Nov 24, 2011

Headlines that Shocked the World about Santa

#10 of our Kurious Konundrums series.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To show our appreciation for your continuous support for our work and this blog, Don G and I constructed this puzzle.

Here is PDF (click on File, then Download).

Here is puz file (click on File, then Download).

Spoiler: Here is the answer grid.

Thanks for solving. And a special Thank You to my blogging crew: Santa Argyle, Melissa, Ron, Al, Marti, Lemonade & Splynter. Thank you for your commitment and hard work. You too, Dennis, thanks for always being there for me.



desper-otto said...

OK, that one slowed me down. I had real trouble coming up with KOMING. I'm not a golfer, and didn't get RAKED until I stopped thinking Japanese bunker. At the end I still had to WAG the O in NAO and OAKIE. Never heard of NAO and OAKIE was only vaguely familiar.

I think K is a hard letter to work into a puzzle, and you had nine of 'em in the theme answer. Quite a feat! Well done, dynamic duo.

Grumpy 1 said...

Great fun, CC and Don G. This certainly wasn't a speed run. I pecked away at it in between the preparation of the turkey for baking. The bird is in the oven, the puzzle is done and all is well.

I'm with Desper-otto on the Natick of NAO/OAKIE, But the O seemed more likely than the other 25 choices. I caught onto the 'K' thingy eaarly and knew to put in a K where a C would normally be kalled for.

It took a bit before IUD showed up in spite of the fact that my first wife had one for twenty years.

Interesting pairings on the long downs. BAG LADIES usually have few TANGIBLES and BUGS BUNNY was seldom HIFALUTIN.

You guys certainly ran the gamut of subjects for this one... oh, wait, where's the baseball clue?

Tinbeni said...

Grumpy 1
The NATURAL, 15-a.
A baseball movie.

Don G.& C.C.
Kurious Konundrum was the 'K' give away.
I was in the mood for a Holiday theme.
This was a FUN one.

Hand-up on the NAO/OAKIE natick.

kaellyn said...

new format horrid! why did you change? please go back to the old

HeartRx said...

Hi Don G. and C.C.

Like Grumpy, I thought something was rotten in Denmark when I noticed "K"urious "K"onundrums..

This one almost had me stumped, right from the start. "Iconic image" made me think of Richard Simmons, Jack LaLane, and all those other muscle bound men of my youth. ABS? Not so much.

And 4A. I could only think of H.G. WELLS...IDA was not coming up from the muddy waters for me.

Fortunately, I caught onto the "K" substitutions (see first comment), and things started falling into place.

I thought "Anon, updated" for IN A SEC was brilliant!!

This one took me over 45 min to complete - probably one of the longest times in my recorded history. But no gg, no lookups, no red letter help, so I am completely satisfied. Just like a nice piece of apple pie, it went down well. Thanks for the fun holiday stocking stuffer, Don G. and C.C.!

LaLaLinda said...

After all the turkey and pumpkin pie I needed a workout and this sure was a workout! Unlike the others, I didn't even notice the "K"s in your title (duh) but I did catch on after a while. I was going in circles for a while with 1A, 1D and 2D, but finally getting ABS took care of the rest. I went to a shelf to peek at a Lladro figurine I have to find NAO on the bottom. I got all the theme answers until 65A. I had to look up RIIS and then that gave me everything I needed to finish.

Your puzzles usually scare me ;-) but I do enjoy a challenge. Thanks for the fun, Don and C.C. and keep 'em komin'!

Steve said...

NAO/OAKIE Natick here and I WAG'd it incorrectly, so DNF - boo to me.

Loved the long downs, the theme came slooooowwwwwlllllyyy together. PATRIA was awesome.

Tried to fit HOWARD STERN, couldn't make DON IMUS fit with the crosses I had, but eventually got there.

No food? Boo!

Liked the BARED/ANKLE/ABS interconnects.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Just finished, but I had to cheat a little with hints from the computer because the center just wouldn't fill itself in. Had UNIform, LAST LAP, a few other boo-boos. A real challenge from the DGCC team!