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May 30, 2008

Friday May 30, 2008 Arlan and Linda Bushman

Theme: Put 'ER There

17A: Mail carriers' mascot?: POST OFFICE BOXER

37A: Winning bowman?: ARCHER OF TRIUMPH

58A: Artist's good fortune? LUCK OF THE DRAWER

Very interesting: SUPER (1D), TWO (60D) letter X's, and DENT (65D: Fender blemish). Does this remind you of Richard DENT and SUPER Bowl XX? DENT was the SUPER Bowl MVP in 1986.

ER... not an easy puzzle to PLOD (53D: walk heavily) through though. Had to overcome quite a few STERN (49D: Unyielding) HURDLES (47D: Track obstacle) this morning. I was mainly stumped by various names. I did not know Johnny's bandleader DOC. Knew Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I had no idea who the author was (DAHL 31D: Willie Wonka's creator). HARTE (25D: "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" writer) was another unfamiliar name to me, later I did find him clued as "The Lost Galleon Poet" on a Feb TMS puzzle. Sadly, I was not familiar with OVID's "Tristia" at all. I would have got his name if clue were "Metamorphoses" poet.

This is only the 3rd Arlan and Linda Bushman puzzle we've done since I started blogging on Jan 21. In contrast, we've been offered 20 Alan P. Olschwang puzzles. Oh those dreadful QUIPS!


5A: Part of LED: DIODE. Could not retrieve this word easily from my brain. LED is "Light-Emitting Diode".

14A: River to the Caspian: URAL. Or URAL Mountains.

23A: Jay-Z, for one: RAP STAR. Of course I filled in RAPPERS first. Here is Jay-Z with Beyoncé. Feel the STEAM (32A: Word with engine or iron)? They just got married.

27A: Website visit: HIT. And another computer term: ICON (55D: Symbol)

36A: Tom Clancy subj.: CIA. Jack Ryan. My favorite is Patriot Games because it's IRA related.

42A: Canal of song: ERIE. Not familiar with the song.

44A: Dancing on air: EXULTANT. This word just looks so happy.

48A: Resistance units: OHMS. Have not seen this word for a while.

49A: Abate: SUBSIDE

56A: Juanita's other: OTRA. Obviously not ESTA or ESA.

57A: Navajo creation: RUG. I always associate RUG with SHAH (24D: Persian monarch)'s IRAN.

63A: Wield a baton: TWIRL

66A: Fictional Lorna: DOONE. Written by Richard Doddridge Blackmore.


1D: Fantastic!: SUPER. Familiar with this Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four?

5D: Crush: DEFEAT. It's just a little Crush, a vision of you and me...

7D: "Tristia" poet: OVID. He said "At night there is no such thing as an ugly woman".

8D: Johnny's bandleader: DOC (Severinsen). Given today's puzzle theme, it could be clued as "ER" character, don't you think so?

10D: Rakish: SPORTY. I was only familiar with the "Dissolute" Rakish, not the SPORTY one.

13D: "Chicago" star: GERE. Here is Richard GERE's famous kiss in India. Hello Dr. Dad, don't be Unfaithful in Bollywood.

18D: Punctual: ON TIME

25D: "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" writer: HARTE (Bret). Here is more information.

31D: Willie Wonka's creator: DAHL (Roald). He also wrote Kiss, Kiss.

33D: Silly Rabbit's cereal: TRIX. Tough for our fellow solvers in Asia who do not eat cereal for breakfast.

35D: Brass: HORNS

45D: Keepsake jewelry: LOCKET

46D: Cosby's TV son: THEO. I don't know this one. Only know THEO as van Gogh's brother. Here is the sculpture The Scream in memory of the film director THEO van Gogh who was murdered in 2004. It's made of stainless STEEL (43A: Beam makeup: STEEL). I could not understand the symbol though.

50D: Golfer Hale: IRWIN. I always want his name to be ERWIN. This guy is good. Tremendous success in Sr. PGA Tour (I just can not get used to this Champions Tour name) as well.

54D: Yokel: RUBE. I wonder where this word RUBE came from.

56D: Louisville's river: OHIO

59D: Bouquet letters: FTD (Florist's Transworld Delivery). I want this.

60D: Tenth of a score: TWO. Looks like our Editor is really trying to settle some scores with us. Half a score (TEN) was in yesterday's puzzle.

A question for you: Do you guys also have the problems seeing the Chinese characters (中文) in my blog or Thomas is the only one?



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and fellow DFs - another 'blow-through' this morning - lots of repetition with authors' names; seems like the same ones are recycled again and again.
C.C., I'm not sure why you associate 'shah' and 'rug' - are you thinking of 'shag'?

Thanks for the Beyonce & Angelina pics - nice way to start the day. Also, the "Crush" link was great - I've always liked that song.

drdad, good hearing from you. Still amazes me how seamlessly we can chat around the world.

Hope it's a great day where you all are - sunny/80 here today.

Dick said...

Good morning cc and DFs. Todays puzzle was a winner for me bur had some stumbling to do before I could complete. I stared to stumble with23A when I put rapster in and that gave me defeet for 9D and I kept trying to force that solution thinking maybe it was a variant spelling for 5D. I did not know 31D but got it from the perps and guessed at 25D. Over all I enjoyed this one as it was difficult enough to make me think but not impossible.

Dick said...

cc I believe 63A should be TWIRL not SWIRL. This yields FTD for 59D.

Dick said...

cc to my memory I have never seen a Chinese character in any blog of yours.

Dick said...

cc I believe Rube came from a man named Rube Goldberg. He had so many crazy inventions that looked like they could never work and were absolutely inane, thus something nutty or crazy became a Rube.

Dennis said...

dick, I don't think 'rube' came from Rube Goldberg. A rube is a yokel, or naive hick; doesn't really imply nuttiness or craziness.

Katherine said...

Good morning gang! I got most of this one today, but that is because I took the time to Google some of the clues. I missed a few. I could not get "rapstar", I wanted it to be rapper. I really liked the Jennifer Page tune "Crush". Sounds a little like Sade`. Beyonce` is pretty "steamy". Nice pic. Looks like Richard Gere really did over-do that one. What a fau pax for him. I don't see any of the Chinese characters CC. I wonder why?

We are supposed to have rain here all day.....UGH and tomorrow.
Have a good day everyone.

Dick said...

Dennis you are right about Rube being a hick but for some reason I always associated it with Goldberg. Oh well more later as I have an 8:30 tee time.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Hi Dennis,
Whenever I see rug, I think of Persian Rug, hence IRAN and the SHAH. Where is Angelina?

I've corrected my SWIRL mistake. Thank you.

Wow, you can not see any Chinese either. What does this "不知道" look to you?

Dennis said...

C.C., sorry, meant Jessica; must've had Jolie on my mind.

I see the Chinese characters.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

For Dr. Dad,
Further to my comment regarding yesterday's Indian Times puzzle. If your 1A is Territory's Future (STATEHOOD), then you are working on our Feb 23 puzzle. That's really a long lag!!

Katherine said...

CC, I can see those Chinese characters, but I thought you were referring to others that you had on your post before that.

NYTAnonimo said...

"不知道"-Just trying to see if I can copy and paste your Chinese characters c.c.. Enjoyed the puzzle today. Your Lorna DOONE reference sent me on a quest to find how the cookies got their name. Here is the answer. Speaking of THEO van Gogh have you read any of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's books? Enjoyed the puzzle. The NE section was the last to fall. Wish the NYT puzzles were falling easier. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

Challenging puzzle today, but definitely doable for me. It helped that I actually knew who DOC Severin, Bret HARTE, Roald DAHL, THEO Huxtable and OVID were. Usually, too many pop culture/author references leave me in the lurch, but today I got lucky.

I also put RAPSTER for 23A initially, but in my mind I figured it was either that or RAP STAR so I had no problem changing it when it didn't fit the cross-clues.

Oh -- and no problem seeing the Chinese characters! ^_^

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

I only flipped through a few pages of her book and found myself uninterested. Do you know what ""不知道" means in English?

The same question applies to you.

Superfrey said...

C. C. Could it be " Beef with Broccoli" :):):) (no offense intended)
Easy puzzle today.... off to DC tomorrow.... so back on Wednesday... later....

Superfrey said...

C.C. Twins won last night.... your man got the big hit

Bill said...

Hey All, Had to call Mr. Google a couple of times but all in all I liked todays test. Had a problem in the NE corner 'cause when I googled "Chicago" Gere didn't show up, so I checked the band Chicago and didn't find anything to fit. Came here and saw Gere and went back to the movie, clicked on "more" to open up the rest of the cast and finally found him WAY DOWN the list! When your name is that far down are you really the STAR ? Besides, I really wanted BOXES instead of BOXER!!!
C.C., the characters show up for me, not that I can read them, but they're there!!

Superfrey said...

C.C. How about: "People on line" or something like that?

Bill said...

If my translator is correct
"不知道" means " Do Not Know"
Did I do good???

Barry G. said...

Do you know what ""不知道" means in English?

No, I "did not know" that, but Babel Fish did...

Kim said...

Good morning!

I had very little trouble with this one. I loved most of the clues. I do had rapster in there and was trying to variate defeat someway, but it just wouldnt work out. I had no clue on the Trista poet either, maybe I should keep a list, how do people remember these?

CC, for your Chinese letters, I only see boxes, is there something that I need to do? And thank you for your links everyday, you make this webside enjoyable!

Well its gonna be hot here today, they're calling for 90 again! Katherine, I'll take your rain for 2 days and you can have my sunshine, we really need it!

Have a great one.

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC & Dfs: Had the same trouble w/23A as you all, but the rest was fun. Loved seeing Egret and Hoe...birds of different feathers found in abundance around here. Yelling 'Hoe Down' around here is a call to arms or to do trix. It's not 'safe'. Loved the 'Stag' 'sporty' intersection.
My kind of guys. Well, I-sobar(ed) up from last night, but will 'gas up' again tonight 'due to' it is 'super' Friday and I am a 'Super Hero In Training' (SH*T)...did save a lady from being attacked by a dog not too long ago. My cape is being cleaned.

CC: you deserve those beautiful roses! Hello, BOOOMER!!! Flowers always help a girl heal faster, even when it's just a broken nail.
I don't get 35A clue/ans connection.
drdad: glad to see you made a safe trip. What's the high for today? Stay cool. I'll file my 'knotty'
'horns' back in your honor while you're gone...unless the 'price' is 'rite'.

NYTAnonimo said...


Katherine said...

Kim, I can't stand the 90 degree heat. That's why I can't go visit my grandkids in the summer. They are in Riverview just SE of Tampa. Do you know where that is?

Dennis said...

Lois, 35A threw me at first too; thought it was a movie cue. It's actually more like, "here, take one", when offering something.

Der Katze said...

I couldn't see your Chinese characters either until I installed the software last night. Now all I have to do is to learn what they mean.

Anonymous said...

Dennis: Thank you. After the videotaping yesterday, 'take one' meant something entirely different.
Couldn't shake it. I hand out business cards too, so I should've been able to get that... BTW 'For A Good Time Call...'is NOT on my business cards. I know how you think.

Anonymous said...

Dennis: Thank you. After the videotaping yesterday, 'take one' meant something entirely different.
Couldn't shake it. I hand out business cards too, so I should've been able to get that... BTW 'For A Good Time Call...'is NOT on my business cards. I know how you think.

Dennis said...

Lois, you seem to have picked up a stutter. Rough night?

Kim said...


I love the heat, but we desperately need rain! You couldn't pay me any amount to move back up north, I hate anything under 70 anymore!
I don't know where it is, but looked it up on the map! A few hours away!

have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Dennis: just distracted right now. I'm ok from last night and ready to go for this afternoon, tonight, and then the big VaBeach homegirl party Sat-Sun. I may not be around mon. I'll really be stuttering then...or that may be the least of my problems. We'll see.

jimhllrn said...

After about 5 min. I kept getting bogged down, so I looked up 7D. After entering OVID I cruised. I also did a lot of erasing. I had STIFF for 49D which made me work a bit.
Not an easy puzzle, but a fun one.

re. RUBE. BAck in the day, a carnie would holler, "HEY RUBE" when being harassed by someone and help would arrive in the form of a big guy with a club. A Rube was considered a hick farmer by the hick carnies.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone

The word "Rube" was used extensively in the Circus and Carnival world. I believe it was P.T. Barnum that said "There is a sucker born every minute". They looked on "Country Bumpkins" as being naive and easily "taken in".

Anonymous said...

Jimhllrn: About 49D...
yeah, stiff ones make me work a bit too. I fully understand.

Barry G. said...

Oh, and C.C. -- it looks like we were both a bit off on the identity of 8D. It's neither Severin (as I said) or Steverinsen (as you have listed). It's actually Severinsen.

carol said...

Hi all, lots of fun this morning. I had the same trouble with 23A for awhile. I thought the clue for 33D was cute, have not seen that one before.
C.C.: I see the Chinese characters too, wish I could read them.

Drdad: Glad you arrived safely. Keep us informed as to your exploits (well some of them, we don't want to upset Lois)

Lois: What a party girl you are! How do you keep going? Maybe by getting "a rise" our of a "stag"??
Don't get too "sporty" in your "backyard"!

No one answered my question of yesterday at 7:16pm

Barry G. said...

No one answered my question of yesterday at 7:16pm

Well, if it makes you feel better, I'm not a crossword puzzle constructor.

Dennis said...

Carol, I've thought about doing an 'off-color' one, but something always comes up...

Anonymous said...

The Rube depends on your age group. Goldberg just came along and made it easier to become a rube. In the dictionary it is defined as unsophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Carol: You are hilarious! 'Going' is not the intended direction resulting from the 'rise' out of the 'stags'. But you are on the right track!

About that backyard. It's way too sporty for me (son's bmx park), so I tend to have my sporting events in a more 'private parts'.

Anonymous said...

c.c. I also receive your Chinese Characters. But your translation to English would sure help.

Not familiar with the answer to 47a. I always thought a clodhopper was some sort of shoe. No???

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning everyone! C.C., great theme analysis. I was stumped to come up with one. Johnny's band leader was Doc Severinsen (no T). I agree with your clue alternative. THEO's dad is Cosby, not Crosby (sorry, it's the proofreader in me coming out). Your The Big Game (can't call it the Super Bowl, you know -- that's a copyrighted name, LOL!) analysis was amazing. Roald DAHL also wrote James and the Giant Peach.)I have no problem reading your Chinese characters.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

surprisingly smooth for me today, a few hurdles on the east side but managed to pull it all together.

c.c. love your links, as usual. i see your chinese characters just fine.

carol, try this free demo of a crossword compiler program.

dennis, i got your off color crosswords right here (sorry mom)

have a great weekend everyone, c.c., take care of your DD's.

Barry G. said...

Not familiar with the answer to 47a. I always thought a clodhopper was some sort of shoe. No???

The clue was actually "clod chopper," i.e., something that chops clods [of dirt]. Which is something that a HOE is primarily used for.

Dennis said...

melissa bee - OUTSTANDING! Thanks for that.

carol said...

Dennis: Good one!

Lois: You are right about the direction! How could I have missed that? Guess when everything "subsides", all will be well..too bad I quit smoking (that's when we used to light up)oh well.

Melissa: Thanks for the link to the construction site, also for the "naughty" puzzle link :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I misread the clue as hopper instead of chopper. You are right.

Anonymous said...

Erie Canal song by Bruce Springsteen:

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Bill & Barry & NYTanonimo all got it. "不知道" is "(I)Do not know".

I am getting better summerizing the theme, am I not?

Naughty, Naughty!

Anonymous said...

My eraser has worn out today,had a tough time with this one, fun though.
Dennis and the rest of you sun lovers can send some up here to BC spring is slow this year!

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning. I am really late on this guy. Had to do it on line and breezed right through it.

C.C. - you are correct. It is the Feb. 23rd puzzle and after looking it over I realized I had already done it. They are behind in more ways than just crosswords. Hope that doesn't offend anyone, it's just my opinion.

I didn't think that Rube as a hick, etc. had anything to do with Rube Goldberg as Dennis stated.

C.C. I see a series of three dashes below and three dashes above.

Jessica Alba looks great in her "Four" uniform. Lois should try one of those tight fitting things.

Kim, I will meet your hot 90 degrees and raise you ten to 100 degrees in Mumbai.

Lois, aren't stiff ones the best?

Crockett1947 said...

C.C., I was very impressed that you got a theme on this one at all, and I thought is was very clever. But I think you're better at summarizing them instead of summerizing them -- this English language is a tough one to learn.

lois said...

drdadd: glad you got to check in. I love this modern technology.

As far as tight fitting things? Wearing them is not exactly what I have in mind. And you're so right. It IS the stiff ones that are the best. Had a few of those tonight. Met some new ones too. You are talking about drinks, right? The Party is ON!

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Thanks for swinging by.

Is Yantai better than Mumbai?

Summarizing is tough!

The Party is obviously still ON at midnight!

waphle said...

愚蠢的兔子! Trix 是給小孩吃的!