Jul 4, 2009

Saturday July 4, 2009 Dan Naddor

Theme: Happy Birthday, America!

16A: Devoted to one's land: PATRIOTIC

36A: With 39-Across, historic birth announcement? THE DECLARATION

39A: See 36-Across: OF INDEPENDENCE

59A: Spectacular display: FIREWORKS

15D: Slice of Americana?: APPLE PIE

37D: Soft drink since 7/4/1982: DIET COKE

Another 15*16 grid! One more row is added to accommodate the even-numbered 36A & 39A.

I was surprised to see Dan Naddor's byline earlier, as he does not construct themeless Saturday. Then I realized it's a special Fourth of July puzzle.

I had no idea that DIET COKE was launched on 7/4/1982. Was surprised to learn further that Diet Pepsi was introduced in 1964.

A nice 73-worder. A Saturdayish word count (since this is 15*16) with a theme. Great! I liked how the 2 Down theme entries intersect the two middle Across ones.

I had fun. The long words popped up when I had a few letters filled in.


1A: Defiant way to respond to insults: TIT FOR TAT. So "turn the other cheek" will be "Obedient way to respond to insults"?

13A: Pull off the ultimate diamond theft?: STEAL HOME. Baseball diamond. A home run clue!

14A: Radio Dr.: LAURA. NPR is all I listen.

17A: Footnote abbr.: OP CIT. The other one is IBID.

18A: Sine's reciprocal: COSEC

19A: Start to sort out, as stored boxes: UNPILE. Thought of UNPACK first.

20A: __-dieu: PRIE. The prayer bench.

23A: Opaque vase material: MILKGLASS. Lots of people collect Fenton MILKGLASS.

25A: Landlord: LESSOR. Always wanted LEASER.

29A: Manual transmissions?: Abbr.: ASL. (American Sign Language). I was stumped.

30A: Fuzz site: PEACH. Ty Cobb's nickname is "The Georgia PEACH". And 70 years ago today, on July 4, 1939, Lou Gehrig gave his famous "luckiest man on the face of earth" speech (thanks, JD).

33A: Humane Soc. ally: SPCA

41A: Times for basking au soleil: ETES. Nice clue.

42A: Hotel courts: ATRIA. One letter L away from ALTRIA (ex-Philip Morris), which is Latin for "high".

43A: Videotape format: VHS

44A: Tight ends?: TEES. The both ends of "Tight".

46A: "No way!": MY FOOT

48A: Cutting: SARCASTIC

53A: Literary governess: EYRE. "Jane EYRE".

54A: Melodic: ARIOSO. Rooted in aria. This word often gives me trouble.

55A: Seasonal number: CAROL

58A: Con game: BUNKO. New word to me.

63A: His aluminum dust allergy kept him from playing the Tin Man: EBSEN (Buddy). I forgot his name. Was aware of this trivia though.

64A: Like a house on the market, often: REPAINTED

65A: Arctic explorer John: RAE. This has become a gimme.

66A: "Kate & Allie" actress: ARI MEYERS. I forgot all about her. Last time ARI is clued as "Actress Meyers".


1D: Medicinal amount: TSP

2D: Spanish diminutive suffix: ITA. Feminine diminutive. Opposite ITO.

4D: Satire relatives: FARCES

5D: Mélange: OLIO

6D: Sorority letters: RHOS. Greek P.

7D: Carved pole: TOTEM

8D: Bari buddies: AMICI. Plural of amico. Italian "buddy". Bari is a seaport in SE Italy, on the Adriatic.

9D: Dick: TEC. Detective.

10D: St. __: Caribbean island state: LUCIA

11D: Seed coverings: ARILS

12D: Frequent swingers?: GATE. Another great clue.

14D: 1962 WWII epic, with "The": LONGEST DAY. About D-Day. I've yet to see the film.

19D: The sopranino is the smallest one: UKE. Got the answer from Across fills. I did not know the meaning of sopranino. Here, ino is a diminutive suffix (of soprano).

21D: Do a smith's job: RESHOE. The Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari was a mule-shoer for the Italian Army during WWI.

22D: Remains: IS LEFT. Thought the clue was asking for a noun.

24D: Satirical songwriter Tom who wrote "The Masochism Tango": LEHRER. Easy guess. I am not familiar with the song.

26D: Time for hunting: OPEN SEASON

27D: Abbr. stamped on an invoice: REC'D

31D: The Rays' div.: AL EAST. Also includes the Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays & the Yankees.

32D: Kangaroo, for one: Abbr.: CAPT. Captain Kangaroo. I was lost. "Lincoln, for one: Abbr." will work too, right? Since Whiteman called him "O Captain! My Captain!". It adds a bit of patriotism in the very center of the grid.

34D: Military escort: CONVOY

35D: News coordinator: ANCHOR. I suppose so.

38D: Lively, in mus.: ANIM. No idea. It stands for animato. What's the opposite of animato then?

40D: Town near Padua: ESTE. Padua is the setting for Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew". It's located 40 km west of Venice. I saw Verona close by. Could not find ESTE.

45D: Tomás's "that": ESO. Or ESA.

47D: Fraud, usually: FELONY. I don't know. If we can not trust an ex-Nasdaq Chairman (Bernard Madoff), whom else can we trust?

48D: Cavalry weapon: SABER. One-edged sword.

49D: Oranjestad's island: ARUBA. They speak Dutch there. Oranjestad is related to the Dutch House of Orange I think.

50D: Eschew the soap: RINSE. The clue feels odd.

52D: Wrist bones: CARPI. Plural of carpus. The blue-colored parts.

56D: Chew (out): REAM. "REAM out" is a new phrase to me.

57D: Boo-boo, in kidspeak: OWIE

59D: Brother: FRA. Monk.

60D: Shortcut, e.g.: Abbr.: RTE. Excellent clue too.

61D: Plop preceder: KER. Plunk preceder as well.

62D: Campus activist org. reformed in 2006: SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). Learned this "reformed in 2006" fact last time when we had SDS, clued as "'60s radicals". I often confuse SDS with '70 radicals SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army).

Answer grid.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!



windhover said...

Good Morning, Mrs. CC, :)
probably first and only time I will be first poster, although I often look at the blog before you have posted tha day's puzzle result. As you know, I have no puzzle comments, so let me take this opportunity to compliment you for the stellar fashion in which you conduct and direct this blog. Your diplomatic skill in dealing with (or at the appropriate time, ignoring) the regular little "ados" that occur among the participants of what we all think of as "our xword blog" is outstanding. I thank you especially for tolerating my non-puzzle (at the moment) presence. Bloggers and puzzlers may come and go, but your rule is eternal. I salute you.

C. C. said...

Here you go again, the philosophical farmer. No wonder ladies adore you.

Clear Ayes,
Yes, apple cider vinegar & a few drops of sesame oil. I also like adding snipped chives to the dressing.

Nice 15-letter THE DIAMOND ROUGH.

Great to hear from you. Emuecue does not sound juicy, does it?

Jazzbumpa et al,
Thanks for all the answers/comments.

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - just a great puzzle today, and that's without even talking about the theme. A most enjoyable way to start what I hope will be a very relaxing two days.

You always know we're in for a treat when you see Dan Naddor's name, and this one did not disappoint. As with C.C., I thought the construction was outstanding. I had a couple unknowns with 'Ebsen' and 'Lehrer, but other than those, things came together pretty smoothly. I'm not so sure I'm on board with 'Rte' as the answer for 60D, but I thought 'Tight End'/'tees' was very clever. C.C., I think Dan meant the 't's at both ends of 'tight'.

The Atlantic City visit was a very good one this time; maybe the best ever. Played for about 7 hours, had a very lucky run of cards, and quite possibly have covered the next Florida trip. Meanwhile, my wife was having a run of her own on the roulette tables (to me a sucker's game), and showed up in the poker room to tell me she'd been comped an upgrade to a suite and dinner at any of Borgata's restaurants, in addition to her surprisingly large winnings. So I think that, now that we've finally taken some of their money, we'll stay away for a bit. All in all, a great time, and thanks to all that asked, both here and via email.

Windhover, well said about C.C. - she's an amazing woman.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. Additionally, today is National Country Music Day, and Sidewalk Egg Frying Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Celebrate your success and find humor in your failures. Don't take yourself so seriously. Loosen up and everyone around you will loosen up. Have fun and always show enthusiasm. When all else fails put on a costume and sing a silly song." -- Business executive Sam Walton

Saturday's Fun Facts:

- Americans consume about 10 pounds, or 160 bowls, of cereal per person per year. But the US ranks only fourth in per capita cereal consumption. Ireland ranks first, England is second, and Australia third.

- The world's smallest winged insect is the Tanzanian parasitic wasp. It's smaller than the eye of a housefly.

Anonymous said...

Morning all-Had a hard time getting started on this one, but once the piece's started falling into place it went pretty well. I printed out the answer sheet and found out, to my astonishment, I got it all.

Happy Birthday to America-May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.


tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C. and all,

An excellent puzzle for this holiday! I struggled with a few clues but managed to work them all out. Got all of the holiday ones pretty quickly, and have learned to be on the alert for baseball clues. Thus, steal home was a gimme. I was too clever and wanted KLE for plop preceder (cracKLE), but realized it was wrong pretty quickly.

C.C., many police departments have Bunko Squads to deal with con artists.

All in all, a very satisfying puzzle.

Congratulations, Dennis with your winnings and your wisdom to walk away with them. What kind of poker were you playing?

Happy Indepence Day to all.

KittyB said...

Good morning, all! I hope that you all have big plans for celebrating Independence Day.

C.C., I managed to finish all but one letter unassisted. The "C" in COSEC/AMICI eluded me. Thanks for the explanation of 'Bari.'

I love this puzzle. It's a wonderful cross of a celebration of the Fourth of July, and a tip of the hat to our DFness. I saw TITFORTAT and 'Tight ends?' and several other answers and figured there will be a lot of comment, if the regulars have time for the c/w today.

This was one of the rare times when I discovered the theme of the puzzle before coming here to read C.C.'s evaluation. YEA ME! *G*

ASL came through the perps. 'Manual Transmissions' is a great clue.

I've never said MY FOOT for 'No Way,' but I've been heard to say 'My Aunt Fanny!'

I like 'frequent swingers.' I was looking for 'bells' or something similar. My first thought was 'clappers,' but it wouldn't fit.

My first response to 'sopranino' was 'sax,' which clearly wouldn't work. UKE came with the fills.

My parents loved Tom Lehrer's satire We had at least one album, and I had several of the songs memorized at one time. "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," and "Be Prepared" come to mind. Lehrer said that Be Prepared was a song that people frequently requested he NOT sing.

Well, I'm off to spend some time with my Mother for the Fourth of July. I hope that you all have a great day, and take a moment to remember why we celebrate.

KittyB said...

Dennis, someone is eating about 120 bowls of cereal on my behalf! Isn't it interesting that the leaders in cereal consumption are all English-speaking countries? (I assume that we can call Ireland an English-speaking country.)

I don't particularly care for the company that Sam Walton caused to be spread across the nation, but I do like the quote from him that you've shared as the WOW.

Congrats on your winnings. It's smart to quit when you're ahead. Friends taught me to play the slots on our trip to Alaska. I played just one night. When I was still $100 ahead, I walked away and haven't returned. It sounds as though you and your wife had a really great trip!

Linda said...

CC and friends, Happy Independence Day! Another watching of that movie is in the offing.

Got everyone breakfasted and the ribs out to thaw...I`m going to leave it with them and lay back down a while... Won`t eat until 1:00...

WO: What did I miss? Why are you puzzle-less?

Jimbo: What Fourth of July memoirs do you have?

Kazzie: Do they have the 4th of July in Oz? :)

If you are in a large crowd today...please be very aware of all around you...even more than usual...I want all of you back tomorrow.


Lemonade714 said...

C.C., the reason DIET COKE was introduced so long after Diet Pepsi, is the introduction by COKE in 1953 of its diet drink TAB . There was a feeling for along time there should only be one COKE. A tour of their factory in Atlanta, is loads of fun.

Liked STEAL HOME, CAPT. and TEES as answers to fair but tricky clues.

I did not think of the daughters as stars of KATE & ALLIE, but I was able to finally recall ARI MEYERS a pretty little girl, who has mostly disappeared from acting.

Happy 4th

Lemonade714 said...

That should say 1963, a year before DIET PEPSI.

Argyle said...

I hope you all have a sparkling day.

The last two puzzles, my brain was spot on; today it was just spotty.
BTAIM, I still think some clues were clunkers, even though I applaud the over-all theme.

Did not care for ASL, cluing it as transmissions, c'mon.

Crossing it with IS LEFT for remains...Make up my mind, is it a verb or a noun but not both.

GTR, the parade's coming.

Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth, everyone.

I had to look up UKE because I read C.C.'s soprano to mean the singing voice, and therefore UKE still didn't make any sense.

Otherwise, I was surprised that I got most of this weekend puzzle. DICK had me fuddled; could not think beyond the DF meaning.

It's fun to be back with old friends. And Dennis, congratulations to you and your wife. Is this the truth, the whole truth? If so, it's amazing. And so smart to walk away.

Al said...

@C.C. the opposite of Animato would be Largo, slow and stately.

I wouldn't use "obedient" for the word to describe "turn the other cheek", more like "tolerant". Obediance implies more of a being afraid to stand up for yourself connotation, where turning the other cheek is having the strength to choose to not react in a tit for tat fashion.

Good thing the Saturday themeless puzzle actually had a theme today, or I might have gotten stumped. I had a pretty hard time at first because I was *expecting* it to be unconnected. Finally, the light came on though and I filled in the long clues.

I realize your whom else can we trust was meant to be rhetorical, but in the same "sarcastic" vein, how about the governmental rush to put through the new swine flu vaccine in only half the regular amount of time, 13 weeks instead of 26. How much safety testing do you think they did on that?

Vern said...

Hi All:

Fourth of July memory. My wife's bachelor uncles, Al & Vic, two tall, hard-working lumber working Swedes in Marionette, Wis. celebrated one 4th by sitting on their front porch drinking, smoking cigarettes, and lighting fireworks. Unfortunately one of them got slightly mixed up and used a firecracker for a cigarette. Fortunately only a minor injury. I think the acohol deadened the pain.

JD said...

Good morning C.C. and a Happy 4th to all!!

Perfect day, and a fun puzzle to boot!I was excited with the many gimmes, but I could not fill finish: pRIe
aSL As you can see I could not think of reshoe, kept thinking metal work.

And I have never said or heard of "My foot!" Is it like saying like "My ass!"? So,that left felony incomplete too.sigh

tfrank, I knew there must be more to Bunko that that silly dice game.

Dennis, thanks for expl. on tight ends.Your trip sounded great.
For you

WM's reception was lovely! Her paintings are perfectly stunning! My daughter was impressed ; we had a hard time deciding which one was our favorite-probably the one that said NFS. Terrific turnout. WM was too busy for us to get a photo :( It was also wonderful to meet Chickie too.We both taught in the same school district so had friends in common. Small world!

eddyB said...

Hello all, Finally understand TEES and ASL. Thank you. For awhile, I had PETA for 33A. Never said MY FOOT. allways said MY A--. Fond memories of the forth - buying CaC2
at the hardware store. Adding water
and a match. BOOM. It's a wonder we didn't kill ourselves. I'm with kittyB,someone is eating my share. Neighbors started the fireworks around 12:40 last night.
I guess they never got the word they are illegal here. I did have the water hose out and ready. Have a happy 4th. It's time to watch the IRL guals from the Glen. The secret IS to just keep typing.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, What fun to have a 4th of July Saturday theme. I started with the NW Downs and had that section done in no time at all.

The NE section was much more resistant. I have only heard Dr. LAURA interviewed once (and that was enough for me). I've never heard her radio show. OPCIT, GATES and UNPILE came slowly and I had to keep coming back to that area.

MY FOOT was new to me. It seems to be such an odd term. Is it a regional expression? I loved JD's alternate phrase.

"Tight ends" for TEES was my favorite today...once I got here and had it explained to me.

KittyB, a Tom Lehrer fan after my own heart. I heard Be Prepared for the first time when I was about 14 years old. I was shocked, I was stunned, I was fascinated!! I bet some of our blogger Scouts here adopted that theme song many years ago....Dennis? Windhover? Lemonade? You know who you are fellas.

We're planning on heading to the lake this evening for a big picnic with friends and a fireworks-on-the-water show. Big crowd, but no concerns. Does Linda know something the rest of us don't?

I don't think Australia bothers with the 4th and skips from the 3rd to the 5th. That would explain why they only have 364 days in their year. All the better to celebrate Linda's birthday. ;o)

Vern, I had a Swedish bachelor uncle too. His name was Nels. It sounds like he would have fit in well with Al and Vic.

JD, I'm so glad to hear about WM's show. I wish I could have been there too, but it was a little too long a drive.

IRISH JIM said...

Afternoon CC and all.

What a wonderful puzzle for th 4th. I marvel when I see something like this. Lot easier than yesterdays,s hammer.
Got hung up with tarsi for 52d instead or carpi.
Did not get asl or tees until I came here.
"my foot" is quite a common expression in Ireland land of cereal. I dont know where that came from, the cereal fact that is.

JD you are correct in saying "my foot" is is like saying "My ass".

Dennis loved the wow today. Also congrats on knowing when to "hold em and when to fold em"

Jimmy, S. Carolina

Anonymous said...

What tripe.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, after 15 minutes we only got a few clues so we did it in red online again. I got the Cosec and the Declaration of Independence clues without much effort.

For @eddyB, re: illegal fireworks? we've lived in San Jose since 1989 and it never fails every year there are illegal fireworks that scares our cats -- I guess that the police have better things to do? If they'd stop selling them in Watsonville it might help.

This morning my wife is making two pies for this evenings get together with stars instead of lattice tops, one strawberry and one rhubarb pie (she is famous for her tender pie crust IMHO).

Sandra said...

I'm sorry...I just don't get "tec" for "Dick." Can someone explain it for me?

Dennis said...

Sandra, both tec and dick mean someone who investigates crimes, usually a detective.

Dennis said...

Sallie, yes, not sure why you'd think otherwise, but all true. I know it's remarkable given that I'm usually talking about our losses when we go, but as the saying goes, somedays you get the bear, somedays the bear gets you. The bear (my nickname to some)won this time, and I'm not giving back (for a while).

IRISH JIM said...

I wonder if anonymous at 12.39 is referring to my post. ?????

Jimmy, S Carolina.

Al said...

@Irish Jim, I'm sure you weren't being singled out. It was meant to include all of us. Just turn the other cheek. Trolls are best left ignored.

Chickie said...

Hello All--Happy 4th--Also my oldest Grandson's birthday. He has always contended that the fireworks are in his honor!

I had a hard time today, even after I filled in all the patriotic long answers, etc. Don't know why. I did enjoy the Frequent swingers and Manual Transmission clues.

Sandra: I was afraid to ask about the Dick-Tec answer. Thanks for asking and thanks Dennis for the answer. I tried Dec for the abbr.but couldn't get it to work.
The upper left corner was a bear for me today.

WM's gallery reception was a WOW! Her paintings are awesome and she had a nice crowd to view all. Her large "Paris My Way" was stunning.

It was so much fun to meet JD and WM. It truly is a small world. JD already mentioned our mutual friends and teaching in the same district--but we all graduated from San Jose State U as well.

Off to our parade.

KittyB said...

Irish Jim, not to worry....Anonymous is speaking about the blog in general. Your post was fine.

Anon....stuff it up your jumper!

Warren, your wife's pies sound yummy! We have the same problem with illegal fireworks here. The past four years we were in deep drought, and the people on the east side of the retention pond (which had very little to retain), set off fireworks in our direction. I was afraid the trees would go up like tinder and take the house with it.

Clear Ayes, I had a similar reaction to the Tom Lehrer songs, rather like a moth to a flame! When they first came out, they were way beyond "naughty!" Thanks for the grins about Australia skipping to the fifth! lol

JD, I'm so glad that you and Chickie made it to WM's reception! What a shame that you couldn't have your picture taken with her. I've been watching her avatars, thinking, "Oooo..I'd like to have THAT one!"

Al, for the most part I agree with you wrote at 11:04 but I have one little quibble. I believe that it's possible to be obedient voluntarily, without fearing consequences.

Argyle, how are you celebrating the Fourth?

Thanks for the info on Tab and Diet Coke, Lemonade.

Linda, in your honor, I watched
"Independence Day." Great flick!

As CA commented, what do you know that we don't? Are you referring to terrorism?

JimmyB said...

Don't have much to add but I would like to echo Windhover's opening remarks. I come for the answers and the explanations, but I stay for the camaraderie and the sharing. Thanks, C.C., and thanks all. Happy 4th!

embien said...

22:47 today. I struggled getting to the "ta-da" as I had put in NL EAST for the Rays (I don't follow baseball). When I filled in the grid (with the error), it took a looooong time to figure out that the "fuzz site" was PEACH and not PENCH, lol.

Other than that screwup, I generally enjoyed the puzzle, though it was perhaps a bit too easy to fill in those long theme entries after a few crosses were entered.

My best story about ASL was one time a team of engineers was installing a computer in Tulsa, OK. The coffee shop at the Holiday Inn had a large window on one side to separate the hallway from the restaurant area.

As it happened, there was a convention of blind bowlers also staying at the hotel. The trick was that the bowlers were "talking" to their friends who were eating from the hall using ASL. Those of us who were "hearing" had to walk the length of the hall and enter the restaurant to achieve the same goal. Those who could hear were, in fact, the ones with the handicap in this environment!

Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth State Side!
Hope you all have a great weekend.

windhover said...

Some time ago, the Lexington Herald-Leader, like the DemoGazz, dropped the LAT puzzle in favor of the Commuter. My wife occasionally prints the puzzle at her work, but she only works two days a week, and I'm not usually in the mood to puzzle at night. Also, as you may know, we live in a rural area without broadband, so our only Internet access is via Iphones.
The upside is that it gives me extra time to look for your porch light. ;)

Susie said...

Greetings -
Celebrating the 4th by figuring out how to sign in. Have been lurking about since L.A. Times crosswords showed up in our paper. Am most successful on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You probably won't hear much from me but I do read the answers and comments daily. Happy Independence Day all. Susie

eddyB said...

Hi, I'm trying to remember how to get back to blue. Some one is also eating my 10 lbs. One only has to drive a short ways down 101 to find the road side stands. The boy scouts have to make money. Great racing from the Glen. Now for the big race on Sunday.

Argyle said...

A question for were the blind bowlers able to use ASL?

Anonymous said...

Embien, deaf bowlers perhaps?

Jerome said...

Terrific puzzle! I have no idea why my favorite fill today is TIT FOR TAT, MY FOOT, and SARCASTIC. Best clue of the week- Manual transmissions?: Abbr. for ASL.

I'm fortunate to have struck up a friendship with Dan. All of you should know what a cool, down to earth guy he is... on top of being humorous to the nth degree.

C. C. said...

Thanks for always addressing my questions.

Hope to see more posts from you. I want the old Lemonade back.

You are the kindest Canadian I've never met.

OK, maybe you will comment more when Brett Favre joins the Vikings?

Warren said...


I thought that the clue Manual transmission was perhaps the most clever of all today?

Dennis said...

Susie, welcome, and do stay with us; the more people contributing, the livelier the conversation.

Argyle, I had the same reaction to the blind bowlers communicating with ASL - sat there going 'HUH??'. embien, you certainly meant 'blind golfers', right?

JimmyB, right back atcha - you're a great addition to the blog.

windhover you've gotta be really adept with that Iphone to do all that you do with it - how long have you had it?

Jerome, Dan's sense of humor was obvious in the interview he did. Seems like a great guy.

JIMBO said...

Hi C.c. and all,
For a while I was going great guns until I hit the southern most portion. No need to go into all the details since 2/3 was left unsolved. I have'nt arrived yet.

As for my favorite fourth of July. I have none.
Every day is my fourth of July. I enjoy the freedoms that my country has bestowed on me, but those freedoms are being chipped away at an alarming rate. Unless we the people speak up, the Government will be in complete charge of what we say and do. Watch out, when conservative talk show hosts are taken off the air, you will know that we are in trouble. There goes our freedom of speech.
I'm not worried because God is my provider, but I fear for the remainder of the people that put their trust in the Government.
I'm sure you didn't ask for this, but its what is on my mind. Think about it.
and Vaya con Dios

whooinhell2000 said...


Hi c.c.

Hi everybody

@dennis I loved that parking lot entrepunuer story too!

Now if I may get up on my soapbox:

Please e-mail,text,send a letter or call someone in the military forces today.
Whether you agree or not with our adminstrations decisions, they are protecting our asses today. From the clerical workers to the woemen and men suffering in the dessert heat to the people stuck underwater for 3 months to the north and south pole outposts!

I say thank god for every one of them.
I say thank god for every one that has served this country in the past, all the way back to 1764 (yup that date is right)

I also say to the people that think america is a decadent,self serving,immoral collection of devil worshipers this:



I love america and all we stand for

C.C. you are proof positive that america works. Thank you! And my thanks to all who come here for teaching so much this past year.
(yes I know I started that last sentence with a preposition) lmao

Have a wonderful day everyone


Susie said...

C. C.
They're welcome to him. He'll do them far more damage than good. The more turmoil he causes the Vikings team wise - the more it will help all their opponents. This week has been Manny week. The press will be looking for another story next week so I'm sure Brett will accommodate them. And that is my final statement on that topic. Susie

Anonymous said...

Thanks C.C,


IRISH JIM said...

Al and Kitty B.

Thank you both so much for your words of support.
They are greatly appreciated.

Jimmy, S. Carolina

melissa bee said...

@embien: thanks, the image of a convention of blind bowlers is the funniest thing i've read here all week.

@dennis: except maybe a convention of blind golfers.

JD said...

Reliving History:

I figured we all know and are celebrating our past, present and future today, so I wasn't going to add, but I had to look......

So many important people were born on this date!!

1804- Nathaniel Hawthorne,Scarlet Letter

1826- Stephen Foster ("Swanee River",also known as "Old Folks at Home")

1872- Calvin Coolidge

1878- George M. Cohan

1900- Louis Armstrong

1911- Mitch Miller (not as great )

1918-Abigail Van Buren & Ann Landers

1924 Eva Marie Sainte

1927- Neil Simon

1930- George Steinbrenner

1962- Pam Shriver (had to add a tennis player)

kazie said...

Can't catch me twice! We have July 4th, also the 3rd and 5th! But we don't celebrate anything any of those days!

I only finished the XW tonight on our return from our son and d-i-l's place, so I hope you all had as enjoyable a day as we did.

I have never heard of AL EAST, but g'ed DIET COKE, which opened up the middle for me finally. Otherwise, not as bad as yesterday's was.

Congrats to you and your wife. You have broken the bank and had the sense to keep it!

Lemonade714 said...

C.C.; thanks, I am trying.

windhover said...

Thanks for the compliments, and thanks for the role you play here. I could wax more eloquent, but I tend to get boring when I try that, and you know from our previous exchanges what I would say anyway.
I actually had a cell phone in '96-'97 when they were the size of a ham sandwich and minutes cost 30 cents. I had a "position" (read: unpaid job) with a low budget national farm organization, and they needed to be able to reach me anytime. I hated it. It was like an electronic leash. Ever since then, I have saying I would be the last man in America to get a cell. Then I found out I could get weather radar right in the hayfield on the Iphone. There went my resolve. We both have one, so we're now connected 24/7. But except for the days she goes off to work, we're usually no more than a few hundred yards apart anyway, and it's convenient when I need a tool brought to the field. Except of course, when I tell her the wrong place to look for it. That's a good time for the "No Service" message to come up.
First, let me say that I have read avidly every word you have ever posted on this blog, and that I enjoy reading of your life experiences, and that I have a great deal of respect for you as a result.
Now let me say that that neither your freedom nor mine nor anyone elses is at risk from the current administration or their political agenda. In fact, our freedom was much more at risk from the band of criminals that recently
vacated the White House. They were not and never were true conservatives, a political philosophy with which I do not agree, but for which I have some respect. They are, just as Limbaugh and Hannity are, opportunists and demagogues. But they are in no danger of being forced off the air, however much they may whine and bait their
audience with that threat.

I too have read every word in the Bible, most of it several times over. The God of the Old Testament seems to

windhover said...

balance the qualities of justice and mercy, which in my mind has some resonance with true conservatism. But the God of the New Testament is an unreserved social liberal, with much more emphasis on the qualities of love and mercy. The description of the social organization of the early church as described in the Book of Acts is, if not socialism, at least what we would call today Social Democracy, or as they call it in some European countries, Christian Democracy. We would have a great deal less poverty, crime, and cultural decadence in this country if we stopped worshipping fame and wealth and embraced the tenets of New Testament egalitarianism as described in the Book of Matthew. Many of us are influenced by the last thing we heard or read. In the case of the Bible, that would be Revelation, a description of mayhem and violence that leads many Christians to discard the message of the Gospels: Peace and Love in favor of revenge
and death.
Please don't take offense , my friend. I say these things to you with respect.
My apologies for the length of these posts, and for their content, i.e., religion and politics. I won't do it again soon.

Anonymous said...

more tripe.

Anonymous said...

We really like this puzzle. I had to check the dictionary for 45D 'that' and 54A Melodic. But we filled in everything even though there were a couple we did not understand until I came here - such as 'manual transmissions.'

Loved the blind bowlers story.

Jimbo, I agree with you 100%. I never listen to Rush because I can't stand arrogant people, but I fear when the govt. tries to keep people off the air because of their views. And I want my pastor to be able to quote the Bible and give his views without being accused of a hate crime. There are all kinds of things that all kinds of people don't like without being guilty of hating people who disagree with them. May Freedom of speech continue for all - not just when the speech is politically correct.
(I just reread my statement about Rush L. and I guess it sounds like I'm intolerant! But I think it proves my point. I'm willing for him to be able to talk. To listen or not is my choice.)
Thank God for the greatest nation on earth. May it continue to be a great nation - for its citizens & toward the rest of the world.

Jerome said...

windover- Well said and beautiful words.

Jazzbumpa said...

I suspect Rush will still be blathering long after all of us are in our graves, since it's the good who die young; and to the idea that the govt. is trying to shut him up, I say, MY FOOT.

Which is a euphemism for other anatomical references. I can remember my parents' generation using that term in from of us kids. (Probably didn't bother when we weren't around.) Which makes my inability to suss a it particularly galling OWIE. This time the bear got me.

Windhover -

Liked this puzzle very much. contrary to lies that have been told in prominent places, LIBRULS are also PATRIOTIC, and I was delighted with the 7/04 related entries.

Not so much with ASL. I get it, not that's it's been explained, but, man - what a reach.

I've never heard or seen TEC used this way anywhere, so "dick" had me totally baffled.

I'm not being SARCASTIC when I say IS LEFT is a cheat - just like BE AHEAD was a few weeks ago.

I know TEES for "tight ends" is clever, but seeing a spelled out name of a letter never pleases me.

The rest of the puzzle was in APPLE PIE order.

For "Bari buddies," wanted altos or tenors. Oh, well . . .

Went to my son's for a cook out this afternoon. After a few beers I switched to DIET COKE. He had a few rather low key FIREWORKS that capped the evening off nicely.

Happy Independence Day, everybody!

Jazzbumpa said...


That should say:
Not so much with ASL. I get it, NOW that's it's been explained, but, man - what a reach.

My bad.


Clear Ayes said...

Our current administration is so much more tolerant of opposing opinions than the previous one.

I haven't noticed that the government is particularly concerned with keeping Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and so many others of their ilk off the airwaves. They are still collecting their very generous paychecks and royalties for stirring up people's fears and prejudices. Conservative pundits are in no danger of extinction any time soon.

Thanks Windhover for expressing what so many of us didn't have the words for.

Anonymous said...

Great puzzle, fine holiday. Am wishing I had Dennis's gifts with words
and cards today,not to mention WM's artistic talent, and CC's tact & humor; I'll save the compliments to others for another day!
Watched fireworks from a balcony overlooking Lake Michigan; my patriotic Candace Bergen look-alike "MILE" ("mother-in-law equivalent") is in town; she's a US
citizen, born in Sweden; she pointed out that our national anthem is seldom played before the fireworks, so she tried leading the crew in singing it: we discovered she's the ONLY one who knew the lyrics.
Puzzle: I didn't like "rinse" or "uke" (didn't realize it was abbrev'd), & but loved the
promiscuously swinging "gates" & was surprised that 64A wasn't "foreclosed!" ("repainted") Put "ulnae" for 52D (carpa)—whoops, wrong bones—& only knew "bunko" because of Dad's old FBI stories. Now, it's time to rest up for Sunday's puzzle-alooza.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what it means "Read the Notepad for info about the hidden answers in this puzzle"
That is, in the LA Times Sunday Calendar puzzle by Merle Reagle.

It sometimes appear in the other puzzles and I'm sure I'm missing something.