Dec 11, 2011

Sunday December 11, 2011 Jayne and Alex Boisvert

Theme: "Give B's a Chance" - The starting letters P's are replaced by B's in each two-word P*P* theme entry.

25A. Jaded ballplayer? : BITTER BATTER. Pitter-Patter. Fun clue/answer.

27A. Grain of sand? : BEACH BIT. Peach pit.

105A. Sound of Crosby's doorbell? : BING BONG. Ping pong.

109A. Collection of yokels? : BUMPKIN BATCH. Pumpkin patch.

47. Coal receptacle building blocks? : BIN BRICKS. Pinpricks. The only entry where the base phrase is one-word.

51. Steer groups? : BULL BUNCHES. Pull punches.

80. Fish with a bad cold? : BARKING BASS. Parking pass. Dogs bark. Fish?

83. Pointed front of a two-wheeler? : BIKE'S BEAK. Pike's Peak.

Lovely theme. So neat that the 8 theme entries can be placed in 4 rows.

Lots of effort went into this theme. First, the constructors had to first find common P* P* phrases, then picked out the ones that could be converted to B's, making sure no straying P's in the middle/end of the word. Sometimes new phrases have to be discarded as they don't make much surface sense when cluing.

I had a few email exchanges with Alex in the past. He's a computer genius.


1. Corrupt, in a way : BRIBE. Bribery is quite common in Indian politics, I hear.

6. Ignore : PASS BY

12. Sleeping : AT REST

18. Ayes : YESES

19. "Lady Marmalade" group : LABELLE. I like Christina Aguilera & Pink's version.

20. Caesar salad topper : CROUTON

22. Unpleasant pair to choose from : EVILS. The lesser of two evils.

23. "To reiterate ..." : I REPEAT

24. Deep-fried Japanese dish : TEMPURA. Tasty. All deep-fried foods are.

28. Mocha native : YEMENI. Mocha is the Yemeni port famous for its coffee.

29. Fantastic : SUPERB

31. As well : TOO

32. Vase-shaped pitcher : EWER

33. Drama with two spin-offs : CSI

36. Scarlett, to Rhett, ultimately : MY DEAR. In the end, he said: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn".

38. 1983 Keaton title role : MR MOM

42. Tweet : CHIRP

44. Alka-Seltzer sound : PLOP

46. New York college whose team is the Gaels : IONA

54. 2001 French film nominated for five Academy Awards : AMELIE. Very whimsy,

55. One reason to work : SALARY

57. Energy meas. : BTU. I was thinking of calorie.

58. Tell : RAT

59. Stain-removal brand : SHOUT

60. Turning parts : ROTORS

61. Grasps : GETS

62. Sharpen : HONE

63. Family name in Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" : SAMSA. No idea. Gregor Samsa.

64. Shark's practice : USURY

66. Tell : BLAB

70. Field division : ACRE

71. They get tipped in lots : VALETS. Parking lots.

73. 1971 Clapton classic : LAYLA

74. Psyche part, to Freud : EGO

77. General at Antietam : LEE

78. White Label Scotch maker : DEWAR'S. For Tinbeni & EddyB. Argyle too. Is the bus story true?

79. Roaches, e.g. : VERMIN

85. Jai __ : ALAI

86. Deserve : EARN

87. Browns : SEARS. And 90. Slightly burned : SINGED

88. Cheers : YELLS

94. Was in charge of : RAN

95. Insect stage after larva : PUPA

99. Morning morsel : OAT. Not for me.

101. "Got me" : NO IDEA

103. Ear problem : OTITIS

112. Kuwait, for one : EMIRATE

113. How a team should work : AS A UNIT. Had trouble parsing my answer.

114. "Love Story" co-star : O'NEAL (Ryan)

115. Timeline divisions : DECADES

116. Reddish-brown horses : SORRELS. Sorrel is also an herb. A bit tangy.

117. Like some mythology : NORSE.

118. Malevolent beings : DEMONS

119. From Aconcagua, say : ANDEAN. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas.

120. Lamb piece : ESSAY. Charles Lamb the Elia.


1. Parting words : BYE BYE

2. Look over : REVIEW

3. "Am I crazy?" : IS IT ME? My new computer is pretty good. But it drives me crazy at times. Still can't make the Solve/Print buttons of Chicago Tribune's crossword website work in Firefox. Don't think it's the Java problem. I uninstalled it. The puzzle still works fine in Internet Explorer, but not Firefox.

4. Merman, notably : BELTER

5. Museum Folkwang city : ESSEN. Museum about what?

6. Normal opening? : PARA. Paranormal.

7. Stands guard, perhaps : ABETS

8. One may be deviated : SEPTUM. New word to me.

9. Disney dwarf : SLEEPY

10. Played loudly : BLARED. Thought of Ant.

11. Although : YET

12. Entr'__ : ACTE

13. Costumed kid's hope : TREAT. More fun when kids come costumed.

14. "Pretty Woman" genre, briefly : ROMCOM (Romantic comedy)

15. Blissful : EUPHORIC. Sounds sweet.

16. Broadway souvenir : STUB

17. Songwriter Amos : TORI

19. Bldg. with stacks : LIB. OK, Library.

21. Rebellious Turner : NAT

26. Singer Lionel : RICHIE

27. NBAers' game : B-BALL


34. Word seen in brackets : SIC

35. Trying : IRKSOME

37. See 69-Down : ROBBERS. 69. With 37-Down, Bonnie and Clyde : BANK., They were better than those who steal others' ID on line.

39. Comedian Jay : MOHR. LAHR is another name ending in HR.

40. Draft status : ONE A

41. Sail support : MAST

42. Short review? : CRIT. Criticism then. (From Grumpy: It's critique.)

43. H.S. exams : PSATs

45. Crack filler : PUTTY

47. Gala : BASH

48. Letters before an online view : IMHO

49. Krypton relative : NEON. And 60. 49-Down, for example : RARE GAS

50. Word after sky or powder : BLUE

51. Grill partner : BAR

52. Sea witch in "The Little Mermaid" : URSULA (Sorry for the error earlier.)

53. Frat letters : NUs

56. Bakery array : LOAVES

61. Braver : GUTSIER

63. Part of an act : SCENE

65. Southern Slavs : SERBS

66. Zinger : BARB

67. Connecticut town for which a disease is named : LYME. The dreadful Lime disease.

68. Et __ : ALIA

70. Ex-boxer Laila : ALI. LAILA often appears as an answer.

72. Litter reactions : AWs

73. Reduced : LESS

74. Auction site : EBAY

75. __ warning : GALE

76. Like much history : ORAL

78. Steve's sidekick in "Hawaii Five-O" : DANNO. I've seen DANO in crosswords also.

79. Washington's mount? : VERNON. Mount Vernon.

81. About 2.2 pounds : KILOGRAM. Had trouble accepting pounds when I first arrived here.

82. "__ it on!" : BRING

84. Kipling python : KAA. From "The Jungle Book". Unknown to me.

89. Domingo preceder : SABADO. What's this? I don't get this clue/answer.

91. Martini with an onion : GIBSON

92. Einstein's second son : EDUARD. Another no idea. Miserable life.

93. Reserved : DEMURE. JD always appears so.

95. Some uprights : PIANOS

96. Says : UTTERS

97. Web image-viewing software : PICASA. You can create your own Picasa album.

98. Scarlett's love : ASHLEY. Love is so irrational. I don't find Ashley attractive at all.

100. On a scale of one __ : TO TEN

102. Sleep problem : APNEA

104. Beef cut : T-BONE

105. Flower place : BED

106. Wrote online, briefly : IM'ED

107. Pleasing : NICE

108. Storied loch : NESS

110. Potter's oven : KILN

111. "__ a Wonderful Life" : IT'S. Timely.

113. Botanist Gray : ASA

Answer grid.

Here is a photo of our hockey nut eddyB, taken at the game yesterday I think. Great jersey!



fermatprime said...

Hi, fellow cruciverbalist (just love that word)!

Fun puzzle, Boisverts; Fine write-up, CC.

It's very late for me, but thought I would blog for a change before sleeping and facing the rigors of the day.

SABADO is Saturday, Domingo is Sunday, in Spanish.

More later, maybe.

A fine Domingo to you all!!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning C.C. and friends. Today's theme was a play on John Lennon's song, Give Peace a Chance, which is timely since he was assassinated on December 8, 1980.

My favorite clue was Bldg with Stacks = LIB. It took a minute before I realized we were looking for the Library.

I initially thought of Erode for Corrupt in a Way. Since two of the letters (the R and E) were in the correct spaces as BRIBE, I had a tad of difficulty getting started in the NW corner.

My mother suffers from Lyme Disease. It took the doctors several months before she was properly diagnosed, which resulted in her suffering nerve damage in her leg. She doesn't let her stop her from enjoying life, however.

QOD: You can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job. ~ Laurence J. Peter

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Nice puzzle with a fun theme. I got the theme pretty early on, which helped fill in the theme answers. Most of the puzzle was pretty straightforward, but I got hung up a bit in the extreme N and NW sections.

I've heard of the singer Patti LABELLE but didn't know there was a group named LABELLE, so I really hesitated filling in all the letters at 19A.

The clue for BRIBE at 1A threw me, since I was looking for an adjective instead of a verb.

I knew that 4D was referring to the singer and not the man-fish of myth, but BELTER was not at the forefront of my mind.

I know ESSEN, but couldn't get it from the clue at 5D. Ditto for YEMENI at 28A.

Etc., etc., etc.

Al Cyone said...

C.C.: Re: Firefox problem. Try Google Chrome. Works great for me. Thanks for a wonderful site.

desper-otto said...

CC, thanx for explaining ROMCOM. I was thinking Orbison rather than Roberts for "Pretty Woman" and couldn't see what music genre ROMCOM might be. Never saw the film.

All in all, an easy albeit enjoyable 20-minute romp for a Sunday. Did take awhile for LENO to change to MOHR, though.

@Al Cyone (is that an homage to halcyon?) I, too, browse via Chrome, but I don't do crosswords online, so I don't know if the Print/Solve buttons that are giving CC fits would work for me. (Can you spell run-on sentence?) I have different issues with Chrome.

chapstick52 said...

Fun puzzle. CC--Ursula is the name of the sea witch. The actress who voiced her is (was) Pat Carroll.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, CC and Sunday Solvers, all. Thank's, Hahtool for the explanation of the title. I had thought that there were probably better titles that could be used, but playing off Lennon's song was perfect.

CC, a review is a critique, so a short (abbreviation) critique is a CRIT. Yes, some fish do bark. We have one called the dogfish that barks when caught.

Getting the theme early helped the solve. The unknowns filled nicely via perps. Like Barry, i wasn't familiar with the group LaBelle, but unlike Barry, I throw caution to the wind and put it in when it looks like a strong possibility. fortunately MR MOM was already in place or Leno would have been occupying MOHR's seat.

BING BONG works with several other leading letter substitutions: D, K, P and S. Ummm, technically, steer groups are no longer BULL BUNCHES.

Fun puzzle.

Mikey said...

Of course, 22A would be WEEVILS, according to Jack Aubrey.

Had no idea what the Museum Folkwang had in it (art, it turns out), but I knew it was German, and already had an S and an E, so ESSEN, that ever-popular German city fit, and, happily, worked out.

Like probably every other cruciverbalist today, I had to erase LENO in favor of _OHR, but never got the M (see below).

Some wonderful cluing, with 4D BELTER my favorite, although it was a late Aha! moment when fish became Ethel. An initally tough but not impossible Sunday exercise -- unless, like me, you couldn't decide among the Keatons and wouldn't have known MRMOM even if Michael had been specified.

CC -- you're forgiven re Ursula Andress. She was indeed a memorable Sea Witch as Honey Ryder in Dr No.

Especially enjoyable once I sussed out the theme -- thank you, BUMPKINBATCH.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
Boomer here. I have not figured out how to get my name on the post, but I just wanted to check in. We have had problems with our old computer and we have replaced it. But it took nearly a week to get the new one up and running. I wanted to give a few public kudos to my wife, C.C. for fighting with the old machine for a week to give everyone the blog that they are used to seeing everyday. Also a tip of the Hatlo Hat to Argyle for helping CC get through last week. Rah Rah Rah for Sky-U-Mah!!!

desper-otto said...

@Hahtool, thanx for the explanation. Makes good sense,. I too am in favor of whirled peas.

@Grumpy1, I think you're right. They're bull bunches missing the bunches, aren't they?

Off to walk the "hood."

Lucina said...

Good day, C.C. and Sunday puzzlers.
A SUPERB write up, C.C. thanks.

And a very entertaining puzzle from the Boisverts. Thank you both.

At first pass I couldn't make headway in the NW so sashayed to NE and filled it though wanted COMEDY before ROMCOM which yielded MRMOM and then LENO could not work though I had not yet written it.

Eventually I recalled Jay MOHR and my only error was LAILA and LIME instead of LAYLA and LYME.

I see Fermat already explained SABADO and domingo, Saturday and Sunday. Domingo is often also a man's given name.

Like Grump 1, I, too, just throw caution to the winds and fill what seems probable then read it over to ensure it's accurate.

I thought Washington's mount, VERNON, was clever.

Would someone please explain BULLBUNCHES. I interpreted steer as controlling since bulls are not steers, well once were. I think.

Have a great domingo, everyone!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Here was that rare puzzle where I caught on to the theme, and used it to advantage in solving. Hand up for LENO, who wouldn't give up his seat, partly because the only Diane Keaton role I could think of was Mr. Goodbar.

What's the connection between Scarlett and Ashley?

Seldom Seen said...


Well, at least easier than yesterday.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning C.C. and all.

Not much new to add. Sort of got the wprking of the theme before coming here, but only to the extent of knowing that there were two words starting with 'b' in each theme fill. But it all worked out. No searches were needed. I had 'fizz' before PLOP. IONA was a WAG. I liked seeing EUPHORIC and I thought the clueing for PIANOS and ESSAY were very clever. I know YESES and 'yesses' are both correct. I prefer the latter because adding the additional 's' keeps the syllable closed for the short 'e' sound.

Hope every one has a great day and that Lemonade keeps improving. Not fun being in a hospital.

Tinbeni said...

Hmmm, a BAR with DEWAR'S.

Roaches aren't VERMIN ... if they're smoked on a timely basis.

Cheers !!!

Hahtoolah said...

Dudley: SPOILER ALERT. In the book/movie, Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O'Hara thinks she is in love with Ashley Wilkes, but he marries someone else. She spends most of the book trying to get him back, and in the meantime, gets married and widowed twice before marrying Rhett Butler. By the time she realizes that she doesn't want Ashley, but loves Rhett, Rhett has had enough of her antics and walks out on her, hence the movie line, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Spitzboov said...

You might like this. Anticipating Christmas on a Brit bird farm that had a 7½ month long deployment.

eddyB said...


Loved this theme.

Photo from Dec 1st game with MTL.
Sharks won in an exciting SO.

Think that Dewars is a third shelf
blend. Sorry. Even Mikey doesn't
like it.


TinoTechie said...

Hello all. Nice Sunday puzzle, thanks to both Jayne and Alex. And of course to C.C. for the answers.

First pass thru Across was brutal, but the Downs helped me get through it. The top 1/3 was the hardest for me.

I liked 105A, BING BONG.

For 42A I was thinking of Twitter, not bird. Got me.

Hand up for Fizz before PLOP.

Best to all.

Steve said...

Nice puzzle, Les Boisvertes, and cracking write-up, CC.

Personal Natick for ASA and SORRELS, so WAG'd "D" instead for a technical DNF.

Placido Domingo, Amigos!

Dudley said...

Thanks, Hahtool. I never watched Gone with the Wind from stem to stern, as far as I can recall. Didn't know that that self-centered little Scarlett chewed up so many men.

As a side note, there was some family folklore about my mother having been acquainted with Margaret Mitchell, but it's rather too late to confirm.

Steve said...

Hey - if Jayne and Alex are standing in front of the Ardennes forest, does that mean I can't see the forĂȘt for les boisverts?

Lucina said...

LOL! That's a great line.

I enjoyed your succinct summary of Scarlett and Ashley's relationship. Have you thought of writing for CLIFF notes? You would be good at it.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

Well, this was fun! Hahtool ~ I, too, thought of John Lennon with the puzzle title.

I caught the theme with BIKES BEAK (I was skipping all over) and that helped with the others. I really liked BITTER BATTER and BINGBONG. A most enjoyable puzzle, Jayne & Alex!

~~ I'm with those that had Leno and Fizz to start before MOHR and PLOP.

~~ C.C. ~ Thanks for your great write up and fun comments and for all your extra work this week.

~~ 71A -- 'They get tipped in lots' -- VALETS ... had me going for a while ... very clever, I thought! (For some strange reason I was thinking of something that might be related to "cow-tipping.")

~~ Fermatprime ~ Thanks for explaining SABADO and Domingo ... I had no idea.

Enjoy the evening, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Greetings. Will someone figure out if Rhett really did say, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." I have read that that's not what he said. And I don't trust Wikipedia.

Thanks. And


Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle. I had trouble making sense out of BARKING BASS but once I got the theme, I enjoyed it and it helped with the solving.

I recorded 'Tale of Two Cities' and am almost through watching it. The hero is on his way to the guillotine. Unless something unexpected happens to save him, I might just stop watching where I am. Seeing or even imagining such a fate is very unpleasant for me.

Say, have any of you tried Googling the word TILT? Turns out I found out about this little Easter Egg from doing another Cruciverb crossword puzzle recently. Try a Google search for TILT and notice what happens. Fun I thought. (It might not work on an iPad 'cause I'm guessing it needs Flash.)

Bill G. said...

Sallie, my recollection is that he said that famous line exactly as you quoted it. I looked it up on YouTube and found this for you.

Gone with the Wind

You might be getting that line confused with "Play it Again Sam" which isn't said quite that way in Casablanca.

Spitzboov said...

How about a clue using a reverse of today's themeage:

Best of Show dog on steroids? Abbr.


Sallie: From the IMDB site:

'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.'

ant said...

Good afternoon! I second (third? tenth? hundredth?) the shout-out to C.C. for her unwavering dedication to the blog. Hopefully the music isn't too BLARING today.

Here's a pretty funky version of BRING It On (7:33) by Seal. I like the camera work, too.

Here's TORI Amos with Scarlet's Walk (5:15). Not Rhett's (or Ashley's) Scarlett, but TORI herself...who wrote this concept album as a response to post-9/11 America.

Sallie, MY DEAR, this one's for you.

Yellowrocks said...

Great puzzle! The theme helped tremendously. My only hangups were the inkblots in the NW, but I "got er done" without help. It slowed me down to try to decipher my own writing. I should try using Wite-Out as some of you do.

CC, thanks for a great write up and for all the extras this week while you had a bum computer.

Hahtool, "Give B's a Chance" mystified me until your explanation.

My only completely unkown, taken up on faith in the perps, was SAMSA.

Finally a nit with which I whole-heartedly agree, unless someone can persuade me otherwise. A BULL is not a STEER.

In the category of "Isn't the English language odd?" I am flummoxed that, except for BOVINE, there is no singlular, non gender specific for CATTLE.

Nor is there is a gender specific plural for HE or SHE. There is only THEY. And there is no non gender specific singular for HE or SHE, which makes writing awkward. If we do not know the sex, do we use HE? We cannot use THEY as a singular. Many foreign languages have all these forms.

Yellowrocks said...

MEA CULPA. I apologize for the overly long blog. I got carried away.

Spitzboov said...

Yellowrocks re: cattle.

I have felt the same frustration, but Merriam Webster does permit Cow: see def: 2 below.

Definition of COW

a : the mature female of cattle (genus Bos)
b : the mature female of various usually large animals (as an elephant, whale, or moose)
: a domestic bovine animal regardless of sex or age

Argyle said...

plural of cow: kine

Bart S. said...

Don't have a cow, man!

Yellowrocks said...

Sptitzboov, thanks for the reference. People intuitively use COW as the non gender specific singular of CATTLE and are continually told they are incorrect. According to your source this is a nit picky over correction of the sort I always inveigh against. Cow in this gender neutral sense as the singular of cattle is so ubiquitous that very shortly everyone will deem it correct. English is not a static language.

Argyle, yes, kine is the plural of cow. The questiion really was whether cow is gender specific, and if it is how do words like kine and cattle, and bovines indicate the gender?

I believe that Spitzboov hsa the answer. Again, we are too picky.

Avg Joe said...

Late to the party. I was busy making lots of sawdust today.

Enjoyed the puzzle. Thought it was relatively easy, but the theme was clever and it was fun all told.

After most of the day has passed I'm amazed that no one has linked Give Peace a Chance.

Lucina said...

I just now had time to check in my copy of Gone with the Wind and Rhett says, "My dear, I don't give a damn."

dodo1925 said...

Hail, friends,

Thank you C.C. and Boisverts for an enjoyable puzzle and good conversation. I really really liked it and for the first time I got the theme early and was able to consciously get a lot of help from it! AND I did the Merle Reagel in our local paper, recognized the theme in that one, too. At last I'm catching on.

Since the LAT xword isn't in our paper, I have to do it online and I still haven't figured out how to get it printed without losing it first. Today I accessed it from the Chgo Trib site, where the options ask you if you want to save it, which I clicked. I finished the puzzle all but one square which I decided I would put in on the printed solved copy, but again I was unable to print it. What's the secret combination, anyway? I want to have the whole page when I read the blog so I can refer back and forth!. What in the world do the editors think we're going to do, sell copies, steal the copyright? Now they don't even give you any options the way they used to!

dodo1925 said...

Now that I've had my rant:

Hand up for Leno and fizz All I could think of for 'before Domingo' was Placido. Perps pulled me through that; even then I was thinking it had to be human so Sabado just didn't parse for me~! ah, well

Eddie b. you look 30 years younger without the beard! Or was that someone else in the pic from last years Pottery Sale?

Spitzboov, that video from HMS Ocean was fabulous. I'm still RLOTF
about to split a gut~! I think I'll try to send it as my Christmas card!

a Believer said...

Denver wins on Domingo again!
Perhaps Love is involved?

Dudley said...

Hey Spitz - That HMS Ocean video was brilliant! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Bill G. Thanks for that clip. He surely does say exactly what is so often quoted. And yes, I do know that Casablanca quote that is so often misquoted.
And thanks too to Spitzboov and Ant.

Bill G. said...

Manhattan Beach opts for a Christmas fireworks display rather than the Fourth of July. We just got back from our vantage point parked on a hill overlooking the pier. Very nice as usual.

In case you are interested, here's a short, partially-historical slide show.

Lucina said...

Thank you for HMS Ocean. That was fun to watch. what a hoot!

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, the Boiverts, for a great puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for the swell write-up.

Worked on this while at he Shriners Hospital in Chicago, as well as on the train heading for Pennsylvania. I just finished and am in western Ohio on Amtrak.

Saw where the Bears blew another one.

Anyhow, the puzzle was solvable, but not easy. But. More fun than yesterday's, which I did not finish, yet.

My first theme answer was Bing Bong, and then Bikes Beak. That told me what to look for.

My hang-up was in the ENE. Had MAST then SPAR then back to MAST. Of course, had LENO. That whole area was a mess.

For 91D tried GIMLET. No cigar, so Gibson fit. I am not an ace at mixed drinks. Strictly beer.

Got many with perps. Too many to list.

Speaking of beer, I will,have some Yuengling when I get to Pennsylvania. Good stuff.

Dodo1925: I use the Chicago Trib site every day, and print a blank puzzle. No problem. I have never worked a puzzle on line from that site.

See you tomorrow.


A Fan of separation of Church and Sports said...

If you read the post above you'll see that the Bears didn't blow it. They never had a chance because a higher power is now in control of the NFL. If Las Vegas figures this out they'll be putting a hit out on the Big Football Fan in the sky for favoring Tebow.

JD said...

Hi C.C. and all,

Looks like I missed a couple of great xwds this week...too busy, but I did get a chance to read the comments. CC, it was like ol' times seeing you so often...most enjoyable.

Bill, loved the slide show- great pictures. Liked how you slid in those oldies.

I'll be out of town this next week. We'll see how well I can navigate on the ipad.

Dodo, I think it's still the same format if you go in via Chicago tribune. I'll send that to you.

Bill G. said...

JD, I wish I could take credit for the slide show but I linked it from the Manhattan Beach home page. I'm glad you liked it. I sure enjoy the old photos too.

Fireworks for Christmas. Pretty cool, eh?

Anonymous said...

ok this is frustrating because my Sunday, December 11, 2011 crossword is THE WHOLE NINE YD'S. Where can I find solutions for this particular puzzle. I've searched La. Times website and it sends me here. Your puzzle is different. HELP!!!!!

Argyle said...


We do the syndicated LAT puzzle but the paper publishes the Merl Reagle puzzle. Strange, eh?

Puzzle answers(click).