Dec 10, 2011

Saturday, Dec 10th, Robert A. Doll

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 38

I did the research and found that Mr. Doll has done a Saturday puzzle for the LAT once in 2010, and 2009. I don't keep up with the other paper's grids. Robert's last puzzle was Sunday's "Fish Heads", during the Hurricane Irene days - seems so long ago, now that we are two weeks from Christmas Eve.

Anyway, a sort of 'sideways' grid, with two 12-letter down fills;

8. Feature of many a monster movie : MASS HYSTERIA - Mob mentality, like in the movie Frankenstein, but it reminds me more of this scene, from my generation

20. Called for : NECESSITATED - a rare occurrence for me, a 12-letter fill that is one word, and not underlined in red because spell-check is having a problem with it

Well, when it comes to tough puzzles, these that have one-word clues that define synonyms are the ones that really thwart me, and it gets worse when it's more than one word - for example;

17A. Try : BID - STAB, TEST, ATTEMPT, ugh - what's another three-letter word for this???

18A. Saw : ESPIED - and then there's the 'stuck in carpenter' problem, so it's not the tool, it's the verb that is echoed in 59A

27A. Entered : KEYED IN - well, I was fairly certain that it was -- IN, so I tried WALKED, WENT, AMBLED, nope, nuh-uh, not it....

13A. Miss __ : A CUE - Ah....not AMERICA, U.S.A., MANNERS, but a stage flub

6D. Inconsequential : FRILLY - YEEEACHT ~!!! OK, I get it, but I was looking for that juicy fill, like MINOR, EFFETE, FAILED - oh, I do love that tingle in the brain at the final letter ~!

ANY way, for me, BURSTING was was burst this puzzle open for me.

Onward ~!


1. Engage in logrolling : BIRL - been in Crosswords before, but I couldn't recall it

5. Not quite right : OFF

8. Life Savers, e.g. : MINTS - again, not CANDY, or RINGS

14. Depression era prog. : NRA

15. 1983 World Cup skiing champ McKinney : TAMARA

16. Abel, vis-à-vis Adam: Abbr. : DESCendant

19. Controversial fuel : ETHANOL

21. Annoys : HASSLES

22. "No way!" : "GET REAL~!"

23. Kyrgyzstan border town : OSH

24. Birmingham band, briefly : ELO - Black Sabbath didn't fit

25. Fed. auditing agency : GAO - we just had this, too

26. Shout : CRY

29. But, to Brutus : SED - yeah, I took Latin for 4 years, and it didn't come to me

30. Replete : BURSTING - and this is where I '10.D' it

31. Divisions politiques : ETATS - French for state, becoming a standard

34. Pig thief of rhyme : TOM - Don't know this - filled in via perps

35. Waterproof boots brand : TOTES - Used to be a popular commercial at Christmas when I was growing up - they had slippers and umbrellas, too

36. One arriving during the overture, say : LATE SHOW - as in, "how rude, he was a late show and interrupted my view"

38. Literary contraction : EEN - Evening

39. Platoon provender : K-RATION

40. Lending letters : APR - not IOU, but Annual Percentage Rate

41. Small trip : HOP - not a JOG

44. Words With Friends, e.g. : APPlication, for one's smart phone - I don't have this particular one

45. Macavity creator's monogram : TSE - total WAG, but what can I say?

46. Idle fancy : CHIMERA - more familiar with the "animal" than this definition

48. Tray carrier, perhaps : BARMAID

50. Series of clips : TRAILER

51. Sleep inducer : OPIATE - well, sure, but so is beer, if you take enough of it - I would know....

52. Airport screening org. : TSA

53. They're above pvts. : CPLs - corporals

54. Kisser : NECKER - in this case, it's not the mouth, it's the person - and he's getting frisky

55. Overseas assent : OUI

56. Playground rejoinder : AM SO

57. Corporate __ : GREED

58. 45, say: Abbr. : RPM

59. No longer hidden : SEEN


1. No-goodnik : BAD EGG

2. Summer cooler : ICETEA - oh I am so not going to say it, but ARGH~!

3. Form hastily, as judgment : RUSH TO

4. Old Renault : LeCAR - Image

5. In agreement : ON BOARD

7. It doesn't last : FAD

9. Troublemakers : IMPS

10. Passed the test in a big way : NAILED IT - This is C.C.'s phrase - I learned it from her blog here

11. Mountain demarcation : TREELINE - not ALTITUDE, but it sounded right - treeline makes much more sense

12. "Teen Angel" et al. : SAD SONGS - et. al. means "and others', but I goofed by filling in _ _ SONG, and it wasn't working

15. Enticing ad : TEASER

21. Nonsense : HOKUM

28. Harrow rival : ETON

29. Leave be : STET

30. Stem at sea : BOW - the front of a ship

31. Quick Draw McGraw alter ego with a guitar for a weapon : EL KABONG - never heard of him - here he is

32. Roofer's material : TAR PAPER - well, now you're talkin' - Tar Paper is just that - paper saturated in tar, and used as an underlayment for roofing, siding, and decking applications

33. With consequences : AT A PRICE

34. In shape : TONED

37. Sock seller : HOSIER - my kind of hosiery

38. Joseph's second son : EPHRAIM - I was curious

40. Elicits a scolding : ACTS UP

41. Distressed request : HELP ME - I had J from JOG at 41A - leaving me J_ _P ME - and, well, JUMP ME is a request, but I swear, I was thinking about the car battery ~!!! (lol)

42. Ultimatum words : OR ELSE

43. Protestant cleric : PARSON

47. Layered minerals : MICAS

49. Auto title datum : MAKE - Make, model, year, mileage

52. Perch for a puma : TOR - rock ledge - here he is leaving

Answer grid.


Question from C.C.:

I got a new computer with Windows 7 yesterday. When I go to Chicago Tribune's puzzle website in my Firefox browser, the Options, Print, Solve buttons do not work. Does anyone know why? They are perfectly fine in Internet Explorer, but I'm not fond of IE. I did get a "A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment" message when I downloaded Java update.