Jan 15, 2009

Barry Silk Puzzles

I mentioned yesterday that there should be an abbreviation hint for ATF (21A: Booze, butts and bullets bureau) in Barry Silk's "Score" puzzle. It turned out that his original clue is "Justice Dept. agency".

Here are some more of his originals:

36A: California Congresswoman Lofgren: ZOE. Unknown to me. See this picture. The lady on ZOE Lofgren's left is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Arnold's tie has strange combination of colors.

37A: Took sides?: ATE. Great clue.

60A: Philadelphia had the first one in the United States: ZOO. Nice trivia.

44A: Jimmy Rollins in 2007: MVP. Barry is a Philly fan.

69A: Yamaha competitor: SONY. See? I was right in saying that "Vaio maker" is not his original clue.

1D: Dizzy Gillespie's jazz: BEBOP. Clear Ayes mentioned that "Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie were early bebop musicians" yesterday.

10D: B sharp equivalents: C-FLATS. Any comment, Barry G, KittyB and all your music experts? Our editor changed the clue to "Some major scales".

42D: NASA acceleration unit: ONE G. Yesterday's clues is "NASA unit".

Barry has submitted over 20 puzzles to TMS, but has not heard from our editor since Nov 1 when Tribune announced the bankruptcy. He is not optimistic that his puzzles will be published. Everything seems so uncertain with Tribune right now.

He has decided to make one of the puzzles available to readers of this blog. It has a great sports theme. If you want to solve the puzzle, please email me at And don't throw away the puzzle once you are done. I will blog about it next Tuesday or Wednesday and I want to hear your views about his grid.

I sure hope we will see more Barry Silk puzzle in the near future. What a classy guy he is.



C.C. Burnikel said...

I think you will love Barry's puzzle.

Dennis said...

No doubt; I definitely want it, and I want to take my time with it. And 'took sides/ate' is one of the best clue/answer combinations I've ever seen. He's truly gifted with this stuff.

lois said...

Good morning CC: Wow, what a mess the editor made of Mr. Silk's orignial clues! The clue for 10D was esp. foul and vague. Glad to see the originals. Am excited about the sports theme puzzle he's making available to us. What a champ of a man. The situation w/the Tribune is worrisome. We'll keep our fingers 'crossed'. Stay tuned, eh?

Dick said...

Good morning; I would like to have the Barry Silk puzzle when available. It is so nice that you have your connection to Barry. Keep up the good work.

Superfrey said...

Barry's clues were clearly better... editorial ego must get involved here.... TAKE SIDES was a tricky one....

Dick said...

Good morning CC and all; Cc the Allegheny comes from the Lenape (Delaware) Indians. The river starts in Potter county in northern Pennsylvania, flows north into New York, then into the Kinzua dam. From the Kinzua the river flows south to Pittsburgh where it joins with the Monongahela River to form the Ohio River.

Dr.G said...

C.C. I don't understand B sharp equivalent; that would be
C natural, not C flat. B sharp would be equal to A flat.

I would also like to receive Mr. Silk's baseball puzzle.

Anonymous said...

c flat = b natural; b sharp = c natural. no black keys between b and c on the piano. So, don't b sharp, don't b flat, b natural...

carol said...

Hi C.C., I would love to get the puzzle!
Barry Silk always makes me think (reallllly hard):)...but it's always worth the effort.

WM said...

C.C. Thank you so much for the original much more clever and I would have gotten a couple of the anwers more quickly. I am not sure why editors often feel the need to alter really good clues.

This is a treat to see the originals. Though often difficult for me, I love the challenge he presents.

Buckeye said...

c.c. i too would like Silk's sports X/W. My e-mail is below or let me know how else I can get it.

I must be off

Clear Ayes said...

I'm looking forward to next week's blog about Barry Silk's "exclusive" puzzle. Aren't we special?? :o) How nice of him to take the time. It is really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Barry for his generosity and thank you, CC, for sharing. A sport theme puzzle is a great selection as a gift to you. How thoughtful.