Jul 2, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011 Barry Silk

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 31


 We start off the holiday weekend with a Saturday Silk, two triple stacks of 10 in the NW and SE.  Lots of entertainment clues, most before MY time....Not a tough one, but I did have to check red-letter for my first guess at 9D.  Oh well.  6 "Z"s, but no 59D - missing the "Q-U"

Let's go to the video tape ~!



1. Extraterrestrial factor in creating much of Earth's carbon-14 : COSMIC RAYS - first thoughts were SOLAR FLARE or COMET/METEOR something....

11. '90s TV toon therapist : KATZ - Dr. Katz - this was on Comedy Central, but I couldn't watch because of the annoying jittery animation, described here

15. "The Defense Never Rests" co-author : F. LEE BAILEY - I defer to others

16. You may bid on it : EBAY

17. Circulation aid : CEILING FAN - good answer, I just installed two.

18. Five-time Wimbledon winner : BORG - Bjorn, of Sweden

19. American Fur Company founder : ASTOR

20. Firenze field : CAMPO - hey, thanks to yesterday, this one was a gimme ~!

21. "__ to Canaan": Carole King hit : BEEN - tried "ROAD" to start

24. Harris trickster : BR'ER RABBIT - a contraction of "brother", he's a character of folklore with more here

27. Sin tax, e.g. : EXCISE

29. Take-charge type : DOer

30. __ Genevieve: Missouri county or its seat : STE

31. __-ovo-vegetarian : LACTO - a guess, and I surmise that this is a person who is OK with consuming milk and eggs

32. Cry of delight : YOWZAH - last word heard here (warning: lyrical content~!).  Fun to sing and play; tough solo

34. Low life? : AMOEBAE - yes, a play on the plural, like I had before; this time, the Latin plural for our one-celled organisms

36. Remote drivers? : AA CELLS - AA batteries for one's TV remote - got this one with a smile - thinking about a similar answer in a puzzle of my own....

40. Attached, as some decals : SEWN ON - meh, but I guess if it read "patches" instead of decals, it'd be a gimme.  I tried IRON ON to start
42. Certain elephant : ASIAN - funny, but I couldn't get Indian or African to fit....

43. Dander : IRE

46. Pro __ : RATA

47. Miss Hungary of 1936, familiarly : ZSA-ZSA - our cop-slapping drunk driver - here

48. Where Massenet's "Don Quichotte" premiered : MONTE CARLO

51. Grate : RASP

52. Obscured : HAZED

53. Edge : SIDLE

55. Desert antelope : ORYX - image

56. Insolvent bailout beneficiary : ZOMBIE BANK - today's learning moment for me; based on the way things are after the $700B bailout of '08, I would prefer my "cut" of $22,000.

61. Michelle Phillips was one in the '60s : MAMA -of the Mamas & Papas

62. Man in the street : AVERAGE JOE - I could do without this guy's 15mins of fame in the next presidential election....but a shout out to one of our new members~!

63. Hot times in 48-Across : ETES - not gonna say it....

64. Coconut-flavored cocktail : PIÑA COLADA - gettin' caught in the rain....


1. Ozone-threatening compound : CFC - ChloroFluoroCarbon - here

2. Word of support : OLE~!!!

3. Half of dodici : SEI - Italian for 12 and 6 - it filled itself in via perps

4. Black garnets : MELANITES - image

5. Spoonbill's cousin : IBIS

6. "No way!" : CAN'T BE

7. Inflexibility : RIGOR

8. Served with a creamy cheese sauce : ALFREDO

9. Word of support : YEA - I had "PRO" to start, and it wasn't working for me - "FOR" was not much better; considered "BRA".

10. Lexicon abbr. : SYNonym

11. Word from the Turkish for "roasted meat" : KEBAB

12. Subj. of Cold War tests : A-BOMBS

13. Asphalt trap : TARPIT

14. Fallopian tube traveler : ZYGOTE - that is, coming down....

20. Bolívar's birthplace : CARACAS - map - Simon Bolivar

21. Coach of Nadia and Mary Lou : BELA - too 52A for me - I just know these were two Olympian gymnasts.

22. Physical, e.g. : EXAM

23. Danish shoe brand : ECCO

25. Martin's partner : ROWAN - Rowan & Martins' Laugh-in, which I saw in reruns as a kid, and where I learned about Arte Johnson - lots of famous people, including 47A

26. Iran's Mohammad Shah __ Pahlavi : REZA - um, OK, sure...

28. Dried out, with "up" : SOBERED - I "dried out" 2,365 days ago

32. Busybody : YENTA

33. 1962 chart topper whose title subject "doesn't do what everybody else does" : HE'S A REBEL - someone else might appreciate this more than I do

35. "Never Wave at __": 1952 film : A WAC - WAAAY before my time

37. "__ With a 'Z'": 1972 TV special : LIZA - again, WAAAY before my time - I WAGed it when the Z showed up

38. Miss : LASS

39. Breeze : SNAP - as in "that was a _"

41. Crew members : OARSMEN - SAILORS fit, too

43. Arrival announcement : I'M HOME

44. Find very funny : ROAR AT

45. Catalytic protein : ENZYME

47. Group of signs : ZODIAC - nailed it.  How's your life now that there are 13 signs?  I actually had to "switch" to Capricorn from Aquarius - it's OK, it's a more manly sign, anyway.

49. Gulf state : TEXAS

50. 47-Down member : LIBRA - my younger brother is one

54. Block brand : LEGO - loved this toy as a kid - still have it all in my closet

56. Reheat, in a way : ZAP - we say "Nuke" in my house

57. Duct opening? : OVI - I had VIA to start; any relation to the Zygote?

58. Grammy-winning Steely Dan album : AJA - I like old Steely Dan; the new stuff, not so much

59. Doze : NOD - NAP fit, too.

60. Mauna __ : KEA - OK, so did you go with LOA or KEA to start?



fermatprime said...

Hello all!

I took Lemonade's advice and did not cheat on it. Nice puzzle, Barry! Young Splynter--good write-up!

Did this and a rather difficult sudoku while watching The Hurt Locker with friend Harvey. Didn't look at the TV much of the time. He really enjoyed it. Not me!

Favorite answers-- BRER RABBIT and CEILING FAN.

It has become hot here. Electric company still hasn't connected the solar panels, so using the air conditioner still very expensive.

Happy weekend!

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

YOWZAH, I just had a fun time with this puzzle today! Loved seeing F. LEE BAILEY, BRER RABBIT and AVERAGE JOE in toto.

You nailed the other ones I liked, Splynter. Nice job on the blog today. Had to LOL at your dilemma with 9D. I also thought it would be a pangram when I saw all those ZZ’s emerge. Oh yeah, and my learning moment was ZOMBIE BANK, too.

In fact, that was the last to fall, as I couldn’t make sense of the “loa” that I had put in 60D. “NL” just didn’t look right, so I finally took that out and realized it should be KEA.

Finished without any lookups. I love old movies, so “Never wave at A WAC” was familiar. LIZA, BEEN to Caanan, and HE’S A REBEL also got dredged up rather easily. Great stuff all around. Thanks, Barry!

kazie said...

I won't be puzzling this morning and will be gone all day. Just wanted to stop in and say what a devilish good looking guy Lemonade was with that beard, and I'm glad we are having fun with the old pix.

Creature is right, Bill G does look filmstarish too.

See you later.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Tough one today, that's for sure! Complete unknowns included REZA, OVI, AWAC, ECCO, BEEN and ZOMBIEBANK. ORYX was only barely remembered. And many of the clues were very unhelpful, including the dual "Word of support" for 2D and 9D.

Lots of good stuff as well, though, including great clues for SOBERED and CEILING FAN. And it was nice to see CAMPO being clued correctly, even though it was in Italian instead of Spanish.

I had one typo that kept me from finishing. I finally had to turn on the red letter help to see that I had misspelled 32D a YENTE instead of YENTA. I guess that explained why MONTECERLO looked so odd...

Argyle said...

I got off on the wrong foot when I put in Lucy for the TV toon therapist. Also discovered I had the HELP turned on. I left it on! Had fun! Had YAHSER for YAHZAH because I forgot the New England accent.

6-Down CAN'T BE(4:54) Janis Joplin

Funny story - I made a radio request one night and the DJ wasn't familiar with it . Said he couldn't play it because he wasn't sure about the lyrics. (They were clean.)

Later he played a version of Janis' "I Need a Man to Love" where she drops the F-bomb, big time. I called back and said it was a good thing it was late at night and in Vermont. Far as I know, nothing ever became of it

Lemonade714 said...

Well Happy Saturday all:

Fun puzzle, and nice write up S. There is something good about being old, as none of those were before my time. It reminds me of when I first started to do puzzles and there was all this stuff my parents knew.

I was disappointed this was not a pangram, have not had one in a while.

I did a couple of cases with F.Lee's firm, he did not do that much of the work. I was not overly impressed with his courtroom technique but he did good work with Sam SHEPPARD retrial, the case from which the FUGITIVE was born. His part of OJ's trial also was pretty lame.

Thank for Janis Argyle, go play everyone.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Did the puzzle at bedtime, and knocked it off in record time for a Saturday, as Lemonade had hinted.

Quite a few unknowns to suss, especially A WAC, but perps cleared up everything, making a rare no-peeky. Could not work out AACELLS for the longest time. I remember how easily the big bear BELA Karyoli lifted tiny Kerri Strug after she landed a vault on a bad ankle.

Creature from last night - you're the only one so far to comment about my copper kettle avatar. I put it up for two reasons, (1) to get rid of of the roof raking photo, and (b) I wondered if anybody, especially Nice Cuppa, would recognize the kettle. It's a classic Simplex kettle, made continuously in England since roughly 1910, until the company shut down a bit over a year ago. Brand new ones are getting scarce, but I found one in a store in CT. it's the same model my Mom had when I was little.

Grumpy 1 said...

Top o' the morning, Splynter and Saturday solvers all. Great write up! Barry sent me scurrying all over the grid on this one, but there was enough known in each corner to suss out the rest.

I fell for most of the same misdirections that have already been mentioned. I really thought 'bra' was going to be one of those words of support.

Note to self: there is another tennis player besides Ashe with a four letter name. Perps helped BORG defeat Ashe though.

REZA popped up easily, although I did spell it REZi at first. Lots of write-overs today, but got it done with less problems than most Saturdays. Thanks, Barry, for a great one.

OK, here's my contribution to retro avatars.

Avg Joe said...

Good morning everybody. It's a good start to the day when you see your name in the puzzle, ain't it??:-)

This was brutal for me. Slogged through most of it, but the Oregon territory sent me to Goog. Did not know Been to Canaan even though I'm a big fan of Carole King. In the NE I erred by putting in Kabob, but that did get straightened out and at least it gave me Borg and EBay got the skewer spelled correctly in the end.

Thanks for a good challenge Barry, and thanks for the entertaining writeup Splynter.

Jacel said...

Barry, I enjoyed the puzzle and was it easier for me than must Saturdays. However, there were a few misleads. I thought edge was "RIDGE" and inflexibility was "RIGID."

I guess I'm old because I knew "He's a Rebel" , Mamas & the Papas. I finished the puzzle in 28 minutes which is good time for me on a Saturday.

Can anyone explain 52A Obscured--HAZED.

Splynter, I enjoyed the write-up. Thank-you for the link to Joel Harris. That was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the puzzle and the write up. However, I do not think of a decal as being "sewn on".

Wish you all a great 4th!

john @ Fond du Lac, WI

Jacel said...

Oops, I meant to say "most Saturdays" in my write-up

Mikey said...

Got all messed up with bad perps across CARACAS, but once that emerged from the the Saturday morning haze clouding my brain, everything fell into place. AACELLS was probably my favorite today.

One quibble: The proper name for the county in Missouri is Sainte Genevieve, so I think a properly constructed clue should have been "Mo. county or its seat". It's probably under water right now...

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

I see the avatar theme today is a carry-over from Friday, so I will go ahead and "shock" you all with my picture from about 30 years ago - but it doesn't go back that far - probably 1976, when the other guy in the pic, my brother, the Libra, was about 3yrs old.


Lemonade714 said...

Hazy skys obscure vision.

I recommend all sports fans watch the HBO special on BORG and McEnroe, a really well done look at athletes.

S. all of our pictures are from about 30 years ago, the only difference from and you and your brother, the rest of us were not kids.

Tinbeni said...

Splynter: A MOST Excellent write-up.

First pass, I think I had about 10 answers.
Thought to myself: "This CAN'T BE that tough?"
Then the perps and (lucky) wags took over.
Trust me, they had a work-out!!!
A WAC, REZA, ECCO, too many others to mention.

Liked the 'shout-out' to AVERAGE JOE.
Wondered if SOBERED(up) was a shout-out to ...

Naaah, not gonna happen.

Cheers !!!

Barry G. said...

Well, if everybody else is going to start posting early pictures of themselves as avatars, I suppose I should jump on the bandwagon as well. My current avatar is from my "rebel wannabe" days (about 15 years ago). Fortunately, I shaved off the sad attempt at a beard before I met my wife... ^_^

Jayce said...

Hi creature. From last night, how could you tell from that old faded photo that it was Yale? I'm impressed. You also asked, "Where is home?" Home is San Jose California. I didn't respond to your question last night because I had already posted 6 times.

Now I'm off to do the puzzle.

eddyB said...


Wadda you know, it is (also) Italian.

Tried to change the avatar.

Daytona should be interesting later today if some one thinks Tony Stewart is bluffing

GarlicGal said...

Since we are in the Way-Back Machine mode, here is my date and I all dressed up for the Sr. Prom 1969. Please note the fabulous crepe paper decorations. I'm sure the St. Claire Hotel has seen more opulent events over the last 40+ years!

Loved the Phil "Harris" and the OLE and YEA clue. Very clever!

Thanks as always to our great reviewers. Splynter, you cleared up the whole "ZOMBIEBANK" thing.

Gee, I think I'll dig up that old prom dress and see if it still fits. teehee....And yes, it does still hang in my closet!

Scotty said...

Splynter - good write-up. I searched to see if anyone else reacted to your "dried out" comment. Don't know if it is personal or not, but if so, I congratulate you. It keeps getting better, even after 3 decades!
Happy Fourth to all.

Janet said...

I don't have a photo of myself, but I wanted to say that Barry G. bears a slight resemblance to the young Al Pacino/Serpico character in his new avatar. The other photographs look great too. I laughed at Seen's photo though. I don't really think he is the cute baby stock photo he says he is.

Today's puzzle was difficult, but not impossible. I don't have the *too young* problem that Splynter does. That doesn't sound like much of a problem to me. ^=^ F. LEE BAILEY, ASTOR, BEEN and B'RER RABBIT gave me good start. I plugged away and finally finished.

Congratulations to Splynter on almost 6 and 1/2 years of sobriety.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Toughie today, but the cluing was clever, fun & challenging, although a few four letter words were uttered as I stumbled along. The north caused me the most trouble. It was literally completed one letter at a time.

Zombie bank, Yowzah, & Brer Rabbit were favs. Pina Colada the tastiest. Perps gave me Zygote and I wasn't sure it was correct until I logged on here.

Never realized ZsaZsa entered "beauty " contests. Difficult to imagine her ever losing.

New avatar is the original Hondo. He had an interesting career and participated in one historic moment. Mr G can fill in those who are interested.

JD said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. and all,

Who doesn't like a Silkie? They are always a challenge, and I always need to look up a few things to keep moving.Luckilt I knew Brer Rabbit so I didn't put in Lewis for Rowan.

Splynter, thanks for squigglevision, CFC, and the melanites.Had a giggle over Zsa Zsa.Their P.D.used to be in the same bldg as their library;visited weekly.

Anybody ever use e bay? We use Craig's List.

Got up too late to see the battle of the -ov ladies at Wimbledon. Never missed Evert, Connors, Borg matches.McEnroe drove DH crazy, but I enjoyed his antics.

He's a Rebel is in my head for the day.Odd how that happens.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Darn fun puzzle today. Hard but doable, and ultimately satisfying. Excellent fill and awesome cluing.

At first, as I went through the across clues without being able to fill in a single one until I got to MAMA, I despaired of being able to complete it. So much white space! But then, working the downs, I finally got a toehold with ALFREDO and eked it out from there.

Thought of you, Lucina, when I filled in YOWZAH.

More later.

Nice Cuppa said...

Hi Everybody

I just returned from self-imposed exile while I finished writing a manuscript, which as usual took a month longer than expected; but was touched to note that Dudley, at least, had not forgotten me.

A good copper kettle was the mainstay of all tea-makers in the first half of the 20th century, as it could function on an open fire or conventional stove. The arrival of the electric kettle in the 1960s spelled the end of its reign in the UK. They are mostly seen now in cabinet displays in people's home of a certain age (60+).

It's curious that the electric kettle never caught on in the US (and they are still hard to find), but I can think of 2 reasons:

1. Power: 240 V in UK vs. 120 V in US. A single-phase power supply in the US provides (with the same amperage) only half the power, hence significantly slower.

2. A preference for coffee (which does not require water close to its boiling point) - maybe arising from a historical shared memory, and one so timely on this July 4 weekend?

Oh, and I enjoyed the crossword and thanks Splynter.


Dudley said...

Well YOWZAH, that's good timing, Nice Cuppa! Welcome back.

Evidently you read about my prized Simplex kettle, did you also note the AGA discussion?

I believe you are spot-on with respect to the disappointing performance of electrically heated gadgets operating at 120 volts or so. However, we found a GE brand electric kettle at Wal Mart that is surprisingly fast, roughly half the time compared to my Simplex on a strong gas flame.

I bought some English components while in the UK for re-wiring the kitchen of a nice little summer house, so the family could use their high quality German tabletop stove at 240 volts. That was an improvement!

Bill G. said...

Good writeup, Splynter. I tolerate the Saturday puzzles just so I have something to connect to the writeup. Hearty congratulations on 2,365!

Nice Cuppa, right about the power but things in the US wouldn't be the same amperage and half the power. They would be designed to be approximately twice the amperage and the same power. I think most people have a teakettle they just set on a stove burner.

Jeannie, what about the answer to yesterday's riddle? Did I make another careless mistake?

Husker Gary said...

I always seem to do better on these tougher puzzles from the bottom up. After a smattering of success my fellow husker AVERAGEJOE (I was 15 miles away from you yesterday) and PINACOLADA got me on the road to done! Started late because of golfing in the cool of the day.

-Nice job Splynter!
-I always wondered how Phil Harris with his lifestyle got hooked up with Disney
-He’s a Rebel was a real gimme and so was CAMPO (in S.A., Italy, Port and Spain!)
-I guy paired on the course with a guy who has been SOBERED up for 5 years! My brother never did and he died 2 years ago.
-Let’s see the hands of anybody that thinks O.J. was innocent
-Does anyone remember Carole King’s great theme song from Working Girl?
-Craig’s List has been very good for us!
-AMOEBAs and proBONO? Not so much.
-LIZA and her mom can/could really belt ‘em out!
-Oh that gulf, not Persian

JD said...

Let the River Run...a good one!

Lucina said...

Hi! No time to read anything as it's almost time to head for the airport but did finish Barry's very lovely puzzle. Again, it took a while because of last minute preparations for the trip.

Great fill, ZODIAC, COSMIC RAYS, etc., etc. I'd like to comment on each one, like PINA COLADA, but alas I'm out of time.

116 here today so glad to go to Montana!

Love you, Barry!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Husker Gary said...

JD, right on the song! I don't get the connection to the Melanie Griffith movie, but the song is great!

JD said...

Husker, I think that they capitalized on the line"Let all the dreamers wake the nation" for this movie, and because the song itself is in credibly powerful and uplifting. The song may have had more to do with the arrival of the Jewish immigrants to NY- "Come the new Jerusalem" The movie was on last week.

Husker Gary said...

Gotcha JD! I don't think Melanie, Alec Baldwin or especially Joan Cusack (gotta love her) characters are very Jewish but the song is wonderful and soaring! I love the video you linked to where Carlie is filmed sitting on the Staten Island Ferry with the principals in the film.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Lemonade714 said...


If you read the blogs, you will see I referenced you affectionately as our Limey friend a couple of times during your exile, perhaps the most recent regarding AGA cookers. We do not forget any of our corner commandos, and are glad to see you back among the typing.

Another Carly Simon Fan said...

From the FAQ section of, Ms Simon's website.

"What is the song Let The River Run about?"

"Carly wrote Let The River Run specifically for the 1989 movie Working Girl. She was awarded a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song in 1989 and a Grammy for Best Song written for a Motion Picture in 1990. Carly has stated that she found inspiration for the lyrics by first reading the original script, and then by the poems of Walt Whitman. Musically, she wanted to write a hymn to New York with a contemporary jungle beat under it, so as to juxtapose those opposites in a compelling way.

A version of this song, with slightly modified lyrics, was used in a USPS commercial shortly after September 11th. The phrases "Silver Cities Rise" and "The New Jerusalem" seem to have taken on a new meaning for many people, but the song was not originally composed with any particular political and/or religious overtones."

Splynter said...

Hi Again ~!

Yes, I am a friend of Bill W. - thanks for the "dried up" compliments....see you all tomorrow.


Babychild said...

Splynter, what a classy guy you are.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Splynter, for the great blog today.
We are back to the heat of NC after a very cool visit to northern Michigan. When I say cool; I really mean it!
The puzzle was a tough one for me. Not doing a puzzle ( or much else) for 3 weeks left my brain in a puddle!
I managed to suss it out tonight after dinner.
Sewn on decals, really? Decals are processed paper and are not sewn at all. I questioned myself (remember the brain mush?), so I looked it up. Appliques are sewn on, but not decals.
Yep, "He's a Rebel" is playing in my head.Yuck, I never liked that song.
Dudley, your copper pot looks better than my ancient pots at the cottage in Michigan. Even after polishing them during a cold rain last week; they are still a bit dingy. They are really old, but charming.
It's good to be home t the corner!
'night all!

dodo said...


Gosh, later than ever tonight! I'm pretty proud, though, that I finished a Barry Silk without drowning in the Slough of Despair.
Au contraire, I only had one lookup, and I'm not telling what for, because I should have known it and I got the last name!

Be all that as it may, I'm more concerned with the avatar changes than the puzzle, today. Lemonade, I thought it was one of your boys. Doesn't your younger one look just like you? BTW, I never remembered to tell you how much I like your puppies.

JD. Cut your hair off in that picture and it would exactly the way you look today! I'd have known you anywhere! Grumpy 1, Matinee Idol! Barry G., Michael Broderick. not Pacino. Splynter, I have a picture of my two grandsons in that same pose and about the same ages! Wrings my heart!

Oh, my, I'd better continue this one!

dodo said...

Hondo, I can't wait to read about your historic event and more!What a Hunk!
Chris(Garlic Girl, to you guys) It's pretty cmall, but I'll bet you were the Queen of the Prom!
Kazie, You must have been a real minx! What a cutie.

Guess I'll have to rummage through the X,000,000 pix I keep meaning to go through and see what I can find! I'm sure my girls will be grateful!

dodo said...

Bill G. What a surprise, I had you pegged as a blond, not the swarthy type! Is that your daughter? Average Joe,can't you find a close up? Nice view of Nebraska, much prettier than North Dakota!

So nice to see you again, Nice Cuppa! Why don't you stick around for a while?

Where are you, Buckeye? WH, Vidwan, Sallie, MJ, KQ,CA(well you really did start all this)Jeannie, et alia?

JD said...

Carly Simon fan,
Thanks for popping in.I loved the song and the movie, and your new information. Thanks!

Dodo, I got a tickle out of your last sentence. DH has to help me change my avatar too, but I'm getting better.

Bill G. said...

Dodo, so you had me pegged as a blond, blue-eyed Southern California surfer dude, eh? Well, the blue-eyed part is right anyway. I'm definitely not swarthy; medium-brown hair I would say. The streaks of gray these days save me lots of money on highlights.

When I first got some gray hair, I contemplated using one of the Just For Men type products. But I resigned myself to the gray and began to embrace it. It's the least of my worries with growning old these days.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight all.

Did not do xword; still have 17 year-old Dh's granddaughter here,and it's been busy!

Thanks for the call out, Dodo. And as for yesterday's flitch, I have no idea. I just copied the dates and occasions.

Sleep tight, etc.

Anonymous said...

Dodo, so you had me pegged as a blond, blue-eyed Southern California surfer dude, eh?

No, actually she didn't. She just thought you had blond hair.

Anonymous said...

14. Fallopian tube traveler : I had trouble with this I could only think of sperm. As I knew ova or egg was too short.

creature said...

Thanks, Splynter for an exceptional write- up and Barry, for an exceptionally fun puzzle.

Yeah, it was a challenge, but a doable one; hence, fun Saturday.
Thanks, for your work.

Some of the posts are almost the same experience that I had and many faced the same delimnas.

The avatars are so, so much fun as well.

Hope it won't be too late to posts a few things tomorrow. Very long day and evening. Can hardly hold my head up.


windhover said...

It's closing time. Last call.

Bill G. said...

Last call from someone in Kentucky maybe. I'm still around and happy to not be in Phoenix today where it was 118. How was baling hay in Kentucky?

Argyle said...

And then the man he steps right up to the microphone
And says at last just as the time bell rings
'Thank you goodnight now it's time to go home'
and he makes it fast with one more thing
'We are the Sultans of Swing'.

windhover said...

Just rolled back onto the ridge. Baling hay was hot, 91 and 60% humidity. But we finished by 6:30, jumped in the pond to cool off, and headed off toward the city lights (Jim Reeves).
Thanks Argyle, that one's in my all time top 40.

Argyle said...

I didn't notice I linked such a long set but it is worth every minute of it.