Apr 13, 2009

LA Times Puzzle Poll Result

Poll question: How do you like LA Times puzzle so far?

Total votes: 704

Much better than TMS Daily: 103 (14%)

No different than TMS Daily: 16 (2%)

I miss my old TMS Daily: 520 (73%)

Need more time to think: 65 (9%)

Thanks for the participation.



Dutch Uncle said...

The change-over suits me fine ! The LATs are more challenging and that means I've got to wake up - after years of the previous easy mush. It's a "change for the better" !

C.C. Burnikel said...

Dutch Uncle,
Yes, indeed, "change for the better". Now I feel like we are playing in PGA Tour. With the old TMS Daily, it felt like The Nationwide Tour.

Anonymous said...

I did not see the poll question about the crossword puzzle but I would like to add my opinion. These new puzzles are more difficult later in the week and quite honestly I am so frustrated by that time,
i'm almost ready to cancel my subscription.
Even when I see the answers, they are so obscure and oblique that it takes away from the challenge of the puzzle. Thanks for considering us regular folk!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous @6:35pm,
You are not alone. Lots of us are struggling to get used to the new cluing style. But please don't give up so easily. Try it for 2 more months. You can always go to the Comments section if you have any question.

Anonymous said...

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