Oct 13, 2012

Saturday, Oct 13th, 2012, Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 28

 Today's puzzle was co-solved with my buddy Mike; we 'chilled' at the fire in the backyard, then came in for the challenge.  Triple stacks of 10- and 11-letters in a classic pinwheel, with some notables;

17A. Hard-hit line drive, in baseball lingo : FROZEN ROPE - perhaps fielded by 35D - anything to add, C.C.? (The hit goes like a straight frozen rope. Baseball has strange slang.)

13D. Sailboat configuration named for its resemblance to a radio antenna : MARCONI RIG - well, I went looking for a picture, and this is the best I could do

57A. Four-time LPGA Tour Player of the Year : NANCY LOPEZ - thanks, Mike; he's going golfing today, I have to work on the ramp again

26D. Makeup kit item : FACE SPONGE - AARGH~!!!  We stared at this one too long; brush, lotion, scrub, cream....all too short

I am working on my 24th hour, so forgive me for being a bit messy and off the mark



1. It's mounted at the X Games : SKATEBOARD - I just waited on this one; too late, or too early to be getting DF

11. Escutcheon depiction : ARMS - I  am in carpentry mode; so this is not the escutcheon I was thinking of

15. One studying lines : PALM READER

16. Election prize : SEAT

18. Creature-feature prefix : WERE - Where wolf?  There~! There wolf ~!!

19. Pigeon : SAP

20. These, to Thierry : CES - French

21. From what source : WHENCE

23. Giant star in three decades : OTT - crossword staple

24. Bake in milk, as potatoes : ESCALLOP - HEY~! Not "E-tail", E-zine", "E...."

26. River phenomenon : FALLS - Good one, Mike; wasn't thinking of falls as a part of a river, but then again, where else would it occur?

29. Egregious : APPALLING

30. Prosaic, as prose : ARID

31. Legree-like looks : SNEERS

32. Title for Doyle : SIR

33. Pallet units: Abbr. : CTNs - I see about 1000 every morning, and they ain't on a pallet

34. Mr. Rochester's ward : ADELE - and a clecho at  56A. Instructor of 34-Across : EYRE - from the book Jane Eyre 

35. Handle for a razor : ATRA

36. Terrestrial wiggler : EFT

37. With some suspicions : WARILY

38. Eagles coach Andy : REID - Mike is from Philly, so a no-brainer for him

39. Disney's Maleficent, e.g. : SORCERESS - because PRINCESS didn't fit

41. Get stuck (in) : LODGE

42. Bar : PROHIBIT

43. "Stella by Starlight" lyricist Washington : NED

44. Red Cloud, notably : OGLALA - well,  I knew we were looking for an American Indian, but I have never heard of this Sioux Nation sub-band

45. They're "easy to get but hard to keep": Mae West : MEN

46. NYSE watchdog : SEC - the Securities and Exchange Commission

49. Dick Van Patten's "Mama" role : NELS - before my time; got it thru perps

50. Extinct cat : SABER-TOOTH

54. Tests for prospective Ph.D. students : GREs - learning moment for me - the Wiki

55. Excessive : INORDINATE


1. Protection nos. : SPFs - From the sun, that is; Mike and I have the same skin and it comes in two colors; transparent, and red

2. Former "Idol" panelist DioGuardi : KARA

3. Cockeyed : ALOP - "A" well....

4. Tabloid TV debut of 2007 : TMZ - not E-TV

5. Puts up : ERECTS - I am almost done erecting the ramp at the church

6. Either of two brothers with a Pulitzer Prize in poetry : BENET

7. Dory movers : OARS - "great, more boats..." - what movie?  huh, huh?

8. Kerfuffle : ADO

9. Exercise unit : REP

10. "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" moderator : DREW CAREY

11. To boot : AS WELL

12. Said yes to another tour : REENLISTED

14. Road sign often including a percent symbol : STEEP GRADE