Dec 1, 2010

Wednesday December 1, 2010 Ed Sessa

Theme: ENEMY (56D. Foe hiding, in a way, in the puzzle's four longest answers). N & ME span across two words in each theme entry. Phonetically "N-M-E" sounds like "Enemy".

20A. Viral illness associated with a rash : GERMAN MEASLES. Wikipedia it's called "German measles because the disease was first described by German physicians in the mid-eighteenth century".

35A. List that comes from the top : DROP-DOWN MENU. Computer menu. Mangesh Ghogre used this great phrase in his "Missing You" puzzle in Games magazine. His answer is a hilarious "Drop-Down Men(u), clued as rappers referenced if I recall correctly.

43A. Possible response to "Gotcha!" : THAT'S ONE ON ME.

57A. Pie with a fluffy topping : LEMON MERINGUE. Still have not tried Lemon Meringue Pie yet.

C.C. here, pinch-hitting for the traveling Melissa Bee. When did you get the theme? Took me sometime to grok the gimmick.

We also have a bit of French current going on:

34D. Dijon honey : AMIE. I was picturing Dijon honey mustard, not how to say "Honey" in Dijon the French city.

60D. Old gold coins of France : ECUS. Classic crosswordese.

58D. Hot times in the cité : ETES

Favorite clue/answer today is LADY LUCK (40. Gambler's favorite woman?).


1. Chews the fat : GABS

5. "Here's to ..." tribute : TOAST

10. Lingerie size : C-CUP. Doesn't look like Salma Hayek is wearing a bra.

14. Inuit word for "house" : IGLU. That's how we get igloo.

15. Like bighorns : OVINE. Always thought bighorns are goats rather than sheep.

16. Obsessed fictional captain : AHAB. "Moby Dick".

17. Modeler's aid : GLUE.

18. More inclined to butt in : RUDER. Couldn't fit in NOSIER.

19. Comes together : GELS

23. Paint base : LATEX

24. A major, e.g. : KEY

25. Healthful resort : SPA

28. 911 responder, for short : EMS

29. Lanchester of "Witness for the Prosecution" : ELSA. Know her. Not familiar with the movie.

33. Like Fran Drescher's voice : NASAL

38. Cuba or Mallorca : ISLA

41. Thumper's friend : BAMBI. Thumper is a rabbit. There's also a character called Flower.

42. Agenda listing : ITEM

46. Like some waves : TIDAL

47. Have to have : NEED

48. Fond du __, Wisconsin : LAC

51. "School's out" response : YAY

52. "Eeeuuw!" : ICK

55. Bloodsucker : LEECH

62. Tight : TAUT

64. Sister's daughter : NIECE

65. Humorist Bombeck : ERMA. The "Joy of Cooking" author is Irma Rombauer.

66. "Going __, going ..." : ONCE

67. On the wrong side (of) : AFOUL. Have only encountered this word in the phrase "Run afoul of".

68. Track competition : MEET

69. Stir-fry cookers : WOKS

70. Full of juicy tidbits : NEWSY

71. Longings : YENS


1. Embarrassed reaction, maybe : GIGGLE. OK, "maybe".

2. Shining brightly : AGLEAM

3. Exclaims suddenly, with "out" : BLURTS

4. "Do something about it! I dare you!" : SUE ME

5. Betwixt and between : TORN

6. Egg, to Ovid : OVUM. Plural is ova.

7. Right-hand man : AIDE

8. Tiptoe : SNEAK

9. Succinct : TERSE. To me, TERSE has a negative one, succinct does not.

10. Place with bars : CAGE. Thought of JAIL first.

11. Where to find four knights : CHESS SET. Three consecutive Ss.

12. "Friendly skies" co. : UAL

13. "Masterpiece" airer : PBS

21. Hatchet man : AXER. ER words are seldom interesting.

22. "Coal Miner's Daughter" subject Loretta : LYNN

26. Glass section : PANE

27. Former senior, for short : ALUM. Couldn't quite parse the clue.

30. "Rio __": John Wayne film : LOBO. Was ignorant of the movie. Western again?

31. Wingspread, say : SPAN

32. Madison Ave. figures : AD MEN

35. Statistical input : DATA

36. Reed instrument : OBOE

37. Red, white or Blue Nun : WINE. Blue Nun is a German wine brand. Alien to me.

38. Bitty start? : ITTY. Itty-bitty.

39. Islamic branch : SHIA. And Sunni.

44. Svelte : SLIM

45. 1551, on monuments : MDLI

48. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" villain : LEGREE (Simon). No idea.

49. Keen judgment : ACUMEN

50. Marked deck users : CHEATS. What is "Marked deck"? Poker?

53. Movie barbarian : CONAN. "Conan the Barbarian".

54. Swiss Army __ : KNIFE

59. Catty remark : MEOW. The clue works with or without the question mark.

61. Bank (on) : RELY

62. Auto club service : TOW

63. Year, in Yucatán : AÑO

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - I must've been on Ed Sessa's wave length with this one because it went almost as smoothly as a Monday/Tuesday puzzle. The theme, however, took me a while to see. I kept looking at the 'N-M-E', thinking, nah, that can't be it. But it was.

I thought 'axer' was a bit of a stretch, but it's obviously a word. I initially had 'EMT' for 28A, but the perp quickly took care of that. 'Iglu' was an educated guess. And we seem to be moving in the right direction with 'C cup'; at this rate, we'll be in the Lois/Lucina territory around April. C.C., your link was magnificent.

I had forgotten about "Witness for the Prosecution", a wonderful movie with great plot twists.

C.C., marking cards is the practice of putting a very small indicator on the back of playing cards, by which the cheater can determine rank and/or suit. And I had the same thought as you about 'terse'; it's always had a somewhat negative connotation to me. By the way, great to see you blogging during the week.

Today is World AIDS Awareness Day and Eat a Red Apple Day.

Dennis said...

Lucina, apologies for not answering your question yesterday about what to buy a 14-year-old boy.

That's an age where we start to lose them to the allure of, say, 10A, or to sports. Those that do continue with hobbies at that age tend towards outdoor stuff, primarily rockets or radio-control cars/planes/boats. Rockets would be the least expensive; you can get starter kits for around $35 dollars.

Hope this helps; if anyone has any related questions, I'd be glad to help. Won't sell you anything, but I can certainly provide information.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

A bit of a slow start today (IGLU???), but once I got on the constructor's wavelength I ended up breezing right on through. The theme was no help whatsoever, since I didn't figure out until after the puzzle was completely solved (even after getting the theme reveal). I'm proud to say I did figure it out before coming here, however... ^_^

Favorite clue/answer was "A Major, e.g." for KEY. I'm not sure if it really was as tricky as it seemed at the time, but it certainly had me trying to think of a synonym for major for a bit.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and friends. I hope MelissaBee is okay, but it is also really nice to "see" you, CC. I miss your take on the puzzle.

This was a fun puzzle for me. I had several false starts, but it wasn't so difficult that I couldn't finish without any outside help.

I started out thinking 1A was Yaks instead of GABS. Well, two of the letters fit! I also had Jail instead of CAGE for 10D, but I would pity the woman who needed a J-Cup!

My favorite clue was Dijon Honey = AMIE. I, too, was initially thinking of the condiment.

As for Lemon Meringue Pie ~ My mom makes a great one, but I have never dared to make one myself.

Linda: Glad you stopped by last night. Do rejoin us. Good to hear you and your family are doing well.

Tonight marks the first night of Chanukah, when we light the first candle at sunset.

QOD: t's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it. ~ Steven Wright.

HeartRx said...

Rabbit Rabbit !!
(Does anyone else out there say that on the first day of the month?)

Good morning C.C. et al.

Thanks for "pinch-hitting" C.C. I knew your link to 10A would get some comments. But I thought the clue for 70A would better describe the answer to 10A, no?

Speed run today - much like Mon or Tues, as Dennis said. Only one error slowed me down - I spelled LEGREE as LAGREE (and "LEACH" looked OK, too). But I didn't get my TAH DAH at the end so had to spend a couple minutes looking for the error of my ways.

When the second theme answer fell, I couldn't see any connection other that the "N-M" in both. Finally got the connection with 56D. Clever!

Have a great day, everyone!

creature said...

Good Morning C.C. and all,

Great blogging C.C.; agree with you on terse- it felt the same to me.

The puzzle was a good Wednesday effort. Some snags along the way - to bump it up a little.

My fav was 'Dijon honey'.

The theme, however, was the thought provoking part. When it finally hit, I loved it. Very fresh for me. Also some good words. Thanks, Ed.

Be checking back.

Have a nice day everyone.

Lucina said...

Good morning, C.C. et al. What a pleasant surprise to "see" you C.C.! I concur on -ER words.

I, too, thought this an easy run today and was on Ed Sessa's wave length. When I saw that ENEMY was the theme, looked at NME, just couldn't reconcile it.

I'm glad you did, C.C.

Dijon honey, AIMIE, just emerged as NASAL, MENU and ITEM were in place.

Thank you for your reply. Fourteen is a difficult age and you have some good suggestions. I'll speak to the parents about it.

Well, I must return to bed as insomnia hit me at 3:30 and thre's much to do today.

I hope your Wednesday is spectacular! I wish you a successful start to Chanukah, Hahtool and others who observe it.

fermatprime said...

Hi CC! Good to have you blog! Hello all and thanks to ED!

Just dropping by. This puzzle extremely easy for a Wednesday. Forgot to mull over theme.

Thanks again to many of you who wrote yesterday!

Had a 2 hour nap and woke up just now. Hope to get more sleep.

Have been trying SOMNAPURE. Anyone else? I think it works eventually. (Not if you fall asleep first with your nose in the portable computer.) It will probably be something that is someday deemed fatal, like Darvocet, which I took for many years for fibro!

Mainiac said...

Morning CC and All,

Hand up for an easier Wednesday and also for scratching my head for Iglu. The theme remained hidden until I read CC's write-up and then slapped my head. I got Enemy then German Measles (Actually, I've already had them), I started thinking about WWII opponents and really drew a blank for Pie With Fluffy Topping. Regrouped and forgot about the theme and finished things up.

My fourteen year old loves anything that crashes or blows up. The rocket idea is a great one and the type we have can be reused. You just have to buy new rockets.

Of course my geniuses got too lazy to walk down the road to a nearby field to fire them off and also broke the adult supervision rule. Instead they set up a horizontal launcher at one end of the backyard and made a target of returnable bottles at the other end to shoot at. Apparently this had been done more than once. I had no clue because they were sly enough to clean everything up and put it away when done. One hot afternoon last summer they had nearly set the woods on fire as I drove up the driveway from work. I got out of my truck and heard all of this thrashing around and one of them saying "Jeezus, Dad's going to be pissed! Get the hose!"
It wasn't that bad but I did give them hell and grounded them. After all, its fun to shoot off rockets for adults too!

I had no idea who Salma Hayek was until today. Thank you CC!

The still juvenile Mainiac.

Mainiac said...

HeartRx, Yes, religiously but I say Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

Fermatprime, Missed yesterday but I glad to hear you are getting mobile. Don't overdue it.

thehondohurricane said...

Good Day Folks,

CC, thanks for the write up; without it I would still have been fondling my wine glass wondering what Red, White or Blue Nun was.

The theme evaded me until I read CC's explanation. Being a computer ignoramus, Drop Down Menu was a new phrase.

There are so many sects within the Islam religion, I usually have to rely on the crossing words to fill in those blanks. Shia was no exception and new to me.

For a Wednesday, this puzzle seemed a tad easier than I would normally expect. No real hang ups, only a couple of minor slowdowns. Nice change of pace.

Agleam, Afoul, and Axer are three words that are Awful. Does anyone ever use them on a regular basis?

My last bitch for today is Fond du Lac...... can never remember if it's Lac or Luc and
I always have to rely on perps.

And CC, thanks for the intro to Salma Hayek. Never heard of her, but I'll be happy to help her find the right Cup size for those beauties!

Have a good day everyone don't run afoul of the evil axer with agleam in his eye.

Seldom Seen said...

Thumper and Bambi had a friend named for a river?

Dick said...

Good morning CC and all, nice to see you here this morning CC. This was a nice easy puzzle for a Wednesday. I did not start off too well in the NW corner. I worked down in that section and confidently entered yaks for 1A and water for 23A. This caused a minor hesitation until I got the corrections made. The remainder of the puzzle was straight forward, but I never did get the theme even though I had 56D enemy and all the long fills. I just could not see the connection.

Hands up for jail in lieu of cage.

Favorite clue/answer catty remark/meow.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday

Lemonade714 said...

N ME = ENEMY, oh ok, groan. CATTY REMARK: ME OW, oh ok, ME ET, laugh. SUE ME, yes. ACU MEN, AD MEN. EMS, L EM ON, IT EM.

Hey C.C., thanks for a fine write up of a really fast Wednesday. I did not see the NME connection until the unifier, but it all went so fast it did not matter. As has been pointed out already, there is lots of deception and wit in the cluing. There also was one more bit of French with FOND DU LAC, which means bottom of the lake. Since LAC = lAke, it is easy to remember LAC not LUC

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a pivotal but controversial book dealing with the horrors of slavery, at a time the country was very much divided. It is worth reading for anyone who wants to understand the climate which led to the US Civil War.

Too many work calls from 7:00 am, this is a two hour comment, off to the doctor

Lemonade714 said...

BTW, SEEN, I love the river comment; your wit was flowing early; speaking of flowing, isn't Salma Hayek amazing, 5' tall, in her 40's and looking like that, bold and braless. C.C., you have an eye for pictures and "C" may be the magic word.

Barry G. said...


I've never heard of saying "Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first day of the month, but apparently I should have. According to the Wikipedia article I just read on the subject, "The tradition is especially common in Nantucket and Natick, Massachusetts."

Natick is a small town of about 30,000 people and just happens to be where I grew up. Go figure...

Husker Gary said...

Good Morning and 喂 C.C. et al, the NW corner was like one of those packages you have to turn over a few time to figure out how the heck to get them open them and then, voila, you’re in and rolling! C.C., you never fail to amuse and enlighten!

Musings –
-Jeannie, thanks for the kind comment about my musings!
-Wanted EMT but BLURTT wasn’t going to fly!
-Many thoughts came to my mind for bloodsucker
-Had to dance around to spell meringue correctly
-Ms. Hajek definitely seems to have no idea about using cups and she might be farther up the alphabet than C but just right for “see!”!
-I am leaving for Florida with kids on United in January and always worry about flying through Chicago!
-Does anyone remember ALUM being a compound in old cartoons that made the characters pucker up?
-Does anyone remember Nebraska native Johnny Carson incredibly funny bit as an ADMAN selling Dickie the Stick? I can’t find it anywhere on the web but it is the ultimate send up on selling crap with glitz!
-I have always had a Swiss Army Knife on my key chain but was asked to take it off at one school where I subbed because it was a “weapon”. Welcome to the 21st Century!

Husker Gary said...

Not the Carson version but...

“Dickie the Stick!”

It went something like this:

Dickie the Stick! The most amazing toy and tool you’ll ever own! For just $10 (plus shipping and handling) you can own an object whose entertainment and functional properties have been lauded by pharaohs, kings, heroes, adventurers, pirates and peasants alike. Dickie the Stick! Raised above your head he becomes… a baton! Conduct the orchestras of your dreams. Suspended between two shelves, it’s a towel rack! Placed just -so- against your spine… a back-scratcher! Buy two, and you can practice fencing with a friend. Jammed in the ground it transforms into a sundial! Practice your baton twirling with Dickie the Stick and then… voila! It’s an extermination tool, guaranteed to kill or maim rodents, bugs, cats, parrots, small raccoons and other household vermin. Dickie the Stick! A child’s friend, a handyman’s partner.”

Committed Asian Woman said...

Thank you Cc and thank you Ed Sessa for a delightful puzzle - I loved the puzzle - it started out as undoable and then slowly, it all became clearer and then ta da.

I took a course in business law, and I was told of a 'Simon Legree' contract - a contract, although in writing, and agreed upon by both parties, - - - that is obviously so unfair that the court will 'throw it out' and enforce a more equitable solution. For a court to do that, it must have to be pretty bad.

On a side note, I wonder whether this Simon Legree stuff, was not some sort of anti-semitic snide comment. The name sounds jewish enough, and since time immemorial, beginning with the 'Merchant of Venice', and earlier , snide anti-semitism has wormed its way into 'good' literature. Maybe it was a prevailing 'mood' of the society of the times.

Regarding, Salma Hayek, certainly catching eye candy. But you have to feel sad for a 40 yr old actress, who feels compelled to show and strut her stuff, and pretend there is nothing obscene about it, ( what me, exhibiting ? )so she can, maybe get a few more roles in the future. Where are the feminists when you need them, insisting that aging male actors parade around in their sagging speedos ?

Unknown said...

HeartRx-- We've said "rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of the month at my house for years. Our boys (one of them now an ad man) have moved away but I still text them "rabbit, rabbit" on the first every month. I'm sure it annoys the hell out of them. I think they got it from a Nickelodeon show. It's supposed to bring you good luck all month.

Clear Ayes-- re: yesterday's song link. Joe Cocker is more my speed too.

Favorite clue: Dixon honey.

MH said...

Good morning all. CC, nice to read your blogging. As good as everyone else is, I still miss your style.

This was a pretty easy one except I had trouble in the NE corner. Finally figuring out CHESSSET liberated all the other words in that area and I finished. I have to say I've never seen IGLU spelt that way but I suppose it is some sort of variation.

I never got the theme. Even after finishing the complete puzzle I was puzzled over ENEMY until I checked in here.

Unknown said...

Oops, my "smart" phone thought I meant Dixon but of course I meant Dijon. so much for my proof reading skills!

MH said...

PS: For sleep aid I really like Tylenol PM. I usually need only 1 tablet and it helps me fall asleep and get back to sleep if I wake during the night. You can take it before you go to bed (I usually read for a few minutes) or if you wake up and can't get back to sleep. I don't like to take it after 3AM because then it's hard to get going in the morning. I've heard that Advil PM is similar as well. Generics work just as well for me and are less expensive.

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Great write-up!
Doesn't look to me like Salma needs that bra (YAY!).

Really liked this theme, it got a GIGGLE when I fugured it out early with ENEMY.
Yup, I solved from the bottom-up again.
(I wonder why I do that?)

LADY LUCK can beat those CHEATS ...
IGLU over GLUE looked good to me.

Had cell before CAGE and trim before SLIM but the perps took care of those mis-steps.

Front just went through over-night bringing a
Damn, it's down to 62 here.

I better bundle up when I make my nightly TOAST to you all at Sunset.

Cheers !!!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning CC and solvers all.

My comments are pretty much what has already been said.

If we change the clue for 25a to "area in FL where Tinbeni hangs out", then the new entry would change the clue for 11d to "what is contained in 10a". Makes a nice crossing.

Lemonade714 said...


I believe Dickie the Stick appeared on the December 17, 1980 broadcast of the Tonight Show.


The idea that the human body is obscene seems more than harsh. many of old guys do not sag in our Speedos.


I grew close to Natick and never heard Rabbit, Rabbit (Rabbit?) until today

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, A great Wednesday puzzle as far as I was concerned. Will miss Melissa Bee, but thanks to C.C. for filling in. I think C.C. knows we miss her daily comments.

There were several "foolers" that sent me off in the wrong direction. I had X-LGE for (10A) C-CUP, SHEEP for (15A) OVINE, NEMO for (16A) AHAB, WATER for (23A) LATEX, GONE for(66A) ONCE, and Trim for (44D) SLIM. Once I figured out I wasn't going to get any place with those fill, I started again and went to the Down.

After I had a good portion of (correct) Downs, the theme phrases went in easily. But unifier (56D) ENEMY took me quite a while to see the connection. I started with "OK, GERMANs were enemies during the two World Wars." "LEMON MERINGUE can be an enemy to your diet." I stewed over the other two answers and couldn't see a connection, ICK, until finally the sky opened up and a voice said, "Have another cup of coffee." (Don't think I was having an epiphany. It was just GAH with a nice hot cup of joe for me.) It sure helped...YAY. EN-EM-ME. There they were right in front of me.

Happy Chanukah to Hahtool and Lemonade and others who celebrate the holiday. BTW, has anyone see the 2008 documentary "Circumcise Me: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell". It is about the American born Catholic Chris Campbell who converted (in stages) to orthodox Judaism and is now a comedian in Jerusalem. Here is his take on Hanukah Candles. If you get the DOC channel it is well worth checking out.

Laurie, HeartRx and Mainiac, my brain is going to pop with all the new learning stuff. "Rabbit,Rabbit" is totally new for me. Here's Wikipedia's take. Who knew? Well, you did, but not me.

HeartRx said...

Barry G, interesting about rabbit, rabbit. I lived in Natick for a few years, too ! Why is it so prevalent there and in Nantucket? At the risk of hearing many groans:

There was a young man from Nantucket
Who shot at a rabbit and struck it.
He said "Rabbit, rabbit"
From a childhood habit,
But the rabbit - he still kicked the bucket.

Grumpy 1 said...

Love it! HeartRx

Hahtoolah said...

Regarding "Rabbit" at the beginning of the month. I grew up in New England and never heard the exression there. In 1979, however, when living in San Francisco, my mother learned the expression "White Rabbit" to say at the first of the month. She learned it from her Filipno neighbor, thus we thought it was an Asian custom. Like Laurie, my mom continues to e-mail her children "white rabbit " each month. Maybe Laurie is my mom. LOL.

Marge said...

This is Marge from Wisconsin. I haven't posted anything since we left for Ga. on Thanksgiving day. I was surprised to find a blog from Marge? She doen't post in blue but in black.

I did yesterdays puzzle but not todays yet. If I finish today's I will blog later but I am wondering about this other Marge.

Marge the first

Lucina said...

Well, thanks for all the information on rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. I had never heard that before and meant to ask aabout it earlier. I do learn something every day!

Lighten up, CAW; beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Salma is a beauty, with or without bra.

Unknown said...

Son, is that you?! LOL back at you.

Bill G. said...

Hi C.C. Enjoyable blogging as usual. I didn't care for agleam but afoul I've heard many times; running afoul of the law for example.

I highly recommend both lemon meringue pies and "Witness for the Prosecution." It's a classic courtroom drama with the always enjoyable Charles Laughton. I highly recommend it. I've seen it several times and I always admire the clever twist at the end.

Why do you suppose I always have to log in twice? I get an error message in red the first time.

Clear Ayes said...

Since today is the first of the month and I've learned about "Rabbit, Rabbit" and its variations, how about a rabbit poem from "Darwin’s Bestiary" by Philip Appleman


Except in distress, the rabbit is silent,
but social as teacups; no hare is an island.
(Moral: silence is golden-or anyway harmless;
rabbits may run, but never for congress.)

When a rabbit gets miffed, he bounds in an orbit,
kicking and scratching like-well, like a rabbit.
(Moral: to thine own self be true-or as true as you can;
a wolf in sheep's clothing fleeces his skin.)

He populates prairies and mountains and moors,
but in Sweden the rabbit can't live out of doors.
(Moral: to know your own strength, take a tug at your shackles;
to understand purity, ponder your freckles.)

Survival developed these small furry tutors;
the morals of rabbits outnumber their litters.
(Conclusion: you needn't be brainy, benign, or bizarre to be thought a great prophet.
Endure, Just endure.)

- Philip Appleman

Carlos del Oeste said...

Hey Gang,
A quick howdy to CC, Lucina and all my x-word buddies. I haven't engaged in the blog for a while. Takes too much time out of my, already, pinched day. But, I do come read the comments from time to time. I notice there are a bunch of new posters. Life goes on, eh?

Oh, and I also leap to defend Salma Hayak. She's not obscene, she's lovely. Now, Cher can be obscene.

All the Best to All,

Anonymous said...

What a totally ridiculous, jealous comment to make about Salma Hayek by C.A.W. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be a female when catty remarks like that are made.

Jerome said...

Igloo is the variant spelling of Iglu... not the other way around. The clue asked for the Inuit word, not the English one.

Clear Ayes said...

CAW, you made some interesting points but Salma Hayek at age 45 is in the middle of her best decade. Women in their forties are not only physically beautiful, they have finally come into their power over their lives. As the forties turn to 50's, the physical beauty may be a little less obvious (but is still there) and their power has grown to its peak.

I don't think feminists would be well served by insisting on a parade of saggy Speedo-ed men. (I'm all for womens rights over every aspect of their lives, but I don't want to see that.) The pull of gravity is usually more kind to women's breasts that it is to male genitalia. (Sorry guys, but there it is.)

I'm not usually a two-poem a day person, but here is a short one by
by Friedrich von Schiller and was written in the 18th century.

The Power of Women

Mighty art thou, because of the peaceful charms of thy presence;
 That which the silent does not, never the boastful can do.
Vigor in man I expect, the law in its honors maintaining,
 But, through the graces alone, woman e'er rules or should rule.
Many, indeed, have ruled through the might of the spirit and action,
 But then thou noblest of crowns, they were deficient in thee.
No real queen exists but the womanly beauty of woman;
 Where it appears, it must rule; ruling because it appears!

- Friedrich von Schiller

Jeannie said...

As many of you have already stated, this seemed more like a Monday or Tuesday puzzle than Wednesday. Although I got all the answers right, I never did pick up on the NME theme, even after typing in “enemy”. Counselor, you should be proud of me as I even nailed the French answers Amie, (which I thought was a cute answer for Dijon honey), ecus, and ete. Ones I probably wouldn’t have gotten but with the help of the perps were isla, iglu, and Lobo. Another favorite clue was “catty remark” – meow. Blue Nun is about the only white wine I like, not too sweet, not too dry.

Thanks for all the information for “rabbit, rabbit”. Isn’t it interesting how phrases come about around the United States? That was a new one for me.

CA, thanks for the poem and pointing out that gals like me are in their best decade of life!! I could have done without the mental image of sagging men’s genitalia though :)

Lois, re snow tires. No I don’t have snow tires. Do they even make them anymore? I remember growing up in Michigan that was one of the late fall chores on my Dad’s cars, taking the spring/summer tires off and replacing them with the snow tires. A four wheel drive is what is coveted up here.

It’s sunny and cold here today but no snow at least, so it’s all good.
Everyone enjoy what is left of your day!!

windhover said...

You've come to my defense, I'm here for you.
The truth is, gravity is a friend to none of us, and we have to fight it where and when we may. I will say Ms Hayek is winning her battle, got now.
Kids!! Back when I was dairying, I used finely ground Ag lime to bed cow stalls & had it delivered in 25 ton loads. One Christmas, the youngest (10) got an 80cc dirt bike for Xmas. Over the next few days (out of my sight behind the barn) he and his sister (14) and brother (17) shoveled about 10 tons from one side of the pile to the other and built a ramp, which they were hitting at about 40mph and going airborne for an amazing distance. No grounding (I recognized the family risk gene) but threatened to chain the wheel if I saw them helmetless. Oh, and they took over stall-bedding chores from then on.

windhover said...

CAW, again,
For many years, we had a Simon Legree-like law on the books here in Kentucky called the "broad-form deed".
In essence, it stated that when a landowner sold the underground mineral rights on his property, the owner of those rights could do anything necessary to retrieve the minerals (read: coal), including destroying or rendering useless the surface.
The law was finally overturned in the late 1980's, not by the courts, which upheld it several times, but by a Constitutional amendment passed by popular referendum.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi C.C. and gang -

It's always a treat when the hostess blogs.

I was bit mystified by parts of this puzzle. First, I thought ENEMY might be anagrammed in the theme answers, but couldn't find a Y anywhere. Sussing it was a V-8 can moment.

Stared at _CUP for a long time, not caring what letter went there. It's all good.

I have a great appreciation for ladies of all ages, from my youngest (age 4) grandaughter to my mom, still AT IT at 89, and of course the LW at 62. You go, girls!

Leaving nothing to chance, that also includes LADY LUCK. No- wait - we want her to stay!

12/1, and our first snow fall came and went this morning. Not enough to accumulate, but it's sticking in little patches all over the lawn.

I had one of those nights when I stare at the ceiling a lot. Rehearsal tonight; a nap might be just the thing.

JzB the actually quite lucky trombonist

Gunghy said...

Well, I'm giggling as I post that I did not find this especially easy. In fact, I really struggled. It didn't help to misread some of the clues, ie 27D Former SENATOR or to assign the clue to the wrong space 57A Blood Sucker.

I am unabashedly non-PC, but I believe the human body is one of the most beautiful creations in the universe. Naturally, I prefer to look at those bodies like Salma's. It was feminists that forced the networks to stop showing the cheerleaders during football games because it "exploited them." Some closeup shots may have, but those young ladies work hard for low pay and deserve to be ableto strut their stuff. By the way, CAW, here's obscene!
PS Speedos don't sag, bodies do.

Off my rant

C.C. - Bighorn Sheep

Fermat, I still take Darvocet. I have to argue for it, but it is the most effective painkiller for me with no adverse effects. They keep trying to switch me to Vicodin, but I don't like the hallucinations.

Husker - Alum

carol said...

Hi all -

Fun puzzle!! Got me scratching my head in several areas, but I did manage to finish with the small exception of the cross of 38A (ISLA) and 39D (SHAI). I also wondered about IGLU but thanks to Jerome, I now understand the usage. See, once again a wonderful learning experience!

Thanks to all of you for enlightening me as to the saying of "Rabbit, rabbit"...had to laugh when I heard it. I also pictured Elmer Fudd and Baba Walters saying it and laughed again :) :)

CA: Thanks for the visual of sagging male genitalia....I think I would rather visualize the sagging speedo - LOL. Very good remarks BTW.

Hahtool: You made me smile on reading J-Cup, I also put JAIL in for 10D and wondered WTH that would look like.

Lucina said...

Carlos del O! It's good to hear from you, Compadre. I've missed you and have thought about you. I hope your business that keeps you away is highly successful. Do drop in again.

Jeannie said...

For those of you that were wondering, here is what a J cup looks like.

Looks uncomfortable to me.

daffy dill said...

Good afternoon C.C. and all.

Had to be out and about this morning so I didn't get to the puzzle until after 1:00pm. My sticking point was the "T" at the TOAST/TORN intersection. The D'oh finally hit me and I got the TaDa! Jail at 10D crossed my mind, too, but I already had AHAB, GELS, and GERMANMEASLES, so I knew had to be CAGE. Hand up for the EMt/EMS snafu. No other major problems, but I never did suss out the theme. I was looking for an entire word instead of "N-M-E." Nice Wednesday puzzle.

Seen @7:03am - LOL!

I seldom look at movies, but I did see "Witness..." - the 1957 version with Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power.

Never heard of the Rabbit, Rabbit custom.

Lucina, I awoke at 1:00am feeling kind of "pukey" and was awake until 2:00am. I take Advil PM. They usually keep me asleep, but the two I took at bedtime didn't help this time. Didn't want to take more because I knew I needed to get up earlier this morning.

Off to take a little nappy-poo!

Gunghy said...

Someone please tell me she didn't pay for those!!

Somehow transfixed said...

It says she is known as a model with her "naturally" sized breasts despite being quite thin.

Lemonade714 said...


Hmm, please provide the empirical basis for your conclusion that gravity is more kind to breasts than testicles. I admit, the effect on women is more often observed both good and bad, even with the multitude of support and other ways to mask the effects on breasts; however, it may be only those limited poor souls who have no sense and who wear loose boxers and short shorts have scarred your perception. I assure you sack sag is not my problem, unlike Times Square on New Year's Eve, nothing is dropping.

carol said...

Gunghy (2:27) I was just about to say that!

Somehow transfixed (2:45) "naturally sized" ???? I have some ocean front property in Arizona that I'd like to show you.

eddyB said...

Hi all.

Never did like hidden themes. Didn't need them anyway.

Hope Dick doesn't live too close to the Ohio. Flooding around Pittsburgh after 3" of rain and an 1" of snow.

See that tinbeni has some thing else to toast at sun down.

Dennis answered my question. Was going to ask about a wye section
for the HO tract set up. Will have to check

Take care. RR

still transfixed said...

Hitomi Tanaka is a Japanese AV idol and gravure idol noteworthy for her naturally large breasts despite being relatively thin.

She was born that way....

Jeannie said...

Ladies, can you imagine the size of the mammogram machine she would have to use?

Clear Ayes said...

Oh Lord....why me?

Well Lemonade, I have to admit that, being a 68 year old woman, I have seen a lot more old lady boobs than naked old guy testicles.

I don't have photos, but I have seen more than I have wanted to see. Thus my advice to CAW's feminist herding up of the Speedo crowd. Actually Speedos hide a lot of problems and keep everything up where it belongs. But over the years there have been times when men thought very short shorts were attractive....even old guys. It is not easy to avoid what is in direct sight.

I also recently spent 33 days in a radiation waiting room, where both men and women wait. Most of these people are not particularly young. Guys have an unconscious habit of sitting with their legs spread apart. Even with a front facing gown and a back facing gown, not much is covered. I wasn't going to tell somebody I didn't know that they should adjust their gowns and sit with their legs together.

I have a hair-cutting appointment in 20 minutes. Gotta go. Phew!!!

Bob said...

Easy Wednesday (14 minutes).

Never heard of the "Rabbit, Rabbit" thing until today.

Just yesterday in class I was holding forth about Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lyman Beecher (her father), and Henry Ward Beecher (her brother), as well as the infamous "Beecher's Bibles." Then about Uncle Tom and Simon Legree, and today Legree shows up in the puzzle. Nice coincidence.

Herman Melville once told his New England neighbor, Nathaniel Hawthorne, that he had written "Moby Dick" especially for him and that no one else would probably understand it. When I finally read it a few years ago I found it pretty hard going, but Ahab is definitely a memorable literary figure, an obsessed sea-going version of Cotton Mather or Jonathan Edwards. Based on the sinking of the whaleship Essex in Pacific waters by a sperm whale in 1820, as reported by survivors Owen Chase and Thomas Nickerson.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to 'chew the fat'with Selma!

Dennis said...

Here I was, minding my own business, and my mammalarm goes off. THEY'RE TALKING BREASTS ON THE BLOG!! So I jump on the blog, and not only do I get to revisit Salma's magnificent, um, creations, but my God, there's a pair of J's there, and THEY EVEN HOLD A BOTTLE!! This blog just keeps getting better and better, and I must be more attentive.

And as to "feel sad" for Salma?? I'll tell you who I feel sad for: ME and every other male who won't have the pleasure of spending hours playing Operator, etc. with those puppies. That's who I feel sorry for.

And.....'sagging male genitalia'???? Besides being a great name for a rock band, what's up with that? I wasn't told about this in the owner's manual. I'm not sure I even understand the concept. What exactly goes south? Hey, I still grab it in exactly the same location, even in the dark.

I guess I should've kept one of those doorway charts...

Marge said...

Hi all,

This was a fun puzzle but I had to look up some answers. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution does have the LA Times puzzle so I can do it on paper.

I lived in Fond du Lac for 10 years so had no problem there. Just remember Lac is the French word for lake. It is a very nice place to live. The French explorers came thru Wisc. early and went from Lake Michigan at Green Bay across the state via rivers, portages and more rivers to the Missippippi river.

Elsa Lancaster and Charles Laughton were married to each other and made many movies together. They were very good actors.

Alum is used in some pickle recipes. It makes the pickles crisp.

I am still curious about the other Marge who has been bloging.

Have a good evening!

Marge the 1st

MR ED said...

fermatprime,I'm really sorry to hear about your problem with your leg. I hope you get better soon, it's no fun being laid-up
How about Darvocet being taken off the market. It helped me dozens of times with back pain and I didn't get addicted. Am afraid to use Oxycontin even tho it is still available.

MR ED said...

CWA, you should reaarange your name to: Asian Woman to be Committed.

Dennis said...

Marge, I wouldn't concern myself about the other Marge - as far as I can tell, she only posted once and besides, it's not unusual for someone with the same name as one of our regulars to post. There's another Jeanne, another Dennis, etc.

carol said...

Dennis, glad your thingy is always where it was...but testicles are what were going 'south' on older men.

CA: LOL - I have been the unfortunate witness to the poor old guys who thought they would still look good in short shorts...and maybe so while standing in front of a mirror, but after moving around for a bit, things 'shift', shall we say? Hey, maybe they like them dangling in the breeze!

Marge said...

Thanks Dennis.

I'll quit worrying.

Marge the Xth said...

To Marge the first -


Seldom Seen said...

What? What? What goes where and when? Nevermind, don't answer that. This is all news to me. I need time to process this.

Dennis said...

seen, I'm not gonna worry about it till they're bangin' off my knees.

Jeez, I'm gonna hate giving up shorts...maybe they'll make a sling.

Asian Woman tobe committed said...

Eli - OMG ! such anger - maybe you need some management classes - or a Darvocet or a Ritalin or something. Anger raises your systolic BP and shortens your life - and sometimes even those of others around you.

To all the others - a body is a beautifool thing - especially if carved in marble, or a photograph with the face missing, I guess I just felt actresses should not 'have' to do it, out of a sense of obligation - to be in the public eye and should not have to have the need do it - to stay in the business, to continue to get acting gigs and choice roles. ( not having been an actress, I dont say this out of some sort of jealousy - I have a very good well paid, occupation, thank you - I guess I just cant understand this sort of exhibitionist behavior - maybe thats why actresses are actresses - maybe its an essential part of their character. French - maybe its their Raison D'etre ( may be misspelt)

Anyway, above all, Live and let Live. err, or is it Live and let die ?

lois said...

Good evening CC, et al., This was not as easy for me today. Never got the theme until I came here. Good job, CC. And as for Salma? Yes, she's beautiful. We should all age that well. I'll 'toast' to those B'ovine' beauties - at least they look natural which the J cup model does not. Lordy! I wonder if she has back problems. She could be the whole 'drop down menu' and then some. Makes me feel so inadequate, which is rare.

Saggy bottoms? I always assumed that older men aged like old bulls did...hung to the knees without being 'well hung' necessarily. I think position may be deceiving as well. You know like when the jack is workin' the tire gets lifted off the ground?

Lemonade and Dennis, my faith is renewed, thanks to you, but I still think I should verify the statement w/personal inspections.

Now for the rabbit rabbit saying? Never heard of that, but it's a cute little tradition. The only rabbit I know runs on 3 AA batteries. Girl's best friend.

Carlos del Oeste: So good to see you here. Wondered how you were doin'. Don't stay gone so long. Have any shows coming up?

I'm taking my breasticles for a drink. Enjoy your night. It's all good.

Lemonade714 said...

I often wonder why I bother. LAC LAKE< where is Hayrake?

Anyway, a nice lively discussion; though empirically there are not many huge breasts on skinny women, there are some. I remember some when I was little before they ever had boob enhancement, so I maintain an open mind, along with the ability to wear shorts. I also know many women who have had boob reduction surgery, so you never know. If a doctor did that, he should be shot, as will her back be by 40.

Carlos, I asked about you before we had our pre-thanksgiving reunion, glad to see you are okay.
Okay That is four or five but either way, adios, I am a ghost.

windhover said...

I have never seen such juvenile And DF behavior on any other serious blog, and
That's exactly why I come here day after day.

As for the topic of the day, I think I'll just sit on the evidence.

Marge, again (!) said...

Windhover - did you mean 'sift' the evidence ? just asking -

windhover said...

Marge (2 thru 10):
Is that what they call it now?
Sure, if you're volunteering to help.
How far away are you?
I'll sit, you sift.
Like Dennis, I love this BWB*.

* blog with benefits

Hi Lois!

Jerome said...

Just hanging out... keeping abreast of things.

HeartRx said...

Jeannie, you took this blog in a whole new direction today, LOL. I have a mammogram scheduled next week, and THANK GOD, it is a "normal" sized machine.

Thanks to all whom I have known,
To my query about "Rabbit, rabbit".
I'm glad to see I'm not alone
When I show this quirky habit.


Jayce said...

For years we've said "Rabbit rabbit" to the very first person we talk to upon waking up in the first of the month.

Best wishes to you all.

Gunghy said...

CA, Re your comment about men thinking that short shorts are attractive: Remember, women will never be equal to men until they can stand in front of a mirror and stare at sagging breasts, over-sized butt and a muffin top and think, "God, I'm such a fox!!"

Lois, I'm jealous. What have Dennis and Lemonade got that I haven't got? I promise that I only sag afterwards, abut so will you.

Perplexed in Plano said...

I always said 'rabbit, rabbit' to all my boyfriends, hoping

1. I would get pregnant
2. then they would marry me
3. & we would live happily ever after.

But, that never worked out - maybe that was because I did not say it on the first of the month, but anytime we were making out. I am so glad the wonderful people on this blog finally straightened it all out for me. Now, my appointment book is going to be open only for the first of the month.

JD said...

omg, those jugs...I mean J cups were just wrong, although they do look real..her shoulders must ache.Yikes!I can see that our men are still scrolling and scrolling.. I'm glad no one posted saggy balls, although Carol and CA, you were both quite descriptive

C.C., it is so nice seeing you during the week.Everything about this xwd has been said, and I agree it was easier than a normal Wed,usually my favorite.NME--did not get it until coming here..I even looked for "secret" words.Clever and fun!

Loved the "rabbit, rabbit" thing (new to me too) and your 2 poems, CA.

Happy Chanukah to all who are celebrating.

I don't think Salma Hayek needs to show off her body to get more jobs, and she looks terrific. She is quite capable of creating jobs for herself. She directs, produces and she created Ugly Betty.She's come a long way from her Mexican soap opera days.

I'll be out of town for the next week. Will catch up when we return

lois said...

WH: Hi, back atcha. BWB? LOL! I can help sifting the evidence. I just have to get my ball bearings and I'm good to go. To anyone who doubts my ability, I say, "Ball-der-dash! Just give me the ball room and we will have a ball...or two." And

Gunghy: no reason to be jealous, babe. I am ambidexterous and can multitask ballhandling w/the best of them. Plus I just had Butterball for TG and been drinking highballs. So let the ballgames begin.

Jazzbumpa said...

There's only so much we can say
About drifting the southern way:
A saggy ball bearing - why should I be caring?
But I'm worried about Lady "J."


Jazzbumpa said...


Lois beat me to the "ball bearing" pun.

JzB (in second place)

Dennis said...

Anon, I didn't see anything wrong with Gunghy's comment, and besides, anyone who knows Lois knows that she'll take on all comers. So to speak. As she so aptly puts it, "it's all good."

Jeannie said...

Just one post...I did it, or added to it two days in a row. No mention of it except to go for it. I guess my ego might have to go into "nomansland".

Hi, my favorite counselor, hi my BillG, (keep on keepin' on).

Linda, I missed your post last night. Thank you for being you and THANK YOU for always thinking of me.

Clear Ayes said...

Thanks to CAW for opening a wild and wooley discussion today. Thanks too, to Carol, Jeannie, Lois and JD for understanding and for having seen what I've seen...

To all the guys who are still "hanging in there", just remember, thousands of ladies uncomplainingly have breast lifts every year. Even though there is scrotoplasty (a lift),I can't imagine many guys having the nerve (OK..balls) to do it. As Gunghy said at 8:02, as long as you can stand in front of a mirror and say "God, I'm such a fox!!", why bother? :0) Have a good evening everybody, it's been fun.

Bill G. said...

Hi Jeannie. I'm keeping on.

I decided to get a burger at Jack in the Box today, having not been there in a long time. I should have gotten a Whopper Jr. or Taco Bell or ...

Lucina said...

Mama mia! A mammary discussion of MAJOR proportions and I was gone.

I shall console myself by reading the comments and laughing loudly to myself.

What a crowd! We could just go through the alphabet, a letter each day, and see where the ball rolls. Apparently it's downhill for some.

Have a great night and sweet dreams!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A fun puzzle today and I seemed to be on the same wavelength as Ed Sessa. The CW went together well, but I couldn't see the NME theme even though it was right in front of me. Very clever, and clever of you, too, C.C. for sussing it all out.

I enjoyed the misleading clues, such as Hot times in the cite/etes, and Catty remark, Meow. I also liked the Dijon Honey/Amie, but couldn't figure out what new condiment Amie could be! Duh!

Late in posting again, as the day was busier than I had anticipated. I delivered three boxes of estate scrapbooks and history of our College honor society to the SJSU library special collections department. I'm so glad to get the boxes out of my garage, but even happier that the history and pictures, negatives, and such will be cared for and accessible for research. If they had been left in my garage, passed on to someone else then the chance of losing years of records would be very great.

It is late and time for bed, but I wanted to post today as I've been remiss this past week.

Chickie said...

I meant to say that my Senior Girl Scouts used to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first. They tried to be the first to do so in the morning. This occurred mostly on our extended back packing trips in the Sierra. I had forgotten about waking up to "Rabbit Rabbit" at dawn on the first of Sept. Good memories.

Carlos del Oeste said...

Lois & Lucina,

Thanks, ladies. Boy! I picked an interesting time to stop in for a visit with all the talk about one (or two) of my favorite subjects!

I may do an open studio show in April. Lately, I've been working on the first of three Cowboy Photo books I have planned. And, it's a lot of work.

Y'all take care.

Hugs, CdelO