Jul 14, 2009

Tuesday July 14, 2009 Chuck Deodene

Theme: Vowel Progression

20A: Christmas service: MIDNIGHT MASS

23A: With "A", 1986 Ted Danson film: FINE MESS

38A: The Rebels of the Southeastern Conference, familiarly: OLE MISS

52A: Waifish supermodel from Britain: KATE MOSS

54A: Easy to use, in adspeak: NO FUSS, NO MUSS

I am not familiar with the Ted Danson/Howie Mandel film "A FINE MESS". The poster looks quite intense.

Great to see OLE MISS in the puzzle. We often have OLE alone, sometimes clued as " __ Miss". I did not know their sports teams are The Rebels.

NO FUSS, NO MUSS is the only theme entry with two USS, maybe the constructor could not find another *MUSS ending phrase. Dennis often describes his Monday/Tuesday solving experiences as "No muss, no fuss".

I often wonder how the constructors position their theme entries. Is overlapping more desirable? Is it hard to carry out? The first two and the last two theme answers overlap in this grid.

Not fond of the clue for IMPULSE (42D: Sudden urge) as URGE is the answer for 64A: Craving. Come to the Comments section if you have a better clue for IMPULSE.


1A: "Now we're in for it": UH OH

5A: Whopper of a meal: FEAST. Maybe we can all "eat less and live longer". But animals display testy/irritable behaviors when they are on calorie restriction. They are just not happy.

10A: Tattooist's surface: SKIN. And ANKLE (63A: Popular tattoo site). "Tramp stamps" sound so harsh for lower back tattoos.

14A: Fan mag: ZINE

15A: Developing egg: OVULE. How is it different from ovum?

17A: Worshiped carving: IDOL

18A: Gave false hope to: LED ON

26A: At ease with: USED TO. I am USED TO the Minnesota winter, but I am not really "at ease with" it.

27A: Web forum user's self-image: AVATAR. I love Sallie's AVATAR (Sally Lightfoot Crab).

28A: Red giant or white dwarf: STARS. Nice "colorful" clue.

30A: Down Under gem: OPAL. More than 90% of the world's OPAL is supplied by Australia. It's their national gemstone.

37A: California Santa __ River: ANA. Easy guess. Have never heard of Santa ANA River. Santa ANA Winds, yes.

41A: Tongue of Tiberius: LATIN. Alliteration again. And ID EST (12D: "That is,", in 41-Across), often seen as i.e.

44A: Soft cheese: BRIE

47A: Brought a smile to: AMUSED

49A: More's perfect place: UTOPIA. Thomas More. He coined UTOPIA.

57A: Claim as one's own: CO-OPT

58A: Carry out: OBEY. OK, "Carry out" an order, OBEY an order.

62A: Harbor pushers: TUGS. Lots of S'es in the puzzle. Total 22.

66A: Spanish sovereigns: REYES. REY is Spanish for "king". REYES is the plural.

67A: Cornet note: TOOT. Woodwind instruments all TOOT, right?


1D: Six-Day War weapon: UZI

4D: Batters' protection: HELMETS. No S for protection?

5D: Poppycock: FOLDEROL. Or falderal. New "nonsense" to me.

6D: Two, four, six, etc.: EVENS

7D: German wheels: AUDIS. Oh well, can't really see the four-ring logo of her AUDI.

8D: Trudge, as through mud: SLOG

9D: Opposite of "At ease": TEN-HUT. I still feel attention is easier to pronounce.

10D: Vacation times: SUMMERS

11D: Work on sore muscles: KNEAD. I don't enjoy massage, do you?

21D: "__ bad boy!" Lou Costello: I'M A. "Who's On First?" is all I know about Abbott and Costello.

23D: Like some mistakes: FATAL. Do you confuse venal and venial also?

24D: The first Mrs. Trump: IVANA. The second is Marla. The current one is Melanie. I like that baby doll shirt.

25D: Pester persistently: NAG AT

31D: Home to many llamas: PERU. "Home to lima beans" as well.

34D: Left-hand page: VERSO. "Right-hand page" is recto.

38D: "__ the loneliest number": '60s song lyric: ONE IS. No idea. I've never heard of Three Dog Night either.

39D: Law book contents: STATUTES. Three T's in this word.

44D: Saddens, slangily: BUMS OUT. I felt so bad that Cristie Kerr faltered during the final round of U.S. Open. She is very pretty.

46D: Daytona 500 org.: NASCAR

48D: Enero or mayo: MES. Spanish for month. So what's the plural for MES then?

50D: Figure, as a sum: TOT UP. Figure is a verb here.

51D: No longer a minor: OF AGE

52D: Wild and crazy: KOOKY. I thought KOOKY means strange/weird, not wild.

59D: 'Hood buddy: BRO

60D: Word before booster or tripper: EGO. EGO-tripper is new to me. Only familiar with ego trip the noun.

61D: "Is it soup __?": YET. Nope. Totally unaware of this phrase. I've never had Lipton/Campbell's soup. I make my own.

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a great Tuesday puzzle, more fresh cluing, and what I thought was an excellent theme. No unknowns, but a bit of perp help was needed where there were several possible answers.

C.C., massages are one of life's great pleasures, whether giving or receiving. I'll bet a Melissa Bee massage would be among the best. What don't you like about massages?

Today is Bastille Day. It's also Pandemonium Day, which figures, because it's also....NATIONAL NUDE DAY!! Can you imagine the pandemonium in the workplaces of America today?

Today's Words of Wisdom: "If I would be a young man again and had to decide how to make my living, I would not try to become a scientist or teacher. I would rather choose to be a plumber or peddler in the hope to find that modest degree of independence still available under present circumstances." -- Physicist Albert Einstein

And a couple more Fun Facts:

- The sport of volleyball was once known as mintonette.

- In Kenya, people don't drive on the right or left side of the street in particular, just on whichever side is smoother.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all. Nice challenge today, but very doable. I saw the theme rather early which helped a lot. I did not know Kate Moss, but the fills took care of that.

C.C. for impulse how is Izuzu automobile (Impulse)?

Nice cool day here again, but no rain which is good. Get some early morning weed whacking done and then to the links.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

C. C. said...

Can you think of some other idiomatic phrase ending with MUSS? I don't think I've seen so many (22) S'es in a puzzle before. As for massage, I don't like my body to be touched by a stranger.

Great clue, though I am not familiar with the IMPULSE car. No comment on the AUDI logo (7D)?

It's indeed a sad but sweet and comforting experience. I am glad we share something in common. Your life is always full of interesting activities, so different from mine.

Argyle said...

Good Morning all,

The marketer's friend, impulse buying.

I won't mention my impulse when I saw Melanie's baby doll shirt. Thank you, C.C., for another eye opener, and I don't mean coffee.

Argyle said...

I was just MESSing around and found Caroline Myss on (in?) Wikipedia. Not suitable for a Tuesday but....

"Caroline Myss (pronounced mace) is an American medical intuitive and mystic as well as the author of numerous books and audio tapes, including four New York Times Best Sellers: Anatomy of the Spirit (1996), Why People Don't Heal and How They Can (1998), Sacred Contracts (2002), and Entering The Castle (2007)."

Dick said...

My gosh C.C. I didn't even know there was a car there. Shame on me all I saw was .....

Dennis said...

Argyle has mine - impulse items. I always keep them by the register, and it's funny to watch just how well that works.

And I'm with Argyle on the baby doll shirt - another great impulse item.

C.C., Lois, I had two people die in my arms, and I can only hope it was 'comforting' for them; it was devastating for me. One was a young girl, 40 years ago, on her way home from college, in a terrible car crash, and the other was a buddy in Vietnam.

KittyB said...

Good morning, all!

Massages? Are we talking about massages? I get a pedicure once a month and the foot and lower leg massage that is part of the pedicure is simply nirvana! I highly recommend massage, if it's anything like that!

Dennis, Pandemonium sounds just about right, but not just for today.

The puzzle today was a bit more challenging than Monday's c/w, but very doable. The top half flew together for me, but I had to do some hunt and peck for the bottom half. As usual, the theme was lost on me. Thank you, C.C., for explaining the themes!

I know that TOOT is commonly used when referring to wind instruments, but it's not a term I'm fond of. It feels derogatory. Perhaps that's just my perspective.

I hope to get a couple of hours in my herb garden this morning. It really needs taming. It's been a phenomenal year for everything green!

Have a great day!

hahtool said...

I enjoyed today's puzzle ~ challenging, but I was still able to complete it without any outside help. I missed, however, the theme of "Vowel Progression." I caught the double SS, and thought that was the theme. I first thought poppycock (5D) was "nonsense", but couldn't come up with a Whopper (5A) of a meal that began with "n." (I was also trying to figure out how to fit BurgerKing into only five spaces, when it hit me that the whopper meal was a feast.)

I though that to lose traction (28D) meant to "skid." I guess that comes from growing up in a snowy winter.

Dennis: Today is Bastille Day. I happened to be living in France during the bi-centennial. What fun and what a celebration. We went to some outdoor plays/re-enactments in which the enemy was actually "hanged." It was actually rather creepy.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Slightly harder than yesterday's but completed in pencil. I actually got the theme early which sped things up. I don't get CO OPT. Help. I also don't think Wild and Crazy is KOOKY.

Dennis, We train in Ketsugo form of Martial Arts which is a combination fighting styles. Judo, Ju-jitsu, Aikido, Karate and Savate. We train for tournaments for point fighting and throwing routines. Upper belts also are taught "street techniques" where you have to be really careful not to hurt your partner. We are also taught self-defense techniques when opponents are armed with knives, guns, sticks or clubs. I've been working out for six years and never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.

Jeannie, I earned my black belt last year. The kids got theirs this spring. It was harder waiting for the kids the exit the testing room than going through the test myself. It was the quickest 45 minutes I've ever been through. In another year I'll be up for Nidan (2nd degree) as long as the body holds up.

We are having a couple of days in a row of decent weather even though a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. I'm heading down the coast with my youngest for another Little League game this evening so hopefully the storms will hold off.

Have a great day!

Martin said...

I just checked and nobody said it:

"When he suddenly buys you flowers" IMPULSE

I had OOPS for UH OH, DELE for UNDO, EDAM for BRIE, ADOPT for CO OPT and NADA for NO NO. Hmm. Maybe the fill was NADA at one point and the constructor used the same clue because NADA makes more sense: a NO NO would be a taboo.

"Word before booster or tripper" made me think of the Beatles song "Day Tripper". As a result EGO never came to me, not until it was revealed by the perps I mean.

The two complete unknowns were FOLDEROL and OLE MISS. Of course they crossed: it's almost as if it was designed that way so that I would be denied the pleasure of finishing a Tuesday puzzle by myself. :)


Elissa said...

I did this puzzle late last night when I was having trouble sleeping, which may explain why I got bogged down in the bottom center section. I think of law books as case law source and it took a lot of perps to get STATUTES. I also had problems with KOOKY (I agree with C.C. more weird than wild and crazy) and COOPT and had 'day' for EGO and 'nonsense' for FOLDEROL (which I wasn't sure how to spell). I got the double SS of the theme quickly and the vowel progression with MOSS, which helped.

Based on clues like ego tripper and One is the Loneliest Number and others, I would guess Chuck Deodene must be in his late 50s or early 60s.

Interesting WoW, but I don't really think a plumber or peddler would have a higher degree of independence than a scientist or teacher.

I like a massage for sore muscles. The best massages are those given by someone who is not a stranger.

As for National Nude Day, there was a story on NPR the other day about improving work place communication by having a day where everyone came to work in the nude. I can't say I've ever worked anywhere where I would want to see my co-workers without clothes - or would want to work with people who had seen me without mine. TMI!!

kazie said...

Hi all!
I thought of the Al Franken quip on flying nude when I read the FF on National Nude Day.

Today was a little more challenging than yesterday, but I got all unassisted except FOLDEROL, and OLE MISS neither of which I am familiar with. I had N for the L where they cross.

Also, I didn't even think about the theme today.

55D is NONE, not NONO, hence REYES in 66A.

For those who haven't seen good opals from Oz, check these out. The prices tell why I don't have any really good ones.

Anonymous said...

Well I finished the puzzle unaided but like Mainiac didn’t catch onto the theme until coming here. I too, thought it had something to do with the double “ss”. Thankfully I got a few answers from the perps as I have never heard of poppycock so would never have gotten folderol. Another clue that doesn’t make sense to me is fan mag – zine. My favorite clue today was “hood buddy” – bro.

KittyB, what herbs do you grow in your herb garden? I grow basil, oregano, thyme, chives and rosemary. My basil is really taking off so I must make some pesto soon but will have to have a few adult friends over as Brady won’t touch it.

Elissa, now you’ve done it. I am looking around the office here imagining….

treefrog said...

Morning C.C. and all.
I acutally got the theme today! I figured it out after the third one. There's hope for me yet.

I can NEVER remember VERSO and RECTO. I just hope the perps fill it in.

Nude Day huh? I hope my sewing group doesn't follow up on that one.
I think some of those Kenyan (?) drivers live in Medford.
Martin-I wanted Day tripper too.

I'm sore from climbing the ladder so much yesterday. Weather is heating up to 100 the next few days, so will probably wait until next week to finish.

Today is Kandy and Kathy's Klubhouse. Time to load up my sewing supplies and head out.

Have a great day.

carol said...

Hi C.C. and everyone - no big troubles on this one. I did mess up on 57A when I put in ADOPT instead of CO OPT but other than that, no problems.

C.C. I am with you on the massages from strangers. No thanks! I am also very ticklish, especially my feet, so no pedicures other than the ones I do myself.

Tarrajo, I agree with Brady, pesto is just horrid! Also, I think the text message craze shortened so many words that some of them are leaking into our daily speech/writing; 'zine' being one of them (IMHO) see? lol...:)

IRISH JIM said...

Good moring CC and all.

More difficult than yesterday but very doable. Never would get theme without coming here.

Never heard of Tramp stamps. That is rather nasty. Tatooing is very popular down here.

Speaking of tramps, and this is not to imply anything, but Trump sure could pick em.

Very disappointing not to see the Audi rings. Im just saying.

Felt bad for Kristy Kerr but Eun Hee Ji birdied 3 of last 6 holes. That will win a lot of tournaments including majors.

Jimmy, S. Carolina

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, a little trickier than Monday's puzzle but still easy enough to finish without help.

For C.C. :Three Dog Night
this is a very old rock group that goes way back to the late 60's to mid 70's. I think that their
Joy to the World song is one of their best ones.

Luxor said...

C.C. ,

Whim = impulse, also, a small electric current.

Luxor said...

No muss, no fuss.

Barb B said...

Easier than yesterday – I wonder why. Very few problems. I got KATE MOSS from the perps, as well as the theme, which eluded me. Again. I knew FOLDEROL immediately, and it made me smile.

As for KNEAD, I really love a massage. I am jealous of all MelissaBee’s clients, but just to be with her is so relaxing, I forget to ask.


What IS the difference between venal and venial?

Interesting WoW. hmmmm

Argyle, thanks for the links to cruciberb and across lite. I tried them for the first time and I like them. It’s nice to work off-line, and the statistics may encourage me, providing I see some progress.

I have some books and tapes by Carolynn Myss. She is amazing.

Chickie, what kind of shows do you and your husband do? I’m sorry I missed the info the first time around.

Dennis, I can’t imagine the trauma of death in those circumstances. My husband died quite unexpectedly in our bed 20 years ago, and it’s a thing that never completely heals. I became a hospice volunteer to learn to cope with death. It’s quite different when you can plan for it.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c., argyle, and all,

easing back into the puzzle, a little off-kilter from change in routine. didn't even try to figure out the theme, it was all i could do to complete it.

carolyn myss is popular with healers .. very interesting speaker and author.

lots of people are uncomfortable with massage - sometimes you just need to find the right therapist. my biggest tips have been from clients who expected not to enjoy it and were happily surprised.

girls weekend was the BEST EVER. still not quite over - a few out-of-towners still here. i'll sleep after they're gone. for a week.

Al said...

Here are a few links for today:

Kate Moss

Male Tramp Stamps are called gigalogos.

Avatar: decending from Diety. Comes from the Sanskrit for: AVA (down) TARITI (crosses).

Tongue of Tiberius. James Tiberius Kirk, that is...

The Six day War

Poppycock, Folderol, and Nosy Parker.

More than enough: Ample. A young Baryshnikov, for the ladies. I could easily have gotten myself in trouble with any of several different links on this one.

Zilch, oh,null, nil, naught, nihil, zip. There is no zero symbol in Roman Numerals

WM said...

Morning all...Fun puzzle, totally didn't pick up on the theme but nothing was really a problem. For
1D I immediately thought UHOH but but couldn't believe it was the answer...funny and cute. Took a bit to come around to CO OPT and I also never remember that left page/right page thing...I always get hung up on Latin. Three Dog Night was easy and one of the KOOKiest people around is Steve Martin who was a "Wild and crazy guy" (SNL)

Good puzzle for a, interesting clues and emminently do-able.

I, like Dennis would have to say that a good massage is wonderful and if you have them on a regular basis, your masseur or masseuse is not a stranger, except for the first meeting. When I used to play Roller Hockey I always had a massage after a tournament to ease all those tired was wonderful.

I have to agree with KittyB on sounds more like a toy instrument and I couldn't believe that was actually the answer!

Also...thank you to C.C. for the REYES explanation the other day which simplified 66A today...

Going to be awfully hot here today and for the next few before we get our fog back...time to work inside.

Also...Tarrajo...Jacques Pepin puts Fresh Basil with a bit of Extra Virgin olive oil in a food processor, then stores it in the freezer in a freezer zip lock for later use. It is better tasting than making Pesto to freeze( the cheese and pinenuts can give it an off flavor). I have done it for the last few years and it works can make up fresh tasting pesto even in the winter.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi, Gang-
I had ICON for IDOL. UHOH. Wrong ans. With half the right letters! Not FATAL, but I felt LED ON.

I've heard of star-crossed lovers, but STAR crossed TSARS?!? What FOLDEROL.

Thanks to those who commented at my blog. I've responded there.

I get deep tissue massage. Not much fun. Julie, my therapist, eases up when I start to whimper.

Here's the skinny on instrument sounds:
Trumpets and cornets TOOT.
Trombones BLAT.
Saxophones SQUAWK.
Clarinets BLEAT.
Bassoons BURP.
And oboes CALL DUCKS.
Don't even get me started on the strings.

And speaking of skinny, I'm AMUSED over KATE MOSS. Sufficient, I'd say, not AMPLE.

Unlike Melanie. Would it be out of line to say that Melanie is melony?

I've studied that other picture for at least 20 minutes and cannot find an Audi. More FOLDEROL?


Lemonade714 said...

Enterprise power? IMPULSE. You might have to be a trekkie to know about this, and maybe not a Tuesday clue, but....

I thought they have made the first two days of this week easier, but the theme was well done and the cluing interesting. Not familiar with Mr. Deodene, but he appears to have been around for many years.

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

As others have said, a little harder than Monday's but doable. Only word I didn't know was Folderol, but got it from the perps.

Kittyb: I actually started on the bottom and worked up. And, thanks for the birthday wishes for my daughter from a few days ago. I actually got roses today from my girls for my birthday which was on Saturday. There was some screw ups on the day to be delivered, but they finally arrived and are beautiful.

Dennis: I know this was from a few days ago, but yes there was a Leper colony in Hawaii. It was on the island of Molokai. Father Damien went over to build homes, churches, hospital and care for the victims of this disease. My husband and a friend did "touch and go" landings on the island when we lived on Oahu. It was a landing strip, but he wasn't allowed to leave the area.

Elissa said...

On the subject of zucchini, you could cook the squash blossoms, which helps use what the plant produces much faster than waiting until after the 'fruit' forms. I understand that squash blossoms are delicious and there are lots of recipes on the net.

embien said...

7:56 today. A bit harder than yesterday, but still "Tuesday-licious".

"Nosy Parker" was a complete unknown to me, but the entry got filled in from the crosses. Other than that, no unknowns. I "got" the theme after I finished and was looking over the grid--never saw it while solving.

Chickie said...

Hello All--Good Tuesday puzzle. I goofed at first with oh-oh for the first answer, had to redo when it became obvious that OZI couldn't be a weapon. I didn't get the theme, as usual. Thanks C.C.

I also had to repair the middle bottom section as I put in Adopt for Coopt.

C.C. How about Sudden_________ for impulse?

Imagine this: Someone coming in to do business in an office that is observing Nudity Day!

BarbB: We do shows at conferences mainly catering to School District Administrators and School Bus Transportation Shows. We sell software.

Anonymous said...

There were a few unknowns to me today. FOLDEROL is a never heard of, and I too forget VERSO. Most of the rest was quite doable. Wasn't fond of CO-OPT or TOT UP.

How would anyone know that she was perched on an Audi anyway? It could be any car couldn't it?

Not being a huge fan of tattoos, I am not opposed to the title of "Tramp Stamp", especially if they are large ones in the center of the lower back, particularly if they are low.

Hahtool, my first time in France in the 80's I was near the Rhine for Bastille Day. Everyone was celebrating with brats, beer and in lederhosen. It seemed so German, but was quite fun. I think the borders changed often in earlier days, and this must have been a German section.

Kazie, those opals are beautiful. So different from anything I have seen in a store. I think I should take a trip to Australia don't you?

Tarrajo, do you have a good pesto recipe? I have basil for the first time. I simply hate chopping it up though. What do you use?

I simply love massages. I have several areas with chronic pain, and I would get the deep tissue massage every day. Cannot stand if they do not use enough pressure. I feel so revived afterward, even if it is only for a few hours.

JimmyB said...

Hi all. Al, thanks for linking to the derivation of Nosy Parker. I had never heard of that phrase.

C.C. I wish I had discovered the benefits of massage a long time ago. I've run myself into a lot of tight spots over the years and always thought I just had to wait for them to go away, but I finally had some deep tissue work done and it was phenomenal. Kind of painful at times, because these therapists are very good at finding the exact spot that's bothering you and digging in. The woman I see uses hot stones to loosen up the area beforehand. I didn't know her before but she was referred by a lot of runner friends who used her so there wasn't really a "stranger" thing going on. Believe me, after just one session she was my new best friend.

Happy Bastille Day! Is anyone else as addicted to the Tour de France coverage as my household? The competition has been great but I really love all the helicopter footage of the French countryside. Reminds me of some of WM's paintings that were posted.

Anonymous said...

KQ, I use my food processor and it is about the one and only time a year I use it. I really don’t have a written recipe but will try. I fill the entire processor up with basil leaves. It’s okay to leave them whole. I use about 1/3 cup of walnuts. Most people use pine nuts. If you use pine nuts, use only about ¼ cup. Throw in two cloves of peeled garlic and about a 2oz – 3oz cube of parmesan cheese. Start with a course chop and slowly stream in extra virgin olive oil as you are giving it a whirl.and check the consistency. You can always add more olive oil, but it’s hard to take it out! I serve it over angel hair pasta with garlic sautéed shrimp. Nummy. No salt or pepper is necessary as pepper takes away from the wonderful basil taste and there is enough salt in the parmesan cheese.

Jeannie said...

Hey all…with the talk about what to do with zucchini I thought I would share a recipe I kind of “made up” which will use some of your basil and zucchini. I call it Zucchini AuGratin. Take a couple of zucchini and cut up into about inch cubes. Put in a glass pie pan, toss with olive oil and some torn basil leaves and chopped garlic clove and some ground black pepper. Top with a mixture of Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Top with grated mozz or provolone slices. Melt the cheese for an additional 5 minutes. It is a wonderful side dish for just about any kind of protein.

Warren said...

Hi C.C.
"5D: Poppysock: FOLDEROL. Or falderal. New "nonsense" to me."

The word is poppy cock not sock

Here's a wiki def of fol-do-rol
" 1. Nonsense word traditional to English ballads and madrigals.
2. A gaudy thing of little value; a trinket.
3. Excessive efforts expended on a something trivial; much ado about nothing.

Fol-de-rol and fiddle dee dee and fiddley faddley foddle all the wishes in the world are poppy cock and twoddle. -- lyrics to Richard Rogers' Cinderella."

Fol de Rol
" was a prime-time family variety special that was set at a medieval fair, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft and based on their 1968 live puppet show. It aired on ABC on February 27, 1972.

KittyB said...

tarrajo, I grow garlic and regular chives, oregano, winter savory, Scottish spearmint, Munstead lavender, thyme, lemon thyme, lemon balm, lemon verbena, feverfew, dill, four different types of basil, tri-color sage, original sage, salad burnet, curly parsley, flat-leaved parsley, rosemary, catnip, nasturtiums, purple cone flowers, lamb's ears, clematis, rudbekia, day lilies (the kind that grow along the side of the road near farms in Illinois) and one lone miniature rose in the herb garden. The raised beds were a wedding gift from my husband 20 years ago.

As you can see not everything is herbal, but many of the flowers are considered herbs, and have culinary or medicinal properties.

I've also grown borage, garlic, cilantro, tarragon, marjoram, yarrow, lady's mantle, fennel, chamomile, chervil, lemon grass, lemon-scented geraniums, sweet woodruff, monarda and valerian.

We have elder and soapwort and goldenrod down in the south garden, along with more purple coneflower, and I'm going to plant two yellow/golden coneflowers near the front door. I have chocolate mint and pineapple mint in tubs on the sidewalk so that I don't have to rip them out of the gardens when they decide to roam.

No doubt I've missed something. There's a beautiful book by Jekka McVicar called "The New Book of Herbs," which I highly recommend as a great reference.

Lemonade714 said...

What we need is the Star Trek transporter beam so we can taste all these delicious dishes you ladies are writing about; I am at work but am ready to be fed.
And that is no FOLDEROL.

Jerome said...

C.C.- Simply put, themes are placed in the grid in a manner that makes the task of filling the easiest. I'm sure Chuck played around with different possibilities. In this case you can see that his overlapped theme words avoided crazy letter combos, which could have made the fill a nightmare, or impossible.

NO FUSS NO MUSS is a great phrase. I also liked TEN HUT, BUMS OUT (perfect for Nudity Day!) and Kooky.

Ridiculous serendipity- 3 words that are lined up in the grid make for fun anagrams. AUDIS to SAUDI, EVENS to SEVEN (an odd number) and FOLDEROL to the perfectly nonsensical ELF DROOL.

KittyB said...

treefrog, I can generally dig VERSO out of my memory, but 'recto' refuses to lodge there. What type of sewing do you do?

Carol, think how frustrating it must be for puzzle solvers who do not have a computer or a cell phone. All the 'lingo' has passed them by, but it keeps showing up in the puzzles. (Could I have your pesto, please??)

Elissa, I'm SO glad that I don't have to share my office! Even if I was the only person home, I wouldn't go to my office nude! lol

tarrajo, as WM said, you can freeze the basil in oil for later use. I run it through the food processor or blender, and pour the mixture into an ice cube tray that I reserve for that purpose. When the cubes are set, I pop them out and store them in a freezer bag. I can add a cube to soup or stews during the winter.

g8rmomx2, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! How lovely that your girls sent you roses. As for puzzle technique, I'm trying to do the downs first, since I seem to have more success with them. When I get stuck, I'll give your suggestion a try.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, everyone. It was a fun puzzle because the clues were doable, and I got it all except for the same mistake Carol made: adopt not co-opt.
Vern: nice response to my hearing whine. It is very hard to live with someone who hears badly. I have two very expensive aids; without them I am almost deaf.

C.C.: thanks for the compliment on my avatar. I think it's nice, considering my name; I hope it's not too close to my personality.

Al:there's a most interesting book entitled "Zero". The number zero was not allowed for many years by the Catholic Church.

g8momx2: Sorry I missed your b'day last Saturday. Hope you have a g8 year.

No one has mentioned that three dog night refers to sleeping with 3 dogs when it is very cold. I assume this is in Alaska or some such place. Saying, "It's a 3 dog night" is like saying it's a very cold one.

JD said...

Good afternoon CC and all,

I agree with Elissa that the bottom center was more difficult. I need perps to help me in most every c/w; so happy, like today, when I don't have to G.Yet, I was bummed out by some minor mistakes. Had oh my, then oh oh, before uh oh.It took awhile to put the last letter on ovule.Had total for tot up, pal for bro, and almost had to eat worms for epee.Ten-hut is not in my vocabulary.My parents must have used "Poppycock!" as I was familiar with it as pure nonsense.

Truman knows when he toots, and tells us.

My daughter got a lower back tattoo in college, and little T discovered it the other morning.. fow-ver . When Dad got out of the shower, T ran up pulling off his towel looking for a flower on his dad.Dad had no idea what T was doing.

Kitty b, your garden sounds lovely. I have many of the same flowers, but only basil, dill, chives, cilantro, and rosemary as herbs. I love the purple cone (echinacea) flowers; do you do anything with them, like make tea? I've never tried.

Dennis, love the FF about Kenya. I'm sure it's true!

carol said...

Kitty B, If I had any pesto (shudder), I would happily give it to you! What a wonderful garden you have! I don't have a large enough back yard (or a side yard) with enough sun for growing too many herbs/veggies. I do have chives, basil and 6 tomato plants. (3 cherry and 3 slicers) We don't eat that many green salads. Joe loves fresh tomatoes and waits impatiently all year for them to ripen so he can have his BLT'S.
I do have a very yummy recipe using fresh basil and love the taste, but don't like pesto because of the garlic, etc. When I can tomatoes, I buy them at a local 'barn'..wonderful fresh veggies and fruit available in season. That is where I am buying my apricots later this month.

Sincerely hope none of you encountered any nude co-workers today :)
Since public nudity is against most ordinances, I wonder where the 'day' is actually celebrated? I hope it's not a Costco (or Sam's Club) as I am going there in a bit.

JD said...

Reliving History-

Years ago, my daughter was in Paris on Bastille Day. She woke up to the loud sound of very low airplanes flying overhead. She thought they were being attacked.We got a panicked phone call.

1857- Maytag invented the washing machine.

1951- 1st color telecast of a sporting event (CBS- a horse race)

Same year, Citation was the 1st horse to win a million dollars.

1957- Soviet steamer "Eshghbad" sank in the Caspian Sea, drowning 270

1958- Iraqi army overthrew the monarchy; a republic replaced Hashemite dynasty

1967- Surveyor 4 launched to the Moon; exploded just before it landed.

1973- Phil Everly stormed off the stage declaring an end to the Everly Brothers."Bye Bye Love" sent them to stardom.
When Wake up Little Susie came on the radio, our HS principal banned KYA because the song was so disgraceful. LOL!

Buckeye said...

Guday c.c. and fellow nitwits. Is it me, or are the early puzzles getting "WAY" hard. Yesterday killed me and today I had a complete melt down. I'm going to stop solving the longest clues first.

Today for 20a. "Christmas service" I put in what we do, "Kill The Snake". (We get a new one on the 26th.). For 54a. "Easy to use", I put in "My kid can do it". That made 55d. "Zilch" - "Ain't". As in, "Ya got any money?" "I ain't. I got zilch". Nevertheless, c.c. bailed me out.

Welcome back, Melissa B, and since you're still in a fog, I'll help you out with the "left side" -"right side" observation. The "left" today had "Uhoh", "Idol" and "Fine mess". The "right" had "Amused", "Skin" and "Urge" (I guess in honor of the South Carolina Governor). Using those words, the "left" sees "Utopia" and the "right" needs to attend "Mass". (Damn you MB. Between you and Lois, I'm seeing people fornicating in cloud formations. You've sullied my pristine mind!)

I must be off

Anonymous said...

Buckeye, you have outdone yourself. Thanks for the great chuckle.

Tarrajo, thanks for the specifics on pesto. My garden is super small, and waiting on tomatoes. I can't wait to eat them ripened off the vine. Nothing better.

CC, on batters' protection, I believe the apostrophe after the s indicates a plural possessive, therefore you would not add the s to protection. But I am usually really bad at possessives and apostrophes, so I could be wrong.

Hayrake said...

Dennis - just dropped by for a moment to say hello and got a giggle right away from your comment about people in Kenya driving on whichever side of the road they prefer. I'm sure you are right about driving in the villages and savannah's but I want to mention that driving in Nairobi, Kenya, is a whole different matter. I have driven there - on a scooter no less - and can tell you for dead certain that proceeding on the wrong side of the road there is another of several definitions for "come together", today's 49D.

Hope you guys are all having a warm and happy summertime. I bought myself a Suzuki 800 Marauder a couple weeks ago and am having a ball zooming around on that baby. She's gorgeous, fast and hot - every old man's dream.

hahtool said...

National Nude Day? Is this related to the right to bare arms? If you live in New Zealand, National Nude Day occurs in February (Southern Hemisphere summer).

Dennis said...

Hayrake, that's just outstanding! A great bike for a young guy like you. Have you made sure it'll do its advertised top speed of 155?

KQ, you're right about the plural possessive.

Buckeye, the meds appear to be working. Give Ratchett a pat on the ass for me.

Buckeye said...

Dennis. Showed Ratchet your avatar and told her a little about ya and she said, "I'll give him some candy he won't forget". DON'T EAT IT!! I tried her candy once and I'm still recovering. Made parts get all "swold up" ya don't want "swold".

We were talking about hearing aids the other day on the blog, and Emersom Biggins came up to me and said' "I jest got me a new hearin' aid, Buckeye. State of the art. I can hear ever thang, now. It cost $6,000".

"What kind is it, Emersom?"



Dick said...

@ Buckeye, I don't know what meds you are taking, but I want some. You are one wild and "Kooky" guy, keep it up you make my day.

Dick said...

Buckeye, at your age eat the candy and enjoy the "swold".

KittyB said...

JD, I'm really a perennial flower grower at heart with iris and daffodils leading the pack, but herbs seem to have slipped into the gardens here and there. Once I had the raised beds for herbs, I tried a lot of plants I'd never grown before. My interest is primarily culinary, but I'm also interested in gifts from the garden like potpourris, or herbal wreaths, or vinegars. I very rarely do anything medicinal, but I like to use rosemary and lavender for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. I'll spray an infusion of rosemary or lavender on the kitchen counters, or use it to clean the sinks. You can even spray the dog's fur to protect them from ticks and improve their scent in the winter.

Echinacea (purple coneflower) stimulates the immune system and is used to prevent colds and flu. I generally buy mine at the drug store, to be sure that each dose has the same strength. I leave the flower heads through the winter for the finches to glean.

Carol, I'm not much of a veggie gardener, but tomatoes are a must, followed by spinach. This year I added two zucchini plants, and I plan to do that Chocolate Zucchini cake tomorrow. I agree with your husband that tomatoes warm from the vine are a summer highlight. My family loves cut up tomato, cucumber, green onion, dill and a vinaigrette in what we call "Summer salad." Like you, I buy fruit and veggies to preserve.

treefrog said...

Just got home from sewing and decided to check the posts.

KittyB-I do all kinds of sewing. Today I took my regular machine and serger. I pretty well constructed 2 blouses. I have only made small kid quilts. Most go to Shriner's in Portland. Right now I'm trying to get rid of some UFO's.

Apparently it's ok to be nude in Ashland, OR. Some 'old' guy came up from the bay area and walked around town nude. People got really pissed when he did that near an elementary schoo. Don't know what happened to the gal who was here last year. She wore a hemp g string.

Chickie said...

Kitty B. Thank you for the garden book reference. The "New Book of Herbs" sounds like it would be a good addition to my gardening book collection.

JD: I've been meaning to tell you that your chocolate zucchini cake is delicious. I didn't put the glaze on as the cake was moist and tasty without it and we didn't need the added sugar. Thank you for the recipe link.

I was wondering what one does in Kenya when you meet another car? Who decides on which side to pass?

I'm making apple sauce from the windfalls off the apple tree. It smells delicicous and will go well with the pork chops for dinner.

Warren said...

Hi again C.C.


literally means "small egg." In seed plants, the ovule is the structure that gives rise to and contains the female reproductive cells. It consists of three parts: The integuments forming its outer layer, the nucellus (or megasporangium), and the megaspore-derived female gametophyte (or megagametophyte) in its center. The megagametophyte (also called embryo sac in flowering plants) produces the egg cell for fertilization. After fertilization, the ovule develops into a seed.

RE: National Nude Day? A couple years back there was a case of a nude hiker in Cupertino in the 'Fremont Older Open Space' This place get's its name from a guy in olden times named Fremont Older


carol said...

Buckeye, I want some of your meds too!! :) I think I met 2 friends of yours last week...they weren't sure about me knowing anything about you, but when I explained about Nurse Ratchet, they all rolled their eyes...they said to tell you Peter Dowt and Harry Pitts said "hi".

Treefrog, Ashland sounds like a 'swingin' town, in more ways than one. I can just see some geezer looking for loose change on the sidewalk.

lois said...

Buckeye: I can see that I've done my job well. Incidentally, those clouds are called "Cumulus" for a reason. You are hilarious!

Dennis: I am as sure as I can be that being in your arms at any time would be comforting. I hope you find peace in knowing that you were greatly appreciated by 2 very lucky people who had you so close at such an important moment.

I'll be back.

g8rmomx2 said...

Hey all:

KittyB: Wow, what a garden you have. I had an herb garden once, but it was inside! No green thumb here. Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Buckeye: Once again you have me in stitches!

Sallie: Thanks for the birthday wishes. Having a birthday as my dad used to say is always better than the alternative!

I never had a professional massage, but as KittyB does, I do have pedicures done every 4 to 6 weeks and my favorite part is the massage.
My girls gave me a pedicure as a mother's day gift one year quite a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since! I highly recommend them.

Anonymous said...



Keep well!
All the best,


Dennis said...

Buckeye, I'm thankful she didn't remember me.

Lois, I've always felt so terribly bad that I couldn't have done something, and that mine was the last face they saw, and your words really mean a lot. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good evening,
Nothing new to add re: puzzle. Verso will never be committed to my memory.
Carol, I get a pedicure (with massage) every other month and love them. (My husband gets them too.) I too am ticklish, so I take a book and read during the pedicure. As long as I don't see what she's doing I'm fine. If I put the book down, I lose it - almost kicked her in the head once! Anyway it works for me.
Was a big fan of 3 Dog Night in the day. I somehow remember Hoyt Axton as being in a crossword clue or answer not that long ago. He wrote two of their biggest hits: Joy to the World and Never Been to Spain.
CC: This is the rule for those goofy apostrophes: first, make the word plural (batter to batters) and then add the apostrophe to make it possessive (batters' helmets). Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

KittyB, wow what a garden you must have, and here I felt good about my zucchini crop and the point that I have an aloe vera plant for "medicinal" purposes. I wouldn't know quite what to do with all those different herbs. As you can see from my list most are used in Italian cooking which LGJ loves. really "crack" me up. Couldn't help it as a lot of "cracks" must have been seen today. Good one Jerome.

Dennis, both of your experiences with people dying in your arms must still stick with you today. You are a very strong man and I bet you said and did just the right thing under the circumstances. I ditto Lois...I'm sure I would fall into your arms anytime; If even just to catch my 115 lbs. Pretty sure you could handle that.

C.C. it must have been comforting for you to hold your Grandmother during her last moments. I am assuming you and She knew that the end was near.

kazie said...

I linked some opals here once before, so I know others have seen them then. They are almost as expensive in Oz too, unfortunately. They used to be cheap until the rest of the world discovered them, but I bought a gold ring with a very small solid opal when I was there in 2000, and it cost $AU1400 then, around $US1100 at today's exchange rate, but at that time it would have been only half, or $US700.

We tried your zucchini au gratin tonight, and it was delicious. My husband finished off the lot!

JD said...

Buckeye, I'm still chuckling over your posts today.How do you come up with "Killing the snake"???? Geez Dennis, don't eat the candy!!

Kitty b, I also like the plants that reappear & rebloom each year. It's fun to see where their seeds have scattered or where their bulbs have extended.I have about a dozen roses(only 1 climber).I love irises too, but most of them are the same color purple.My fence is lined with calla lilies. Love tulips, but they are short lived. Each year we get more and more shade from the trees in the school next to us. I've had to cut back on veggies( except tomatoes & lemon cucumbers) and have planted begonias,azaleas,camellias, hydrangeas, and anything that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.It's a bit of everything...changes every spring.

Jeannie said...

Kazie, glad your husband devoured it. It's easy to do. I am not much of a baker and a somewhat vegetarian when local produce rears it's head. I try to cook with the local ingredients now that the MN climate reaps.

Windhover that comment was for you, our favorite farmer. Let me know if I need to bring the crane to move some of that heavy hay you have been reaping. I know you have been experiencing a wet spell down there. I could be there by Sunday sometime. Saturday I might be a little tied up.

KittyB said...

JD, I love self seeding plants that fill in the places around the perennials. This year I planted my very first azaleas and hydrangeas. I hope they do well, because I'd like to have more blooming shrubs.

Chickie, McVicker's book is general enough to get you started asking questions about growing herbs and specific enough to help you use those herbs. I hope you enjoy it.

tarrajo, my gardens have been growing for 20 years. I suspect that you are growing more herbs than I did at your age. We have Italian seasonings in common. Those are my favorite herbs.

treefrog, I used to sew all sorts of clothing, but I gave it up to quilt.

g8rmomx2, I've never been able to grow herbs inside. You're one up on me!

Time to crash. Good night, one and all.

PJB-Chicago said...

Good evening, all--looks like I get to "turn out the lights" tonight; my schedule is a "fine mess." Wonderful puzzle & discussions: all this garden talk makes me & my one basil plant seem like slackers--"we" live in a loft w/ huge windows (4' x 9')--you
inspired me to get more plants. Any ideas?

I goofed up 54A, with "Muss" before "Fuss" so that area got,um, "mussy!" Oh,why wasn't 5OD (Totup) clued as an abbrev? 57A (Coopt) threw me for a loop.

JazzB, knowing that bassoons "burp" made me laugh--maybe there's an instrument that giggles, snorts or guffaws?

Thanks C.C. for explaining the theme; I think your knack for finding them is uncanny--I just never see them until it's too late!

Final comment: my neighbor puts
pumpkin seeds in her pesto
sometimes instead of pine-nuts; mighty tasty--she made pesto w/ mint instead of basil, (no garlic) once; not my favorite! Mom used to hide pesto in mashed potatoes--no way we'd touch the stuff otherwise!