Aug 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13th, Barry Silk

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 31

Saturday, "the Thirteenth" Silk - Not the horror I thought it was going to be....Good day to you all, and a Barry Silk puzzle that (for me) was solvable with a lot of letters filling in via the "hunt and peck" method....


1. Way to measure brightness : IQ TESTING - Since I swapped to the DOWN clues and had ISLE, the "I" made me think INCANDESCE....

10. Group whose name contains a deliberate misspelling inspired by the Beatles, whom they ardently admired : BYRDS - I know them for their two cover tunes, Turn!Turn!Turn! and Tambourine Man

15. Pressing need : STEAM IRON - I figured IRON was in there somewhere

16. Web search option : YAHOO

17. Augustine St. Clare's daughter, in an 1852 novel : LITTLE EVA - From Uncle Tom's Cabin, not the "Loco-motion" singer that came 100 years later

18. Immune system component : T-CELL

19. Grand-scale poetry : EPOS - Def: a number of poems that treat and epic theme, but are not formally united

20. Largest living toothed animal : SPERM WHALE - didn't get fooled by the "tooth" thing

22. Strategic math game : NIM - we just had this Thursday, with matchsticks and muffins

24. Nixon attorney general Richardson : ELLIOT - the guy in the middle

25. __ asada : CARNE - thank you, Taco Bell....

27. Black-and-tan tans : ALES

28. Tuber with eyes : SPUD

32. Schedule : SLATE

33. Tot's tea party guest : TEDDY & 13D. Tot's tea party guest : DOLL - I did not have a "little sister", so I did not see a setting like this

35. Like Brahms's Piano Trio No. 1 : IN B - I like this key; the half-step below "C" makes for some interesting bits

36. Some reds : PINOTS

38. "Hubba hubba!" : OO-LA-LA

40. Fielder's fig. : AVG - Average, more on this from C.C.? (From C.C.: Coincidentally, Brewers' first baseman is Prince Fielder, son of Cecil Fielder.)

41. Render speechless : SHOCK

45. Thinker Diderot : DENIS - What's your profession? I am a "thinker" - actually, in the Personality Types Enneagram, I AM a Type Five "thinker"

46. Aid criterion : NEED - As in financial AID for college, e.g.

48. "My Country" author : EBAN - this man

49. Cybermemo : E-NOTE - meh

50. "Swan Lake" princess : ODETTE

52. Abbr. for dumbbells : LBs

53. Windows icon : MY COMPUTER - I was going to cheat, since I have my desktop set up with the icons visible to the left - but I renamed "MY COMPUTER" to Richie's Computer...go figure

57. "__ girl!" : ATTA - anyone else start with "IT'S A" ?

60. Slide presentation : AMEBA - had _ _ EB_, so I figured this was missing the usual "O" from Amoeba; I was thinking pics, pix, fotos, etc.

61. Place for pitchers? : SALES ROOM - cute, but what really is a sales 'room'?

63. Mormon Tabernacle feature : CHOIR - Pipe Organ didn't fit....

64. Conductor in a circuit : ELECTRODE

65. Goalie Dominik who won the Vezina Trophy six times : HASEK - ~TA-DA~!!! A hockey clue/answer that's not ORR ~!!! Yea~! BONUS - it's a Goalie, to boot~!

66. He came out of retirement to play Winston Churchill in "Inglorious Basterds" : ROD TAYLOR - Loved Quentin's remake; here's Rod


1. Archipelago part : ISLE

2. Stick in a medicine cabinet : Q-TIP - I was thinking "DEOdorant", but it wasn't working. Q-Tip, a brand name that has become synonymous with the product, even if it's 'generic'; also Band-Aid (bandage) and Kleenex (tissue), although in my home growing up, we didn't say "Kleenex" - can you think of others?

3. Mountains containing the Cathedral Group : TETON RANGE - map ; in Wyoming, next to Idaho

4. Erodes : EATS INTO - had EATS AWAY to start

5. T selection : SML - T-shirt size; Sml, Med, Lge, XXL

6. Pairs of even numbers? : TIES - Like hockey games at 1 - 1

7. "Once more ..." : I REPEAT - made me think of this book, since about two years ago, I started on my pilot's license journey, and found the whole communications part of the challenge to be more daunting than the flying; as a private pilot, you are ALWAYS talking to someone - at least here on LI, with 3 major airports surrounding NYC

8. It's longer than a Kurzgeschichte (short story) : NOVELLE - I thought it was Novella, but who's checking....

9. Knotted up : GNARLED - Like a tree, like this

10. How one must sometimes win : BY TWO - Net games, like tennis, badminton, and volleyball - I was supposed to play tomorrow, but we're getting washed out by the rain Husker Gary sent my way....

11. Blue blood vessels? : YACHTS - oh, such a knee slapper. Barring some invention or song I write that becomes a super-hit, I don't expect to EVER own a "yacht"

12. Three-toed bird : RHEA

14. Seafood selection : SOLE - Shad, Crab, Fish; think of any more 4-letter words?

21. Bungle : MIS-DO - I had _ _ SD _, so what else could it be? meh, too

23. Sits : MEETS

25. Political junkies watch it : C SPAN - that channel dedicated to our Congress

26. Breathing : ALIVE - Made me think of this song

29. Keyboardist's support : PIANO STOOL - I had Piano STAND at first, which is OK for a keyboard, but for a piano...?

30. Off : UNLIT

31. Early statistical software : dBASE

34. High air? : YODEL - this one does not fool me anymore

37. They may be counted : SHEEP - the Serta guys

39. Singer with the 1965 hit "1-2-3" : LEN BARRY - never heard of him, or the song; does sound familiar - did it end up in a commercial?

42. Not as quick on the uptake : OBTUSER - With O_ _ _ ER, again, what else?

43. Beefy hybrid : CATTALO - More from Wiki; I like Buffalo burgers, never had Bison

44. Used a prayer rug : KNEELED - not KNELT

47. __ Brothers, who sang "Black Water" : DOOBIE - Love the "a cappella" section; the problem with "Classic Rock" FM radio is that they are forced to play ONLY one or two songs from a band/group - did you know Ozzy Osbourne wrote more than just "Crazy Train"?

51. 100 pfennigs, briefly : DMARK German money, deutsche mark

53. Speed-of-sound name : MACH - as a pilot I NEVER went this fast

54. Jewish youth org. : YMHA - Young Men's HEBREW Association

55. Corp. bigwigs : CEOs

56. A sq. is one : RECTangle

58. List heading : TO DO - my new apartment TO DO list runs into pages....

59. NAFTA part: Abbr. : AMERican - North American Free Trade Agreement

62. Place to get a tkt. : STAtion - Trains; I had MTA at first, knew it couldn't be right, but for Long Island and NYC, the Metro Transit Authority sells tickets

Answer grid.


Note from C.C.:

Here is a nice picture from JD's Lake Tahoe trip. Front (Left to Right): Irene (Dick's wife), Carol & JD; Back (Left to Right): Joe (Carol's husband), Bob (JD's husband) & Dick.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Definitely a Saturday challenge for me. But, like Splynter said, definitely doable as well.

Lots of odd clues today. The clue for 10A was certainly an interesting bit of trivia, but did it really need to be so long?

Stuff that needed a lot of cogitation and/or WAGging included LITTLE EVA and ROD TAYLOR. Complete unknowns that I needed the perps to solve included ELLIOT, EBAN, DENIS, HASEK and LEN BARRY (once again, all proper nouns). And missteps today included SNARLED for GNARLED, INA for INB, PIANO BENCH for PIANO STOOL and EATS AWAY for EATS INTO.

Today is Sales Tax Free Day here in Massachusetts. Think I'll go buy a refrigerator for the basement...

Lemonade714 said...

Hey, Splynter and weekend devotees, I thought this was a classic themeless, with so few 3 and 4 letter words, Just artfully put together with no absurd obscurities.

The BYRDS with Roger McGuinn and David Crosby and others were the first band to fuse folk and rock in response to the British invasion, a sound which I believe is making a comeback. Many hours with my radio in those days were spent listening to this music.

Have fun and catch some fish!

Tinbeni said...

Splynter, Nice informative write-up.
By "hunt and peck method" do you mean "Red-Letter" help came into play?

Oh well, time for a DOOBIE ...

Yellowrocks said...

After 5 puzzles that went very quickly this week, this one took me an hour. An interseting challenge! The misdirections were fun.
I had piano stand at first , but then realized it said keyboardIST's support, not keyboard support.
Haven't heard HUBA HUBBA in years.
We use SALES ROOM frequently as a place where articles in one category are displayed for sale, especially appliances or cars, as opposed to a dept. store or Walmart type.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

I thoroughly enjoyed your write-up today, Splynter! It went perfectly with this smooth and fun Saturday puzzle.

For 43D I had "beefALO" at first. Thanks for the link to explain CATTALO (which was my one WTF moment today!)

Bill G., from yesterday – I looked at every picture in that link, and was struck by the fact that the only smiling face was the first one. But then, she looks like she is the one of the few who have something to smile about. Haunting…

I highly recommend our book club selection "The Help". I understand that the movie just came out, and I may go see it. Always fun to see how Hollywood treats (or mistreats) a good read.

Have a great day, everyone!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning! Great write up, Splynter.

first pass through, gave me STEAM IRON, T CELL CARNE ODETTE and CHOIR that I had confidence in. That gave me enough to fill several down entries, then some more across entries and back and forth I went. Definitely a 'pick and shovel' job today. Several names that rang no bells at first came to mind with a few perp letters, but it finally came down to the H_SER/YMH_ cross. Association or organization? Haser or Hoser? Wagged the 'A' as being a bit more probable.

Thanks, Barry, for another great Saturday Silkie.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the comments, Splynter.

Another Silky Saturday. A real toughie. Had to gg'l two in the East, DENIS and LEN BARRY, but got everything else - - eventually. Love doing Barry's puzzles, even if they are hard sometimes. Great misdirection with the hint about Kurtzgeschichte; but no German 'Wort' came to mind. NOVELLE worked. Liked the clever clues for AMEBA, and YODEL New word - EPOS. Wasn't sure about Cathedral Group, but TETON RANGE presented itself early.

Enjoy the weekend.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

Wow ~~ A Saturday Silkie that I almost finished unassisted! No look-ups, but a few good guesses. I messed up in the CARNE-SLATE-MEETS area because I didn't get TETON RANGE. For some reason I wasn't thinking United States. It all makes sense after Splynter's write-up. Another great job, Splynter! I enjoyed the musical links ... loved the DOOBIEs and "1-2-3" from back in the 60s ... I wasn't sure of LEN until the L in OOHLALA.

~~ Three BARRYs today .. LEN, SILK and BARRY G!

~~ Favorites were 'Blueblood vessels,' and 'Stick in a medicine cabinet.'

~~ This was a challenge, but an enjoyable one. I was able to get a number of unknowns because of perp help. That keeps it from getting frustrating!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

JD said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. and all,

Jeez, I really loved this one, but had mucho help from my friend, the big G.It helped that I knew some long fills right off, like steam iron, sperm whale and teton range.

Words like cattalo, ameba, and nim came with perps, and my thought was "if you say so, Barry." He is a master.

When q tip showed up, I was still thinking about the name of the pencil men used to use to seal shaving cuts...styptic!!Wouldn't have fit anyway.

spud- daughter's nickname in high school ,a potato lover

Husker Gary said...

Happy Saturday All (although everyday is Saturday now to me). I looked up LITTLEEVA and had DADDY at the tea party instead of TEDDY (novellA instead of novellE) but all in all a rewarding solve!

-Did not know LITTLEEVA’s parent from the book written by “the little woman who started the big war”
-ENOTE was meh to me too
-I heard somewhere that the Mormons had a choir!
-My QTIP stick was a CHAPstick first
-I think Xerox and Coke are two of those generic words too, Splynter
-We were told in the park that one of the dramatic things about the Tetons is they have no foothills
-You’re welcome for the rain Splynter, but sorry it ruined your game. We have had the windows in the house open for 3 days now and the fresh air is great!
-We also eat CARP here
-The thing that amazes me about CSPAN is that a lot of the talking seems to be done in an empty chamber.
-Did the DOOBIE Brothers have any “High air”?
-What movie got Andy thrown into solitary for calling the warden OBTUSE?

Lucina said...

Greetings, Saturday Solvers. Great job, Splynter, thanks for "splaining" some obscure fill.

The top was smooth as silk but then the center tripped me and I had to Ggle DENIS, ROD TAYLOR (didn't see the movie) HASEK and to save my life I couldn't recall ODETTE. (sigh)

And even Google wouldn't yield EBAN so DNF that one.

NIM was still fresh in my mind and incredibly I remember ELLIOT Richardson.

Thank you, Barry Silk, for an amusing Saturday morning.

Have a joyful Saturday, everyone!

Abejo said...

Good Afternoon, folks. Enjoyed this Saturday toughie, Barry Silk. Great write-up and links, Splynter. Especially Abba Eban. I have seen him in crosswords and on Israeli historical notes for years, but never knew his background and history. Very interesting.

The puzzle went well, with a lot of thinking. My worst area was the SE corner. PIANOSTOOL and ELECTRODE helped once I got them. CATTALO came easily as a wag. Got DENIS with perps and a wag. Thought YODEL was clever. Had me stumped for a while.

To HeartRx: Our club read "The Help" a year or so ago. Thought it was great. My wife and I saw the movie last night and it too was outstanding. Would encourage you to see it after the book, of course.

See you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tough puzzle but I got through it thanks to google.

Fun Facts by Dave Letterman

A cup of coffee is referred to as a cup of Joe, a cup of tea is referred to as a cup of Gary.

While it's true Will Rogers said, "I never met a man I didn't like," he never met Aston Kutcher.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, we had a house showing (nothing came of it) yesterday, so I couldn't get back to do the puzzle.

Oh yes, the puzzle,. I was loving it, until the second half starting with 45A)DENIS Diderot. I've never heard of him. I was also thrown by 43D)OBTUSER 43D)CATTALO (I'd only heard Beefalo) and I didn't know EBAN wrote "My County". I was also stuck on 65A)HASEK.

I was embarrassed because, even though I've seen "Inglourious Basterds" twice, I didn't know ROD TAYLOR played Churchill. BTW. the puzzle clue was spelled, "Inglorious Basterds". The movie was purposely misspelled "Inglourious Basterds".

I loved reading "The Help" and we're going to lunch and the movie on Tuesday. I recently read "Cutting For Stone" (so-so), The Book Thief" (liked it very much) and am now starting an older (1981) book "If on a winter's night a traveler", by Italo Calvino. Very unusual...has anyone else read it?

eddyB said...

Hello there.

Quals for tomorrow's race start in a few minutes.I better check in now.
Finished the Cussler book last night instead of doing the cw.
Did make a copy of the answer sheet
so I would know what everyone is talking about today.
The UPS package seems to be stuck
in NJ. They better get it on a plane if they are going to deliver
it on Wednesday.

Have a nice day. eddy

Splynter said...

Hi Again ~!

Grumpy1, I have to say "pick & shovel" better describes the filling than "hunt & peck" - but no red-letters for me today~!

CA - I knew that there was some thing wrong with the "wrongness" of Inglorious - but I missed it - thanks for spelling the misspelling~!

Good catch, HG, on Carp, and yes, I have heard people say "here's the Xerox", instead of 'copy' - and when I lived in Jacksonville, FL, everything, including Pepsi, was "what kind of coke do you want?".

Don't worry, eddyB - at UPS, we "love logistics" ~!

Thanks for all the compliments


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A DNF for me today, but I did enjoy the misdirections of some of the answers. I spent a lot of time on Google, and finally decided to come here to get Splynter's excellent take on the latest offering by Barry Silk.

There were learning moments for me today. Goalie/Hasek, Denis Diderot, and Richardson's first name/Elliot.

I wanted IQ Quotient instead of IQ testing so that started me off in a very wrong direction. However, I knew that QQU probably wasn't going to fly, but I couldn't get another word to come to mind.

JD, I loved the picture of all of the Tahoe group. You looked like you were having a wonderful time.

Have a great weekend everyone. The garden calls.

dodo said...

Good Afternoon, friends,

I think this is the first Barry Silk I've finished, and that was with plenty of help from Google, which I haven't seemed to need all week. Had to go there for all the names except 'Odette' and 'Little Eva'. I kept thinking 'Tess' because of 'Clare' but that was 'Angel Clare' of course. I never read 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' and only knew 'Little Eva' from references and crosswords. The rest was almost identical to what you wrote, Splynter. Never heard of 'cattalo', only 'beefalo', but I was pretty sure what it named.

Great puzzle, great write-up, Thanks and have a great weekend!

dodo said...

Welcome back, travlers. I missed you. Wonderful picture: What fun!

Husker Gary said...

One more time - Bass, Tuna, Hake, Shad and our cwd celeb – Opah!

Great write-up today my friend. I always leave smarter than when I arrived! Okay, how tough is that?

Argyle said...


JD said...

Splynter, went back and enjoyed all the great music clips, and the cattalo link. Thanks!Fooled me on your MTA link.

Remembered Little Eva from this sketch from The King and I. I've never read it either.

Spitzboov said...

SALES ROOM - Now I get it. When a sale, say, of a car is 'pitched', it may be done in a 'sales room'; ergo, a place for a 'pitcher'.

Bill G. said...

Thanks for the MTA link. I can still remember almost all of the words. Here's another favorite of mine. Scotch and Soda

Well, we did it again. We ate lunch at what has become one of our favorite restaurants in the area; The Tin Roof Bistro. We sat outside. Very pleasant and quiet. We both had soup, salad and half a sandwich with Arnold Palmers. The soup of the day was cream of potato. Really good. The good Caesar salad was turned into an excellent one when I asked if they could add a few slivers of anchovies. I had the crab melt half-sandwich again. We split a chocolate mousse with whipped cream and little chips of peanut brittle. The bill was $36 including tax.

Tin Roof Bistro

Susan said...

Couldn't finish this one without coming here. Only pretty sures on the first pass were steam iron, doll,-----whale, Odette, and choir.

I did get isle and Qtip, but couldn't get passed IQ I only thought of test which was too short. If the clue had been way of measuring instead of way to measure, I would have nailed it.

Splynter, great job of explaining, thanks.

Wonderful picture! My older daughter got married on a beautiful ship on Tahoe--it was lovely.

Have a great weekend all.

Anonymous said...

Am loving the illustrated puzzle blogs!

JD said...

Susan, what a lovely setting for a wedding. We had perfect weather all week.

Bill, lunch sounds yummy! I must be the only one who had no idea what an Arnold Palmer was, so looked it up.You have so many great places to dine in your area.Do you have a Roy's near by? We've been to the one in Newport Beach.

Clear Ayes said...

Welcome back to our Tahoe travelers. That photo tells the whole story. Glad you had a good time.

Thanks to Splynter for today's blog and even though I didn't do yesterday's puzzle, I read the blog and remarks. Thanks to Lemonade for some smiles.

GAH and I don't have a favorite restaurant. Sigh! Living where we do, when we do "go to town" we usually eat someplace where we don't need a reservation and no long wait. When the time comes to move closer to our daughter, we will have more opportunities to sample the local restaurants.

Our realtor is bringing another "maybe" on Tuesday afternoon, so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed.

Bill G. said...

JD, I commented on Roy's late last night. I said, "JD, I love fish too. I Googled Roy's and there are some in the general area but not close by. Maybe 45 minutes to an hour away, like the one in Newport Beach. That would be OK but there are so many good/excellent restaurants less than 10 minutes away. We're spoiled."

As I'm sure you found out, an Arnold Palmer is half iced tea and half lemonade. I only found out about them myself a couple of years ago. Now it's all I drink at lunch.

CA, I don't like reservations and long waits either. By going out for lunch instead of dinner, we usually avoid both. I just go up to the restaurant and hope to be seated. If there is a wait more than a couple of minutes, I go someplace else.

fermatprime said...

Hi folks!

I cheated on this one. Harder than usual, Barry!

Cute answers: DOLL and TEDDY! Do not think I had such a party as a kid.

Did not like OBTUSER. Took a while to figure out what kind of WHALE was required! Noticed that we had NIM again. How strange!

Never heard of LEN BARRY. Looked that one up.

Must stop doing these before sleep! I cannot seem to adjust my reverse-sleep cycle. I think that I have a morning phobia. What would that be called?

So, what is an Arnold Palmer?


Lucina said...

An Arnold Palmer is iced tea with lemonade. Very refreshing on a hot day!

Yellowrocks said...

Sorry for being OBTUSER (strange word, why not more obtuse) than most. I thought you were hung up on SALES ROOM (show room) rather than PITCHER. I didn't realize because I was focused on the misdirection, one who offers a sales pitch, rather than a pouring vessel.
After a busy, busy day, I have had the leisure to peruse and enjoy your links. Thanks for an interesting and informative write up.

Bill G. said...

Hmm, I seem to be writing in invisible ink...

While looking up Scotch and Soda by the Kingston Trio, I came across some recordings by my favorite singing group, The Manhattan Transfer. Here are two old favorites.


Java Jive

ltl said...

Ok, why was my humorous comment about Dennis/Lois/Windhover's absence deleted? It was meant in good fun. Whoever's now 'administrating' is getting a bit heavy-handed.

So it's ok for people to mention menage-a-trois, but my comment is over the line? Please.

Unknown said...

This one was a bit of a challenge, but a fun one.
Thanks, Splynter for the informational writing today. I always learn something with you at the helm!
Hg; was the movie, "No time for Sargents"?
BTW; "Coke", the word is owned by the Coca Cola company, so says the Supreme Court, hear y'all!
In the south, going out for a coke, means having a soda pop with a friend. I love Coca Cola; I could main-line the stuff!
Yep, I'm back from my travels home. Memphis gave me a case of acute sinus something (mean headache, sniffling, cough) so off to the doc I went. Loaded-up with meds. Prednisone gives me the "hi-pro" glow.

Unknown said...

Are the other travelers back yet?
BTW; _The Help_ is a good read and I have high hopes for the film. After all, I lived it too! Can you believe that the author has never read _Gone with the Wind_?

Splynter said...

And one more time ~!

OK, NEMO and DORY.....

I got the "pitch" for the sales, but I really didn't get 'room' - now, SHOW ROOM makes sense, and I can see the pitch happening there -
just a little stretch, I think


ltl said...

Administrator(s), thanks for having the decency to answer.

Oh wait -- you didn't.

Clear Ayes said...

Bill G., GAH and I are Manhattan Transfer fans too. Thanks for the songs.

itl, didn't see it, so I can't offer an opinion.

Mom speaks out, I certainly don't mean to offend, but I don't understand why GWTW would be essential reading prior to writing a novel concerning race relations in the 1960's.

Anonymous said...

The July 31 NYTimes crossword contained the clue "Pitcher's place" with SALES ROOM as the answer. That same puzzle also had I REPEAT as an answer. Very freaky.

Anonymous said...

Sits = meets?

Argyle said...

Sit - to be convened or in session, as an assembly.