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Mar 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 James Sajdak

Theme:   Welcome to LA-LA Land.  Or LA-LA-LA-LA, I can't hear you.  Or maybe it's L.A. LAW.  Sometimes it's hard to come up with a theme title.  Maybe I should have saved these for when I need them, but instead you get multiple choice today.  Both words of two-word theme answers begin with the letters "LA"  Hence the LA-LA, who was also a Teletubbie.

17A. Whip-cracking cowboy of old films : LASH LARUE.    I remember this guy from comic books. 

21A. Ethel, to Lucy : LAND LADY.   Lucy and Dezi rented a brownstone on E. 68th St. from Fred and Ethyl Mertz, played by William Frawly and Vivian Vance, who hated each other in real life.

35A. Sky blue : LAPIS LAZULI.   This is an intensely colored blue gem stone, or the ultramarine pigment extracted from it.  Also, a cloned daughter of Lazarus Long in Heinlein's epic novel, TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE.  I'm delighted to tell you my daughter is not my clone.

51A. Wax-filled illumination : LAVA LAMP.   The heat generated by the lamp bulb caused thermal currents in two viscous immiscible liquids, which would flow through and around each other. Since I remember the 60's, it's clear I did not experience them.

56A. Victor's chuckle : LAST LAUGH.  Indeed. He who laughs last, laughs best. 

And the unifier.  29 D . '80s-'90s legal drama, and this puzzle's title : L.A. LAW.  One more immensely popular T.V. show that I never watched. 

Hi, gang, Jazzbumpa here - your tour guide through LA-LA Land.  Let's set out and see what we can discover.


1. Beginning for the birds? : AVI.  A prefix indicating birds, or, more generally, flight, from the Latin avis = bird.

4. Shaq on the court : O'NEAL.  Needs no introduction.  OK. Famous basketball player.

9. Beat __ to one's door : A PATH.  This is what people are supposed to do if you invent a better mouse trap

14. Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect : LIN.  Maya LIN was a student at Yale when she designed the memorial.  It is very moving.

15. Ramadi resident : IRAQI.  Ramadi is the capital of Al Anbar province in central IRAQ.

16. Local cinemas, colloquially : NABES.  Derived from neighborhood.  News to me.

19. Weight room sound : GRUNT.  As in GRUNTS and groans from performing hard labor.

20. Venetian arch shape : OGEE.  An arch formed by two symmetric S-curves.  I like the looks of this one.  Also, "Oh, gee, Arch!" was occasionally GRUNTED by the Meathead.

23. Canyon-crossing transport : TRAMWAYYou go on ahead.  I'll wait here.

26. Fridge raider : NOSHER.  To NOSH (v) is to have a NOSH (n) - a light meal or snack.  This comes to us from the German, by way of Yiddish.

28. Hong Kong harbor craft : SAMPAN.  This boat name is common across parts of Asia.  SAMPANS come in many designs.  

29. Field for the fold : LEA.  A grassy meadow where one may find sheep, cows, and increasingly common crossword fill.

31. Remote power sources? : AAA'S.  Can't fool me.  Batteries.

32. Thing to blow off : STEAM.  Blowing off steam is a tension release outlet for people who do not have access to trombones.

34. Sign before Scorpio : LIBRA.  Zodiac signs. The sign of  LIBRA (or perhaps Le Bra) is the symbol of balance.

38. Postgrad hurdle : ORALS.  ORAL examinations are part of the arduous trek to a PhD.  Post Docs are apprentice academic positions for recent PhD recipients. 

40. "Cosmos" host : SAGAN.  "Cosmos"  was a 13-part TV series, first aired on PBS in 1980.  It was all about  life, the universe, and everything.

41. Lotto relative : KENO.  I don't know a thing about it.

42. Assure, with "up" : SEW.  To SEW something  up, is to complete or control it, presumably without leaving any loose ends.

43. Titan is its largest moon : SATURN.  SATURN is the sixth planet of our system - the one with the rings and the red spot.  Though it is the largest one we have, it is only a tiny part of the cosmos.

48. Most foxy : SLYEST.  Easy fill, but not what I had in mind.

50. Landmass encompassing the Urals : EURASIA. This is the totality of Europe and Asia.  It's always been a mystery to me why this one big continent was considered to be two.

54. Bombast : RANT.  Interesting that bombast, meaning pretentious or inflated language comes from the Middle English word for cotton padding.  RANT is more of a tirade.  I don't see the equivalence.

55. Artist's topper : BERET. I'm not sure what sort of art this is.

59. Conductor Previn : ANDRE.  He was also a composer, and learned to passably play each orchestra instrument so he could write properly for them.  Mia Farrow was the 3rd of his five wives.  He was her 2nd husband. Beyond that, things get a bit dicey.

60. Came up : AROSE

61. Sargasso or Coral : SEA

62. Parks and others : ROSAS.  She also needs no introduction. OK.  Famous bus rider, and 60A near-sound-alike.

63. Zellweger of "Chicago" : RENEE.   I know, she's no K-Z-J.

64. Prince Valiant's son : ARN.  From the comic strip which has been going strong since 1937.  Aleta still looks marvelous. 


1. Doles out : ALLOTS.

2. Cialis competitor : VIAGRA.  You don't need the details.  One of my friends remarked: "I don't need it, but just knowing it's out there makes me feel better."

3. Tailor's measure : INSEAM.  Leg length from crotch to ankle. 

4. Van Gogh work : OIL.  Vincent's paintings were done in oil based paints.  I guess that makes this an oil on water.

5. Gun lobby org. : NRA.  National Rifle Association.  Guns don't kill you, bullets do.

6. Ahead of time : EARLY

7. Shade in the Caribbean : AQUA.  This refers to the color of the water, under the sunny LAPIS LAZULI sky.

8. Bank holding : LIEN.  Per Wikipedia, "a form of security interest granted over an item of property to secure the payment of a debt or performance of some other obligation."  Ultimately from the Latin ligare, to bind.

9. Saxon start : ANGLO.   ANGLO-Saxons, the melding of Agles, Saxons, and Jutes (who get short shrift in the nomenclature,) tribes of Germanic peoples who migrated from western EURASIA to the British Islands starting in the 5th century, and became the English.  I'm not sure what they did to deserve it.

10. Chute above the beach : PARASAIL.  I was thinking along the lines of Chutes and ladders, not parachutes.

11. Persian Gulf emirate : ABU DHABI.  The capital and second largest city of the  United Arab Emirates.  The name means "Father of the Gazelle," and is fun to say.

12. Like some mortgages : TEN YEAR.  Many versions are available.  I guess a mortgage is a variety of LIEN

13. DDE predecessor : HST.  Harry S (for nothing) Truman, and Dwight David Eisenhower, U.S. Presidents.

18. Rope fiber : HEMP.  Hemp is the fiber of cannabis plants.  There's something about the 60's that I can't quite recall . . .

22. Paternity proof, briefly : DNA.  Deoxyribonucleaic acid.  Genetic material.

24. Mud nest builders : WASPS.  They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

25. Naysayer : ANTI.  Those who are against - aka "nattering nabobs of negativism" - William Safire.

27. It surrounds Lesotho: Abbr. : RSA.  Lesotho is a land-locked country, completely surrounded by The Republic of South Africa.

30. The Daily Beast, e.g. : E-MAG.  Electronic magazine.

33. To be, to Brutus : ESSE.  More Latin

34. Like the Islamic calendar : LUNAR.  Based on the periods of the moon, rather than the sun.  So is the Jewish calendar, I believe.

35. Refs' whistle holders : LANYARDS.  These are cords worn around the neck to carry something.

36. Natural burn balm : ALOE VERA.  Nice to see the whole plant.

37. Pitts of "The Gale Storm Show" : ZASU. The correct spelling is ZaSu, and pronunciation is "Say-Zoo."  She was a silent film actress who went on to vaudeville, talkies, radio, and TV.

38. Signs off on : OKS.  Gives the OK - approval - to something.

39. Chile __: stuffed Mexican dish : RELLENO.  Literally "stuffed chili."  Usually a mild poblano pepper stuffed with cheese or meat, then battered and deep fried.

42. N.L. team managed by Tony La Russa since 1996 : ST. L.  The St. Louis Cardinals

44. Scarlett's home : TARA.  The plantation from Gone With The Wind.

45. World Cup chant : USA! USA!  I'll bet there are others.

46. Horseshoes feat : RINGER.  This is a horseshoe that surrounds, or "rings" the stake.

47. Revolutionary Hale : NATHAN.  He was a volunteer for the Continental (American, not Eurasian) Army who was captured by the British and hanged.  He is famous for saying,  "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." 

49. Fully fills : SATES.  

50. Hewlett-Packard rival : EPSON.  Printers.

52. Banned orchard spray : ALAR.  This was a plant growth enhancer, sprayed on fruit, primarily apples, to regulate size and color, and make harvesting easier.  It was used form 1963 until 1989, when it was voluntarily withdrawn from the market as the EPA was proposing a ban.

53. Full-grown filly : MARE.   Horse girl and lady.

55. Setting for many a joke : BAR.  Guy walks into a bar.  The bartender says, "Knock-knock . . ."

57. Taoist Lao-__ : TSE  He was the first Taoist philosopher.

58. Majors in acting : LEE.  Nice misdirection.  He played The Six Million Dollar Man on TV.
Well, there you have.  A nice Wednesday puzzle, and a journey across space and time, around the planet, the solar system, and even the Cosmos.  There's more to LA-LA land than you thought.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Jazzbumpa, C.C. and gang - back from an ordeal I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I reaLLy enjoyed this trip into la-la land, mostly because of the fresh cluing. I wonder if I'll be the only one to notice that 'Viagra' was next to 'inseam'.

I confidently put in 'landlord' for 'Ethel, to Lucy'(thinking the theme was just double Ls), and it took 'parasail' to clear that up. The puzzle had some nice 'back in the day' clues, including 'Lash Larue', 'Zasu Pitts', 'Lava Lamp', etc. Never heard of Chile 'Relleno' and NEVER heard of local theaters called 'nabes'; matter of fact, I never heard the term used for anything neighborhood-related. Regional?

Overall, a pretty smooth solve and a nice way to ease back into crosswords.

Just heard the weather forecast and we've got snow on the way tomorrow night into Friday - just in time for the Phillies' opening day.

Off to the gym.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - What Dennis said. Who's ZASU Pitts? What's the Gale Storm Show (I like that title though)?

Seriously, however, I'm impressed with this construction. As usual I didn't catch on to the theme until coming here, but now I appreciate its cleverness.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all! And welcome back, Dennis!

Pretty straightforward effort for me today. A few total WTF moments (NAMES, RSA, ARN), but mostly well within my mental wheelhouse. I got the theme reveal before getting all the theme answers for once, and this time it did actually help (especially with LAST LAUGH and LAVA LAMP).

Random comment time:

I visited Hong Kong in 2000 and stayed on Kowloon right near the harbor. I swear I never saw a single SAMPAN and assumed they were only in old movies.

We have a fifteen year mortgage currently. We wanted a TEN YEAR, but nobody seemed to offer one.

Don't know "The Gale Storm" show, but I'll never forget the name ZASU Pitts. Except I always want to spell it ZAZU.

Loved the clue for AAAS!

And seriously, NABES?

Gareth Bain said...

Anyone else only know Lash Larue from crosswords and confidently put down Larue Lash? Just me? OK. The Telly Tubby is Laa Laa BTW (he/she/it will come up in an xword soon I'm sure...)

I like your LALALAND better as a theme revealer than LALAW, but being 8 letters it's a bit inconvenient to fit in a grid...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Jazzbumpa and Friends. This was a fun puzzle. I loved the theme. LA LAW was big when I was in law school in (the other) LA.

Some good misleading clues. I especially liked Field for the Fold = LEA.

I was almost fooled by Majors in Acting = LEE.

I immediately thought of PARASAIL. I see people parasailing on the beach every summer, but have never tried it myself.

Very violent thunder storms passed through here last night. Lots of damage in the area.

QOD: He who is in love with himself at least has this advantage ~ he won't have many rivals. ~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Jazzbumpa, C.C. et al.

Thanks for taking my hand and walking me through LaLa Land this morning, Jzb! With all the references to LAVA LAMPS, HEMP, and midnight NOSHERs, I might have wandered totally off the path if I were on my own.

Dennis, welcome back! I never heard of NABES, either.

One time when I was in Cancun, I decided to try PARASAILing. It was a blast, but the most thrilling part was spotting a whale shark while I was in the air. That thing was HUGE, and even though they only eat plankton, I really wouldn’t want to come across one in the water.

This puzzle seemed to prompt many such memories, with all the 50’s 60’s stuff. Overall, a fairly easy hump day. Have a good one everybody!

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

A LL.uva puzzle today, thank you James. JzB, enjoyed your write up, enlightening and humorous.

Most of my comments, or misdirections, have already been mentioned. I too wanted Landlord and parasail fixed it. Lash LaRue was a gimme, actually was hoping for a cowboy theme.

New to me were Daily Beast/Emag, Relleno,& nabes.

Back in the days of yore, there was more then one Ref who I wanted to strangle with his lanyard.

But it was a pretty easy solve today, just right for the midweek .

Happy Wednesday

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks. Thank you James Sajdak and Rich Norris for a great Wednesday puzzle. Thank you Jazzbumpa and C.C. for the words of wisdom and posting.

Enjoyed the puzzle. zipped through it pretty easily. Even before I left for work. A few perps fixed some unknowns, ie: NABES, LAPISLAZULI, SAGAN, and ALAR.

A couple bloggers mentioned they did not know what Chile Rellenos are. That is the only entree I ever order in Mexican restaurants. And, I do that quite often. They are the best, filled with cheese. Try some.

Enjoyed Jazzbumpa's link to the Van Gogh painting. That is quite a clever suspension bridge. Also the link to the TRAMWAY was good. I have ridden that car in Palm Springs many times. Great hiking trails on top.

Thanks all. See you tomorrow.


Lemonade714 said...

Morning all; this is not our only LA LA puzzle this year, odd. Anyway, it was fine with some nice fill, and as always a symphonic rendition by JzB, but NABES is ridiculous. I know it is now a real word, and is in the dictionary, but I cannot believe anybody in life has ever used the term. With our dictionaries adding words willy nilly, puzzle creation will be easier, but less satisfying to me. I really like Mr. Sajdak's puzzles, and Wednesday.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning happy hump(day)ers all. Thanks, JzB for the write up and for most of the links. Libra was especially illustrative of a fine balance.

NABES was a total WTF. I've never heard the term, but the perps were solid so I moved on. Everything else went so smooth that I never looked for a theme.

I had a high school classmate with the last name LARUE. I can't remember his first name, we always called him LASH.

Hand up for having enjoyed a ride up the Palm Springs tramway. Interesting to go from desert heat at the bottom to snow and ice in the shady spots at the top. If there's a cable car ride or tramway available in places we visit, I'm on it.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Great write-up, Jazz; Thanks.

Got the unifier early so, with the LA's lurking all over, it was fairly easy to complete. I did enter 'Lsats' at 38a but the perps quickly dictated ORALS. No other problems; it was a fun puzzle to do.

HEMP - Admiral Nelson's Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 was fought over hemp. It was a strategic material at the time which navies required for their cordage.

SATES - When I was a kid at dinner and was, either full, or didn't like the food, I would say to my German parents: "Ich bin satt". I suspect satt comes from the same root.

For all you veterans and those who love them here is a great clip of the restoration of PT 658 . Wait for time: 0:30.

Enjoy the day.

creature said...

Good Morning C.C. ,Jazz and all,

Thanks for the write-up, Jazz. Your TRAMWAY link made me lightheaded. I’ll wait here with you.

Of course, I had the ‘landlord deal’.

NABES? Anyone? I think this is one for the GAVEUP list. How ‘bout it, N.C.? Remember Vidwan’s post on the adaptability of the English language versus the French, who have to vote , in order for a new word to be allowed. We, on the other hand can make a new one on the spot . I like our way best. NABES, it is.

Perps took care of the unknowns a’plenty: ALAR, SAMPAM, RSA, ARN, RELLENO, and made this a rather enjoyable Wednesday puzzle.
Thanks, James.

Have a nice day everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Jazz: A truly outstanding write-up and links !!!

James, Thank You for a FUN Wednesday offering.

ZASU & NABES both via the perps.
There was a report the other day that LOL, OMG & WTF were added to the OED.

Faves were HEMP (child of the 60's thingy) and that Horseshoe RINGER.

Only 1 more day until the Opener.
Ooooh, I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve.
Yippie !!!

Cheers to all at Sunset.

creature said...

Spitzboov, I 'welled up' over your
clip of PT 658. Its awesome. I hope something comes up to ensure its perpetuity. Thanks for sharing.

Dennis said...

I agree - Spitzboov, great clip; thanks for sharing.

Argyle said...

Morning All,

Here is a little humor you might find funny at a web site you might find interesting. Link.

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

I snagged this one from the start with LASH LARUE - I didn't know him from the original comic, but from the line in Pulp Fiction.

So I tried LAND Lord, too, but it fixed itself, and the LA-LA helped with LAVA LAMP and Last Laugh - a cruise through today, and I missed half the clues because they filled themselves in.

Uh, JzB, isn't Jupiter the biggest with the red spot?

I saw the VIAGRA/INSEAM connection...

AAAs didn't get me, and I liked the full answers of ABU DHABI and ALOE VERA.

Thanks for the PT link, Spitzboov.


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

This was a fun romp.

Dennis - I practiced a lot of restraint in the NW corner. OGEE, my tongue is bleeding.

The Gale Storm show ran from 1956 to -60, when I graduated from grade school. My recollections are vague. It was typical 50's lousy sit-com fare.

I paused at LANDL____ for Ethel, and waited for perps.

Smooth solve on the puzzle. Good perp help, sparkling fill, Fun words like LAPIS LAZULI, PARASAIL, LANYARD and ABU DHABI.

Gareth - Great to see you. Now, why do you know so much about teletubbies? That was one of those little tot shows that are unbearable for adults.

This is the kind of most foxy I was thinking of.

We're off to Aleaxa's school for poetry reading.

Laa-Laa, I mean Ta-ta, I mean Cheers!
JzB The steam blowing trombonist

Jazzbumpa said...

Splynter -

Aha -my Navajo rug moment.

For me, astronomy gets a bit vague after midnight. Besides, size doesn't matter,; and what's a planet or two among friends

Thanks for the correction.

JzB the misplaced red spot trombonist

Dudley said...

JazzB - Now that phrase sounds familiar, prob'ly from this blog, hmmm....OK, what's a Navajo Rug moment?

Spitzboov said...

Creature et al: I did, too. I received the link this am from an old shipmate in Wisconsin. Thanks for your comments.

sherry said...

Found the puzzle pretty easy. Fav. clue was the one for AAA batteries. That one gave some fits Maily because I didn't know how to spell Abud Habi. I tried to put an U in place of the A in his last name. Making aua the ans. to 31 across. Duh!

carol said...

Hi all -

Welcome back Dennis, your opening paragraph begs the question: What happened????

Great write up Jazz! Thanks for the correct pronouncement of ZaSu. I said it like Barry G.

I found this puzzle to be easier than yesterday, but there were some big problems for me in the middle. I didn't know THE DAILY BEAST or ISLAMIC CALENDAR, and a few others so there was a gaping hole there for awhile.

NABES????? I have never heard it either.

Argyle ( 9:50) Very punny!

Ya gotta love watching lava lamps, especially if you are easily amused as I am. :)

Oh, I put NEIGHBOR in for 21A...used a lot of dry erase fixing that one.

Bill G. said...

Dennis says he's never heard of NABES and that maybe it's a regional thing. Well, if so, it's not this region or where I grew up either. Never heard of it. However, he's never heard of Chile Rellenos either. In that case I can tell you that you are missing something really good.

We have enjoyed the Palm Springs tramway too. And I have a Lava Lamp. It doesn't look much like the one pictured in the link though.

I too enjoy the link to PT 658. Thanks. It goes nicely with Maya Lin today.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I loved unexpected fill like PARASAIL, ABUDHABI, RELLANO and LANYARDS.

Me Too! Never heard of NABES, never saw it before. I wonder who/where campaigned for dictionary acceptance?

Yes to the Palm Springs TRAMWAY. On a clear day you can (almost) see forever

Am I the only kid who went to movie matinees in the late 1940's? Lash LaRue was a big time star. I remember serious discussions concerning why a "hero" would wear a black hat. We forgave it because he was so good at whipping pistols out of the bad guys hands.

Jazz, thanks for the all the links/explanations, always a nice job.

Welcome back, Dennis. Celebrate by getting yourself to a local Mexican restaurant and trying Chile RELLENO. Gooey cheese, deep fried and not too spicy, what's not to like?

Husker Gary said...

Jazz, et al, I am blogging from school after a late call last night. This school is 50% free and reduced lunch and the other high school in this district is 2% free and reduced. The atmosphere is different in the two schools but great kids in each!

-Thanks to Jazz’s lovely write-up, among other things I now know what an OGEE is
-People my age all have someone on LIN’s wall and remember ZASU Pitts.
-Most fabulous TRAMWAYride of my life was a rickety old chair going up mountain on Island of Capri! OSHA wouldn’t approve!
-My 21st Century kids LOVED my Lava lamps! Everything old is new again!
-I remember a place in Bath, Maine where hemp cordage was made. The building was VERY long and narrow!
-Argyle, clever link!

Anonymous said...

For all our warriors...past and present

cherylptts said...

Do not know what to think of myself when the name Zasu Pitts comes to mind easily, and I can remember "The Gail Storm Show". Yikes.
So wanted to use "landlord." Is there a "parosail"--no.
My favorite clue this morning had to be "Parks and others". One of those "aha" moments.
Very sunny skies here in No. Ca. Supposed to actually get hot today. Have no idea how to act.

Clear Ayes said...

LAPIS LAZULI is a spectacular semi-precious stone. It is often made into equally spectacular jewelry.

W.B. Yeats wrote a longish poem about lapis lazuli that was really about something else.

Yeats poem Lapis Lazuli

HeartRx said...

Spitzboov, wonderful link to PT658. Thank you!

Hey Husker, I couldn’t open your link, but I have also been on that ride to the top of Capri! Since there are no roads, they also use it to haul all the flour and tomatoes for the restaurant at the top!

Argyle said...

If you couldn't open CA's Larue link, try this.

It seems rellenos are what we call jalapeno poppers.

carol said...

You guys are making those Chili Rellenos sound yummy...I have seen them on many a menu but I always order the chicken encheladas - forgive the spelling. Next time I will try the rellenos.

CA: My movie hero's were Roy Rogers, Hoppalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, but cannot ever remember seeing Lash LaRue.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

A fun puzzle ... a bit challenging for me in spots. The NE corner kept me guessing ... NABES was the biggest problem ( never heard it around here) and NOSHER took me a while. I always think of my Portuguese grandmother when I see ZASU Pitts ... for some reason she knew that name but not any other actresses that I know of. Perps helped with RELLENO and the spelling of ABUDHABI. Of course I liked the LALA theme. ;-)

It's Spring according to the calendar but we've got a 'Winter Storm Watch' going for Thursday into Friday. Sigh...

Enjoy the day!

Grumpy 1 said...

Thanks to all for the great links today. I've enjoyed them.

I was really surprised at all of those that wanted 'Landlord' instead of 'Landlady'. The clue, 'Ethel, to Lucy' told me the feminine entry was the correct one. If the clue had been 'Fred, to Lucy' the entry would have been 'landlord'. I never considered 'landlord' to be gender neutral.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A great write up Jazz, to a puzzle that I thought was going to be a quick fill. Much to my chagrin, I made some mistakes that were V-8 can worthy.

I glibly put in Egg for Beginning for the birds?, then Ovi, then the light came on--A prefix for birds!
The whole NW corner was a problem because of this and the fact that Lash Larue was an unknown.

I also misspelled ZaSu Zazu because I had put in Lazuli as Lasuli. My eraser had a workout in this area also.

I eventually did get the rest of the puzzle with a lookup for Daily Beast. This was a learning moment for me. Nabes filled in but it was also new to me. I've never called a local theater a Nabe. We called ours the SC for Santa Clara.

Grumpy 1 said...

I don't remember in nicknames for eitjer of the two movie theaters in our town, but the drive in theater was universally referred to as 'The Passion Pit'.

Lucina said...

Good day,Jazzbumpa, C.C. and all.

Wonderfully funny blogging, Jazz, thank you.

No! No! poppers and Chile rellenos are two different things entirely. Poppers usually contain cream cheese. To make rellenos the egg whites must be whipped. Delicioso!

Great puzzle today another shout out to my Mother, LALA. Only bumps in the road were NEIGHBORS but EARLY gave me LANDLADY and ZAZU then ZASU whose name I recall.

I loved:
Majors in acting, LEE

Welcome back, Dennis.
Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!

Lucina said...

I lealrned about LAPISLAZULI when studying English lit from that very poem CA posted. Thanks.

Also, hand up for the Palm Springs tramway. What a fantastic contrast in temps from the bottom to top.

thehondohurricane said...

As I recall, Lash Larue was played by an actor named Allen "Rocky" Lane.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful!

Love your "right on" explanations.

Gunghy said...

I shot myself in the foot by penning in SAIPAN for 28A and insisting on a name for the arch, not its shape. Wow, did the NW take a while.

Did someone really have to invent Nabes?? And can anyone say it without gagging?

Speaking of trams, here are some shots I took from the Whistler Gondola. It crosses from Whistler to Blackcomb mountain.

Argyle, Rellenos are made with Anaheim or poblano peppers. They can be dinner plate size. Stuffed with jack cheese coated in whipped egg whites and fried. Way milder than Jalapenos.

So, how about I close with a reference to Lash and others?

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Fun puzzles today and yesterday. Thank you for the helpful writeups, bloggers.

I wanted ITS for 1A, as in "It's for the birds," which got me started off on the wrong foot, but as always the perps disabused me of that. For some reason I knew Lash Larue and Abu Dhabi right away. Having that D from DHABI there, as well as the clue referring to Ethel rather than to Fred, as Grumpy1 pointed out, I got LANDLADY easily.

Enjoyed the clever, funny, and fresh cluing, and the long fills. Hated NABES.

My sign is Libra.

Best wishes to you all.

GarlicGal said...

A nice Wednesday puzzle. Thank you Jazzbumpa and C.C. for the write up.

I remember the "Gale Storm Show" AND Zasu Pitts! Ms. Pitts was quite an accomplished actress and if you watch TCM she crops up frequently. She was also a popular radio personality.

Nabes is just wrong IMHO.

I have a Lapis Lazuli and pearl necklace my husband gave me as a wedding present. It is quite beautiful! My sister bought a strand when we visited Egypt. We thought she got a great deal until the first time she wore it. It turned the back of her neck blue! We still laugh about that...
Have a sunny day all!

creature said...

CA, the link was to a poem about Lapis Lazuli, but it was not by Yeats.Am I right?

Carol, you and I had the same heroes; Lash Larue was not on my radar.Actually, I've never heard that name before,but the way he makes an 'L' with his lariat is

Grumpy 1, I've always considered Landlord to be gender nuetral. If I lived in England I might think differently, but there are no 'lords' here to equate with men.
Nevertheless, I will concede that Landlady is not gender nuetral. I guess I see 'landlord' as a title, as in 'manager' or 'attorney'; and, actually don't see a need for 'landlady' at all.

Oh what a life I have ,to be able to debate the use of a couple of words. May everyone be so lucky.

Bill G. said...

I've bought my wife several pieces of lapis lazuli jewelry at various fairs. Beautiful stuff considering it's not a precious mineral. About as pretty as jade but not as expensive.

Anon. 11:25. I enjoyed your link "Portraits of the Fallen." Thanks. I wish you'd identify yourself.

Creature, I loved your comment about the freedom you have to debate a couple of words.

Unknown said...

Color me happy with today's puzzle!
In the words of Dennis, a speed run.
Only one mis-step in the right corner and that was due to my lousy spelling. My spelling is actually worse thatn my typing.
Go figure.
Rain, rain go away! Tonight the Dash want to play.

Anonymous said...

Bill G:

If I "sign on", I`ll always have to do the puzzle...and most times, that`s just not possible.

Jazzbumpa said...

Dudley -

Some time ago, Jerome shared with us a bit of knowledge about the Navajo rug makers. They weave (I assume) intricate geometric patterns into the rug design, but always include a small flaw, as a sign of humility, since only God is perfect.

I believe the correct name for it is humility mark.

JzB who really needs no more imperfections

Jazzbumpa said...

As evidence, I mistyped 11-yr-old granddaughter Alexa's name earlier today.

Here is her poem.


With a shadow by your side
You'll never be alone,
Even down the emptiest street
Of a deserted town,
Down a long, twisted road
Both of you walk together,
With haunting memories
Following close behind,
Ghosts of memories
That will never leave your side.

© 2011 by Alexa

Bumpa is SO proud!

JzB the humble blowhard

Lucina said...

This is the poem by William Butler Yeats that I remember:

Two Chinament behind them a third
Are carved in lapis lazuli
Over them flies a long legged bird
A symbol of longevity
The third doubtless a serving-man
Carries a musical instrument
(2nd stanza)

Dennis said...

Ok, rellenos sound like something I need to try. If it's fryin', I'm buyin'.

anon@11:25, thanks for that great clip -- she's truly a remarkable lady.

Carol, it's a long story, but in the space of about 2-3 weeks, we sold our house, moved out and moved into another one on a month-to-month lease. Short version is that the people from whom we bought our house wanted to buy it back, it was an offer we couldn't refuse, and we're renting their house until we go to Boca. My wife's company has told her that will happen by year-end.

Moving that quickly, with all the stuff we have, was something from the fourth ring of hell. All done now, although I'm probably an inch shorter. In height.

Lucina said...

If anyone is interested here is a recipe for chile rellenos by Art, my brother.

green chile pepper, roasted, peeled and deveined
3 eggs
whole milk or half and half
1 cup white cheese
1 small yellow onion, finely minced
1 clove fresh garlic, minced or pressed
2 teaspoons flour
salt and pepper to taste

Grate cheese and combine with onion. Take a handful of the cheese and onion mixture and squeese gently to form a long round tube. Set aside. Carefully slice the green chile pepper on one side and lay it open. Add the cheese to the center of the chile and wrap the chile around the cheese mixture. Set this aside until ready to use; can be stored in the refrigerator overnight if desired.
Combine 3 egges and beat well. Add 1/4 cup whole milk or half and half and continue beating. Add flour, garlic and salt, then beat until fluffy. Heat a large omelet pan to medium hot and place the egg mixture on the pan. Cook until the bottom side just starts to brown. The top of the omelet will start to firm up when it is ready. Place the green chile in the center of the omelet and allow the omelet to brown on bottom. With a spatula flip the sides of the egg over the top of the chile. Gently turn the omelet allowing the cheese to melt. Serve hot with rice and beans.

carol said...

Dennis, whew!!! I am so glad (for you and your wife) that any inches you lost were from your height. Wouldn't want to render the 'yard bird' unable to fully point to the wind.

Nice Cuppa said...


Thanks for reviving the GAVEUP Hall of Infamy.

Agreed. NABES should be our latest mal mot.


Husker Gary said...

Hi Marti, I did the link at school and did not check it. See if this works Capri Ski Lift

HeartRx said...

Hey Husker G, yep, that one worked! I also remembered another hairy lift I took above Lago Maggiore in Italy. That lift was like a little bucket that you stepped into. I mean, literally - A BUCKET. It came up to about mid-thigh, and gave no sense of safety or security. All I remember was hanging on for dear life, and then walking back down the mountain when I was finished with lunch...

Anon @ 11:25, the video was absolutely inspiring. I would love to meet that lady some day. But, you don't have to do the puzz to sign in and join the conversation. We often go off on a tangent (witness today's entries!). Come on in - "The water's fine!!"

kazie said...

I'm sorry, but I haven't yet had the chance to read comments today. I finished the CW early but then left for the day and have been sorting the results of my day's activities since returning until now.

I managed to get finished without assistance despite several unknowns, but never "got" the theme until reading the blog. I simply didn't take the time to think about it at all. The NW was the slowest area for me, except for not having ever heard NABES as an expression. Seems like a stretch to me. And LAPIS LAZULI is much darker than sky blue. Even the water in the link for parachutes was AQUA rather than LAPIS. Maybe the Mediterranean Sea is a closer shade of blue, but never the sky.

The JVN said...

43A -- The clue asked "Titan is its largest moon". So "largest" refers to the moon, not to the planet.

And yes, Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It has the Great Red Spot, but it is Saturn that has the spectacular ring system.

They are friends of mine, along with their siblings Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune; and stepchild Pluto. I don't see much of Pluto, as
my telescope isn't big enough to see such a faint friend.

31A -- remote power sources
Uh, what is "remote" about AAA batteries? ARRRG! As I typed that question, I thought of the package of AAAs that I bought for ... remote controls!

Razz said...

Hi CC & Gang,

I really didn't care BEANS about NABES.

Never seen the usage, and yes if you G it you will see plural for neighborhoods.

Wish it would rain in west Texas!

Grumpy 1 said...

Remote power source/AAAs to me is a near perfect example of why I enjoy crossword puzzles so much: A very simple answer with a misleading clue or, at other times, a very simple straightforeward clue with a multiword entry that is difficult to parse, as was yesterday's Continue/GOON. I'm amazed at how much better I've gotten at solving in the year or so that I have been 'playing the game'.

LaLaLinda said...

Grumpy 1: Well said ... and I agree!

Jayce said...

Grumpy1, a fellow programmer and I used to laugh at how the "labels" we used in writing assembly language programs that we considered as GO ON looked for all the world like GOON.

Man oh man I love rellenos. A friend of ours (who recently died) made the BEST rellenos in our kitchen that I have ever tasted. It was quite a production that we all helped with, but he always remained the chef!

Palm Springs is almost always the hottest, or nearly the hottest, place in California. That Mojave desert is really a hostile, and not very pretty, place. The Sonora desert in Arizona (Lucina, you are right on the edge of it) is, by comparison, a thrillingly beautiful desert.

The temperature here actually got up into the 70s today. Finally the rains have stopped, at least for now. Quite nice to be outside.


Warren said...

Hi Gang, welcome back Dennis! Are you planning to move to Boca permanently or?

My wife and I did today's puzzle together and finished all except for the unknown 'nabes'. I must be out of touch I guess...

BTW, all of our remote controls use AA not AAA batteries, I can't even think of a use for AAA batteries much anymore like the older days...

Lucina said...

Yes. And we have the temperatures to go with it. 89 today and climbing, but, dry!

Clear Ayes said...

Carol "My movie hero's were Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, but cannot ever remember seeing Lash LaRue." ....that's because he had a black hat instead of a white one. It was a serious mistake :0)

creature and Lucina, you are both correct. I had looked up the Yeats poem, but didn't have time right then to link it. I went back to Google a little bit later and thought I was clicking on the same link. This is Yeats' LAPIS LAZULI. The other poem by another Irish poet, Derek Mahon, referenced Yeats and was very interesting too.

We're giving Tinbeni a run for his money weather-wise. Had to get out amongst them and enjoy a lovely clear 80 degree day.

Dennis said...

Warren, thanks for asking; yes, this is the real deal finally. We're not even fully unpacking.

Jerome said...

I've got to tell you Jazz, your comments about today's wonderful puzzle just might be the most entertaining I've ever read about a crossword.

Seldom Seen said...

Dennis: Good for you! I've read how much you enjoy Boca.

Good memories:

Part 1: I rode the TRAMWAY up to Sugarloaf in Rio. The background music switched from samba to The Doors/LA Woman(ca ;}). I looked at my friend and said, "dude...the doors!". Everyone(Brazilians) laughed.

Part two: I PARASAILed off of Copacabana.

Bill G. said...

Barbara made a Caesar salad for dinner, much better than we get at restaurants. It had homemade dressing with a coddled egg, homemade croutons and real pieces of anchovies. Very tasty.

JD said...

Good late afternoon all,

After finishing xwd at DH's eye appt., the weather was too nice to stay indoors.Anyone ever have an ultrasound on your eyeball? Wowzer!

Dennis, welcome back! Many of us were very concerned and am so glad it was not a tragic happening.

JzB, very impressive poem by your grand daughter. You have every right to be proud.

...and James, your NE corner did me in: nabes/nosher/HST and groan for grunt; even the landlady couldn't help me down that path.
BUT..I loved your puzzle, so many fun words.Is a sampan another word for junk?

After looking things over, I noticed that I happily had ceret for beret!I think JzB's visual was somewhat of a clue.So, "a guy walks into a CAR..." It could work!

JD said...

CA, your painting is beautiful! I hope you are keeping it.

Lapis lazuli was valued more than gold in Mesopotamia. "To hold a Lapis lazuli gemstone in your hand is akin to holding a piece of sky on a starry moonlit night." The Standard of Ur was inlaid with Lapis to depict banquet scenes.

lanyards-I was a recreation leader every summer while in college; got really efficient at "braiding" several different designs.Kids loved them.The town(Visalia) paid for equipment and art supplies.

I can't believe that I had to go to a map to find Lesotho. We're flying to RSA on Monday...yes, another safari, and more time in Cape Town and the Stellenbosch wine region.

Jazzbumpa said...

Well Kids, it's been a good day.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

Jerome, thank you, my friend.

JD - thanks for commenting on Lexie's poem. (I can get away with calling her that. Her older brothers MUST call her Alexa.) Her whole class was terrific. A few of the poems were quite dark.

Had a good rehearsal tonight. Music of Saint-Saƫns and Delibes.

Just watched "Portraits of the Fallen" from anon's clip this morning, and it had me in tears.

Lots of emotion. I'm tired, but it's a good kind of tired.

JzB happy to have you all as friends

Dudley said...

Just came back aboard after a long day - thanks JzB for explaining the Navajo Rug. I sorta remember that now.

Seldom Seen said...

Today's offering is why I love C.C.'s blog. I've enjoyed it all. From JazzBumpa's write-up to everyones contributions. Funny one-liners and complimentary links.

Remember this tramway in a 007 movie?

Here is a musical link for today.

kazie said...

Safe travels! Bring back more photos!

creature said...

Dennis, It sounds so good for you all. I'm glad you've been away on 'good stuff'. I was really worried. Thanks for sharing.

JD,Sounds like a very special trip. How long will you be gone?
Have a grand time and bring pics.

windhover said...

Speaking of worry, I am worried about our friend Buckeye.

dodo said...

It's late, but I had to express my real enjoyment from today's puzzle, and particularly from your writeup, JazzB. You are so clever! You are also such a great grandparent,! I loved Alexa's poem. How old is she? It's so great that you attend so many of your grandkids' events!

Puzzle great ; hate nabe; adore chile rellenos; temps up to 80 today. That's all, folks. 'night.