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May 18, 2009

Monday May 18, 2009 Dan Naddor

Theme: Just a Little R AND B (55D: Music genre suitable for this puzzle's theme), not R & B

22A: Pastrami sandwich choice: RYE BREAD

27A: Mexican side dish: REFRIED BEANS

48A: Beef for a Sunday dinner: ROAST BRISKET

56A: Float soft drink: ROOT BEER

Argyle blogging.

Few stumpers to keep the tyros on their toes but a good Monday.


1A: Fastener pressed with a thumb: TACK.

4A: Be successful: GO FAR.

10A: Five-star general Bradley: OMAR. Gen. Bradley was one of the main U.S. Army field commanders in North Africa and Europe during World War II.

14A: Had on: WORE.

15A: Cara of "Fame": IRENE. Flashdance.

17A: Monopoly token: IRON.

20A: Poem division: STANZA.

24A: Rise from the runway: TAKE OFF.

26A: Yeah's opposite: NAH.

33A: Revolutionary Guevara: CHE.

37A: Internet giant that recently fought Microsoft's hostile takeover attempt: YAHOO.

38A: 50%: HALF.

40A: Trivial, as talk: SMALL.

42A: Four-legged Oz traveler: TOTO.

43A: New York's __ Island: ELLIS.

45A: Granddaddy of digital computers: ENIAC. Short for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. ENIAC was designed and built to calculate artillery firing tables for the U.S. Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory.

52A: Like decades : TEN-YEAR. A span of ten years is a decade.

61A: Layers: STRATA.

63A: Model Campbell: NAOMI. Hard to find a photo where she isn't showing a lot of flesh!

65A: __ angle: obliquely: AT AN.

67A: Sci-fi robot: DROID. Short for android. Famous droids.

68A: Unlikely class president: NERD.

71A: Chicago daily, familiarly: TRIB.


1D: Chubby Checker's dance craze: TWIST.

4D: Original Easy-Bake Oven toy company: KENNER. OK, show of hands: Who had one of these ovens?

5D: Tallest animals: GIRAFFES.

6D: Bonanza rock: ORE.

10D: Break down due to lack of coolant, as an auto: OVERHEAT.

11D: Stallion's mate: MARE. Who will be Rachel Alexandra's mate?

12D: Most of Turkey is in it: ASIA.

13D: Film critic Rex: REED.

21D: "__101": Emmy- nominated Nickelodeon sitcom: ZOEY. With Jamie Lynn Spears. Umm, where have I heard that last name before?

25D: Drafter of the Constitution, e.g.: FRAMER.

28D: Persian, today: IRANI.

29D: Sign up: ENLIST.

30D: Sailor's cry: AHOY.

33D: Sonny's singing partner: CHER. The groovy couple. Feel free to link your favorite Sonny and Cher song.

39D: Skid, as a car's rear end: FISHTAIL. With the advent of front-wheel drive cars, most people don't experience fishtailing anymore.

41D: Summer cottage site: LAKESIDE.

49D: Country singer __ Lee: BRENDA.

50D: Despot: TYRANT.

53D: Peter, pumpkinwise: EATER. Peter Peter pumpkin eater / Had a wife and couldn't keep her /He put her in a pumpkin shell / And there he kept her very well!

54D: Video game pionee: ATARI.

56D: Go here and there: ROAM.

58D: Kind of agreement: ORAL.

60D: Corner chess piece: ROOK. Or castle.

64D: Part of MP: Abbr.: MIL. MILitary Police.

Grid answer.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a good Monday puzzle, typically easy, but with a good theme and some fresh cluing. Very unusual to have a complete unknown on a Monday one, but I didn't have a clue what 'Zoey 101' was. Couple good clues for us near-deads, with the 'Twist' and 'Kenner' toys. I always enjoy seeing 'Eniac', as that was the machine responsible for my corporate career.

Today is Visit Your Relatives Day, and No Dirty Dishes Day. These 'days' are sometimes really bizarre.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Lots of old people don't get wise, but you don't get wise unless you age." -- Scholar Joan Erikson

Couple more Fun Facts:

- Amusement park attendance goes up after a fatal accident. It seems many people want to ride the same ride that killed someone.

- The United States has 5% of the world's population, but 25% of the world's prison population.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

I got ZOEY immediately. It appeared in our old puzzle before. Besides, so much gossip coverage on the whole Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy scandal. Maybe China has the world's most prison population.

The YAHOO clue feels old. So last year! Very simple theme/grid today. I tried to draw a diagonal line from the first letter T in 1-Across to last letter B in 56-D (unusual run-through middle diagonal grid), thinking there might be a hidden Merl Reagle "The Simpsons" style message, But alas, nothing meaningful emerged. Liked the four 8-letter answers in the Down entries.

Argyle said...

Here's a little gibe I didn't get posted in time:
30D: Sailor's cry: "Oh, no!" when they sober up and find out they've enlisted.C.C., I see it. It starts out TOON OF A but then, nothing. Oh well.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Al & Lemonade,
So many gems in your posts every day. Thanks for the time and effort. Lemonade, my brain seems to belch some of what I've learned from you, esp those entertainment names.

No, but "Grease" is on my Netflix queue.

Anonymous @3:23pm,
I cheat all the time. OneAcross is a very effective tool. When I get up late and am pressed for time, I just let the computer reveal the answers.

Barb B,
Three beautiful women! I like your title for Windhover, Troll Patrol. It fits him so well.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Fred & Jerome,
Thanks for the take on crossword construction rules. As long as the puzzles are entertaining & fun to solve, I don't think we common folk really care too much about rule bending. Fred, great SHAZAM explanation.

Kitty B & WM & Warren,
Thanks for PP & anorak.

Clear Ayes,
I can't imagine a crossword corner without your clear eyes.

The mechanics of construction seem to be evolving too. We've had two 15X16, and 16X15 from today's constructor Dan Naddor in the past few months. Plus, some 23X23 or rebus puzzles in NYT or other newspapers. Or vowel-less grids.

Martin said...

I finished the puzzle in about 15 minutes but vI couldn't parse RANDB so I didn't get what the theme was. Doh! I also had ENROLL instead of ENLIST but then I realised that SMARL was SMALL. :)


Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

A good Monday morning with a bit of head scratching. I had no clue on 21D and couldn't get Roast Beef out of my head for 48A. I only got Eniac by fills.

Had a great weekend! My older sister and her boyfriend joined us at camp for Dad's 75th. A bit windy but it gave me a chance to work with Dad landing the pontoon boat we bought him last year. It's a nice little rig that enables my mother to make it to camp. Its landlocked so you have to boat in and unfortunately she is in the process of having numerous joint replacements. Her second knee is next which was previously scheduled as a shoulder replacement. Both are tough birds but I worry about them up there alone even though I'm glad enjoy their independence. We cut a bunch of trees down to let a little more light into the camp. I got a couple of trips around the lake trolling but didn't have any luck. Even with the wind the black flies were thick. Still had a great time!

Weather remains gray and cool. They're predicting 70's by the middle of the week and then cooling again for the weekend. Spring in Maine!! It's All Good!

Have a great day.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all,..a nice typically easy Monday. Not really much to comment 0n today as the fills came as quickly as I could write.

I am still working on the Sunday puzzle as we had family here for the week end and c/w time was scarce. The Sunday puzzle seemed really easy for the sections I worked on. I can't wait to read everyone's comments on the Sunday puzzle later today.

Mainiac I used to have a camp in northern Ontario and the black flies would drive you indoors in the spring. They made going there in early spring an unenjoyable event.

Hope you all have a great Monday.

Lola said...

Even though the puzzle was "Monday easy", it was not trite. The only old standbys I noticed were okra and Toto. The constructor also seemed to be giving us a nod with 71A Trib.

I hope everyone has a beautiful day. The Northwest should be in the high 70's to low 80's.

Hay nos vemos

Hahtoolah said...

Anyone out there still remember the Kenner advertisements ~ "It's Kenner. It's Fun!" and then the little bird would run across the screen going "RRRRR."

Anonymous said...

@ barb b,
windhover uses iPhone for blogging. he can type while mowing alfafa.

KittyB said...

Good morning, all.

Argyle, did the Kenner oven use a light bulb to 'bake' the cakes? I may have had one.

Today's puzzle was an easy one. Like Dennis, I didn't know Zoey 101, but it came from the fills.

We visited our relatives yesterday. One of our granddaughters turns five on Wednesday, so her parents held a party for her yesterday. Ever been to a "Pump It Up"??

Dennis, the figures on prison population don't surprise me at all, given our country's population, and the fact that we are willing to build prisons and pay the expense of incarcerating criminals. Are the penalties for crime in economically struggling countries stiffer, or are they just rife with crime?

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day in the Chicago suburbs. I hope you all have a great Monday!

A penny saved is a government oversight.

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., 'Dennis time' today and enjoyed the clues. Loved seeing OK in the same puzzle as 'overheat'. Those two just go together so well. Explains why my 'halo' is at a full tilt. It will 'soon' be time to 'take off' for that heavenly 'lakeside' place in the Wichita Mtns where the buffalo 'roam' and I play w/the long horns.No 'small' 'yearn'ing! I want to see if I can change cowboy Peter Peter pumpkin
'eater''s menu to a more meaty diet, and I'm not talkin' just 'roast brisket' - maybe some 'fish tail'? I'll help that man 'go far'. So ready to save a horse - ride a cowboy.

Met our blogger buds Bill and Nancy at the Bluegrass Festival this wkend in Amelia VA. The talent was overwhelming - on and off the stage. Our Bill was among the best with his bass fiddle
"Isabell". Just unbelievable talent - everywhere. Jam sessions going on all over the place at night with, banjo pickin', guitar strumming, fiddling, and singing with the most beautiful voices and harmonizing. Nancy also wins my Golden Gourmet Award for the best spaghetti sauce I've ever had and I'm a connoiseur. It was a great time! Lots of food, drink, music, and excellent company. Thank you, Bill and Nancy. I'm looking forward to the next time.

Enjoy your day.

SandbridgeKaren said...

Smiled when I opened the paper to find a Dan Naddor puzzle - I think he does a great job of constructing and we don't usually see him until later in the week. Am I correct?

Anyway half a cup of tea'er - fun but not terribly filling. My parents never bought me an easy bake oven and I begged for one - I'm sure they'd fail all of today's tests for appropriate toys for kids.

We are having another noreaster here at the beach; sure hope it gets the rain and wind out of its system before Memorial Day and the deluge of tourists. It's so unfair when they pay a lot to rent a house at the beach and then get miserable weather over a holiday weekend.

I too didn't finish yesterdays puzzle due to company and time constraints and will complete after my volunteer stint at the Aquarium today. Our local paper was doing a survey that ended on May 15th about changing to the new LAT puzzles - they've stopped running their blurb and kept the puzzle so I have to assume they couldn't find anything else and are sticking with these!! Yeah!!!

Linda said...

CC: To answer your question about Jeremiah...what CA said. The old teacher adage worked! ("Look it up!")

CA: Enjoyed re-reading about "Pascal`s Wager." I`ve always felt that it`s a 50/50 crap shoot as to whether a believer or a non-believer is correct...(since neither of us can actually offer concrete proof of our positions) BUT, if I`m wrong, I have nothing to lose.

When our daughter was a pre-schooler, she really wanted an EZ-bake oven. She didn`t get it right away so she came up with her own theology. She said, "Well! When I get to heaven, I`m gonna have a gold-platted EZ-bake oven!"

Both puzzles just a "tad" more tricky but doesn`t take much to "re-set" my internal I was up early again today and had the time.

Having grandkids who love Nick made "Zoey" a gimme.That is two of them...ready for a tea the avatar.

Dennis: Since my definition of wisdom is "the correct application of knowledge," it takes a while to see what works and what doesn`t. During the process we age, unfortunately.

kazie said...

G'morning all!
Today was a speed run for me. Nice and easy after the weekend--I think I said that last Monday too. Anyway, my only pause was after I had RANDB--it took a second to "see" R and B in it.

I had no idea about ZOEY or KENNER, both beyond my cultural kenn, but the perps put them in for me.

Great blog, Argyle. Nice of you to give c.c. a chance to sleep in a bit occasionally.

I've emailed relatives, and have to run the dishwasher today, does that count?

Maybe you have to be a life-long learner to wise up even with old age.

I think the "struggling" or developing countries probably kill off more of their criminals because they wouldn't have the money to maintain large prison populations. That in itself might be more of a deterrent to crime too. Aren't there still places where a thief's hand is cut off? Much cheaper than imprisonment!

Argyle said...

Other old standbys:

The original Easy-Bake Oven resembled a conventional oven; today's Easy-Bake Ovens resemble microwave ovens.
The original used a light bulb or two, nobody is agreeing on this even though the box states two. Also, the wattage is in dispute. Some say a 100 watt, others say 60 watt. I think it was two sixty watt bulbs. My little sister had one.

Linda said...

Argyle: I bet at some point you tried out that oven! My two boys did...and one took it apart! (the "cakes" were terrible!...but we ate them like they were delicious!)

See you guys Tuesday.

Southern Belle said...

Good morning all - Well, the white dress, petticoats and parasol have been put away until next year's festivities. Really missed the puzzles and comments of fellow bloggers.

KittyB - Yes, it was a light bulb. Unfortunately we purchased one for a daughter and had to eat many undercooked 'delights'.

No problem with today's puzzle until I got to the theme - RANDB.
Just aging - and not getting wiser.

It is cold here today! Lower to mid 70s - last week, mid to high
80s - but we did have rain last night. On April 13th we had one inch of rain in one hour and last night got about 1/4" of rain in two hours. Can't wait to see our water bill!

We don't eat dirt at our house, so no dirty dishes!

JD said...

Good morning all,

OK, now I understand how some of you feel when you get an easy puzzle and zip right thru it. I haven't read any comments, because I'm off to jury duty, but I'm sure others found it a cinch. Eniac and framer had to be filled with perps. I had to erase "Peter, Peter" and switch it to eater.LOL I'll read Lois's tribute to this c/w later.

No fog yet, we be sizzling!

Jazzbumpa said...

Argyle -
Why would you want to find a picture of Naomi Campbell where she isn't showing a lot of flesh? Flesh is good - it's what keeps your bones from tumbling onto the floor.

CC -
I take the mechanics for granted. Didn't even notice the 15x16s until they were pointed out. That deviation was well justified by the puzzle characteristics, IMHO.

A few personal connections to today's puzzle. I grew up near Lake 19A, and did the 1D in high school - but not to 49D's songs.

Grandson Nate was born with transposition of the great arteries - the 2D and pulmonary arteries were hooked up in reverse. He had open heart surgery at one week. He's doing great and will be 7 in August.

5D are the LW's favorite animals.

Though my father was a 50D, he did not force me to be a 53D of 62A.

While at the chiropractor this morning, had my 70A adjusted.

Today's 5A clue/answer combination does not trouble me at all. How is it different from Saturday's 10D? Hmmmmm . . .

Beautiful sunny day here, but not very warm. Got grass to cut.


Anonymous said...

A nice Monday puzzle this morning. The only one I didn’t know was eniac, but got it with the fills. My favorite clue today was “rise from the runway” – take off. I had an Easy Bake oven when I was a little girl. My favorite was the little chocolate cake. Go figure.

Maybe Mine that Bird should be Rachel Alexandra’s mate. Imagine the horse they would produce.

I think I will go visit relatives today and use their dishes. Then I wouldn’t have any dirty dishes today. I think that’s pretty good thinking.

Anonymous said...

I finished quickly today. Even considering I was also watching last week's House and petting the cat at the same time. Said cat is now interferring with my keyboard skills. Sorry.
Never had an Easy Bake. Zoey was easy-name of my youngest grandchild. Loved Sonny and Cher as a teen. Wanted the funky vest. Go figure!!
Hmm, No Dirty Dishes Day-guess I better run the DW today.

kazie said...

I think Saturday's 10D and today's 5A are similar. I described "be ahead" as verb + adjective late last night, but actually I guess both "ahead" and "far" are adverbs, now I think about it more. Funny how things strike us differently sometimes.

Also glad your grandson is doing well now. Strange, the maladies one can be born with, but rarely ever hear of.

Good thinking--way to go on combining days.

Elissa said...

Typical Monday puzzle, but, in keeping with my comment the other day, I had no trouble with the more obscure stuff (ENIAC, ZOEY) but the easy stuff eluded me ('m' in FRAMER and SMALL was my last fill).

I never wanted an EZ Bake Oven. My mother let us bake stuff in the real one. On the other hand when I was in elementary school I had a toy kiln for making copper enamel jewelry. While the enamel powder had a fairly low melting point, it was still hundreds of degrees. My brother and sister and I agree that it is a miracle that we survived our childhood.

Lola said...

O.K. Argyle, I'll give you Alai, Ella, and Earn. I didn't mean we'd never heard these words before. It's just that the puzzle didn't seem to overwork them. Also, Merit was different cluing for Earn. I enjoyed all the Y's in the grid. They were visually pleasing to me for some obscure reason. TTFN

windhover said...

"Imagine the horse they would produce".
Unfortunately, all we can do is imagine it. Mine that Bird is a gelding. I think he has a brother, though, so they might do the Daniel Boone thing.

I know people will ask, so here's the explanation. He may not be well known elsewhere, but ole Dan'l was one of the first white settlers in Kentucky. He was given to roaming, and often went off on extended hunting trips. According to lore, he once returned from a year long such trip to find that his wife Rebecca had a new baby. When he asked whose it was, she replied, " It's your brother's". He replied, "Well, as long as it's in the family". That has become a Kentucky tradition.
Lois, do you pass through Kentucky on your way to this cowboy shindig? I have a brother.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, As The Mamas and Papas sang, "Monday, Monday, so good to me", I sailed right through this one and only had to refer to the perps with ZOEY and ENIAC.

My favorite RYE BREAD sandwich is a Reuben. I had a terrific one at a little cafe in Mariposa, CA last week, when I was there for election worker training.

It was a much better morning to complete the puzzle than yesterday. The 102 degree heat has cooled down and I don't think we will be going much higher than the mid 90's today. GAH and I try not to use the A/C unless the inside temperature is over 85 degrees (warm, but bearable with the ceiling fans), but yesterday was a "we surrender" day. It was still 85 degrees outside when I went to bed at 11 PM.

Linda, I'm an inveterate "looker-upper" That's why I love the internet. The world really is at our fingertips (as long as we are reasonably discerning).

Southern Belle, Good point about dirt-y dishes.

Windhover, Daniel Boone was a very sensible man.

Argyle, great blogging as usual.

Anonymous said...

@Windhover, forgive my ignorance, but why would anyone do that to a young horse? Especially one that might be a darn good race horse.

Barb B said...

Nice job, Argyle. Thanks.

Easy Peasy today, as many have mentioned. I had no troubles, but didn’t see the theme till it was pointed out. That’s the way it usually goes for me. I had to laugh at myself for not getting Root Beer right away, since I had a root beer float on Saturday. All the food clues were great, but I never had brisket for Sunday dinner. Pot roast for us, and brisket was for barbeques.

I prefer the term saging to aging; guess that makes me a typical baby boomer. Wise is good, old is often not good. Old gets little respect, but wisdom does. I laughed at yesterdays clue ‘time for retirement’ because many boomers don’t want forced retirement. I hope I’m always working in some way.

Mainiac - your weekend sounds like something to read in a novel. Increases my desire to move to a place I can be closer to nature; without black flies, of course.

Never had an easy-bake. I made mud pies under the grape arbor and dried them in the hot Texas sun. Often added an egg from the banty hen that my grandmother called mine, and decorated them with lantana flowers.

Clear Ayes said...

Tarrajo, According to a CNN online article, "Young race horses are gelded for being too excitable or too unexcitable: they won't train or they won't race. Geldings must have some quality, because the object is to wind up with a useful race horse. They must not have too much quality, because the big money is in breeding."

Apparently Mine That Bird didn't have the kind of pedigree that indicated he would be a successful stud, but by gelding him he is a money making racer. Horse racing is definitely not a sentimental undertaking. The line is drawn at what will most probably make the most money. Maybe Mine That Bird could have produced good foals, but his owners didn't think so and decided his future was in racing only.

Anonymous said...

@clearayes, thank you for the information. I wonder though if perhaps they obtain a "sample" before the deed is done.

Al said...


Openings of Each Transcript Used In case (4) ETUI, a common crossword fill word. The first letters (openings) of the four words before "case".

Treatment of forces in applying medicine to law (8) FORENSIC
anagram of "forces in". The key phrase is "treatment of", indicating scrambling the letters into an anagram.


Drunken horse that's swallowed a bit of whisky(6)

Winter sports enthusiasts taking part in riskier sport(6)

WM said...

Morning... Easy puzzle but I second Martin...ENROLL for ENLIST and couldn't understand RAND B...DUH. My first thought on the computer thing is always UNIVAC...but ENIAC is family once seen. Other than that...just quick fun. I have come across a number of Dan Naddor puzzles in my huge NYT book and they are do-able, but a challenge...just the way I like it.

Definitely had an easy bake oven and it was one of the toys I had that my brothers didn't get their hands roller skates became skate boards and then scooters. :o(

Dennis...that urge to ride on a ride where someone has previoulsy died is called natural selection... always, a most excellent job. It is so great of you to do this for us and C.C..Much admiration from this corner.

We are still going to be toasty today...although I did see a photo of the fog rolling across the Golden Gate last relief is near. GAK! :oP

Also...I picked up a new public venue show in the Palo Alto Main Library for 8-12 paintings for Aug/Sept...if it doesn't cool down, I may be moving the easel into the living room!

carol said...

Good morning C.C.and everyone,
Argyle, good of you to fill in today, and I liked your comments.
I did not have an Easy Bake Oven, I was too old. I did look it up on Google, and they sure sound like they would never be able to be sold today!

I had no idea either what 'Zoey 101' was/is.

Roast brisket??? Only pot roast for us and any day of the week will do.
I agree, briskets are probably best BBQ'd.

Eniac gave me fits..all I could think of was UNIVAC.

KittyB(7:48a) Pump it up?? I hope that is not a party for men with ED.

Dennis: do you think we ought to warn the good people of OK that Lois is heading their way? All the cowboys would be at the airport for sure!

Jazzbumpa said...

Kazie -

Nate was born at Mott's Chldren's Hospital, U of M, Ann Arbor. It is an amazing place. The Dr. who did Nate's surgery does two every work day. That is his life. There is a world map on the wall with pins in locations where kids have come from to be treated there, for all sorts of maladies. I looks like a porcupine. Many heart-rending stories are told there. We are so very lucky.

Clear Ayes said...

Tarrajo, Artificial insemination is not allowed for registered thoroughbred horses. It's got to be "up close and personal".

WM, Congrats again!

I really like this song by Michelle Shocked When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Old Woman. Buckeye, here's Kate!

I am enjoying my journey on the way to being really 66, I've passed middle age. It is bringing new challenges and adventures all the time.

I found this poem on the internet a while back. Not a great poem, but a nice sentiment and one I hope is, at least, mostly true. No poet name was given, so it must remain anonymous.


The beauty of a woman
Is not in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries,
Or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman
must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman
must be seen as a whole.
True beauty in a woman
Is reflected in her soul.

It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows,
And the beauty of a woman
With passing years-only grows!

Anonymous said...

Took me 20 min. and I was feeling smart 'till I read some of the posts. Seems as tho this is an easy puzzle day. Oh well!

BTW, do some of you guys get the puzzle right off the press? I see some early morning posts, e.g. Dennis & C.C.

WM said... poem...well said and so true...that ANON person sure wrote an lot of poetry. ;o) And thanks.

windhover said...

The all-wise ClearAyes (is there anything that woman doesn't know? She has been paying attention.) has already answered your questions, so I'll just add that here in Kentucky (home of fast women and beautiful horses), we call what she referred to as "up close and personal" - natural cover. We are so euphemistic, except when we're not.
We call it "thinning the herd".

lois said...

Argyle: meant to compliment you on your blogging expertise. You really do a sensational job. Thank you.

Windhover: Where in Ky are you? In June your brother is safe. I'll fly over your state on the way to the cowboy shindig, as you called it. However, I'll be in Lexington Jy 30-Aug 3 for my oldest daughter's wedding. If you live anywhere near there you might want to tell your brother to run. Actually, he better hide too. I'll have reinforcements with me - 2 more daughters.

Jerome said...

Monday puzzles can be hard to create. It's a little like serving up a basic and simple meatloaf to a group of gourmands and hoping they enjoy it. Dan has served up a nice theme with just the right amount of spice... FISHTAIL, TAKEOFF, OVERHEAT, CROAK, and a TWIST of GIRAFFES. Makes me wanna shout YAHOO!

Argyle said...

a TWIST of GIRAFFESHow cool!

Vern said...

Two empty spots. Couldn't for the life of me think of a music genre that starts with R and ends with S and the two word "at an" for angle never registered. Thanks for this site. It seems like yesterday that my daughter (3 boys & one girl) was playing with an Easy Bake oven and now her oldest of four is going to be a junior at Miami of Ohio. My kids find it hard to believe that when I was young we made lead soldiers by heating lead until it was molten hot and then pouring into a mold. The child-safety police would have a fit with that!

Dennis said...

Argyle, now that'snecking! By the way, nice job on the blog - your typically superb effort on this one.

Linda, well said re: age.

Kazie, I think you've got the 'day' well covered. And you're right, other countries are much freer about killing off their criminals than we are. Yes, they still cut off hands in certain places. The Taliban are big on this.

Elissa, you're right - it's amazing we survived childhood. I had all kinds of toys that plugged in, play forts made of metal with razor-sharp edges, toy cannons that would blow out an eardrum, etc. etc. And if something happened, it was your own stupid fault, not a product liability issue.

Windhover, regarding Lois: be careful what you wish for. Can you really afford to be laid up (so to speak) indefinitely this time of year?

BarbB, 'saging' is absolutely perfect. And like you, I hope to always be doing something productive.

WM, let's hear it for natural selection! And congratulations on yet another show.

Carol, the smart cowboys are running for their lives, if they're capable of running after Lois' last trip there.

Luxor, I'm usually up by 6, and the paper's already in the yard, so I'm typically done by the time C.C. publishes her blog.

windhover said...

I live about 20 miles south of Lexington, if crows could fly.

If you are as young as I think, this daughter thing probably won't work for me or the brother. We would both be like the guy who traded his 40 year old wife in for two twenty year olds and promptly died of a heart attack. He wasn't wired for 220. At our ages, our wiring is a little questionable too.
But we were hoping you might stop by after you dispense with those cowboys. Maybe we could find a cowman somewhere.

If you have any free time while you're in the horse capital of the world, we'd like to buy you a drink (My wife and I, my brother lives a 100 miles from here.

tobylee said...

Hi Everybody,
I am back from the cruise and was craving some CW. It is probably good that this morning went so smoothly as I seem to loose any aptitude quickly these days. I use the online version so 'red letters' do speed the process.
The Alasks cruise was a wonderful week of good weather, which we were told was rare. I didn't get to do the float plane in Juneau because of high winds. So I didn't get to see the Mendenhall glacier close up. I will save that for another trip. From the ship we sailed around the Hubbard Glacier and it was so amazing. Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and my favorite was little Sitka. It was so charming and the people were very warm. I ate at the VanWinkle and Son Restaurant.I had a halibut sandwich that was so good. It was moist, flaky and full of flavor; the best I have ever eaten. At Ketchikan I went on a jet boat and bus ride to view the area more closely.
I did learn that even though you go with a group of friends it is hard to keep in touch. I was on one floor aft and they were on the next forward. It is good I can talk to anybody or I would have spent more time alone. I met some other nice widows. Has anyone heard of the Dr from Seattle eaten by a croc in Africa? I met his wife on the trip. She was in the canoe behind him. Some people have to deal with a lot in life.
So back to real life and my cooking.
Have a good Monday.

lois said...

Windhover: Sounds like a 'road trip'! You're on. I'll be in touch...and I promise to be gentle.

Dick said...

@tobylee, my wife and I took the cruise to Alaska and it is one of the favorite cruises we have ever taken. Happy to hear you enjoyed it also.

maria said...

Good evening all,
Yes, it was easy today , even for me, though i didn't know from Zoey or Kenner, the perps helped nicely, did not have to look up anything, but i still could not do it in less that 25 min.

CA. the poem was lovely, it reminded me of Gibran's writings, he always said , the eyes are the mirror of the soul.
Also, thanks to your inter-action with Terrajo , I now know why they call a horse a "gelding". (sigh)

Jerome, very nice, your take on the puzzle, not wanting to take anything away from Lois. but you are running neck in neck with her on puzzle "rapping"

Argyle, of course you are the icing on the cake !

Tobylee, enjoyed hearing about your trip to Alaska, i hear only good things from people who have been on that cruise.

Ta, taa for now.

Anonymous said...

We bought an easy bake toy oven for our daughter in 1971. Still have it somwhere. It is made of tin and got really hot 'till the cake was baked

Anonymous said...

Always thought the first video game was Odessy by Magnovox.

KittyB said...

Linda, that's a great pic of your granddaughters, the stuff of which memories are made! I love the 'gold-plated EZBake oven' story.

Maniac, it's nice to hear about your efforts to make your parent's retirement pleasant. I could do without the flies, but the rest sounds heavenly.

SBKaren, are you in Virginia? I'm the exception that makes the rule. I don't go to the beach to sun. I wouldn't have minded sitting in a sheltered area, watching the storm blow. I bet there weren't any black flies! lol

Argyle, Dear Husband's younger brother had an EZ Bake Oven, with one light bulb. Apparently he was interested in cooking so most of the cakes came out properly cooked. Southern Belle, you had a lot of intestinal fortitude to endure those teas! *G*

CA, I LOVE Reubens! Have you ever heard of a 'Rachael'? Coleslaw is substituted for the sauerkraut. I'd rather have the Reuben.

Carol! LOL No...a 'Pump It Up' is for young kids, a room of things to bounce on, and jump on, and slide down, all air inflated. It's the kind of party designed to wear the kids out before you feed them. Dear Husband and I chose to watch rather than participate, but the kids were right in there, playing with the grandkids, or taking pictures of it all.

Luxor, it seems to become easier with practice. Dennis is on the east coast, and is an early bird. He's frequently the first to post. I live in the Chicago area, in the Central Time Zone, so to keep up with Dennis, I have to get up at 5:00. On top of that, he solves so fast I'd need to start about 30 minutes earlier to post first. Does it sound worth it??? *G*

Woot, Lois! Are you marrying off a twelve year old!??

Tobylee, welcome back. We took that cruise and consider it to be one of the best trips we've ever made. I loved Ketchican. We flew in to the Misty Fjords National Monument in a DeHavilland Beaver and jet-boated back out. The highlight of that entire side trip was seeing an entire flock of bald eagles playing "leap frog" along the edge of an island.

Nice work, Argyle. I'm glad that C.C. can call on you when needed. Loved the "Twist of Giraffes."

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

KittyB: Thanks again. She should be here tonight for a visit before she goes to CA with her boyfriend and his family on the 30th and then off to Columbus on the 6th I think. Chicago was on their list, I believe #3, Pittsburg #1, and Columbus #2. They went on about 14 interviews. They have what they call "Match Day" and you hope that you get one of your top choices. Some don't match and/or when they don't they do what is called a scramble to be placed. Don't hold me to any of this just what I recall from what my daughter has told me. Luckily she and her boyfriend both got their #2 choice at Nationwide Childrens Hospital. This weekend we are throwing a party for her and her b/f with about 50 to 60 coming for sure.

Linda said...

Argyle: Got back earlier than SS office in our town...had to drive for an hour...but got to shop and eat!

I just realized you did the blog...and, as did a pretty terrific job!

G8rmomx2: Kudos on daughter`s med school placement. Was she Chi Omega? Are you cooking for that crowd or having it catered? (I hope you have it catered so that YOU can enjoy it, too!) Now you can just drop it into conversation as in, "You know, I was just talking to my daughter the doctor..." :)

KittyB: My granddaughters are adorable...just like their grandmother (on thier Dad`s side :)

Dennis...Still working on that wisdom thingy!

About the prison population...prisons were meant to rehabilitate as in: give order, discipline, structure and life skills to people who didn`t have that before. Now, they are college for criminals. You go in on a petty charge and come out a master criminal...but HEY...don`t get me started!

CC: I would never lump you with "we common folk!"

Lemonade714 said...

My son and his future wife are going on the Alaska cruise for their honeymoon. I have been on 30+ cruises but not Alaska yet/

Hey, a quiet busy Monday and while it was an enjoyable puzzle, it really did not inspire me, and you all made all my comments, though I always liked the name Zoey. Don't know why?

C.C. thank you as always, I just need to get you to sit and watch TV Land while you cook and clean and you will be ready for these old guys like me.

Clear Ayes said...

KittyB, I'll definitely have to try the Rachael sandwich. I do love sauerkraut, but I'll never turn down coleslaw.

GxrmomX2, Pass along the congratulations of the blog crowd to your daughter and her B/F. It is really a wonderful accomplishment.

Maria, sorry to be the one to break the news about geldings ;o)

Linda, beautiful granddaughters!

Tobylee, your Alaska cruise sounded wonderful. My parents went on a similar cruise many years ago and said it was one of the best vacations they had ever had.

I won't be checking in tomorrow. It is a 6 AM to 9 PM day as an election inspector. Hey, I get paid $120 for a 15 hour day, so what's to complain about? See you all on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Clear Ayes, I grill a sorta Rueben with smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, and shredded cabbage mixed with 1000 island dressing. Really yummy.

Lemonade, any advice on a fall Mediterranean cruise? The prices are unbelievable right now.

No Easy Bake oven here. As a farm kid, I was expected to use the real thing!


embien said...

5:07 today. The good thing about posting late is that you get to read all the comments. The bad thing is that no one will read yours.

Zoey? Never heard of him/her. Other than that most of the things were gimmees.

@luxor: You can get the puzzle anytime you like from In fact, when I went to solve the puzzle today (about 10pm), I accidentally solved the Tuesday puzzle online, and didn't realize it until I came to the blog. Had to go to the archive to get the Monday puzzle.

Add @luxor: I imagine the first video game was Pong, by Atari. I could be wrong, though.

Sleepless in MN said...

Embien, I read your post every day.

WM said...

Embien...for the purpose of the puzzle...PONG by Atari (1975).

William Higinbotham created Tennis for Two in 1958 and played it on a laboratory occiliscope.
In 1962 an early computer game called SpaceWar! was developed and in 1967,the first actual game made for TV was called CHASE. The designer was named Ralph Baer.

Its only midnite on the left coast.

Some video game trivia for anyone still up.