Jun 27, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011 Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

Theme: Organized Sound - Three phrases ending in synonyms for music, the end of the unifier.

20A. Stops broadcasting : GOES OFF THE AIR. You don't hear AIR used that much anymore as a synonym for a song or melody.

31A. Very cheaply : FOR A SONG

40A. Make minor changes to : FINE TUNE

53A. 1969 Beach Boys hit, and a hint to the ends of 20-, 31- and 40-Across : "I CAN HEAR MUSIC". Clip(2:29) An interesting write-up goes along with it.

Argyle here. A simple Monday but a bit unusual, having two fill longer than two of the theme entries. Lots of alliteration today.


1. Earlier : PRIOR

6. King of the Empire State Building? : KONG. Klassic klip(2:02) from King Kong 1933.

10. Felix and Sylvester : CATS

14. Beautiful, in Bologna : BELLA. In northern Italy Map.

15. Sheltered, on a ship : ALEE

16. Very much : A LOT

17. Took off : SPLIT

18. "You couldn't hit the broad side of a __!" : BARN. And if they are really bad, you add, "from the inside!"

19. Shore phenomenon : TIDE

23. Calif.'s second-busiest airport : SFO. San Francisco International Airport. LAX is #1 in CA but only #3 in US. Atlanta is #1, world-wide. Statistics.

25. Applies gently : DABS

26. 1956 perfect game pitcher Don : LARSEN. This clip is from the only perfect game in World Series history.

27. Soldiers' knapsacks : KIT BAGS

29. Lamb cut : LEG. 57. Roast cut : RUMP

30. Greek "i" : IOTA

36. Worries : FRETS

38. Payment promise letters : IOU

39. Stage platform : RISER

42. Houston player, informally : STRO. Baseball's Houston Astros.

43. Exhibit curiosity : ASK

44. Souvenirs with slogans : T-SHIRTS

47. Surprise attack : AMBUSH

51. Message from the boss : MEMO

52. Mule's parent : ASS. The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. The offspring of a male horse and a female donkey is a hinny.

56. Fishtail : SKID

58. Use TurboTax, say : E-FILE

61. Lie around idly : LAZE

62. "Am __ late?" : I TOO

63. Used a wrecking ball on : RAZED

64. Once-over giver : EYER

65. Marseilles monikers : NOMS. The south of France, port on the Mediterranean Sea.

66. Angioplasty implant : STENT


1. NEA grant recipient : PBS. National Endowment for the Arts / Public Broadcasting Service.

2. Crunch unit : REPetition

3. Acquired dishonestly : ILL-GOTTEN. Probably from evil-gotten

4. Hodgepodge : OLIO

5. Like some bonds : RATED A

6. Cookout offerings on sticks : KABOBs

7. Five Norse kings : OLAFs

8. Spongy ball brand : NERF

9. More sensitive about breaking bad news : GENTLER

10. Supply party food for : CATER

11. Misleading name : ALIAS

12. "It's __ for!": "Fabulous!" : TO DIE

13. Tiller's locale : STERN. On a boat. (or skiff)

21. Drop in the middle : SAG

22. Comics Viking : HAGAR

23. Watercraft for one : SKIFF. But it can hold more than one.

24. Flowers, in Florence : FIORI. South of Bologna.

28. Diminish : BATE

29. Baseball great Gehrig : LOU. Another Yankee, before Larsen.

31. Grant, to Lee : FOE

32. SeƱor's "Positively!" : "SI, SI!"

33. Blackball : OSTRACIZE

34. "Dagnabbit!" : "NERTS!". When was the last time you heard this used, if ever.

35. A dozen dozen : GROSS

37. Secret supply : STASH

38. Fountain pen filler : INK

41. Herald, as a new era : USHER IN

44. Beats for this puzzle's theme : TEMPOs

45. Dallas campus: Abbr. : SMU. Southern Methodist University.

46. Con artists : HOSERs

47. Theater divider : AISLE

48. Olympics sportscaster Jim : McKAY

49. Feltlike fabric : BAIZE. Think pool table cover.

50. In a trance : UNDER

51. 1983 Michael Keaton role-reversal movie : "MR. MOM"

54. Caddy or Jag : AUTO

55. "__ first you don't succeed ..." : IF AT

59. Author Deighton : LEN

60. Boston summer hrs. : EDT


Note from C.C.:

Here is a sweet photo of Dear Santa Argyle with the bride of a wedding he attended last Saturday June 25. 2011. Love the T-shirt. Scott is Argyle's real name.


thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Not the typical Monday walk in the park, but an enjoyable puzzle from Gail and Bruce. The NW corner gave me fits, but eventually I managed to correctly fill it in. The rest was completed w/o any serious delay.

Favorite clue was Con artists/hosers. Hoser or hosed is an expression I'll use on occasion. Nerts is a word I can say has never been uttered by yours truly. I'll take Argyle's assurance it's legit. I'm sure it will be out of my vocabulary before days end. Heck, I hardly ever use dagnabbit.

My only other screw up was spelling McKay McCay, but skid righted the ship.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I found this much more difficult than a usual Monday. I've never heard the of the theme song before, so I needed all the perps to get it. Plenty of other unknowns (or unremembered) today as well, including BAIZE, MCKAY, LARSEN, FIORI and STRO. Is STRO something that people really say, or did Ms. Grabowski just make that up?

I also did myself no favor by confidently putting in LINDA instead of BELLA for 14A. BELLA is a perfectly legitimate Spanish word, but I always think of it being exclusively Italian after having seen it so many times in various Italian madrigals I have sung over the years ("Viva la bella Dori").

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Thanks for the write up and links, Argyle. Great picture of you and the bride!

I agree with Barry, that this was not Monday level easiness for me. I did manage without any lookups, but there were plenty of speed bumps along the way.

STRO, really? Plus the baseball references got me. OK, I finally did remember LOU Gehring. But MCKAY and LARSEN were complete unknowns, and needed every one of the perps. Other than those hiccups, I thought this was a nice puzzle and a cute theme.

Have a wonderful start of the week, everyone!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Good write-up for a Monday puzzle that was more like a Tuesday level. Doable, but not the usual speed run.

Not that I have ever even heard the word NERTS, but I liked how both NERTs and NERF appeared in the same puzzle.

BAIZE is definitely not a Monday word.

STRO. Really? Saying ASTRO is too long a word?

I'm not one who wears T-shirts, but I have seen some with interesting Slogans.

QOD: Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. ~ Baron de Montesquieu

Lemonade714 said...


Well I thought it was a fun Monday and except for baize, not any harder.

Barry, BELLA is Italian as the CITY referenced is in Northern italy and home of the sauce.

Sportscaster call them 'Stros all the time, and dagnabbit and nerts were very big in 1940's pulp and comics.

Jim McKay's opening to wide world of sports is an enduring classic, as is sadly his work at the horrific Munich Olympics. Don Larsen's feat still stands, it was only 55 years ago. I remember watching it on television at a friend of my parents house. Who can forget Yogi jumping into Larsen's arms.
have a good week

Seldom Seen said...

STRO is a common reference although it is usually used in the plural form. So are d'backs(Diamondbacks), sox(Red or White), o's(Orioloes) nats(Nationals), bucs(Pirates), fish(Marlins) and the #@$%*!(Yankees).

For the rest of STRO just look below the TSHIRT.

But NERTS and AIR(for song)?

Liked seeing NERF. The football and the basketball/rim/backboard over the closet door were fun. The nephews have some really cool nerf-guns.

*The opinions in this post are expressed by seen. The Crossword Corner does not condone or support any of these claims. Please send all complaints to seen.

Jacel said...

Good morning to everyone. Argyle, thanks for the writeup.

This puzzle took me twice as long as last Mondays. The NW corner was difficult. I was able to get 12 words in after my first run of all the clues. Then, I had to look up some answers (1969 Beach Boys song).

I had no trouble with the NC and NE, so 20A Goes of the air was easy for me. That helped with the NW.

My son Aaron starts his last week of Chemo today. Yea!

Barry G. said...

Barry, BELLA is Italian as the CITY referenced is in Northern italy and home of the sauce.

Yeah, thanks. As I said, I know the word is Italian -- I just have trouble remembering that it is also Spanish, despite being fairly fluent in that language.

thehondohurricane said...

Forgot to mention earlier that Baize was the other newbie for me today. My wife knew it though, thankfully. The sports clues were a big savior for me.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, Argyle and the Monday gang.

There were a few entries that had me asking "This is Monday stuff?", but then the perps would fill them in. Quite often I'll skip over the long fill with hardly a glance, but 'stops broadcasting' caught my eye, I checked the letter count and nailed GOES OFF THE AIR without even looking at a perp. I can't count the number of times I've gotten a middle of the night call from a station engineer telling me that they were off the air and he was pretty sure the problem was somewhere up the tower. They paid me well to solve those problems so I won't complain about a few hours lost sleep.

The other long entry was not in my immediate thoughts and had to wait for several perps.

BAIZE is a new one for me and was one of the unexpected on Monday entries that needed a lot of perp help.

kazie said...

Glad I wasn't alone in finding this trickier than normal Mondays. Several guesses but no look ups. Perps helped with the sports names, and STRO was a pure WAG, since NERTS was an unheard of, in addition to its clue being known but never heard in use.
I found the NW to be slowest, but also messed up STASH by starting there with CACHE. Otherwise no real problems.

I wish your son all the best this week and afterwards.

sherry said...

surprisingly tough for a Monday. Which beach boy was Carl? I didn't remember the song,"I can hear music." Like Barry; baize, stro, fiori & larsen, where basically unknowns. Filled from other clues.

Husker Gary said...

Good Morning fellow puzzlers! My sympathies to those of you where it is so hot and dry but we got another inch (2.5cm) of rain last night! Soggy, soggy here!

-As Brian Wilson would sing, this was Fun, Fun, Fun even with BAIZE and LEN about which I had no idea but presented no problems.
-KINGKONG special effects were spectacular for 1939 and still are cool today
-Barn alliterative corollary, “He couldn’t hit a bull’s butt with a banjo!”
-Spring tides approach with new moon
-Baby Blues had a great TSHIRT strip yesterday!
-NEA recipients could be on the ropes in these financial times
-Cal Ripken broke Lou’s fabulous consecutive game streak!
-We’ve seen a lot of HOSING lately!
-I saw Yogi jump into Don’s arms live on b/w TV!
-Seen, that’s why they made the musical Damn Yankees!
-Nice caber Argyle!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Good write-up, Argyle. Great picture, too.

A little harder than most Monday puzzles. Got the theme halfway through which helped with the rest of the longer fills. New words today were BATE and BAIZE which were easily GOTTEN from the perps. Some fresh fill like OSTRACIZE, and some oldies like ALEE and EYER. No searches needed. Good job Gail and Bruce.

Have a great day.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Lots of Memory Lane stuff for me, so it was pretty easy.

I learned this song when I was really young. Pack Up Your Troubles. Who knew WWI was so much fun?

The Beach Boys were fun in 1969. I listened and danced to a lot of their music over the years.

Haven't we seen NERTS spelled as NERTZ at one time or another?

Yes, Lemonade, Jim MC KAY was superb at the Munich Olympics. Our family never missed a week of Wild World Of Sports

I remember Don LARSEN's perfect World Series game very clearly. It was a very big deal at the time.

FIORI came around with the milleFIORI paperweight i got in Venice. It looks something like this.

Jacel, best wishes to Aaron and all your family. It is a tough time.

Clear Ayes said...

I hope some of you have had the opportunity to taste early summer wild strawberries. Apparently, they are very erotic..or am I the only one who thinks so after reading this poem?

Wild Strawberries

What I get, I bring home to you:
a dark handful, sweet-edged,
dissolving in one mouthful.

I bother to bring them for you
though they’re so quickly over,
pulpless, sliding to juice

a grainy rub on the tongue
and the taste’s gone. If you remember
we were in the woods at wild strawberry-time

and I was making a basket of dock-leaves
to hold what you’d picked,
but the cold leaves unplaited themselves

and slid apart, and again unplaited themselves
until I gave up and ate wild strawberries
out of your hands for sweetness.

-  Helen Dunmore

creature said...

Good Morning C.C., Argyle and all,

This was not a breezy Monday for me. The NW corner took some careful perping and I did not know BAIZE. Actually, it was fun,; sorta like Hahtool’s QOD. Ah! Happiness- so many forms.
Liked the theme and some neat fill. ‘Pack up your troubles in your old KIT BAGs and smile,smile smile..’

Thanks, Gail and Bruce, for the puzzle. Sorta like Hahtool’s QOD. Ah! Happiness-- so many forms…

Argyle, a super write-up, as usual, topped with an also super pic. Thanks for both.

Husker Gary said...

Son of musings-

-Hahtool, great quote! I have had several conversations with people this year questioning why bad things occur and feeling bitter about it. We can’t always control what happens but we can control how we react to events.

- Jacel has faced a horrible situation but it appears she is facing it as best she can. Good wishes from me for her!

-CA, wild strawberries can put a MOUE on your face!! We saw a lot of those glass items in Venice that came from the Murano Island glass factory in the Venetian Lagoon.

-Granddaughter’s name is Elise Isabella and her mom calls her Belle and Bella

Spitzboov said...

Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag

Anonymous said...

Tina Fey's character on "30 Rock" uses the term "nerts" a lot, and so may be bringing it back into the popular vernacular.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, I think this would have been a better clue.

Frets-a marker on the neck of a guitar showing where to press down the string to produce the desired note.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle, I like the T-SHIRT !!!

Hmmm, LOU Gehrig & Don LARSEN, 2 of my favorite NY Yankees = FUN Monday.

Yeah, I love the Bronx Bombers ... so NERTS to you Seen. (lol)

Jacel & Aaron, that's the best news I've heard here in quite a long time.

kazie said...

Here are a couple of German T-shirt slogans:
(Old timer--no rust, only slight signs of use, top condition.)

(I'm not old, I'm a classic)

And one for the DF'ers here:
(I'm a fisherman. Do you want to see my worm?)--As seen on my son's father-in-law.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Tina Fey and 40's pulp notwithstanding, NERTS is DROSS!

We've seen STRO before, but it is dross, too.

Those who didn't like EYER can not like it again.

Plus French and Italian in the same puzzle - Sorry, though it might seem STERN, this one is not RATED A.

There's a decent enough theme and some good fill, especially the vertical.

So my decision is SPLIT.

Much to do. IMBO.

JzB with SAG in mind parsed I FAT differently

Argyle Admirer said...

Thank you Gail and Bruce for a very nice puzzle - and thank you Argyle for a very nice commentary. A tad more difficult than Monday, but, for me, doable.

Nice, very Cute, photo of yourself, but really, you should have been looking at the camera.... I looked at the pic 5 times, and then I realized - 'with a bride' - NOT 'his bride'. Dagnabbit, glory be to God,... so he's still available !!

Have a great day, and a great week, you all, and Argyle , go get some long needed rest. Hope your new computer is making life a little easier for you.

Argyle said...

From the back of my T-shirt:

It's not just
the lenght of his caber
that makes him great
but also
the weight of his stones!

And no, I did not pick it out myself.

Anonymous said...

Is Dennis sick?

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Seen, I really like your disclaimer. It brought a big smile to my face.

Argyle, your pic is great. And I truly like the back of your shirt. And thanks for the write up. This puzzle was a DNF for me. Having SKIDO for 23D was my undoing. I agree that a skiff holds more than one and usually does.

Jacel, best of luck to Aaron. That is a good landmark to finish chemo.


Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Had almost identical experiences solving this puzzle that have already been mentioned. Enjoyed solving it, though, and learned a new word.

Jacel, that is very good news.

Argyle, that is a terrific tshirt.

JazzB, sorry you didn't like the puzzle very much. Glad you spoke up, though.

Best wishes to you all.

creature said...

Let's see; have I said:'sorta like Hahtool's QOD, Ah Hppiness- so many forms'?

Spitzboov, great link.

CA, I got it! Yes! missed your earlier posts. Don't know how.
Going out to find some strawberries among other things.

Argyle, the back of your shirt? really? Wow! You Scot[t]s.

Jacel, Yea! too.

Lemonade714 said...


Thank you for the strawberry poem, no rapberry from me. Have you ever read any of the Bishop Blackie Ryan books by Father Andrew greeley? he is a nice story teller, who uses the strawberry as the topic of his homily when he performs a wedding ceremony.

Yes, the shirt is Great Scot(t) as are your consistent write ups

carol said...

Hi gang,

Wow, cranky little Monday offering! With words like BATE, NERTS and STRO I wasn't sure if I had the right day. I agree with Barry G, this was more difficult than any Monday so far.

I even got stuck in the NW corner! I just didn't understand PBS for 1D but that was because I thought NEA was National Education Assn. sigh.

I DID get 53A since I was a fan of the Beach Boys.

CA: lots of propaganda in that ol' KITBAG song... :)
(also loved the poem)

I finished this but not without using a few expletives and was worried for a bit that the wallpaper in my kitchen would curl because of it.

Seriously, has anyone heard from Dennis??? People keep asking, but no one answers. I am trying not to worry and hope he is just busy with his move to Fla.

Jacel, give your son a hug for me, I sure hope all will be well from now on. It's a frightening thing to go through.

Anonymous said...

Followed a kid around the mall awhile just to see people`s reactions to his "chicken shirt" Tee logo. Their faces said it all and in this order: "What?!" "I KNOW it DID NOT SAY THAT" Then they finagled another look and usually laughed. The kid got the attention he needed and some people got a laugh and I was (easily) entertained. A win/win/win situation!

kazie said...

I admire your bravery wearing that shirt to a wedding, and it made me feel more comfortable about the last one I quoted, knowing what yours had on the back.

Argyle said...

It was a lakeside wedding and the groom wore Bermuda's and a Hawaiian shirt. I will have to dress better for the church wedding thet will have after he comes back from deployment next summer.

Bill G. said...

A challenging Monday puzzle. I wasn't enamored of the theme but overall, I liked it. Certainly much more enjoyable than last Friday and Saturday. I've seen NERTS in print several times but never heard it spoken. STROS is certainly common among sportscasters but STRO, not so much.

I just came across "The Princess Bride" on cable. I love that movie! I don't know if I'll watch it again since I've probably seen all or parts of it more than five times.

I wish all of you suffering through very hot weather could join me for a bike ride along the beach today. Temperature in the low 70s with blue skies and a gentle sea breeze. I'll buy the espresso.

eddyB said...

Hello all.

Solved this one quickly and then went back to re-read clues/ans and enjoyed it.

To those with health issues - Best
Wishes. See mine as a challenge
to be met and solved. After all,
they are just another windmill to

So tired. So, take care. eddy

Nice T shirt. Ans to 44A.

Clear Ayes said...

Lemonade, No, I haven't read any Father Andrew Greeley books. I just "wiki-ed" him and was amazed at how prolific he has been. Both his fiction and non-fiction looks very interesting. I'm going to put him on my Kindle reminder list.

I finally finished "Cleopatra, A Life". It was an easier read than I thought it would be. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the last, and little understood, Pharaoh of Egypt, this is the book for you. Next up is Erik Larson's "In the Garden of the Beasts", which is a non-fiction account of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, William E. Dodd, at the beginning of Hitler's regime.

Carol, I have no idea, but when the time is right, either Dennis or C.C. will tell us what he has been up to....or maybe not.

eddyB, back to you with best wishes for resolving your health problems.

dodo said...

Hey, gang,

Great writeup, Argyle and love your Tshirt! Sounds like a nice wedding....lakeside and all.

Jacel, great news. I'm sure this will help Aaron. Positive thoughts go your way!

Eddie B, I'm sorry you feel so rotten. Sort of tarnishes the Golden Years, doesn't it. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

CA, I love the poem. I don't know what kind of strawberries we have as a ground cover outside our front door, but a year or so ago I thouht I'd try one. Yuck! At least they weren't poison.

My husband used to say, "Happiness is when you don't have a broken leg."

I felt pretty much the same about today's puzzle as all of you. A bit tough for Monday. No lookups for me, though.Oops!

dodo said...

Today it works! I thought maybe I would never have a comment published again after getting nowhere yesterday!

Sc said...

I enjoyed this puzzle because it was a little more challenging than the usual Monday's.

Re: 65A I remembered the French word for "names" so got noms, thanks to the French I took in college 61 years ago. Didn't know about the location in France.

Always enjoy reading everyone's comments.

Scotty said...

That should be "Scotty" - Argyle I loved the tshirt - I used to be a McIntosh!

Bill G. said...

I very seldom wish anybody ill but I am not pleased with the owner of the Dodgers. I see he's declared bankruptcy today. I wonder if the bankruptcy court will insist he sell several of his expensive houses? Quit paying his family members as employees when they don't perform any services for the Dodgers? Stop taking money from his charity for personal use? I wonder if the IRS will figure out a way to penalize him for his complete tax avoidance for years? BTW, they're in town to play the Twins.

Another guy who I presume to be a bad person just got his comeuppance. Blagojevich was convicted on 16 counts of corruption.

Bill G. said...

Dodo, I know there are strawberry plants that make an attractive groundcover that don't produce edible fruit. We used to have some wild strawberry plants in our yard in Virginia. I would pick them and eat them. Yummy but they were small and never enough. When I had a community garden plot, I grew some strawberries. I would pick them when fully ripe. They were delicious but you had to eat them quickly. They would start to get soft and moldy by the next day.

Seldom Seen said...

Tinbeni: Funny stuff. Glad you read the sarcastic inflection in my typing.

Grumpy 1 said...

Dodo, your description sounds like Mock Strawberry plants. If the flowers are yellow, that would pretty well confirm. They look so tasty, but no flavor.

When I lived in a small town in the 50's, i would walk along the railroad tracks and pick wild strawberries. I usually ate a quart for each quart I took home. Oh, were they good! The beds were probably established when the practice on the passenger trains was to throw the garbage off to the side of the tracks as soon as they were past the edge of town.

Anonymous said...

Hated14a 24d 32d and 65a, is this a language test? In the army for twenty years as a us soldier never heard of kit bag we had ruck sack or plain "ruck" or duffle bag or fanny pack NEVER KIT!!! Loved 53a cause its my favorite bb song!!

Chickie said...

HOla Everyone, What Barry said! I had almost all of the same errors and unknowns. The NW corner was the last to fall as NEA to me is Nat. Education Assoc. When I realized it was Nat. Endowment for the Arts I had that aha moment and finally finished that corner.

Bate was slow in coming. I wanted Wane, but that wouldn't fit, and so just left off the A for Abate. I don't remember hearing bate for diminish.

This definitly wasn't a speed run for me today.

I loved the photo of you, Argyle. Great picture of you and the bride.

Jacel, I'm thinking about you and your son with his last Chemo on the horizon.

Clear Ayes said...

Anonymous@4:19, :o) you can add KIT BAG to your list of foreign phrases. The song that popularized the term was written during the First World War, which was probably waaaay before your time in the service. It was published in London in 1915 to boost the morale of British troops. In "Brit Speak" it means duffel bag.

My memory of wild strawberries is from a visit to Sweden where we were taught to thread them on a long piece of grass, like this photo.

Argyle, nice photo, lovely bride.

Chickie said...

Sometimes the t-shirt slogans are not as great as Argyle's is in his picture today.

I've had to have children turn their shirts inside out and wear them that way because of slogans not quite appropriate for a classroom. What are some parents thinking? Baby Blues comic strip yesterday reminded me of those days!

CA, The Wild Strawberries poem was beautiful. We've found wild strawberries in the Rocky Mountains and they are sublime.

Dodo, We have Ornamental strawberry by our front door. It is great as a groundcover but the fruit IS yucky!

dodo said...

Isn't there an Ingmar Bergman flick "Wild Strawberries"? I read a book with that title but it was nothing like a Bergman film. More like J Austen.

Oh, Lemonade, I've read some Greeley books about Blackie Ryan. I haven't read any for a while; glad you reminded me.

I'm posting mainly to sign in again so I can get to my profile and try AGAIN to move the darn picture!~ NERTS!

dodo said...

Hey, CA and Annette! I finally did it! Even tho the extension was BMP, not JPG! I'm afraid to look in case it's disappeared@

Jayce said...

Hi dodo. That picture looks pretty good to me. Nice job.

I wonder what Hammie's (the Baby Blues son) tshirt said on it.

carol said...

Hey Dodo, You are LOOKING GOOD :) Great picture!!

As to T-shirts and their infamous sayings, one of the raunchiest ones my sister and I found was in Hawaii. It said "I'm so tired I can hardly keep my thighs open"....we almost wet ourselves laughing at it and that was about 34 years ago!!
I can just imagine what they are wearing now.

Same thing with bumper stickers...Wow.

creature said...

Dodo, great pic! Now I will see you when we talk!

Very impressed!

Chickie said...

Yeah Dodo! You did it!

JD said...

Woot! Woot! There's our lovely Dodo!!

Argyle, loved your picture too. You are an adorable guy. Shirt's not bad either.

I did not rate this xwd an A. DNF that blasted NW corner for ALL the reasons mentioned. NERTS! Not happy with baize or stro. Loved the word hosers, but didn't like it so much when trying to get 'er done.

#20 was NO hint to the theme, but I loved the tune I Can Hear Music

Bill, it is said that he used the Dodgers as his personal ATM.

CA, wonderful poem. Although I do not get a huge crop of strawberries, they melt and MUST be eaten the minute they are picked.DH has no clue they are there.

Lemonade714 said...

CA did you read Devil in the White City by Larson? Lots of Larson/Larsen today, maybe we need Jimmy Olsen to come by/

Jeannie said...

No time for the puzzle today. I am preparing for a neice (25) and her significant other from the Netherlands to spend the weekend with me. I am pretty sure my guest room will have more action than mine does.

Menu: Fried chicken(Stella's recipe using her (my) coveted 100 yr old cast iron skillet w/top), Thelma's roasted recipe for corn, asparagus and baked beans, BLT salad, and of course my Thelma's corn bread in another of Granny's pans.

I am so looking forward to cooking for someone again.

Newbies, Thelma is my wonderful Mother. You can find a pretty pic of her and my handsome Dad if you hit the archives from 3/19-20 of last year.

Clear Ayes said...

Lemonade, yes indeedy, I did read 'Devil In the White City'. The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking of my maternal grandparents courting on trips to the Fair with their friends, while murder and mayhem swirled all around. Good stuff. I've also read Erik Larson's 'Thunderstruck' about Marconi and Harvey Crippen. Who would have thought that the invention of the radio and another murderer could be combined in a dynamic page turner?

Jeannie, enjoy your guests' visit and your cooking. Your niece's boyfriend should be suitable impressed by good ol' American cooking.

That's all for me today. Have a good evening everyone.

Clear Ayes said...

Oops, sorry C.C. quick #6.

Sorry, Jeannie, "significant other" isn't necessarily "boyfriend". Shouldn't have drawn conclusions.

Jeannie said...

Clearayes, you are sounding like you are out of the weeds? Yes??

I also wanted to send a shout out to you EddyB. Here's a cyber hug if you need one. Even though I don't know the first thing there is to know about hockey (shame on me living in MN) or race stuff, I appreciate your passion for those.

I guess take the hug, you wouldn't be disappointed. (Jeannie, get over yourself).

Jeannie said...

Clearayes, from what I have seen from her photos, Naud (pronounced Knowed) is all male and a nice specipen at that. They met about a year ago in Africa trying to give aid to Aides patients as their internship. It all went uphill from there. Isn't young love great? They are both RN,s and both want to be LPN's. I hope it all works out for them. Then again I have a soft heart.

Anonymous said...

Bill G:

Completely agree with you re Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. I live in LA and believe me, you've just scratched the surface. This is a storied American iconic franchise that broke the color barrier. For this final indignity, its just more than embarrassing. The stadium has been a ghost town -- i think the near fatal beating on opening day was the last straw for many loyal Angelenos who have vowed not to give this guy another dollar.

Could someone give me a primer on "ALEE" please? Is it a word like NERT that isn't too much in usage? Or is it obvious? I think I'm the only one.


Argyle said...

ALEE - away from the wind.

Anonymous said...

@ Bill G, The owners had a rather large deal with FOX and it would have given the Dodgers the necessary capital but Bud Selig's office has refused to ok it.

david said...


Thank you.