May 31, 2011

Tuesday May 31, Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Dick and Harry's friend - Four famous Toms start the theme entries. No fooling...'til you get to the unifier.

17A. Port of call : CRUISE STOP. TOM CRUISE, Here as Maverick in "Top Gun".

24A. Readily interchangeable, fashionwise : MIX AND MATCH. TOM MIX, here in the white hat, of course.

35A. Office fund for minor expenses : PETTY CASH. TOM PETTY, here, with whitish hair, singing "I Won't Back Down".(2:56)

49A. Head locks : HANKS OF HAIR. TOM HANKS, here as Captain John Miller in "Saving Private Ryan".

58A. Horseplay, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 24-, 35- and 49-Across : TOMFOOLERY

C.C. here. Argyle's computer was down before he could finish the write-up. I'll get his draft published. Then I'll do the formatting and fill in some comments. (Updated at 6:10am: Write-up is complete now).


1. McCartney bandmate : STARR (Ringo)

6. Minimal effort : EASE

10. "It seems to me," online : IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

14. Fax predecessor : TELEX. Four X'es in this grid.

15. Makes collars, say : SEWS

16. Armstrong on the moon : NEIL

19. Hindu royal : RAJA

20. Rip to shreds : REND

21. City near Lake Tahoe : RENO. Janet's favorite city.

22. Inner Hebrides isle : IONA

23. Switch settings : ONs

27. Bygone deliverer : ICEMAN

29. "Rabbit, Run" author : UPDIKE (John)

30. Office copy : XEROX

31. Aid for a ref's review : SLO-MO

34. Original Dungeons & Dragons co. : TSR. Was this a gimme for you?

38. Held a hearing, say : MET

41. Give a rude awakening to : ROUST

42. African capital contained in its country's name : TUNIS. Tunisia. Ben Ali started this whole Arab Spring.

46. Easily bent : PLIANT

48. Ochoa of the LPGA : LORENA. Retired now.

53. Upsilon follower : PHI

54. Bozo, in Bath : TWIT. Bath, England.

55. Take it easy : LOLL

56. Place for a snow blower : SHED

57. Barrel of laughs : RIOT

60. Pacific island half? : BORA. Bora Bora.

61. Masterful server : ACER

62. "Fame" singer David, 1975 : BOWIE

63. Attends to, as a dry stamp pad : INKS

64. Terrier type : SKYE

65. Jokes around : JESTS


1. Largest of the Virgin Islands : ST. CROIX. Good entry.

2. "Separate Tables" dramatist Rattigan : TERENCE. Not a familiar name to me.

3. Four-time Indy 500 winner : AL UNSER. Comment away, eddyB.

4. Senate majority leader Harry : REID

5. Prescriptions, for short : RXs

6. County northeast of London : ESSEX

7. Insurance giant : AETNA

8. Beatles concert reaction, often : SWOON. More of a Justin Bieber concert reaction now.

9. Uncanny gift, for short : ESP

10. Encroachment : INROAD

11. Wasn't kidding : MEANT IT

12. Takes by force : HIJACKS

13. Ending for pay : OLA. Payola.

18. Ireland, in poetry : ERIN

22. Identity thief, e.g. : IMPOSTOR

24. Dada pioneer : MAX ERNST. Nice full name.

25. Russian assembly : DUMA. The term comes from the Russian word (dumat’), "to think" or "to consider".

26. "I've Grown Accustomed to __ Face" : HER

28. Swabbing tool : MOP

31. R-V connectors : S T U. Alphabetically.

32. Lille lily : LYS. As in Fleur de Lys. The flower.

33. Mo. to see Dracula at your door? : OCT. Halloween.

36. Pooch in Oz : TOTO

37. "Ben-__" : HUR

38. Dashboard abbr. : MPH

39. Walking-on-air feeling : ELATION

40. Craft using the element Sn : TIN WORK. Sn = Tin

43. Reunion attendees : NEPHEWS. Family reunion, not class.

44. Come into some money, maybe : INHERIT

45. Answered affirmatively : SAID YES

47. Tough watchdogs : AKITAs. Dennis' previous dog. Welcome back, Dummy!

48. Disney girl who adopted Stitch : LILO

50. Shepherd's charge : FLOCK

51. Comfy-cozy : HOMEY

52. Actress Woodard : ALFRE. Always have trouble remembering her name.

56. Plumlike fruit : SLOE

57. Baseball stat : RBI

58. Coll. helpers : TAs

59. Word after a transitive vb. : OBJ.

Answer grid.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I blew through the top half of this one in near record speed and I really thought the whole thing was going to be a speed run until I hit the lower half. Sadly, that was when one of my wheels came off and I ended up lying upside-down in a ditch, on fire.

I've never heard of HANKS OF HAIR before, although I eventually got it via the perps and confirmed it once the theme was revealed. That's where the wheel came off and I started wobbling. What sent me into the ditch, however, was the crossing of IMPOSTOR with LORENA. I've never heard of Ms. Ochoa before (not that I recall, at least) and stupidly misspelled 22D as IMPOSTER. Which, of course, gave me LERENA. I knew it looked wrong, but you just never know with proper names, right? And I swear I looked at IMPOSTER at least 10 times and it looked perfectly fine each time. Maybe the fact that it was written horizontally instead of vertically kept me from seeing the problem. Yeah, that must be it...

Anyway, I finally had to turn on the red letter help to see my mistake, so this counts as a DNF for me. On a Tuesday, no less! Sheeeesh... ^_^

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC. Argyle and friends. This seemed a bit tough for a Tuesday. There were a few obscure names ~ Who knew TERENCE Rattigan or LORENA Ochoa?

I got off to a bad start thinking of Lenon instead of STARR for McCartney's bandmate. I was also thinking of the criminal mind, so wanted Nabs instead of SEWS for Makes Collars.

I just came from a Family Reunion. No NEPHEWS on that side of the family, though ~ only cousins.

Back to work. I hope my work week is easier than this Tuesday puzzle!

QOD: Graduation is a tough day for adults. They go to the ceremony as parents. They come home as contemporaries. ~ Erma Bombeck.

Dick said...

Good morning CC, Argyle and all, this was a somewhat difficult puzzle for a Tuesday. Like Barry I flew through the top half and then hit the rough in te lower half. I very confidently put MPG for 38D which caused havoc trying to figure out who ganks of hair was as I had never heard of him. Finally the light came on and MPH showed up in my mind.

I have never heard of Terence Rattigan or Alfre Woodward and was not familiar with the Disney girl Lilo. Being a golf fan I did know Lorena so that helped fill that corner.

Nice puzzle, but difficult for a Tuesday.

Hope you have a great Tuesday.

creature said...

Good Morning C.C., Argyle and all,

Sorry, about the computer’s acting up, Argyle/C.C.. Thanks so much for being there for us. As far as 34A is concerned, perps gave me that; otherwise, unknown. Ditto 25D.

Did Barry’s spelling thing: ‘er’ instead of ‘or’; plus 48A and D left blank.

Kind of brutal for a Tuesday. Gail and Bruce, this is suppose to be a gentle day-kinda.

The theme was the best part- absolutely out of my reach until the unifier. “Hanks of hair”- definitely fair. Hmmm.
Thanks for this joint effort. Planning some more duos?


Glad you had a good trip, Dennis. Did you all find a new home?

Have a nice day everyone..

creature said...


Alot of good your spelling quiz did me. I think I used to use 'or' and now, I'm 'asea'.I'll dig up that list when I get home. Barry's right; its up and down instead of sideways...

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Hand up for a tough Tuesday. Top half wasn't exactly a speed run, but it progressed, with a bump or two in the road. Began Hindu royal with Rani and that slowed me down until I figured out hijacks was a word and hinacks wasn't.

The bottom half was a difficult grind due to incorrect fills by yours truly. Had sat for 38A & Bali for 60A. When I finally corrected those goofs, things slowly came together.

I too had imposter, but Lorena fixed that. (She is missed on the tour) I'm not comfortable with comfy cozy/homey, but it worked.

Favorite clue was Bygone deliverer/iceman, from the days of my youth.

Oh well, I finished it w/o assistance, but it wasn't easy. Eraser needs a rest. Frankly, for a Tuesday, it was a bear.

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks. Thank you Gail Grabowski for a great puzzle. As well, Argyle, for a great write-up, except you for got to spell out 10A IMHO. What does that stand for.

This puzzle was pretty easy. Did not get the Theme until I had finished and then it popped out.

REND sure has been a favorite, recently.

Haven't had the Inner Hebrides Isle/IONA for a while. That is an old-timer.

To Barry G: Check out the song "Honeycomb" by Jimmie Rodgers. He references a "Hank of Hair."

Had fun in our parade yesterday. It was a little hot, but we rode on a trailer while we played. Had 21 of us in the band.

See you all tomorrow.


Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning all. Another hand up for 'imposter/lerena'. I caught it on my proof read pass, though, when Lerena didn't look right. That's when I realized that I had used the variant spelling 'imposter', when it should have been the preferred IMPOSTOR. It's not often that you can have a wrong letter at a word crossing and only have one of the words wrong.

Other than that, I plowed right through with perps filling any unknowns. I wasn't too sure of ALFRE, though. I don't recall seeing her name in a puzzle before.

I thought this was about right for a Tuesday.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning C.C., Argyle and all.

Did pen and ink, again. Had similar troubles as the previous posters. Did not know the LORENA/LILO cross, nor ALFRE. The theme words helped me get the unifier, TOMFOOLERY. Knew the Inner Hebrides isle was Skye or IONA. So SKYE showed up anyway at 64a as a terrier. A clechco? Lots of X's today with XEROX, MAX, and ST CROIX, etc. See they have 'maple genus', ACER again:-) Top half went real fast, bottom half, not so fast.

Off to NYC for a couple days for a follow-up med. appt. for BH. Hope all will go well.

Enjoy the day.

PJ said...

Not too difficult for a Gail Grabowski puzz. I also misspelled
impostor, and I still want to. It just looks better! LOL

Southern Belle said... I out of touch!! This was difficult for me from top to bottom. Just really have to learn how to read vertically!

Hahtoolah said...

Abejo: IMHO stands for In My Humble Opinion.

In retrospect, there was a lot of crosswordese in this puzzle. I probably just made it harder than it was. Missing 1-Across, however, is never a good start.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Tougher than I thought it would be. I did know TERENCE, but I probably wouldn't have filled AL UNSER (it doesn't look right vertically) without its perps. Thanks to GAH's frequent commentary, LORENA was right there.

Sometimes it pays to be old enough to remember the ICEMAN. DUMA came back to me from the pages of "Nicholas and Alexandra".

The SW was really rough, but I rumbled through. I wanted something like EUPHOR at 39D and I've never heard of TIN WORK. It didn't help that I didn't know what "the element Sn" is. Luckily, I got RIOT, BORA and INKS, so I was able to edge in backwards.

The theme was fun and, once a couple of TOMs were in place, it came pretty easily.

Abejo, yep, I thought of Honeycomb too.

kazie said...

Names names names!

I waited for perps on STARR and WAGged and perped most of the rest, but guessed SERENA for LORENA due to misspelling IMPOSTER. My other error was LAZE for LOLL, since I neglected to even look at the perps there as I worked through those acrosses. LILO would have been lost on me anyway.

Barry G,
I think we maybe both suffer from not being able to "see" vertical words as easily as we would to check spelling horizontally. That's my excuse too.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Glad to have zipped right through this one, with nary a speed bump, after having been humbled by so many recent efforts. The major unknowns, such as LORENA, got perped soon enough. HANKS OF HAIR is less familiar to me than hanks of rope might be, but no biggie. ALFRE is all new.

Cheers all!

Tinbeni said...

IMHO this was a wonderful Tuesday offering.

Thank you Gail & Bruce.

Really liked the TOM-FOOLERY themes.

Knew how to spell LORENA Ochoa.
The former #1 LPGA golfer.

Never heard of ALFRE or TERENCE. Learning moments I'll probably forget by lunch time.

carol said...

Hi gang,

This was not a Tuesday level IMHO. I had to look up a lot of names. (I'm with you Kazie: names, names) I didn't know LORENA, ALFRE, TERENCE, LILO, MAX ERNST.

I have always had trouble reading vertically so I just write the letters out, as far as I have them. That helps me 'see' a word.

CA: I agree, it's helpful to be old enough to remember the ICE MAN, and some of the other hints to long ago.

I used to be quite good at both TELEX and TWX machines. The telex uses a paper tape, TWX does not. Used both everyday (back in the day).

Spitzboov: hope all goes well for you, who/what is BH????

Anonymous said...

BH = Better Half

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

Well, I spelled IMPOSTOR right, but it didn't help me with this Tuesday's offering. Almost 10mins, but then again, I like it when I have to think.

I had SUPPLE for PLIANT, then FULL NELSONS for head locks (did not get to the unifier yet), so I messed myself up in the SW.

I don't know who TOM MIX is, so I was still not 100% about my solution.

Always a rough morning when UPS skips a day - but I got 2mins of OT this morning, woo-hoo ~!


Spitzboov said...

Carol: What Anon said. Also happen to be her initials. Thanks for your good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

Geeze, it must be awful to lose your computer mid write up. Argyle, my empathies.

Ditto to everything Barry G. said about this puzzle. Exact same mistakes and errors.

Spitz: Hope all goes well in NY and that it goes well enough that
you can enjoy the city. I love it.


eddyB said...

Hello all.

Thought it was a fairly easy Tues
puzzle. We have had TRS before. Same clue even. Gimmie.

Pretty much have covered Al Unser.
See my May 29th post.

Trip to the pharm on the agenda.

Take care.

thehondohurricane said...

Hello again,

The worrisome part of my upcoming knee replacement has met with successful results. Passed the stress test. With my diet (all bad) I had cause to fret.

Celebrated by going to Dunkin Donuts for a medium black & two DELICIOUS donuts!

The surgery and rehab will be a piece of cake. To quote Crocodile Dundee, "no worry's mate."

Has been a while since I've felt this at ease. It's all good today.

Enjoy the day,

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Houseguests are out on a sightseeing drive to Reno (yes, really) so there's been some time to go back and catch up on your comments. Didn't do the puzzles, but judging from your comments I know I would not have been able to finish last Thursday's. Loved that prime number theme and of course it made me think of you, fermatprime. May I call you Fermi? Fermat? Fermatorum? LOL

So Paula Deen doesn't like tofu, eh? Oh well, I have no desire to eat her tofu anyway.

As for today's puzzle, I liked it, but, like Barry G, put in IMPOSTER and had no idea that Ms. Ochoa's name is not LERENA.

Abejo, thank you. That "hank of hair" lyric began infesting my brain but I couldn't remember what song it was or who sang it.

More later (or sooner).

Lucina said...

Hello, Argyle, C.C. and all.

Argyle, I feel your pain as I recently experienced computer failure. This new Dell is good, though.

I guess no one watched Memphis Beat where ALFRE is the lovely police Lt. I even watch the DVR recordings.

Sashayed through the entire East very quickly then worked my way up. We've seen MAX and ERNST separately at various times. Good to see them together.

Hand up for initially misspelling IMPOSTER but knew LORENA and LILO so cleared that. Granddaughter loved that movie.

Good theme with those Toms though I have to plead ignorance to HANKS OF HAIR. And I, too, recall ICEMAN and TELEX though never used it myself. But those ticker tape parades were wonderful.

I hope your Tuesday is fantastic, everyone!

Jayce said...

I did know ALFRE Woodard, as I have long admired her as an actress, and what with watching movies with the grandchildren I aslo knew LILO and Stitch. (Didn't like the movie all that much, I admit.) Didn't know AKITAS or TERENCE, and had a little trouble with the spelling of LYS and the aforementioned IMPOSTOR. I also have trouble with adapter/adaptor. Ah well, toMAYto/toMAHto, fairMAH/furMAT. lol

TRS was definitely not a gimme.
In fact, I got it only from the perps. Got DUMA totally from the perps, too, and didn't even realize it until coming here and discovering there was a clue I hadn't even read.

Barry G, you are da standard!

Hondo, that is very good news.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Argyle, I feel your pain - when there is any kind of computer glitch, it really does a number on the B.P., no? And C.C. as always, is there to bail us out, LOL!

I was surprised to realize that I never even looked at the theme until I came to the Corner.

Like Snbeni, I knew LORENA Ochoa, but dang! "ImpostOr" just looked wrong to me!! (Still does...)

We had a lovely Southern-style BBQ last night - the weather improved in time for a beautiful evening outdoors. DH is such a great cook when it comes to smokers and I get to sit back, drink my glass of wine, and enjoy our company!

Have a great day, everyone (what's left of it)

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, With the lookups of Lorena, and Alfe, the bottom half finally came together.

But the top half with Terence and putting in Off instead of Ons for switch settings, gave my eraser a workout today. Hands up for Nabs instead of sews. That really didn't help at all.

TSR was not a gimme, but the perps handled that.

Argyle, so sorry to hear about your computer glitch. Thanks C.C. for stepping in and finishing the comments today.

We have another overcast, cold day. We are wondering where our spring has sprung.

dodo said...

Hi, C.C., Argyle, and grooup,

I don't know why but I thought this was a little more challenging than our usual Tuesday xword. I was hung up on several things: Lorena, tinware, Bora(I put Pago first). I should have remembered Al Unser but I guess I have a mental block regarding car races. Terence I knew, for some reason but had to get St.Croix from Perps.
In fact perps bailed me out several times. Good puzzle. I really liked it.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al,

IMHO,Rich, this was a more difficult Tues., but a good one anyway. I usually don't have to G anything until Thurs., but Terence & Al Unser would have taken too long.
Knew Alfre, but not the spelling.I remember her in The Water is Wide, a Hallmark Hall of Fame adaption of Pat Conroy's novel.

The only Lorena I know is Ms Bobbit; who could forget??

Enjoy your short week.Now back to "Honeycomb". Thanks CA.

dodo said...

Oh, I had 'imposter,' too; I don't think I've ever seen it with -er, but I found it in the dict. I was sure Lerena couldn't be right, although people do strange things to make their names look different

Bill G. said...

Fun but difficult puzzle for me. Argyle, I hope your computer woes are easily resolved. Thanks for the writeup, C.C.

It seems like many of you didn't notice the correct spelling of IMPOSTOR in my tricky spelling list a couple of days ago. Is that because I posted it late in the day? Or,...? I thought it was an interesting coincidence that it showed up today.

Lucina, Alfre Woodard was on Desperate Housewives for a while. I did notice her on Memphis Beat. That's an odd show. I like its plot and style and music. But the dialogue seems weak, especially from the lead actor. I like his personality OK but his delivery of his lines doesn't seem genuine to me. Instead, it feels stiff and stilted. What do you think?

Lucina said...

Bill G:
You're right and I suspect he may not be a trained actor but I find the plots and the other characters engaging enough to watch it. For a crime show it's relatively unbloody and there is good interaction among the various characters to make it worthwhile. IMHO

mpk said...

If you Google "a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair," it will take you to a discussion of a Kipling poem entitled "The Vampire." I thought I remembered the line since forever. And I guess I did!

dodo said...

That should have read 'never seen it with -or!
Just read all you comments and don't feel too bad now about thinking this was hard. I thought it was just me! Glad I have some companions in the same boat! There were even a few that I knew that had bothered some of you and vice versa! Never heard of TRS but I don't play D&D.

dodo said...

Good movie: "Passion Fish" with Mary McDonnell and Alfre Woodard. Both fine actresses.

windhover said...

Hello mpk,
Are you the addressee in "Dear Miss Kelly"?

Avg Joe said...

I had most of the same foibles already discussed. Didn't commit to an O or an E in Impostor, but waited for the perps and did OK. The biggest trip point was confidently filling in RPM instead of MPH for the dashboard reading. That caused HANK.... to look pretty strange starting with an M and all, especially after I'd figured out the theme clue. But all ended well.

But the biggest motivation for posting today is to give you all a sincere thank you for the daily earworm. I heard it as soon as I solved for Hank, but it didn't completely embed itself until I read the multiple comments about Honeycomb. Thanks a lot!!!:-(

Grumpy 1 said...

Merriam-Webster and Oxford English dictionaries both list 'impostOr' and then say it may also be spelled 'impostEr'. So either one is correct. OpenOffice spellcheck doesn't flag either spelling, but, if I spell it with an 'I', it flags it and asks me to choose between 'or' and 'er'. Based on everything I can find, IMPOSTOR is the "preferred" spelling and IMPOSTeR is an acceptable alternate. I doubt that Miss Ochoa would find LErena to be an acceptable alternate spelling of her name, though...

Hahtoolah said...

The ICEMAN was before my time, but The Iceman Cometh is a play by Eugene O'Neill. I had to read that in college.

lois said...

Good evening CC, Argyle, et al., Thank you both, CC and Argyle, for your combined efforts. Great job and loved the links. Argyle I hope you're back online soon. Man, I hate it when that happens. I'm sorry for you.

Barry G said it all, followed by almost all of you. It was a difficult puzzle today and impostEr looks a lot better than impostOr. I'm usually a good speller and believe spelling has a very visual aspect to it. Being vertically challenged in many ways I never thought reading was one of them. But still that OR doesn't even look right even if it were horizontal. Thank you Grumpy for clearing that up.

Avg Joe: I have come to realize that who I thought was your doppelganger is more a product of that aspect of the horse rather than a duplicate of it. Somebody turned off the A/C for the long wkend and turned them on 30 mins before the kids arrived. Today on the 4th day of 90 degree heat (or darn near) the upstairs classrooms were 93 degrees. One kid passed out, others got sick. School was finally cancelled by 11 AM. Ya gotta wonder about it all.

Thanks Abejo and CA for Honeycomb. I'm w/JD...will keep that one playing for a good while now.

Welcome back Dennis. You were missed. Any success down there?

Enjoy your night.

Clear Ayes said...

ALFRE Woodard was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress for her role in 1984's charming "Cross Creek".

I've seen "Memphis Beat" a couple of times, but the star, former professional skateboarder Jason Lee, isn't a favorite....although I did like him as the karma-strickened Earl in "My Name Is Earl".

The ICEMAN cameth until I was about six years old, when we exchanged the icebox for a refrigerator. Fridges were around before then, but I guess my Depression era parents just didn't see the point in tossing money around so recklessly. I was sorry when the iceman wenteth because he used to give us chips of ice to suck on in the hot summer months.

I guess I was a year later thab many, but I finished the "Guerney Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". I liked it and learned a lot. I've just started "Cleopatra, A Life", a biography of guess-who. Has anyone else read it?

mpk said...

Windover - I am indeed. How on earth did you figure that out? Don't think I've ever been so thrilled in my life as when Amanda started that blog. She is an amazing woman. I've known her since she was seven.

Clear Ayes said...

mpk, I meant to say "Hello" earlier. The more the merrier!

Spitzboov, I hope all will be well with your BH and I was happy to hear all is well with JD's Bob.

hondohurricane, after the surgery it can only get better. Best wishes.

fermatprime said...

Hi Folks!

Fun puzzle. Only one glitch. (Guess where!)

Nice write-up, Argyle and C. C., as usual.

FERM will do just fine. (Yes, pronunciation is fairmah. French. (Fermi won't work. Quit physics after my bachelor's.)

Anyone who does not remember Tom Mix is just too young!

Yes, ALFRE was great on "Despicable Housewives!"

Saw a movie on STARZ last eve. Replete with ridiculous plot and plenty of holes. But it was lotsa FUN! Called SALT with A. Jolie. Anyone see it?

Have a great evening!

carol said...

Avg Joe, I feel your pain with the ear-worm thingy, I still have Goodnight Irene wafting through my head.

Hondo, all the best for your knee replacement! My cousin will be going 'under the knife' for her surgery next week...she has had one replaced about 7 years ago so this is for the other one. Ouch!

CA, I'm with you on remembering the wonderful ice chips the ice man would give us kids....if it weren't for a few hold outs in our neighborhood, I never would have known that. My folks were depression era kids...but my dad had a good job in 1940, and could afford a refrigerator. He stayed at that job for 35 years - unheard of today.

Seldom Seen said...

I have always enjoyed David Bowie's music.

Here's a video of 62a performed 35 years after it was released.

Apparently John Lennon got partial credit for writing this song by lamenting about his popularity to David Bowie.

Seldom Seen said...

35 years?? I think its 27.

Husker Gary said...

Hi from the home of the Mouse – Orlando. I couldn’t sleep so I did the puzzle at 5 am but had to get ready and so did not blog ‘til now. My wife and daughter wanted a later departure and so we had to fly through Denver and then to Orlando. Yikes - too long!

I remain the biggest Disney fan there is even after more than 30 trips here! Nobody does it better, not even Carly Simon.

-He took a HANK of hair and a piece of bone to make a walkin’, talkin’ honeycomb – Jimmy Rogers.
-What was Abe Lincoln’s mother’s name?
-Right, Nancy HANKS
-I hope the Tunis uprising will help start getting the Arab world some of the freedom and modernity they deserve.
-Sinatra and Elvis made ‘em swoon!
-Good clue for our resident Sn Man!
-I just remember Tom Mix’s cowboy hat!
-Animal Kingdom and Epcot tomorrow! Smoke is in the air here because of wild fires on space coast and Canaveral is lousy with jellyfish! Rapture coming?

Husker Gary said...

p.s. Puzzle was fun and fair and not typical Tuesday fare but no prob Bob.

Good Night from Orlando!

Lemonade714 said...

Hey all,

I'M baaaaaaaaaaaack (lots of coming and going in Florida among our crowd), MPK welcome. HG enjoy the area, and go have a beer at Orlando Brewing the only organic brewery in Florida on Atlanta Ave. ask for Devin. He is my brewing, baby boy. I like the Olde Pelican. About 30 minutes north of Dizzy World.

H., LENNON has three Ns.
Last week, IMPOSTOR was one of Jeannie's words and you all wrote IMPOSTER.

Fleur de Lys? really? Kazie?

Damn the blog glitches

windhover said...

mpk - First, give me back my 'h'.
The answer to your question is 'curiosity'.
I read quite a lot of her blog and deduced that you might be a mentor or role model, which is an honor I'm sure (if it's true), because my sense after reading her is that, as you say, she is an amazing woman. She writes with a thoughtfulness and clarity that is rare and a joy to find.
Thanks for the link.

JD said...

Ferm, there were OTHER movies on TV yesterday besides Midway.??? Ha,ha..that is all I saw at our house, over and over...Yes, SALT was a fun movie.

Welcome mpk.Sounds like you have a good memory.

Unknown said...

Welcome to all!
I am late tonight, because we brought a little 5 year-old package back from the beautiful NC mountains yesterday. Right now he is in his Batman pjs "muggling" with Papa". They were watching a Batman cartoon while I finshed the puzzle.
Ditto to most all the comments, especially the "o" vs"e"in impostor.
Thanks to CC and Argyle! PC glitches are a bugger!
"night all.

Dudley said...

Clear Ayes from 4:48 - I actually did LOL at your iceman camething and wentething thing!

Icemans are before my time, but I am well acquainted with the local history of ice cutting and storage. The nearby Alder Pond has been in the same family since roughly 1700, and there are fascinating photos of teams of "hosses" and Model T trucks side by side, waiting for ice blocks, within the family archives. Large scale ice harvesting is probably still an energy efficient means of cooling.

Remember that line from the song "Poor Judd is Dead" in "Oklahoma" : "He looks like he's asleep, it's a shame that he won't keep, but it's summer and we're running out of ice!" ? Well, it just amazes me that an ice shed full of ice in February can still have some product in it in August. But it could!

Paul F said...

In today's puzzle,1 Jun 2011, your 23 across explanation of Peptol-Bismol target used the word 'themage.' I checked three on-line dictionaries and all three said "No definition for the selected word."

Can you define??