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Mar 5, 2011

Saturday March 5th, 2011 Barry Silk

Theme: None

Total words: 72

Total blocks: 31

Hi There ~! A Saturday Silk, and one with a "standard" looking grid, with three entries across the top, which might have been misleading.... put me in a good mood to start, despite the series of blanks I had to begin with, and even when I hit -

4D. It's radioactive : UNSTABLE ISOTOPE


10D. "Seriously" : NO KIDDING AROUND

the two 15-letter grid climbers ( they don't quite "span" the grid ).

I was able to finish this one, compared to last Saturday's brutal offering.

It is an honor for me to appear as a guest blogger today, so I hope you enjoy ~!

Thanks to C.C., who may have been a little concerned I was not able to access the puzzle -

"It's all good"


And away we GO ~!


1. Org. distributing a "Close Guantánamo" handbook : ACLU - Not that I got this to start, but a four-letter opening made me feel confident. American Civil Liberties Union - crossword friendly.

5. Cloud : BEFOG - the verb, not Stratus, etc.

10. Stupefied : NUMB - My first music link, I am sure you know this one; I do it for karaoke all the time.

14. Geographical border : COUNTY LINE

16. Native Nebraskan : OTOE - also crossword friendly.

17. Five-time All-Star second baseman : CHASE UTLEY - With Phillies. Barry Silk is an avid Phillies fan. Was feeling very sure this was Ozzie Smith, since it fit, and the "Zs" seemed Saturday-like - I am sure C.C. knew I was wrong....

18. Item used in Wright Brothers experiments : KITE

19. Advertises : TOUTS

20. Salt : OLD SAILOR

22. How writers often work : ALONE

24. Honeysuckle shrubs : ELDERS - "And you father smells of....Elderberrys ~!"

25. Algerian quarter : CASBAH - Some one else can link The Clash....

28. Dragging : TIRED - As in "man, I'm tired"

30. Historical Russian region : URAL

31. 1987 Costner role : NESS - From "The Untouchable". Had Robin HOOD first.

33. Climber's observation : VISTA - I had SCENE to start.

37. Classic diner feature : JUKEBOX - Nailed it, with a "J" and "X", figured we were on our way to a pangram - but my Ozzie was wrong...

39. "Private Benjamin" Oscar nominee Eileen : BRENNAN - Had to wait for perps to remember her last name.

41. First African-American major-league coach Buck : O'NEIL. With the Cubs in 1962. Long time Negro League player/manager. Died of very old age. 94.

42. Clinton Transportation secretary : PENA (Federico)

44. Encircle : GIRD

45. Suppressed : SAT ON

47. Way to make it? : SNAPPY - Make it snappy. Made me think of this "TOUTING"

49. In : AT HOME

52. Rhino relative : TAPIR

54. Very much : QUITE A LOT - Here's the "Q"; oh yeah, now we got it....

56. Land rover : NOMAD

60. Sphere lead-in : ATMO - WAG-ed HEMI to start.

61. Gibberish : MUMBO JUMBO - Nailed it.

63. Toon modeled after Clara Bow : BOOP - Betty Boop? Really?

64. One-sided : UNBALANCED - Makes me think of microphones.

65. Nice weapon : ARME - Nice the City in France. Only "foreign" word today, I think.

66. Edit menu command : PASTE - I cheated, and pulled the menu down to look...

67. Prank : DIDO - Had to use Dictionary to find this, otherwise, you get her ; I know her voice from "Here With Me", with Thievery Corporation


1. Credit Union holding: Abbr. : ACCT - Would you get this with Credit abbr as Cr.?

2. Fish also called a blue jack : COHO - Salmon

3. Tiki torch setting : LUAU

5. Sch. associated with the LDS Business College : BYU - Brigham Young University, a half WAG that I surmised from Latter-Day Saints. This puzzle only has two 3-letter answers.

6. John of England : ELTON. Elton John. Not toilet.

7. Some bass pieces : FILLETS

8. Linear, for short : ONE-D (One-Dimensional). Got me at first, and I am a CAD drafter; must be too early....

9. Jet creator : GEYSER - oh, a generic "jet", not the guy who came up with the engine....

11. Functional : UTILE

12. Drive : MOTOR - As in taking the car for a spin.

13. Cold drafts : BEERS - Not for six years; we have some friends here that will toast with a few beers and such....

15. Magnetic induction unit : TESLA - Science lesson, seen before.

21. Pain relief brand : ALEVE - Had ADVIL to start; is this a drug company thing, matching letters and alliteration?

23. "This can't be!" : OH NO ~!

25. Rabid dog of Castle Rock : CUJO - of Stephen King's novel of the same name; Maine is a very horrible place when you get to know Steve...

26. Make __ for it : A RUN

27. Interest : SAKE - For the "sake" of....

29. ID : ISBN - Book IDs, I think

32. Fair : EXPO - Loved the Home Depot Expo, their high-end stuff, before they closed their doors.

34. Prune : SNIP

35. You might see one on a woodpile : TARP - Also diamonds in baseball.

36. Singer Williams : ANDY

38. Rap : BLAME - "I ain't gonna take the..."

40. Abrasive sound : RASP

43. Lays away : ENTOMBS - Nice clue; very "visual" - awesome album cover

46. Ally : TEAM UP - The verb, not the noun.

48. Common video game fighter : NINJA

49. Jordan's only port : AQABA - Geography rocks; top right of the map

50. Personally train : TUTOR

51. Bleachers sign : HI MOM ~! - My mom broke her ankle Thursday. She's OK, considering.

53. Up : AT BAT - Another baseball answer, and a clecho to 58. Not up : ABED

55. Moon goddess : LUNA - And a Harry Potter character I like; she sees dead horses, too....

57. XC years from now : MMCI. 90 + 2011 = 2101. I had MMMI to start, a little too far ahead

59. Extinct pigeon relative : DODO

62. "__ Buttermilk Sky": 1946 song : OLE - uh, a little before my time; some one may want link this one, too.

Thanks for letting me share your Saturday ~!


Note from C.C.:

I'm very pleased to announce that Splynter (Richie) has accepted my invitation to become a member of our blogging team. He'll cover 1-2 puzzles per month.


fermatprime said...

Hello all!

Well, I'll try again. First time in my life that I hit preview before copying. Tried to get back on the site, but was booted off--Splinter's remarks no longer available! Is this an alien plot???

Will try again later. Nice write-up, Splynter. Hard puzzle, Barry. Favorite answer...ISOTOPES. Still do not get SAKE. sudoku bested me. Can't believe it. First time ever. One might as well kill oneself on LAT sudoku.

Tried to file stuff and get together tax stuff from last year. Gave up. What a headache!

Have a happy weekend, all!

fermatprime said...

Oops. Splynter typo. Sorry!

howardlwatson said...

I enjoy this site as it is ready to review after I finish the puzzles. Enjoy the comments. Some indicate similar problems I had while struggling with the puzzle.
Keep up the good work.

creature said...

This site ate my post yesterday. Hope to get it cleared up this AM.
Was in big hurry then. Yeah Splynter! Back if it works.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Well, I can't say this one was "smooth as silk" since I did struggle quite a bit with it. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I felt that many of the clues were much more oblique than usual. Plus, there were more obscure (to me, at least) answers than usual, such as CHASE UTLEY, DIDO, ONEIL, PENA, etc.

The hardest section, by far, was the top center. As mentioned, CHASE UTLEY was a complete unknown and I needed every single perp. Sadly, all I could think for 7D was FIDDLES, which didn't help. Nor did having TWO-D instead of ONE-D for 8D. Wouldn't One-D be a point instead of a line? And GEYSER didn't exactly "spring" (sorry) to mind when I read the clue for 9D.

I did manage to muddle through eventually, but there were a lot of bumps along the way.

Highlights today included OLD SAILOR and SNAPPY.

creature said...

Good Morning C.C., Splynter and all,

Puzzle took a while and I had to look-up Mr Utley's last name, but over-all, a pleasure. Definitely enjoyed the challenge. 'course I had the intimidation factor the minute I saw the constuctor.

Thanks for making it almost doable for me,Barry. I'll walk a little taller today.

Splynter, so glad to see you this AM[miss you,C.C.].I know C.C. needs a break from so much responsibility and long hours. Nice that you were chosen. I enjoyed your blog and thanks.

Back Later.

Have a nice day everyone.

Argyle said...

Welcome, Howard.

Be sure to stop in any time.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. Posting for the first time but an avid follower of this blog.Found this site 3 years ago when I started doing puzzles and looking for answers. A very intelligent group of bloggers and posters if I may say. I always enjoy reading your repartees.Keep up the good work.
I like solving themeless puzzle and this one did not disappoint. Not too difficult for a Saturday considering it's a Barry Silk creation.Nice to see one of my favorite baseball players, Chase Utley.
Have a nice weekend to all. Time to tackle the Newsday Saturday Stumper.


HeartRx said...

Good Morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Nice to see you pinch hitting today, Splynter! Great job on the blog. I am very impressed that you can sing “Comfortably Numb”. Is there a tune in there somewhere? Sorry to hear about your mom’s ankle. Maybe you should send her some ALEVE?

What’s up with the Clinton cabinet members? Yesterday it was RUBIN, and today PENA?

Like BarryG, CHASE UTLEY was a complete WAG.

Loved the clues like “Salt” for OLD SAILOR, “Jet creator” for GEYSER, and “Some bass pieces” for FILLETS.

MUMBO JUMBO was fun to see, along with BOOP and HI MOM. Interesting puzzle, and since I didn’t have to resort to gg, I really enjoyed this Saturday challenge.

I did have a hard time remembering how to spell AQABA (K? C?, Q!). Lots of perp help there.

Have a great day everyone!

Dennis said...

Good morning, Splynter, C.C. and gang - not much time this morning, but I wanted to congratulate Splynter on an outstanding first blog; very enjoyable read.
I also really liked this puzzle - good and challenging, but doable without perping. Chase Utley was, of course, a gimme for me being a Phillies fan, but I really had to bounce around the puzzle several times before I got it done.
Favorite clue was 'Nice weapon', only because I nailed it. Least favorite: ACLU. I hate even typing it.

My manager starts training today, so along with this great puzzle, it's shaping up to be an outstanding day - hope it is for y'all as well.

Howard, Jacob, welcome to the blog - C.C.'s created a wonderful place here, and we always enjoy getting fresh opinions.

creature said...

Lemon, You're in your wrong suit again. Is that avatar Tom Cruise?

kazie said...

Count me as DNF today. I might as well give up on Silk's Saturdays, as the trivia is not up my alley at all and I never seem to get on his wavelength. I only had 22 correct answers before I came here.

OTOH, Splynter's blog was a relief and fun reading. Thanks for being brave enough to do a Saturday first up!

Lemonade714 said...

Sorry, this vision stuff is not working well. The avatar is Tom Cruise and belongs to a business partner, for whom I write things. Somehow his gmail account has taken over my computer.

Ah well, onward and upward

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Splynter, that's a brave debut, taking on a Saturday! Well done!

Not the bruiser that last Saturday was, and that's a good thing. The first pass through was dismal, very few fills and most were timid, but after a while the Thinkatron warmed up and things made sense.

Could not quite manage a no-peeky, however. Needed Goog for BOOP, CUJO, and AQABA. Didn't know the ball player (of course), and DIDO is still a mystery, but those were anchored by perps.


Nice Cuppa said...

@Barry G 6:08am

A point is "zero dimensional". A line is 1-dimensional. A plane is 2-D, etc.

(You get the point)


Zcarguy said...

Morning all ,
I had to Goog 17a, other than that , it was as smooth as Silk, I did have to wait for perps here and there , but overall it was very enjoyable.

What does ONED indicate ?? One dimentional ??

Have a good wkend everyone.

Zcarguy said...

I see Nice Cuppa had the answer to my question ,,

Anonymous said...

What a handsome fellow.

More Splinter please.

Anonymous said...

Just a note on the 2nd baseman clue. Ozzie Smith was a shortstop.

JD said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. and all,

Great job Splynter! I agree with are brave to take on a Sat. puzzle for your debut.

Didn't fill in much on 1st go around. Seeing a Silkie and those 2 15 holers was intimidating.Such delicious clues, but difficult for me. Had to "G" Chase Utley, Pena and O'Neil.Went thru the alphabet to fill the m in blame.The tarp/gird R took forever. What did you all picture on top of your woodpile?

Loved clues for kite, beers, at bat, and geyser.

Have a lovely weekend. Chickie and I enjoyed WM's art exhibit last night...all paintings of yummy "Almost Edibles"

Grumpy 1 said...

Good afternoon, fellow East coasters and flyover folks. Good morning to the lefties. Congratulations on a great debut Splynter. You did a great job on this Saturday Silkie.

I managed to work my way through unaided, but it wasn't an easy solve. The first pass yeilded a few solid entries, a few possibles and very few crossings. It was just enough, though, to give me a few hints and allow me to hop scotch around the grid and nibble away at the clues.

My laptop is having power supply issues and shut down so I'm typing this on my iphone. Fortunately, I acquired a Bluetooth keyboard for it recently, so I can type without developing a severe case of "thumbitis".

Splynter said...

Hi All ~!

Thank you for all the fine compliments, and some "anon" types need to reveal themselves, I think.

I had a little "trouble" with my early links - (side note, watch them all the way through) but all is well - thanks to Santa.

I'm a hockey guy, but as for Ozzie, I think I knew he was a shortstop - it was he who did the backflips on the field, right? And wasn't there a Willie Smith, too, who played infield?

I suppose as I do more, I will learn more about the constructors, too - I still had my learning moments doing today's blog as well ~!


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, C.C., Splynter, and everyone.

Ditto to Dudley's comment that it's brave to take on a Saturday puzzle for your debut, Splynter!

Dennis, you're wrong about whatever you think about ACLU. (OK, I'm done, or it will get political.)

My DH's iPad came up with GEEK for fish also called a blue jack. That surely didn't help much. So this was a DNF. I had many wrong ones that seemed right at the time.


Lucina said...

Hello, Saturday Solvers!

Late today because, well, Saturday is busy and a friend dropped in,the telephone rang, etc.

Congratulations, Splynter and a great job on Saturday's Silkie! I echo the bravery comments. Miss you, C.C. but I know it's a heavy responsibility.

I was on Barry's wave length at the top and CHASEUTLEY simply emerged, PENA had unfortunate publicity for a long while so I recall him and Buck ONEIL I've learned from xwds.

At the bottom I had to reset my brain to misdirection, up? oh, ATBAT, laysaway? not merchandise at Kmart, ENTOMB. MMMI at first, then did the math, MMCI.

Much more satisfaction today than with last Sat.'s which took me several days.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Sallie, I think that is the funniest line I have ever read here.

Really?? Whatever he thinks, he is wrong?

windhover said...

Evidently you haven't been reading very long.

Anonymous said...

So, someone has written something even more ridiculous?

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, a Barry Silk puzzle is intimidating for me, but with some lookups, Brennan, Chase Utley, and Pena the long answers began to come together.

I did finally finish, but it took a long while. More than I usually devote to a puzzle. I did think that this was a bit easier than yesterday's puzzle. IMHO.

Great job, Splynter. The first time is always the scariest!

JD already mentioned that we enjoyed WM's gallery show last evening. I think there is a picture out there to be posted soon.

Welcome Howard. Join the banter.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Another nice day here, but rain is forecast for tomorrow.

Dennis said...

anon, Sallie didn't say I was wrong about everything. And Sallie, we'll agree to disagree, but I think it's wrong to state unequivocally that I'm wrong in my opinion. You may have a different opinion, but don't tell someone else they're wrong because they disagree with it. My opinion is based on my life experience and I'll stand by that. As I said, we'll agree to disagree and let it go at that.

windhover said...

You said funny, not ridiculous.
Ha ha, MF.

thehondohurricane said...

Good afternoon everyone,

It's been a long day so this will be a short post.

Splynter, great blog. Look forward to future offerings from you.

Dennis, I agree with you.

Today was a difficult chore, especially while trying to do business, but I finished. Jumped around quite a bit, but it was a steady slog during the dead time. Bass had me thinking music, not fish. Lots of other fun clues, but I'm too pooped to mention them.

That's it. I'm off to the recliner. Tomorrow another long day.

Husker Gary said...

Hi fellow solvers, we are in Lincoln with very expensive grandkids and I had to work online today but got through with no help – 53 minutes! My girls are in the State Class B Championship at the Devaney center and so we stayed 3 days! Finals are 6:30 pm. Go Antlers!

-Our Nebraska OTOEs get a lot of work in the LA Times!
-I remember Ozzie’s back flip on the left side of the infield not the right
-I have opinions about Maddow and ACLU as well but will hold the line on political speech. Good Policy!
-The isotope U235 should never be in Iran’s hands!
-I had HEMI first too and GAUSS for TESLA
-ALEVE (generic) is my savior!
-Buck O’NEIL would be a household name if he played post Jackie Robinson
-BYU made a courageous decision this week about suspending a star player for a code violation. That's kind of how it's supposed to be!

Jerome said...

Thank goodness there's a carpenter on this site that's coherent and articulate, knows how to spell and where to put a comma. Nice job Splynter.

Since you are also a musician, are your places of refuge Richie Havens?

Jayce said...

Jeeez, the one day I didn't copy what I wrote before I clicked Preview and this is the one day the blog threw me out because it claimed my browser wouldn't accept cookies. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Husker Gary ,, re. " the isotope u235 should never be in Iran's hands "
Good thing we got rid of all the WMDs from Iraq...oops wait a sec ,, they didn't have any .... !!!???

ARBAON said...

Not to take sides, just relating personal experience, but I`ve never had a positive encounter or experience with any ACLU member or group of members, and I`ve had many such dealings with and encounters. Each time, they have taken the "side" of the (often fringe))"few" over the rights and the good of the majority.
CC: Please delete this if it is too political.

Jayce said...

I'm too tired to write what I said before it was trashed, except to congratulate you, Splynter, on a magnificent blog.

My main point, maybe a nit to you all but a big deal to me, was to say that the unit of inductance is a HENRY, not a TESLA. My profession is to design and build inductive search coils, which have inductance, measured in Henrys, which are used to detect magnetic flux, the energy of the magnetic field, which is measured in Teslas. My insitance on having HENRY in for 15D prevented me, for quite a while, from completing that area of the puzzle.

Okay, I see Wikipedia defines a Tesla as a unit of magnetic induction (as well as of magnetic flux density). Grrrr.

Best wishes to y'all.

Jayce said...

Knowing nuttin' at all about most sports figures, there was no way I would have gotten Chase Utley or O'Neil without looking them up.

The only gimmes for me were LUAU, BRENNAN, TAPIR, PASTE, and AQABA.

I got a chuckle out of Way to make it?=SNAPPY and Cold drafts=BEERS.

Wanted IONO for 60A, but okay, I'll settle for ATMO.

I still don't get DIDO.

More good wishes to y'all.

Dennis said...

Jayce, Merriam defines 'dido' as "a mischievous or capricious act : prank." I didn't know it either until recently, and only from doing crosswords.

Jayce said...

So, who has actually had fillet of bass?

Hi there, dodo!

Finally got to read that article and the accompanying comments about analog sounds, fermatprime. Thanks for linking it. Amazing how deeply ingrained into our language some expressions based on recognizable and significantly meaningful sounds are.

Dancing arund and waving my arms around to the tune of ACLU! Wait, that's YMCA. Sorry. Hahahahahahaha. Just pullin' your leg, Dennis :)

windhover said...

We've been getting along quite well lately (and I like that), but I have a question for you:
Isn't one of the purposes of our body of laws, in particular the "Bill of Rights", to protect various minorities (political, ethnic, religious, etc.) from the tyranny of not only kings and autocrats but also the "majority"?
BTW, I have no opinion, positive or negative, about the ACLU. And Dennis has every right to his opinions, as do we all, including Sallie.

Jayce said...

Dennis, thanks. And that's 5, so final best wishes to yawl.

Dennis said...

Guys, I'm sorry my comment started an out-of-bounds discussion. Let's end it now.

Bill G. said...

I just got back from grandson Jordan's first Little League game. Very low key. I don't think anybody even kept score. I was pleased to see that Jordan was at about the median of immaturity and ineptness. He got one hit off the tee. He was so excited, he forgot to run at first. The second time up he actually got a hit off the little spring-loaded pitching machine. Very exciting. In the field, he got discouraged when one ground ball went through his legs. However, he stopped the next ground ball with his manly chest. All in all, a good day.

The ACLU can head off in directions that seem to be just too much sometimes, but if I ever needed them, I'd be happy to have them on my side. The Bill of Rights is so important to our society and it sometimes needs protecting, even for people with whom we might completely disagree. And I agree with Windhover. The Bill of Rights was designed to protect the unpopular minority viewpoint from the majority.

Bill G. said...

Too late. Besides, I'm not sure discussing the Bill of Rights is out of bounds. At least, that was my POV.

Roget said...

WH, I'm sorry you didn't realise that funny and ridiculous are synonyms. I was not trying to "trick" anyone.

Oh well. I'm going to McDonalds. I hope I don't spill any coffee and burn myself.

erieruth said...

Dennis - I TOTALLY agree with you - both on the ACLU (ouch my hand hurts) and on agreeing to disagree!!

And....hopefully you'll bring back all your great QOSs and DIDYOUKNOWS!

Dennis said...

Getting back to normal programming, did anyone else read that Sirius/XM is devoting an entire channel to all things Charlie Sheen?

Burrito34 said...

To me this was an easier Saturday puzzle than most. I was glad to see all the baseball references. Spring is here and so is baseball! Went last Saturday to see the Oklahoma Sooners baseball team, now rated #2. I hope they make it back to the CWS. I found the two 15 letter downs fun and challenging.

With that in mind, here's IMO, the best baseball
song ever.

(14A) When the clue asked for geographical border, I was thinking more along the lines of coastline, river.

(17A) Chase Utley a five time all-star? Did not know. I'm definitely not a Phillies fan.

(25A) Reminds me of the phrase, "Come with me to the Casbah". Actor Charles Boyer never said it in the 1938 movie, Algiers but it may have been in the trailer.

(41A) Also it was new to me that Buck O'Neil was the first African-American MLB coach. Chicago Cubs, 1962.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Zcarguy said...

Is ACLU a government or private entity,, and whom are they funded by ??

erieruth said...

Dennis..OMg .. Charlie Sheen ... thanks for the info, I'll be sure to cancel!

ARBAON said...

Zcarguy:Go here

Anonymous said...

Dennis: I guess those last posts show how much respect you get: NONE.

erieruth said...

Dennis...You have my respect.

Warren said...

Hi Gang,

A good Silk'ly puzzle today.

I've never heard this song: Old Buttermilk Sky it's way before my time.

thehondohurricane said...

Sirius is devoting an entire channel to that horses behind? I may tell them to take my monthly subscription of $15.00 +/- a month and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Had my nap in the recliner, some Makers Mark, & supper. Now it's GOOD NIGHT ALL.

Lucina said...

Congratulations on the success of your gallery showing!

WM said...

Lucina...Thank was great fun and such a terrific way to pull old and good friends out of the woodwork...has been awhile since I had gotten to see JD and Chickie which is always such a pleasure.

Didn't do the puzzle so no comments except hugs to all the hunky wise guys(you know who you are) and lovely clever ladies and their opinions...without which there would be no blog.

My opinion for the day...Charlie Sheen isn't worth the paper he is printed on...on the other side of the coin...Rachel Maddow is wonderful.

Now, back your regularly scheduled programming

dodo said...

Well, it's gone; when will I learn?

Anyway, from yesterday, Thanks for catching my bit of 'humor,' Dennis, and Bill G., I've had enough of the Cruciverb Xes. I'll try the LAT site. Thanks.

Now I will cross my fingers, toes, and eyes and hope this is printed!

dodo said...

Ah, sweet success!

Jayce said... is acting weird; says I don't have cookies enabled, but I do have them enabled. Very annoying.

Spitzboov said...

Good evening all. Congrats to Splynter on his 'promotion'. Good write-up, Splynter.

Welcome aboard Howard.

A very tough but doable puzzle today. Since I started long after the paper came, I used ball point rather than working on line. I had to leave it 3 times to finally finish. The only strike thru was 'camel' for NOMAD. I just love grappling with Barry's puzzles. Favorites were the long fills, UNSTABLE ISOTOPE, and NOT KIDDING AROUND.
BZ to Mr Silk on a great creation.

ELDERS - Their kinship to the honeysuckles is obvious. My favorite soup is Elderberry soup with dumplings. (Flederbeersupp mit Klümp) Here is a

eddyB said...


XM info doesn't surprise me. The Bakersfield Condors (ECHL) will have A Charley Sheen night March 12th.

Danica got a 4th place finish in the Nationwide race. Same track will finish the IRL season.

Has anyone heard of Balvenie single malt? Late Xmas present.

Just printed tomorrow's to work on during the hockey game.

Take care. Night.

Jeannie said...

I've been under the weather since Friday afternoon. Really, this whatever I had really kicked my butt. I think this is the first lucid moment I have had. I just wanted to congratulate you Splynter on your first blog. I didn't do the puzzle but read your blog...very nicely done. Also, sorry to hear about your mother's ankle. Ouch!

Jayce, I have had many fillets of bass. Tasty.

Dennis good to hear that you are finally going to get the time off you need with hiring the new manager. Did you promote from within? I always like to hear that.

MFCounselor, I just went back an read yesterdays blog and can tell just by reading it I would have had a hard time with the puzzle. I enjoyed all your efforts and links though...

Jeannie said...

Hahtool, I just read about the tornadoes in LA. I hope you were out of harms way. I am even more worried now that you didn't post today.

WM, I am glad to hear that your show went well. Was it just to show or were the paintings on sale? If so, I hope the ice cream parlour is still available :)

Jeannie said...

I meant to welcome you look like a dashing fellow. I show that you continue to add your "two cents" worth here in the future.

Hey, I must be feeling better as I "hit my number".

Anonymous said...

Ozzie Smith? Smith was a SHORTSTOP. And Luis Aparicio was as good or better than Smith.

Liz Madden said...

A hectare is 100 meters by 100 meters = 10,000 meters, squared.

I enjoy your site, tremendously! Thanks!

Liz Madden
8th Grade Physical Science teacher
Will James Middle School
Billings, MT

Abejo said...

Good Evening, folks. I bombed on this puzzle. Too many tough ones for me. I guess that happens now and then. I was tied up all day Saturday at a Commandery inspection, so I could not focus on the puzzle. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.