Nov 3, 2010

Wednesday November 3, 2010 Gareth Bain

Theme: Fowl Play - The first word of each two-word familiar phrase is a type of KFC chicken piece.

17A. Commonly upholstered seat : WING CHAIR. A chair with "wings" to provide comfortable protection from drafts. Like this.

28A. Real scream : THIGH SLAPPER. A funny joke or story that might cause you to laugh and slap your thigh.

40A. "Finger lickin' good" sloganeer, and a hint to this puzzle's theme : KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

45A. Crawl alternative : BREAST STROKE. The front crawl, or forward crawl, is a swimming style. New to me.

62A. '80s fashion fad inspired by dance films : LEG WARMER. Anyone not think of these?

Melissa here.

One of the easier wednesdays in recent memory - blew through it pretty quickly except for a couple of names i did not know.


1. Hippocratic oath no-no : HARM. "First, do no harm." Part of an oath taken by doctors swearing to practice medicine ethically. Believed to have been written by Hippocrates, often regarded as 'the father of medicine.' Interestingly enough, when i looked up the actual text of the oath, the words "first, do no harm" are not there, although not harming the patient is TACITLY implied.

5. Astounds : AWES

9. Unspoken, but implied : TACIT

14. Pints at the bar : ALES

15. TV part? : TELE. I wanted ROLE.

16. Like merinos : OVINE. Relating to sheep. Merino is a breed of sheep particularly prized for its wool.

19. Prolific psalmist : DAVID. King David, author of the Psalms.

20. Some littermates : KITTIES. Cute. And 29D. Call to 20-Across : HERE. "Here, kitty."

21. "To continue ..." : AND

23. Gary's st. : IND. St = state. Gary, Indiana. Clear Ayes would appreciate this.

24. Bakery array : PIES

26. Smart-__: cocksure and conceited : ALECKY. Not sure i've seen this as an adjective before. "My brother is smart-alecky."

33. Rue : REGRET

34. Pint-size : WEE

35. Frenzied : AMOK. I like this word. Almost as good as kerfuffle. Anyone recognize the line "There's something amok with this cheesecake?"

39. Wildly cheering : AROAR

41. Honshu port : OSAKA

42. Balkan native : SERB

43. Nintendo game console : WII.

44. We-alone link : ARE NOT

48. British philosopher who wrote "Language, Truth and Logic" : A.J. AYER. A bit obscure. A book of philosophy published in 1936. Alfred Jules Ayer.

51. Enjoy the Appalachian Trail : HIKE. Riiiiight, he was hiking.

52. Prom rental : TUX

53. Maker of tiny combs : BEE. Bzzz.

55. Like a persistent headache : NAGGING. Or a smart-alecky brother.

60. O'Connor's successor : ALITO. Supreme Court Justices.

64. The QE2, e.g. : LINER. Retired in 2008.

65. An acre's 43,560 square feet : AREA

66. Je t'__: Pierre's "I love you" : AIME

67. Canada's highest mountain : LOGAN. Second highest peak in North America.

68. Tramp's love : LADY. Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp.

69. Put in the overhead : STOW


1. Aggressive sort : HAWK. Indeed.

2. Et __: and others : ALII. Abbreviated et al.

3. Monopoly payment : RENT

4. Bilko's mil. rank : MSGT. Sergeant Bilko was a Master Sergeant.

5. Believer's antithesis : ATHEIST. One who does not believe in God.

6. Otter's kin : WEASEL

7. Actor Wallach : ELI

8. Word repeated in a Doris Day song : SERA. Que Sera, Sera = whatever will be, will be. The song was introduced in Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 film The Man Who Knew Too Much. Won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

9. More than crawl : TODDLE. Clecho. Babies crawl first, then they toddle. Toddlers.

10. Palindromic girl's name that ranked among the 10 most popular in each of the past five years : AVA. Ava Gardner.

11. Like some pride : CIVIC. I suppose.

12. How contracts are usually signed : IN INK. Does it in ink, you still with us?

13. Garment including a chemise : TEDDY. Clue feels odd. A chemise and a teddy are both undergarments, usually worn under a blouse.

18. Written code : CIPHER. To read it, you must decipher.

22. Golfer's sunburn spot : NAPE. Back of the neck. I see a lot of golfer's tans at work.

25. Swimmer with a bladelike snout : SAWFISH. Creepy.

27. Pencil tip : ERASER

28. Refrain syllables : TRAS. Tra la la.

30. Inventor Sikorsky : IGOR. He designed and flew the world's first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft, the Russky Vityaz in 1913, and the first airliner, Ilya Muromets, in 1914.

31. Like takers : GRABBY.

32. Ripple near the nipple : PEC. Nice.

36. Hombre's hand : MANO. Mano is Spanish for hand.

37. "I get it, I get it!" : OK OK

38. British rock star Bush : KATE

40. Korean automaker : KIA

41. Former Nicaraguan leader : ORTEGA

43. "The Way We __" : WERE. Great movie. "See ya, kid."

44. "Shoot" : ASK AWAY

46. With new life : REBORN

47. Lightly shaded : TINGED.

48. To any extent : AT ALL

49. Crooner Iglesias : JULIO.

50. Firing : AXING. See this a lot.

54. Carrier to Tel Aviv : EL AL. This too.

56. Mardi __ : GRAS. "Fat Tuesday."

57. Go-getter's response to "Do you know of such a person?" : I'M IT. Perps filled it in.

58. Nautilus skipper : NEMO. Or him.

59. Expanded : GREW

61. Texas __: oil : TEA

63. Stat for CC Sabathia : ERA. Carsten Charles Sabathia. Yankees pitcher. Earned Run Average.

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Melissa Bee, C.C. and gang -

Just a quickie this morning (to go with yesterday's 'nooner'), 'cause I need to get some clothes in a bag and see a man about a plane and do 69A.

As with Melissa Bee, I got through this one pretty quickly with just a couple unknowns in 'A.J. Ayer and Canada's highest mountain, 'Logan'. I too like the word amok; just has a nice ring to it. Reminds me of 'havoc' -- did you ever notice how many people say 'wreck havoc' instead of 'wreak havoc'?

Favorite clue? C'mon. 'Ripple near the nipple'. And it didn't have me thinking 'pecs'.

Melissa Bee, great job on the blog as usual, but I was hoping for a 'teddy' pic. It's not too late, if you happen to have one of yourself laying around in the computer...

Today is National Sandwich Day and Housewife's Day. I've got a great idea for combining the two.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Well, I was apparently the only person yesterday who found the puzzle remotely challenging. I'm glad to say, however, that I'm back on track today... ^_^

As with Dennis, AJAYER and LOGAN were complete unknowns to me, but fortunately the perps took care of them in short order. I suppose I should be embarrassed that I didn't know Mr. AYER, since I actually majored in Philosophy in college and focused on British philosophers in particular. For that matter, I just realized that I actually read ""Language, Truth and Logic" and have a copy on my bookshelf. I just forgot his name. D'OH!

I actually liked "Maker of tiny combs" for BEE better than "Ripple near the nipple" for PEC. A shout out to today's blogger, perhaps? My least favorite clue was the bizarrely baroque, "Go-getter's response to 'Do you know of such a person?'" for the lame I'M IT answer. Pew!

Dick said...

Good morning Melissa and all, a somewhat difficult puzzle for me today, but I was able to complete with perp help. I did not know A. J. Ayer, Canada’s highest mountain and merinos. I needed the perps to get these fills. Also, I initially had tinted for 47D which hid leg warmer for awhile.

Melissa once again you did a nice job with the blog.

Favorite clues/answers were ripple by the nipple/pec and maker of tiny combs/bee.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Hahtool said...

Good Morning, Melissa Bee and friends. Good write up, including a Shout Out to you with the Maker of Tiny Combs = BEE.

I agree, that this was an easier Wednesday level puzzle that usual. I usually have trouble with Mr. Bain's puzzles, so I was pleasantly surprised that I could complete this one without any outside help.

I was mislead by Gary's st., thinking that "st" referred to a street. I was thinking that Gary was a character on some sit-com. Fortunately, the perps set me straight.

In addition to the BEE clue, I also liked Pencil Tip = ERASER.

At least the elections are over and we can plug our phones back in.

QOD: In victory you deserve Champagne, in defeat you need it. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Looks like my trouble spots were the same as yours. I'm a trifle ashamed that I didn't know Logan - I try to know at least a little about Canada, our good neighbor, partly because it appears that too few Americans make any such effort. But I never noticed the tall mountain.

Thanks for an informative writeup, MB. I was thinking along the same lines as you about TEDDY, but I'm no expert...

Lemonade714 said...

Like H. I was pleasaed you showed up in the answer grid, Ms. BEE.

I did not know the same words as Dennis (have a good flight, pc and 80) and Barry. IGOR was a gimme, as I actually met him after we had our devestating flooding in Connecticut, and the helicopter was instrumental in bringing aid and saving people. He ended up living in Connecticut.

The quote, I believe is from THIS MOVIE .

I liked having WEE and WII in the puzzle.

If only BEA Arthur had ben there

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Melissa Bee, C.C. et alii

Great write-up MB ! Thanks for the link to "Gary, Indiana". Now I'll have that song banigng around in my head all day (like a persistent headache). I believe it was Hugh Grant that said "There's something amok with this cheesecake" - funny stuff!!

Loved "Maker of tiny combs" for BEE. But I didn't mark any others, so I guess the rest of the clues were pretty standard fare. I have to admit, I was disappointed that there was no link for "Ripple near the nipple" for us girls to enjoy.

It was pretty much a speed run for me today - having KFC in the middle helped suss out the other theme answers. Like everyone else, I didn't know A.J. AYER, but that was OK because perps helped fill it in.

We had meatloaf last night, so I'll be able to have a nice leftover sandwich today in honor or National Sandwich Day. Maybe catch a show of "Desperate Housewives" while I'm at it.

Have a great day everyone!

Argyle said...

The location of Mount Logan is in the extreme southwest corner of the Yukon Territory. Map. Image of the southeast face rising out of the Seward Glaicer.

Tinbeni said...

Melissa BEE, Wonderful write-up!!!
Enjoyed the many pic's.

With BREAST STROKE in the grid how could I not LOVE the theme?

Fell for the role-v-TELE, TV part?

Had kittens before those KITTIES showed up.

Wanted to call 1-800 Ask-Gary for Gary's St.
OK OK, IND was a gimmie.

Really liked that Gareth got me in the puzzle ... WEASEL's of the World, Unite ... they want our fur!

Saw that the "legal pot" thingy failed in California. Soooo, I guess I'll just stay here in Tampa Bay,
a WEE 2 hr. flight to Jamaica.
(It's calls to me are getting louder!).

A 'Toast' to everyone at Sunset.
Cheers ...

kazie said...

Good morning Melissa et alii,

I also didn't know AJ AYER, LOGAN or SABATHIA, but perps got them all. I had KITTENS before CIPHER corrected it, and WING knotted my brow for a moment. I'm more familiar with "knee slapper" than THIGH slapper. But all in all, a good Wednesday level with theme help, that gave no real problems.

Merinos produce the most common type of wool marketed in Oz. It's soft and never scratchy, but unfortunately has become pricey in recent years.

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning all-

Well today you can call me dumbo, slothful, unlettered, all of the above or choose your own adjective! I completely blew the SE corner and never bothered to check it. Instead of leg warmer I had leg garter which made 44d and 57d incorrect. I did think that itit was a strange word or expression, but didn't follow through. No excuses, should have caught the goof.

I too chuckled at "Ripple Near the Nipple." Also liked "Thigh Slapper" although I'm more familiar with the expression "Knee Slapper."

Lots of unknowns but perps helped (in most cases).

Enjoy your day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the interesting write-up, Melissa BEE.

A little tougher than some Wednesdays; many clues had double or more meanings. Did not get the theme until coming here. A fair puzzle; many misleading clues satisfied by ordinary fill. The perps helped get A J AYER and also helped with Mt LOGAN, which I kind of remembered after the fact. Always like to see AMOK, a Malay word, in a puzzle. No searches needed.

Liner - Don't know if any of you caught the news clip of the Allure of the Seas exiting the Baltic on 30 October, 2010, on her maiden voyage from the builder's yards in Finland to Ft. Lauderdale. Sailing under the Storebælt (Great Belt) bridge in Denmark, the big ship has such a large air draft that it cleared the bridge by only some 20 inches, with her ballasted down and exhaust stacks retracted.

For 23a, I was going to put 'Neb', too, until I remembered the city in IND :-)

Have a great day.

MH said...

Sort of easy - but I struggled in the NE and SW. Is AVA really a popular name? And I didn't know A.J. Ayer. Perps to the rescue.

Theme unifier was easy and gave me all the long across answers.

There were a couple of teasers in there....

Grumpy 1 said...

Good Morning Miss B and all. After staying up late watching election returns, I needed an easy puzzle this morning. Fortunately, Mr. Bain came through for me.

Hands up for thinking a picture of a teddy should have been included.

I fell for the ROLE/TELE trap also, but put it in in light letters since the question mark in the clue told me that the obvious answer would probably be wrong. I had no idea on A J Ayer, but perps filled it completely. KITTENS/KITTIES caught me too, but the perps straightened that out pretty quickly.

Tinbeni, my favorite quote regarding weasels... "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

Dudley said...

Wow Spitzboov, that was close!

Fascinating clip, with professional production of course.

Dennis said...

Sitting at the airport - so far they've announced two 'oversold' flights at other gates - they're offering two round-trip tickets to anywhere plus $100 for anyone willing to give up their seat. It's funny, all of a sudden a lot of people don't need to go anywhere today.

Al said...

Seen recently: an actual TRAMP stamp...

carol said...

Hi all -
I was having such fun until I got to the NE corner. Didn't know Ovine and could not think of Ava (is that really a popular name now???) so I sailed down middle and smashed into the SW corner. OUCH! I didn't know A.J.Ayer, Alito,or Logan.

Hah, 23A did not fool me this time. I have finally learned that 'st.' means state, not street.

36D Hombre's hand was totally unknown...I thought Hombre was the name of a Western tough guy.

Spitzboov: That was some clip of the ship!!! Having spent nearly 33 years in the shipping business, I know how some of the bridges can be a huge problem, especially for the newer vessels (they just keep getting bigger). I dealt with cargo ships but the bridge issues were always there.

Anonymous said...

Melissa: of the 150 Psalms, David may have written 70 or so...even Moses wrote at least one!

Splynter said...

Hi all ~!

Add me to the ROLE/TELE list, and I actually had Walrus in for Weasel (don't ask) and that made the top corner my sticking point. Had ALIA, too, so I figured CATTIES couldn't be right...

Anyway, once I engaged the brain, it fell into place.

This puzzle is like an old phone - missing the Q and Z.

Managed a nightclub in Ohio, and we had a band called REEKING HAVOC that played there regularly - I figured they "meant" to spell it that way, because some nights, they did 'stink'...

Cute that BEE shows up, and so does Melissa - and I would have liked to have seen your choice of pics of PECS and TEDDY, because it always makes this blog interesting.

AND, yes, my first thought was FLASHDANCE, too...


Husker Gary said...

Melissa, C.C., et al, I subbed yesterday and today which delays puzzling and blogging. Today is the first day that wasn't a planned day and they woke me up at 6:30 am. Yeck! I still saw Orion and Sirius in the south sky. Has anyone else looked? They are spectacular and will be in Winter Sky for the next 6 months or so, earlier each day.

I'm sure Melissa's write-up was fine but the links are all blocked here from school and I'll have to wait to see tonight what was in them. I had to get special dispensation just to get on this site.

I am interested in what is in Dennis'Housewife Sandwich. I was thinking more along the line of Teddy and Breaststroke. KFC did get me Breast after seeing the other theme completers.

BTW, Gary's st. in my city is Skylark Street!

Finished in good time but -

Had no idea on merinos but OVINE sounded right and I can't remember one AVA from my teaching 14,000 kids. Had Kittens for Kitties early, thought about the wrong end of the pencil, had Neck sunburned first. I had another answer for Smart ___ starting with A but there were too many letters.

TACIT is an interesting word for males. Is it only me or do other men have to sometimes play a game of "Can you guess what I am thinking?" with female spouses or acquaitances? Men operate on Yes or No and sometimes do not pick up on subtle cues.

Gunghy said...

Morning all,
Ok, I'll bite:

Like others, the NW ate me up. It finally fell when I took the N out of ANA and the WA off of WADDLE. The SE fell entirely with the downs. (Good thing I got those, though.)

The theme was a big help. I got SAWFISH and immediately wrote BREAST in to cross. I also had TINTED first, but knew I needed LEG.

Husker, Never mind 'subtle' hints. If I'm not whacked with a 2X4, I am not going to pick up on what she wants!

I'm off to celebrate my Giants and cry over the failure of prop 19.

Lucina said...

Hello, Melissa Bee, C.C. and cyber friends.

Nice shout out to you, MBEE and thanks for your great blog.

I had the same stumbles as most of you, except that HAWK brought me to WINGCHAIR and so WEASEL emerged since AWES and PIES were in place.

From some dim memorey Mt. LOGAN fell out. Otherwise, with three or four passes, it all filled well and easily.

For those who don't know, Hombre means man. I see a bit of a Spanish subtheme with MANO, SERA and JULIO. (Sera literally means "will be").

One of my nephews named his daughter AVA.

You all have a lovely Wednesday. I'm off to the gym.

Splynter said...

Husker Gary -

I am off to work at 4am each morning, and my apartment door opens out to the south sky, so every morning for now, I am greeted by Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades - keep telling myself to get the 8" telescope out and take a closer look, because with the new moon, I can get a look at Jupiter, too.

Thanks, Gunghy, someone had to do it - good links, but I prefer brunettes (in a teddy, not pecs, I mean...)


Mainiac said...

Good Afternoon Melissa, CC and All,

Finally got to the puzzle at lunch and thought of MelissaB when I wrote in 53A and low and behold, who blogged today. Great Job!

Had trouble in the top half during the first run through until I got KFC. The bottom half filled in then I poked and pecked at the top. Spelled Weasle so Thighseapper had me scratching my head for a minute. I had Leg and Breast by then so I had to get my mind out of the gutter to fix my mistake.

More of a Tuesday feel for me today.

Crystal clear today with temps in the upper forties.

In honor of National Sandwich Day I ate a meatloaf sandwich for breakfast. Staying away from Housewife's Day!!

Happy Hump Day.

HeartRx said...

Yay Gunghy !!

I knew someone would do it.

Maniac - I had my meatloaf sandwich for lunch. Do you use CATSUP or mustard?

Dilbert said...

Hi all.

This one wasn't a turkey. Nice,

I'd wait on that Jamaican trip untill Tomas decides what he's going to do.

So, the Feds are are going to stay busy in Humbolt Co. and the Mexicans are going to have their turf wars.

Take care.

carol said...

Well air brush my bod and hand me a wig!! LOL...Gunghy!
ps: couldn't look too long at the first 'PEC' guy, no looks lost there.

Very warm here in Portland for a Nov day, 66! Very windy too. We have had a weird year weather-wise.

JD said...

Good afternoon Melissa, C.C. and all,

Great blogging Melissa. Thanks for the theme eye opener, a cute one. Not much was falling in for me, so I "did the downs".Very few problems there.Didn't have to wrestle with AJ Ayer or Logan.I did have greedy for grabby.

I, too, enjoyed "maker of tiny combs"...Rich must have planned that.

Husker Gary, I think the Avas are just beginning their entrance to 3rd,4th grades. My girls each have a friend with daughters named Ava. My niece's daughter is also an Ava..5th most popular now. Here is an interesting list of palindrome baby names. Some are tres odd.

Carol, that is a very scary Ahrnold.Was Maria really attracted to that/those? He is congratulating the SF Giants as I type.This has been a terrific celebration for those long time fans.Oh, and check out our weather.

Hahtool said...

Here's a darker version of Que Sera.


Dilbert said...


84 in the backyard.
A couple of 100k people standing around Civic Plaza in SF.
Nancy and Born Loser pretty funny
this morning.
I have duct tape over my mouth. Trying to stay apolitical.
Brian and Ali due back at 6:40. I will feel much better when they land.

Take care.

dodo said...

Hello there, everyone,

Hahtool, I love your Teddys! LOL.

Had pretty much the same experiences with this puzzle as everyone else. It was another pretty easy Wednesday. Same unknowns as most, and kittens instead of kitties, tinted instead of tinged, yada, yada, yada. Even the same favorite as most: Maker of tiny combs. Even though I got the answer I still had visions of teeny weeny combs....cute.Maybe it was because I got a hsircut this morning. Liked Wii and wee too, LA714.

Very nice writeup, Melissa Bee!

I don't remember the amok cheesecake quote and I think of amok more as an adverb than an adjective, but whatever! There's something about all those words descriptive of confusion that's appealing to me: amok, havoc, chaos, awry, calamity, kerfuffle(thanx, MB)and many more.

I'm kind of amazed at the popularity of Ava, too. The only one I ever knew was a friend of my mother, when I was about 4 or 5! And of course Gardener. She really was a beauty, wasn't she?

I got the theme answers and didn't even connect them to KFC, which I also had. After the second one I decided they were going to be body parts, tho. But not necessarily of a chicken! Duh!

creature said...

Good Day C.C.,Melissa Bee and all,

I've been so overwhelmed with my life, that I haven't been able to write anything. Life is great, just fast,right now.

Except for names, which fell with perps, it was an easy puzzle; and enjoyable.
Liked the theme and could have used some today. Actually a fun and informative puzzle.
Melissa Bee, I always love your blog; so smooth and filling.

Spitzboov, liner! saved to show to family. Looked impossible.

HeartRx, Thanks for the Enya link. I agree the art work was lovely.

Argyle, I think I put first Email in spam- hence the last one was put in spam- I rescued them. Be back to you, later.

Thanks, Gareth Bain for your treat.

Have a nice day everyone.

Annette said...

I think everything's been covered from the puzzle already.

To complete the circle, I was thinking of having a meatloaf sandwich for dinner! With catsup and mayo.

Rainy and grey here today. I sure hope that wasn't Dennis' plane I saw coming in for a landing shortly after 2, and just before an awful rainstorm hit!

Bob said...

Medium difficulty puzzle for me (17 minutes).

I remember A.J. Ayer from my college level philosophy course as one of the pioneers of logical positivism in the early 20th century. Here's an interview with him (there are more links at this site, if you need any):


As one who has hiked portions of the Appalachian Trail in the Southeast, all I can say is, if you miss the trail markers, always look up. For some reason, the trail never seems to head downward. A lot of steep climbs in the Smokies of NC and TN.

Osaka was one of the targets for the sixteen B-25's of the Dootlittle Raid on April 18, 1942. Other targets were Tokyo, Yohohama, Nagoya, and Yokosuka.

Bob said...

Sorry I can't spell this evening. That should be "Doolittle."

Jeannie said...

Melissabee, nice write up! But please remember to provide us gals with some eye candy! My hand is up for kittens instead of kitties, I didn't know Logan (I for one, wouldn't and couldn't even attempt to scale that mountain!)but for some reason knew A.J. Ayer. I thought "ripple near the nipple" was cute.

Al, thanks for the link to "tramp stamp", it wasn't close to what went through my head.

Spitzboov, that is just an amazing link to the Alure! True story, some idiot took his sailboat out of the water and didn't take the mast down and decided to just drive on down the street. I can't tell you how many power lines he took down before he finally stopped. He should have been charged the money it took to have the electrical company come out to fix it!

We had at least one more nice day here in MN, with temps in the upper 50's. The winds have picked up though and the temp tomorrow is only expected to be in the low 40's with a dusting of snow. Oh well...

Where did Dennis fly off to? I must have missed it.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Damn good puzzle today; lots of fun and gave my leetle grey cells a nice workout.

Melissa bee, thank you for a cool and interesting writeup. As I have said, I like to see what stumped people, what they found easy, and how they think about things.

Thank goodness no more political ads! Now we can go back to ads about insurance, cars, cosmetics, and retail stores :)

Dear wife and I just spent a marvelous afternoon sipping wine, noshing on snacks, and watching an absolutely masterful movie called The Secrets of Their Eyes. It's in Spanish and I think it was made in Argentina. I recommend it highly! My heart is still pounding.

No sandwiches for us today, fish tonight, and we are sharing the "housewifely" duties, so I guess we aren't celebrating the day properly.

Absolutely best wishes to you all.

Gunghy said...

You do realize that the political ads end just in time for Christmas, don't you?

My least favorite: In the California insurance commissioner race, there was a diatribe against Mike Villenes claiming that the conservative republicans were against him because he 'sold out' to the Democrats on an important vote. "Vote for anyone but him!!" Turns out the ad was run by his democratic opponent. I voted for him just because of that ad. (He lost, big time.)

Jayce said...

Gunghy, yes I know. We are doomed to ad hell. LOL

Dennis said...

Annette, yep, that was possibly the plane I was on, just before 2pm - put any roller coaster I've been on to shame. I don't know why we weren't vectored around it, but it sure was a fun ride. Being a big dip myself, I liked them.

Jeannie, came to south Florida to get some warm weather, and just found out that the temp is supposed to drop dramatically on Friday. Can't win 'em all, and there's still tons to do here regardless of the weather.

Gunghy, Jayce, I think I can count the positive political ads I saw on one finger. Just brutal this year.

ARBAON said...

Dennis: Come to St Pete and say "Hi"...I`ll be the one with the large hat, sunglasses and I`ll be on a green bench! :)

Dennis said...

Only sunglasses and a large hat??? I'll be right up.

Chickie said...

Hello All--I've been out of the loop for a couple of days. I did the puzzle yesterday in between voters. It was quite easy, and it didn't take up nearly enough of the time we had on our hands through the middle of the morning.

It was a very long day, 6:00 A.M. to almost 10:00 P.M. I had to wait for a janitor to come to the school to lock up the library where we had our polling place set up. The good news was that the school is only a block from my house--but very deserted at that time of night.

Today the puzzle was a little harder and I fell into the same traps as almost everyone else. Kittens/Kitties, and wrong end of the pencil!

I was very confident and put in ANA for AVA. That held up the NE corner for a while as Onine was a funny type of sheep! We actually raised a merino lamb the first year my girls were in the 4H Sheep project.

I agree Jayce--Whew, No more politial ads. We were so sick of the negative back biting statements everyone made about their opponents.

Thank you Melissa for the great write up today. I did think about you right off when Bee filled in for 53 A.

Our weather has been so spectacular these past few days that we are getting too spoiled, I'm afraid. We're having our summer this fall.

Have a great evening, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I believe the clue was wrong for honey comb because in no way are they "tiny". i think the writer may have confused the comb for the small hexagonal shells which make up the larger honeycomb.