Dec 11, 2010

Saturday December 11, 2010 Barry Silk

Theme: None

Total words: 70

Total blocks: 32

Barry placed one grid-spanner flanked by two 14s in the middle of his grid, the first two are making their major newspaper debut today:

30A. Dangerous inner city area : CONCRETE JUNGLE. Learning moment for me.

36A. Munsee-speaking people : DELAWARE INDIANS. I suspect this is Barry's seed entry.

38A. Subject of Michael Crichton's "Prey" : NANO TECHNOLOGY. Great answer.

As usual, some nice cross-references in Barry's themeless:

41A. 1-Down attendees: Abbr. : SRS. And PROM (1D. Event for 41-Across).

11D. Eastern leader since 1994 : KIM JONG-IL. Bad person. Good answer. Kim = Gold. Jong = Straight. Il = Sun. Il, with a different character, but same pronunciation, can also mean the F word.

44D. North __, 11-Down's country : KOREA

Quite a Scrabbly puzzle, two Js, one Z/X, only one Q away from being a pangram.


1. Psychiatrist's recommendation : PROZAC. So is Zoloft.

7. "Spanish Harlem" singer : BEN E. KING. Unknown to me. Here is the clip.

15. NFL team named for a Poe poem : RAVENS. Baltimore Ravens. Their mascot is named Poe. Very cool.

16. Male models, often : ADONISES

17. DalĂ­ had a pet one : OCELOT. Unaware of the trivia.

18. Sitcom with a robot named Hymie : GET SMART. Only saw the silly film starring Steve Carell/Anne Hathaway.

19. Reason for an award : MERIT

20. TV host with a substantial car collection : LENO (Jay)

21. Morning choice : JAVA. Not mine.

22. Halloween sightings? : GHOULS

24. __ face : POKER

25. Music-licensing org. : BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc)

28. New York and Chicago have the oldest ones in the Americas : ELS

29. Circulation aid : FAN

39. "The Chronic" Dr. : DRE. The rapper. Was ignorant of the album. Great clue then.

40. Gas: Pref. : AER. Gas? I thought it's a prefix for "air", as in aerate.

42. Polyester used in casting : ALKYD. Both the clue & answer mean nothing to me.

45. Topsy-turvy state : BEDLAM

48. Inventor who received a lifetime achievement Grammy in 1970 : MOOG (Robert). Synthesizer inventor.

49. Tarot suit : CUPS. Stumped. Know nothing about tarot.

50. Old Asian title : SAHIB. Literally "master," used in Colonial India.

54. Gall : IRRITATE

56. Scour, e.g. : ABRADE

57. Weaken : ENERVATE

58. Easy to handle : DOCILE. Apropos of nothing, I just read it somewhere that women prefer to date men who have dumped their partner before, while men prefer the dumpee because they are afraid of being dumped next. True?

59. Great Lakes routes : SEA LANES.

60. O, in many cases : OXYGEN. Was thinking of Oprah's O.


2. Tear : RACE

3. Through : OVER

4. Woody Allen film : ZELIG. The 1983 mockumentary.

5. Synonymous with, with "for" : ANOTHER WORD. Didn't come to me immediately.

6. Gary hrs. : CST. Gary, Indiana. I wonder what our Husker Gary was thinking.

7. Follower of everything? : BAGEL. Is "Everything bagel" a NY thing? I've never heard of it before.

8. Perfect places : EDENS

9. Say __: refuse : NO TO

10. Cincinnati trio? : ENS. The trio in the word Cincinnati.

12. "Wicked Game" singer Chris : ISAAK. Faintly rang a bell. Here is the song.

13. Courage : NERVE

14. The sun is one : G-STAR. Bill G linked this terrific comparison chart last time.

20. Brilliance, in Bristol : LUSTRE. Bristol, England. Hence the RE ending.

23. Fatty acid ester : OLEATE. Learned from doing Xword.

24. Repository of Greek mythology : PANDORA'S BOX. Great entry.

25. Alphabet trio : BCD

26. Big name in faucets : MOEN

27. At Dodger Stadium, briefly : IN LA

29. Pouring aid : FUNNEL

31. She "sets my heart awhirl," in a 4 Seasons hit : CANDY GIRL. Do you like the song?

32. Continental trade gp. : EEC (European Economic Community).

33. Holy wars : JIHADS. Literally.

34. Vientiane's land : LAOS

35. Caltech grad's occ., often : ENGR

37. Part of MS-DOS: Abbr. : SYS

42. Nice friends : AMIES. Nice the city in France.

43. Greene of "Bonanza" : LORNE

45. Mesa's cousin : BUTTE

46. Cousins of foils : EPEES

47. Mount __, New York's highest peak : MARCY. No idea, Argyle!

49. "Brian's Song" Emmy nominee : CAAN (James). Dennis the Dummy liked the movie, if I remember correctly. About Brian Piccolo. Quite sad.

51. Reagan secretary of state : HAIG (Alexander). "I'm in control here".

52. Not engaged : IDLE

53. "It's __ too long" : BEEN

55. Knoxville-based agcy. : TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)

56. Bother : ADO

Answer grid.



Argyle said...

Morning, C.C.,

Yes, the puzzle is Nor'easter, what with Mt. Marcy and an 'everything' bagel.

The puzzle came together piecemeal for me, one fill would lead to another. All-in-all, a fun puzzle but then, I'm from NY.

Dick said...

Good morning CC and all, today’s puzzle was a real slog for me. I seem to have a cold and got awake about three am and could not go back to sleep so I decided to do the puzzle. It seemed that every fill was a struggle, but like Argyle each fill led to another answer and I was finally able to complete the puzzle with only two trips to Mr. G.

I never heard of “everything” bagel and I used to live in New York City. For 22A I confidentially entered ghosts which took a while to correct. Ben E. King was a long time in coming to mind, but the lyrics are haunting and I could hear them as I tried to think of his name.

Over all this was a fun puzzle. It took me about 45 to 50 minutes to complete.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I was mostly on my namesake's wavelength today. Mt. MARCY, OLEATE and ALKYD were complete unknowns, but they were gettable via the perps. And I wanted GHOSTS for 22A, since I've never seen anybody actually dressed up as a grave robber for Halloween before. Again, though, the perps took care of that.

The one sticking point I had was in the extreme NE corner. I honestly thought Elvis sang "Spanish Harlem" and had no recollection what letter star our sun was. Even with BENEKIN_ in place, I couldn't get the last letter, so I just went through the alphabet one letter at a time until I got the "TADA!" Fortunately, everything else in the puzzle was correct...

Have a great one! I've got an early afternoon concert to prepare for. If anybody's interested, a clip of my group performing can be seen (and heard) here.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - I'm no speed solver, but today I managed a 30 minute no-peeky, probably my best for a Saturday. There were plenty of unknowns, but as with Argyle and company, one fill led to another.

Fell for the Nice trap again. Most of the long fills arrived one letter at a time.

Mt. Marcy? That's a new one on me. Thanks for all the learning moments, Mr. Silk!

Argyle said...

I wonder; do you recognize these MARCY alternatives?

Peppermint Patty and Marcy, from "Peanuts".
Marcy and Peggy, from "Married with Children".

Splynter said...

Hi All~!

Argh, Argyle, you beat me to it~! I love the everything bagel!! Have to admit, I knew the MARCY from Married...with Children more than the MT. here in NY - but then again, I am on the Island...

I am coming down with a severe cold, and it slowed me down in the puzzle, but not the puzzle itself. I will put my hand up for "one led to the next", too.

Favorite clue today was CONCRETE JUNGLE - I like working with concrete.

My mother still uses BEDLAM to describe a day at school (for example, one after Halloween, or the one before Christmas); Comes from one of the earliest mental institutions, Bethlehem Hospital (I suppose it could be considered 'cockney' pronunciation).

Big fan of PANDORA on the iPhone, not the BOX....

I am sleeping in the whole weekend, gotta be in to the PT UPS job at 1:15am Monday...ugh


Argyle said...

Some Mt. Marcy trivia:

Lake Tear of the Clouds is a small tarn located on the southwest slope of Mount Marcy; it is the highest source of the Hudson River. Wikipedia article(a short read).

It is where Teddy Roosevelt learned he had to get back because President William McKinley had taken a turn for the worse.

Lemonade714 said...

Hey C.C. and all:

I am not a speed solver, and am amazed at people doing puzzles in 2 minutes, or how
many times others whip through the solving, so I was quite shocked this morning when I looked at the timer and saw I had completed this one in 14:35, by far my fastest Saturday and a Barry Silk! Like others I never heard of MOUNT MARCY (except perhaps from Steve being lewd on Married With Children) or ALKYD, but it all went so quickly.
I appreciated the deception of the circulating air with FAN, as my thoughts were blood or newspapers, and I would not have found G STAR easy, but for BILL G (what a mnemonic!) Posting the chart. Also, the circulating aid, crossing the pouring aid (FUNNEL) was fun.
As a nice Jewish boy, I assure you , the EVERYTHING BAGEL is a fairly recent (last 20 years) addition to the bagel universe, and quite popular down here, especially if go to Einstein’s . And I also had to erase GHOSTS for GHOULS. The relationship between Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers was an inspirational thought very sad story, and as a kid who grew up as a Bears fan a very memorable one.

As with all of Mr. Silk’s puzzles, the long fills determine the solving experience and they were great and all came to mind, with PANDORA’S BOX my favorite.

Enjoy the wee end all, today is perfection here.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning C.C. and all.

A little tougher Saturday Silkie than most. Daunting at first, but then, like others have said, one fill would lead to another, and it gradually came together. I was blown away by the center across stacks of CONCRETE JUNGLE, DELAWARE INDIANS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, which could generate the verticals of CANDY GIRL, ANOTHER WORD and PANDORAS BOX, among others. MARCY was a gimme for me as it was for Argyle.

I have not heard SEA LANES used in describing Great Lakes ship traffic. I always thought it was more of an ocean thing; ie. routing around iceberg danger areas or, say, managing congested areas like the English channel.

A real tour de force, Barry. Thank you for the challenge.

Have a good weekend.

Husker Gary said...

Good Morning C.C. et al, I salute all you speed solvers as I spent a good half hour on this lovely exercise this morning. It is 13 degrees out, snow is blowing on 30 mph winds, I have my coffee, my LA Times puzzle, C.C.’s write-up augmented by Argyle and my sun room. Life is good!

-As I perused the puzzle, 4 Seasons stood out and my love for that group yielded Candy Girl in a heartbeat. Frankie Vali is still touring and was in Omaha at the Holland Center last year singing with some twenty year olds for the other “Seasons” and the Omaha Symphony and is still getting it done! What a class act!
-Yes, C.C., the Gary reference was fun but of course I had to decide between CST and CDT. Ronnie Howard’s wonderful rendition of Gary Indiana also came to mind
-My favorite Ben E. King song? Stand By Me. Both as a single and as a poignant anthem for the wonderful movie!
-If you run into Ray Lewis from the Ravens, you will think NEVERMORE!
-Courage = Nerve not Verve
-Thought of blood and newspaper Circulation first
-MOOG came quickly from somewhere
-Thought Gall was a noun first, “Of all the gall…”
-Dang! This astronomer put ASTAR for GSTAR for awhile. Duh!
-Is there a more evil person in the world today than Kim Jong Il (and his idiot son)? How can someone let their people suffer like that? The average size of North Koreans has gone down in the last 50 years!
-Our recent trip to Tennessee included a trip to extreme SW Kentucky where the TVA built the beautiful Kentucky reservoir where Tennessee and Ohio River meet. Maybe Windhover and I have relatives there!
-Gale Sayers is an Omaha native and that movie is wonderful. Some things are bigger than sports!
-I can never remember if it is LAOS or LOAS but I think of LAOTIAN and voila!

elsie said...

To Barry G.,
Enjoyed the clip of your group performing. Thanks for sharing.

Husker Gary said...

p.s. Barry I too loved your group! What a treat to be a part of a talented ensemble like that!

Anonymous said...

Everything bagel?


Unknown said...

Gary, you probably know that Senator George Norris of McCook, Nebraska (my little town) was instrumental in establishing the TVA and REA (Rural Electrification Administration).

Dick said...

Nice group and nice voices Barry

HeartRx said...

Good Morning C.C. et al.

Thanks for the informative blog, C.C. Wow, never heard of "everything BAGEL", either. And we had some real techie words like 42A ALKYD and 23D OLEATE. Then there were the singers - I vaguely remembered Chris ISAAK, but had a "C" at the end which messed up "POCER" for a while till I found the mistake. Did not know BEN E KING, either. Had "Hairless" instead of ADONISES for male models. (You never do see one with a hairy chest, do you??). So the NW was a real slog until I gave up and gg'd the song from 7A.

Argyle - I would remember Peppermint Patty's friend MARCY, but not the one from "Married, With Children" (never watched that show). But this is a Saturday, and somehow NY's highest peak seems more appropriate for the difficulty level, no? Plus, it gave me a learning moment, which is always appreciated. And thanks for "Lake of the Tear" trivia - more learning!!

Barry, your link was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the musical interlude!

Hand up for "ghosts" instead of GHOULS. But I knew Leno's car collection, and "LS" just didn't seem right for the start of 20D, so I cleared that one up pretty quickly.

And so my Saturday goes... At least it's a beautiful day out, and I can go for a walk around the reservoir. Have a great one, everybody!

creature said...

Good Morning C.C. and all,

Nice write-up, C.C..I always feel you are right next to me, talking to me. Neat style.

This was a definite step by step, perp kind of puzzle for me. I always like Barry's puzzles; yet, they are always challenges. The log fills evolved.

I misspelled prozac [Prosac], never heard of everything bagel, but let it stay, remembered Bill G's chart for Gstar, perped Moog and Marcy.

Thanks, Barry for some fun.

Thanks to our other Barry for his lovely groups' music. what an elite accomplishment- simply perfection!

Have a nice day everyone.

Anonymous said...

everything bagel is?

Anonymous said...

Is "Everything Bagel" like the Zen Hotdog?
Make me one with everything.

Lemonade714 said...

If you ever visit South Florida, I will take you to EINSTEIN'S for breakfast, where you can have an everything bagel (onion, garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and caraway seeds) or an asiago cheese, or the old favorite, the cinnamon raisin. I included the RECIPE sorry Jeannie, but this is an ethnic thing.

daffy dill said...

Good morning, C.C.

On first pass, I had several "penciled in," but the only ones I knew were right were RAVENS, LENO, and LORNE. I might have gotten KIMJONGIL sooner, but my mind supplied a word that made the clue read "Middle East...." I had no inkling of ZELEG, BENEKING, or GETSMART (never watched it.) I have no knowledge of Tarot cards, but one I had the "C" and "P," I guessed CUPS. The Nice clue didn't fool me for a minute! As some have said, one fill led to another and with some WAGS, SWAGS, and three visits to the G-spot, I got through it with no red letter help.

Hand up for not knowing the bagel; not fond of them.

Beautiful music, Barry. Thanks.

Our early morning low was 54 deg., up from the lower 20s we have been having. Should be in the mid-60s today.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning CC and the gang.

My experience was pretty much the same as most of you, find an obvious entry and build on it. But that also led me into the GHOSTS/GHOULS trap, too. I finally saw LUSTRE staring at me and made the correction. That finally fixed the NE where I had GENE KING and couldn't figure out how GAGET followed anything, let alone everything.

MADCAP instead of BEDLAM briefly slowed me down in that area but perps corrected that one also.

SEALANES was easy enough to get, but I never heard that term used on the Great Lakes. It was always 'shipping lanes' in open waters or 'shipping channels' in high traffic areas.

I don't know where I picked up the trivia about Dali's pet, but OCELOT was a gimme with no perps. Other entries that should have been obvious had to be dredged up a letter at a time until the V8 moment finally arrived.

There does seem to be something ominous about Kim Jong Il running alongside Pandora's Box.

Since we had seen it recently, I didn't fall for the 'Nice friends" trap. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks, Barry, for a 'not quite as smooth as Silk' start to my Saturday. It was a fun solve.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Morning all,

I had the same issues as everyone, and got it all using acrosses except for bagels and Bene King. I thought bagel was the only word that fit, but I didn't know of a man's named Bene! Came here to get that.

If you haven't seen an old Get Smart! you must try to. It is also stupidly funny, but in a different way. I remember Hymie as a grousing whining robot, sort of like Marvin in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

We have sun and 36F here today, but expect blizzards next week.

boomermama said...

Morning from Chicago burbs! Barry Silk puzzles always challenge my brain.
This one was fun but Ben E King? Never would have known that without help.
CC thanks for the welcome back. Been a tough 2010. Loving my new grandbabies but lost my spouse to cancer in July. Slowly coming back and reading this site everyday...Happy Holidays to you all. Joan

carol said...

Hi all....I knew I would have a difficult time this being a Saturday but when I saw it was a 'Silky', I had to try. I tried, I failed. Sigh.

Everything bagel was a complete mystery. I have heard of 'Everything Jake' though. (something this puzzle wasn't for me :))

Barry G: Beautiful vocals and photography. I couldn't carry a tune if it handles on it but I love to listen to talented people like you!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mary said...

Happy Weekend all,

Thanks to both Barry's, for the fun puzzle and the smooth music. Thank you C.C. for the informative writeup and links.

It was nice to be able to do a Saturday puzzle with no Google help. Mount MARCY was new to me, but I got it from the perps. PANDORA'S BOX was my favorite, after thinking about libraries and so on.

I will take issue with CONCRETE JUNGLE clued as a dangerous inner city area. I think of it as the downtown area with tall government buildings. (I just checked the Urban Dictionary and Free Dictionary and see both meanings.)

I don't care for everything BAGELs, conflicting flavors. But they do sell well around here.

I'm off to Joe's piano recital today and we'll go to his band/orchestra/choral festival tomorrow. Enjoy the holidays!

Nice Cuppa said...


My first thought for 7D "Follower of Everything?" was BABEL, which sounded about right and also fit for some time. Maybe I was also influenced by Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where the "Babel Fish" was a Star Trek-style universal translator that you stuck in your ear (it was a real fish).


I was about to make the same comment on CONCRETE JUNGLE, but happy to see that you just posted. I totally agree - there is no implication of danger.


JD said...

Good morning C.C. and all,

not so silky smooth today..some very rough spots.I know the songs, but not the artists.
New words for me: abrade and oleate.
Favorite- Pandora's box

Boomermama, so sorry for your loss.

Barry, thanks for sharing the video of your spectacular group.

Gary, I really enjoy the way you organize your thoughts on the xwd.I hear myself saying,"me too."
Stand by Me brings back more memories than CANDY GIRL

Anyone know why cups is the answer to tarot suit?

James Caan was a hottie in Brian's Song. Loved the movie. Sadly, he seems a little rough around the edges now-a days. His son is in the new Hawaii series.

It is so foggy here that it looks like rain..dreary..time to finish decorating.

carol said...

Boomermama(Joan): so very sorry for your loss. Glad you feel like posting here again, there are a lot of caring people here.

I agree about 'concrete jungle' being all about the tall buildings. Ghetto, however, brings up thoughts of an unsafe area.

I didn't know any tarot suit. I will look that up, it's something I have been curious about. Maybe I can do readings for the gullible in our area - LOL. I understand one woman did just that, telling bank depositors (at the branch where she worked) that their accounts/money had 'bad vibrations' or somesuch and that if they gave her X amount of money, she would rid their accounts of the demons. I believe she is now reading her cards in a cell (at least I hope so). Still, you gotta wonder at the stupidity of someone that would believe such a line.

Bill G. said...

Boomermama, I'm sorry to hear about the sad times you must have been going through. I'm happy to see you here though. Best wishes.

JD, I don't know much about Tarot cards but they have four suits like regular cards (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades). The Tarot card suits are Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords.

Barbara has been driving our restored 1965 VW since forever. I bought it new for $1900. But it's time for something more modern. We are getting her a Toyota Yaris for Christmas. With it's hatchback design, there is easily accessible room in the back for her sewing machine and supplies when she heads off to take a quilting class. We had negotiated a reasonable price with a salesman at the local dealer but the sales manager interfered and nixed it. So we were discouraged and put the whole thing on hold. I found out that Costco has a referral service. I recontacted the local dealer (through Costco online) and talked to a different salesperson. She got back to me in an hour with a price about $700 less for the same car. So Barbara should be driving a new car in a few days. Yea again for Costco!

Then I will do the same thing to replace my old 1993 Camry. It's been a good car but it needs servicing and repair work. So I should have a new car too before too long.

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Thank you for the informative write-up.

I've been watching your evolving weather.
You and Jeannie, be safe out there.

Barry Silk almost did me in.
The NE corner, specifically BEN E. KING just wouldn't pop back from the neatherlands.

NANO TECHNOLOGY, what a great answer.
I read the book long ago and the connection came instantly off the MOEN 'n'.

ABRADE, for scour, got me that Mt.MARCY in NY.
Here in Fla, the highest peak is 345 feet up near Alabama.

All-in-all a FUN Saturday.

Got an earlier flight to Moscow.
I'm prepared for a bit of snow for a few days, then warmth, then return to my West Coast of Fla. Sunsets in a week.

SOOOO ... I'll be toasting you all from 38,000 feet.

Anonymous said...

Only if your head fits through the airplane door.

Bob said...

Not too tough for a Saturday (22 minutes). I did puzzle over 7D (BAGEL) for a second, but that's about all.

BEDLAM is an interesting word. It is a British contraction of "Bethlehem" and stems from the shorthand term for Saint Mary's of Bethlehem, also called the Bethlem Royal Hospital, London's oldest mental asylum, located in the Borough of Bromley. The noise of patients emanating from the facility gave rise to the word's connection with confusion and disorder. Spoken quickly enough, "Bethlehem" becomes "Bethlem" and then "bedlam."

JD said...

Thanks Bill, I had no idea that tarot cards had suits also.

eddyB said...

Hi all.

A BTW, Brian was named for Brian Piccolo. I had just seen the movie.

I am so tired of the solid, gray
skies. We are supposed to have sun
and 70s tomorrow.

Happy landings Tin.

Take care.

ARBAON said...

Barry G: Lovley music! Such pure notes and counterpoints!

Husker Gary said...

Laurie, Yes I did know about George Norris and his TVA work and other populist causes. Here in Nebraska he is most noted for installing our Unicameral Government where we only have 49 legislators (called Senators and supposedly non partisan) and who we have term-limited!! We are the only state without a bicameral legislature. George Norris and the great commoner William Jennings Bryan are two of the most liberal politicians in American history and are from this now very RED state.

JD, Thanks for the kind comment on my blogging! I am a very "stream of consciousness” person and after 64 trips around the Sun (a G star by the way!), I have a many orts (how ‘bout that use of one of our Xwd faves?) of knowledge to share.

Jayce said...

I have often ordered an "everything" bagel from Einstein's.

A different character sounding like "Il" means the F word? My curious mind wants to know. LOL

Jerome said...

Einstein's Biscuits and Gravity are great, but they sure weigh you down.

Jerome said...

Einstein's sandwich lunch special is pretty good too.

An Atomic Sub with an Energy Drink.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

No time for the puzzle today....... too much Xmas stuff to take care of.

Barry G...... your group is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the piece with us. Wouldn't mind hearing a few more hymns in the future.


Anonymous said...

Bagel or doughnut is slang for an automobile tire. A follower can be defined as a mechanical part receiving motion from another part. A tire receives motion from all parts from the wheel to the engine. I never heard of "everything bagel".

creature said...

Virginia Sycamore, Your profile doesn't indicate where you are, so climate info doesn't connect. Could you add a little more? So glad you're here.

Boomermama,So sorry to hear about your spouse and the pain you've been through. Glad you're coming back and hope we can help some. Thanks for your holiday wishes, Joan

CA,Hope you're getting better, stay in touch when you feel like it. I miss you.

Dick, hope you get rid of your cold fast.

Barry G. said...

Hey, all! The concert went extremely well this afternoon. Thanks for all the kind words about the music. I've been with them for about 14 years now, and it never grows old.

If anybody is interested, our official website can be found here (I don't remember if the YouTube clip included a link or not...)

Barry G. said...

Sorry, let's try that again...

Our official website can be found here.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A Barry Silk that took a rather long time to finish. I had to Google Zelig, Caan, and Cups for the Tarot suit. I didn't know anything about Tarot cards. Thanks Bill for the info.

The long fills were slow in coming, and Everything Bagel was completely unknown. I also had Ghosts for Ghouls, but that fixed itself when Lustre went in.

I usually don't do Sat. puzzles, but had a free afternoon so started this at lunch time.

Boomermama, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Barry G. Thank you for the beautiful music. Your group has a very special sound.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
We'll be attending a "Girl Scout" reunion with some of our Senior scouts from the 70's. They are scattered all over the US now with their families and work, but when someone comes to town to visit, we try to get together. It is wonderful to see what these special young women, now mothers and some even grandmothers have done with their lives. They contiue to amaze me with their accomplishments.

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

Surprised to see how many people have never heard of the everything bagel...

As for the Tarot, I have had several decks, myself. There are two "parts", the Major Arcana, which includes some famous cards, like "DEATH", and "HIGH PRIESTESS" (think James Bond in Live & Let Die) and the Minor Arcana, which is the four 'suits', and they are ace through 10 with page, knight, queen and king.

Major Arcana

9 of Cups

There is a correlation to the four suits of modern playing cards, the four 'elements', and other mystical tales...I like to spread them out for meditation purposes.

See you tomorrow


Lemonade714 said...

Barry, you are a true renaissance man, thank you for sharing.

Joan, welcome back, and my condolences for your loss. My brother died since I started blogging here, and this group helped me to keep things together; we may fight and disagree about amny things, but there is a real community spirit cultivated here. And of course with our resident wit, Jerome and others, we are pretty damn funny, sometimes intentionally.

Chickie said...

Safe Journey. Keep warm.

That goes for everyone else who is in the snow belt and getting harsh weather this weekend.

I have to comment on the light in our backyard right now. Our apple tree looks like it is bathed in gold. The waning light is just right and the pinks and golds are beautiful. I'll give a Martinelli's toast to everyone for a glorious Sunday.

Bill G. said...

We just got home with a fire-engine red Yaris. The sale was painless but filling out the paperwork was time consuming. The car is very pleasant to drive. I'm sure Barbara will be happy with it.

Now I need to start shopping for a car to replace my 1993 Camry.

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Barry G. That was spectacular music you all created. Thank you.

Didn't even try to do today's puzzle. Too busy, and Saturdays' ones are tough.
But I surely enjoy coming here and finding out everyone's ideas and thoughts.

Lucina said...

Hello, C.C. and all.

I'm really late for this party and actually I just returned from a Christmas party and decided to finish the puzzle which I started this morning.

All four quadrants filled fairly easily, but the center left me blank as I had no idea about Munsee people nor would I have equated CONCRETEJUNGLE with dangerous neighborhood. Besides I didn't spell KIMJONGIL correctly. And I don't read Crichton novels so that left me in the dark, too.

Finally I googled the above unknowns to complete this very good challenge from Barry Silk.

And Barry G. I really enjoyed your music. Thank you. What voice do you sing?

Joan, I am so sorry for your loss and hope you have some support to help you. It is a dark time when one's spouse dies.

Good night, everyone! I hope your Saturday was superb.

Lucina said...

Everything BAGEL is unfamiliar to me as is Mt. Marcy. Thanks for the link, Argyle.

Godspeed, Tinbeni.

Argyle said...

Barry is a bass. Link.