Dec 27, 2009

Sunday December 27, 2009 Barry Silk & Doug Peterson

Theme: And Another Thing ... - "And Another Thing" is inserted into two-word common phrases, creating theme answers which start with a " __ and __" familiar phrase.

23A. Result of a battle of bighorns?: BLACK AND BLUE SHEEP. "And Blue" is inserted into Black Sheep. Black and Blue. Bighorns are wild sheep. The clue is playing on "Battle of the Little Bighorns".

38A. Fire alarm during kindergarten?: SHOW AND TELL STOPPER. "And Tell" is squeezed into Show Stopper. Show and Tell.

56A. Attracting outdoorsy readers, say?: FIELD AND STREAM GOAL. "And Stream" is popped into Field Goal. "Field and Stream" is an outdoor magazine. Unknown to me.

77A. Crustacean with an electric guitar?: ROCK AND ROLL LOBSTER. "And Roll" is injected into Rock Lobster. Rock and Roll.

94A. Web site security expert?: POINT AND CLICK GUARD. "And Click" is embedded into Point Guard. Point and Click.

115A. Kids' puppet show script?: PUNCH AND JUDY LINES. "And Judy" is set into Punch Lines. I've never heard of the puppet show "Punch and Judy".

Barry (Phillies fan) and Doug (Yankees fan), also sprinkled a few baseball references in the grid:

26A. One of Rose's 4,256: HIT. Pete Rose. A record 4,256 hits.

63A. "Baseball is 90% mental; the other half is physical" speaker: BERRA (Yogi). Yankees' #8. Mantle wore #7.

40D. D.C. ball team: NATS. Washington Nationals. NL East.

66D. Minute Maid Park team: ASTROS. Houston Astros. NL Central.

Lots of proper names in this grid, no? Fortunately most of them have become gimmes to me. But I definitely needed the cheat cheat for a few hard crossings.

Fun puzzle. I was amused by the theme answers and slapped my head hard several times after grokking the tricky clues. Precious "D'oh" moments!


1. Escher Museum site, with "The": HAGUE. Escher is a Dutch painter.

6. Rolls: WADS. Money rolls.

10. Like Mr. Magoo: MYOPIC

16. Capital of Slovakia?: ESS. The capitalized letter of Slovakia.

19. When many return from lunch: AT ONE. Wanted ONE PM.

20. Vision: IDEA

21. Symphony originally dedicated to Napoleon: EROICA. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3.

22. Ball support: TEE. Golf ball.

27. Province in northern Finland: LAPLAND. No idea. See this map. It's also a regions stretching across N Norway & N Sweden.

28. It's pitched: TENT. Would be a nice clue for IDEA too.

29. Holds on to: RETAINS

31. Fishing, maybe: ASEA.

34. Apple's G4, e.g.: IMAC

37. "See ya!": I'M OFF

44. Search uncertainly: GROPE. Bet it's a gimme for President Clinton. He's a pretty good crossword solver.

47. Cross shapes: TAUS

48. Talked nonstop: RAN ON

49. Martinique, e.g.: ILE

50. Lever with a blade: OAR. Did not come to me readily.

51. Selling points: ASSETS

54. Madagascar tree climber: LEMUR. Madagascar & LEMUR. Crossword pair.

55. Commanded: BADE

60. Elided greeting: 'ELLO. In Cockney. Letter H is omitted.

61. Car wash option: WAX

67. Hoarse: RASPING. RASPY is a much better answer.

69. Ballroom that made the Lindy Hop famous: SAVOY. Stumper. Sounds quite storied.

71. Brimless caps: BEANIES

73. "The Avengers" guy: STEED (John). Emma Peel is the only character I know of "The Avengers".

75. Many a joke involves one: PUN. Many times I simply don't get others' joke.

83. Budget rival: AVIS. Car rental.

87. Colorado county or its seat: PUEBLO. The answer emerged itself.

88. Psyche component: EGO

89. Top: LID

91. Proceed: WEND. Do you actually use this word in your daily conversation?

92. Surveyor's units: ACRES. Wanted PLOTS.

99. Alleged Soviet spy Hiss: ALGER. Alleged? I thought he's a real spy.

101. Alien's course: Abbr.: ESL (English as a Second Language). I always connect aliens with illegal immigrants though.

102. Lackluster: DRAB

106. Unfinished framework: CARCASS. Not a familiar defintion to me.

112. "The Disrobing of Christ" painter: EL GRECO. Spanish painter. "The Disrobing of Christ" is one of his best known works.

114. Follower's suffix: ITE. Penned in IST.

119. Rejections: NOS

120. Gerald Ford, by birth: OMAHAN. Thought he was born somewhere in Michigan.

121. Players: CAST. Theatrical players.

122. Racing paths: OVALS

123. Places for organ repairs, briefly: ORS (Operation Rooms)

124. Apartment restriction: NO PETS. Allergy is such a big problem for many.

126. Secure, as a nautical rope: BELAY. Can never remember this word.


1. "Aquí se ____ español": HABLA. "Speak" in Spainish.

2. Travel guide: ATLAS

3. Have a cow, so to speak: GO APE

4. Open, as a large envelope: UNCLASP

5. Reggae star __-Mouse: EEK-A. Named after the race horse he always bet on, according to Wikipedia. It appeared in our puzzle before.

6. Teller's spot: WINDOW

7. Say "Furthermore ...," say: ADD

8. Collector's item?: DEBT. The question mark did not preclude me from thinking of (baseball) card.

9. Discount event: SALE

10. Tryster's request: MEET ME

12. "I'm impressed!": OOH. I always say "Wow!"

14. Slush Puppie maker: ICEE

15. Something that may help you get the picture?: CAPTION. Excellent clue. I bet camera crossed everyone's mind.

16. Kenya neighbor: ETHIOPIA

17. Its 5/14/1998 final episode was seen by 76 million viewers: SEINFELD. "The Soup Nazi" is my favorite episode.

18. Liberates: SETS FREE

24. Monument word: ANNO. Would be ESTD if there were an abbr. hint.

25. Army divisions: UNITS

30. Band piece: AMP. Music band. And HEAD (39D. Spot for a band). Headband.

33. For adults only: RATED X

35. "So soon?": ALREADY

36. Cold and moist: CLAMMY

41. Bookshelf buildup: DUST. Just had MOTE ("Dust unit") yesterday.

43. Company that acquired Lawn-Boy in 1989: TORO. Easy guess.

44. Errand runners: GOFERS

45. Bawl out: RAIL AT

46. Implicit warning: OR ELSE. It's a rather explicit warning to me.

52. Cut: SAWN. Past participle "cut".

53. Glitch: SNAG

54. "Leading With My Chin" author: LENO (Jay).

57. Horses running leisurely: LOPERS

58. Actress Kim of "24": RAVER. Total stranger to me.

59. Org. concerned with suits: ABA. Lawsuits.

65. Weasel out: RENEGE

68. Part of a mating ritual: I DO. And PLEDGE (75D. 68-Down, for one). "Mating ritual" sounds very DF.

69. Basking locale: SUN DECK

70. "What Women Want" actor: ALDA (Alan). Red roses, and the man I love.

71. Cluster of cloves: BULB

72. Organic compound: ENOL

74. Got by: MADE DO

78. Pet with green fur?: CHIA

79. "Ol' Man River" composer: KERN. Hi, Jerome!

80. Gp. that includes Iran and Ecuador: OPEC

81. Muttonhead: LUNK. Not lunkhead?

82. Tusked animal: BOAR

83. "Ocean's Thirteen" actor: AL PACINO. I love "Ocean's Eleven" the most.

84. Lawbreaker, e.g.: VIOLATOR

85. Acknowledgement of a deviation, usually after "but": I DIGRESS. Great fill.

90. Attach, in a way: STRAP ON

93. PC component: CD DRIVE

95. Tokyo-based computer giant: NEC. Three letter Japanese company name, what else could it be?

96. 24 Hours of __: annual auto race: LE MANS. Same as Grand Prix, isn't it?

97. Comfortable with: USED TO

98. Confederate: ALLY

103. Of the kidneys: RENAL

104. Northeast express train: ACELA. Wikipedia says the name "Acela" is meant to be evocative of acceleration and excellence.

105. Everycow: BOSSY. Nickname for a cow. Is "Everycow" a real word?

107. Sport for big grapplers: SUMO

108. Piece of cake: SNAP

110. L x XXXIV: MDCC. 50 x 34 = 1700

111. City near Santa Barbara: OJAI (OH-high). Native Indian for "Valley of the Moon." I peeked at the cheat sheet.

113. Squishy lump: GLOB

116. Argentinian Marxist: CHE. Thought he was Cuban.

117. It may be passed or tipped: HAT. Nice clue.

118. TNT alternative: USA

Answer grid.



Anonymous said...

SAPID puzzle. Loved the unusual LLL in 77A.

Argyle said...

Ho, ho, ho! Harpo Marx visits Punch and Judy.

windhover said...

Re: 90 D
Damn good thing Lois is out of the country and Dennis is in Florida.
After a couple of days in NC with computer and puzzle access (Thursday was pretty easy, but Friday kicked my butt) I'm back in Kentucky, the xword desert.
Low number of posters must mean everyone is holiday busy. A good time for lurkers to emerge, and they have, with some interesting profile links. Hello!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, The "Barry and Doug Show" is alive and thriving. I even understood the theme answers...well, it took both 23A and 38A before the giveaway title made sense to me. Still, there were so many clever clues and answers.

I guess I'll never get those spelled-out letter answers like ESS for "Capital of Slovakia". It is always a D'OH moment.

My lack of Sunday morning acumen was probably best shown when I filled LAMB in at the 81D slot. What else would "Muttonhead" be?

Is 106A CARCASS really "Unfinished framwork"? Several dictionaries defined it as "the underlying structure or frame of something". Even with our Christmas turkey, the leftovers aren't a carcass until all the yummy little tidbits are stripped away and the frame of bones in tossed into the stockpot. By the time it is a CARCASS, it is truly finished.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Clear Ayes,
Re: Your questions yesterday: Though Mao Ze-Dong has long been called "Savior of the Chinese People", his birthday has never been a national holiday, even during the crazy days of Culture Revolution. He himself was actually against the personal cult and worship. As for your other question, yes, I normally set aside 30 minutes for weekday puzzles.

C.C. Burnikel said...

A belated Happy Birthday!

Re: SAPID & insipid. Don't forget vapid. Thanks for always addressing the questions in my write-up.

Glen C,
Thanks for pointing the NACA and NASA connection. Good to hear from you.

JD said...

Ni Hao CC and all,

Again, this took me awhile to complete, and sometimes only filling in 1 or 2 letters.Didn't get the theme, but filled in all except point and click guard.Also didn't get nec, and I digress, nor carcass, but I loved that answer and thought it very clever. Anyone watch BONES?

CC, I think wend is very poetic and have it heard it used as, Let's wend our way home.

Lots of unknowns like eroica, taus, Raver, and didn't get elited greeting until I only needed a few letters, so it really was a WAG.

I think Ojai is the area that the Walkers have a winery in "Brothers and Sisters".

Last year an Escher exhibit came to San Jose. I find his work interesting, odd, but captivating. In art I taught the kids how to make tesselations which makes a very colorful B.B.My goal for that class was for the students to appreciate art work by famous artists.Van Gogh sunflowers using water color pencils was the best.

Belle said...

Between my daughter and I, we were able to complete the puzzle (truly amazing) with the exception of the southeast corner without help. We got the theme early on which helped a great deal. We think "ess" for capital of Slovakia is a lame clue, but otherwise a very clever puzzle.

Clear Ayes said...

Argyle, Thanks for the Harpo Marx clip. There was nobody funnier than the Marx Brothers.

I'm hoping we'll see Buckeye today. Maybe Barry Silk and Doug Peterson wanted some Buckeye-isms too. After all, they included his signature I'M OFF at 37A.

C.C. I have used WEND. It made me think of WENDing and weaving through Costco last week.

I think I've mentioned that my daughter graduated from high school in OJAI, so it is always a gimme for me.

I was glad to see Windhover earlier today. This poem reminds me of least the second verse does.


Lovers in their bed breathe easy.
Inmates in their cells care less.
The man with a job wakes to his weight
while the man without wakes to his wall.

It’s a good day to be a farmer,
the sky clear of omens and the soil already turned.
Yesterday’s money means nothing now.
Winds graze the field where fruit once fell.

- Peter Serchuk

Anonymous said...

For 46D, OR ELSE, the warning is explicit.

JimmyB said...

It looks like we're back to the "good old days" with brutal Fridays and Saturdays, then taxing (but less challenging) Sundays. Maybe it's just me, but today's puzzle took me awhile only because it's just a larger puzzle. Friday and Saturday took me longer than today because I had to look up so much stuff just to keep from stalling out.

Not that I'm complaining. I like the tougher puzzles and the learning experiences that come with them.

Mainiac said...

Good Evening All,

Did the puzzle this morning with quite a bit of red letter help. Of course I didn't get the theme until reading CC's write up. Quite clever I thought. Decent puzzle which required a continuous effort to complete.

I didn't get here due to the backlog of chores. One more holiday gig tonight at my parents then its back to the grind tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening.

Andrea said...

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. Had a great day - spent the day with my parents, who then watched Zoe and my niece while we went out for dinner and music with three other couples.

Haven't tried the puzzle yet, but now that I see it's a Silky, I'm eager to give it a try.

Dot, glad to hear your ornaments were a success - I figured that would be the case. What an incredibly thoughtful gesture. I also love the idea of homemade food gifts. I've always liked the idea of gifting homemade kaluha or other liquers, but never remember to make it in time... think I'll program a reminder in my iphone for mid-year so I get it done in time for next Christmas!

Jeannie - sounds like you had fun playing in the snow! You'll have to post some pix. I've been thinking of you the past several days - just got a new gas range to replace the old electric range. I am so excited to have a gas cooktop again! Also got Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Julia Child's French Chef dvds from her PBS show for my bday. Don't think I'm going to cook my way all the way through it, but am very excited to give many of the recipes a try. Carbonnades Flamanade (belgian beef stew braised in beer) will likely be first up later this week.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Very slow posting today. My first down day in weeks. Kinda nice to just sit for a change.

Great theme. When I saw it developing, I wanted some sort of a SQUID in 77A. Oh, well. Can't have everything. Then I really wanted OYSTER, and couldn't suss the triple L. Took a long time to WEND through this puzzle, and had to G spot a few answers.

ALGER Hiss was never convicted of spying. They got him on perjury. There are still mysteries surrounding that case, and it was a big political springboard for both Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy. Key evidence came from Whitaker Chambers, himself a known perjurer. The whole thing looks shaky to me.

JzB the skeptical trombonist

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, I think that today's Sunday LAT puzzle was the first one that we finished without having to look at the answers (very much) I did cheat at 1A but nothing else it all came into play with the unusual theme and perp help...

BTW, we're taking a road trip for the next few days down to Paso Robles and we'll probably be back on the 31st.

MJ said...

Well, celebrations continued today. The younguns' all came for breakfast, our first (and probably only) time with all four of them together at the same time over the holidays. Had æbelskiver with lots of fresh fruit and juices. Yummy!

Loved today's puzzle! Sensed the theme with 23A, and confirmed it with 38A. A wonderful collaborative effort by Barry Silk and Doug Peterson, IMHO.

@C.C., I'm sure I don't say it enough, but I am so grateful to you for this blog you created and publish (yes, with some help from time to time) daily. Tusen tack!

PJB-Chicago said...

Good Evening all, and happy re-Boxing day!
This smart, fun puzzle was a highlight today--the morning started shaky when I tripped on no less than a piece of errant dental floss [ouch] and then came soooo close to pouring chicken stock in my cereal! In my defense, the milk and stock containers do resemble each other, somewhat. It's a good thing to live alone at times--no eyewitnesses!

The two constructors' work was a delight. I loved SHOW AND TELL STOPPER, plus the poor bruised sheep. I don't use the word WEND, but maybe I should. Two names added to my tripping issues: RAVER and STEED. "EEK A Mouse" gets props for a great name. CARCASS wouldn't have been guessed w/o perps, nor would OMAHAN.

Lapps, more politically correctly called "Sami," also live in part of Russia. Per Wikipedia, Renee Zellweger has Sami heritage.
CHIA sprouts (and seeds too, I believe) are edible, tasty, and supposedly healthful. Had them on a salad once. Pres. Obama had a "chia" pet crafted in his honor; it was taken off the market and then re-introduced. Didn't look much like him, to be honest!

Annette, keep celebrating that birthday! And enjoy the gifts!

Thanks C.C. for your clear insights on our puzzles this week, and every week! It may be time for you to start thinking about which actress will play you when your life story gets made into a movie. Really.

PJB-Chicago said...

Whoops--I knew it was ANDREA's b'day but my fingers wouldn't cooperate.

Dick said...

Good evening C.C. and all, for me this was a great puzzle today. I managed to complete it without any help, but I had to put it down several times and then go back. I guess that is why it took me 10 hours to complete, but it was the most satisfying crossword I have done in a long time. Lots of interesting clues and answers, but with being able to get the theme early it made for an easy solve.

Its late and I must run.

Hope you all have a great Sunday.

PJB-Chicago said...

I forgot earlier to include Argyle in the Thanks for his always spot-on Mon. and Tue. puzzle commentaries.

ClearAyes, that's one heckuva poem there about the farmer. Not a wasted word in whole thing. Beautiful! I may have to put that into calligraphy once I find my pens and ink and the right hand is just a little more reliable. Thanks for posting it.

See y'all Monday!

Annette said...

I didn't get the full theme, and it took me a while to finish, but I finally did, thanks to the perps and a few red letter assists. I think this was my favorite puzzle of the week. I really felt like I "worked it" - or it worked my brain, in a most pleasant way!

My favorites were 22A - Ball Support: TEE (brings DF thoughts to mind!) and 50A - Lever with a blade: OAR.

I was looking for a type of meat for Muttonhead too. I have heard people refer to their significant other with the endearing term "you big lunk!" Wasn't one of the gang in the "Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello" beach movies called Lunkhead?

I put NES at first, instead of NEC.

PJB: Thank goodness you corrected yourself. I was wracking my brain trying to remember what I could've said to give the impression that it was my birthday, when it's actually 6 months away!

I spent the day babysitting my sister's 1 year old grandson while his parents suffered at the Dophins game today. It was so much fun playing with him! Having him all to myself for the day was my favorite GIFT of all! Too bad he's going home to AZ tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Any chance someone would be willing to email me a copy of this one? Our paper distribution was all mixed up due to the holidays...?

Anonymous said...

@Sylvia, go to LA Times website and print the puzzle from there.

Unknown said...

i can't figure out why everycow is bossy. it doesn't appear to be answered anywhere on the internet. is this a common crossword clue?