when I drifted down the grid.

Every hopeful girl in the '50's had to have a Lane Cedar HOPE CHEST to store their lacy doilies, embroidered pillow cases and Grandma's quilt. Times have changed.

GAH and I are heading to our daughter's home in Tracy tomorrow. She is recovering from a hysterectomy (she's fine) and her good cook husband will make dinner. It will be a short simple day. We don't want to tire her and GAH and I have our own health issues. We are all grateful for the time we spend together. It will be a happy Thanksgiving. I wish the same to all of you.

xtulmkr said...

Anon@8:34 "What happened on November 23rd?"

"I wonder what they do teach them at these schools."

eddyB said...


Always nice to see that counter current.
Murtha also took very fine care
of Johnstown,PA and their little airport.
Have an E&L HO engine in the collection.
Ali and Brian stopping by tomorrow.
Brian said that our seats for Dec 1
were at center ice, lower level.
Sorta an early Xmas present. He is flying down to Cabo to play golf over the week-end.

Happy turkey. eddy

Anonymous said...

Happy Bird-day everyone.

Another lurker checking in.


Steve said...

Great write-up Boomer, thanks! Nice puzzle, Jack!

Personal Natick at MEARA/MURTHA but WAG'd it and got lucky. We recent members of the "tired, poor huddled masses" have to drink from the firehose of politicos, sports, geography and pop culture to have a crack at these crosswords. I think the ability to solve a Monday LAT crossword should be part of the Citizenship test, what think y'all?

Tomorrow's my favorite holiday - food, football and Friday off! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

@Barry - brine the turkey today and roast it in a bag tomorrow. Foolproof. Ah, Food!

Moon said...

Checking in today..Thank you Lemonade for arranging this get-together.
Thank you CC : this blog is my morning "wake-me-up."

Happy Thanks giving to all of you!

My sister and her family are here..I'm excited to e spending time with my impish 4.5 year old niece. So today's 'demon' for mischievous kid made me smile.


Misty said...

Fun puzzle, Mr. McInturff, and fun write-up, Boomer. I do agree with you about the 'agita,' however--never heard of it.

Will have 8 people for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but with my DH's recent hospital stay, no time to cook. Luckily Gelson's grocery store has a complete cooked dinner for 8 for $109, with turkey, stuffings, and sides, as well as directions on how to heat everything up.

So there's a lot to be thankful for--mostly, having my husband home for the family holiday. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, everybody!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

For Thanksgiving my kids are coming over with their kids. Gloria's older son and fam are in FLA. We might Skype (if I spelt it rite.) Her younger son and fam are traveling to Maryland to visit in-laws.

Boomer - always love your refreshing take on a puzzle. The spruce goose reference is brilliant.

Fun puzzle, with an interesting occult oily theme; but UHHUH is dross, and OF ST. might be the most awkward partial ever. Isn't AGITA one of those annoying little yipping dogs?

HIDE and PELT - missed clecho op.

Cruel jokes about fractures: ACERBIC HUMERUS.

A Song of Fire and Ice, starting with A Game of Thrones is a great EPIC.

Hope I make it trough the Winter without catching the Nova Scotia Flu.

Cheers, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all,


JIMBO said...

Checking in and wishing everyone a
happy THANKSGIVING. I'm still reading the comments but skip a day now and then. enjoyed my 87th birthday Nov. 18th. Still bowling on league team and doing volunteer work at local hospital.
Enjoy the holidays.

Argyle said...

AGITA - 1-Across this past Sunday.

kazie said...

Good to see you! Linda was worried about you the other day too.

Well, the stuffing is made, the house is clean except the kitchen--saving until after the mess is made. Next comes the seven-layer-salad.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for trying to fit BAYER and TEAMS together at Square One. Forgot about J & J gobbling up the competition. Back in my college days I was acquainted with a daughter of the McNeil pharmaceutical family - she was a student at one of the nearby expensive colleges, and quite simply one of the most beautiful people I've ever espied.

Each year I'm responsible for the all the Thanksgiving items that are orange - squash, turnip, and pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmm. Better get cookin'.

Anonymous said...

Boomer, you are delightfully droll! Thanks for the poem and chuckles. Liked the puzzle.

T-giving is over for me. but I am very thankful. My Air Force pilot son & spouse brought their four sons to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. My other three children, two spouses and three grandchildren and I also went for the weekend.

The indoor water park at GWL was a delight for six little boys, ages 4-ll and a 12-yr-old girl. And their grandma who only watched the action and lead cheers. Truly much fun!

I hexed my dare-devil pilot son when he was small, saying, "I hope you have a son just like you." He did such outrageous things I feared he'd not live to grow up. Hey, guess what! He's got FOUR dare-devil sons. Luckily, he married a great woman who is up for the task. I had never seen them in full action before.

Very tired, but happy,

- PK

Razz said...

I'm thankful for this wonderful site that CC created for us a while back. Sometimes long for the good ol' days but all things evolve that are going to stay around.

I still read regular but only post occasionally.

For all you DFs and DFettes - Happy Thanksgiving

Mimo said...

To the blog and all who sail in her, thanks for countless hours of laughter, tears and V-8 moments.

A longtime lurker

Clear Ayes said...

I know I mentioned this poem a couple of years ago, but I don't think I ever made a link. It is a tough one to find.

It was written by Eugene Field, who was better known for sweet poems like Wynken, Blynken and Nod.

This one isn't sweet at all. It is cautionary tale of gluttony. My mother would read it aloud, with many dramatic flourishes, to all of us open-mouthed (and somewhat bloodthirsty) children before sitting down to our big family Thanksgiving dinner. We loved every ghastly minute of the poem and it didn't stop us from packing our tummies as full as we could!

The Awful Fate of Little Jim

Dennis said...

CA, as a huge fan of gluttony in all things, I thank you for the great poem. Moderation is overrated.

Jimbo, great to see you; I'm glad all's well.

Isn't AGITA one of those annoying little yipping dogs?

Jazz, if you mean akita, trust me, they are neither little nor yippers. When they do bark, you'd best pay attention.

Razz, good of you to check in -- I too miss the good old DF days.

Bill G. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Barbara will be doing almost all the cooking. I help. I'm a big fan of celery stuffed with cream cheese and chopped walnuts as a side. As I said last year, we learned to cook the turkey breast down. The white meat stays moist. I've never had a brined turkey or a deep fried one. I'd be happy to try them though.

For all of you (like me) who don't like the new LA Times online puzzle format, there's a link underneath for Feedback. I would urge you to write in a complain.

Happy Thanksgiving again!

Warren said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tomorrow I'm making my signature mashed potato's with roasted garlic and my wife is making 2 or 3 special recipe pumpkin pie's that also us some candied yam's or sweet potato's.

RE: 1963? I was only 10 years old and in grade school when they announced JFK's assassination. I think that we got to go home early that day.

My wife and I only finished 1/3 or so of today's puzzle, I finished it online.

RE: Here's a link to the definition 'humerus'.

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin ( h ) umerus shoulder; cognate with Greek ├┤mos, Gothic ams, Sanskrit ├ímsas "

Warren said...

Oops -- misspelled use as us...

BTW, we're also BBQing a 19' brined Turkey on one grill and a Turkey breast on a 2nd grill -- all at the BHC pottery studio - it's a potluck kind of thing.

fermatprime said...

Greetings, earthlings!

Great write-up, Boomer.

Hands up for Bayer. Never have seen the abbrev. JANDJ before. I was very tired working puzzle. Have to hold hand up for AMTRAC. Didn't really read the KOLAS clue. Drat . Saw the OPEC pretty quickly. Could have used another theme answer! I was on a roll. ANNE MEARA easy for this oldie.

I love trains. Rode lots of steam trains with my family. Live steam is much harder to find now. Was dreadful when they abandoned steam for the Skunk train. Have quite a collection of HO and some N gauge. Pictures of trains all over the house. (I remember riding the Coast Daylight when I was a little kid. Gasped when I saw my first roundhouse!)

A friend has invited me out for turkey day. I will have to hope that I do not fall with quad cane navigating his b-i-l's fractured walkway and porch. Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

fermatprime said...

CA--Great poem!

BTW--I do the LAT puzzle at (The Puzzle Society). No ads or other crap there! Do not mind the $15/year fee. I like to work the USA Today Sudoku also, but sometimes have to suffer from not one but two up to 30 second ads first.

Dick said...

Just checking in, as asked. I also miss the DF days and being a part of the three D's.

Happy Bird Day!

RANDY ANDY said...

I am a faithful lurker --checking in per CC's request HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Lucina said...

Great poem!

Yellowrocks said...

Definition of PELT. 1: a usually undressed skin with its hair, wool, or fur . 2: a skin stripped of hair or wool for tanning.

HIDE: The skin of an animal, especially the thick tough skin or pelt of a large animal

ANNAL: recorded events of one year
ANNUAL a book or report published annually.

CA, thank you for the "Awful Fate of Little Jim." It brought back memories of my mother reading Eugene Field's poems and many others to us. Do you like Shel Silverstein's, "The Light in the Attic," "Falling up", etc.? My elementary students loved them.

We are gong to my older son's tommorow. I am taking a break while the pies bake. I also made cranberry relish and a crab dip.

Bill G. said...

I know there are some math/science folks here so I thought maybe you could help me with this.

A trigonometry student came for tutoring yesterday with a bunch of problems he needed help with. I didn't see how do two of them and I wrote them down to think about later. I think I've figured out the first one but I'm flummoxed by the second one. They are to be done exactly without a calculator. Any ideas?

1) (cos 75)^2 + (cos 54)^2 + (cos 15)^2 + (cos 36)^2 = ?

2) Simplify: ln |sec x| + ln |sin x| = ?

- john said...

Yes, go to a Trig blog.

Warren said...

For Bill G: I typed it into Google

lois said...

Good afternoon Boomer, CC, et al., Great job, Boomer. Thoroughly enjoyed your comments and agree w/you as well, esp on Cherokee in lieu of Patriots.

Loved seeing “Dennis” first off as the page opened up. Always puts a smile on lips and makes me shake all four cheeks! Go figure!

Agree w/Hahtool in that once OPEC became clear the rest of the clues were easier. I fully agree with your QOD, Hahtool. My intention is to have my last check bounce.

I had a few HOOTS at 54D ANNAL. So while I ‘ANNAL’yzed the SE corner, I noticed ANNAL’s proximity to AGITA and ASSES and had to laugh at the thought that maybe that section was not UP TO being ‘anal’yzed . But no fear, I’m on it. I AM-TRAKing it and IA(m)-GOing OVER it SLOEly to ASSESs the VALues of that corner. AFTA the ENSUEing search, I found one HIDEn agenda. NO LIE!!! So, that corner merits the AAA HUMERUS rating for DEMONstrating the FIRst of many ANNAL of AGITAted ASSES where? At the OPEC MEETINGS of course.

Santa baby: How are you and how's your list coming?

Good to ‘see’ you all. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all got a late start today because running errands with the wife this A.M. Thanks for the great write-up Boomer lots of chuckles and also enjoyed the JFK poem. People who don't know about the history of these days in 1963 should have to read all of JFk's history including P.T.109. Ditto to Tinbeni going out for dinner tommorrow saves a lot of work and money believe it or not. To all have a great holiday and thanks for this great puzzle site. RJW

carol said...

Hi all, great write up Boomer! I just love your sense of humor!!

So good to see so many of the 'originals' back today. I too miss the ol' DF days. We had a lot of fun, and I made some very special friends.

Puzzle had me getting out my trusy V-8 can, used it too. Ouch.

AGITA, really????? I have never heard of that word! I thought one took Tums for heartburn, nausea or gas.

Anon at 8:34, you really should know what Nov 23, 1963 means even if you are young. Don't they teach history in schools any longer?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow, no matter what you do.

Frank said...

Have either of you heard Robert Munsch? In addition to his classic "Love You Forever," he, too, writes silly poetry for and about children. However, where he excels is in his animated way of reading his own poems/stories (thus asking if you heard him).

I haven't played his recordings since my kids were young'uns, but I seem to recall "We Share Everything" as being particularly HUMERUS.

Lemonade714 said...

Well thank you Crazyhorse, crosswordgirl, DR, Moon, Mimo, Razz, Jimbo, Dick and a rare Lois sighting. Still hoping for embien, crockett, jeannie, tarra jo, robin, kitty b, buckeye, frenchie, and so many more to "drop in." ( A plug for last friday's puzzle). It feels right having dennis here, but this puzzle did not open the door too much in the DF mode; opec and innuendo just do not mesh. It is still early, so come on down.

Anonymous said...

No, my school taught me that it was the twenty-SECOND, not the twenty-third of November.

Lemonade714 said...

We had office Thanksgiving pot luck and I made a brisket with carrots and onions and garlic, onion mashed potatoes. Lots of food and lots of fun. No cooking tomorrow, leaving that to the youbg ones.

Anonymous said...

I thought today was friday being a holiday tomorrow. Then I got to my senses on how easy the top of puzzle was. Then got harder...put oxens instead of asses put ads instead of add put nsinc onstead of nsync and pita instead of peta. Was going to take spelling in college but only 4 people signed up so they dropped it.

Clear Ayes said...

Hi Moon, so good to hear from you. You too, Lois, Dennis, Razz and many more. Reading your comments has made me very thankful to have found this blog a few years ago. Ditto to Lemonade's "drop in list". You are all missed.

Thanks to all who liked the Eugene Field poem. Yes, Yellowrocks, I do like Shel Silverstein. Sorry Frank, I'm not familiar with Robert least until now. Here's a short clip of him reading to school children.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

I enjoyed this puzzle and found it pretty easy sailing until the SW corner. Thanks for an informative and entertaining write-up, Boomer. I can't believe I didn't get CLASSROOM right away! But I didn't and I wasn't sure of CHE and EDDY so that was messed up for a while. I liked the theme but didn't catch it until the unifier.

I have a few nieces and nephews who still call me LALA. On my birthday one of my sisters gave me a decorative slate that reads "LALA LAND."

I'll be gathering with my two brothers and two sisters and their families tomorrow. I bring the pickles, olives, cranberry sauce, and corn. Well, somebody's gotta do it. ;-) (My husband is the cook around here.)

My first posting to this blog was exactly one year ago. I am grateful to C.C. and all the other bloggers (and posters) who continue to make the Corner such a wonderful place. Puzzles are so much more rewarding because of it!

~*~*~* Thanksgiving blessings to all *~*~*~

Anonymous said...

HI, y'all!


Keeping up with puzzling, but haven't been posting. It is very difficult to type these days.

Today's Xword didn't seem as hard as usual for a Wed. The theme entries were easy. I did resort to red letters because I had a typo - FuR instead of FIR.

carol said...

CA: Loved that poem!! Very apt for tomorrow. Who cares is someone crams their gullets for one day. It's only one day!!! I'm with Dennis, moderation sucks. Although I have to adhere to it or I'd be as big as a house :)

Moon and Jimbo, good to see you again. Glad all is well with you both! We miss you and all the others, who(m)?? I hope check in with us. Grammar experts???

Jazzbumpa said...

Good to see the old friends pop in. Hi, all!

Dennis -

After I wrote that, I thought I might be putting on the wrong dog. Oh, well, never let good sense get in the way of a bad joke.

Lois - very amusing, as always!

Little Jimmy might have been related to Mr. Creosote. (Very bad taste alert.)

Sharing Robert Munsch

Ant mentioned Puttin' on the Ritz Yesterday.I played that song recently

JzB who shares everything

TinoTechie said...

Thanks Boomer, C.C. and all. I love the Blog.

I couldn't finish the CW on paper, I had to use red letter help.

I looked up Motrin's official web page and it says it is made by McNeil Labs. So I didn't get the J & J connection.

23A AFTA original is the only aftershave I use. The lotion soothes my neck and face. Unfortunately it is hard to find in stores. So I have to purchase online now.

20A PENELOPE CRUZ was easy, as we just watched the PBS American Masters on Woody Allen. A very talented and prolific auteur.

While I was 13 in 1963 and remember the event, I never remember dates, so if someone says Nov. 23, 1963, I draw a blank.

Our T-Day dinner went from 3 to 9 yesterday. We invited friends over yesterday and they can come. Yeah! I am smoking a turkey, as I do every year. Hope we have left-overs so we can make sour cream smoked turkey enchiladas. The smoked turkey really adds to the flavor.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


LaLaLinda said...

Hmmm ~~

I posted earlier and I saw it (at least I THINK I did) at 3:45. I just checked in again and it's gone. Weird! I'll wait a bit and then repost it.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Blogger filtered your earlier comment as spam. I just released it. Sorry for the trouble.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon all. Long time lurker here.I would like to add my THANKS to all here who work so hard on this fasinating;educational,funny blog.My day isn't complete until puzzle is done and blog enjoyed. Hand up for hating the new format! I use the Chicago Tribs site now. Thanks again and have a great Turkey Day. CW from Alaska

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Of all days, today I had to be at the office extra early and stay most of the day. Just got back home and am checking in to say November 23 helloes to you all and especially to you, Lemonade.

Now I'll read the paper and work the puzzle.


Seldom Seen said...

Hi Boomer. Funny stuff.

I must EMOTE about my shout-out today. HUMERUS is a big bone but DEMON isn't exactly a compliment. Guess i'll just COPE with it.

Have you SEEN it?

Happy Thankgiving.

Seldom Seen said...

That post was just fine UPTO the typo.

Avg Joe said...

I was reminded of Shel Silverstien when I read that poem as well, CA. In particular, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout. This is from a recording c. 1970 that Shel put out. Most of it was his raunchier stuff, but this one is fit for all ages. Puts a different spin on it hearing it in his voice.

Sorry I've been absent lately. Had to make that final trip to the Vet yesterday. Not feeling very talkative.

LaLaLinda said...

Thanks, C.C. I thought I had seen it earlier ... guess not!

Anonymous said...

Another faithful lurker wishing all a great turkey day. Thanks to all of you for getting my day off to a good start. Feel like I know a lot of you.

Lemonade714 said...

Thanks CW and Jayce, and LaLa Linda how cool to go gaga on your LaLa one year anniversary and be 6 across to mark the day.

Wolfmom? Dr. Dad? MJ? Bob? Treefrog> Tfrank? gracie? Paul? Mainiac?

Yellowrocks said...

CA's poem immediately brought to mind Shel Silverstein.
Frank. the only Robert Munsch I knew of was 'Love Your Forever." I will have to read some of his work. CA, thanks for the link. It was great.

Ave Joe, I have seen only the silly, sweet juvenile side of Silverstein. Really?? He was raunchy, too?

Frankly, I enjoy my own mental reading of Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, just as I enjoyed my own mental version of old radio shows more than I did their TV reincarnations.

Lucina said...

I'm so sorry about your pet! I know the heartbreak of that last trip.

It's so great to hear from the absentees! Lemonade, you are to be commended for inviting all.

JD said...

Good afternoon, Boomer, C.C. and all,

Never saw the thanks Boomer. This seemed to be an easier Wed.

Boomer, you are delightful, and make me laugh constantly. Same thoughts about sloe; never knew it was a fruit until I did xwds.

Gastric distress is almost as funny sounding as agita.Hopefully, no one lets loose tomorrow.

Oh Lois, how we've missed you and the DFettes!!

CA, hilarious poem-my kind of sick humor, similar to those old nursury rhymes.

No MGs either. DH had a red TR4, a red TR6, and a green TR4A. He lived in the garage on weekends.. too much work, but the rallies were fun.

Lemonade714 said...

please do not pout about up to.

Shel was the most prolific contributor to Playboy for years

lois said...

Avg Joe: I'm so sorry for your vet trip and the loss. It's never easy.
I wish you peace...and piece...and peas...take your pick but a brighter tomorrow regardless.

Jimbo: Belated Happy Birthday to you. What a lesson you are!

CA: so good to see you. Thanks for the memory. I had a Lane Cedar Chest, but oddly enough I rarely put the proper things in it. It was big enough to hide somebody in if he was agile enough.

Jazz & JD: thank you. It's good to see you and so many of the crowd. Where is Buckeye?

Desper-otto 8:23AM: I LOVE Tom Lehrer, have one of his books and play the Vatican Rag. I can't believe the Church kicked him out b/c of it. That's so sad. Even God has a sense of humor. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park is also one of my favorites. Hilarious stuff.

Carol & Dennis: you crack me up. Here's to Gluttony and the loss of moderation. I'm free! Free at last! Cheers! Cheers! and more Cheers!

Jazzbumpa said...

I tried smoking a turkey once, but had to give up. It's even harder than smoking a fish.

How DO you keep those things lit?


lois said...

Jazz: by taking very deep breaths.

Steve said...

100th Comment! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Grumpy 1 said...

Bill G, re the first of the two math problems: I'm going back a lot of years to high school trig, but I seem to remember my math teacher presenting something similar. If I remember correctly:
a)the sum of the squares of the sines or the cosines of two angles whose total is 90 degrees will always be 1.

b) the problem has two sets of angles whose sum equal 90 degrees (75+15) and (54+36)

c) the answer then is 1+1 or 2

I don't recall if there was a significance to that relationship or if it was just an oddity that always works.

fermatprime said...

Grumpy--I get another, rather hideous answer. I did it by hand first and checked it out by looking at this cool table. Bill G.:Do you want hideous answer?

By eyeball, the log problem is just log|tanx| is it not?

Jazz: Did you happen to see the parody on Mozart I blogged very late the other night?

fermatprime said...

Grumpy: Your reasoning is sound. Wonder where I went wrong. I shall have to double check everything!

fermatprime said...

Egad! Stupid errors in arithmetic! Am trying to stay up all day, after awakening early after little sleep, in order to be fresh as a daisy tomorrow when I have to get up early and go to aforementioned linner!

Bill G. said...


I agree. I got the same answer of 2. I used the identities for cos(a + b).


Yes, I got ln|tan x| also.

I'm glad I didn't have to come up with the answers under the time constraint and pressure of a test.


NJ Irish said...

Hi to all,
I’m a left over from LA crossword confidential
and was thrilled to find this blog. Not sure how
you all find the time to work the puzzle early in
the morning, I do it on paper after dinner and then
come straight here to read the comments usually
from my BB.

Saw the request for everyone to check in so please
mark me present.

The 48 years have flown by and yesterday there
was more mention of it here then on any radio or TV
I heard. I was at work and a co-worker who took a
late lunch came into the office crying so hard we
couldn’t understand what she was trying to tell us.
The whole company came to a halt and that’s
something for Bell Telephone, the system was so
over burdened there was no dial tone.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

JD said...

Welcome NJIrish...lovely avatar! Stick around... speaking of

nice to see you Moon. I know your job is keeping you very busy. Glad you dropped in. You are missed.

First time BIG dinner will be at my daughter's home. Her table is much larger...but we all are cooking as usual. I will get the turkey ready and cart it over to her home while they are participating in the local Turkey Trot.Just finished the pecan tarts and pumpkin bread.Grandsons here for the night.

Roman said...

Lois, ironically enough, someone earlier posted a link to Blasphemous Rumors, which includes the following lyric:

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors
But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor
And when I die, I expect to find him laughing
And doin' the Vatican Raaaaaaaag!

(ok, maybe not that last line)

Btw, I don't believe you have a chest that big. You might need to post some pics to prove it (and the agility needed to get around them, I mean it).

Remember, when in Rome, do a Roman!

Boomer said...

The end of the day. Checking back in before the Holiday. Splynter, thank you for the Oveur correction. I did not know, we learn something new every day. Dennis, great to see you at the top of the morning. Jimbo, keep that thing rolling. Best for me this season is 280, but there's a few months left. The old Storm Special Agent is working better than my three newer balls. Go figure. Of course we all know President Kennedy was assasinated on Nov.22. I only mentioned it today because I didn't do yesterday's puzzle. (I was bowling). Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Abejo said...

To Clear Ayes:

I went to a funeral in Alta Vista, VA, two months ago. My uncle passed away there. I believe that is where they make Lane Cedar Chests. It is a nice small town.


Abejo said...

Just made it to Springboro, OH. Kind of a slow trip, traffic and all. I believe this town is where Orville and Wilbur Wright did some of their initial airplane construction.


Susie said...

Happy Turkey. Just checking in. Susie

LaLaLinda said...

Avg Joe ~~ So sorry about your pet. Such a loss is always so difficult.

Anonymous said...

Good night everyone.

Great write up Boomer. Nice to see you.
I got quite a few of the answers, but didn't have much time. Had to write condolence letters and a thank you letter. I don't believe they are quite right on e-mail.

Therefore I am very late checking in, but here I am.


Dudley said...

Squash: check.
Turnip: check.
Pumpkin Pie: check.

Obligations are met. A drive to the sticks at midday, and it's time to eat! Happy Thanksgiving, Puzzlers! Wishing you all the best from our little corner of Massachusetts.

Jimmy D. said...

Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.