Jun 29, 2013

Saturday, Jun 29th, 2013, Mark Bickham

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing C,F,Q,W)

Blocks: 30

   Mark's "hair styles" puzzle appeared on Sunday, June 2nd, so he has "bookends" for the month~!  Again, we have a non-intimidating grid, with the long answers inside the edges - seems to be a new trend in Saturday puzzles....although we do have triple stacks of 2-9's and a 10-letter word top and bottom.  Some of the notables;

19. Powerful military tactic : BLITZKRIEG - "Lightning War"

53. Clownfish host : SEA ANEMONE - Can you "find" Nemo~?

32. "Halo: Reach" and "Kinect Adventures!" notably : X-BOX GAMES


26. High point in 1980 news : Mt. St. HELENS - Great fill, with 5 consonants to start