Dec 10, 2011

Saturday, Dec 10th, Robert A. Doll

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 38

I did the research and found that Mr. Doll has done a Saturday puzzle for the LAT once in 2010, and 2009. I don't keep up with the other paper's grids. Robert's last puzzle was Sunday's "Fish Heads", during the Hurricane Irene days - seems so long ago, now that we are two weeks from Christmas Eve.

Anyway, a sort of 'sideways' grid, with two 12-letter down fills;

8. Feature of many a monster movie : MASS HYSTERIA - Mob mentality, like in the movie Frankenstein, but it reminds me more of this scene, from my generation

20. Called for : NECESSITATED - a rare occurrence for me, a 12-letter fill that is one word, and not underlined in red because spell-check is having a problem with it

Well, when it comes to tough puzzles, these that have one-word clues that define synonyms are the ones that really thwart me, and it gets worse when it's more than one word - for example;

17A. Try : BID - STAB, TEST, ATTEMPT, ugh - what's another three-letter word for this???

18A. Saw : ESPIED - and then there's the 'stuck in carpenter' problem, so it's not the tool, it's the verb that is echoed in 59A

27A. Entered : KEYED IN - well, I was fairly certain that it was -- IN, so I tried WALKED, WENT, AMBLED, nope, nuh-uh, not it....

13A. Miss __ : A CUE - Ah....not AMERICA, U.S.A., MANNERS, but a stage flub

6D. Inconsequential : FRILLY - YEEEACHT ~!!! OK, I get it, but I was looking for that juicy fill, like MINOR, EFFETE, FAILED - oh, I do love that tingle in the brain at the final letter ~!

ANY way, for me, BURSTING was was burst this puzzle open for me.

Onward ~!


1. Engage in logrolling : BIRL - been in Crosswords before, but I couldn't recall it

5. Not quite right : OFF

8. Life Savers, e.g. : MINTS - again, not CANDY, or RINGS

14. Depression era prog. : NRA

15. 1983 World Cup skiing champ McKinney : TAMARA

16. Abel, vis-à-vis Adam: Abbr. : DESCendant

19. Controversial fuel : ETHANOL

21. Annoys : HASSLES

22. "No way!" : "GET REAL~!"

23. Kyrgyzstan border town : OSH

24. Birmingham band, briefly : ELO - Black Sabbath didn't fit

25. Fed. auditing agency : GAO - we just had this, too

26. Shout : CRY

29. But, to Brutus : SED - yeah, I took Latin for 4 years, and it didn't come to me

30. Replete : BURSTING - and this is where I '10.D' it

31. Divisions politiques : ETATS - French for state, becoming a standard

34. Pig thief of rhyme : TOM - Don't know this - filled in via perps

35. Waterproof boots brand : TOTES - Used to be a popular commercial at Christmas when I was growing up - they had slippers and umbrellas, too

36. One arriving during the overture, say : LATE SHOW - as in, "how rude, he was a late show and interrupted my view"

38. Literary contraction : EEN - Evening

39. Platoon provender : K-RATION

40. Lending letters : APR - not IOU, but Annual Percentage Rate

41. Small trip : HOP - not a JOG

44. Words With Friends, e.g. : APPlication, for one's smart phone - I don't have this particular one

45. Macavity creator's monogram : TSE - total WAG, but what can I say?

46. Idle fancy : CHIMERA - more familiar with the "animal" than this definition