May 28, 2009

Poll Result

Pool Question: What's Your Favorite Puzzle Theme?

Total replies: 181

Words that precede/follows: 6 (3%)

Synonym/rhyming: 8 (4%)

Hidden words (split into several parts): 4 (2%)

Clue related: 39 (21%)

Other word manipulation (drop/add letters): 5 (2%)

Quip/Quote: 8 (4%)

Holiday or other special event puzzle: 22 (12%)

Rebus: 3 (1%)

I prefer themeless: 19 (10%)

I don't really care: 32 (17%)

Thanks for the participation.



Sam Warda said...

30D- Live and breathe is to exist(are)

Donna said...

Potsie is the dark haired friend who sings.

Southern Belle said...

C.C. weren't you surprised at the number of solvers that didn't care? I really like the theme puzzles, because usually if you get one leads your brain in that direction and you have an easier time solving the rest of the puzzle. Oh, well, I'll take any LAT puzzle. Sorry, they feel some of the puzzles need to be made easier. I like to have to stretch my brain and not just fill in the blanks.
Thanks again, C.C. for your great blog!