Jun 11, 2011

Saturday, June 11th, 2011 Doug Peterson & Barry Silk

Five Spanner Saturday

An intimidating, but do-able Saturday grid from one of my "regulars" in a duo with another constructor whom I've seen before - Doug's "Run" puzzle from May 10th with Angela Olson Halsted.  Today we have three spanners, and two climbers;

34A. Copyright, e.g. : INTANGIBLE ASSET

38A. "Right on!" : NOW YOU'RE TALKING

39A. It can help you carry a tune : TRANSISTOR RADIO

5D. Song sung by Pinocchio : I'VE GOT NO STRINGS

10D. Lab synthesis substance : CHEMICAL REAGENT

Very blank grid to start, wondered if I had any chance at all ~!

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 36

ACROSS:  ( I actually started with the DOWNS )

1. Chia Pet, perhaps : GAG GIFT - CH- CH- CH- CHia ~! - never had one, but I think it's a cool gift, tho

8. "That's too close!" : BACK OFF

15. Stop flowing, in a way : ICE OVER - good misdirection; I was thinking clot

16. Daughter of Polonius : OPHELIA - From Shakespeare's Hamlet - not that I know any line from her

17. Drawing room? : GALLERY - First thought was Drafting Studio, but, uh, it wouldn't fit

18. Foil : PREVENT

19. Security item : I.D. TAG

20. Fancy wraps : MINKS

21. Handles abroad : NOMS - names, in French; handles, as in CB radio 'nicknames'

24. Key : MAIN

26. Non-coml. interruption : PSA - Public Service Announcement; I still zip through on the DVR

29. Body image, briefly : TAT - D'oh~! I had MRI, CAT, PET...TATtoo, body art

30. __ lamp : ARC - Thought I was sharp with OIL here

31. American leader? : ALL - ALL-American, like Bob Hope used to 'host' when I was a kid

40. Anthem elision : O'ER - "over the ramparts we watched" does sound a bit strained

41. "__ Calling": 2003-'05 supernatural drama : TRU - don't remember this show; two seasons on Fox

42. Will's "Glee" adversary : SUE - I do not watch this show

43. Bill holder: Abbr. : ENV - ENVelop(e), depending on where you are, I guess

44. Word in some school names : PREP - I figured this was going to be some Latin, like "Omni"

45. Quaint interjection : EGAD

47. "Romeo Must Die" star : JET LI

50. Power systems : GRIDS

54. Shake up : UNHINGE - Love this line from "Addams Family"

57. Curse : SWEAR AT

59. Deceiving : LYING TO

60. Conservative commentator who wrote "Let Freedom Ring" : HANNITY - I so do not buy into any of these "all news, all day" programs; truly, just talking heads.  Sean Hannity, another Fox TV show

61. Jerks, as a bell rope : YANKS ON - hey now, down in front....

62. Wind in a combo : ALTO-SAX - Isn't this Bill's instrument? (the other one...)


1. 1958 film with the song "The Parisians" : GIGI

2. Sch. : ACAD - ACADemy

3. Yiddish dough : GELT - got this from the clue last week - one of the few answers I had to start

4. __ Heights: disputed Mideast territory : GOLAN - took a moment for me to remember; had GAZA on the brain, and that's the strip, not the geography

6. Tableau Périodique #26 : FER - FER-ench for IRON, on the Periodic Table - actually, I like this better than "not agin"

7. Effort : TRY

8. Dizzy music? : BOP - Be-bop, from Dizzy Gillespie, and probably a shout-out to our own Jazzbumpa ~!

9. Loan letters : APR - you can tell my state of mind - I had IOU to start....

11. Bacon from Philadelphia : KEVIN - first answer I got, then wondered if it was Roger

12. Author Robert __ Butler : OLEN - Prize winner

13. Rat : FINK

14. Nuts are rich in them : FATS - this is where i got my first toe-hold, and finished the NE corner, inspired me to carry on

22. 1996 Cruise title role : MAGUIRE - Also from '96 was Ethan Hunt, Mission Impossible, but it didn't fit; SAMURAI did, but that was from "The Last Samurai", 2003

23. Provokes : STIRS UP

24. Brewery sugar : MALTOSE - so it actually helped that I brewed my own beer in college - and man, that stuff was strong ~!

25. Decorator's suggestion : AREA RUG - was on the wavelength, tried ART _ _ to start

26. Mottled horse : PINTO - since ARAB and ROAN wouldn't stretch - maybe an AROAN?

27. "Boring" : SNORE - "Snore ~!" - I had ENNUI to start

28. Not just squabbling : AT WAR

31. Out of the way : ASIDE

32. Red head : LENIN - I had HENNA here, but knew it was a lead-in to "red", as in communist Russia, and ask me about my "Vladimir" story....

33. Statehouse official: Abbr. : LT. GOV - Lieutenant Governor, like here in NY -David Paterson rose to the first seat after Elliot Spitzer wound up in the hot seat....

35. First name in objectivism : AYN - AYN Rand, of the "Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" books - nailed it.

36. It's made by one who doesn't go out : BET - not sure I get this

37. Jamaican genre : SKA - since REGGAE didn't fit

44. Xylophone sound : PLINK - when the answer's blank, a Xylophone can make a whole lot of sounds

46. Liquid lye brand : DRANO

47. Pioneer Day month, in Utah : JULY - only two choices, right?  June, and July - I guessed wrong

48. "Watermark" musician : ENYA - got it

49. Watery : THIN

51. Romance novelist Johansen : IRIS

52. Excel fodder : DATA - Excel, the Microsoft application software for compiling information into a spreadsheet

53. Netherworld flower : STYX - well, I seriously doubt there are fl-OW-ers in Hell.... Flow-ers = Things that flow.

55. Song from the same era as "Little Deuce Coupe" : GTO - the Beach Boys with "Little Deuce Coupe", and this number, from the days of my youth

56. Quite a stretch : EON - well, it's not "ages", right?

57. Oldie syllable : SHA - as in SHA-NA-NA

58. Retail store opening? : WAL - Wal-mart, the super chain - I don't shop there - I won't go near the place....

Thanks, and we'll see you next week - Same Spy Time, same Spy Channel



fermatprime said...

Hi all,

Fun puzzle, Barry and Doug! Great write-up, Splynter.

Boy, weren't those long horizontal answers awful? I was doing pretty well but decided I wanted to get to sleep in a finite amount of time. Turned on red letters eventually; 25 minutes.

Favorite answers: GAG GIFTS, TRANSISTOR RADIO (shouldn't that be iPod?).

Jackie Evancho is on all weekend on PBS. Perhaps your stations are having those smarmy pledge breaks too? Remembered that Charlotte Church wore out her voice early on. Hope informed people look out for Jackie!

Splynter-- a person who stays in the game bets! (This from me?)

I had something (not horribly meaningful) from late last night. Will think harder and get back later.

ATT problems absorbed about 10 hours yesterday. (Wasn't able to even get to the billing dept. to complain about extra charges bringing my bills to roughly $300 the (each of) last few months. (Like, I should pay a bundle because the rodents ate the cable on the roof, for example?)


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

It took awhile, and it certainly looked hopeless there for a bit, but I finally got the job done with no red-letter help or trips to Mr. Google.

There were problems throughout, but the worst was in the NW corner (which I always hate, since that's where I start the puzzle and it sets the tone for the whole experience if I can't even get started).

I did not know the quote from Pinocchio. GAG GIFT was (quite literally) the last thing I thought of when it comes to Chia Pets. I tried UNIV and COLL before finally getting ACAD. I also tried LOLA and GIGI before getting MIMI. FER was a complete mystery due to my lack of French knowledge (even had I figured out we were looking for elements, I wouldn't have guessed it). And I wanted ALARM instead of IDTAG.

Also in that corner, the clue for GALLERY was too clever for me and I had trouble thinking of TRY as a noun instead of a verb. And, of course, ICE OVER did not exactly spring immediately to mind.

I did get GOLAN, which helped a little bit, and also guessed GELT. It wasn't until the very end, though, when I had ____O_NOSTRINGS for 5D, that I finally made a correct WAG on that quote and that let me finish that corner...

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Great write-up, Splynter. At 44D PLINK –I had to LOL at your comment, because I was looking at a blank answer too, and playing a xylophone in my head. BTW, the sounds my xylophone can make are bling, plonk, brrrb, tling, zzird – and oh yeah, PLINK

Like Barry G., the NW was last to fall and most problematic for me:
1A “bad” GIFT instead of GAG
17A “atelier” instead of GALLERY
6D FER – I agree with you, that clue is so much more elegant (and Saturday-like) than “Not agin”! But first I had to remember my periodic table (yeah, like that’s going to happen…), then I had to remember the French word for iron (yeah, like I really remembered that “chemin de fer” means “iron road” in French). But I decided FER looked fine when it did emerge through perps.

Overall, a fun solve. Have a great day, and try not to waste too much of it doing silly things like mow the lawn!

creature said...

Good Morning C.C. ,Splynter and all,

It’s almost 4:30 Sat. morning and I have just finished a fantastic puzzle by two of the biggest, baddest guys in the game. I made it through , but as I look this over, I’m in awe of the fill and the grid difficulty. A stack of three - side to side; crossed by two - top to bottom. Four stacks of three across - seven letters; two sets of back to back - downs- seven letters, etc. Just a couple of crosses, 4-3 spacers and 4 singles; and on, and on. Obviously, I don’t know the terminology, but I do know a super puzzle when I see one. Wow!

Fav is Red head/Lenin crossing American leader?/All.

There’s lots to be said and I’ll share the wealth.

Thanks, Doug and Barry. An outstanding duo, and two of my favorites.

Splynter, I’m on my way back to bed; will check with you before I post. Thanks. Have to be out of here early.

Have a nice day everyone.

Husker Gary said...

Splynter, EGAD, it was intimidating and very doable –along with entertaining and impressive to me!

-Pinocchio’s song gave me an instant long fill and encouragement. Middle fell last for me.
-My kids say “tin foil” when they mean “aluminum foil”
-Great cluing for GALLERY, NOMS, FER, LENIN
-Goshen College in Indiana will no longer play national anthem because of lines about war such as “o’er the ramparts”
-My bill holder is a 15 year old wallet and my Joann has gone through at least 12 purses in that time.
-Does anyone else remember this Gene Vincent song with Bop.
-I listened to Walter Cronkite chronicle JFK’s death on my teacher’s tiny transistor radio in my US History class as a senior in high school just after lunch
-Had IOU, ART _ _ _ _ and wanted ROGER too!
-Tonto rode a PINTO and my sister drove one. Friend drove a boss, yellow GTO
-Marti, a haircut for the lawn is on my agenda. It’s growing a 100 mph!

Avg Joe said...

This was a very difficult puzzle for me, but I did get it done. I do em all dead tree version with a #2 pencil, so no red letter help for me. Barry Silk always constructs a challenge and Doug is getting better and better.

Splynter, Bill's playing a tenor in that clip. I don't recall if he also plays an alto.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - First pass through was bleak, looked like a few timid lichens on a bare tundra. Suddenly there was a warming trend, the northern glaciers receded, and the whole continent got populated in twenty minutes. Woohoo!

Tinbeni said...

Splynter, Thanks for explaining my many blanks/wrong write-overs and Ink Blots (damn, it's another Bat!).

DNF ... No traction East of the Continental Divide.

This hits me kinda funny, based on Barry G. & Hahtool's comments.
That NW corner fell easily, along with the SW.

Had that IOU before APR.
SUN (lamp) that never got fixed.
Missed all three Author names.
Way to many other "not on the constructor's wave-length" to mention.

Fermatprime; I was flipping through the channels last night and came across Jackie Evancho on PBS.
WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!!

Cheers to all at Sunset.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning,Splynter and Saturday solvers. WOW! What a masterpiece. Saturday Silkies are usually pretty challenging, but throw Doug P into the fray and I wasn't sure I was going to finish unaided. I kept picking away and finally got it done.

GIGI was a given, I visited the GOLAN Heights last fall, and I've given Chia Pets as a GAG GIFT. That was the easy corner in spite of the clever clues for ICE OVER and GALLERY.

I was on the right wavelength and wagged LT GOV and LENIN. INTANGIBLE ASSET was the first of the spanners to emerge and the other two in the stack fell after that. The climbers took a lot longer to emerge though.

HANNITY was obvious. I have the book. ALTO SAX was LW's band instrument. Getting those made the answer to the hellish flower pretty obvious.

My decorator suggested keeping the AREA RUG and throw out everything else.

I really like the collaborative efforts of the constructors. I wonder if we'll get the 'back story' about how this one came about.

Dudley said...

The grid layout was most impressive!

Tom Weaver said...

Regarding "It's made by one who doesn't go out : BET - not sure I get this" -- I didn't get it either. I guess it comes from card games like poker. For as long as you don't declare yourself out, you can continue to play and to bet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course that's what it meant.

Lemonade714 said...

If you do not like the challenge of this puzzle, you should just not do the Saturday themeless, as I thought this was great. After a quick look, I started in the SE and worked my way backwards, finishing in the NW like everyone else. Every few minutes I thought I should quit or look something up, but then a word filled and then another...Tnaks Barry and Doug, well done.

The envelope is what holds all the bills which I receive in the mail.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW, JENGA is the game they play on Big Bang Theory where you build with little wooden pieces and then start pulling from the bottom to make taller. See PICTURE .

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the commentary, Splynter.

First C.C. and Don hard G, now Barry and Doug double teaming us. Thanks for a fun challenge.

I agree with others. It certainly looked hopeless for awhile. I started slowly. First the SE then the NW. Then nibbled around the edges; PINTO and LT GOV. First grid spanner was TRANSISTOR RADIO. Cool how GRIDS was in the cw. Liked the clueing for FER, EON, and LENIN.(red head). GELT was a gimme; 'geld' in German, pronounced the same. Finally tackled the NE with BACK OFF, and the solve came home. Needed red letter help with JET LI. Heavy reliance on the perps.

Hope you are all having a great day.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I started this one last night and was highly encouraged when I had most of the upper level done by the time I went to bed. Easy fills GIGI, GELT, GOLAN and TRY made 1A/GAG GIFT ease into place.

My first thought at 5D was I"VE GOT NO STRINGS. Pinocchio, another terrifying Disney movie for little kids, but the songs were great.

OPHELIA was a gimmee. We had to read Hamlet in high school.

I enjoyed seeing 11D/KEVIN Bacon. A popular trivia game in the 1990's was Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. You have to be a movie fan to do well.

I finished up this morning after the second cup of coffee.

INTANGIBLE ASSET and CHEMICAL REAGENT were the worst! It took a lot of perping to get those filled in correctly.

Come on, let's go with the real thing from Ronnie and the Daytonas Little GTO...Waaa waaa...everybody dance!

windhover said...

Thanks CA. Turn it on, wind it up, blow it out....

Avg Joe said...

OK gearheads, here's a question you may not know the answer to. What did the 442 stand for in the name of the Olds Cutlass muscle car from that era?

Dennis said...

Avg Joe, a gimme for me, but let's see if anyone else gets it.

Lemonade714 said...

my ex- bil had a 442 for years, fun car. he now wishes he had not sold it; maybe we can leave the answer for one of our ladies who rode around in them.

windhover said...

You're in trouble now, J. Chances are just as good these hot chicks owned one as well as riding in one.

Dennis said...

Back in '65, a good friend of mine had a '65 GTO tri-power. There was a guy from a neighboring town that had a '65 4-4-2. The GTO would blow him away on straight roads, but as soon as there were any curves involved, the 4-4-2 would take him due to the outstanding sway bar/suspension that car had.
Ah, so many fond memories of the muscle-car days.

Jayce said...

Such a magnificent construction!

Jayce said...

Gran Tourismo something-or-other?

JD said...

Good morning all,
What an interesting looking grid this morning.Those 5 long ones were quite intimidating, although I did get I've Got no Strings. Worked hard to fill the top 1/2, and made the same errors as everyone else.

DNF from Jet Li on down.Too bad, "swear at" would have been an appropriate fill for me at that point.Did fill in Iris , but am confused -romance? Doesn't she (Eve) have a cadaver dog who helps her solve crimes?

Doug and Barry are amazing. Loved clues for gallery, tat and Lenin.
Styx? Throw me a can!!

4 on the floor?

Dennis said...

Omologato. Means roughly 'conforming to specs', as I recall.

JD said...

2- 2 exhaust pipes? Shoot..I had a '65 blue Mustang convertible with no numbers attached!!

Dennis said...

JD, yes.

Spitzboov said...

Some ruminations on 15a 'stop flowing', ICE OVER.

If a river ices over, there is continuing flow below the ice. Same with oceans and seas with currents. Lakes and ponds have low to imperceptible flows. Icing over doesn't change that either. The only flow that actually stops is the specific volume rate that is tied up in the ice formation. So I guess the clue is technically valid, even though it feels like a non sequitur. JAHO from someone who has worked professionally in this AREA.

windhover said...

What Dennis said, but as much as I loved my '66 GTO convertible, it was just a big engine stuffed into what was basically a family sedan, and it had the handling characteristics of a pair of vise-grips. My Honda Accord, with better tires, brakes, and suspension design than was only dreamed of by big three engineers in 1966, would blow it off the road in curves. But if you liked having your internal organs smashed against each other for 1/4 mile at a time, it was a great car. And didn't we all?

eddyB said...


At least it wasn't a brawl like 3&

Jackie's CD available at Target
next Tuesday.

Love the Rhymes with Orange comic
in the Sunday funnies.

Second race tonight will be interesting. Grid determined by blind draw.

Have to start on the back 40 this

Take care.

Al said...

Hi all, Al here. Normally I wouldn't promote something like this, but this simply makes me outraged... This movie is only available through the 13th on Vimeo. Do yourselves a favor and watch it completely before it is taken down...

MR ED said...

I always said "there are more horses asses than there are horses".

Doug P said...

Thanks for the nice write-up (Splynter) & the fun comments. Barry and I have teamed up on a quite a few puzzles, and it's always a great experience. I don't think we have any left in Rich Norris's in-box, so we'll have to work on a new one soon.

windhover said...

I think the good Father is talking about you, Joe.

Avg Joe said...

Moi?? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Lemonade714 said...

Doug P., when the corner was just beginning, and we all were straggling in, you and Barry Silk taught us about the class and creativity of contstruction and constructors. The way you and Don Gagliardo, Nancy Salomon and other consummate professionals take the time to work with new people, while still putting out your own creations, is most impressive. The pleasure we all get from comments here from you, Don, and Jerome and Donna Levin, and other infrequest visitors like Fred and Joon and countless others goes a long way to make us the audience feel special. May you never tire of the 15 x 15 world.

Jayce said...

I just finished watching the video that Al linked to. It is 2 hours long, but in my opinion well worth watching. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

JD said...

Al, thanks for that link. Long but worth watching.

kazie said...

Just stopped in to say that yesterday was a DNF for me--sorry Marti, I just had a busy day and no time to give it my attention. Maybe also because I am finally medicated for my back and it's keeping me sleepy and brain defunct.

For the latter reason today's was a DNA--Did Not Attempt. I looked at a few clues, but wasn't getting anywhere and even screwed up the sudokus from both days, so that's a good reason to quit and go back to my bread on its second rising.

Enjoy the weekend all of you!

Abejo said...

Good Afternoon, folks. Thank you Doug and Barry for a great Saturday puzzle. Thank you Splynter for a great write-up, as well.

I had a tough time getting this started. I jumped around and finally got a foot hold in the SE. EGAD, GRIDS, DRANO, DATA, STUYX, SHA, and WAL, came easily. Got the SW next. The NW after that, and last corner was the NE. The center was still wide open. I was able to get the two long vertical answers first. Next the INTANGIBLEASSET fell and then TRANSISTORRADIO. The rest came together word by word.

Perps helped a lot. Did not know ENYA, OLEN, HANNITY, or JETLI.

Worked on this off and on over the day. Each time I looked at it, some more words came to light.

Thank you all. See you tomorrow.


Avg Joe said...

It's Saturday folks. And you know what that means. That's right! It's time for a Bob Dylan cover.

This one is from a guy I was turned onto only a couple of years ago, but that's been around for decades. Considered folk, but he could fit into many genres. Chris Smither.

The extraordinary studio version of this song features Bonnie Raitt, (who could also have her way with me). But that one's not available on YouTube. Regardless, the imagery in this song is unmatched and Chris does a fantastic job in a live version of Desolation Row. Enjoy.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone,
I worked on the puzzle, but did not finish. The empty squares in the middle I just couldn't fill in.

I tried not to swear, but "gosh darn" came out a few times! Even with a difficult puzzle like today's there is always something to learn. I need to go on line and use red-letter help for the puzzles that are too hard for me.

I just wanted to check in and thank Al for the documentary link.
It is long, but worth watching.

Frenchie said...

Hi C.C., Splynter and folk,

I was on a quite different wave length than our constructors. I recall from the past that Doug and Barry collaborate quite smartly and this one did not disappoint!

Thank God for the Corner!
My understanding clicked once I started reading your write up, Splynter! Thanks for your clarity.

I learned too many items to relate. All the items have been well discussed by this time of day.

Thanks for popping in, Doug! Thanks for the warning about the two of you working together again! Ha! Ha!

Loved everything and...

I'm out.

Bill G. said...

Al - I'm about 45 minutes into the video. Very provocative. In these days of medical exposés on 60 Minutes, conspiracy theories, Q ray and hologram bracelets, it's hard to know what to believe. I hope all the truth will come out, and if possible, lots of sick people will be helped.

I just watched the Belmont Stakes. I'm not really into horse racing but those are sure some beautiful animals.

creature said...


I'm so sorry to hear about the severity of your back pain. I'm gathering that you have been to a doctor;hence,the pain meds. Hope it subsides.

Is this the problem that came from washing the car's rear window? A wierd twist or something?

Take care.

Avg Joe said...

A few tunes to end the night, then I'll be out.

I believe there are some Van Morrison fans in the house. Here's some tuneagement that deserve more ears than it's gotten. The first is Spanish Steps,. Purely instrumental and very soulful. The second is from Beautiful Vision and it's gotten a modicum of airplay: Cleaning Windows.

And to sign off, here's Janis's best effort that no one has ever heard, Little Girl Blue.

Clear Ayes said...

Thanks Avg Joe, where have I been all my life? Chris Smither is new to me, although I love Bonnie Raitt's "Love Me Like A Man", which I just found out Smither wrote.

Thanks for the Van Morrison and Janis Joplin too. I'd only know Nina Simone's version of Little Girl Blue, so J.J.'s version was a very nice alternative.

Have a nice evening everyone.

Unknown said...

Late, as usual! It has been a hot day so instead of working my brain, I went swimming!
Thanks, Splynter (I love that name!) the write-up was super.
I loved the mink/fink crossing. The puzzle was a toughie, but I did manage to finish with help.
It's almost 10 so I will work with the new Ipad awhile before shutting down.
I'm out. Peace to all and to all a good night!

Avg Joe said...

CA, You're very welcome. I heard the Janis version of Little Girl Blue a number of years ago on a local community radio program and thought: "Why have I never heard this?" It's out there but it's not well known. Nina's version is very good, but I'm partial to Janis'. BTW, it's on Pearl, IIRC.

As for Van, well he's just so prolific that much of his catalog is unknown even to avid fans. Just this afternoon we listened to a CD that we've had since '95 and have probably only heard once or twice.

I realized that the 442 question was still left partially unanswered. The 2 comments made were correct. The first 4 stands for a 4 barrel carb, the second a 4 speed manual transmission, then the 2 stands for dual exhaust. The most common misconception during that period was that it was an engine size. That's why I brought it up. Ya'll did good, but evidently got bored mid way through :-)

Night all.

kazie said...

Thanks for your concern. I called my doctor and from my description of symptoms, she sent a prescription out for me. It's muscle relaxant, and it's working, but I have been more tired from the side effects. Not good for thinking in a higher order. Yes, it was from the car window washing. As I turned to get out something felt like it suddenly snapped and I felt it from my hip all down the thigh on that side as I stood up. Now it just feels a bit stiff and achy especially after sitting any length of time on getting up. But it's much better, thank you. If it's not better without the relaxant Monday, she wants me to go in then. So we'll see. I was so good today I forgot my second pill until it was two hours late, so That's probably a good sign.

erieruth said...

Quite a day - worked on the puzzle off and on between Starbuck's latte, a funeral for a dear dear friend (followed by reception), movie 'Super 8', and dinner at Aqui with margarita ... I finished on my own with no help and loved every square.

Good night all ... and thanks for the comfort of this Crossword Corner!!

Jeannie said...

Yeah. I have my home compuuter back. Now I can bore some anons with a recipe or two. For now, listen to the words tune

erieruth said...

Jeannie - Thanks for 'tune' - great - and your recipes are NEVER a bore ... and I'm not an anon!!!

Jeannie said...

thanks anon....HERE is one of my favorites....

Jeannie said...

sorry, erieruth, didn't mean to call you out as an anon.

erieruth said...

Jeannie - No problem...I'll answer to anything!!! Love your Steely Dan link...thanks

erieruth said...

Jeannie - PS - Steely Dan on your link was playing at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga ...just over the hill from me!! Sorry I missed him. Have you seen him in person??

Bill G. said...

OK, I finally finished the video. Very impressive. Thanks for posting it.

I tend to be a skeptic. I don't believe in astrology, esp or mentalists bending spoons with their mind. I do believe in the placebo effect. But this video is pretty convincing. And it sure doesn't paint the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA in a good light.

Lemonade714 said...

Every time there is Triple crown race, I have a friend who bets horses all the time, and I try and beat him. Well, in the entries at Belmont, in the 9th race was a horse named CS Silk. Hell, with today's puzzle a Silk effort and out leader a CC, it was worth $2.00across the board.

1st 4-C. S. Silk $27.20 $12.60 $7.50
2nd 6-Fantasia (Gb) - $5.80 $3.70
3rd 3-Amen Hallelujah - - $5.60
4th 9-Justaroundmidnight (Ire) -

Jeannie said...

Trying again ELTON Can you tell I am happy to have my computer back?

erieruth said...

Jeannie - What a great Elton John...soooo young...sooo talented.

erieruth said...

Jeannie - So glad you have your computer back...when mine is down/gone/kaput ... I'm 'at sea' ... as they say in the xwords!