Aug 14, 2011

Sunday August 14, 2011 Matt Skoczen

Theme: Keeping Quiet - SH is inserted into common phrases.

23A. Where Persian rulers rough it? : SHAH WILDERNESS. "Ah Wilderness!", Eugene O'Neill's comedy.

34A. Agnostics' reactions to grace? : PRAYER SHRUGS. Prayer rugs.

52A. Vaudeville hook? : SHTICK COLLAR. Tick collar.

74A. Pet predator that survived the Flood? : NOAH'S SHARK. Noah's Ark. No way Noah put a shark on his boat.

76A. Organization of river herrings? : SHAD AGENCY. Ad agency.

91A. Analyst for Kings and Senators? : HOCKEY SHRINK. Hockey rink. LA Kings and Ottawa Senators. (Sorry for the error earlier.)

110A. "Help, I'm stuck in this tree!" e.g.? : SHOUT ON A LIMB. Out on a limb.

126A. Where to find many cookie jars? : KEEBLER SHELVES. Keebler Elves.

Lovely puzzle. Easy to grok theme and smooth fill, at least to me.

Again, two fingers along the four edges of the grid, so lots of nice 6 & 7-letter words. But the total word count is still 144 (maximum for a Sunday grid), so lots of 3 & 4 letter word in the middle.

Matt Skoczen seems to be specialized in Sunday puzzles. Today is 4th this year.


1. "Don't make me come over there!" : I'M SO MAD. Great start.

8. Time's 1930 Man of the Year : GANDHI

14. Courtroom fig. : ASST DA. A bit hard to parse.

20. "Let's talk privately" : NOT HERE (Thanks for the correction, Barry G & Splynter.)

21. Sneaker brand : ADIDAS

22. Turkish shelter : IMARET. Turkish "Inn".

25. "Tender Mercies" Oscar winner : DUVALL (Robert). Drew a blank.

26. "__ Can Cook": PBS show : YAN

27. Mrs. Smith's competitor : SARA LEE. Is Mrs. Smith's a regional brand?

28. Colorado natives : UTES

30. Semana seventh : DIA. Semana = Week.

31. Shaving mishap : NICK

33. Polite title : SIR

38. Ontario natives : CREES

40. Like Aleve and Advil, briefly : OTC

42. CancĂșn coin : PESO

43. Shoveling aftermath : ACHE

44. Same old same old : RUT

46. Arts acronym : ASCAP

49. Brunch menu heading : OMELETS

57. Org. giving NC-17s : MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)

58. Spanish preposition : POR. Por favor.

59. Gravy base : ROUX

60. __ point: only so far : UP TO A

62. Alpaca relatives : LLAMAS

67. Habituate : ENURE

69. Earl Grey dunker : SCONE. Dunk scone into the tea? Strange!

71. Mailbox opening : SLOT

73. __ Bora: Taliban stronghold : TORA

78. First 007 film : DR. NO

79. Zither's cousin : LYRE

80. Strait-laced : STAID

81. Sch. with a minuteman mascot : UMASS. See here. I bet he doesn't look good as a bobblehead as our Goldy Gopher.

82. Starts : SETS TO

84. Puccini classic : TOSCA

86. Stone and Stallone : SLYS

88. "O Sole __" : MIO

89. Moistens : WETS

94. Dinner buffet item : HOT DISH. I've been on a cold avocado Sushi rolls kick.

98. Dionysian reveler : SATYR

99. Loser at Gettysburg : LEE

100. Suffix with decor : ATOR. Decorator.

101. Moscow news acronym : ITAR. Itar-Tass.

103. Bldg. coolers : ACS

106. Bedroom brand : SERTA

115. GWB successor : BHO. Obama. And DDE (11D. He was elected 56 yrs. before 115-Across).

117. Reason to shake : DEAL. Shake hands, right?

118. Males : HES

119. Volkswagen competitor : OPEL

120. Tutor, perhaps : RE-TEACH. Hi Bill! So what do you have for breakfast normally?

123. Peyton's quarterback brother : ELI (Manning)

124. Mistreatment : ILL-USE

130. Like many fairways : SLOPED. Hate severely sloped fairways.

131. Inbox fillers : EMAILS

132. Least verbose : TERSEST

133. Mandel and Long : HOWIES

134. Sad songs : DIRGES

135. Lights a fire under : AROUSES


1. On the same wavelength : IN SYNC

2. Sweater material : MOHAIR

3. Batting instruction subject : STANCE

4. "I get it now!" : OHH

5. They come out of a kitty : MEWS. Cute!

6. La Scala highlights : ARIAS

7. Seat of Texas's Val Verde County : DEL RIO. Another border city

8. Certain Celt : GAEL

9. "Mad Men" type : AD REP

10. CBer's number : NINER. Don't get this clue, Argyle!

12. Contains : HAS

13. Platform components : ISSUES

14. Helpers : AIDES

15. Flatten, informally : SMUSH

16. Part of some discount store names : SAV. For savings, right?

17. Badmouth : TRADUCE. New word to me.

18. Make happy : DELIGHT

19. Country albums? : ATLASES. Nice clue.

24. Move like a dragonfly : DART

29. Batch of Brownies : TROOP. I like this clue too.

32. "All day soft, All day smooth" lotion : KERI

35. To one side : APART

36. "Okey-dokey" : YEP

37. "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo __": Irish classic : RAL

39. Old Ecuadoran coins : SUCRES

41. "East of Eden" son : CAL. Great movie.

45. Bout outcome : TKO

47. Exited red-faced, with "away" : SLUNK. I always thought "slink away" means "walk away secretly". Not red-faced connection.

48. Matador's need : CAPE

50. Smallest European Union country : MALTA

51. Ether ending : EAL

52. Lays out : SPENDS

53. Novelist __ de Balzac : HONORE. He's just Balzac to me.

54. One who is not class-conscious? : TRUANT. Have seen similar clue before.

55. Easy and profitable, as a job : CUSHY

56. Heavy-duty haulers : OXCARTS

57. Not-so-good feeling : MALAISE

61. Dept. of Labor arm : OSHA

63. "Lemme __!" : AT 'EM

64. Friendly words from François : MON AMI

65. Inverse trig function : ARCSIN. Headache! No idea what it is.

66. Gives a thumbs-up : SAYS OK

68. Frat letters : RHOS

70. After-school treat : OREO

72. "This is weird, but ..." : ODDLY

75. Dark purple fruit : SLOES

76. Mike Hammer portrayer Keach : STACY. He looks familiar. I don't know his name though.

77. Displays some histrionics : GUSHES

80. Carnegie, by birth : SCOT. New trivia to me.

83. __-night doubleheader : TWI

85. Puppeteer Lewis : SHARI

87. Couture monogram : YSL

90. It was once yours : THINE. Another great clue.

92. Malay Peninsula's Isthmus of __ : KRA. See this map.

93. Stalk by the river : REED

94. Contents of some hookahs : HASHISH

95. "The Moor of Venice" : OTHELLO

96. Like art house films, for some : TOO SLOW

97. Actress Joanne : DRU

98. "Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner : SAL. No idea.

102. Turned state's evidence : TALKED

104. Driver with a handle : CBER

105. Cascades peak : SHASTA. Pretty photos from Melissa.

107. "The Matrix" star : REEVES

108. "Unto the Sons" author : TALESE (Gay). I only know his "Honor Thy Father".

109. VIP rosters : A-LISTS

111. "I'm dying __ it!" : TO SEE

112. Pundits' pieces : OP-EDS

113. Head honcho : MR BIG

114. Ball focus : BELLE. What ball were you picturing?

116. Pigment of iron oxide : OCHER

121. Durbeyfield daughter : TESS

122. Rescuer, often : HERO

125. News initials : UPI

127. U.K. record label : EMI

128. Corn serving : EAR

129. SEC founding member : LSU. Easy guess. SEC is Southeastern Conference.

Answer grid.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wonderfully punny theme today, and figuring it out early really saved my bacon in spots.

I had a lot of missteps today, including SNUCK for SLUNK, INURE for ENURE, TWO for TWI, SEALY for SERTA, APORT for APART, CAPA for CAPE, and AHA (and then AHH) for OHH. The only complete unknowns were TRADUCE and KRA. TRADUCE looks like a word I should know, and I swear I've seen it before, but I just can't associate it in my mind with "badmouth".

Oh -- and C.C., I believe the answer for 20A is actually NOT HERE instead of NO THERE... ^_^

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. SHAH WILDERNESS was my first theme clue, and I recognized that SH was the puzzle's gimmick, but I never heard of Ah, Wilderness.

"Don't make me come over there!" is something I say to my husband, but not because I am angry with him. He will be standing in front of something he is looking for and call me to help him find it. I tell him it is right in front of him, but he still can't see the object.

Any puzzle with LSU can't be all bad, but I was thinking of the Securities and Exchange Commission instead of the SouthEastern Conference.

QOD: Did you ever notice that the first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone? ~ Erma Bombeck

Yellowrocks said...

Loved the punny them, too, Barry.

Re slunk or slink: picture a guilty dog. When she slinks away,seemingly in embarrassment, I look to see what she's guilty of.

Niner is the CB pronunciation of nine. Nine seems difficult to hear correctly.. The old time telephone operatorsa used to say nigh-en for 9. Reminds me of Lily Tomlin.
Lily Tomlin

Anonymous said...

'Niner' is to distinguish it from 'five'. 'Five' and 'nine' can sound the same over a radio.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning C.C. et al.

Thanks for the informative write-up, C.C. ! I noticed that the clue for 10D had "CBer" in it, and the answer to 104D was CBer. made me frown.

But he made up for it in many other places. For 126A I had *****ERS*E**** and immediately smiled and filled in KEEBLERS SHELVES. Favorite fill.

Thanks for a nice Sunday diversion, Matt!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, Sunday solvers. Nice blog, C.C.

The NE was a problem area for a while. All of the rest fell into place with a help from the theme and perp help. SMaSH instead of SMUSH and a complete blank on T_ _ _UCE kept DUVALL from emerging. SAV (as in SAV-MOR, SAV-A-LOT, etc) finally hit me and the rest sorted itself out.

Barry, NOT HERE was the way I parsed it also. Interesting that it can be split either way and still make sense.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Fun puzzle, with an enjoyable set of theme phrases.

KEEBLER SHELVES was a cute one.

I think Eugene O'Neill got his play title from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

A book of verses, underneath the bough,
A jug of wine, a loaf of bread - and thou
Beside me singing in the wilderness
AH, WILDERNESS were paradise enow!

Marti mentioned it first..10)"CBer's number"/NINER and 104)"Driver with a handle"/CBER. I didn't like the clue/fill duplication either.

I got NOT HERE for 20A. But that made it more embarrassing when I got ASS TDA for 14)"Courtroom fig." (My brain was swirling..."what that heck does that mean??") LOL, C.C. was right, it was "A bit hard to parse."

Spitzboov said...

Good morning C.C. and all.

Not particularly difficult, but I had to defer the NE 'til last. Did not know the TRADUCE/DIA cross, and IMARET didn't help. Thought the SH theme was so-so. Clueing for THINE, BELLE, and DEAL were quite clever. MALTA and KRA were gimmes. Interesting that GANDHI was Time's 1930 MAN of the YEAR.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

eddyB said...


Know of no hockey team in Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings
are a basketball team playing in ARCO Arena. Closest hockey would be Stocton Thunder. (ECHL-West) There is a LA Kings NHL team.

Race time.

Maloof said...

In hockey, the Kings play in LA, not Sacramento. The "cager" Kings play in the state capital (though who knows for how much longer).

As far as CBER, why didn't the constructor (or the editor) just clue 10D as "104D's number"?

JD said...

Good morning C.C. and all,

Sunday's are a bit long for me, so parts, like the NE corner are not finished.Didn't catch the theme until filling Noah's shark.(He probably had bigger problems with the pterodactyls.)

Funniest aha moment for me was when I looked up hookah- saw waterpipe or narghile.Water didn't work so read on.Findings.I just had not put 2+2 together.

Thanks for map of the isthmus, another newbie that might stick.

Yellowrocks, loved the Lily T. clip.

Hahtool, DH does same thing.

Clear Ayes said...

JD and Hahtool (and probably a lot of other wives)...why is it always a shorter distance for you to go to where your husband is asking a question from another room, than for him to come to you to ask his question? Happens with GAH almost every day. Example: GAH (from the bedroom), "Hey, Honey, what's this for?" (I'm in the kitchen), "Sigh", as I walk the length of the hall to find out what "this" he is talking about. Turns out it's the remote to the overhead fan that he found in the nightstand drawer. I understand why he didn't recognize it, since we always use the wall switch, but wouldn't it have been just as easy for him to bring the remote to the kitchen to ask me? Like I said, happens all the time.

MR ED said...

Another puzzle that I can't do, too many answers I never heard of. Takes the fun out of it for me.

I guess I'm not as well versed as you solvers.

MR ED said...

BTY, where's my man Dennis?

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Excellent puzzle today. Managed to solve it without looking anything up, unlike yesteray's for which I had to googoolala 3 or 4 items, mostly proper names.

I don't know why, but for some reason the word TRADUCE always meant to me something like either to traverse or to translate. My vocabulary lesson for the day.

Like Hahtool, I thought of the Securities and Exchange Commission for SEC, so the answer, which I only got from the perps, didn't make sense to me. I kept wondering whose initials LSU were ... a president, a financier, a legislator?

Love the Erma Bombeck QOD. She sure was observant!

For "Ball focus" I kept thinking of (1) that spherical object, (2) a game played with said spherical object, and (3) somebody named Ball, such as Lucille. Nope nope nope, didn't think of that ball until after the answer emerged. Of course, that's the whole idea.

Best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

My wife often seems to wait until she's left the room we're in and is in another room of the house before initiating a conversation with me. I guess such things happen to all of us.

The military also have special ways of pronouncing numerical digits and other words to minimize hearing one word for another, such as niner for nine. The Chinese military pronouce their words for the numbers 1, 2, 7, 9, and 0 in a unique way for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

MR ED, I'm with you! I did not get a single one of the long punny answers. Filled in what I could then had to come to the blog to get a jump start. I keep trying! But some days just figure I don't speak the same language. I'm a retired newspaper writer/editor and thought I was a good wordsmith. Often get my ego bruised.

Bill G. said...

This was harder for me than it was for some of you guys I guess. I wasn't crazy about the theme but it was still better than Saturday's puzzles with no theme. The crossing of TRADUCE and DIA was tough for me. I sure enjoyed the Lily Tomlin link. Thanks.

C.C., dunno why you asked me about breakfast but... I love eggs. I had scrapple and eggs today. I have eggs about every other day. In between I have something like oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, a frozen waffle, etc. I used to make homemade waffles or hotcakes with real buttermilk but I've gotten lazier. A half grapefruit sometimes. V8 juice often but it doesn't seem to help my puzzle solving. Coffee too.

Bob L. said...

Nice puzzle, and I liked all of the "sh" clues. I never did get the NE corner, as I thought that 15D was CRUSH instead of SMUSH.

Since you asked about ARCSIN, it's like the opposite function. If the SIN(30 degrees) = 1/2, then the ARCSIN(1/2) = 30 degrees. Whenever you see the inverse trig function clue, it will start with ARC.


Didn't we have ARCTAN a few Sundays ago?

Jayce said...

Bob L, well said.

Spitzboov said...

Clear Ayes said: ..why is it always a shorter distance for you to go to where your husband is asking a question from another room, than for him to come to you to ask his question?

It could be that perhaps you live in a non-Euclidian universe or there is some special kind of Doppler effect going on there.

Anonymous said...

dunno why you asked me about breakfast...

Bill G, that could quite possibly be the funniest statement I've ever read on this blog. You really don't know why??

Spitzboov, I vote Doppler.

Lucina said...

Good afternoon, C.C. and cyber friends.

I really enjoyed this puzzle and had most of it finished, the center and bottom, before going to church.

Like some of you, the NE held me up until MOHAIR dawned on me. I had ERIES as Canadian natives for the longest time.

AH WILDERNESS is new to me, too, though I have read The Rubiyat many times, just not the play. Thanks, Ca.

A few other stumbles, ROUS, not ROUX and could not make sense of OECART. Also SHADAMONEY which I know is meaningless but forgot about it until reading C.C.'s blog.

Very clever theme today I thought and really loved KEEBLERSHELVES.

I, too, was surprised by the repetition of CBER.

Hoping your Sunday is superb!

Hahtoolah said...

Ask any cook in Louisiana for a recipe, and you will hear, "First, you make a roux."

We just saw The Help. At the conclusion of movie, the audience burst into spontaneous applause. Has this occurred anywhere else? I though the movie stayed very true to the book.

Lucina said...

I'm planning to go see THE HELP at 3 (our time) and am really looking forward to it from what I have heard so far.

The book was one of those you hate when it ends, it was such good reading.

Anonymous said...

Look at me, look at me, look at me.

Hey, what are you looking at?

Anonymous said...

No power at home and flash player is not standard equipment on iPhones. So I wasn't able to work the puzzle today.

Fun Facts by Dave Letterman

Gandhi had a trampoline in his office.

Apple is developing an artificial heart that holds a thousand songs.

I'm thankful for free WIFI hot spots.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of making yourself clear over a radio.


eddyB said...

Stupid decision with 5 laps to go.
These double file restarts are ex-
pensive. First red flag finish in a long time. Dumb!!

Husker Gary said...

Just back from grandson’s 9th birthday in Lincoln. Our family has a heavy density of BD’s around the first of August and I think we are done for a while. Today’s fun puzzle was a delight although the NE took a lot of time. Got ‘er done!

-Theme answers were great. I wanted SHLOCK for vaudeville instead of SHTICK but it worked out
-That H placement in GANDHI can be pesky
-ATTRNY didn’t cut it in that court
-IMARET and TRADUCE crossing? Sheesh!
-God Bless Aleve!!
-I thought that shoveling left a PATH or LANE at first
-I was thinking of the tea dunker and not dunkee
-Dr. No had someone besides Ursula Andress in it?
-A Mighty Wind had a zither player in it. Fun movie!
-A blind shot onto a sloped fairway can be frustrating!
-Omaha is cracking down on TRUANT kids!
-All those beautiful Cascades are capable of blowing their top!

Spitzboov said...

Anon @ 4:38

'Juliet' is used in NATO and radio phonetic alphabets.

Anonymous said...

Twelve years in the military, never heard Juneau used. Ever. Always Juliet.

Clear Ayes said...

Spitzboov@2:42, non-scientist that I am, I'll have to take your word for it. If the "non-Euclidian universe" borders on the "Twilight Zone", then that is right in the neighborhood.

About, 80D)"Carnegie, by birth", did I mention that we have neighbors, who have a daughter, who is almost five years old. Their last name is Hall. Do I need to mention what her first name is? Yup, it's not a joke. Little Carnegie Hall is a very charming girl. The Halls have since had another child. All the neighbors were taking bets. I was hoping for Tajma. Someone else mentioned Symphony. As it turned out, the baby was a boy and the parents went very traditional, naming him Glen after his paternal grandfather. Glen is a cutie, but he won't ever have the conversational icebreaker his big sister has.

Jayce said...

Clear Ayes, that is so funny about the names of the Hall kids! I s'pose Glen Hall could be construed, if one were inclined to, as the name of a dormitory or library or something like that.
I do wonder how poor Carnegie will suffer the inevitable teasing that will be heaped upon him. "Hi, my name is Hall, Carnegie Hall. You may call me Car, not Eggie."

Jayce said...

... heaped upon her.

Susan said...

My Sunday paper gives the NY Times puzzle instead of the LA one. I have to come to this site and print it out because I hate doing them on line. Unfortunately, some of the down clues don't print for some reason. I didn't have the clues for 77 down until 85 down. Wouldn't have made any difference, though, I never can finish Sundays on my own.

Loved all the "sh" clues and answers.

Bill G. said...

Re. Carnegie Hall, do you think her name is an icebreaker or an invitation to teasing? There is a regular commentator on MSNBC named Crystal Ball. That's gotta be tough too.

Did you know SCONE is pronounced skon in the UK? Seems as if that breaks the rule for a silent 'e' making the preceeding vowel have a long sound.

Do any of you remember 'The Last Convertible', a mini-series from 1979? I would love to find it on cable but no luck. I found a source to buy a DVD.

Romeo said...

Juneau the capital of Alaska?

Anonymous said...

I thought the joke went, "Juneau the capital of the 49th state?"

"No, but Alaska."

Clear Ayes said...

Bill G., I think it is unlikely that, until Carnegie is of college age, there will many who will be aware that she has an unusual name. (sad, but true) By that time, with her parents' support, she should be able to handle all comers. She sure seems capable even now. At the last Super Bowl party, she cornered me in the bedroom to watch and sing the entire score of "Sound of Music" with her. Actually, I had as much fun with her as with the grown-ups watching the game. :o)

Also, there is the fact that so many people give their children unusual names. There's Genesis, Makayla, Brooklyn, Destiny, Sierra, and dozens of others we never heard even 25 years ago. Carnegie seems petty tame compared to Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow) Martin, or Ka-el Coppola (Nicholas) Cage.....eek!

Sorry, no help with "The Last Convertible".

fermatprime said...

Hi all,

Loved the puzzle, Matt; great exposition, CC!

Really enjoyed the theme. Favorite: NOAHSSHARK.

Don't really like OHH.

Learning moments: TRADUCE, KRA.

CA: I, too, immediately thought of Omar Khayyam. I taught about him in Mathematical Ideas for many years. Did you know that he was a mathematician, as well as poet and tent maker?

Finally able to swim today (girlfriend had been busy). Am pretty sore all over, now.


Jayce said...

Good night, all.

fermatprime said...

Testing new avatar. Thank heavens for Apple Time Machine. The Archimedean solids had disappeared from my computer. This is the great rhombicosidodecahedron which I drew. Each vertex is symmetrically equivalent to each other one, and is surrounded by a square, a regular hexagon and a regular decagon.

Bill G. said...

I remember now liking OHH either when I was working on the puzzle this morning.

FP, very cool drawing. I can see that works on a plane. I don't know much (anything?) about spherical geometry. What happens when it is drawn on a sphere?

Anonymous said...

AT Susan

go here:

Chicago Tribune

The print function will assemble the puzzle and it will print it out on an 8.5 x 11 sized page.

Lucina said...

The Help is a wonderful movie! What a great and talented cast they chose for it.

I had to find a second theater as the first one was already full except for the first two rows and I won't watch anything there. Lesson learned.

The second theater also filled but I arrived 30 minutes early and was able to find a seat. It was worth the drive.

What a neat drawing.

Annette said...

Bill G., I do remember the mini-series, but haven't seen it around in years. It would be nice to see again... I remember enjoying what I saw, but I think I missed some of it. Also, I was still pretty young and innocent at the time, so I'm sure some of the content went over my head!

Bill G. said...

Annette, re, The Last Convertible: I don't remember the details either. I remember the feel of it though. I thought the old Packard was just beautiful. And there's something about that era (WWII) that feels so romantic; music, clothes, etc.

I found a place online where I can buy the DVD. That will work well for Barbara but I'll have to buy another DVD player for the other TV.

Susan said...

Thank you Red State Democrate!

Susan said...

DEMOCRAT not democrate sorry.

HeartRx said...

Hahtool and Lucina, I just saw "The Help" today and thought it was true to the book, with so e deletions for a movie audience...but very well done!!

HeartRx said...

RSD, Italy has developed artificial bone from RATTAN that they have implanted into sheep...should be ready for humans by 2015. Keep that in your back pocket for a future puzzle clue...

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks.

I say good morning because it is nearly 1:00 AM Monday morning.

Thank you Matt for a good puzzle. Enjoyed it even though I had a couple DNFs

Thanks, CC, for the fine write-up, as always.

Worked on this on and off through the day. Enjoyed it. Theme was great.

Had a couple that I could not get. Perhaps my lack of continuity throughout the day contributed to that. Missed TALKED. Had BOLTED instead. That messed up the bottom two theme answers.

Since I am really tired I am cashing in my chips. See you later this morning.


Anonymous said...

never finished this, due to the northeast corner where I was obsessed with the idea that "Semana seventh" was the specific 7th day (Domingo, or Dom.) on which the Lord rested. And now I must rest, defeated.